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ppp-2.4.7-lp150.3.2 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.0 for ppc64le

Name: ppp Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.0
Version: 2.4.7 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp150.3.2 Build date: Wed May 9 05:34:41 2018
Group: Productivity/Networking/PPP Build host: obs-power8-02
Size: 1784303 Source RPM: ppp-2.4.7-lp150.3.2.src.rpm
Summary: The Point to Point Protocol for Linux
The ppp package contains the PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) daemon,
pppd, additional PPP utilities, documentation, and sample files. PPP
provides a method for transmitting IP and IPX datagrams over serial
point-to-point links, for example over a modem. The PPP daemon handles
the details of setting up a PPP link including configuring the network
interface and performing the PPP negotiations.




BSD-3-Clause AND LGPL-2.1+ AND GPL-2.0+


* Fri Nov 24 2017
  - Refresh spec-file via spec-cleaner.
  - Add ppp-modem package for automatic redial to mobile provider.
* Thu Nov 23 2017
  - Add Requires group(dialout) (boo#1067511).
* Tue Jun 13 2017
  - Add /etc/ppp, this directory is no longer part of filesystem.
    Most likely requiring sysconfig would be necessary.
* Sat Jun 10 2017
  - ppp-2.4.2-pie.patch: also enable PIE for /usr/sbin/pppstats
* Fri Dec 09 2016
  - Use system-wide libatm instead of local copy (boo#1013567).
* Mon Oct 17 2016
  - fix-header-conflict.patch: avoid conflict with kernel headers
* Fri Nov 13 2015
  - Added ppp-CVE-2015-3310.patch:
    Fix for bnc#927841, CVE-2015-3310: Fix buffer overflow in radius
    plug-in's rc_mksid().
* Wed Nov 19 2014 Led <>
  - fix bashisms in redialer script
  - add patches:
    * ppp-2.4.7-fix-bashisms.patch
* Thu Aug 21 2014
  - Update to 2.4.7:
    * Fixed a potential security issue in parsing option files
      (CVE-2014-3158, bnc#891489).
    * There is a new "stop-bits" option, which takes an argument of
      1 or 2, indicating the number of stop bits to use for async serial
    * Various bug fixes.
* Thu Mar 20 2014
  - Update to 2.4.6
    + Man page updates.
    + Several bug fixes.
    + Options files can now set and unset environment variables for
    + The timeout for chat scripts can now be taken from an environment
    + There is a new option, master_detach, which allows pppd to detach
      from the controlling terminal when it is the multilink bundle master
      but its own link has terminated, even if the nodetach option has
      been given.
  - Removed the following patches;
    - ppp-2.4.2-logwtmp.diff -- now checks for HAVE_LOGWTMP
    - ppp-2.4.3-demand-fix.diff -- using 'status'
    - ppp-terminate-correct.patch -- upstream inclusion
  - Rebased the following patches:
    * ppp-2.4.3-make.diff as ppp-2.4.6-make.diff
    * ppp-2.4.2-misc.diff as ppp-2.4.6-misc.diff
    * ppp-2.4.2-ifname.diff as ppp-2.4.6-ifname.diff
    * ppp-2.4.4-lib64.patch as ppp-2.4.6-lib64.patch
  - Url changed to
  - Use macros in spec file
  - We dont need to cleanup the buildroot
* Mon Sep 02 2013
  - Add ppp-terminate-correct.patch, fix the pppd's hang after exit
* Wed Jul 24 2013
  - ppp-send-padt.patch: Send PADT at the end of a PPPoE session.
* Fri Mar 01 2013
  - license update: BSD-3-Clause and LGPL-2.1+ and GPL-2.0+
    GPL-2.0 matches found in ppp-2.4.5/include/linux/if_pppol2tp.h
* Wed Feb 27 2013
  - update license to new format
* Fri Aug 12 2011
  - remove extra dependencies from doc files
* Wed Jan 05 2011
  - refresh patch
* Wed Jan 05 2011
  - Fix build of pppol2tp - remove local copy of if_pppol2tp.h
    that is out of sync with kernel definition.
  - Remove ppp-makedevice.patch, it is obsolete.
* Wed Jan 05 2011
  - Update to final 2.4.5 version with these changes:
    * Pppd now works better with 3G modems that do strange things such as
      sending IPCP Configure-Naks with the same values over and over again.
    * Bugfixes
* Tue Apr 06 2010
  - replace %PACKAGE_VERSION with %version to fix build
* Tue Jan 05 2010
  - enable parallel building
* Tue Nov 03 2009
  - updated patches to apply with fuzz=0
* Wed Oct 14 2009
  - build with -fno-strict-aliasing, dereferencing pointer 'svc'
    does break strict-aliasing rules.
  - give the package a more meaningful version number



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