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powerpc-utils-1.3.4-lp150.5.2 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.0 for ppc64le

Name: powerpc-utils Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.0
Version: 1.3.4 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp150.5.2 Build date: Wed May 9 05:27:54 2018
Group: System/Management Build host: obs-power8-02
Size: 1549543 Source RPM: powerpc-utils-1.3.4-lp150.5.2.src.rpm
Summary: Utilities for PowerPC Hardware
The powerpc-utils package provides a set of tools and utilities and
utilities for maintaining and enabling certain features of Linux on Power.






* Wed Apr 04 2018
  - Fix build failure (bsc#1088577)
* Thu Mar 22 2018
  - Use spec-cleaner to get %license and SPDX-3.0 string
* Wed Mar 21 2018
  - Revert-lsslot-free-lmb_list-on-error.patch (bsc#1086268)
* Thu Dec 14 2017
  - Update drmgr-load-rpadlpar_io-on-C-as-well.patch to more robust solution.
* Thu Nov 30 2017
  - drmgr: load rpadlpar_io on -C as well (bnc#1064039, bsc#1070113)
    * drmgr-load-rpadlpar_io-on-C-as-well.patch
* Fri Oct 20 2017
  - version update to 1.3.4 (fate#323767)
    (see Changelog under powerpc-utils-1.3.4/Changelog)
  - modified patches:
    * libvirt-service-dep.patch
    * ofpathname_powernv.patch
    * powerpc-utils-lsprop.patch
    * systemd-dir.patch
  - deleted paches:
    * powerpc-utils.bug-1039711_ofpathname-avoid-duplicate-entries-of-vFC-devices.patch
    * powerpc-utils.bug-1040076_test-for-zlib-presence-at-configuration-time.patch
    * powerpc-utils.bug-1041531_lsdevinfo-Add-support-for-vNIC-devices.patch
    * powerpc-utils.bug-1041531_ofpathname-Add-support-for-vNIC-devices.patch
    * powerpc-utils.bug-1042239_lsslot-Rectify-usr_drc_name-check.patch
    * powerpc-utils.bug-1043569_drmgr-Correct-drc-type-checking-in-check_kmods.patch
* Mon Jun 12 2017
  - add powerpc-utils.bug-1043569_drmgr-Correct-drc-type-checking-in-check_kmods.patch
    drmgr does not load rpadlpar_io module automatically (bsc#1043569)
* Fri Jun 02 2017
  - add powerpc-utils.bug-1042239_lsslot-Rectify-usr_drc_name-check.patch
    lsslot doesn't display the slot information (bsc#1042239)
* Tue May 30 2017
  - add patches to enable support for vNIC devices (bsc#1041531)
    * powerpc-utils.bug-1041531_lsdevinfo-Add-support-for-vNIC-devices.patch
    * powerpc-utils.bug-1041531_ofpathname-Add-support-for-vNIC-devices.patch
* Mon May 29 2017
  - avoid duplicate entries of a Open Firmware device path to logical
    device path for vfc-client devices (bsc#1039711)
  - test for zlib presence at configuration time (bsc#1040076)
  - added patches:
    * powerpc-utils.bug-1039711_ofpathname-avoid-duplicate-entries-of-vFC-devices.patch
    * powerpc-utils.bug-1040076_test-for-zlib-presence-at-configuration-time.patch
* Mon Apr 03 2017
  - version update to 1.3.3 (fate#321598)
    (see Changelog under powerpc-utils-1.3.3/Changelog)
  - adjust url/source
  - modified patches:
    * ofpathname_powernv.patch
    * powerpc-utils-lsprop.patch
    * systemd-dir.patch
  - removed patches:
    * powerpc-utils-Include_GPL_header.patch
    * powerpc-utils-fix_integer_to_float_cast.patch
    * powerpc-utils-lparstat_Fix_segfault_when_parsing_proc_interrupts.patch
    * powerpc-utils-lparstat_Ignore_whitespace_at_beginning_of_proc_interrupts_SPU_line.patch
    * powerpc-utils-ofpathname_no_infinit_loop.patch
* Mon Nov 28 2016
  - new powerpc-utils-ofpathname_no_infinit_loop.patch boo#1011529
* Mon Sep 12 2016
  - Include the following new patches (bsc#998330):
* Mon Jul 18 2016
  - Update to version 1.3.2. (bsc#986926, bsc#987687)
    (see Changelog under powerpc-utils-1.3.2/Changelog)
  - dropped obsolete patch:
    * powerpc-utils.bug-982728_eeh_inject_error.patch
* Tue Jun 14 2016
  - Cleanup slightly with spec-cleaner and sort the dependencies
  - Run the systemd scriptlets
  - Provide the SUSE rc<service> compat link
* Mon Jun 13 2016
  - Update to version 1.3.1+git20160328.57a03e8:
    + rtas_dbg: Do not exit on failure to read rtas token
    + drmgr: close opened dir
    + drmgr: free allocated hpdev in error path
    + ofpathanme: Convert logical device path to OF device path for NVMe devices
    + ofpathname: Convert OF device path to logical device path for NVMe devices
    + nvram: Correct valid partition name checking
    + lsslot: Update man page/usage statement to document required argument
    + drmgr: Load kernel modules for pci hotplug
    + snap: PowerNV platform is not correctly checked
    + Prep for powerpc-utils-1.3.1.
  - change osc _service file to use tar_scm service (disabled by default)
* Tue Jun 07 2016
  - fix error injection for EHH (extended error handling) (bsc#982728)
  - added patches:
    * powerpc-utils.bug-982728_eeh_inject_error.patch
* Tue May 24 2016
  - Adjust dependant libvirt service name (libvirt-service-dep.patch)
* Tue May 24 2016
  - package smt-off.service (systemd-dir.patch)
* Thu Apr 14 2016
  - version update to 1.3.1 (FATE#319933)
  - modified patches:
    * ofpathname_powernv.patch
    * powerpc-utils-lsprop.patch
  - removed patches:
    * 0001-nvram-Correct-valid-partition-name-checking.patch
* Tue Mar 29 2016
  - Fix nvram 0001-nvram-Correct-valid-partition-name-checking.patch
* Wed Mar 02 2016
  - version update to 1.3.0 (FATE#319933)
    - see Changelog under powerpc-utils-1.3.0/Changelog
    - including fix for dynamic addition of memory (bsc#957445)
  - removed patches:
    * powerpc-utils.bug-936383_snap-deprecated_warning_sles.patch
    * powerpc-utils.bug-945968_allocate-workarea-memory-instead-of-using-stac.patch
    * powerpc-utils.bug-945968_drmgr-Combine-the-init_node-and-examine_child-routin.patch
    * powerpc-utils.bug-948430-drmgr-Generate-error-message-when-PHB-is-not-found.patch
    * powerpc-utils.bug-952323_drmgr-free_slot_nodes_before_adding_slots.patch
    * powerpc-utils.bug-957448-correct_node_add_buffer_overflow.patch
* Thu Dec 03 2015
  - fix for adding Houston adapter (bsc#957448)
  - added patches:
    * powerpc-utils.bug-957448-correct_node_add_buffer_overflow.patch
* Thu Oct 29 2015
  - free slot nodes before adding slots (bsc#952323)
  - added patches:
    * powerpc-utils.bug-952323_drmgr-free_slot_nodes_before_adding_slots.patch
* Wed Oct 07 2015
  - generate error message when PHB is not found (bsc#948430)
  - added patches:
    * powerpc-utils.bug-948430-drmgr-Generate-error-message-when-PHB-is-not-found.patch
* Thu Oct 01 2015
  - fix for adding spookfish 8GB FC adapter for DLPAR operations
  - warn users about deprecated support SLES 12 onwards (bsc#936383)
  - added patches:
    * powerpc-utils.bug-945968_allocate-workarea-memory-instead-of-using-stac.patch
    * powerpc-utils.bug-945968_drmgr-Combine-the-init_node-and-examine_child-routin.patch
    * powerpc-utils.bug-936383_snap-deprecated_warning_sles.patch
* Mon Jul 27 2015
  -  Don't require tgt. Linux as VIO server is not supported (bsc#940462)
* Fri Jul 24 2015
  - version update to 1.2.26 (FATE#318009)
    - see Changelog under powerpc-utils-1.2.26/Changelog
    - including fix for drmgr -R replace issue (bsc#930153),
    - use sysfs migration store to initiate migration (bsc#926348),
    - fix for broken memory support for little endian (bsc#911679),
    - and do not remove the last CPU (bsc#901216)
  - removed patches:
    * powerpc-utils.ofpathname.bootlist.patch
* Mon Jun 08 2015
  - ofpathname_powernv.patch (boo#933651)
    If ofpathname is not supported on a platform, exit with 0.
    This will pevent grub2-install fail on PowerNV platform
* Mon Jun 08 2015
  - Update to 1.2.24
      ofpathname: Convert logical path to OF device path for virtio-scsi devices
      Add support to convert logical device path to Open firmware device path
      for virtio-scsi devices.
      lsslot/drmgr: little endian support for memory
      This patch adds some support for memory slot listing
      and memory hotplugging on little endian systems.
      drmgr: Correct -s option handling
      The usage statement for drmgr claims that we can add/remove memory and cpus
      by drc name or drc index. The current code though assumes that any
      use of the -s flag to specify this defaults to drc name.
      This patch updates the option checking for memory and cpu operations to
      allow users to specify a drc index with the -s option. This will be
      handled the same way the -s option for pci devices is handled, assume it
      is a drc name unless it starts with '0x', indicating the string is
      really a hex value, and switching it to a drc index.
      drmgr: Correct null pointer usage
      We can't de-reference NULL pointers, it's not a nice thing to do.
      I found these during some debugging, correcting to avoid future bugs.
      ofpathname: Fix checking for hbtl
      Fix checking for hbtl in of2l_scsi ().
      snap in powerpc-utils 1.2.20 produces an archive with fstab and
      yaboot.conf files potentially containing cleartext passwords, and lacks
      a warning about reviewing this archive to detect included passwords,
      which might allow remote attackers to obtain sensitive information by
      leveraging access to a technical-support data stream.
      print a warning that confidential data may be collected via snap
      lparstat: using get_smt_mode when showing SMT info
      get_smt_state is used in the system_data structure to display both the
      shared_processor_mode and the smt_state members. After reviewing code and
      documentation, it seems that the information in smt_state is meant to be
      acquired from ppc64_cpu instead of lparcfg. With this change, the SMT listin
      will be determined by the output of ppc64_cpu --smt.
      ppc64_cpu: Allow builds without librtas
      Currently, --without-librtas disables ppc64_cpu.
      However, we only need librtas for the run-mode determination; other
      functions will work fine without it.
      This change allows ppc64_cpu to be built without librtas, by
      conditionally enabling run-mode, and restoring ppc64_cpu to be built
      when --without-librtas is given.
      We need to re-work src/ a little here - we use the +=
      operator to include rtas-specific functionality, which means the
      with-librtas cases need to be listed before the without ones.
      We also need to #include stdint.h, as ppc64_cpu.c uses inttypes from
      drmgr: Correct the -s option handling correction
      In response to my earlier patch that attempted to correct the -s option hand
      for drmgr I introduced a bug in which the usr_drc_name could be NULL causing
      a segfault when attempting to use it.
      This patch adds a check to make sure it is not NULL.
      lparstat: using get_smt_mode when showing SMT info
      get_smt_state is used in the system_data structure to display both the
      shared_processor_mode and the smt_state members. After reviewing code and
      documentation, it seems that the information in smt_state is meant to be
      acquired from ppc64_cpu instead of lparcfg. With this change, the SMT listin
      will be determined by the output of ppc64_cpu --smt.
      drmgr: Correct the -s option handling correction
      In response to my earlier patch that attempted to correct the -s option hand
      for drmgr I introduced a bug in which the usr_drc_name could be NULL causing
      a segfault when attempting to use it.
      This patch adds a check to make sure it is not NULL.
      lparstat: remove "On" from possible smt output
      The SMT row will only display the number of enabled SMT threads if
      SMT is enabled.
      ppc64_cpu: output only the number of SMT threads when smt is on
      This patch removes "SMT is on" as a possible output when the smt option
      is used. Instead, only the number of SMT threads will be displayed.
  - Drop upstreamed patches
* Thu Mar 19 2015
  - Get rid of tgt dependency. We're no longer interested in running
    Linux as VIO scsi server.
* Thu Mar 12 2015
  - Remove dependency on fillup and insserv; the package provides
    neither sysconfig file nor sysvinit script
* Tue Oct 28 2014
  - add a warning that confidential data may be collected via snap
    (bnc#883174, CVE-2014-4040)
  - added patches:
    * powerpc-utils.snap-confidential_config_files_warning.patch
* Fri Sep 19 2014
  - Fix OF Patchnames with vscsi (bnc #886123)
  - added patches:
* Thu Sep 04 2014
  - version update to 1.2.22 (BNC#894855)
    - ppc64_cpu: Be verbose about inconsistant SMT state
    - ppc64_cpu: Remove parameter from do_info
    - nvram: Handle endianness in the nvram --unzip option
    - drmgr/lsslot: increase number of max cpu threads
    - lsslot/drmgr: little endian support for memory
    - lsslot/drmgr: little endian support for cpu
  - removed patches:
    * powerpc-utils.endianness_for_unzip_option.patch
* Wed Jul 16 2014
  - fix for nvram --unzip option to handle endianness (BNC#887275)
  - added patch:
    * powerpc-utils.endianness_for_unzip_option.patch
* Thu Jul 03 2014
  - Update to 1.2.21 (bnc#884709):
    * uesensor: remove unused platform variable
    * nvram: restrict --nvram-size to 16 byte multiples
    * nvram: fix memory corruption when nvram->nbytes is less than
      actual nvram size
    * set_power_on: handle endianess reading max latency
    * ppc64_cpu: handle endianess in rtas sysparm buffer
    * uesensor: fix endian issues reading device-tree
    * serv_config: handle endianess in sysparm buffer
    * lsslot: fix segfault when lmb_list->lmbs is NULL
    * ppc64_cpu: update access validation routines
    * update_flash: Fix typo in man page
    * update_flash_nv: Display current FW version
    * snap: Fix typo in output display
    * ppc64_cpu: Let kernel validate subcore options
    * ofpathname: Convert OF path to logical names for usb devices
    * ofpathname: Convert logical device path to OF format for
      usb devices
    * drmgr: Update action option validation
    * ppc64_cpu: Add option --threads-per-core
    * Move librtas error code to common directory.
    * add sys/time.h and gettimeofday detection to
      courtesy autoscan
    * check for and use gcc hardening flags if available
    * remove autogenerated files
  - Refresh powerpc-utils.ofpathname.bootlist.patch.
  - Remove Autor line and clean section from spec file.
  - Add Changelog to documentation.
* Tue Mar 25 2014
  - version update to 1.2.20 (BNC#869852)
    see changelog for changes
* Tue Mar 04 2014
  - version update to 1.2.19 (BNC#866675)
    see changelog for changes
* Tue Feb 11 2014
  - Change license to CPL-1.0
* Fri Jan 10 2014
  - version update to 1.2.18 (FATE#315785, FATE#316153, FATE#315495)
    See changelog for changes
* Mon Dec 09 2013
  - add ppc64le
* Fri Jul 12 2013
  - update to 1.2.17
    See changelog for changes
* Mon Jul 01 2013
  - Recommend powerpc-utils-python instead of Requireing it. The
    pacakge is not mandatory
* Sun Feb 24 2013
  - Update to 1.2.16
    * The drmgr command does not currently allow users to specify the
      drc index of the resource they wish to add/remove. This patch
      updates the drmgr command so that users can specify either a
      drc name or a drc index with the -s option.
    * This functionality is needed for the upcoming userspace handling
      of PRRN RTAS events. The rtas_errd will already have the drc
      index for the resources it needs, adding the capability to
      parse drc names from the device tree is not supported in
      rtas_errd though.
    * Update the man page for update_flash which had an out of date link
      to instructions for resetting a managed system to a non-partitioned
    * The upstream kernel has a feature in the pseries PCI code called DDW
      that inserts TCEs transparently to device drivers. The upstream kernel
      was recently sent a fix for DLPAR that ensured those TCEs would get
      cleared upon DLPAR remove (,
      but for it to work, we need a corresponding change to drmgr for, at
      least, PHB remove, so that the notifier chain has fired before we call
      into the slot isolate code. Without such a change, there is no way to
      ensure the DDW TCEs are cleared, and the DLPAR will always fail.
    * Add and use dt_swap_int() to byte swap on little endian.
    * Also declare buf as unsigned char, so that we don't sign extend when
      printing values from it.
* Thu Dec 20 2012
  - Update to 1.2.15
    * The frequency determination for a system can fail if we can not
      open enough files to make the determination. This patch
      pre-emptively updates the rlimit to ensure we can open all the
      files necessary.
    * The latest firmware levels allow for setting different power
      savings modes. This updates the ppc64_cpu command to display
      the power savings mode that is currently set for the partition,
      or for the partition and the system if they are different,
      when displaying the results for the --frequency option.
    * Add support to convert device-mapper multipath device names to
      OFW device path.
      As multipath devices are seen by the OFW as multiple
      (equivalent) devices, only one of them is printed so we don't
      break user scripts expecting one line output. We can add an
      option later to print all the paths to the multipath device.
    * We have introduced full fledged Light Path Diagnostics support
      on PowerLinux. To bring all Light Path Diagnostics related
      code into common tree and re-use common functionalities across
      tools, we have re-implemented usysident/usysattn commands.
      Light Path Diagnostics including new implentation of
      usysident/usysattn will be hosted in PowerLinux diagnostic
      package (ppc64-diag).
      ppc64-diag source:
      This will introduce package conflict between ppc64-diag and
      powerpc-utils. To avoid the conflict we need to deprecate the
      usysident/usysattn commands from powerpc-utils.
      This patch deprecates usysident/usysattn commands.
    * Update the values reported in the ppc64_cpu --frequency output to
      be displayed to three digits of precision instead of two.
      This update to help with test teams that are making this update
      to their code base already so as to get this precision in
      the reporting.
  - Comment Obsoletes/Provides for now, there is no such packages for
    long time already. Let see if somebody will complain
  - Require powerpc-utils-python package
* Tue Dec 18 2012
  - Update to 1.2.14
  - The latest kernels allow for users to get/set the DSCR value on a per proces
    This allows for more refined DSCR setting in applications. This is implement
    by using the ptrace peekuser capabilites in the kernel and simply doing a
    ptrace attach and peek from the ppc64_cpu command. Note: this does not actua
    stop the process we are attaching to while under ptrace control.
    The patch does a little more than just adding this functionality since the
    - -dscr commad now takes an optional -p <pid> option. This required an
    updated to the command parsing code to allow this.
  - Includes the status field for Ethernet devices.  This field is necessary for
    the End-to-End Virtual Device View feature.  The field is blindly set to 1
    because we're trying to mimic AIX's lsdevinfo behavior that always sets it t
    unless the device doesn't have a driver, which can't happen in Linux.
  - Adding more power specific files/commands to snap
  - There are two parameters on lparstat, count and interval, that were
    undocumented on the man page. This patch adds these parameters to the
    option section in the lparstat manpage.
  - snap uses temporary directory to gather system data (files and command
    output), and finally creates compressed output file in tar or tar.gz
    format. We do not need to keep the temporary directory.
    snap now deletes the temprory directory it used.
  - Currently by default snap output is stored in snap.tar.gz file. This
    makes difficult to identify when the snap output was collected.
    This patch introduces new option -t which adds hostname adds and
    system time to output filename. With -t output filename will be
    snap-<hostname>-<systemtime>.tar.gz. This patch also creates
    snap_commands directory inside $outdir to save output of commands
    executed by snap.
  - Restrict the unsafe constructs by using "use strict" perl pragma
    and hence make snap code better.
  - Adds support for physical ethernet devices so that the HMCs end-to-end
    virtual device view can show SR-IOV VFs. Moves common virtual and physical
    ethernet code to show_eth() function
* Fri Aug 10 2012
  - add wrapper for nvsetenv which just wraps nvram
* Sun Jun 10 2012
  - Update to 1.2.12
    Fix update_flash man page
  - Adjust Requires
* Wed Nov 02 2011
  - Update to 1.2.11
    Drop powerpc-utils.insserv-ibmvscsis.patch as script
      no longer shipped with tarball
  - Adds support to the bootlist script to be able to supply a
    multipath device     as a parameter. The script will now
    properly handle setting up the bootlist for all paths to
    a multipath device.
  - Fixes ofpathname OF to logical conversion for LUN zero
    for VFC devices.
  - Add --unzip and --ascii options to nvram command, for
    examination of oops/panic reports captured in lnx,oops-log
    or ibm,rtas-log.
  - On newer kernels the dscr value is a per-process value and a new
      interface (dscr_default) is used to update the dscr value for
      all new processes on the system.
  - require librtas-devel as librtas has been splitted
* Thu Aug 04 2011
  - Update to 1.2.10 release
  - Man page for lparstat
  - Adds support to ofpathname for HFI network devices. Since the current driver
      does not attach to any bus and there is no way to correlate between the devi
      ce tree and the hf device in sysfs, we have to make some assumptions in how
      the two are related.
  - Adds support for some new ipr SAS adapters which have a new device path
    representation in Open Firmware. This also fixes the OF to logical translation
    for LSI based SAS adapters as well as fixes issues seen with some FC devices.
  - Adds the page coalescing statistics to the output of amsstat
  - The number removable memory sections can not be determined if AMS is
      active because LMBs that are not marked 'is_removable' could still be
      removed if the balloon driver owns that memory.  Therefore the check
      comparing the user-specified quanity of LMBs to add/remove is invalid.
      If AMS ballooning is active, skip the check for how many LMBs are
      removable and try the operation.
  - The snap man page indicates that the file /var/log/platform
      is collected.  This is not always true and can cause some confusion
      since the file does not exist on newer systems.  To avoid confusing
      users who might think the file should be collected, remove it
      from the man page listing of files.
      The /var/log/platform file is where the rtas_errd daemon used to write
      its data before the advent of servicelog.  On older systems that may
      still be running an older rtas_errd daemon (diagela package) this
      file would still exist so we should still try to collect it in the
      snap command if its present.
  - The get_bus_id function takes a location code and then searches
      /sys/bus/pci/slots/*/phy_location for a slot with the matching location
      code.  Without this patch the comparison only considers the characters
      up to the length of the input location which can cause a false match.
      For example, the following to would match.
      Input location: U5877.001.00H4031-P1
      False match:    U5877.001.00H4031-P10
      ^ Comparison stops here
      The length of the input is 23 characters and the first 23 characters
      are compared, this leaves off the last '0' on the string to compare and
      erroneously returns the wrong bus.
      In the case of a PHB remove operation, this can cause the incorrect slot
      (and associated devices) to be powered off.
  - lparstat command.
* Tue Jan 11 2011
  Changes in 1.2.6 version:
  - Introduce the lsdevinfo utility.  This command is used to provide the HMC
      or IVM with name information for virtual devices so they can be
      matched against the VIOS names.
  - The OpenFirmware binding for Fibre Channel devices permits any leading
    zeros in the LUN field to be stripped, but does not require it. Fix
    ofpathname to handle this case when translating OF pathname to logical
    device name.
  - According to PAPR, we need to call activate-firmware after a migration,
    which we weren't doing. Add this call after updating the device tree.
  - Add another device tree update call after it to ensure the SLB size is
    correctly updated in the kernel.
  - The ppc64_cpu command needs to properly turn off the smt snooze delay.
    The current code does not handle the option 'off', it should as this
    is regarded as a delay of -1.
  - The /usr/sbin/rsct/bin/refrsrc command forces a refresh of the HMC/IVM
    and RMC status after a migration occurs.  We should do this from the
    drmgr command instead of assuming servicelog is installed.  A failure
    to invoke this command can cause additional migrations to be delayed
    for up to 10 minutes while the framework refreshes itself.
  - This is really more of a re-write than an update.  The ppc64_cpu command
    is being ported from Perl to C to support new functionality.  This
    update introduces two new pieces of functionality to the command.
  - New amsstat command. amsstat - display a list of Active Memory Sharing (AMS)
  - Update the find command in get_vfc_wwpn() to handle being passed a
    symbolic link.  Previously this lead to an infinite loop due to the
    possible circular nature of sysfs.
  - Change the name format for vio devices and correct indentation.
  - The sysfs_dev_path member of the dr_node struct is a char[] and needs to
    be treated as such.  this fixes a bug where the sysfs_dev_path is
    treated as a char * and returning invalid info when the buffer is
    actually empty.
  - Cpu add failures need to return 1 instead of -1.  A return code of -1
    causes the IVM to think there has been a really bad error and the IVM
    will wait 15 minutes prior to re-trying the operation.
  - Logical device name to open firmware path translation for fibre-channel
    devices can fail on systems where the fc_remote_ports file in sysfs
    has a slightly different name.  On some systems this file appears as
    fc_remote_ports:rport-X:Y-Z.  This patch corrects the lookup of this
  - The logic in get_node_by_name() currently does not return when it finds a
    child with the name being search for.  This would mean that a command
    such as `drmgr -Q -c port -s "Port 1" -w 0 -d 3` would always return:
    drmgr: Port 1 not owned by partition
  - DR commands shouldn't take long to complete, but having both an entry and
    exit timestamp eliminates the guessing and can point people in the
    correct direction while they debug issues.
* Mon Jan 03 2011
  - move %post to %install
* Wed Dec 29 2010
  - as-needed fix
* Thu Dec 23 2010
  - update to version 1.2.6
  - drop unneeded patches
  - papr sources merged to main tree upstream



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