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pinfo-0.6.10-lp150.1.2 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.0 for ppc64le

Name: pinfo Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.0
Version: 0.6.10 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp150.1.2 Build date: Wed May 9 09:05:43 2018
Group: Productivity/Publishing/Texinfo Build host: obs-power8-02
Size: 359912 Source RPM: pinfo-0.6.10-lp150.1.2.src.rpm
Summary: Lynx-style Info Browser
Pinfo is a curses based, Lynx-style info browser.






* Mon Jan 18 2016
  - Add pinfo-curses-detection.patch: Fix detection of ncurses by
    correctly using autoconf.
* Sun Aug 02 2015
  - Use url for source
  - Explicitly depend on autoconf/make
  - Update dependencies of info scriplets
  - Cleanup spec file with spec-cleaner
* Sat Sep 08 2012
  - Add explicit build dependency on makeinfo
* Fri Nov 25 2011
  - Help the configure scripot a bit with tinfo from new ncurses API
* Wed Nov 23 2011
  - add libtool as buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency
* Wed Jan 12 2011
  - portability fixes (by Pascal)
* Mon Sep 20 2010
  - update to pinfo-0.6.10
    - Fix issue with handling of suspend/resume and character input
      (thanks to Scott Mcdermott for the patch)
  - drop pinfo-0.6.9-ncursesw.patch (not needed)
* Fri Jun 19 2009
  - disable as-needed for this package as it fails to build with it
* Thu Jan 10 2008
  - updated ncurses patch to stop it from looking for the wrong header
* Tue May 29 2007
  - updated to version 0.6.9
    * Nodes containing a "." are now correctly found
    * Non-ASCII man pages are displayed correctly
    * Improved the history behavior of the search input line
    * Broken tag tables are now automatically fixed
    * Don't segfault when a broken regexp is entered
    * Fixed a number of segfaults caused by using uninitialized
      pointers and off-by-1 errors
    * Fixed heap corruption caused by non-ascii chars in info pages
    * Fixed a lot of patch searching issues
    * Fixed text display on narrow terminals
    * Fixed highlighting of searches
    * The default pinforc now uses the terminal's default foreground
      and background colors.  Thanks to Rob Funk for a patch.
    * Use libreadline by default;  readline version 4 is now required
    * Better cooperation between ncurses and readline
    * Fixed some memory leaks
    * Got rid of tempnam() calls
    * Use utf8 in documentation files and fixed typoes
  - fixed corrupted unicode characters in status line [#264229]
  - using %find_lang macro in spec file



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