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lxc-2.0.9-lp150.1.2 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.0 for ppc64le

Name: lxc Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.0
Version: 2.0.9 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp150.1.2 Build date: Wed May 9 16:45:52 2018
Group: System/Management Build host: obs-power8-02
Size: 2307503 Source RPM: lxc-2.0.9-lp150.1.2.src.rpm
Summary: Userspace tools for Linux kernel containers
LXC provides commands to create and manage containers. Current LXC uses the
following kernel features to contain processes:
- Kernel namespaces (ipc, uts, mount, pid, network and user)
- Apparmor and SELinux profiles
- Seccomp policies
- Chroots (using pivot_root)
- Kernel capabilities
- CGroups (control groups)
LXC containers are often considered as something in the middle between a chroot
and a full fledged virtual machine. The goal of LXC is to create an environment
as close as possible to a standard Linux installation but without the need for a
separate kernel.






* Tue Oct 31 2017
  - update to version 2.0.9
    * apparmor: Allow containers to start in AppArmor namespaces
    * apparmor: Drop useless apparmor denies
    * caps: Move ifndef/define to the top
    * cgfsng: Fail when limits fail to apply
    * cgfsng: Log when we defer to cgfsng
    * cgfsng: Only output debug info when we set cgroup data
    * cgroups: Handle hybrid cgroup layouts
    * cgroups: Use tight scoping
    * cgroups: Workaround gcc-7 bug
    * commands: Abstract cmd socket handling + logging
    * commands: Add missing translation
    * commands: Delete meaningless comments
    * commands: Handle EINTR
    * commands: Make state server interface flexible
    * commands: Move lxc_make_abstract_socket_name()
    * commands: Rename to lxc_cmd_add_state_client()
    * commonds: Fix typo
    * conf: Adapt to lxc-user-nic usage
    * conf: Add lxc_get_idmaps()
    * conf: Add userns_exec_full()
    * conf: Allow to clear all config items
    * conf: Allow to get lxc.autodev
    * conf: Allow to get lxc.haltsignal
    * conf: Allow to get lxc.kmsg
    * conf: Allow to get lxc.rebootsignal
    * conf: Allow to get lxc.stopsignal
    * conf: Allow writing uid mappings with euid != 0
    * conf: Avoid double-frees in userns_exec_1()
    * conf: Clear lxc.include
    * conf: Do not check for empty value twice
    * conf: Do not check union on wrong net type
    * conf: Do not deref null pointer
    * conf: Do not free static memory
    * conf: Do not log uninitialized memory
    * conf: Do not write out trailing spaces
    * conf: Don't send ttys when none are configured
    * conf: Dump lxc_get_config_item()
    * conf: Error out on too many mappings
    * conf: Fix bionic builds
    * conf: Fix build without libcap
    * conf: Fix tty creation
    * conf: Fix userns_exec_1()
    * conf: Free netdev->downscript
    * conf: Implement config item clear callback
    * conf: Improve lxc_map_ids()
    * conf: Improve tty shifting function
    * conf: Improve write_id_mapping()
    * conf: Increase lxc-user-nic buffer
    * conf: Log lxc-user-nic output
    * conf: lxc_listconfigs -> lxc_list_config_items
    * conf: Move clearing config items into one place
    * conf: Non-functional changes
    * conf: NOTICE() on mounts on container's /dev
    * conf: Performance tweaks
    * conf: Preserve newlines
    * conf: Properly parse lxc.idmap entries
    * conf: Record idmap that gets written
    * conf: Refactoring of most config parsing code
    * conf: Refactor network deletion
    * conf: Remove dead assignments in parse_idmaps()
    * conf: Remove dead mount code
    * conf: Rework lxc_map_ids()
    * conf: Rework userns_exec_1()
    * conf: Send ttys in batches of 2
    * conf: Switch API to new callback system
    * conf: Use a minimal {g,u}id map
    * conf: Use correct check on char array
    * conf: Use run_command for lxc-usernsexec
    * console: Clean tty state + return 0 on peer exit
    * console: DO NOT add the handles of adjust winsize when the 'stdin' is not a tty
    * console: Fix memory leak of 'lxc_tty_state'
    * console: Remove dead assignments
    * core: Do remount with the MS_REMOUNT flag when mounts with MS_RDONLY
    * core: Fix a format string build failure on x32
    * core: Fix includes for Android
    * core: Fix memory and resource leak
    * core: Fix some cppcheck warnings
    * core: Fix the bug of 'ts->stdoutfd' did not fill with parameters 'stdoutfd'
    * core: Include custom mntent for Android
    * core: Log function called in userns_exec_1()
    * core: Remove the __func__ macro
    * core: Remove the unused macro
    * core: Replace "priority" with "level"
    * core: Revert "Add a prefix to the lxc.pc"
    * core: root -> am_root
    * core: struct bdev -> struct lxc_storage
    * core: Update .gitignore
    * core: Use strerror(errno) instead of %m
    * criu: Add cmp_version()
    * criu: Use correct check initialization check
    * doc: Add CII Best Practices badge to README
    * doc: Add console behavior to Japanese lxc.container.conf(5)
    * doc: Document missing env variables
    * doc: Fix regex-typo in Japanese and Korean lxc-monitor(1)
    * doc: Fix regex-typo in
    * doc: Reword id mapping restrictions when unpriv
    * doc: Rework README
    * doc: Tweak Japanese lxc.container.conf(5)
    * doc: Tweak lxc.container.conf a little
    * doc: Untabify Japanese lxc.container.conf(5)
    * doc: Update API documentation for get_config_item
    * execute: Enable console & standard /dev symlinks
    * init: Add comment for exclude 32 and 33 signals
    * init: Adjust include statements
    * init: Become session leader
    * init: Move initialization of act to outside of the loop
    * init: Report exec*() failure
    * init: Use lxc-stop to stop systemd service
    * liblxc: Make sure memory is free()ed
    * liblxc: Only spawn monitord on demand
    * liblxc: Remove 5s timeout on error
    * liblxc: Use snprintf()
    * liblxc: Use userns_exec_full()
    * lock: Non-functional changes
    * lock: Return the right error when open lock file failed
    * log: Prevent stack smashing
    * log: Switch to a new lxc_log_init function
    * monitor: Abstract lxc_abstract_unix_{send,recv}_fd for af_unix
    * monitor: Add lxc_cmd_state_server()
    * monitor: Add TRACE()ers
    * monitor: Delete unneccessory include file
    * monitor: Remove dead assignments
    * monitor: Remove the workaround-code for lxc_abstract_unix_connect
    * monitor: Remove unlink operation for af_unix
    * network: Add arg to config clear method
    * network: Add data arg to set callback
    * network: Add ifindex field for host veth device
    * network: Add lxc_log_configured_netdevs()
    * network: Add missing checks for empty links
    * network: Add network counter
    * network: Add warning when ignoring MTU
    * network: Clear ifindeces
    * network: Delete ovs for unprivileged networks
    * network: Document all fields in struct lxc_netdev
    * network: Don't delete net devs we didn't create
    * network: Fix grammar
    * network: Implement lxc_get_netdev_by_idx()
    * network: Log cleanup thread pid for openswitch
    * network: Log ifindex
    * network: Log ifindex for host side veth device
    * network: Log veth_attr.pair and veth_attr.veth1
    * network: Move config_value_empty() to confile_utils
    * network: Perform network validation at creation time
    * network: Remove allocation from lxc_mkifname()
    * network: Remove dead assignments
    * network: Remove netpipe
    * network: Retrieve correct names and ifindices
    * network: Retrieve the host's veth device ifindex
    * network: Rework network creation
    * network: Send ifindex for unpriv networks
    * network: Stop recording saved physical net devices
    * network: Use correct network device name
    * network: Use send()/recv()
    * network: Use single helper to delete networks
    * network: Use static memory for net device names
    * openvswitch: Delete ports intelligently
    * seccomp: Export the seccomp filter after load it into kernel successful
    * seccomp: Print action name in log
    * seccomp: s/n-new-privs/no-new-privs/g
    * seccomp: Update comment for function parse_config
    * start: Add lxc_free_handler()
    * start: Add lxc_init_handler()
    * start: Document all handler fields
    * start: Don't call lxc_map_ids() without id map
    * start: Don't close inherited namespace fds
    * start: Don't let data_sock users close the fd
    * start: Dup std{in,out,err} to pty slave
    * start: Ensure cgroups are cleaned up
    * start: Generalize lxc_check_inherited()
    * start: Log sending and receiving of tty fds
    * start: lxc_setup() after unshare(CLONE_NEWCGROUP)
    * start: Move env setup before container setup
    * start: Pass LXC_LOG_LEVEL to hooks
    * start: Pin rootfs when privileged
    * start: Remove dead variable
    * start: Send state to legacy lxc-monitord state server even if no state clients registered
    * start: Set environment variables correctly
    * start: Switch from SOCK_DGRAM to SOCK_STREAM
    * start: Switch ids at last possible instance
    * start: Use separate socket on daemonized start
    * start: Use userns_exec_full()
    * state: Remove lxc_rmstate declaration
    * storage: Add storage_utils.{c.h}
    * storage: Avoid segfault
    * storage: Default to orig type on identical paths
    * storage: Record output from mkfs.*
    * storage: Rename files "bdev" -> "storage"
    * storage: Use userns_exec_full()
    * storage/dir: Using 'add-required_remount_flags' function to add required flags
    * storage/loop: Detect loop file
    * storage/overlayfs: Fix wrong path
    * storage/overlay: Handle overlay for stable 2.0
    * template: Remove obsolete bind-mounts from userns.conf
    * template: Use "rsync -SHaAX" to copy the cached rootfs into place
    * template/alpine: Add support for ppc64le
    * template/alpine: Change file check to also check file size (-f => -s)
    * template/archlinux: Change locale "en-US.UTF-8" to "en_US.UTF-8"
    * template/centos: Add cronie to the pkg list
    * template/centos: Use altarch mirror for CentOS on arches other than i386 and x86_64
    * template/debian: Add aarch64 -> arm64 mapping
    * template/debian: Add buster as a valid release
    * template/debian: Don't force getty@ configuration
    * template/debian: Use as the default Debian mirror
    * template/download: Fix syntax error
    * template/download: Sanitize script with shellcheck
    * template/opensuse: Add Tumbleweed as supported release
    * template/opensuse: Fix tumbleweed software selection
    * template/opensuse: does not always exists
    * template/opensuse: Support leap 42.3
    * template/opensuse: Tumbleweed has no update repo
    * template/plamo: Delete unnecessary process during container shutdown
    * template/ubuntu: Check that there is netplan binary, rather than just just a config directory
    * template/ubuntu: Conditionally move upstart ssh job, as it is now optional
    * template/ubuntu: Support netplan in newer releases by default
    * tests: Adapt lxc-user-nic tests to new syntax
    * tests: Add corner-case tests for lxc_safe_{u}int()
    * tests: Add item clear and config file tests
    * tests: Add test script to test the ro option of lxc.rootfs.options
    * tests: Add unit tests for idmap parser
    * tests: Avoid NULL pointer dereference
    * tests: Compare return value to expected value whenever we can
    * tests: Define a network before checks
    * tests: Don't fail when no processes for the user exist
    * tests: Enforce all methods for config items
    * tests: Remove dead assignments
    * tests: Remove the temp container directory
    * tests: Shortlived daemonized containers
    * tests: Support systemd hybrid cgroups
    * tools: Add additional cgroup checks
    * tools: Print "-devel" when LXC_DEVEL is true
    * tools: Use "which"
    * tools/lxc-attach: Allow for situations without /dev/tty
    * tools/lxc-checkconfig: Add CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_COMMENT
    * tools/lxc-checkconfig: Add probe status checking
    * tools/lxc-execute: Print error message when failed
    * tools/lxc-ls: Return all containers by default
    * tools/lxc-monitord: Exit when receiving a quit command
    * tools/lxc-unshare: Do not pass NULL pointer
    * tools/lxc-user-nic: Add new {create,delete} subcommands
    * tools/lxc-user-nic: Check db before trying to delete
    * tools/lxc-user-nic: Fix adding database entries
    * tools/lxc-user-nic: Fix memleak
    * tools/lxc-user-nic: Free memory and check for error
    * tools/lxc-user-nic: Initialize vars to silence gcc-7
    * tools/lxc-user-nic: Keep lines from other {users,links}
    * tools/lxc-user-nic: Remove delta between master + stable
    * tools/lxc-user-nic: Remove double initialization
    * tools/lxc-user-nic: Rework renaming net devices
    * tools/lxc-user-nic: Simplify logic
    * tools/lxc-user-nic: Test privilege over netns on delete
    * tools/lxc-usernsexec: Remove dead assignments
    * travis: Fix builds
    * utils: Add has_fs_type() + is_fs_type()
    * utils: Add lxc_nic_exists()
    * utils: Add lxc_safe_ulong()
    * utils: Add run_command
    * utils: Close parent end in child process after fork
    * utils: Do not write to 0 sized buffer
    * utils: Duplicate stderr as well in lxc_popen()
    * utils: Fix lxc_mount_proc_if_needed()
    * utils: Fix lxc_popen()/lxc_pclose()
    * utils: Fix mem leak with realpath
    * utils: Fix num parsing functions
    * utils: Fix ppc64le builds
    * utils: Fix the way to detect blocking signal
    * utils: lxc_popen() remove dead assignments
    * utils: Move helpers from cgfsng.c to utils.{c,h}
    * utils: Rework lxc_deslashify()
    * utils: Switch to has_fs_type()
    * utils: Use 1LU otherwise we overflow
    * utils: Use access instead of stat
* Tue Sep 12 2017
  - removed ldconfig from lxc %post section
* Fri Sep 01 2017
  - Fix libcap-progs dependency. The 'setcap' binary is located in /sbin
    instead of /usr/sbin but it's best to depend on the actual package
    instead since the location might change in the future.
* Wed Aug 30 2017
  - removed apparmor-rpm-macros again, as it is not needed for the current %post solution
* Wed Aug 30 2017
  - added Requires for apparmor-abstractions and BuildRequires for apparmor-rpm-macros to apply the fix for boo#1036360
* Wed Aug 30 2017
  - added correct reload of apparmor to %post
* Tue Jul 04 2017
  - added workaround for #bsc1041291 to allow builds on Tumbleweed with gcc7, until this bug in gcc7 is fixed...
* Tue May 16 2017
  - Update to version 2.0.8
    * Security fix for CVE-2017-5985
    * All templates have been updated to not set default passwords anymore, instead requiring lxc-attach be used to configure users.
    * This may affect some automated environments that were relying on our default (very much insecure) users.
      Make lxc-start-ephemeral Python 3.2-compatible
      Fix typo
      Allow build without sys/capability.h
      lxc-opensuse: fix default value for release code
      util: always malloc for setproctitle
      util: update setproctitle comments
      confile: clear{4,6} when empty
      lxc_setup_tios(): Ignore SIGTTOU and SIGTTIN signals
      Make lxc-net return non-zero on failure
      seccomp: allow x32 guests on amd64 hosts.
      c/r: only supply --ext-mount-map for bind mounts
      Added 'mkdir -p' functionality in create_or_remove_cgroup
      Use LXC_ROOTFS_MOUNT in clonehostname hook
      squeeze is not a supported release anymore, drop the key
      start: dumb down SIGCHLD from WARN() to NOTICE()
      log: fix lxc_unix_epoch_to_utc()
      cgfsng: make trim() safer
      seccomp: set SCMP_FLTATR_ATL_TSKIP if available
      lxc-user-nic: re-order #includes
      lxc-user-nic: improve + bugfix
      lxc-user-nic: delete link on failure
      conf: only try to delete veth when privileged
      Fix lxc-containers to support multiple bridges
      Fix mixed tab/spaces in previous patch
      lxc-alpine: use dl-cdn.a.o as default mirror instead of random one
      lxc-checkconfig: verify new[ug]idmap are setuid-root
      [templates] archlinux: resolve conflicting files
      [templates] archlinux: noneed default_timezone variable
      python3: Deal with potential NULL char* / allow setting keyserver from env / Document keyserver change in help
      Change variable check to match existing style
      tree-wide: include directly
      conf/ile: make sure buffer is large enough
      tree-wide: include directly
      tests: Support running on IPv6 networks
      tests: Kill containers (don't wait for shutdown)
      Fix opening wrong file in suggest_default_idmap
      do not set the root password in the debian template
      do not set insecure passwords
      don't set a default password for altlinux, gentoo, openmandriva and pld
      tools: exit with return code of lxc_execute()
      Keep on network shutdown
      Makefile: fix static clang init.lxc build
      Avoid waiting for bridge interface if disabled in sysconfig/lxc | lxc-net via USE_LXC_BRIDGE
      Increased buffer length in print_stats()
      avoid assigning to a variable which is not POSIX shell proof (bug #1498)
      remove obsolete note about api stability
      conf: less error prone pointer access
      conf: lxc_map_ids() non-functional changes
      caps: add lxc_{proc,file}_cap_is_set()
      conf: check for {filecaps,setuid} on new{g,u}idmap
      conf: improve log when mounting rootfs
      ls: simplify the judgment condition when list active containers
      fix typo introduced in #1509
      attach|unshare: fix the wrong comment
      caps: skip file capability checks on android
      autotools: check for cap_get_file
      caps: return false if caps are not supported
      conf: non-functional changes to setup_pts()
      conf: use bind-mount for /dev/ptmx
      conf: non-functional changes
      utils: use loop device helpers from LXD
      cgroups: improve cgfsng debugging
      issue template: fix typo
      conf: close fd in lxc_setup_devpts()
      conf: non-functional changes
      utils: tweak lxc_mount_proc_if_needed()
      Change sshd template to work with Ubuntu 17.04
      conf: order mount options
      conf: add MS_LAZYTIME to mount options
      monitor: report errno on exec() error
      af unix: allow for maximum socket name
      commands: avoid NULL pointer dereference
      commands: non-functional changes
      lxccontainer: avoid NULL pointer dereference
      monitor: simplify abstract socket logic
      precise is not the latest LTS, let's use xenial instead
      fix the wrong exit status
      conf: non-functional changes lxc_fill_autodev()
      conf: remove /dev/console from lxc_fill_autodev()
      conf: non-functional changes lxc_setup()
      conf: non-functional changes to console functions
      conf: improve lxc_setup_dev_console()
      conf: lxc_setup_ttydir_console()
      config: remove /dev/console bind mount
      doc: document console behavior
      utils: add lxc_unstack_mountpoint()
      conf: unstack all mounts atop /dev/console
      console: fail when we cannot allocate peer tty
      start: remove umount2()
      conf: non-functional changes
      utils: handle > 2^31 in lxc_unstack_mountpoint()
      Install systemd units for CentOS
      Merge ubuntu and debiancase
      start: add crucial details about lxc_spawn()
  - Deleted patches that have been backported before:
    - 0003-CVE-2017-5985-Ensure-target-netns-is-caller-owned.patch
    - 0001-tree-wide-include-sys-sysmacros.h-directly.patch
    - 0002-tree-wide-include-sys-sysmacros.h-directly.patch
  - added signature verification
* Fri Apr 07 2017
  - Replace %__cp by cp
* Thu Mar 30 2017
  - fix for boo#1028264
    added patch 0003-CVE-2017-5985-Ensure-target-netns-is-caller-owned.patch
* Wed Mar 29 2017
  - backported two patches to get the package to build again for Tumbleweed
    (applied only on tumbleweed aka suse_version >1315)
* Fri Jan 27 2017
  - all patches (00*.patch) are upstream already, thus deleted; patch lxc-aa_allow_incomplete-default.patch is now reworked and added as a drop-in file in /usr/share/lxc/config/common.conf.d/
* Tue Jan 24 2017
  - update to version 2.0.7
    This is the seventh bugfix release for LXC 2.0. The main bugfixes in this release are:
    - attach: Close lsm label file descriptor
    - attach: Non-functional changes
    - attach: Simplify lsm_openat()
    - caps: Add lxc_cap_is_set()
    - conf: attach: Save errno across call to close
    - conf: Clearly report to either use drop or keep
    - conf: criu: Add make_anonymous_mount_file()
    - conf: Fix suggest_default_idmap()
    - configure: Add --enable-gnutls option
    - configure: Check for memfd_create()
    - configure: Check whether gettid() is declared
    - configure: Do not allow variable length arrays
    - configure: Remove -Werror=vla
    - configure: Use AC_HEADER_MAJOR to detect major()/minor()/makedev()
    - conf: Non-functional changes
    - conf: Remove thread-unsafe strsignal + improve log
    - init: Add cgroupfs-mount to Should-Start/Stop sysvinit LSB headers
    - log: Add lxc_unix_epoch_to_utc()
    - log: Annotate lxc_unix_epoch_to_utc()
    - log: Drop all timezone conversion functions
    - log: Make sure that date is correctly formatted
    - log: Use lxc_unix_epoch_to_utc()
    - log: Use N/A if getpid() != gettid() when threaded
    - log: Use thread-safe localtime_r()
    - lvm: Supress warnings about leaked files
    - lxccontainer: Log failure to send sig to init pid
    - monitor: Add more logging
    - monitor: Close mainloop on exit if we opened it
    - monitor: Improve log + set log level to DEBUG
    - monitor: Log which pipe fd is currently used
    - monitor: Make lxc-monitord async signal safe
    - monitor: Non-functional changes
    - python3-lxc: Fix on s390x
    - start: Check for CAP_SETGID before setgroups()
    - start: Fix execute and improve setgroups() calls
    - state: Use async signal safe fun in lxc_wait()
    - templates: lxc-debian: Don't try to get stuff from /usr/lib/systemd on the host
    - templates: lxc-debian: Fix getty service startup
    - templates: lxc-debian: Fix typo in calling dpkg with --print-foreign-architectures option
    - templates: lxc-debian: Handle ppc hostarch -> powerpc
    - templates: lxc-opensuse: Change openSUSE default release to Leap 42.2
    - templates: lxc-opensuse: Remove libgcc_s1
    - templates: lxc-opensuse: Remove -> copy
    - templates: lxc-opensuse: Set to be unconfined by AppArmor
    - templates: lxc-opensuse: Update for Leap 42.2
    - tests; Don't cause test failures on cleanup errors
    - tests: Skip unpriv tests on broken overlay module
    - tools: Improve logging
    - tools: lxc-start: Remove c->is_defined(c) check
    - tools: lxc-start: Set configfile after load_config
    - tools: Only check for O_RDONLY
    - tree-wide: Random macro cleanups
    - tree-wide: Remove any variable length arrays
    - tree-wide: Sic semper assertis!
    - utils: Add macro __LXC_NUMSTRLEN
    - utils: Add uid, gid, group convenience wrappers
  - commented out the patches, as they no longer apply cleanly
* Tue Dec 06 2016
  - CVE-2016-8649: lxc: guest escape via ptrace of lxc-attach (bsc#1010933).
* Mon Sep 19 2016
  - setcap has been moved to /usr/sbin (boo#998326).
* Wed Aug 31 2016
  - update lxc to 2.0.4
  - add 0001-bdev-use-correct-overlay-module-name.patch
  - add 0002-cleanup-tools-remove-name-from-lxc-top-usage-message.patch
  - add 0003-cleanup-whitespaces-in-option-alignment-for-lxc-exec.patch
  - add 0004-Use-full-GPG-fingerprint-instead-of-long-IDs.patch
  - add 0005-tools-move-rcfile-to-the-common-options-list.patch
  - add 0006-tools-set-configfile-after-load_config.patch
  - add 0007-doc-add-rcfile-to-common-opts.patch
  - add 0008-doc-Update-Korean-lxc-attach-1.patch
  - add 0009-doc-Add-rcfile-to-Korean-common-opts.patch
  - add 0010-doc-Add-rcfile-to-Japanese-common-opts.patch
  - add 0011-tools-use-exit-EXIT_-everywhere.patch
  - add 0012-tools-unify-exit-calls-outside-of-main.patch
  - add 0013-utils-Add-mips-signalfd-syscall-numbers.patch
  - add 0014-seccomp-Implement-MIPS-seccomp-handling.patch
  - add 0015-seccomp-Add-mips-and-mips64-entries-to-lxc_config_pa.patch
  - add 0016-seccomp-fix-strerror.patch
  - add 0017-confile-add-more-archs-to-lxc_config_parse_arch.patch
  - add 0018-seccomp-add-support-for-s390x.patch
  - add 0019-seccomp-remove-double-include-and-order-includes.patch
  - add 0020-seccomp-non-functional-changes.patch
  - add 0021-templates-use-fd-9-instead-of-200.patch
  - add 0022-templates-fedora-requires-openssl-binary.patch
  - add 0023-tools-use-boolean-for-ret-in-lxc_device.c.patch
  - add 0024-c-r-use-proc-self-tid-children-instead-of-pidfile.patch
  - add 0025-c-r-Fix-pid_t-on-some-arches.patch
  - add 0026-templates-Add-mips-hostarch-detection-to-debian.patch
  - add 0027-cleanup-replace-tabs-wth-spaces-in-usage-strings.patch
* Sat Jul 23 2016
  - Abolish old macro use. Remove ancient %clean section.
    Avoid sh invocation for simple ldconfig calls.
* Sat Jul 09 2016
  - add lxcfs dependency: lxc relies on lxcfs for a long time now to provide
    container aware /proc files. The /sys/fs/cgroup part is slowly phased out
    because we now have cgroup namespaces.
* Sat Jul 09 2016
  - Split into packages to follow best practice.
    * lxc
    * liblxc1
    * liblxc-devel
    Also, we need liblxc1 to be separately installable from LXC for LXD.
  - Tweak descriptions.
* Thu Jul 07 2016
  - Update to 2.0.3 (changes since 2.0.1):
    * apparmor: Refresh generated file
    * apparmor: add make-rslave to usr.bin.lxc-start
    * apparmor: Allow bind-mounts and {r}shared/{r}private
    * apparmor: allow mount move
    * apparmor: Update mount states handling
    * core: Drop lxc-devsetup as unneeded by current autodev
    * core: Fix redefinition of struct in6_addr
    * core: Include all lxcmntent.h function declarations on Bionic
    * c/r: c/r: use criu's "full" mode for cgroups
    * systemd: start containers in foreground when using the lxc@.service
    * templates: debian: Make sure init is installed
    * templates: oracle: Fix console login
    * templates: plamo: Fix various issues
    * templates: ubuntu: Install apt-transport-https by default
    * travis: ensure 'make install' doesn't fail
    * travis: test VPATH builds
    * upstart: Force lxc-instance to behave like a good Upstart client
* Fri Jun 10 2016
  - Update to 2.0.1:
    Lots of fixes and enhancements.
  - Add criu to recommends for C/R support
  - Add a workaround for lxc-start failure without apparmor:
  - Drop obsoleted patch:
* Tue Nov 17 2015
  - Update to 1.1.5
* Wed Oct 07 2015
  - Remove attach-mount-a-sane-prox-for-LSM-setup.patch
* Wed Oct 07 2015
  - Update to 1.1.4
    * Remove CVE-2015-1331-lxclock-use-run-lxc-lock-rather-than-r.patch
    * Remove CVE-2015-1334-Don-t-use-the-container-s-proc-during-.patch
    * Remove CVE-2015-1335-Protecti-container-mounts-against-symlinks.patch
    * Remove templates-lxc-opensuse-use-rpm-to-determine-build-ve.patch
      Now integrated into the current version
* Thu Oct 01 2015
  - Added CVE-2015-1335-Protecti-container-mounts-against-symlinks.patch
* Wed Aug 05 2015
  - Added templates-lxc-opensuse-use-rpm-to-determine-build-ve.patch
* Thu Jul 23 2015
  - Added CVE-2015-1331-lxclock-use-run-lxc-lock-rather-than-r.patch
  - Added attach-mount-a-sane-prox-for-LSM-setup.patch (bnc#938523)
  - Added CVE-2015-1334-Don-t-use-the-container-s-proc-during-.patch
* Tue Jul 21 2015
  - update to 1.1.2
  - Removed 0001-added-upstream-action-fallback-create-directory-loca.patch
  - Removed 0003-lxc-opensuse-template-now-understands-release-argume.patch
  - Removed
  - Removed
  - Removed 0006-lxc-opensuse-default-release-changed-to-13.1-as-12.3.patch
  - Removed 0007-lxc-opensuse-Disabling-builds-on-13.2-Tumbleweed-onl.patch
* Sat Dec 27 2014 Led <>
  - fix bashisms in lxc-autostart-helper script
  - add patches:
    + lxc-1.0.7-fix-bashisms.patch
* Wed Dec 17 2014
  - Improved error message
* Wed Dec 17 2014
  - Disabling builds on 13.2/Tumbleweed only, if build version before 20141120
    Patch 0007-lxc-opensuse-Disabling-builds-on-13.2-Tumbleweed-onl.patch
* Fri Dec 12 2014
  - lxc-opensuse default release changed to 13.1, as 12.3 reaches end-of-life soon
    Patch 0006-lxc-opensuse-default-release-changed-to-13.1-as-12.3.patch
* Sun Dec 07 2014
  - patch 0002-Disable-building-opensuse-containers-on-openSUSE13.2.patch has been sent upstream and is included in version 1.0.7
* Sat Dec 06 2014
  - update to version 1.0.7
    Include network prefix when ipv4/ipv6 keys are queried
    apparmor: silence 'silent' mount denials
    add file/func/line to debug info
    apparmor: restrict signal and ptrace for processes
    cgmanager: several fixes
    lxc: don't call pivot_root if / is on a ramfs
    fix clearing
    conf.c: Define MS_PRIVATE for Android
    network: convert param ifname to const.
    network: check result of if_nametoindex().
    network: allow lxc_network_move_by_index() rename netdev in moving.
    network: introduce a interface named lxc_netdev_isup().
    lxccontainer.c: rename enter_to_ns to enter_net_ns
    lxc_global_config_value can return the default lxc.cgroup.pattern whether root or non-root
    do_rootfs_setup: fix return bugs
    lxc-start: don't re-try to mount rootfs if we already did so
    attach: don't use confstr(_CS_PATH)
    lxc_global_config_value: simplify the theme
    Fixed mismatch on ipvX gateway
    attach: don't ignore sigint/sigkill if stdin is redirected
    cgmanager: fix 'attach' with "all" controller support
    lxc/utils: bugfix freed pointer return value
    conf.c: change 'instanciate' to 'instantiate'
    fix wrong nlmsg_len
    Remounts bind mounts if read-only flag is provided
    Allow lxc_clear_config_item to clear idmaps.
    overlay and aufs clone_paths: be more robust
    overlayfs: overlayfs.v22 or higher needs workdir option
    Fix clone issues
    Improve veth error cases logging
    fixed typo in comment
    audit: added capacity and reserve() to nlmsg
    rmdir and lxc_unpriv returns non-negative error codes
    typofixes -
    add src/python-lxc/ into .gitignore
      tests: Fix unpriv test
      lxc-test-unpriv: don't clear out /etc/lxc/lxc-usernet
      lxc-test-unpriv: test for different cgroups per subsystem
      tests: try again when waitpid() sets errno as EINTR
    lxc_start: ERROR if container is already running.
    lxc-start: return 0 rather than error if container is already running
    Make legacy lxc-ls more robust
    lxc_info: flush stdout before calling routines which may fork
    Fix typo in lxc-gentoo template
    busybox template: support for unprivileged containers
    busybox template: mount fstab when available
    Fix another gentoo template typo
    Create the apt proxy in the cache instead of the 1st container
    lxc-plamo: mount tmpfs on /dev/shm
    lxc-cirros: support creating+running unprivileged
    Fix typo.
    Fix typo.
    lxc-opensuse: Disable on 13.2
    lxc-alpine: make sure /dev/shm is world writeable
    lxc-alpine: create a default tty for console
    lxc-debian: added support for package installation
    lxc-debian: Fix default mirrors
    lxc-debian: support systemd as PID 1
    lxc-debian: adjust init system configurations
    lxc-debian: mask both Wheezy and Jessie udev services
    lxc-opensuse: Disabling builds on openSUSE Tumbleweed, detection improved.
    Fix the lxc manpage a bit
    lxc-create -t option is not optional
    doc: Update kernel and cgroup info in Japanese lxc(7)
    tabs/spaces consistency
* Sat Nov 29 2014
  - changed patch 0002 to work on newer Tumbleweed snapshots, where os-release does not contain 'Harlequin' anymore
* Wed Nov 26 2014
  - backported the patches from upstream, so that the opensuse template now accepts releases as arguments, and it is possible to install 12.3, 13.1 or 13.2
    * 0003-lxc-opensuse-template-now-understands-release-argume.patch
* Wed Nov 19 2014
  - Added 0002-Disable-building-opensuse-containers-on-openSUSE13.2.patch
    Disable building opensuse containers on openSUSE 13.2 due to changed
    build behaviour (bsc#905638)
* Mon Oct 27 2014
  - added 0001-added-upstream-action-fallback-create-directory-loca.patch
    * adds action fallback available upstream
    * creates directory /run/lock/subsys/ if not available
  - deleted 0001-systemd-Ensure-action-is-defined.patch
* Sat Sep 27 2014
  - update to 1.0.6, which includes the following changes/fixes:
      rootfs_is_blockdev: don't run if no rootfs is specified
      confile: sanity-check netdev->type before setting netdev->priv elements
      Fix typo in previous patch
      Remove mention of mountcgroups in ubuntu.common config
      remove mountcgroup hook entirely
      Add SIGPWR support to lxc_init
      Sysvinit script fixes
      unprivileged containers: use next available nic name if unspecified
      fix typo in btrfs error msg
      apparmor: Allow slave bind mounts
      provide an example SELinux policy for older releases
      print a helpful message if creating unpriv container with no idmap
      use non-thread-safe getpwuid and getpwgid for android
      btrfs: support recursive subvolume deletion (v2)
      fix '--log-priority' --> '--logpriority' in main
      Fix a file descriptor leak in the daemonization
      Fix a file descriptor leak in the monitord spawn
      Ensure /dev/pts directory exists on pts setup
      Do not allow snapshots of LVM backed containers
      add lxc.console.logpath
      coverity: don't use newname after null check
      coverity: malloc the right size for btrs_node tree
      introduce --with-distro=raspbian
      cgmanager get/set: clean up child (v2)
      Add extra debugging
      Fix typo in the previous commit...
      do_mount_entry: add nexec, nosuid, nodev, rdonly flags if needed at remount
      command socket: use hash if needed
      monitor: fix sockname calculation for long lxcpaths
      show additional info if btrfs subvolume deletion fails (issue #315)
      ignore SIGKILL (CTRL-C) and SIGQUIT (CTRL-\) - issue #313
      chmod container dir to 0770 (v2)
      build: Fix support for split build and source dirs
      mount_entry: use statvfs
      lxc_mount_auto_mounts: honor existing nodev etc at remounts
      statvfs: do nothing if statvfs does not exist (android/bionic)
      Prevent compiler warning by initializing ifindex
      build: don't remove configuration template on clean
      build: Make run from srcdir to avoid distutils errors
      handle hashed command socket names (v2)
      lxc-cgm: fix issue with nested chowning
      Report container exit status to monitord
      support use of 'all' containers when cgmanager supports it
      log: fix quiet mode
      Fix build error(ISO C90 specs violation) in lxc.c
      lxc_map_ids: don't do bogus chekc for newgidmap
      lxc_map_ids: add a comment
      clean autodev dir on container exit
      As discussed on ML, do not clean autodev dir on reboot
      Fix build failure due to slightly different rmdir
      Fix presentation of IPv6 addresses and gateway
      lxc-start: Add -F (foreground) option
      all: Discontinue the use of in-line comments (stable)
      all: Include hostname in DHCP requests
      all: Switch from arch command to uname -m
      altlinux: bugfixes
      archlinux: Properly set default locale in /etc/locale.conf
      centos template: prevent mingetty from calling vhangup(2)
      download: Have wget retry 3 times
      download: Make --keyserver actually work
      gentoo: keep original uid/gid of files/dirs when installing
      gentoo: Use portageq to determine portage distdir
      plamo: keep original uid/gid of files/dirs when installing
      plamo: bugfix template
      ssh: send hostname to dhcp server
      ubuntu: don't check for $rootfs/run/shm
      ubuntu: add help string
      lxc-test-{unpriv,}: make sure to chgrp as well
      lxc-test-unpriv: test lxc-clone -s
      tests: Call sync before testing a shutdown
      tests: Copy the download cache when available [v2]
      Fix the unprivileged tests cgroup management
      doc: Mention that veth.pair is ignored for unpriv
      doc: Add mention that veth.pair is ignored for unpriv in Japanese man
      doc: Add -F option to Japanese lxc-start(1)
      doc: Update the description of SELinux in Japanese lxc.container.conf(5)
      doc: Add 'zfs' to the parameter of -B option in lxc-create(1)
      doc: add lxc.console.logpath to Japanese lxc.container.conf(5)
      doc: language correction
      doc: Fix Japanese translation of lxc.container.conf(5)
      doc: Add destroy option to lxc-snapshot(1)
      doc: Add description about ignoring lxc.cgroup.use when using cgmanager
  - delete: 0002-lxc-autostart-helper-working-even-if-action-is-not-a.patch
  - delete: 0003-lxc-autostart-helper-working-even-if-var-lock-subsys.patch
* Fri Aug 15 2014
  - third patch to get lxc-autostart-helper to work on openSUSE
    * 0003-lxc-autostart-helper-working-even-if-var-lock-subsys.patch
* Fri Aug 15 2014
  - added another patch to ensure correct operation of lxc.service systemd-unit
    * 0002-lxc-autostart-helper-working-even-if-action-is-not-a.patch
* Thu Aug 14 2014
  - added patch to ensure correct operation of lxc.service systemd-unit
    * 0001-systemd-Ensure-action-is-defined.patch
* Wed Aug 06 2014
  - update to 1.0.5
    * seccomp profile
    * core: Fix unprivileged containers to work with recent kernels.
    * core: Fix building with -Werror=maybe-uninitialized.
    * core: seccomp: Don't fail on unresolvable syscalls.
    * core: lxc-init: Don't force dropping capabilities.
    * core: configure: Split -lcap and -lselinux out of LIBS.
    * core: configure: Fix expansion of libexecdir.
    * core: seccomp: Support 'all' arch sections.
    * core: seccomp: Fix 32-bit rules.
    * core: seccomp: Enable a default filter for all templates.
    * core: Fix corruption in write_config.
    * core: attach: Fix querying for the current personality.
    * core: cgmanager: Have cgm_set and cgm_get use absolute paths when possible.
    * core: cgmanager: Make sure @value is null-terminated in cgm_get.
    * core: optimization of signal filtering/parsing code.
    * core: apparmor: Allow hugetlbfs by default (similar to tmpfs and restricted by the hugetlb cgroup controller).
    * core: Fix find_fstype_cb to ignore blank lines and comments.
    * lxc-autostart: Actually respect -P when passed.
    * lxc-attach: Fix typo in usage.
    * lxc-start: propagate the container exit code.
    * lxc-stop: Fix incorrect timeout handling.
    * lxc-device: Support --version.
    * lxc-ls: Support --version.
    * lxc-start-ephemeral: Support --version.
    * tests: Avoid the download template when possible.
    * tests: Don't fail when HOME isn't defined.
    * tests: apparmor: Always end messages with a newline.
    * tests: Clarify error message and fix return codes.
    * tests: lxc-test-ubuntu doesn't actually need bind9-host.
    * lxc-debian: standardize formatting.
    * lxc-debian: fix formatting.
    * python3: Fix attach_wait and threads.
* Fri Jun 13 2014
  - fixed the build errors
* Fri Jun 13 2014
  - update to 1.0.4; disable lua and excluded lxc-top, as lua-dependencies are not available
* Sat May 17 2014
  - added --enable-lua to compile lxc with lua support (for lxc-top)
* Sat May 17 2014
  - added "Requires: lua", as lxc-top needs it
* Mon May 05 2014
  - added file /usr/sbin/rxlcx that links to /usr/sbin/service
* Mon May 05 2014
  - upgrade to version 1.0.3
  - deleted patch patch_bash_completion.d_lxc.patch, as it is included upstream already
  - added file /usr/sbin/init.lxc
* Sun Mar 02 2014
  - patch now including headers and signoff
* Sun Mar 02 2014
  - updated sources to 1.0.0
  - added dirs and files in /etc/apparmor.d/ and /etc/bash_completion.d/ to spec file
  - autogenned.patch: removed
  - added patch patch_bash_completion.d_lxc.patch, to remove shebang from bash_completion-file
  - The patch patch_bash_completion.d_lxc.patch has been sent upstream additionally
* Tue Jan 14 2014
  - update to lxc-1.0 beta
    * we use a later snapshot than beta1
  - drop support for older distros than 12.3 (it does not build there)
  - config_ipv6-run-inet_pton-on-the-addr-value-without-.patch: Removed
  - configure-find-seccomp-using-pkg-config.patch: Removed
  - configure-support-suse-s-docbook-to-man.patch: Removed
  - lxc-opensuse-add-perl-base-to-prerequisities.patch: Removed
  - opensuse-systemd-shutdown.patch: Removed
* Thu Jan 09 2014
  - config_ipv6-run-inet_pton-on-the-addr-value-without-.patch:
    config_ipv6: run inet_pton on the addr value without mask
* Fri Sep 20 2013
  - lxc-opensuse-add-perl-base-to-prerequisities.patch: lxc-opensuse:
    add perl-base to prerequisities (bnc#839873)
* Tue Sep 10 2013
  - opensuse-systemd-shutdown.patch: Fixed opensuse template to
    workaround lxc-shutdown problem with systemd (bnc#839388)
* Wed Apr 24 2013
  - update to 0.9.0
    * configure-support-suse-s-docbook-to-man.patch: added to support
      our docbook-to-man
    * configure-find-seccomp-using-pkg-config.patch: add support for
      our libsseccomp being under /usr/include/libseccomp...
    * autogenned.patch: the two above applied by to the sources
    * remove a ton of patches which are upstream now:
  - Remove obsolete info from README.SUSE
* Thu Mar 07 2013
  - Ensure update repository directory is correctly created
* Tue Feb 26 2013
  - clean cache if a distro version in template does not match
    with files in a cache (bnc#804435#c19)
* Tue Feb 26 2013
  - run zypper ar only if .repo file does not exists
    fixes a partial created repos (bnc#804435#c16)
* Wed Feb 20 2013
  - Add lxc-opensuse-12.3.patch: update template to openSUSE 12.3
* Tue Feb 19 2013
  - lxc-opensuse-extend-base.patch: lxc-opensuse: extend base
  - lxc-opensuse-proper-failure.patch: lxc-opensuse: proper failure
  - remove change-hwaddr-on-clone.patch as it was fixed upstream
* Mon Jan 21 2013
  - Update pivot-root_shared.patch with upstream patch to build with
    old version of kernel headers.
  - Check for /etc/init.d/boot.cgroup presence before starting it in
* Fri Jan 11 2013
  - Release 0.8.0:
    + add support for autodetection of gateway address
    + add support for LVM2 and btrfs snapshot in lxc-clone
    + add support for apparmor
    + support nested cgroups
    + lxc no longer depends on perl
    + add support for container hooks (pre-start, mount, start, stop,
      umount, post-stop)
    + templates are moved to /usr/share/lxc/templates
  - Remove
    merged upstream.
  - Add lxc-opensuse-clonefixes.patch: fix openSUSE template
    regarding cloning.
  - Add 0001-Ensure-btrfs-subvolume-is-destroyed-on-error.patch: fix
    btrfs subvolume when removing a container.
  - Add lxc-autodev.patch: fill /dev when starting container (needed
    for systemd).
  - Update lxc-opensuse-12.2.patch: switch to systemd in container.
* Fri Jan 11 2013
  - Add lxc-opensuse-12.1-fixbuild.patch: fix openSUSE 12.1 container
  - Add lxc-opensuse-12.2.patch:
    + switch openSUSE template to 12.2
    + install iputils in the default configuration
    + autoconfigure gateway if possible
    + detect if network is set to and configure DHCP
    + bind mount /etc/resolv.conf in container
  - Add use-relative-paths-for-container.patch,
    fix-lxc-clone-mount-entries.patch and update sles
    template: use relative paths for container mount points, fixes
    lxc-clone dropping some lxc.mount entries (bnc#789387).
  - Add Requires(post) dependency on aaa_base (bnc#786970) for
    openSUSE < 12.3.
  - Add dhcpcd in default installation in openSUSE template (bnc#776169).
  - Add change-hwaddr-on-clone.patch: modify MAC address when cloning
    a container (git)
  - Add wait-until-container-is-stopped.patch: if destroying a
    running container, wait until it is stopped before destroying it.
  - Ensure lxc-createconfig uses opensuse template by default.
  - Ensure lxc-createconfig correctly detect cidr (bnc#773234).
  - Add pivot-root_shared.patch: fix pivot root when / is mounted as
    shared (default on 12.3 and later).
* Fri Apr 20 2012
  - Add various fixes to opensuse template :
    + create /etc/hostname as symlink to /etc/HOSTNAME
      (lxc-clone fix)
    + fix inadequate space in lxc.mount config (lxc-clone fix)
    + disable network in container if not configured
    + configure network scripts properly
  - Add lxc-snapshot-btrfs-lvm.patch: backport snapshot support,
    using btrfs or lvm2.
  - Add lxc-opensuse-tmpfs.patch: ensure container shutting down is
    correctly detected by LXC.
* Fri Apr 13 2012
  - Add lxc-createconfig script to easy LXC configuration
* Tue Mar 06 2012
  - Accurately detect whether a system supports clone_children
* Tue Jan 10 2012
  - Drop lxc-file_caps.patch, it is SLES specific, since openSUSE is
    now shipping with file capabilities enabled.
* Fri Jan 06 2012
  - Update lxc-opensuse-12.1.patch to correctly generate containers
    on x86 (bnc#739315).
  - Backport some fixes from SLES 11 SP2:
    - Add lxc-checkconfig-kernel-3.patch and lxc-file_caps.patch:
      fix detection of kernel 3.x and file capabilities (bnc#720845).
    - Fix example path in manpages (bnc#723946).
* Tue Oct 25 2011
  - Add console to opensuse securetty, since we are in a container.
* Tue Oct 25 2011
  - Add lxc-opensuse-12.1.patch: create openSUSE 12.1 containers now
  - Add Recommends on build package, which is used by opensuse
  - Update README.SUSE to current status for cgroups mountpoint
* Fri Sep 02 2011
  - Fix license tag, it is LGPLv2.1+ (using LGPLv2+ tag to be
* Wed Aug 31 2011
  - Update to 0.7.5:
    - add initial lxc-clone feature
    - add arm as supported srcarch
    - opensuse template is merged
    - improve other distribution templates
    - support cgroups mounted in multiple places
* Fri Jun 24 2011
  - kill _service
* Fri Jun 24 2011
  - Add lxc-opensuse template.
  - package /var/lib/lxc.
* Fri May 27 2011
  - update to
    - exit if allocation fails
    - ensure monitored container name is null terminated
    - do not put devpts in fstab
* Thu Mar 24 2011
  - update to
    - fix mount path
    - rename physical device to the original name
* Mon Feb 28 2011
  - update to 0.7.4 final
    - fix support for >= 2.6.37 kernels
  - update README.SUSE file -- it contained obsolete information
* Mon Feb 21 2011
  - update to 0.7.4-rc1+
    - fix cgroups collision with systemd (bnc#673821)
    - lxc-start output-to-file support
    - better error reporting
    - suppress udev log output
    - many fixes
* Mon Dec 20 2010
  - update to 0.7.3
    - mount the rootfs to the mount directory first
    - update the lxc.conf man page
    - fix compilation and link errors
    - don't play with the capabilities when we are root
* Wed Oct 06 2010
  - update to 0.7.2
* Mon Jul 05 2010
  - update to 0.7.1
    * full list of changes since 0.6.5 at
* Fri Mar 05 2010
  - add %dir /var/lib/lxc
* Thu Mar 04 2010
  - update to 0.6.5
* Wed Aug 19 2009
  - remove stddef.h workaround, linux-kernel-headers are fixed now
* Tue Aug 18 2009
  - remove mkdir /var/lxc from %post rpm script
* Mon Aug 17 2009
  - Remove old lxc hack from specfile
  - Fix factory build due to broken linux-kernel-headers
    (add stddef.h to includes in and lxc automake file
* Thu Aug 13 2009
  - Add Requires to ensure that lxc-setcap is working
* Mon Aug 10 2009
  - update to 0.6.3
  - add pkgconfig file to devel package
* Tue Jun 23 2009
  - add linux-kernel-headers to build prereqs
* Mon May 04 2009
  - update to 0.6.2: fixes creation scripts for several distros,
    adds logging, adds lxc-setcap
* Fri Apr 17 2009
  - remove static libraries



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