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ipmitool-1.8.18-lp150.1.2 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.0 for ppc64le

Name: ipmitool Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.0
Version: 1.8.18 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp150.1.2 Build date: Wed May 9 08:49:31 2018
Group: System/Management Build host: obs-power8-05
Size: 1947508 Source RPM: ipmitool-1.8.18-lp150.1.2.src.rpm
Summary: Utility for IPMI Control
This package contains a utility for interfacing with devices that
support the Intelligent Platform Management Interface specification.
IPMI is an open standard for machine health, inventory, and remote
power control.

This utility can communicate with IPMI-enabled devices through either a
kernel driver such as OpenIPMI or over the RMCP LAN protocol defined in
the IPMI specification.  IPMIv2 adds support for encrypted LAN
communications and remote Serial-over-LAN functionality.

It provides commands for reading the Sensor Data Repository (SDR) and
displaying sensor values, displaying the contents of the System Event
Log (SEL), printing Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) information, reading
and setting LAN configuration, and chassis power control.






* Fri Oct 06 2017
  - Added missing references.
* Thu Jul 27 2017
  - Switch to OBS service to generate the tarball and changelog
    automatically from git "osc service dr"
  - Update to version git checkout 20170406.ecb4cfb:
    * Prevent autoreconf from complaining about missing NEWS
    * Add git hash and dirty mark to ipmitool version
  - Remove patch ipmitool_1_8_18_ecb4cfbff855_to_HEAD.patch as the
    patch is directly in the tarball
  - Rename patch:
    ipmitool_adjust_suse.paths to ipmitool_adjust_suse_paths.patch
  - Drop the --pic switch as it was only for static library
  - Reduce the suse_version for 1210 check to switch systemd on as
    the package is not building on sle11 anyway
    * properly depend on systemd-rpm-macros and not full systemd
  - Enable switch for file-security to be more strict on open files
* Wed Jul 05 2017
  - Update to latest git HEAD revision of 1.8.18 version
    commit ecb4cfbff855bb24099f2a80a6dd558518702c7d
    All these patches are now included in one big revision (1.8.18) to
    HEAD patch:
    D    0001-fix-typo.patch
    D    0002-added-microTCA-major-version.patch
    D    0003-replaced-removed-defines-which-are-already-present-i.patch
    D    0004-fix-typo.patch
    D    0006-ID-461-OpenSSL-1.1-compatibility-error-storage-size-.patch
    D    0007-ID-461-Make-compiler-happier-about-changes-related-t.patch
    D    0008-ID-474-Compile-fix-on-nonlinux-systems.patch
    D    0009-Add-bootstrap-support-for-Mac.patch
    D    0013-ID-478-ekanalyzer-Fixed-decoding-of-FRU-fields.patch
    D    0014-ID-479-ekanalyzer-fix-processing-of-custom-mfg.-fiel.patch
    D    0015-ID-477-fru-Fix-decoding-of-non-text-data-in-get_fru_.patch
    D    0017-ID-480-ipmitool-coredumps-in-EVP_CIPHER_CTX_init.patch
    This is the big revision (1.8.18) to HEAD patch:
    A    ipmitool_1_8_18_ecb4cfbff855_to_HEAD.patch
  - Note: the tarball has been generated with git archive from the git
    repo. It slightly differs (.gitignore and from what
    was in osc before. No idea why, but the change is tiny and does not matter.
* Fri Apr 28 2017
  - Lower prio of message from error to debug (bsc#948540)
    A hpm_x_compatibility_msg_is_debug_only.patch
* Tue Mar 28 2017
  - Update to latest git HEAD version adding quite some fixes (fate#321578)
    * Add:
* Wed Jan 25 2017
  - Update to latest version: 1.8.18 (fate#321579)
    D	0001-Incorporate-upstream-comments-to-289-add-whitespace.patch
* Tue May 03 2016
  - Update to latest version: 1.8.17
    D    ipmitool-1.8.10-implicit-fortify-decl.patch
    D    ipmitool-1_8_16_HEAD.patch
    D    latest_compile_fixes.patch
    D    ipmitool-sol_memleak.patch
    D    ipmitool-1_8_15_HEAD.patch
  - Remove whitespace changes from:
    M    0001-Incorporate-upstream-comments-to-289-add-whitespace.patch
* Thu Feb 25 2016
  - Update to latest ipmitool source code
    commit 9020b67347f46554009591ae91e4fa8875c65dfa
    Date:   Tue Jan 12 21:16:37 2016 +0500
  - Fix memleak: bnc#968105
    Add: ipmitool-sol_memleak.patch
* Wed Feb 24 2016
  - do not use systemd macros for non-systemd distributions
* Wed Oct 14 2015
  - Update to latest ipmitool source code
    commit 999cd0ad9192b19ec57574e7aca111571f4d21d8
    Date:   Fri Mar 6 09:03:05 2015 -0600
    and throw away patches that went mainline.
    * Remove: fix_dell_oem_exitcode
* Wed Mar 11 2015
  - Add correct exit code on Dell specific commands which did not get mainline
    yet (bnc#886184)
    * Add patch: fix_dell_oem_exitcode
* Thu Jan 15 2015
  - Update to latest ipmitool sources.
    This is version 1.8.15 (git tag: IPMITOOL_1_8_15) plus mainline patches up
    to commit 708be8bc450f907cddb6d9e4b83aee6ba67b7d04
    Date:   Fri Jan 9 12:48:35 2015 +0100
    * Add: latest_compile_fixes.patch
    * Add: ipmitool-1_8_15_HEAD.patch
    * Remove: automake-1.13.patch
    * Remove: sdradd_close_file_handle.patch
    * Remove: ipmitool-1.8.10-implicit-fortify-decl.patch
* Thu Mar 06 2014
  - Update to latest git head and do not split up version 1.8.13.tar.bz2 tarball
    and patch to latest git HEAD.
    Reason is that all files in the repository got moved up one directory level
    by git commit:
    Date:   Wed Feb 5 17:30:32 2014
    Move all files one level up in the file hierarchy, to avoid the useless
    ipmitool directory.
    We want the latest git head asap, because otherwise additionally needed
    patches will never patch cleanly in mainline and our repo and would always
    need adjusting.
    I asked for a new version tag mainline. As soon this happened, the
    tarball name should again match with the exact mainline git tag.
  - Incorporate patch on request from Dell: fate#315996
    Add: 0001-Incorporate-upstream-comments-to-289-add-whitespace.patch
* Thu Feb 13 2014
  - Added 3 services:
      1) exchange-bmc-os-info - fate#315999
      Shows SLES string as OS in the service processor info
      2) bmc-snmp-proxy - fate#316000
      Exports sel (BMC Error log) via snmpd
      3) ipmievd - fate#316002
      Logs sel to syslog
    1. and 2. are very Dell specific and should not get enabled by default
    3. got converted to a native systemd service. Still needs autoconf
    adjusting to get send mainline
    1. and 2. have somewhat bigger Init V init scripts and time was not
    enough to convert them. Therefore they were added via insserv
    and friends as well
    Add ipmitool_adjust_suse.paths
  - Updated to latest git version:
    Add ipmitool_update_to_git_head_31_01_2014_b0aad15d67007c74b.patch
* Fri Oct 04 2013
  - Update to 1.8.13
    Changes: many, see
  - drop patches included upstream
    * compile-fixes.patch
    * ekanalyzer_fix_wrong_type_comparison.patch
    * increase_possible_fw_file_size.patch
    * ipmitool-bigendian.patch
    * old-gcc-options.patch
* Tue Jul 16 2013
  - Run format_spec_file so it is up par with others.
* Wed May 15 2013
  - fix GCC 4.3 build
    * Adds patch: old-gcc-options.patch
* Mon Mar 18 2013
  - fix build on BE arches (ipmitool-bigendian.patch)
* Thu Feb 28 2013
  - Adapt to Automake 1.13
* Thu Feb 28 2013
  - Version 1.8.12 released 2012-08-09
    Changes: many, see
* Mon Feb 13 2012
  - patch license to follow standard
* Sat Oct 15 2011
  - add libtool as buildrequire to make the spec file more reliable
* Tue May 04 2010
  - add a missing return value in one error branch.
* Thu Mar 04 2010
  - fix one more no-return-in-nonvoid-function issue in ipmievd.c
* Thu Sep 17 2009
  - Fixed several compiler warnings (bnc#371131, bnc#480347, bnc#439490,
    bnc#525831, bnc#534909) and quite some more.
* Tue Sep 15 2009
  - Update to version 1.8.11
  - Fix segfault when doing firmware upgrades with too big FW files
  - Be more verbose why a firmware update does not match



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