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gdm-devel- RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.0 for ppc64le

Name: gdm-devel Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.0
Version: Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp150.10.1 Build date: Sat May 12 20:23:47 2018
Group: Development/Libraries/GNOME Build host: obs-power8-03
Size: 516166 Source RPM: gdm-
Summary: Libraries for GDM -- Development Files
The GNOME Display Manager is a system service that is responsible for
providing graphical log-ins and managing local and remote displays.






* Thu May 03 2018
  - Drop gdm-quit-plymouth-on-headless.patch: Patch is known to cause
    the first login to fail, a reworked patch needed.
* Mon Apr 23 2018
  - Add gdm-quit-plymouth-on-headless.patch: Stop boot splash
    whenever a display is managed, to avoid systems without monitor
    from hanging (boo#1089673 bgo#795477).
* Tue Apr 10 2018
  - Add gdm-quit-plymouth-when-xdmcp-is-the-only-allowed-connection.patch:
    gdm is responsible to kill plymouth by spawning the "plymouth
    quit" subprocesses in gdm-manager. The current code pathes of
    quiting plymouth can never be reached when xdmcp is the only
    connection allowed. The patch handles this edge case by quit
    plymouth immediately when the condition is detected (bsc#1083646
* Sun Apr 08 2018
  - Update gdm-disable-wayland-on-unsupported-chipsets.patch:
    + merge gdm-disable-wayland-on-mgag200-chipsets.patch.
    + add rules for ASPEED ast drivers (boo#1088539).
* Wed Apr 04 2018
  - Clean up specfile: Enable Wayland unconditionally.
* Wed Mar 28 2018
  - Drop gdm-nb-translations.patch that breaks
    translation-update-upstream (boo#1087338).
* Thu Mar 22 2018
  - Retire gdm-xwayland-xauth.patch (bsc#1084737): We now do this
    in the compositor instead.
* Tue Mar 20 2018
  - Unconditionally enable translation-update-upstream: on
    Tumbleweed, this results in a NOP and for Leap in SLE paid
    translations being used (boo#1086036).
* Fri Mar 16 2018
  - Add requirement on xdm package, it provides common scripts and
    systemd service used by display managers (bsc#1084655).
* Wed Mar 14 2018
  - Add gdm-xwayland-xauth.patch (bsc#1084737): Creates an Xauthority
    file and exports XAUTHORITY for Xwayland.
* Mon Mar 12 2018
  - Update gdm-disable-wayland-on-unsupported-chipsets.patch: update
    the comments section in data/61-gdm.rules to make the context
    easier to append.
  - Add gdm-disable-wayland-on-mgag200-chipsets.patch: by falling
    back GNOME to X, the patch targets to provide a better user
    experiences for servers with mgag200 graphic chips, which suffer
    the sluggish keyboard/mouse issues running GNOME on wayland
    (bsc#1073550  bsc#1077802). Some of the servers could not
    initiate GNOME in a similar context (bsc#1070933).
    With the complexity of the problem, Wayland probably needs
    further track to get the specific hardware adapted. At the
    same time the issue itself is tracked in upstream
    (glgo#GNOME/mutter/issues/59), the better way for now to make
    SLE-15 working smoothly is to disable the chipset on Wayland
    (bsc#1083609, bgo#794106).
    In addition, the patch updates the comments section in
    data/61-gdm.rules to make the context easier to append.
* Fri Mar 02 2018
  - Modernize spec-file by calling spec-cleaner
* Fri Mar 02 2018
  - Adopt the use of %make_build macro rather than raw make command,
    following the best practices.
  - Remove obsolete %clean section as RPM already do this kind of
    work itself.
  - Update typelib-1_0-Gdm-1_0 package's summary to make it shorter
    but still meaningful.
  - Update gdmflexiserver package's summary to avoid redundancies and
    correct name case in the description.
* Fri Mar 02 2018
  - Add gdm-Revert-session-don-t-call-gdm_session_defaults_chang.patch:
    fix showing right active session of user in login dialog
    (bsc#1082958 bgo#793609).
* Thu Mar 01 2018
  - Remove gdm-default-wm-sle12.patch: default session in SLE15
    becomes 'GNOME', don't need this patch anymore.
* Wed Jan 31 2018
  - Add back translation-update-upstream as BuildRequires since
    SLE still needs it.
* Tue Jan 30 2018
  - Update gdm-disable-wayland-on-unsupported-chipsets.patch: examine
    filename argument in gdm_settings_desktop_backend_new instead of
    examining GDM_RUNTIME_CONF (bsc#1078030).
* Fri Jan 26 2018
  - Add runtime option to start X under root instead of regular user.
    Necessary if no DRI drivers are present. (bnc#1075805)
    * gdm-add-runtime-option-to-disable-starting-X-server-as-u.patch
    * Updated X11-displaymanager-gdm to set the
      GDM_DISABLE_USER_DISPLAY_SERVER variable when needed.
* Fri Jan 19 2018
  - Add gdm-disable-wayland-on-unsupported-chipsets.patch: let udev
    write to a runtime config file to disable Wayland for gdm on
    chipsets where Wayland is not supported yet, e.g. Cirrus
    (boo#1059356, bgo#789081).
  - Update gdm-sysconfig-settings.patch: parts of this openSUSE
    specific patch are splitted and merged into
    gdm-disable-wayland-on-unsupported-chipsets.patch to push to
* Wed Jan 10 2018
  - Add gdm-nb-translations.patch: Update Norwegian Bokmål
  - Drop gdmflexiserver Obsoletes from main package, we ship
    gdmflexiserver again, so this is not needed nor wanted.
  - Do minor spec-cleanup, silence a couple of rpmlint warnings.
* Tue Jan 09 2018
  - Add gdm-not-run-with-bogus-DISPLAY-XAUTHORITY.patch: When run
    PreSession script, don't set DISPLAY and XAUTHORITY environment
    variable, avoiding environment variable equal (null)
    (bsc#1068016 bgo#792150).
  - Remove gdm-ignore-SLE-CLASSIC-MODE.patch: SLE-Classic doesn't use
    environment variable SLE_CLASSIC_MODE anymore.
* Tue Nov 28 2017
  - Add gdm-disable-gnome-initial-setup.patch (sle-only): Force
    gnome-initial-setup can't start before gdm, g-i-s will only
    serve for CJK people to choose the input-method after login
* Thu Nov 02 2017
  - Update gdm-ignore-duplicate-session.patch: Fix patch doesn't work
    when wayland is disabled (bsc#1060627).
* Wed Nov 01 2017
  - Update to version
    + Fix newly introduced race leading to crash for some users.
* Mon Oct 30 2017
  - Update to version 3.26.2:
    + Use dconf to force vitruvian man on panel.
    + Hide -xorg sessions under X11.
    + Don't add bogus wtmp entries.
    + Wait for X server to die before respawning.
    + Updated translations.
  - Update Url to current GDM's
    project page.
  - Add the following BuildRequires based on gio-2.0,
    gio-unix-2.0, glib-2.0, gobject-2.0, gthread-2.0 and xcb.
  - Add fdupes BuildRequires: removal of duplicates.
  - Run spec-cleaner to get the respective pkgconfigs from
    check-devel, iso-codes-devel, libXdmcp-devel, libXi-devel,
    libXinerama-devel, gobject-introspection-devel: pkgconfig(*)
    check, iso-codes, xdmcp, xi, xinerama and gobject-introspection.
  - Drop %glib2_gsettings_schema_requires macro: not needed/used
    anymore thanks to file triggers.
* Wed Oct 18 2017
  - Add gdm-ignore-duplicate-session.patch: Fix gdm session entries
    duplicate (bsc#1060627).
* Thu Oct 12 2017
  - Have update-alternatives handle Xinit's integration of the
    displaymanager, replacing /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager
  - Drop usage of glib2_gsettings_schema_* and icon_theme_cache_*
    scriptlets, since this is handled by file triggers now.
* Wed Oct 04 2017
  - Update to version 3.26.1:
    + Check for Xwayland before agreeing to do wayland.
    + Misc wayland fixes.
    + Xdmcp fixes.
    + Minor clean ups.
    + Allow gnome initial-setup to be forced from kernel command
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop gdm-check-for-Xwayland.patch: fixed upstream.
  - Rebase gdm-plymouth-vt1.patch and gdm-xauthlocalhostname.patch.
* Thu Sep 28 2017
  - Add gdm-ignore-SLE-CLASSIC-MODE.patch: Ignore env
    SLE_CLASSIC_MODE variable when switching from sle-classic session
    to gnome-classic session (bsc#1060630).
* Mon Sep 18 2017
  - Add gdm-check-for-Xwayland.patch: don't try wayland session if
    Xwayland isn't installed on the system (bgo#787837).
* Tue Sep 12 2017
  - Update to version 3.26.0:
    + Fix for unauthenticated unlock when autologin is enabled
    + Updated translations.
* Sat Sep 09 2017
  - Update to version 3.25.92:
    + Fix for going to normal mode after classic.
    + Crasher fix when user switching.
    + Make sure reauthentication is run in right context.
    + Send hangup signal to gdm when systemctl request reload.
    + Updated translations.
  - Rebase gdm-sysconfig-settings.patch.
* Mon Aug 14 2017
  - Update to version 3.25.91:
    + Fix breakage in greeter and initial setup.
    + Updated translations.
* Mon Aug 14 2017
  - Update to version 3.25.90:
    + Fix for going to normal mode after classic.
    + Updated translations.
  - Conditionally apply translations-update-upstream BuildRequires
    and macro for non-openSUSE only.
* Mon Aug 14 2017
  - Drop gdm-user-logout-issue.patch: fixed upstream when the
    implementations was refactored.
* Mon Jul 24 2017
  - Do not BuildRequire pkgconfig(xorg-server) on s390(x). There are
    no graphic devices on s390x and Xorg is not in use.
* Wed Jul 19 2017
  - Update to version
    + Brown bag release to fix conflict with latest g-s-d release.
  - Changes from version 3.25.4:
    + Wayland w/ --disable-user-display-server fix.
    + Make login screen session separate from user session again.
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Jul 18 2017
  - Update to version 3.25.3:
    + Crasher fix.
    + X11/wayland selection fix.
    + Greeter lifecycle fix.
    + Systemd unit installation fix.
    + Drop lock down of non-existent setting.
    + Updated translations.
* Sun Jul 16 2017
  - Fix specfile: Set attributes of /var/log/gdm and /run/gdm to
    (711, root, gdm), which is hardcoded in commit c3cba52, otherwise
    modified permissions are inspected when the gdm daemon starts
    (bsc#882032, bgo#693679).
* Tue May 30 2017
  - Update to version 3.24.2:
    + Update session type when we know username (and user's session).
    + Fix bug leading to reauthentication happening outside the
    + Make sure greeter is killed and reaped when gdm is restarted.
  - Drop gdm-desktop-session-env-pam.patch: not required for a long
    time, as gnome-keyring pam module is using only_if for a long
    time already.
* Wed Apr 19 2017
  - Update to version 3.24.1:
    + Don't set DCONF_PROFILE for gnome-initial-setup.
    + Remove deprecated a11y keys.
    + Autologin fixes.
    + Xdmcp fixes.
    + User switching fixes.
    + Updated translations.
* Mon Mar 20 2017
  - Update to version 3.24.0:
    + No changes.
* Mon Mar 13 2017
  - Update to version 3.23.92:
    + Be more robust against misconfigured autologin systems.
* Sun Mar 12 2017
  - Update to version
    + Fix regression in wayland fallback code.
    + Fix for headless sessions.
    + Change around how PostLogin/PostSession scripts are run.
    + Fix XDMCP in network environments with poor network resolution.
    + Don't try to user switch with XDMCP.
    + Updated translations.
* Sat Mar 11 2017
  - Require group video
* Tue Feb 28 2017
  - Update to version 3.23.91:
    + Small fix to environment variable importing.
    + Add configure knob to turn off user X server.
* Tue Jan 10 2017
  - Drop requirement on xorg-x11-server-extra: it provides Xdmx,
    Xephyr and Xnest, which usage is strongly discouraged nowadays
    since the protocols they implement are insecure and work badly on
    GNOME 3. Other remoting protocols like VNC are recommended
* Mon Jan 09 2017
  - Update to version 3.23.4:
    + Make X11DisplayName property accurate.
    + Fix bug that forced wayland on second logins even if user
      didn't pick it.
    + Kill clients from display on logout (multiseat and xdmcp only).
    + Send hangup to process group when session exits.
    + Allow specifying pam_gdm install location to configure.
  - Pass --with-pam-mod-dir=/%{_lib}/security to configure: directly
    install the pam module into the right location instead of moving
    it there later on.
* Wed Oct 12 2016
  - Update to version 3.22.1:
    + Fix wayland login after Xorg logout for a user.
    + Prefer /usr/bin/X to /usr/bin/Xorg.
* Mon Sep 19 2016
  - Update to version 3.22.0:
    + Autologin fixes.
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Aug 31 2016
  - Rebase gdm-xauthlocalhostname.patch: boo#538064 is still
    applicable and the patch still required.
* Wed Aug 31 2016
  - Update to version 3.21.91:
    + Fix autologin on non-LUKS systems.
    + Import environment from systemd user manager.
* Thu Aug 25 2016
  - Update to version 3.21.90:
    + Use LUKS password to unlock gnome-keyring at login (when
      autologin is enabled).
    + Updated translations.
  - Add keyutils-devel BuildRequires: new dependency.
  - Add and as optional auth modules
    to gdm-autologin.pamd: allows to unlock the gnome-keyring when
    autologin is configured, the disk is encrypted (key cached by
    systemd) and the gnome-keyring uses the same password as the
* Tue Aug 16 2016
  - Update to version 3.21.4:
    + Small crasher fix.
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Aug 16 2016
  - Update to version 3.21.3:
    + Updated translations.
  - Changes from version 3.21.2:
    + Import DISPLAY into user bus.
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Aug 16 2016
  - Add gdm-fails-to-restart-gnome-shell.patch: Gdm should stop after
    a few times fails (bgo#769969, bsc#981976).
* Wed May 25 2016
  - Disable gdm-workaround-boo971852.patch.
* Fri May 20 2016
  - Drop insserv_cleanup call in %postun and %insserv_prereq macro
    in preamble.
* Tue Apr 19 2016
  - Update to version 3.20.1:
    + Fix passwordless logins on Debian/Ubuntu.
    + Don't allow passwordless XDMCP logins.
    + Fix redhat pam configuration.
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Mar 23 2016
  - Update to version 3.20.0 (FATE#318572):
    + Updated translations.
* Mon Mar 21 2016
  - Add gdm-workaround-boo971852.patch: Workaround decision to show
    a basic xsession to all users as a workaround for non-working
    DEs. A user of gdm always has a working gnome-shell installed, or
    gdm itself would not work.
* Wed Mar 16 2016
  - Update to version 3.19.92:
    + Leak fix.
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Mar 02 2016
  - Update to version 3.19.91:
    + Fix log output.
    + Fix timed login.
    + Fix openembedded pam configuration.
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Feb 17 2016
  - Update to version 3.19.90:
    + Better build goo output.
    + Support dbus user bus better.
    + Fix bug that prevents wayland sessions from being wayland
    + Updated translations.
  - Rebase gdm-desktop-session-env-pam.patch.
* Fri Feb 12 2016
  - Drop gdm-xdmcp-display-this-shouldn-t-be-an-abstract-type.patch:
    Already upstream for 3.19 branch.
* Wed Feb 10 2016
  - Add gdm-xdmcp-display-this-shouldn-t-be-an-abstract-type.patch:
    fix xdmcp not working at all (bgo#757714).
* Mon Jan 25 2016
  - Update to version
    + Fix crasher introduced in 3.19.4.
    + Updated translations.
* Fri Jan 22 2016
  - Update to version 3.19.4:
    + Don't override PAM message for password change.
    + Disable GVFS when we don't need it.
    + Fail better when no sessions are installed.
    + Support gnome-session in different PREFIX than GDM.
    + Doc updates.
    + Ensure unlock screen gets told when verification completes.
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop gdm-really-disable-wayland.patch: fixed upstream.
* Tue Jan 12 2016
  - Allow to disable wayland support and add patch
    gdm-really-disable-wayland.patch (bgo#760518).
* Tue Dec 29 2015
  - Replace libcanberra-devel for pkgconfig(libcanberra-gtk3)
    BuildRequires: It's what configure looks for and needed now that
    libcanberra-devel was split.
  - Add explicit pkgconfig(gtk+-3.0) BuildRequires: It used to be
    pulled in by libcanberra-devel
* Mon Dec 28 2015
  - Stop pretending we can support a non systemd setup:
    + Remove %{with_systemd} and it's define.
    + Drop conditional ConsoleKit-x11 Requires.
    + Stop passing conditional --with-consolekit-directory,
    - -without-systemd and --with-console-kit.
    + Removed conditon on pkgconfig(libsystemd) BuildRequires.
    + Stop passing --with-systemd: No longer needed, nor recognized.
* Sun Dec 27 2015
  - Drop gnome-session-wayland Requires: No longer needed, nor
  - Pass --enable-systemd-journal to configure: Ensure we support it.
* Wed Dec 23 2015
  - Update to version 3.19.2:
    + Get rid of "custom" session.
    + Separate X sessions and Wayland sessions.
    + Hide Wayland sessions if the login screen is on X.
    + Pass session mode to the shell via environment.
    + Rename gnome-wayland session to gnome.
    + Use -listen instead of -nolisten for new Xorg.
  - Rebase gdm-default-wm.patch.
  - Add pkgconfig(xorg-server) BuildRequires: configure needs access
    to this .pc file in order to decide what options to pass to Xorg.
* Tue Nov 17 2015
  - Update to version 3.18.2 (boo#955552):
    + Fix lock screen bypass when holding escape key (CVE-2015-7496,
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Nov 10 2015
  - Drop gdm-session-emit-verification-complete-for-logins.patch: Bug
    fixed in gnome-shell.
* Sun Oct 25 2015
  - Add gdm-session-emit-verification-complete-for-logins.patch: Fix
    hang on login on when using Nvidia blob driver (bgo#754814).
* Mon Sep 21 2015
  - Update to version 3.18.0:
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Sep 16 2015
  - Update to version 3.17.92:
    + Fix log out after autologin.
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Aug 25 2015
  - Update to version 3.17.90:
    + Fix GDM_LANG corruption that sometimes fails login.
    + Rework wtmp handling.
    + Code clean ups.
    + Updated translations.
* Mon Jul 20 2015
  - Update to version 3.17.4:
    + Fixes to handle gdm restarts better.
    + Crasher fix on logout of wayland session.
    + Systemd build updates.
    + Updated translations.
  - Replace pkgconfig(libsystemd-daemon),
    pkgconfig(libsystemd-journal) and pkgconfig(libsystemd-login) for
    pkgconfig(libsystemd) BuildRequries following upstream changes.
* Thu Jul 02 2015
  - Update to version
    + Ship systemd unit file.
  - Changes from version 3.17.3:
    + Support env.d directory for manipulating session environment.
    + Drop ConsoleKit support.
    + Updated translations.
  - Rebase gdm-desktop-session-env-pam.patch.
* Thu Jul 02 2015
  - Update to version 3.17.2:
    + BSD fixes.
    + Don't build Xsession by default.
    + Fix monitor hotplug segfault.
    + kdbus fixes.
    + Updated translations.
  - Pass new option --enable-gdm-xsession to configure.
* Thu Jul 02 2015
  - Update to version 3.16.2:
    + Add support for env.d directory (useful for xdg-app).
    + bsd fix ups.
    + Don't start dbus-daemon if kdbus is in charge.
    + Various crash fixes.
    + Updated translations.
* Thu Apr 16 2015
  - Update to version
    + Fix double free introduced in 3.16.1 (bgo#747310).
* Wed Apr 15 2015
  - Update to version 3.16.1:
    + Set XORG_RUN_AS_USER_OK=1 to tell the X server it's okay to
      drop privileges.
    + Fix wtmp handling.
    + ConsoleKit fixes for BSDs.
    + Make sure plymouth is quit if GDM fails to start.
    + make sure objects are nullified in dispose handlers.
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Mar 24 2015
  - Update to version
    + Fix plymouth quitting that broke in 3.15.92.
* Mon Mar 23 2015
  - Update to version 3.16.0:
    + Correct logic inversion in debugging features comment in
    + Updated translations.
* Fri Mar 20 2015
  - Update to version 3.15.92:
    + Fix user-switching for autologin.
    + Fix flicker between boot splash and login screen.
    + Fix timed login.
    + Systemd unit fixes.
    + ConsoleKit fixes.
    + Misc cleanups.
    + Document debugging features in custom.conf.
    + Die more forcefully if we can't set up the ttys the way we
    + Updated translations.
  - Rebase gdm-sysconfig-settings.patch.
* Tue Mar 17 2015
  - Add "auth requisite" to gdm.pamd,
    gdm-autologin.pamd gdm-fingerprint.pamd and
    gdm-smartcard.pamd: respect /etc/nologin (bsc#897316).
* Wed Mar 04 2015
  - Add gnome-session-wayland Requires: current GDM is based on a
    wayland session. The user can still choose between a X and a
    wayland session.
* Tue Mar 03 2015
  - Update to version
    + Fix hang on logout of wayland.
    + Drop caribou autostart file.
* Tue Mar 03 2015
  - Update to version
    + Fix hang on VT switch.
    + Updated translations.
* Sat Feb 28 2015
  - Update to version 3.15.91:
    + Improved debug output.
    + More X-without-root fixes.
    + Pass LANG to gdm daemon.
    + Fix hang with autologin.
    + Less flicker with wayland.
* Fri Feb 27 2015
  - Drop gdm-correct-ShowLocalGreeter-standalone-XDMCP-server.patch:
    merged upstream.
  - Rebase gdm-passwordless-login.patch.
* Fri Feb 27 2015
  - Update to version
    + Code clarification.
    + Initial Setup fixes.
    + X-without-root fixes.
    + Updated translations.
* Fri Feb 27 2015
  - Update to version
    + Pass DISPLAY/XAUTHORITY to dbus-daemon.
    + Updated translations.
* Fri Feb 27 2015
  - Update to version
    + Disable gnome-initial-setup for now.
    + One more stab at the widespread "No user list" problem.
    + Fix X session environment to use provided dbus-daemon.
    + Updated translations.
  - Changes from version
    + Fix crashers in gdm-wayland-session and gdm-x-session.
    + Start dbus-daemon in more platform agnostic way.
    + clean up log spew.
    + fix accountsservice race leading to gnome-shell tanking on
      startup for some people.
  - Drop gdm-fix-crash.patch: fixed upstream.
* Fri Feb 27 2015
  - Add gdm-fix-crash.patch: Fix crashes due to dbus-daemon not being
    found in /usr/bin.
* Fri Feb 27 2015
  - Update to version
    + Fix daemon/WaylandEnable check.
    + Compiler warning fixes.
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop gdm-returnvalues.patch: fixed upstream.
* Fri Feb 27 2015
  - Update to version 3.15.90:
    + Fix pam_ecryptfs on Fedora.
    + Launch user sessions on a separate VT from login screen for
    + Use wayland by default on login screen (can turn off with
      daemon/WaylandEnable=false) (bgo#744763), (fixed bsc#984620 as
      a side effect).
    + Deprecate ConsoleKit and disable by default.
    + Significant code clean ups.
    + Fix xdmcp/ShowLocalGreeter config option.
    + Memory leak fixes.
    + Updated translations.
  - Rebase gdm-passwordless-login.patch.
  - Drop gdm-look-at-runlevel.patch: no longer applicable after the
  - Add gdm-returnvalues.patch: Ensure functions have a return value.
* Thu Feb 26 2015
  - Update gdm-sysconfig-settings.patch / X11-displaymanager-gdm: fix
    /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager (bsc#919723).
  - Add gdm-correct-ShowLocalGreeter-standalone-XDMCP-server.patch:
    ensure ShowLocalGreeter configuration key is properly handled
* Tue Feb 10 2015
  - Only install gdm-fingerprint and gdm-smartcard pamfiles if
    enable_split_authentication is enabled (boo#900836).
* Fri Dec 19 2014
  - Update to version
    + Actually set XDG_SESSION_TYPE in user sessions.
    + Don't require plymouth if using systemd.
    + Require --without-plymouth to disable plymouth support.
* Wed Dec 17 2014
  - Update to version 3.15.3:
    + Set XDG_SESSION_TYPE in user sessions.
    + Propagate XDG_CONFIG_DIRS and XCURSOR_PATH into login sessions.
    + Require plymouth if using systemd.
* Fri Nov 28 2014
  - Update to version 3.15.2:
    + Fix session selection for smartcard users.
    + Don't warp pointer anymore.
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Oct 14 2014
  - Update to version 3.14.1:
    + Update fedora PAM config to be more tolerant of /etc/nologin.
    + leak fixes in libgdm.
    + Fix spew on console generated from conversations that get
      cancelled when they're closing.
    + Drop some lingering fallback greeter cruft.
    + Updated translations.
* Sun Oct 12 2014
  - Drop unused libattr-devel BuildRequires.
* Mon Sep 22 2014
  - Update to version 3.14.0:
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Sep 17 2014
  - Update to version 3.13.92:
    + Compat fixes to work with latest caribou.
    + Minor code clean up.
    + Updated translations.
* Sun Sep 07 2014
  - Update to version 3.13.91:
    + Fix crash when typing password at screen lock.
    + Fix default signal mask of session to not block SIGUSR1.
    + Memory leak fixes.
    + Fix for when building without consolekit.
    + Fix autologin pam config on GNOME Continuous.
    + Fix timed login race.
    + Again read LANG from accountsservice.
    + Misc fixes.
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Jul 02 2014
  - Add gdm-default-wm-sle12.patch:
    + Set the default/fallback session type to SLE Classic
* Fri Jun 27 2014
  - Add gdm-plymouth-vt1.patch: switch back to VT1 when terminating
    gdm, if plymouth was running at startup (bnc#881676).
* Mon Jun 23 2014
  - Really drop gdm-greeter-greater-ui.patch: it has been removed
    during the 3.9.5 update, but the patch file was not deleted.
* Fri Jun 20 2014
  - Update X11-displaymanager-gdm: remove call to splashcopy, useless
    with plymouth.
* Wed May 28 2014
  - Remove scrollkeeper configure flag, no longer exists.
  - Only build ConsoleKit support when not building systemd support.
  - Update gdm-launch-environment.pamd to not call pam_loginuid, it
    was causing gdm logind session to not be detected as a greeter
    session (bnc#871808).
* Sat May 17 2014
  - Update to version 3.12.2:
    + Work around ugly "Last Login" messages in fedora.
    + Fix PATH variable.
    + Fix undead worker processes.
    * Drop gdm-launch-environment-explicitly-kill-worker-on-stop-ev.patch.
    + Fix crash on logout after user switching.
* Tue Apr 15 2014
  - Update to version 3.12.1:
    + Drop dead code.
    + support XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP (bsc#981261, bgo#727546).
    + Fix PID file in build goo.
    + doap file fix ups.
    + Improve Fedora PAM config with regard to gnome-keyring.
    + Small wayland fixes.
    + ConsoleKit fixes.
    + Fixes to non-GDM session unlock corner cases.
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Mar 26 2014
  - Update to version 3.12.0:
    + Fix automatic login.
    + Fix timed login.
    + Updated translations.
* Thu Mar 20 2014
  - Update to version
    + BSD build fixes.
  - Changes from version 3.11.92:
    + BSD build fixes.
    + Experimental Wayland support.
    + Support gnome-shell unlocking from non GDM sessions
      (bsc#889094, bgo#726283).
    + Drop slave process.
    * Drop gdm-leaks-slave.patch.
    + Onscreen keyboard support at login screen.
    + Updated translations.
  - Rebase gdm-desktop-session-env-pam.patch.
  - Copy to PWD instead of launching it from the SOURCE
  - Synchronize with gdm git tree.
* Fri Feb 21 2014
  - Update to version 3.11.90:
    + Code clean ups.
    + Leak fixes.
    + Log X server to systemd journal.
    + Log fixes on none systemd systems.
    * Drop gdm-disable-journal.patch.
    + Fail better when invoked wrong.
    + Change how dconf settings are used.
    + FreeBSD build fixes.
    + Updated translations.
  - Rebase gdm-desktop-session-env-pam.patch,
    gdm-passwordless-login.patch and gdm-sysconfig-settings.patch.
  - Disable gdm-xauthlocalhostname.patch: Needs rebasing.
* Wed Jan 15 2014
  - Update to version 3.11.4:
    + Treat '' returned from a PAM module as "no username set" in the
      same way NULL is (bgo#721803).
    * Drop gdm-worker-ignore-username.patch.
    + Fix to work with more open dbus policy.
    + Updated translations.
* Mon Dec 16 2013
  - Update to version 3.11.3:
    + Infinite loop fix.
    * Drop gdm-slave-fix-infinite-loop-on-shutdown.patch.
    + Require debugging to be explicitly enabled in unstable
    + Pass LC_ vars from system to user session.
    + Fix PAM reauthentication.
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop gdm-is-not-unstable-unless.patch: debugging is no longer
    enabled by default on unstable releases.
* Thu Nov 28 2013
  - Update to version 3.11.2:
    + XDMCP fixes (bgo#567522).
    - Drop gdm-standalone-xdmcp-server.patch.
    + BSD portability fixes.
    + Assorted changes to build goop.
    + Updated translations.
  - Pass --with-gnome-settings-daemon-directory to configure.
  - Drop gdm-XDMCP-fixes.patch: fixed upstream.
* Wed Nov 27 2013
  - Add gdm-user-logout-issue.patch: Fix user logout causes black
    screen when switching (bnc#940159).
* Wed Nov 27 2013
  - Add gdm-disable-journal.patch: properly disable journald in all
    gdm, if asked (bnc#867344).
  - Add gdm-leaks-slave.patch: fix gdm slave not killing Xorg on stop
  - Add gdm-worker-ignore-username.patch: fix crash when pam returns
    empty username (bgo#721803).
  - Add gdm-launch-environment-explicitly-kill-worker-on-stop-ev.patch:
    fix leak of gdm-launch-environment (bnc#871808, bgo#729727).
  - Add gdm-slave-fix-infinite-loop-on-shutdown.patch: fix infinite
    loop on shutdown (bnc#871808, bgo#712767).
  - Add gdm-standalone-xdmcp-server.patch (bgo#567522).
* Wed Nov 27 2013
  - Add --disable-systemd-journal in specfile for SLE to disable
    journal support (bnc#867344).
* Wed Nov 27 2013
  - Add gdm-XDMCP-fixes.patch: Backports fixes in git
    addressing XDMCP related issues (bnc#851160, bgo#690926,
* Wed Oct 16 2013
  - Update to version
    + Don't say we're updating btmp when we aren't.
    + PAM updates for exherbo/lfs.
    + Updated translations.
* Thu Sep 26 2013
  - Remove dependencies from the old days:
    + No metacity nor polkit-gnome Requires: this was for fallback
    + Promote gnome-shell from Recommends to Requires.
    + Drop commented out accessibility Recommends (gnome-mag, gok)
      from GNOME 2.x.
* Tue Sep 24 2013
  - Update to version 3.10.0:
    + Updated translations.
  - Add as source (extracted from git). GDM actually does
    not use to bootstrap; this just happened to work
    so far. The correct way is to use upstreams script.
  - Replace call with (based on added
* Thu Sep 19 2013
  - Update to version 3.9.92:
    + Drop references to unused AUTHDIR directory.
    + Fix up gdmflexiserver's loginscreen identification code.
    + Assume PAM_RADIO_TYPE is a "yes/no" question.
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Aug 20 2013
  - Update to version 3.9.90:
    + Drop cruft from configure file.
    + Drop dead PAM code.
    + Fix spew on shutdown.
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Jul 30 2013
  - Update to version 3.9.5:
    + Make selinux explicitly build time optional.
    + Update pam config files for LFS.
    + Tell user when their password is expired.
    + Fix crasher when logging in and out quickly.
    + Various auth session fixes.
    + Enable smartcard authentication by default.
    + Add setting for disabling password authentication.
    + Give more friendly messages on password failure.
    + Updated translations.
  - Rebase gdm-desktop-session-env-pam.patch.
  - Drop gdm-greeter-greater-ui.patch and
    gdm-always-reflect-keyboard-layout.patch: simple greeter has been
  - Drop libgdmsimplegreeter1 subpackage: the simple greeter has
    been dropped.
  - No longer Provide / Obsolete libgdmsimplegreeter-devel from the
    - devel package: with the drop of the simple greeter, this is no
    longer provided.
* Tue Jul 02 2013
  - Update X11-displaymanager-gdm (bnc#827236): Override
    PIDFILE=/run/gdm/ in gdm_vars().
* Fri Jun 21 2013
  - Update to version
    + Add back fallback greeter.
  - Changes from version 3.8.3:
    + Drop configure flag that doesn't do anything
    + Fix warning on shutdown.
    + ConsoleKit fix.
    + Support logind without systemd.
    + Stop setting KRB5CCNAME again.
    + Various gnome-initial-setup fixes.
    + Updated translations.
* Fri Apr 19 2013
  - Update to version
    + Fix a race with accountsservice D-Bus calls that was leading to
* Mon Apr 15 2013
  - Update to version 3.8.1:
    + Use common pam stacks for openembedded.
    + Only launch gnome-initial-setup if there are no user accounts.
    + Check for logind, not for systemd.
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Mar 26 2013
  - Update to version 3.8.0:
    + No changes since version 3.7.92.
* Tue Mar 19 2013
  - Update to version 3.7.92:
    + Add --disable-fallback-greeter configure option.
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Mar 06 2013
  - Update to version 3.7.91:
    + Correct path of run dir.
    + Don't set _XROOTPMAP_ID at startup anymore.
    + Updated translations.
* Fri Mar 01 2013
  - Drop klogd Requires: this is no longer needed due to the changes
    with earlygdm / systemd integration.
* Wed Feb 20 2013
  - Update to version 3.7.90:
    + Add gdm-pin service file.
    + use 0711 for directories.
    + don't enable systemd journal if systemd is disabled.
    + Add a --with-run-dir.
    + Start to land prerequisite bits needed for future
  - Drop gdm-move-everything-to-run.patch: fixed upstream (slightly
  - Pass --with-run-dir=/run/gdm to configure.
* Tue Feb 05 2013
  - Update to version 3.7.5:
    + Randr performance improvement
    + Remove gdm wrapper script
    + Integrate better with systemd journal
    + Use glib signal handling helpers instead of home brew ones
    + Don't load gio modules in launch environment
    + Enable gsd keyboard plugin in launch environment
    + Don't warp pointer to 0,0
    + Don't record a login uid for gdm's login session
    + Other misc fixes
    + Updated translations.
  - Add pkgconfig(libsystemd-journal) BuildRequries: new dependency.
* Tue Jan 29 2013
  - Update to version
    + Fix xauthoriation for su/ssh compatibility.
  - Changes from version 3.7.3:
    + Drop dead code.
    + Deprecation fixes.
    + Compiler warning fixes.
    + Change default location of language config file.
    + Be more resiliant against hostname changes.
    + Fix spew in error path.
  - Changes from version 3.7.2:
    + Ignore pam info messages for automatic logins
    + Unlock fixes
    + User switching fix on consolekit systems
    + Be more robust against empty user shells/home dirs
    + Create program session log file as root instead of after setuid
    + Properly reload gdm.schemas on SIGHUP
    + Bring back gdmflexiserver
    + Fix shutdown and restart with ConsoleKit (bgo#686125)
    + Refactor autologin conversation handling (bgo#682467)
    + Add host authorizations individually (bgo#686186)
    + Make gdm socket world accessible (bgo#685935)
    + Allow NULs in X11 cookies (bgo#687691)
    + Dont set a busy cursor (bgo#687791)
    + Use a whitelist for gsd plugins (bgo#662220)
    + Drop obsolete desktop files (bgo#684508)
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop gdm-autologin-session-logout.patch: fixed upstream.
  - Rebase gdm-sysconfig-settings.patch and
* Mon Jan 28 2013
  - Add gdm-move-everything-to-run.patch: move everything (socket and
    pid files) to /run.
* Sun Jan 20 2013
  - Add gdm-autologin-session-logout.patch: Fix login after logging
    out from a auto-login session (bgo#682467)
* Fri Jan 18 2013
  - Removed fprint from gdm-fingerprint.pamd to fix YaST config.
* Thu Jan 17 2013
  - Update gdm-xauthlocalhostname.patch: instead of always putting
    localhost in the Xauthority entry, we correctly set the
    XAUTHLOCALHOSTNAME environment variable to the current hostname.
    This matches what we're supposed to do as per comment 24 of
* Fri Nov 16 2012
  - Update to version 3.6.2:
    + Fix occasional failure at startup.
    + Fix peer-to-peer dbus communication on BSDs.
    + Fix host based access control if gdm-initial-setup user
      doesn't exist.
    + Updated translations.
* Thu Nov 15 2012
  - Do not ship gdm.service: openSUSE uses xdm to start the requested
    DisplayManager, based on sysconfig settings.
  - No longer perform actions needed for openSUSE <= 11.2 (deleting
    en@shaw language files).
* Sun Nov 11 2012
  - Fix useradd invocation: -o is useless without -u and newer
    versions of pwdutils/shadowutils fail on this now.
* Thu Nov 08 2012
  - Switch on systemd support: change with_systemd defines to 1.
* Tue Oct 16 2012
  - Update to version 3.6.1:
    + Various InitialSetup fixes
    + ignore pam info messages for automatic logins
    + unlock fixes
    + user switching fix on consolekit systems
    + be more robust against empty user shells/home dirs
    + create program session log file as root instead of after setuid
    + properly reload gdm.schemas on SIGHUP
    + bring back gdmflexiserver
    + Updated translations.
  - Reintroduce gdmflexiserver subpackage and gdmflexiserver-wrapper
    source that were dropped with 3.5.90: gdmflexiserver was
    re-introduced as gnome-screensaver depends on it.
* Tue Sep 25 2012
  - Update to version 3.6.0:
    + Update exherbo PAM config
    + screen reading fixes
    + start dbus-daemon inside greeter session
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Sep 18 2012
  - Update to version
    + Fix crasher when hitting escape really fast at unlock time.
* Tue Sep 18 2012
  - Update to version 3.5.92:
    + More PAM distro changes
    + Clean up initialization code
    + export Version property over bus
    + SELinux integration
    + ConsoleKit fixes
    + Autologin fixes
    + Make reauthentication session have user's environment
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop gdm-gdmslave-typo.patch: fixed upstream.
* Thu Sep 13 2012
  - Add gdm-gdmslave-typo.patch: Fix typo in Method call, which can
    cause gdm to crash on login when operated with ConsoleKit.
* Tue Sep 11 2012
  - Rebase gdm-desktop-session-env-pam.patch and
* Tue Sep 11 2012
  - Only have a ConsoleKit-x11 Requires if we don't build with
    systemd support.
* Wed Sep 05 2012
  - Update to version 3.5.91:
    + Fix multi-seat
    + Memory leak fix
    + initial-setup feature fixes
    + Reauth fixes
    + Make PostLogin failures to fail login
    + More PAM distro support
    + Misc data file changes
    + More debug messages
    + Use yelp-tools for docs
    + Drop libxklavier dependency
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop upstream fixed patches:
    + gdm-helper-directory.patch
    + gdm-vtswitch-nonsystemd.patch
  - Rebase (and re-enable) gdm-default-wm.patch.
  - Rebase (and re-enable) gdm-xauthlocalhostname.patch
  - Drop libxklavier-devel BuildRequires: dependency dropped
  - Replace gnome-doc-utils-devel BuildRequires with yelp-tools,
    following upstream.
  - Replace intltool and libtool BuildRequires with gnome-common, as
    well as libtoolize and autoreconf calls with
    the build system is too specific and some spurious errors can be
    avoided by boostrapping it the supported way.
* Tue Aug 21 2012
  - Update to version 3.5.90:
    + Reauthentication fixes
    + Change user-switching mechanism from gdmflexiserver helper to
    + Set KRB5CCNAME environment variable for session
    + Memory leaks and other misc fixes
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop gdmflexiserver subpackage and gdmflexiserver-wrapper source:
    user-switching mechanism moved to libgdm and no longer relies on
  - Add a gdmflexiserver Obsoletes to gdm main package, for smooth
    upgrades. Also remove the gdmflexiserver Requires that was there.
  - Rename gdm-welcome.pamd to gdm-launch-environment.pamd, following
    upstreams rename.
  - Add gdm-vtswitch-nonsystemd.patch: Fix vt switch when not using
* Tue Aug 07 2012
  - Update to version 3.5.5:
    + Add initial setup integration
    + "Fix" timed login
    + Fix up ConsoleKit integration post-gdbus port
    + Code clean ups/refactoring
    + Make initial VT a ./configure option
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop gdm-vt-allocation-hack.patch in favor of --with-initial-vt=7
    passed to configure.
* Thu Aug 02 2012
  - Remove SELinux support (following upstream):
    + Drop libselinux-devel BuildRequires
    + Remove --with-selinux from configure call
    + Drop gdm-selinux.patch
* Fri Jul 20 2012
  - Update to version
    + Fix non autologin
    + Updated translations.
* Thu Jul 19 2012
  - Update to version
    + Fix autologin
    + Update PAM configuration for red hat distros
    + Make sure gdm-client-glue.h gets installed with libgdm
    + Change SetupForProgram interface to allow specifying a username
    + Drop GdmGreeterSession and GdmChooserSession, just use
      GdmWelcomeSession directly
    + Change dconf profile to be compatible with latest dconf
    + Fix VerificationComplete signal for external gdm clients
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Jul 18 2012
  - Update to version 3.5.4:
    + Rename libgdmgreeter to libgdm and change API
    + Be less chatty in syslog
    + Reload settings on SIGHUP
    + Start polkit agent in fallback session
    + Port to gdbus
    + Deprecation fixes
    + PAM file reorganization
    + Misc fixes
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop dbus-1-glib-devel BuildRequires: not needed after port to
  - Rebase patches:
    + gdm-helper-directory.patch
    + gdm-sysconfig-settings.patch
  - Disable and mark patches for rebasing:
    + gdm-desktop-session-env-pam.patch
    + gdm-passwordless-login.patch
    + gdm-default-wm.patch
    + gdm-xauthlocalhostname.patch
  - Rename libgdmgreeter1 package to libgdm1, following upstreams
    renaming of the library.
  - Rename typelib-1_0-GdmGreeter-1_0 subpackage to
  - Add copies of gdm-fingerprint.pamd and gdm-smartcard.pamd to our
    package, based on the Red Hat ones (until we upstream our
    variants, bgo#675085). Note that they won't be used since we
    don't build with enable_split_authentication.
* Sun Jul 15 2012
  - Update to version 3.5.2:
    + Robustness updates for greeter dbus-daemon life-cycle
    + Add ability to disable documentation generation at build time
    + Add more verbosity in PAM code
    + Use systemd to shutdown from greeter
    + Use new gnome-shell mode
    + Add ability to build with plymouth support
    + Save log to $XDG_CACHE_HOME/gdm/session.log instead of
  - Add pkgconfig(ply-boot-client) BuildRequires and pass
    - -with-plymouth to configure for plymouth support.
  - Drop gdm-plymouth.patch: plymouth support has been upstreamed.
* Fri Jul 13 2012
  - Change gdm-welcome.pamd source file to fix bnc#731867:
    + For some mysterious reason (external to the gdm package, as far
      as I can tell), the gdm account got locked on some systems in
      the past, and this made gdm simply hang on startup.
    + The gdm-welcome PAM service is only used for the gdm account in
      the gdm greeter session, so a fix to this issue is to disable
      the standard PAM account management in this gdm-welcome PAM
    + To that end, simply use for account management in
      gdm-welcome instead of inclusing the usual common-account file.
* Mon Jul 09 2012
  - Drop gdm-domain-logon.patch: this patch needed to be rebased, but
    nobody ever did it and bnc#627575 got closed since there's no
    interest to rebase it, apparently.
  - Remove support for gnome-patch-translation since there are not
    patches adding translations left: remove gnome-patch-translation
    BuildRequires and commented out calls to
    gnome-patch-translation-prepare and
* Thu May 24 2012
  - Re-disable systemd support as this has way too many side-effects
    with packages that are not built with systemd support like
    NetworkManager. For instance, NetworkManager doesn't work in the
    user session anymore.
  - Explicitly pass --without-systemd to configure when we want to
    disable systemd support.
* Tue May 15 2012
  - Re-enable systemd support on 12.2 and later, now that we have
    xorg 1.12 in Factory (bnc#753498): define with_systemd to
    "0%{?suse_version} > 1210".
* Sun Apr 15 2012
  - Update to version 3.4.1:
    + Fix various problems in the systemd support code.
    + Omit locked users from the user list.
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Mar 28 2012
  - Update to version
    + Fix autologin
  - Remove xz BuildRequires now that it comes for free in the build
  - Temporarily disable systemd support as it breaks on Factory
    because of our old Xorg (bnc#753498):
    + Add a with_systemd macro, set to 0.
    + Only use --with-systemd configure option if with_systemd is set
      to 1.
    + Only use pkgconfig(libsystemd-daemon) and
      pkgconfig(libsystemd-login) BuildRequires if with_systemd is
      set to 1.
* Tue Mar 27 2012
  - Update to version 3.4.0:
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Mar 21 2012
  - Also pass --with-console-kit to configure to make sure we also
    build the ConsoleKit support.
  - Move %glib2_gsettings_schema_requires from
    gdm-simple-greeter-extensions to main subpackage, where the
    GSettings schemas live.
  - Update gdm-plymouth.patch with Fedora's version.
  - Rebase and re-enable gdm-greeter-greater-ui.patch.
  - Disable gnome-patch-translation-{prepare,update} calls in %prep
    as they're only needed for gdm-domain-logon.patch, which needs to
    be rebased.
* Tue Mar 20 2012
  - Update to version
    + ConsoleKit fixes.
  - Changes from version 3.3.92:
    + Only start Xorg with high verbosity when debug is enabled.
    + Land support for systemd and multi-seat.
    + Switch from GConf to GSettings.
    + Auth fixes.
    + Miscellaneous fixes.
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop gdm-gconf-path.patch: not needed after port to GSettings.
  - Rebase gdm-desktop-session-env-pam.patch and gdm-plymouth.patch.
  - Temporarily disable gdm-greeter-greater-ui.patch: it needs to be
  - Drop gconf2-devel BuildRequires and gconf packaging: gdm got
    ported to GSettings.
  - Enable systemd support:
    + Note that it nicely falls back to ConsoleKit if systemd is not
      used on the system.
    + Pass --with-systemd to configure
    + Add pkgconfig(libsystemd-login) and
      pkgconfig(libsystemd-daemon) BuildRequires.
* Mon Feb 20 2012
  - Add explicit BuildRequires after xorg-x11 packaging change:
    libXdmcp-devel, libXi-devel, libXinerama-devel, pkgconfig(x11),
    pkgconfig(xau), pkgconfig(xrandr).
* Sun Feb 12 2012
  - Fix /etc/dconf/profile/gdm to exist and have valid content: we
    were using it as %ghost, while the %ghost file should have been
  - Drop gdm-plymouth-X-nr.patch: the -nr option was Fedora specific
    and "-background none" is the right thing to use now. See;a=commitdiff;h=30dd105c68d2774e7e8fee48b5c2e1d6da793abe
* Tue Jan 17 2012
  - Update to version
    + Change the way we do dconf again (bgo#662168)
  - Changes from version 3.2.1:
    + Legacy authentication fixes
    + Change the way we do dconf
    + Rearrange pam files for fingerprint/smartcard
    + Add new "disable-user-list" gsettings key
    + Allow users to connect to local $DISPLAY when ssh'd in without
      mucking with xauth
    + Updated translations.
  - Add xz BuildRequires because we can't build a package for a
    xz-compressed tarball without explicitly specifying that... See
    bnc#697467 for more details.
  - Drop gdm-unified-auth.patch and gdm-fix-no-split-again.patch:
    fixed upstream.
  - Rebase gdm-helper-directory.patch.
  - Update for the new way to handle the gdm dconf database:
    + Add Requires(post) for dconf.
    + Call "dconf update" in %posttrans to generate the dconf
      database for gdm after installation, as documented in
    + Remove /etc/dconf/profile/gdm and touch it in %install, so we
      can install the file as %ghost.
* Thu Dec 08 2011
  - Split typelib file into typelib-1_0-GdmGreeter-1_0 subpackage.
  - Add typelib-1_0-GdmGreeter-1_0 Requires to devel subpackage.
* Fri Nov 04 2011
  - Make sure gdm is member of the 'video' group. This is newly
    needed as gdm uses gl as well [bnc#728259].
  - Fix the scriptlet to not try to add gdm as additional group (It's
    already the primary group)
* Fri Oct 14 2011
  - Use translation compendium gnome-patch-translation.
* Fri Oct 07 2011
  - Add gdm-fix-no-split-again.patch: do not crash in old
    (non-gnome-shell) greeter when trying to login.
  - Rebase gdm-greeter-greater-ui.patch, fix bnc#689552.
* Sat Oct 01 2011
  - add libtool as buildrequire to make the spec file more reliable
* Tue Sep 27 2011
  - Update to version 3.2.0:
    + Updated translations.
  - Replace gdm-unified-auth.patch with the fix from upstream.
* Sat Sep 24 2011
  - Fix syntax in X11-displaymanager-gdm: this syntax error was
    causing the use of xdm instead of gdm.
* Fri Sep 23 2011
  - Add gdm-unified-auth.patch: Revert 'better unified authentication
    compatibility' that was committed upstream as it breaks GDM. See
* Wed Sep 21 2011
  - Update to version 3.1.92:
    + Leak fixes
    + Fix autologin
    + Activate keyboard layout explicitly at startup
    + Move extensions settings to common code
    + Add setting for login screen logo to common code
    + Create empty gdm.d dconf subdir tree at install time
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop gdm-fix-autologin.patch: fixed upstream.
  - Update gdm-plymouth.patch: take the latest version from the
    Fedora package.
  - Move calls to %glib2_gsettings_schema_post(un) from %post/%postun
    of the simple-greeter-extensions subpackage to the scriptlets of
    the main subpackage, following the move of the file.
* Tue Sep 20 2011
  - Install /etc/init.d/xdm integration helper in %{_libexecdir}, not
* Fri Sep 16 2011
  - Add gdm-fix-autologin.patch: fix autologin, taken from git.
* Sat Sep 10 2011
  - Update to version 3.1.91:
    + Enable new g-s-d plugins for tablets
    + Enable maintainer mode by default
    + Greeter session handling fixes
    + Update for gnome-power-manager move to g-s-d
    + Updated translations.
  - Rebase gdm-helper-directory.patch.
* Wed Sep 07 2011
  - Update to version 3.1.90:
    + Register greeter session with PAM
    + Add framework for gnome-shell based greeter
    + Plug xdmcp chooser leak
    + Fix problem with --disable-split-authentication
    + Switch to --enable-split-authentication by default
    + Misc other fixes and cleanups
    + Updated translations.
  - Rebase gdm-helper-directory.patch: we don't need as many specific
    libexecdirs as before, as several autostart files got removed.
    Also add a --with-check-accelerated-directory flag, to specify
    where to find gnome-session-check-accelerated.
  - Update gdm-desktop-session-env-pam.patch: rebase/port for pam
    multistack support, using some new function that appeared in
    the meantime to simplify.
  - Rebase gdm-xauthlocalhostname.patch.
  - Add explicit dbus-1-glib-devel BuildRequires: it used to be
    brought in by something else before.
  - Add gobject-introspection-devel BuildRequires: new dependency for
    introspection data.
  - Remove fdupes BuildRequires and %fdupes call as it's not useful
    for this package.
  - Add gnome-shell Recommends for the new gnome-session-based
    non-fallback greeter session used by gdm. It's only a Recommends
    and not a Requires so people can install gdm without pulling all
    of GNOME (as gdm will fallback to the old greeter if gnome-shell
    is missing).
  - Add orca Recommends: this makes it possible to have a screen
    reader in the greeter session. This is not mandatory for the
    greeter session to work, therefore it's not a Requires.
  - Create a libgdmgreeter1 subpackage for the new libgdmgreeter
  - Rename libgdmsimplegreeter-devel to gdm-devel, with appropriate
    Provides/Obsoletes. This is needed as it also covers the
    libgdmgreeter library now.
  - Stop passing --with-gnome-settings-daemon-directory and
    - -with-polkit-gnome-directory to configure as we removed those
    options from gdm-helper-directory.patch. However, add the
    - -with-check-accelerated-directory configure flag that got added
    to the patch.
  - Add a enable_split_authentication define, to easily enable the
    split authentication feature (see bnc#699999):
    + Pass --enable-split-authentication or
    - -disable-split-authentication to configure, depending on the
      value of the macro.
    + Create simple-greeter-extensions subpackage, that contains
      non-essential (but useful) extensions for the greeter
      (fingerprint and smartcard support) when
      %enable_split_authentication is set.
    + Stop manually creating %{_libdir}/gdm/simple-greeter/extensions
      in %install if %enable_split_authentication is set since it'll
      be there already.
    + Remove /etc/pam.d/gdm-password in %install as it will get
      replaced by our own configuration.
    + Fail the build in %install since we need to investigate what to
      put in /etc/pam.d/gdm-{fingerprint,smartcard}.
  - Fix a typo: %{_localstatedir} instead of {_localstatedir}.
  - Make sure to not package simple-greeter extensions data files
    twice, thanks to an %exclude in the main subpackage.
  - Add gdm-welcome.pamd as source file: this is the pam
    configuration file that is being used to register the gdm greeter
    session. It is actually using the same configuration as
  - Link /etc/pam.d/gdm-password to /etc/pam.d/gdm: our standard gdm
    PAM configuration is what we want to use for password-based PAM
    conversations. We need to provide it, even if we don't built with
    split authentication as the GNOME Shell-based greeter session is
    using it.
  - Add comments to gdm.pamd and gdm-autologin.pamd to explain how
    those pam configuration files are used.
* Wed Sep 07 2011
  - Slightly improve gdmflexiserver-wrapper: report an error if no
    gdmflexiserver implementation is found.
  - Add a gdm Suggests to the gdmflexiserver subpackage, to give a
    hint about the default implementation, if people only install the
    gdmflexiserver package.
  - Reformat X11-displaymanager-gdm shell code.
* Mon Sep 05 2011
  - Add /etc/init.d/xdm integration (bnc#714003):
    + Add X11-displaymanager-gdm as source file, that gets installed
      to %{_libdir}/X11/displaymanagers/gdm.
    + This enables /etc/init.d/xdm to not know anything about gdm:
      the new file is sourced by the init script, and provides
      information about how gdm should be started.
* Wed Aug 31 2011
  - Add a wrapper script for gdmflexiserver to enable alternative
    gdmflexiserver implementations from other display managers (like
    + Add gdmflexiserver-wrapper as source file: the wrapper simply
      checks for the GDMFLEXISERVER environment variable, and falls
      back to gdm's implementation.
    + Move gdm's implementation to %{_libexecdir}/gdm/gdmflexiserver.
    + Install the wrapper as %{_bindir}/gdmflexiserver.
    + Create a gdmflexiserver subpackage, that contains the wrapper,
      so that other display managers can depend on it without pulling
      all of gdm.
    + Add gdmflexiserver Requires to gdm.
* Mon Jul 25 2011
  - Remove gnome-power-manager Recommends, as the features are now
    provided by gnome-settings-daemon (already in Requires).
* Wed Jul 20 2011
  - Update gdm-sysconfig-settings.patch to fix changing a value in
    sysconfig files. Values were not quoted, and were losing the last
  - Also add a comment that we have a similar patch that needs to be
    kepts in sync with gdm-sysconfig-settings.patch in
* Wed Jul 06 2011
  - Change branding-upstream subpackage:
    + Add Requires for gdm since the branding package is useless
      without it.
    + Update summary and description.
    + Make noarch.
  - Change branding Requires in main subpackage to be "= %{version}"
    since it has to be versioned.
  - Update branding documentation: there is only one file left in the
    branding package.
  - Update Url tag.
* Sat Jul 02 2011
  - Add explicit Requires for the components of the gnome-session
    session defined and used by gdm:
    + Add metacity, polkit-gnome Requires
    + Change gnome-settings-daemon Recommends to Requires
* Wed Jun 15 2011
  - Update to version 3.1.2:
    + GTK size negotiation fixes
    + Do not propagate WINDOWPATH if its unset to begin with
    + Audit fixes
    + Break cycle between greeter and slave for session notification
    + Screenshots in docs!
    + Don't hardcode path to grep
    + Fix introspection xml
    + Allow .xsession-errors to be a symlink or FIFO
    + PAM fixes
    + Dconf fixes
    + Land multi-stack
    + Updated translations.
  - Add pkgconfig(nss) BuildRequires since nss is now required.
  - Drop gdm-selecting-desktop-environment.patch: fixed upstream,
    another way.
  - Rebase the following patches in a trivial way:
    + gdm-desktop-session-env-pam.patch
    + gdm-plymouth.patch
    + gdm-sysconfig-settings.patch
    + gdm-xauthlocalhostname.patch
  - Rebase and optimize gdm-passwordless-login.patch thanks to code
  - Update descriptions of packages, based on text from README.
  - Add libgdmsimplegreeter1 and libgdmsimplegreeter-devel
    subpackages for new library used to write greeter plugins.
  - Pass --disable-static to configure and remove .la files.
  - Create the directory where greeter plugins are put, if it doesn't
    already exist, so we can package it.
  - Fix permissions of /var/lib/gdm/.local directory in file list.
* Tue May 31 2011
  - Update to version 3.0.4:
    + Ship valid dconf database
  - Changes from version 3.0.3:
    + Register /bin/true as URI scheme handler for several schemas
    + Updated translations.
  - Package files from /var/lib/gdm/.local
* Mon May 23 2011
  - Update to version 3.0.2:
    + Crasher fixes
    + Force symbolic icons in panel
    + Update copyright notices
    + Updated translations.
* Mon Apr 25 2011
  - Drop zenity BuildRequires: it's not needed during the build
* Tue Apr 12 2011
  - Remove gnome-panel-devel BuildRequires as the fast-user-switch
    applet was removed.
* Tue Apr 05 2011
  - Update to version 3.0.0:
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Mar 29 2011
  - Update to version 2.91.94:
    + Warp pointer to convenient place at start up
    + Fix crash with autologin
    + Don't show empty names in user list
    + Add a gdm session file for gnome-session to use
    + Fix fuzzy icon in greeter
    + Drop faces images
    + Updated translations
  - Changes from version 2.91.93:
    + Fall back to username in user list if user doesn't have real
      name configured.
    + Be more robust against unexpected changes from accounts
    + Move some custom widgets to builder file out of source code.
    + Load accounts settings before showing session selector.
    + Fix crash for passwordless login
    + Other misc fixes
  - Changes from version 2.91.92:
    + dconf overrides db generation clean ups
    + ensure accounts service account is loaded before login
    + slightly change hue of fg color
    + maintain worker environment solely in PAM
  - Changes from to version 2.91.91:
    + Fix bug that some times prevent user list from coming up
  - Changes from version 2.91.90:
    + Make better use of iso-codes
    + Fix g-s-d lockdown
    + Set SIGPIPE to default before starting session
    + Fix disconnect button for XDMCP connections
    + GTK 3 fixes
    + Add back session chooser
    + Move greeter to accounts service library
    + Update dconf defaults to reflect new schema names
  - Changes from version 2.91.6:
    + Add dconf profile
    + Move to gtk3
    + Apply a thick layer of gnome 3 textured paint
    + Move from ~/.dmrc to accounts service
    + Be more robust against missing icons
  - Changes from version 2.91.4:
    + Omit version in login window if unknown
    + Fix version display when release file is empty
    + User manager async fixes
    + Add greeter specific dconf database for lockdown
    + XDMCP/ipv6 fix
    + Fix to make sure PostSession is always called when appropriate
    + Only automatically login on boot when autologin is enabled,
      not after logout
    + Enable braille reader support when screenreading is enabled
    + Beep when login window is ready
    + Make beeps audible by enable event sounds
  - Add libattr-devel, pkgconfig(accountsservice) BuildRequires.
  - Add dconf, gnome-session-core BuildRequires, needed for directory
  - Drop gdm-focus-user-chooser.patch, gdm-xdmcp-disconnect.patch,
    gdm-autologin-once.patch: fixed upstream.
  - Remove gnome-themes Requires: not needed anymore.
  - Remove gnome-applets-gdm package (the applet was removed) and add
    Provides/Obsoletes for it.
  - Adapt gnome-settings-daemon directory path in configure call
    since we changed it for GNOME 3.
  - Disable gdm-greeter-greater-ui.patch: the patch needs to be
    rebased. See bnc#689552.
  - Rebase patches:
    + gdm-desktop-session-env-pam.patch
    + gdm-helper-directory.patch
    + gdm-passwordless-login.patch
    + gdm-plymouth.patch
    + gdm-selecting-desktop-environment.patch
    + gdm-vt-allocation-hack.patch
* Tue Feb 15 2011
  - Add gdm-xdmcp-disconnect.patch: the Disconnect option should tell
    the gdm daemon to disconnect, instead of just making the greeter
    exit. And the daemon should exit. Taken from git. Fix bnc#669392.
* Sun Feb 13 2011
  - Call relevant macros in %post/%postun:
    + %icon_theme_cache_post/postun because the package ships themed
  - Pass %{?no_lang_C} to %find_lang so that english documentation
    can be packaged with the program, and not in the lang subpackage.
  - Change Requires of lang subpackage to Recommends, since the
    english documentation is not there anymore.
* Fri Jan 14 2011
  - Rebase gdm-vt-allocation-hack.patch to actually apply.
  - Apply gdm-vt-allocation-hack.patch on 11.4 and later again: the
    topic needs more discussion, and without the hack, on a default
    boot, a mingetty instance will receive all the input from Xorg.
    This is because Xorg will start on tty2 and a mingetty will also
    start there, because of the sysvinit configration. This is
    extremely bad, since this means everything the user types will
    lead to login attemps in mingetty.
  - Add gnome-power-manager and iso-codes Recommends: they are both
    improving the gdm experience, but are not mandatory.
* Tue Jan 11 2011
  - Add gdm-focus-user-chooser.patch: correctly give the focus to the
    user chooser on startup. Fix bnc#652938.
* Thu Dec 16 2010
  - Add gdm-plymouth-X-nr.patch to start Xorg with -nr instead of the
    non-existing "-background none". Thanks to Kay Sievers!
* Wed Dec 15 2010
  - Only apply gdm-vt-allocation-hack.patch on openSUSE 11.3 and
    earlier: with 11.4, we have a recent-enough version of Xorg that
    does this magic for us. Thanks to Kay Sievers for the hint!
  - Add gdm-plymouth.patch: this patch adds support for a nice
    transition from plymouth. Taken from Fedora.
* Fri Oct 08 2010
  - Rework the way we handle passwordless logins:
    + Stop using SuSEconfig for this. Since this is the last thing
      that was done in SuSEconfig.gdm, drop SuSEconfig.gdm.
    + Add gdm-passwordless-login.patch: we now directly look at the
      /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager, and use the gdm-autologin pam
      service for authentication when we want passwordless logins.
    + On upgrades, we make sure that /etc/pam.d/gdm does not contain
      the old way to handle DISPLAYMANAGER_PASSWORD_LESS_LOGIN: if
      /sbin/conf.d/SuSEconfig.gdm exists and if /etc/pam.d/gdm
      contains, then we have an old package which used
      the old way. We move /etc/pam.d/gdm to /etc/pam.d/gdm.rpmold to
      make sure we get back the right pam configuration.
  - Update gdm-domain-logon.patch a bit: even though it's not
    applied because the patch needs to be rebased, a few things could
    be cleaned up. The most visible part is that we prefix the
    configuration key with SUSE to clearly show it's SUSE-specific.
  - Update gdm-sysconfig-settings.patch a tiny bit to make
    gdm-passwordless-login.patch easier.
* Mon Sep 27 2010
  - Update to version 2.32.0:
    + Updated translations.
* Mon Sep 27 2010
  - Mark /var/run/gdm as ghost in case that /var/run is on tmpfs.
    gdm creates the directory itself.
* Wed Sep 22 2010
  - Rename gdm-2.21.9-no-fatal-warnings.patch to
    gdm-is-not-unstable-unless.patch, and change the behavior:
    if the SUSE_ENABLE_UNSTABLE_CHECK environment variable is set, we
    just do like upstream. If it is not set, we make GDM assume it's
    not running a development version, which disables fatal warnings
    and verbose logs.
* Thu Sep 16 2010
  - Update to version 2.31.92:
    + Change orca invocation to work better with latest release
    + Fix "Other..." item in network-login-only scenarios
    + Move gdm.schemas to pkgdatadir
    + XDMCP fixes
    + Improve ordering of languages in languages list
    + Make various slow calls that blocked before asynchronous
    + Fix up dbus security policy
    + Various other fixes
    + Translation updates
  - Drop gdm-fix-dbus-properties.patch: fixed upstream.
* Mon Sep 13 2010
  - Add gdm-fix-dbus-properties.patch: org.gnome.DBus.Properties was
    referenced instead of org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties in the dbus
    configuration. Fix bnc#633655.
  - Move fast-user-switch-applet Obsoletes to gnome-applets-gdm and
    add a Provides there too: the applet is really the old
    fast-user-switch-applet applet.
* Wed Aug 18 2010
  - Update to version 2.31.90:
    + Port to upower
    + Don't stomp on $LANGUAGE environment variable
    + Don't show markup in UI
    + Fix cancel button
    + Reask user for password a few times, before failing
    + Load users asynchronously
    + Handle EINTR on getpw* calls
    + Translation updates
  - Replace DeviceKit-power-devel BuildRequires with
* Sun Aug 08 2010
  - Cleanup update to 2.31.2, based on the 2.30.4 package I did for
  - Drop gdm-save-panel-space-on-low-resolutions.patch: fixed
    upstream, in a different way.
  - Drop gdm-add-missing-locale.patch: the file is now in the
  - Update gdm-default-wm.patch after code change.
  - Rebase gdm-greeter-greater-ui.patch.
* Fri Jul 30 2010
  - Update to version 2.31.2:
    + Add support for legacy "custom" session name
    + XDMCP fixes
    + Add optional support for account service
    + Gracefully hide control center from user switch menu if not
    + Revert metacity focus workaround, now that metacity is fixed
    + Rehide g-p-m context menu
    + Updates to work better with newer icon theme
    + Show username input box when there's no local user
    + Remove gdm-restart and gdm-stop scripts
    + Remove text labels from option menus
    + Various user manager and user chooser fixes and performance
    + Escape names before showing markup
    + Call button "unlock" not "login" when user is already logged
    + Cap how long ck-history is allowed to run and how far back its
      allowed to go
    + Improvements to the way users are sorted
    + Ensure slave's children always die with the slave
    + Use lsb_release if available to determine system description
    + Automatically retry on login failure
    + Fix timed login + disable-user-list together
    + Don't exit when X fails to start
    + Trap XAddHosts call
    + Minor fixes in screenshot tool
    + Halectomy of the last remnants of hal
    + Various crasher fixes
    + Various memory leaks
    + Various build and warning fixes
  - Changes from version 2.31.1:
    + bgo#594818: Now GDM saves its GConf settings per-seat.
    + Improvements so compiling with -DGSEAL_ENABLE works better.
    + Use g_remove() to remove directories instead of g_unlink().
    + Other bugs fixed: bgo#617661, bgo#576801, bgo#609272,
  - Rebase gdm-vt-allocation-hack.patch to apply without fuzz.
  - Rebase gdm-xauthlocalhostname.patch.
  - Mark gdm-domain-logon.patch as needing a rebase: it's a SLED
    patch that is intrusive, so we'll see if someone rebases it.
    Comment out gnome-patch-translation-prepare and
    gnome-patch-translation-update calls since this patch was the one
    introducing strings.
  - Drop gdm-polkit-gnome-path.patch: fixed upstream with a
    configure option that we already passed
  - Drop gdm-xdmcp-uninitialized.patch: fixed upstream.
  - Drop gdm-greeter-no-local-user.patch: fixed upstream.
* Tue Jun 22 2010
  - Add gdm-greeter-no-local-user.patch to fix the greeter to work
    when there's no local user on the machine; this is useful with
    NIS for example. Fix bnc#615044; the patch was committed
* Thu Jun 17 2010
  - Add gdm-xdmcp-uninitialized.patch to fix an uninitialized
    variable, which caused XDMCP to fail way too often. Patch taken
    from upstream git.
* Thu Jun 17 2010
  - Update gdm-greeter-greater-ui.patch: we didn't rebase it earlier,
    and lost our improved UI.
* Mon May 24 2010
  - Fixed filelist
* Mon May 24 2010
  - Split off gnome-applets-gdm
* Sun May 23 2010
  - Depend on gnome-session-core rather than gnome-session
* Thu May 06 2010
  - Update to version 2.30.2:
    + Accessibility is now enabled by default for the GDM login
    + When the face browser is disabled, the PAM conversation is
      started immediately, so users do not need to click a button to
      start entering the username and password. bgo#591082
    + Add label-for and labelled-by a11y relations to the entry field
      in the login GUI. This makes the login GUI more accessible when
      using AT programs. bgo#613434
    + Fixed bugs that were causing XDMCP to not show the greeter
      again after logout. bgo#606724
    + The default XDMCP PingIntervalSeconds was increased from 15 to
      60 seconds
    + The WINDOWPATH environment variable is now set for the user
      session. bgo#609272
    + Ensure Init script is called when using Automatic Login.
    + Fix race condition with Timed Login. bgo#614062
    + Drop xhost localuser:gdm and localuser:root when the user
      session starts. bgo#605350
    + Removed the icon monitor from the GDM login GUI since it was
      not functional and was causing problems with automounting
      user's HOME directories. #609321
    + Do not mark "%x" for translation. bgo#613306
    + Remove duplicated strings for translation. bgo#609179
    + Minor doc corrections
    + Translation updates
  - gdm-greeter-greater-ui.patch does not apply and is commented out
  - Respin gdm-xauthlocalhostname.patch for fuzz=0
  - Respin gdm-polkit-gnome-path.patch
* Thu Apr 08 2010
  - Use the path for the at-spi-registryd from the old at-spi stack:
    the at-spi2 developers think it's safer to ship 11.3 with the old
    stack by default.
* Mon Mar 29 2010
  - Update to version 2.30.0:
    + Updated translations.
* Sun Mar 28 2010
  - Call /etc/X11/xdm/Xstartup from /etc/gdm/PreSession/Default
    instead of from /etc/gdm/Xsession. This should fix some
    permission issue. Fix bnc#573669.
* Tue Mar 09 2010
  - Update to version 2.29.92:
    + The greeter is not torn down until pam_open_session finishes
      since some PAM modules can ask questions up until this point.
    + bgo#607738: The daemon now kills the session process rather
      than the entire process group.  The corresponding gnome-session
      bug bgo#607658 is released with 2.29.92 so this works properly.
  - Rebase gdm-polkit-gnome-path.patch.
* Wed Jan 27 2010
  - Update to version 2.29.6:
    + Various build fixes
    + Crash fix in layout detection
    + Crash fix in session list detection
    + Remove timeout for interacting with PAM
    + Fix compile with --no-as-needed
    + Add debug message if system lacks fonts
    + Disable switch user item if user switching won't work
  - Rebase gdm-selinux.patch.
* Sun Jan 17 2010
  - Update gdm-sysconfig-settings.patch:
      security/DisallowTCP in gdm.conf
    + support DISPLAYMANAGER_REMOTE_ACCESS for xdmcp/Enable in
    + do not pretend we got a value from sysconfig if we didn't get a
      result (we were returning TRUE too easily from
    + make sure that, when saving the configuration, we put the right
      value if it wasn't supposed to be changed (before, we used to
      put whatever we had in memory, which was never initialized to
      the right values, so random data)
    + add a note to gdm.conf about the fact that
      /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager is used
  - Remove the parts of SuSEconfig.gdm that were dealing with
    updating gdm.conf, since gdm-sysconfig-settings.patch make gdm
    poke directly in sysconfig. SuSEconfig.gdm is still needed for
  - Rebase gdm-domain-logon.patch, and only show the domain chooser
    if DISPLAYMANAGER_AD_INTEGRATION is set in sysconfig.
  - Reenable gnome-patch-translation support, since
    gdm-domain-logon.patch is applied again.
  - This means we can remove /etc/gdm/gdm_sysconfig.conf from the
  - Remove sysconfig.displaymanager-gdm source: this has not been
    used for a long time.
* Sat Jan 16 2010
  - Remove libglade2-devel BuildRequires.
  - Also remove hal-devel BuildRequires which was added for the
    gdm-keyboard-from-hal.patch (removed now).
  - Redo gdm-suse-xsession.patch in a way that won't require further
    updates when upstream files change (which is something we can
  - Rebase gdm-greeter-greater-ui.patch.
* Thu Jan 14 2010
  - Update to version 2.29.5:
    + XDMCP fixes on Solaris
    + run PostLogin script as user instead of gdm
    + Fix ellipses usage on User Switch Applet
    + Add ability to customize system language list
    + Solaris NULL printf fixes
    + Convert from glade to gtkbuilder
    + Detect default keyboard layout better
    + Ignore executable subfolders of xinitrc.d
    + Don't reveal valid usernames when authenticating
  - Respin gdm-suse-xsession.patch
  - Remove gdm-keyboard-from-hal.patch: fixed upstream another way.
  - Disable gdm-greeter-greater-ui.patch: it needs to be rebased.
  - Update gdm-default-wm.patch to apply without fuzz.
  - Add gdm-add-missing-locale.patch. Patch taken from upstream and
    can be removed with the next version update
* Thu Dec 24 2009
  - Add hal-devel BuildRequires to fix build.
* Tue Dec 22 2009
  - Update to version 2.29.4:
    + Remove deprecated function g_mapped_file_free
    + Fix option widgets to work better with orca
    + Make --with-custom-conf work
    + Don't hard code path to policykit agent
    + Don't backup xkb configuration before login
  - Update gdm-helper-directory.patch: some part is now fixed
    upstream, and we also need to set the right path for the
    polkit-gnome agent.
  - Pass --with-polkit-gnome-directory to configure.
  - Update gdm-selinux.patch to apply without fuzz.
* Thu Dec 03 2009
  - Update to version 2.29.1:
    + A new desktop extension is now supported in GDM session desktop
      files (normally found in /usr/share/xsessions). Setting the
      X-GDM_BypassXsession key to true (X-GDM_BypassXsession=true)
      will cause the Xsession script to not be used to launch the
      session. This can be useful if you want to create a "failsafe"
      xterm session.
    + Fix makedist problem.
  - Changes from version 2.29.0:
    + Now GDM supports Include, Exclude, and IncludeAll configuration
      options to allow the ability to configure which users are
      displayed in the FaceBrowser.
    + Now GDM supports better debugging.  Users can set the
      debug/Enable configuration option to turn on GDM debugging.
    + The directory where GDM screenshots are placed has been moved
      to its own directory: /var/run/gdm/greeter/GDM-Screenshot.png.
      The screenshot directory can now be specified at build time via
      the --with-screenshot-dir configure argument.
    + Many simple-greeter Face Browser usability improvements.
    + The simple-greeter Face Browser tree view search entry is now
      obscured to help prevent accidental display of passwords.
    + Shutdown and reboot functions are moved to a menu in the
      simple-greeter panel instead of being presented as buttons.
      The shutdown menu is better positioned on multi-monitor
    + The simple-greeter panel notification area has been improved
      and now honors the GConf setting for
    + The entry field in the simple-greeter now has accessibility
      labels so it will work better with accessibility programs.
    + The clock in the simple-greeter panel no longer shows the date,
      making the screen look a little cleaner. The date is moved to
      the clock tooltip so it is still available.
    + The simple-greeter now uses gethostname instead of
      g_get_host_name since it is more reliable when the hostname
      changes at runtime.
    + The user switch applet now honors disable_lock_screen.  The
      option to lock screen is now not shown if disable_lock_screen
      is set.
    + The /var/run/gdm directory is better locked down.
    + GDM no longer crashes on bad UTF-8 in the /etc/passwd file.
    + When the worker dies, the auth-failed signal is no longer sent.
      This prevents a crash that happens when switching run-levels
      when the login screen is displayed.
    + Ensure that the length of sockaddr structure is set to the
      correct length for IPv4 or IPv6. This makes GDM work better on
      some operating systems that are picky about the length being exact.
    + String and documentation improvements.
  - Changes from version 2.28.1:
    + GDM will now avoid calling XAddHosts for remote connections.
      Refer to bgo#598142 for more information.
    + Now GDM uses DeviceKit-power instead of gnome-power-manager for
      Suspend support.
    + Now the at-spi-registryd-wrapper.desktop GDM autostart file
      will run at-spi-registryd directly instead of calling
    + Fix to the visibility check for the "Other" button which
      corrects some situations where the button would not appear when
      it was supposed to.
    + Now the GDM daemon will make the /var/log/gdm directory if it
      does not exist.
    + Fixes to avoid autologin failure when a NULL username is passed
    + Restore CTYPE when canonicalizing codesets.
    + Several fixes to avoid warnings.
  - Change default permissions of /var/run/gdm from 755 to 751
    (upstream moved to 711).
  - Rebase gdm-helper-directory.patch to apply without fuzz, and add
    a fix from upstream to really use the right at-spi-registryd
  - Rebase gdm-greeter-greater-ui.patch.
  - Rebase gdm-save-panel-space-on-low-resolutions.patch, and also
    tweak it a bit because the size of the clock label has been
  - Drop gdm-build-fixes.patch: fixed upstream.
  - Drop gdm-devkit-power.patch: fixed upstream.
  - Drop gdm-keyboard-from-sysconfig.patch: this is needed for
    openSUSE <= 11.1, but DeviceKit-power is now required by gdm and
    won't work on such versions of openSUSE.
* Tue Oct 20 2009
  - Add gdm-look-at-runlevel.patch to work around issue where gdm
    blocks the restart/shutdown process because of a race there.
    Should fix bnc#540482.
  - Version the Provides/Obsoletes to fix a rpmlint warning.
  - Reorder packageand() arguments for the branding supplements to
    fix rpmlint warning.
* Fri Oct 02 2009
  - Add gdm-devkit-power.patch: gdm was using a dbus API which
    doesn't exist anymore, and the right way to handle this is to use
  - Add DeviceKit-power-devel BuildRequires for the patch.
  - Add gdm-polkit-gnome-path.patch to use the correct path for the
    polkit agent.
  - Rebase gdm-greeter-greater-ui.patch. Fix bnc#533597.
* Fri Oct 02 2009
  - Make sure to package /var/cache/gdm: without it, gdm doesn't use
    the configured language/layout for the user.
* Thu Oct 01 2009
  - Add gdm-autologin-once.patch: we don't want to autologin again
    after a logout. Fix bnc#532090.
* Mon Sep 28 2009
  - Update to version 2.28.0:
    + GDM supports the ability to specify the automatic/timed login
      user via a script via the same interface that the old GDM
    + The user's dmrc and face image files are stored in
      /var/cache/gdm, so that the login process does not need to
      access the user's $HOME directory before authentication. Refer
      to bgo#565151.
    + Fix the login GUI options widget so the language/session/layout
      choices are not reset after a failed login.
    + Fix language dialog so it does not crash if the user click's
      the "OK" button when no language is selected.
    + Fix to ensure that the login dialog regains focus after the
      language or layout dialogs are used.
    + The language dialog has improved logic to sort the language
      names more correctly.
    + Make sure to check error variable is not NULL before
      referencing it in the gdm-user-manager code.
    + Make sure to not print NULL strings since this causes crashes
      on some platforms.
    + Improve documentation.
  - Add gdm-build-fixes.patch to fix build.
* Mon Sep 28 2009
  - Add gdm-xauthlocalhostname.patch: fix non-working user session
    when the hostname changes during login. Fix shipstopper
  - Add gdm-default-wm.patch: gdm now reads the DEFAULT_WM setting in
    /etc/sysconfig/windowmanager to know which session to use by
    default instead of always using GNOME.
    This should fix using GDM for XFCE.
* Tue Aug 25 2009
  - Update to version 2.27.90:
    + Autostart polkit-gnome authentication agent.
    + Add screen capture sound effect to screenshot tool.
    + If HOST_NAME_MAX is not available, try _POSIX_HOST_NAME_MAX,
      then default to 256.
    + Add users "nobody4" and "noaccess" to the list of users to
      filter from the Face Browser.
    + Add Solaris logindevperm support.
    + Fix mispelling of XDMCP.
    + Improve documentation.
  - Add libcanberra-devel BuildRequires.
* Thu Aug 06 2009
  - Remove old cleanup instructions for /var/lib/gdm/*.log* in pre.
  - Do not try to grep /sbin/conf.d/SuSEconfig.gdm in pre, if the
    file doesn't exist. Fix bnc#508511.
* Fri Jul 31 2009
  - Correctly comment out patch that needs rebasing.
* Mon Jul 20 2009
  - Update to version 2.27.4:
    + Favor XFree86 Xinerama over Solaris Xinerama on Solaris
    + Make greeter a well behaved session client
    + XDMCP fixes
    + Fix up btmp record handling
    + Handle locales with modifiers better
    + Use better logic with keyboard layout handling
    + Change example PAM file/documentation to demonstrate
      password-less login
    + Handle usernames from non-utf8 locales
    + Allow dbus introspection for gdm services
    + Show more details authentication error messages in UI
    + Allow uppercase and lowercase booleans in config file
    + Be more consistent with booleans in schemas
    + Use g_timeout_add_seconds to reduce wakeups
    + Make greeter window more clear when user list is disabled
    + Put greeter login window in same ctrl-alt-tab menu as panel
    + Port greeter to PolicyKit 1.0
    + Shave off 1/2 second delay when bringing up greeter
    + OS X portability fixes
    + Look for locales in /usr/lib/locale instead of /usr/share/locale
    + Better handling when two users have the same name
  - Drop upstreamed patches:
    + gdm-session-worker-check-states.patch
    + gdm-fix-locale-listing.patch
    + gdm-dbus-allow-introspection.patch
    + gdm-keyboard-invalid-user-data.patch
    + gdm-proper-session-handling.patch
    + gdm-accreditation-failed-log.patch
    + gdm-hide-lonely-other.patch
  - Rebased patches:
    + gdm-suse-xsession.patch
    + gdm-keyboard-from-hal.patch
  - Disables patches (need rebasing)
    + gdm-domain-logon.patch
  - Clean %%files section from duplicates
  - Drop dependency to PolicyKit-devel
* Mon Jun 15 2009
  - Update gdm-keyboard-invalid-user-data.patch to the patch that was
    committed to git (fix a bug where layouts with variant were
    considered invalid).
* Sun Jun 14 2009
  - Add gdm-proper-session-handling.patch to fix bnc#506040:
    correctly handle the end of session, to not show an error dialog.
* Tue Jun 09 2009
  - Update gdm-keyboard-from-sysconfig.patch: we correctly interpret
    the keyboard layout specified in sysconfig thanks to a map file
    from sax that we use to convert the layout name to a X layout.
  - Add gdm-keyboard-invalid-user-data.patch: the old gdm was not
    setting a valid keyboard layout in some cases, and this invalid
    layout ended up in ~/.dmrc. This patch makes gdm detect this and
    revert the user data to the default layout.
* Fri May 15 2009
  - Add gdm-keyboard-from-hal.patch to read the default keyboard
    layout from hal on 11.2, should fix bnc#478083 and bnc#492284.
  - Split the keyboard part of gdm-sysconfig-settings.patch in
    gdm-keyboard-from-sysconfig.patch, and only applit on 11.1 and
    earlier. Also update the patch to strip some console keymaps part
    of the layout that won't work in X (eg, fr-latin1 -> fr).
  - Based on work from and
* Tue May 12 2009
  - Drop gdm-X_SERVER.patch: it's not needed anymore since
    /usr/bin/Xorg is the only supported X now.
  - Add gdm-helper-directory.patch to replace
    gdm-2.23.92-gsd-path.patch and
    gdm-consolekit-helper-subdir.patch: this new patch should be
    suitable for upstream inclusion. Pass
    - -with-gnome-settings-daemon-directory and
    - -with-consolekit-directory to configure.
  - Tag gdm-2.21.9-no-fatal-warnings.patch,
    gdm-vt-allocation-hack.patch, gdm-domain-logon.patch,
* Mon Apr 20 2009
  - Update to version 2.26.1:
    + Use O_APPEND when opening log files
    + Don't depend on gnome-power-manager registering with session
      manager - Give greeter and slave access to the display even
      after the hostname changes
    + Give greeter and slave access to display independent of
    + Clean up stale auth temporary directories
    + Fix double free crasher in user switcher applet
    + Load saved settings after user types username into Other box
    + Pass environment to PAM worker processes so messages are
    + Fix up auditing for Solaris auditor
  - Drop gdm-xauthlocalhostname.patch: fixed another way upstream.
  - Drop gdm-propagate-env-to-jobs.patch: fixed upstream.
* Fri Mar 27 2009
  - Use pwdutils for PreReq instead of directly listing the programs.
* Mon Mar 16 2009
  - Update to version 2.26.0:
    + Make xdmcp/PingIntervalSeconds config option work
* Mon Mar 16 2009
  - Added support for translation-update-upstream (FATE#301344).
* Fri Mar 13 2009
  - Update to version 2.25.92:
    + Hide presence features in user switcher applet
    + Make autologin happen more than once after bootup
    + Better panel placement and login screen sizing in
      multihead set ups
    + Fix XDMCP and add more XDMCP configurability
    + Rework dbus security files to be more correct
    + Various other fixes
  - Remove gdm-login-window-size.patch. Fixed upstream
  - Remove gdm-bnc468374-dbus-send-dest.patch. Fixed upstream
  - Update gdm-save-panel-space-on-low-resolutions.patch
  - Update gdm-suse-xsession.patch
  - Remove BuildRequires gnome-common, scrollkeeper
  - Remove custom CFLAGS
* Thu Mar 05 2009
  - Add gdm-gconf-path.patch: the system-wide changes done in gconf
    are not in gconf.xml.system, but gconf.xml.defaults.



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