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freeciv-gtk3-2.5.10-lp150.1.2 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.0 for ppc64le

Name: freeciv-gtk3 Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.0
Version: 2.5.10 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp150.1.2 Build date: Wed May 9 23:19:17 2018
Group: Amusements/Games/Strategy/Turn Based Build host: obs-power8-05
Size: 5189582 Source RPM: freeciv-2.5.10-lp150.1.2.src.rpm
Summary: Gtk3 client for freeciv
Freeciv executable using Gtk3 library






* Thu Feb 01 2018
  - Freeciv 2.5.10:
    * fixes for failure and crashes in certain game situations
    * Minor adjustment and fixes to rules, gameplay, AI, Client UI
* Mon Sep 18 2017
  - Freeciv 2.5.9:
    * Fix regression in 'scorelog' function: if one continues from
      a saved game, any scorelog saved before that point would get
      wiped  rather than appended to
    * minor fixes to the Catalan and Russian localizations
* Sun Aug 13 2017
  - Freeciv 2.5.8:
    * Various fixes, including safegame fixes
  - for a full list of upstream changes see
* Sun Dec 11 2016
  - Freeciv 2.5.6
    * various fixes and changes for rulesets
    * general fixes
  - for a full list of upstream changes see
* Sat Jul 30 2016
  - Freeciv 2.5.5:
    * various fixes and changes for rulesets
    * general bug fixes
    * New 'persistent' metaserver connection mode, where one failure
      to talk to the metaserver does not prevent future attempts.
      Enabled with the '--keep' server option or the
      '/metaconnection persistent' server command.
  - for a full list of upstream changes, see
* Fri Jun 03 2016
  - Freeciv 2.5.4:
    * various fixes and changes for rulesets
    * general bug fixes
* Sun Feb 07 2016
  - Freeciv 2.5.3:
    * configure/build fixes
    * minor Qt client fixes
* Thu Jan 21 2016
  - Freeciv 2.5.2:
    * changes and fixes for rulesets
    * general bug fixes
  - for a full list of upstream changes, see
* Mon Aug 24 2015
  - update to version 2.5.1:
    * fixes for rules for national borders
    * fixes for rules for happiness for very large empires.
  - for a full list of changes, see
* Wed May 27 2015
  - Add freeciv-appdata-desktop-references.patch: Correct .desktop
    file reference inside freeciv-gtk3.appdata.
  - Move .appdata files to the same packages as their respective
    .desktop files.
* Sat May 09 2015
  - reenable build for <= 13.1 (No QT5)
* Mon Mar 16 2015
  - update to version 2.5.0
  - switch to non-ancient UI libs (qt and gtk3)
    => two extra subpackages to have the choice
  - fix moc-qt5 detection
* Sat Dec 06 2014
  - freeciv 2.4.4:
    Notable bug fixes include a longstanding problem with inability
    to switch governments in the Gtk clients, many fixes to research
    in team games, and several causes of premature nuclear
    explosions. See the full list of changes:
* Tue Aug 12 2014
  - freeciv 2.4.3
    This release fixes a miscellaneous collection of bugs.
  - for a full list of changes, see
* Sun Feb 09 2014
  - freeciv 2.4.2
    This is mostly a bug-fix release; it includes an important fix to
    air unit pathfinding, as well as fixes for server and client
  - for a full list of changes, see
  - fix SLE build, remove no locale
* Fri Dec 20 2013
  - update to 2.4.1
* Mon Feb 18 2013
  - update to 2.3.4
    * When a unit was automatically moved to a transporter to save it
      from drowning or running out of fuel, the transporter could
      continue to appear empty
    * Bug fixes in unit conversion and upgrade:
      + Prevent cases where units could be converted or upgraded to a
      type only capable of carrying different cargo to the current
      + Prevent conversion of a unit to a type that could not exist
      on the current tile
    * Units of types the owner cannot build are no longer prevented
      from upgrade
    * quell spurious "No diplomat action possible" message when an
      ordinary attempt to move a diplomatic unit failed
    * Following on from a fix in 2.3.3, when a border source such as
      a fortress is occupied by a unit of a nation other than the
      owner when a ceasefire runs out, ownership now transfers to
      that of the occupying unit.
    * When acquiring a technology such as Philosophy which gives
      further techs by an unusual route (such as through a hut), all
      progress toward the current research target was lost. Now it is
      preserved (although 'freecost' is applied)
    * when a city is traded and hence units change ownership, it wasn't
      checked whether those units provided diplomatic contact to a new
    * assertion failure during map generation when no unit in the ruleset
      satisfied the first role in 'startunits'
    * the tech upkeep with tech_cost_style 2 or 4 was much lower than
      intended; it only took into account a single tech rather than all
      preceding techs. As a result, tech upkeep in such rulesets will
      greatly increase
      + The currently downloadable 'civ2-3' modpack (2.3-2c) thus has
      tech upkeep disabled. You may want to update your copy.
    * An unknown effect requirement type in a ruleset now causes a loading
      error rather than being silently interpreted as "None"
    * When a new nation is created in the editor, city style and leader
      sex are now set appropriately (previously they were always European
      and male)
    * A hardcoded year of -4000 is no longer sent to the metaserver in
      pregame, as it is ruleset-dependent.
    * The client could crash when your name was mentioned in chat but you
      had set the 'highlight your player/user name' setting to no color.
      This could also prevent any connection to a server with the event
      cache enabled if your player name had been mentioned in the past.
    * Fix possible instability when loading some tilesets.
    * Fix some incorrect inferences about the ability of transported units
      or units in cities to defend; these are most likely to affect unusual
      rulesets (e.g., those with ocean cities).
    * The Spanish, Polish, and French translations are once more complete.
* Mon Dec 10 2012
  - update to bugfix-release 2.3.3
* Mon Apr 02 2012
  - fix SLE build error with translations of freeciv-modpack.desktop
* Sun Apr 01 2012
  - update to upstream 2.3.2
    Fixes for game behaviour, crashes and bugs.
    For a full list of changes see
  - adjust freeciv-languages-2.3.0.diff for moved lines
* Tue Feb 21 2012
  - add explicit requirement for autotools in build environment
  - use SPDX format of license
* Tue Nov 22 2011
  - Remove redundant/unwanted tags/section (cf. specfile guidelines)
* Mon Nov 21 2011
  - update to upstream 2.3.1
    Bug fixes for game behavior, crashes and bugs.
    For a full list of changes see
  - package updated to include icons and .desktop file for freeciv-modpack
* Sun Aug 21 2011
  - update to upstream 2.3.0
    A new program has been added to the Freeciv suite: 'freeciv-modpack'. This makes it easier to download and install add-ons ('modpacks': rulesets, tilesets, etc) to the right
    place; you can enter a URL, choose an add-on from the list, and the tool will install it to the correct place for this version of Freeciv to use it. Modpack authors should
    see this page for details of how to publish modpacks for installation by this program.
    As is usual for major releases, 2.3 clients cannot interoperate with pre-2.3 servers, and vice versa. Pre-2.3 savegames can however be loaded into 2.3, and in most cases, the
    supplied rulesets have not changed so much as to make it difficult to complete a game started with 2.2.x's rules.
    For a more detailed list of changes see
  - re-base freeciv-no-nb.diff -> freeciv-languages-2.3.0.diff
* Fri Jul 29 2011
  - update to upstream 2.2.7
    changes since 2.2.6
    * Fixed a regression since 2.2.5: in the Gtk client, the Governments submenu of the Civilization menu frequently gained spurious extra menu items, making it
      difficult/impossible to change to a new government type when it became available. GNA#18323
    * Minor corrections to the Polish translation.
    changes in 2.2.6 since 2.2.5
      Server / General
    * Fix server crash when an AI-controlled missile failed to eliminate its target. GNA#16451
    * Bug fix: the server could crash with rulesets where gold_upkeep_style=2 due to ending up with a negative gold balance. Previously, if there was not enough gold, at most
      one unit and one building would be sold per turn. Now, as many units/buildings are sold alternately as necessary to restore a positive balance. (This doesn't affect the
      supplied rulesets.) GNA#18221
    * Bug fix: pillaging a road (or removing it in the editor) under a road-native unit could cause a server crash. (This doesn't affect the supplied rulesets.) GNA#16281
    * Bug fix: clients were not always updated when a city was lost (for instance, due to civil war); the loser's client could still show units in the city as owned by that
      player. GNA#18194
    * Bug fix: it was impossible for existing users to log in to servers with authentication enabled running on big-endian machines (such as sparc64). GNA#18170
    * Apply latest lua-5.1.4 patch (9).
    * Various internal changes which should only affect developers. GNA#17812 GNAPATCH#2630
    * Bug fix: the client could potentially behave as though it had made a successful connection to a server when in fact the connection had failed. GNA#18211
    * (Gtk) Bug fix: cancelling the "build city" name dialog by pressing Escape could make it impossible to issue the build order again for some units. GNA#18163
    * (Gtk) Bug fix: reinstate the Shift+Ctrl+R shortcut to start a revolution. GNA#18296
    * (Gtk) Possible performance improvement in minimap scrolling. GNA#17878
      Tilesets / Art
    * Allow more match_with entries in tilesets. This should allow the third-party Freeland tileset to work without a patch. GNA#17095
    * Fix a number of minor glitches in the Amplio tileset. GNAPATCH#2732
      Gameplay / Rules
      Supplied rulesetsEdit Supplied rulesets sectionEdit
    * Rearrange implementation of the Hanging Gardens wonder so that it is not mentioned twice in the city dialog happiness popup. GNA#16471
      Help / Documentation
    * Remove spurious incorrect text about government effects on the chance of migration from help on governments. GNA#17919
    * Invisible changes to assist with translation. GNA#18031
    * Minor corrections to French, Polish, and Japanese translations.
    * Suppress some build-time warnings from GCC 4.6. GNA#18217
    * Use Lua path set by configure script, to assist packagers. GNA#18263
* Sat Jul 02 2011
  - Use %_smp_mflags for parallel building
* Mon Feb 28 2011
  - updated to upstream 2.2.5
* Tue Dec 07 2010
  - updated to upstream 2.2.4
* Thu Jul 15 2010
  - renamed client/server binaries to freeciv-gtk2 freeciv-server
  - update to 2.2.0 : changes since 2.1.x
    * Built-in editor
    * Expanded ruleset format:
    * Unit classes
    * Movement restrictions
    * Can limit which terrains a unit can enter
    * River-boats
    * Wheeled units
    * Which units another unit can transport
    * Migration
    * Plague
    * Bases
    * Calendar effects
    * Changes to gameplay with default ruleset:
    * New terrains:
      o Deep Ocean (as Ocean but no specials and cannot be transformed)
      o Lake (as Ocean but no Whales special; inland water below a certain size is generated as Lake)
    * Triremes are not restricted to tiles next to land, but to (shallow) Ocean tiles; they now cannot even attempt to enter unsafe tiles
    * Triremes no longer get the +1 movement bonus from Nuclear Power that other sea units get
    * Triremes and Carriers can no longer attack land units
    * Submarine attack strength reduced from 15 to 12 (to make it easier to defend against them with escorts)
    * New base type buoy, which can be built by Engineers on water tiles with the Radio advance, and gives vision.
    * Ruins (left behind by destroyed cities, no effect on gameplay currently)
    * New advance Environmentalism and Solar Plant improvement, which can eliminate pollution from production
    * Trade route value now depends on size of cities, not on trade generated in them
    * New national borders system
    * Coastal Defense now available earlier (requires Gunpowder instead of Metallurgy)
    * No restrictions on specialists in small cities
    * Terrain within working range of a city can no longer remain unknown
    * Units in fortresses now regain 25% HP per turn (as in 2.0.x) instead of 100%
    * New nations
    * AI difficulty level: Cheating
    * New server options:
    * foggedborders: visibility of borders is subject to fog of war
    * borders gains new modes where player can see all tiles inside borders, and borders extend to unknown tiles revealing them
    * endspaceship controls whether spaceship reaching Alpha Cen ends the game
    * trademindist controls the minimum distance for trade routes between your cities
    * Times now specified in turns instead of years (endyear becomes endturn, onsetbarbs expressed in turns)
    * simultaneousphases renamed to phasemode and gains new options
    * Client interface changes:
    * Menus and shortcut keys revamped; notable changes include:
      o Connect with Road/Rail/Irrigation changes from Ctrl+Shift+R/L/I to Shift+R/L/I
      o City Report: F1 to F4
      o Go/Airlift to City: Shift+L to T
      o Wake up Others (Shift+W) becomes Unsentry all on tile (Shift+S)
      o Orders menu split into Select, Unit, Work, and Combat; Reports becomes Civilization
    * Scripting improvements
    * Event cache: messages from the last few turns can be replayed to clients on connection and saved in savegames
    * Featured text in Gtk client, including colour coding and clickable links to mentioned cities/units/tiles
* Sat Feb 20 2010
  - Update to release 2.1.11
    * Fixed city center borders when borders are disabled. GNA#14836
    * Fixed undrawn unit health bar when the unit is in front of unknown tiles. GNA#14839
    * Fixed a crash linked with the update of the message window in the GTK2 client. GNA#14867
    * Improved distinguishability of player's colors. GNAPATCH#1386
    * Made sure that transporter status is updated when cargo is removed in any way. GNA#13912
    * Made the victim of an a-bomb explosion dislike the owner of the a-bomb to a greater degree. GNA#14888
    * Fixed a crash at start-up by removing a superfluous assertion. GNA#14945
    * Fixed city tile info popup in GTK2 client: long strings will be wrapped. GNA#14933
    * Fixed duplicate diplomacy messages when a treaty is about to expire. GNA#15031
    * Fixed a bug where some requirements in the tech tree were omitted. GNA#15036
    * Fixed a crash in the SDL client when user tries to buy the production of a city. GNA#15061
    * Initial diplomatic state between allies of your allies is now peace. GNA#15057
    * Fixed a bug where it was sometimes impossible to cancel a unit order. GNA#15041
    * Fixed usage of pathes and file names with local characters encoding. GNA#15000
  - Update to release 2.1.10
    * Added commandline parameter to set hostname visible on metaserver. PR#40755
    * Restored as default metaserver. GNA#13407
    * Record players total score to civscore.log. GNA#13403
    * Put spaceship state to civscore.log instead of score given by spaceship. GNA#13402
    * Write civscore.log in the beginning of the turn, immediately after values are calculated. Write also final values when game ends. GNA#13419
    * Show correct Requirement and Obsolete by tech for wonders in win32-client help browser. PR#40765
    * Fixed sdl-mixer support. GNA#13444, GNA#14751
    * Improved access levels ported from Warclient. GNA#13433
    * Fixed a bug that even if wonder set as improvement requirement for unit was built, unit was not buildable. PR#39530
    * Fix lost hack access in single player mode. GNA#13494
    * Fix bug causing wrong player nation select. PR#40773
    * Added proper error message to case where user tries to add Settlers to city owned by ally. GNA#13539
    * Avoid crash due to corrupted worked field. GNA#13498
    * Improved voting code ported from Warclient. GNA#13515
    * Make GTK2 client more small-screen friendly. GNA#13524, GNA#13525, GNA#14100
    * Fixed Hydro Plant help text. PR#40805
    * Added ruleset loading time check that MAX_NUM_REQS is not exceeded. GNA#13600
    * Fixed help browser crash when ruleset has fuel using unit for which there is no suitable carrier unit. GNA#13649
    * Show ping of actual player connection instead of player's first connection, which may be observer. GNA#13725
    * Fix bug in tech score when player has no techs. GNA#13733
    * Hide production part of full citybar from enemy cities for player observers. It used to show all enemy cities always building "Airport". GNA#13723
    * Added support for units taller than 1.5 x terrain tile height in isometric tilesets. GNA#13671
    * Backport of improved goto code from trunk. GNA#13736, GNA#13742, PR#40536, PR#40563
    * Fixed creation of GGZ page. GNA#13791
    * AI does not ask for help against players not met. GNA#13559, PR#39700
    * Display flags at start page player list. GNA#13726
    * Changed ggz profile to point to instead of non-functional pubserver. PR#39923
    * Fixed partisan appearance to require Guerilla Warfare to be known by someone. GNA#13944
    * Fixed a crash when lua script triggered by "tech_researched" gives another technology to player. GNA#13819
    * Fixed a crash when unload all command is issued to multiple units. GNA#14031
    * Fixed a team play crash when ruleset defines global init techs. PR#20855
    * Leave no units to current tile when bouncing them. GNA#14078
    * Fixed a crash when several members of the same team have same initial tech. GNA#14259
    * Fixed /cmdlevel bugs. GNA#14237
    * Prevented /rulesetdir after savegame of already running game has been loaded. GNA#14230
    * Don't navigate through unaccessible territorial waters. GNA#13928
    * Use amplio electric ages sprites for cities. Use modern style as alternative for other tilesets. GNA#14376
    * Added /cancelvote command, ported from Warclient. GNAPATCH#1292
    * Make notify.all and notify.player working in lua scripts. GNA#14221
    * The loss of the last human player doesn't transform the game into an autogame, causing the clients freezing. GNA#14036
    * Sharing vision when the fog of war is disabled don't let black square over vision giver units. GNA#14275
    * Disallow embassy creation if Marco Polo's Embassy is built. GNA#14448, GNA#14548
    * Do not bounce units on empty enemy cities on terrain changes. GNA#14532
    * Consider that AI explorers moved when they changed tile instead of if their moves decreased (could be wrong on railroads for example). GNA#14533
    * Loading a scenario begins at turn 0 and not -2. GNA#14658
    * Display trade route lines at map and infos in city dialog even if the trade route doesn't give trade bonus. GNA#14745
    * Added support for Haiku OS. GNA#14715
    * Fixed clicking of technologies on research report. GNA#14812
    * Updated translations: ca.po da.po de.po es.po fi.po
  - clean up the SPEC-file
  - remove old manuals, because freeciv bring up own manuals
  - add a link to official manuals in the web
* Tue Apr 14 2009
  - Update to release 2.1.9
    Lots opf bugfixes, see:
    Fixes the crash with gcc 4.x optimization (bnc#465899), thus re-
    enabling -O2



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