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flatpak-0.10.4-lp150.2.2 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.0 for ppc64le

Name: flatpak Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.0
Version: 0.10.4 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp150.2.2 Build date: Wed May 9 19:10:59 2018
Group: System/Packages Build host: obs-power8-02
Size: 3222868 Source RPM: flatpak-0.10.4-lp150.2.2.src.rpm
Summary: OSTree based application bundles management
flatpak is a system for building, distributing and running sandboxed desktop
applications on Linux. See for
more information.






* Mon Mar 05 2018
  - Do not build document portal anymore, rely on
    xdg-desktop-portal/-gtk instead. Add corresponding dependency.
  - Build with --with-system-bubblewrap and Add corresponding
    build and runtime dependency.
  - Remove --with-dwarf-header configure flag, it no longer exists.
* Wed Feb 28 2018
  - Modernize spec-file by calling spec-cleaner
* Wed Feb 14 2018
  - Update to version 0.10.4:
    * allow personality syscall in devel mode
    * configure: Fix copy_file_range detection
    * Add --disable-document-portal configure option
    * lib: Make gnome-software work with an empty /var/lib/flatpak
    * dir: Emit an error on non-root downgrade attempts
    * common/dir: Skip progress reporting while setting up extra-data
    * doc: Fix docs for --update-appstream
    * flatpak remote-ls -u: only consider apps from the current remote
    * extract_appstream: allow component IDs not to end in .desktop
    * common/dir: Fix a memory leak
* Mon Feb 05 2018
  - Update to version 0.10.3:
    + Fix vulnerability in dbus proxy.
    + Fix incorrect error message in update --appstream.
    + Ignore unknown permission requests.
    + remote-info: Fix --show-metadata behavior.
    + common: Fix division by zero when  calculate progress.
    + common/dir: Add a missing OstreeAsyncProgress default key.
    + lib/installation: Fix install/update_full() subpaths
    + app: Fix "multiple installations" prompt.
    + common/dir: Use an actual function for autoptr support without
    + Update Polish translation.
* Fri Dec 22 2017
  - Update to version
    + Fixed crash when installing some flatpak bundle files
    + Fix installation of telegram
    + Fixed some warnings reported by coverity
    + Some leaks fixed
    + Fixed typo in error message
* Wed Dec 20 2017
  - Update to version 0.10.2:
    + flatpak update now updates from both system and user
      installations by default.
    + flatpak update is less noisy when updating appstream info.
    + All the remote-* commands now by default automatically decide
      to use --user or --system based on the given remote name.
    + flatpak remote-ls with no remote lists the content of all
    + Fixed regression that made xdg-user-dirs and theme selection
      for kde apps break.
    + flatpak override with no argument now overrides globally, i.e.
      for all apps.
    + flatpak override now supports --nofilesystem properly. For
      example flatpak override --nofilesystem=~/.ssh hides the ssh
      dir for all apps, even those who have homedir access.
    + flatpak install now takes a --reinstall argument which
      uninstalls a previously installed version if necessary. This is
      very useful when you want to install a new version from a
      different source.
    + flatpak install now allows you to pass an absolute pathname as
      remote name, which will create a temporary remote and install
      from that. The remote will be removed when the app is
      uninstalled. This is very useful during development and
    + Flatpak now creates CLI wrappers for all installed apps, so if
      you add /var/lib/flatpak/exports/bin or
      ~/.local/share/flatpak/exports/bin to your PATH you can easily
      start flatpak apps by their application id.
* Mon Nov 27 2017
  - Update to version 0.10.1:
    + New command "flatpak remote-info" shows information about
      applications in a remote. In particular the --log operation
      shows the history and can be used in combination with flatpak
      update --commit=XYZ to roll back to a previous version.
    + New command "flatpak search" which allows you to search the
      appstream data from the commandline.
    + flatpak update now updates appstream data for all configured
      remotes, which is important for search to work.
    + Allow automatic installation of gtk themes matching the active
    + Handle the case when /etc/resolv.conf is a symlink.
    + /usr an /etc are now expose in /run/host in the app if the app
      has full filesystem access.
    + flatpak remote-add now works as a user when /var/lib/flatpak is
      empty, allowing flatpak to work on stateless systems.
    + Add support for flatpak build --log-session/system-bus, similar
      to what flatpak run already does.
    + flatpak build --readonly runs with the target directory
      (normally /app) mounted read-only.
    + Fall back to LD_LIBRARY_PATH if a runtime doesn't have
    + Updated the support for OCI remotes. This is work in progress
      and still disabled by default though.
    + Updated translations.
  - Add pkgconfig(appstream-glib) BuildRequires: New dependency.
* Thu Oct 26 2017
  - Update to version 0.10.0:
    + Added the flatpak config option which can set the language
    + Fix issue where sometimes were not generated.
    + /dev/mali0 is added to --device=dri.
    + Work around ostree static delta issues in some cases.
  - Changes from version 0.9.99:
    + Requires ostree 2017.12 for important pull stability fix.
    + New libflatpak API: flatpak_dir_cleanup_undeployed_refs,
    + build: FLATPAK_ID and FLATPAK_ARCH are now set in the
      environment when building.
    + update: Don't fail the entire update if some remote fails to
      update its metadata.
    + run: /.flatpak-info now lists exact commits and extensions in
    + run: We now use a per-app file whenn running. This
      should speed things up, and allows ldconfig to report the
      correct results.
    + The verbose mode was changed into two levels, use -vv to show
      the more detailed info, which currently only contains the full
      bubblewrap argument lists.
    + run: Some common problematic host environment variables are now
      unset in the sandbox (PYTHONPATH, PERLLIB, PERL5LIB and
    + run: Fixed failure when a higher prio extensions depended on a
      lower prio one.
    + run: The extension ld path order is now: app extensions, app,
      runtime extension, runtime. This was previously incorrect in
      that the app could override app extensions.
    + Extensions are now not downloaded if a matching unmaintained
      extension is already installed.
    + Preemptive changes to handle new bubblewrap change which
      doesn't user /newroot.
    + document portal: Disable debug spew that was accidentally
    + build-finish: New --extension-priority option.
    + run: Fix regression in --persist in 0.9.98.
    + run: Use sealed memfds (instead of just temporary files) when
      passing data to bubblewrap.
    + Updated translations.
  - Changes from version
    + Fix permission denied when using the system-helper.
  - Changes from version
    + run: Fix homedir access if the app has --filesystem=host
    + build-update: Fix appstream update in case one arch didn't
    + Updated translations.
  - Changes from version 0.9.98:
    + libflatpak now correctly finds metadata for subset
      installations (like locale data).
    + flatpak build now supports --appdir which exposes the per-app
      directory in the user homedir. This is useful when testing
    + The host fontconfig caches are exposed to the sandbox, next to
      the fonts in /run/host. This will (pending fontconfig work)
      allow sharing host fontconfig caches, allowing much faster
      initial startup for flatpak apps.
    + flatpak install now supports --no-pull.
    + Added new extension property "locale-subset", which makes the
      extension point act like a locale extension (i.e. only install
      the subset configured by the locale).
    + flatpak remote-add --oci is disabled for now, as this is not up
      to date with the latest OCI work, and we don't want to break
      existing deployments if this has to change when this lands.
    + Parallel installation/updates are now safe because we take a
      filesystem lock whenever we prune the local ostree repo.
    + Flatpak run now works when important paths like $HOME, etc, are
    + The ostree min-free-space property is is set to zero by default
      for the flatpak repos. This was causing a lot of problems for
      people, but the feature is still there if you manually enable
    + Updated translations.
    + Require ostree 2017.12.
* Thu Sep 14 2017
  - Drop the SLE12 / Leap42 conditional definition for _userunitdir.
* Thu Sep 14 2017
  - Update to version 0.9.12:
    + Fixed a regression in extra-data installation.
    + Don't expose the a11y bus in flatpak build.
* Wed Sep 13 2017
  - Update to version 0.9.11:
    + You can now show all outstanding updates with: flatpak
      remote-ls --updates.
    + The dbus filter "*" now means all subnames of, not just the first level. This matches how dbus
      arg0namespace works, and how the comming dbus container support
      will work.
    + Fixed segfault on update.
    + Better commandline tab completion.
    + Flatpak now exposes host icons readonly as
      /run/host/share/icons to the sandbox.
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Sep 13 2017
  - Update to version 0.9.10:
    + Fix regression in dbus proxy that causes some apps to not work
      in 0.9.9.
  - Changes from version 0.9.9:
    + flatpak-builder was split out into its own module:
    + When downloading to a temporary directory for later install to
      the system repo we now write to /var/tmp instead of $HOME. This
      is more likely to be the same filesystem as /var/lib/flatpak,
      and thus will not run into issues with e.g. filesystem full.
    + We now get the default language list from AccountService if
    + A regression that made --devel crash was fixed.
    + New feature for flatpakrefs, SuggestRemoteName=remotename will
      cause flatpak to ask if you want to create a generic (not app
      specific) remote for the repo url.
    + flatpak build now does not die with the parent by default, you
      have to pass --die-with-parent. This was done because
      die-with-parent uses PR_SET_PDEATHSIG which does not work well
      if the parent is threaded, like e.g. gnome-software is.
    + We now always re-set the personality in the sandboxed process
      in order to avoid inheriting weird settings.
    + We now share a single dbus proxy instance for all proxies for a
      sandbox. dbus-proxy now properly disallows old-style
    + We now support accessibility by starting a customized dbus
      proxy for the a11y bus.
  - Drop flatpak-builder sub-package, it is now it's own project.
* Fri Sep 08 2017
  - Update summaries.
* Thu Aug 24 2017
  - Drop flatpak-rpmlintrc: no longer needed.
* Thu Aug 24 2017
  - Update to version 0.9.8:
    + Core:
    - Experimental support for peer2peer installation, enable with
    - -enable-p2p.
    - Add default language setting to flatpak config. Defaults to
      all locales for system installs and the users locale for
      per-user installs.
    - build-update-repo: Now always keeps the two latest deltas
      around to avoid race conditions with outstanding downloads at
      the time or running the update.
    - Support loading extra data from local lookaside cache.
    + Flatpak-builder:
    - Set terminal title to the currently building module
    - Added ability to specify http url for sources mirror with
    - -extra-sources-url.
    - --install-deps-from=REMOTE installs the dependencies needed
      for the manifest.
    - New option --delete-build-dirs to always delete build
      directories, even on a failed build.
    - New property "add-extension" makes it nicer to create
      extension points.
* Fri Jul 21 2017
  - Update to version 0.9.7:
    + app/repo: Factor out common GVariant operation.
    + build:
    - Include config.h using CPPFLAGS.
    - Check for system extensions before any other C compiling.
    - Only run each instance of gdbus-codegen once.
    - Re-run gdbus-codegen if the Makefile changes.
    + builder:
    - Allow building modules with no sources if buildsystem=simple.
    - Use build-args during cleanup.
    - Rearrange args to do_export() to make mandatory ones obvious.
    - When bundling git sources, reuse cache.
    + common:
    - Use bulk OstreeAsyncProgress API for setting keys.
    - Split out self and repo arguments for a static function.
    + common/dir:
    - Factor out common code for getting repo metadata.
    - Factor out common code to get and load the summary file.
    - Factor out body of update_remote_configuration_for_summary().
    + dbus-proxy:
    - Make miscellaneous globals static.
    - Don't clear dbus_address twice.
    + docs: Remove --version from flatpak-build docs.
    + flatpak_dir_read_latest: Return NULL, not FALSE on error.
    + tests:
    - Add TEST_SKIP_CLEANUP env var for skipping test cleanup.
    - Add base-64 GPG keys to libtest declarations.
    + .gitignore: Ignore all generated man pages.
    + One more try at not distributing gdbus-codegen-generated
    + Update Ukrainian translation.
    + Fix example.
    + Add nullable annotations for progress callbacks.
    + Update pofiles.
  - Changes from version 0.9.6:
    + builder:
    - Allow .pyc files without .py.
    - Add inherit-extensions features.
    - Better handling of default-branch.
    - Add ExtensionOf group to created extensions (Debug/Locale).
    + builder: Inherit parent version for inherited extension.
    + build-export: Canonicalize file permissions.
    + builder-options: Fix setting CPPFLAGS.
    + ci:
    - mv .redhat-ci.yml → .papr.yml.
    - Rework to be based on FAH + priv container.
    - Build ostree from git master.
    + dir:
    - Fix a minor memory leak.
    - Ensure we return on pull error to avoid error-overwrites.
    - Ensure ~/.local/share/flatpak is 0700.
    + doc: Remove duplicate list entry from flatpak-remote.xml.
    + export: Record flatpak version in default commit version.
    + info: Make --show-metadata machine parseable.
    + install: Manually save summary[.sig] in cache repo.
    + ls-remote: Drop unused variable.
    + run: Fix use-after-free in case you were exporting the same
      path twice.
    + testlibrary: Call g_assert_no_error first.
    + tests:
    - Add tests for no world writable dirs & no setuid files.
    - Increase timeouts waiting for file notification.
    + utils: Fix minor formatting issue in gtk-doc comment.
    + xdp-fuse: Add parentheses to clarify precedence in a
    + xdp-main: Fix a typo in a comparison.
    + Don't distribute gdbus-codegen-generated source in tarballs.
    + Update Czech translation.
    + Use new libostree APIs to reject world-writable/suid content.
    + Default to bare-user-only repo.
    + Unless forced via FLATPAK_OSTREE_REPO_MODE user bare-user for
      cache repo.
    + Force the cache repo to use the bare-user mode.
    + Re-create the cache repo if it is not bare-user.
    + Manually copy summary for update and appdata too.
    + Update pofiles.
* Fri Jul 21 2017
  - Add flatpak-rpmlintrc as source while we wait for boo#1012961 to
    be resolved. Once this happens, feel free to nuke all traces of
    this change.
* Fri Jul 21 2017
  - Update to version 0.9.5:
    + Fix installation of test-keyring2
    + Don't error out when updating metadata for disabled remotes
    + export: Store the app id in the X-Flatpak key
    + run: Handle file paths when forwarding uris
    + Automatically use a separate builddir with Meson
    + documents: paths in the apps dir ar always accessible
    + builder: Don't warn for unknown properties starting with x-
    + document portal: Fix race condition when unmounting old version
    + document store: Document as-needed functionality of AddFull
    + extra-data: Print exit status if apply_extra_data script fails
    + run: Add debug sprew for all bwrap arguments
    + build-update-repo: Remove unwanted deltas before updating
    + list: Don't list .Locale and .Debug by default (override with
    - a)
    + remote-ls: Don't show Locale/Debug and secondary arches by
    + list/remote-ls: Also ignore .Sources by default
    + Handle app ids with dashes when ignoring locale/debug.
    + dbus-portal: Fix return value type of filtered NameHasOwner
    + builder: Add --export-only feature
    + run: Allow regular files for --filesystem=xdg-config/path
    + run: Allow --filesystem=xdg-*/subdir:ro
    + build-commit-from: Don't copy old xa.ref in metadata
  - Changes from version 0.9.4:
    + Improve display of partial extension sizes
    + flatpak-run.c:  valid locations, not types
    + Ensure commits are available when checking for extra-data
    + libglnx: Bump to latest master, use new file copy API
    + Document some environment variables (#754)
    + Revise the flatpak repo command slightly
    + repo command: use FlatpakTablePrinter
    + table printer: Introduce a cell struct
    + table printer: Support column alignment
    + repo: Improve formatting of size columns
    + table printer: Support column titles
    + table printer: Only show titles on ttys
    + repo: Set column titles
    + table printer: move to its own source files
    + Add an API to get the summary of a remote
    + Make flatpak remote-ls show more details
    + scripts: Fix flatpak-bisect log
    + Add the possibility of installing/updating without static
    + Add a helper for formatted output
    + Use the new output helper
    + Add table printer api for number columns
    + table printer: Use localeconv for decimal point
    + repo: Use the new number column support
    + remote-ls: Improve the output
    + list: Improve output formatting
    + remotes: Improve output formatting
    + Improve info output
    + Fix compiler warnings
    + Don't use escape sequences unless on a tty
    + info: Preserve the previous output format
    + Update the man page a bit
    + info: Use flatpak_fancy_output
    + Add macros for common ANSI tty escape codes
    + info/list: Move subpath list to info
    + Fix man page typo
    + Don't crash if there's more titles than columns
    + Unset TMPDIR in the sandbox
    + Generate fd-passing arguments for document portal
    + Include the generated document portal code in common
    + Implement file forwarding for flatpak_run_app
    + Enable file forwarding in flatpak run
    + Document the --file-forwarding option
    + Handle %f when exporting desktop files
    + Handle %u as well for file forwarding
    + Enable file forwarding for %u as well
    + Handle document portal absence
    + Don't get the doc mount path twice
    + run: Handle forwarding uris better
    + run: Use flatpak_has_path_prefix instead of hand rolling
    + run: Properly handle canonicalization in file exports
    + run: Clean up the exports handling code
    + run: Only forward as document if the target app can't see the
    + builder: Fix ldflags support
    + build: Fix fallout from the TMPDIR unset
    + remote-ls: Fix up the column titles
    + run: Handle the case where /tmp on the host is a symlink
    + Update to bubblewrap 0.1.8 for die-with-parent
    + build: Kill sandbox when flatpak build dies
    + Expose host /etc/hosts and /etc/host.conf
    + install: Make already-installed a warning, not an error
    + Move caches to ~/.cache
    + tests: Fix race condition in tmp webserver
    + Use clearer terminology in docs about extensions
    + info: Print some more information
    + Fix tests by setting XDG_CACHE_HOME
    + install: Handle no-static-delta in --user installs too
    + common: Remove unused flatpak_dir_install_or_update
    + remote-modify: Never update explicitly set values
    + common: Add flatpak_dir_update_remote_configuration_for_summary
    + common: Store the summary signature in the cache too
    + common: Drop verbose log of using cached summary
    + remote-modify: Don't modify if no arguments are specified
    + remote-modify: Implement --update-metadata as a system-helper
    + transaction: Always update metadata for remotes on
    + update: Split update into check_for_update and update
    + Optimize flatpak_variant_bsearch_str
    + Use flatpak_variant_bsearch_str to lookup in summary cache
    + Optimize flatpak_summary_match_subrefs
    + remote-add/modify: Break out gpg loading code to helper
    + update_remote_configuration_for_summary: Never use
    + Add support for adding new gpg keys via signed summary
    + install: Fix automatic metadata update
    + Support build-update-repo --redirect-url=
    + Add a missing return
    + Drop an unused variable
    + repo: Print out redirect url too
    + Make it possible to unset values in update-repo
    + Update docs for build-update-repo
    + Document is-set keys in repo config
    + Add a marker to rewritten desktop files
    + tests: Make it possible to create multiple test repos
    + tests: Allow overriding GPG args
    + tests: Add a second gpg keyring
    + tests: Add new with initial GPG tests
    + tests: Add tests for --redirect-url and new GPG key
    + tests: run with system repo too
    + repo: Print out gpg key hash too
    + Don't use gdbus-codegen autoptr generation
    + common: Break out the flatpak progress calculator to a helper
    + Improve error wording
    + Remove unused variables
    + Remove an unused autoptr definition
    + Add workaround to flatpak_repo_collect_sizes for uncommited
    + export: Add install/download size and metadata to commit
    + build-update-repo: Use the size/metadata info in the commit
    + builder: Use mkdtemp for initial git/bzr checkout
    + builder: Allow specifying the git commit if the branch is a tag
    + fix clang warning
    + update-metadata: silently ignore for non-signed system-helper
    + remote-add: Use the new system-helper for initial metadata
    + remote-ls: Don't rely on active symlink value, use deploy data
    + deploy: Uncouple active link from checksum
    + deploy: Append the subdirs to the checkout dir
    + update: flatpak update --subpath= means all subpaths
    + update: If resused ostree repo fails, blow it away and create
    + update: Fix update for partial commits with system-helper
    + deploy: Verify that xa.metadata in the commit matches the
      deployed file
    + install: Limit the exported file to a whitelist
    + Disable exported search providers by default
    + exports: Fix up exporting of dbus service files
    + Rewrite exported mimetype files
    + Document flatpakrepo format extensions
    + Document flatpakref format extensions
    + dir: Report progress more frequently
    + Require latest flatpak (2017.5)
    + builder: Take "buildsystem" into consideration for cache
    + builder: Add a install-rule to allow customized install
    + run: Fix race condition in app identification
    + Improve progress report calculation
    + Use the nicer progress reporting for the CLI too
    + Require ostree 2017.6 for the new progress APIs
    + progress: Use the new atomic progress API
    + progress: Simplify the progress calculations
    + progress: Tweak metadata part of download
    + progress: Don't report ??? in the bar while estimating
    + Remove unused variable
    + Bump libglnx, port to new tmpfile API
    + Update to latest libglnx with tmpfile error fix
    + Update to a libglnx that has GLnxTmpfiles fixed
    + builder: Better debug output from the rofiles-fuse code
    + builder: More GLnxTmpfile fixes
    + OCI: Properly initialize all used progress fields
    + builder: Fix segfault if appstream-compose fails
    + complete: Don't read outside string
    + Add version property to all dbus interfaces
    + document-portal: Add AddFull() operation
    + document-portal: Bump version to 2 due to new AddFull method
    + builder: Make c/cxx/ldflags not override env
    + builder: Update doc for latest cflags vs env var change
    + builder: Add CPPFLAGS similar to the existing flags
    + Update to latest libglnx and use the new GLnxTmpFile API
    + Remove unused variable
    + Add some hints when icons are not found
    + Correct mountpoint handling
    + Small documentation improvements
    + common: Expose FlatpakExports
    + common: Add flatpak_find_current_ref helper
    + run: Use new flatpak_find_current_ref helper.
    + common: Add flatpak_context_load_for_app helper
    + document-portal: Lock just once in AddFull for many paths
    + document-portal: Add XDP_ADD_FLAGS_AS_NEEDED_BY_APP to AddFull
    + lib: Add flatpak_installation_update_appstream_full_sync with
    + Remove unused variables
    + lib: Fix update checking
    + builder: Add support for screenshot mirroring
    + Use the CLI progress for update --appstream too
    + export: Always set a xa.ref commit metadata
    + progress: Update at 300msec on the CLI
    + deploy: Ensure xa.ref, if set, is correct
    + Dist test-keyring2 dir
  - Changes from version 0.9.3:
    + builder-manifest: Rename localized icon fields as well
    + build-update-repo: g_warning doesn't need newlines in the
    + docs: Add flatpak make-current to the list of commands
    + doc: Align build commands with --help
    + docs: Add a / to all mentions of installations.d
    + doc: Add a manpage for the repo config format
    + docs: Add a man page for installation files
    + Fix --help output for --installation
    + doc: Include all man pages in html
    + appstream: Don't strip .desktop extension if thats the actual
    + flatpak-builder: bundle module sources as runtime
    + Bundle sources: add support for bzr
    + Bundle sources: add support to bundle patches as well
    + Bundle sources: add flag --bundle-sources to control the
    + Bundle sources: the path is always sources
    + Bundle sources: allow use case to mix local and online sources
    + Bundle sources: rename option to --extra-sources=DIR
    + Bundle sources: use git clone --shared for local sources
    + Bundle sources: bundle the manifest
    + Bundle source: use C-style comments
    + Bundle sources: initialize app_dir_path later
    + Bundle sources, git_get_mirror_dir: able to pass NULL for
    + Bundle sources, bzr: set error when repo can not be found
    + Bundle sources: bundling has to happen before the extracting
    + Improve html generation
    + Add some structure to the generated html
    + Fix a typo in a comment
    + run: Handle non-default WAYLAND_DISPLAY
    + Drop useless options from flatpak info
    + Avoid confusing behavior of flatpak info
    + Add more useful options to flatpak info
    + Add a --show-extensions option to flatpak info
    + Fix the testsuite
    + flatpak info: Show more information for extensions
    + flatpak info: Properly handle unmaintained extensions
    + Fix a compiler warning
    + builder-module: add "" to autogen_names
    + Add a repo command
    + Document flatpak repo command
    + Quiet compiler warnings
    + Don't fail the build if rofiles-fuse is not available
    + Make it a warning
    + docs: Fix a typo
    + Document build-extension
    + More metadata docs
    + build: Ensure we add the default dbus permissions
    + builder: handle module-relative paths for json includes
    + builder: Load source files from the directory of the module
    + build: Always set personality to linux32 when cross-building
    + builder: Print warnings for unknown properties
    + Report full version in http user agent
    + builder: Ignore --extra-data in flatpak-builder --run
    + docs: Mention that rename-icon should not have an extension
    + build-update-repo: Add internal function to create a single
    + build-update-repo: Spawn subprocesses when generating deltas
    + builder: Use module-relative paths for archive sources too
    + builder: Take build-commands into consideration for rebuild
    + docs: Typo fix: "flatpack-builder" -> "flatpak-builder"
    + builder: Use flatpak_mkdir_p instead of query + mkdir
    + common: Add flatpak_build_file[_va] helper
    + builder: Add builder_context_find_in_sources_dirs
    + builder: Use context_find_in_sources_dirs to simplify code
    + Extend flatpak-builder test
    + builder: Make git patch apply verbose by default
    + Don't bundle inline (data:) URIs
    + builder: Drop the storing of local files to data: uris
    + fixup! common: Add flatpak_build_file[_va] helper
    + builder: Convert bundle sources to cached stage
    + builder: Change how we handle pre-existing git sources
    + builder: Update bzr bundling
    + export: Always make directories accessible
    + builder: Strip trailing whitespace in git submodule urls
    + builder: Add progress reporing while downloading
    + builder: Fix up unused variable warnings from clang
  - Changes from version 0.9.2:
    + Fix typo
    + Revert "Fix typo"
    + builder: Remove all SDK extension from the platform
    + Re-fix typo
    + builder: Handle absolute paths in command
    + builder: Add --default-branch=BRANCH
    + build-export: Export all files with canonical permissions
    + document more metadata keys
    + Fix pofiles typo
    + Bump libglnx, use new glnx_throw(), fix callers
    + Import ostree's compiler warnings, fix up callers
    + Fix build if libdwarf dir missing
    + Correctly find system unmaintained extensions
    + Stop using ostree trivial-httpd
    + Drop -Werror for aggregate-returns
    + Add forgotten file
    + Removed a commented string
    + builder: Add a hint about --force-clean
    + Remove accidental debug spew
    + tests: Don't leak SimpleHTTPServers
    + Add new API to the docs
    + OCI: Verify that loaded OCI blobs have the correct checksum
    + builder: Don't pass --require-version along to build
    + Add flatpak_oci_registry_get_uri
    + FlatpakDir: Break out helper
    + oci: Break out get_digest_subpath helper function
    + OCI: fstat in local_open_file helper
    + OCI: Add flatpak_oci_registry_mirror_blob
    + OCI: Add flatpak_archive_read_open_fd_with_checksum
    + OCI: flatpak_pull_from_oci - verify manifest ref
    + OCI: Verify layer checksum while applying
    + OCI: Support OCI with system-helper by mirroring OCI repo
    + update: Don't check for update short-circuit if we're not
    + OCI: Add flatpak_oci_sign_data
    + OCI: Add support for strict and mandatory json properties
    + OCI: Add json format for atomic-based signatures
    + OCI: Support signing build-bundld --oci output
    + OCI: Verify signatures
    + OCI: Fix signature checks on updates
    + OCI: Use gpg signatures in
    + utils: Prepare for libostree 2017.4 defining autocleanups
    + Split the manifest file docs off
    + CI: Add gpgme-devel to CI build environment
    + Fix ostree autoptr checks for git master
    + Fix unused variable errors reported by clang
    + builder: make appstream-compose failure fatal
    + dbus-proxy: Make Buffer refcounted
    + dbus-proxy: Fix use-after free in header parsing
    + dbus: proxy fix leak in get_arg0_string
    + dbus-proxy: Fix leak of get_arg0_string return value
    + dbus-proxy: Fix leak in setup phase
    + system-helper: Fix check for downgrade
    + update: Only allow downgrades if a commit is explicitly
    + Handle uris better when detecting .flatpak[repo,ref] suffix
    + Use ostree's BARE_USER_ONLY flag (#674)
    + Build with large file support
    + Use correct format string for guint64 on 32-bit
    + builder: Add disable-fsckobjects to git sources
    + builder: Add commit property to git source
    + builder: Support sdk-extensions also for apps
    + Updated translations.
  - Add libqgpgme-devel BuildRequires: New dependency.
* Fri Jul 21 2017
  - Update to version 0.9.1:
    + The flatpak-builder build cache now uses the rofiles-fuse
      ostree feature.
    + The cflags and cxxflags module properties now work by
      appending, rather that replacing, when there are multiple
      values specified.
    + Do not invalidate build cache when the installed version of the
      SDK changed by default. Use --rebuild-on-sdk-change to force
      rebuild otherwise.
    + The build cache is now per-arch.
    + New buildsystem "cmake-ninja" which works like "cmake", but
      builds using ninja.
    + New buildsystem "simple" which just runs a set of shell
      commands specified in the "build-commands" property.
    + flatpak-builder now has build-runtime and build-extension
      properties that makes it easier to build runtimes and
    + FLATPAK_DEST is set in the build environment to the
      installation destination.
    + flatpak-builder now supports --from-git=URL which pulls the
      json manifest and related files directly from a git repo.
    + modules have a new no-make-install property which skips the
      make install step.
    + Modules and sources have only-arches and skip-arches
      properties, which lets you enable/disable them based on the
      build architecture.
    + build-options has a new property ldflags, which is similar to
      cflags and cxxflags.
    + flatpak build (and thus flatpak-builder --run) now supports
      dbus proxies when needed.
    + All git repos are cloned with fsckObjects=true, which means we
      verify that the repos are valid.
    + New flatpak-builder argument --build-shell=MODULE extracts and
      prepares the sources for a specified module and then starts a
      build sandbox inside it.
    + build-export: Now supports --timestamp=ISO-8601-TIMESTAMP,
      which allows you to create reproducible commits.
    + The OCI support has been updated to the latest version of the
      OCI image specification format.
    + There is a new flatpak-bisect script that can be used to bisect
      flatpak applications, looking for regressions.
    + flatpak list got a revamp. It now shows more information, and
      shows both apps and runtimes by default.
    + flatpak remote-list was renamed flatpak remotes in order to
      minimize confusion with flatpak remote-ls. The old name is
      deprecated but still works.
* Thu Jul 20 2017
  - Update to version 0.8.7:
    + This is a minor security update, matching the behaviour on
      master where we avoid ever creating setuid files or
      world-writable directories. However, the fix is more localized
      and does not require a new ostree.
    + After pulling from a remote, always verify that the staged new
      files and directories have safe permissions.
    + Ensure ~/.local/share/flatpak is not readable to other users,
      to avoid anyone ever seeing possibly world-writeable
      directories therein.
    + Fix double-setting a error in case of errors when pulling.
    + Fix timeout in testcase.
* Thu Jul 20 2017
  - Update to version 0.8.6:
    + TMPDIR is now unset in the sandbox, if set on the host. Each
      sandbox has a personal /tmp that is used.
    + Flatpak run now works if /tmp is a symlink on the host.
    + /etc/hosts and /etc/hosts.conf from the host are now exposed in
      the sandbox in addition to /etc/resolv.conf.
    + flatpak now stores the app id in the X-Flatpak key when
      exporting a desktop file.
    + Exports are now whitelisted, and the only thing you can
      export are: desktop files, icons, dbus services.
      This is somewhat different from the 0.9.x series, where als
      mime definitions, and gnome-shell search providers are allowed.
    + Fixed minor race condition in portal application
    + Support WAYLAND_DISPLAY environment var.
    + dbus-portal: Fix handling of NameHasOwner.
    + run: Allow regular files for --filesystem=xdg-config/path.
    + run: Allow --filesystem=xdg-config/subdir:ro (previously
      it needed to be writable).
    + Support for updating to new gpg keys and url when using
      flatpak remote-modify --update-metadata. This is a manual
      operation in 0.8.x but is automatic in the 0.9.x series.
* Thu Jul 20 2017
  - Update to version 0.8.5:
    + Fixed a use-after-free and some leaks in the dbus-proxy. This
      is not currently believed to be exploitable, but the proxy is a
      security boundary, so we still recommend to update.
    + Regular updates now never allow updates to an older version
      than what is currently installed (unless you explicitly specify
      an old commit id). This closes a hole where a MITM attacker can
      force clients to downgrade to an earlier (gpg-signed) version
      of the application.
    + The automatic detection of --from in flatpak install now
      detects flatpakref extensions even in URIs that end in a query
      string such as
    + The detection of "unmaintained" system extensions was broken,
      and in some cases these extensions were not found. This now
      always works.
    + Flatpak now builds with latest OSTree. This required some
      fixing for multiple definitions of the g_auto* macros as OSTree
      now exports those.
    + We no longer rely on ostree trivial-httpd for the tests,
      because this is optional in later versions of ostree. Instead
      we use the python SimpleHTTPServer.
    + The minimum glib version has been corrected to 2.44.
    + The minumum automake version has been increased to 1.13.4
      because some older version didn't work.
* Fri Mar 10 2017
  - Update to version 0.8.4:
    + Fix no-systemd-user warning (it doesn't affect sandboxing
    + run: propagate wildcard xauth entries to app bundle.
    + Don't remove origin remotes if some other ref uses it.
    + Fix repeated download of locates on update.
    + update: Don't update related refs from different remote.
    + Initialize g_autofree string to NULL, not to crash when early
    + document portal: Disable spice_read as it seems broken.
    + Return the container from flatpak_get_system_installations().
    + Don't include newlines in error messages.
    + utils: Fix list_unmtainained_refs.
    + Avoid possible null dereference.
    + utils: Fix flatpak_bundle_load typo.
    + list: Don't check error twice.
    + list-remotes: Handle remotes with no url specified.
    + run: Handle error when enumerating /etc.
    + zero-mtime: Handle error when enumerating directory.
    + Fix error check when loading configuration.
    + Support runtime-less extra-data.
    + flatpak_list_extensions: Break out code into helper.
    + extensions: Support multiple versions.
    + Append flatpak data dirs if XDG_DATA_DIRS is already set
    + appstream: Don't add runtime to flatpak bundle tag for
    + Split extra-data setup and fetch.
    + Improve progress calculation.
    + profile: Don't add flatpak to XDG_DATA_DIRS if its already
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop flatpak-propagate-xauth-wildcard.patch: fixed upstream.
* Tue Feb 21 2017
  - Update to version 0.8.3:
    + In addition to the regular list of bugfixes this stable release
      include backports of the updated OpenGL support from master.
      This, in combination with the work in the runtime allows
      flatpak to work out of the box with out-of-tree OpenGL drivers,
      including the nvidia driver.
    + Additionally, due to some complicated issues wrt ptrace and
      user namespaces this version disables the use of user
      namespaces if bubblewrap is setuid, as it cause problems for
      the way flatpak portals identifies applications.
    + Better handling of errors for extra-data.
    + Handle extra-data properly for runtimes (as well as apps).
    + Respect required version for runtimes (as well as apps).
    + flatpak list: Don't break if some local ref is not deployed.
    + builder:
    - Look for appstream data in /app/share/metadata also.
    - Fix buildsystem=cmake builds.
    + Add progress reporting to extra-data download.
    + Fix uid/gid for directories in document portal.
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Feb 15 2017
  - Add flatpak-propagate-xauth-wildcard.patch which ensures
    applications have the right to communicate with the X server.
* Fri Feb 10 2017
  - Update to version 0.8.2:
    + This is a bugfix and security update:
    - Some of the bind-mounts that flatpak sets up were not
      read-only as they should have. This includes: extensions,
      system fonts, resolv.conf, localtime and machine-id. Many of
      these are typically only writable by root, but some, like the
      user-specific fonts and user-installed extensions could be
      modified from the sandbox.
    + Other fixes:
    - There are new configure options for where to install dbus
    - Broken symlinks in the root directory no longer break flatpak
    - flatpak run with HOME in /var now works.
    - dri access now also handles mali devices.
    - install handles --arch when installing flatpakrefs.
    - system-helper activation fixed on systemd-less setups.
    - dbus-proxy now works without /run.
    - During installation, failing to update a dependency is now
      not fatal.
    - /etc is now fully writable when building runtimes.
    - --filesystem=xdg-config/foo now sets up the bind-mount from
      the host dir even when not using :create.
* Fri Feb 10 2017
  - Update to version 0.8.1:
    + This is a bugfix and security update (CVE-2017-5226):
    - Flatpak now uses seccomp to disallow the TIOCSTI ioctl in the
      sandbox, which works around the possibility to inject text on
      the controlling tty (CVE-2017-5226).
    - This was previously fixed in bubblewrap in 0.1.6, but that
      change has now been reverted as it introduced other problems
      for flatpak.
    + Update bundled bubblewrap to 0.1.7.
    + Fix writing new file with O_EXCL in the document portal.
    + Allow appstream data that doesn't have .desktop in the
      component id, such as data for runtimes.
    + Drop json-glib dependency from 1.2 to 1.0.
    + Builder: Fail if unable to read included file.
    + OCI: Ensure exported layers are readable by everyone.
    + Fix extra-data download in gnome-software.
    + Fix update-mime-database trigger when installing via the system
    + Updating an app by installing a newer bundle now works again.
    + Make /var/tmp not be on a tmpfs (it is now in
    + Updated documentation.
    + Updated translations.
* Thu Dec 22 2016
  - Update to version 0.8.0:
    + This is the first release in a new series of stable releases
      called 0.8.x. New features will be added to 0.9.x, and only
      bugfixes will be backported to 0.8.x. The featureset of this
      release is a good base to target if you're creating flatpaks
      that should be widely usable.
    + This release technically requires only OSTree 2016.14, and it
      build fine with this, but we recommend using OSTree 2016.15,
      because of the change in how it verifies the checksums of
      commits in delta files.
    + Flatpakrepo files now support a RuntimeRepo= key which points
      to a flatpakrepo file. This means the user don't have to
      manually configure a remote for the runtime, just reply to the
      prompt to automatically do this when installing the app.
    + We now support dependencies when installing bundles. This
      includes required runtimes, related refs, and the equivalent of
    + The support for OCI in flatpak has been updated to the latest
      OCI spec version, and support has been added to directly
      install flatpak applications from an OCI image.
    + In flatpak install, the --from and --bundle options are now
      optional if the argument has the correct suffix (.flatpakref
      and .flatpak).
    + Flatpak install now supports -y to let you avoid interactive
    + build-finish:
    - We now export mime type files with the right name.
    - New --require-version option let you specify a particular
      version of flatpak, and older version of flatpak will not
      install or update to the new version.
    + build-sign: Allow signing all apps by omitting the id.
    + Fix regression in the document portal when adding named files.
    + build-import-bundle now signs the commit if you specify a gpg
    + Flatpak now reads configuration from
      /etc/flatpak/installations.d which lets you support multiple
      system-level installation paths. These can be accessed with
      new --installation=... arguments to most of the commands.
    + flatpak-builder:
    - Support --jobs=N to limit parallel builds.
    - Patch source got new options property that lets you pass
      arguments to patch.
    - New generic "buildsystem: type" option that replace the (now
      deprecated) "cmake: true" option. This supports "autotools",
      "cmake" and "meson".
* Tue Nov 29 2016
  - Update to version 0.6.14:
    + Update bundled bubblewrap to 0.1.4 which has some nice
    + Requires OSTree 2016.14, which allows us to drop some old
    + When installing an application system-wide, don't consider
      dependencies that are installed for the user only.
    + Flatpak install --from now tries to re-use existing remotes to
      avoid creating unnecessary origin remotes.
    + Using --filesystem=$dir when $dir is a symlink-to-directory now
    + Using --filesystem=$file to expose unix sockets to the app is
      now allowed.
    + By default all the directories in ~/.var/app (except the app),
      as well as ~/.local/share/flatpak are hidden in the sandbox.
    + New option --filesystem=$dir:create which will create the
      destination if it did not previously exist.
    + --filesystem= now supports for xdg-[config|cache|data]. This
      allows you access to the host versions of these xdg dirs.
      Additionally if you use these with a subdirectory, like:
    - -filesystem=xdg-config/subdir then that subdirectory on the
      host will be shared with the per-app instance of the xdg-dir.
    + Builder now correctly handles app-ids that have dashes in them.
      Previously this generated invalid ids for the debuginfo and
      locale extensions.
    + The experimental OCI file format support was changed from
      creating an OCI container to creating an OCI image.
    + Fix regression where "flatpak update --appstream remotename"
* Thu Nov 03 2016
  - Require flatpak by flatpak-devel: xdg-desktop-portal expects to
    find org.freedesktop.portal.Documents.xml, which is part of
    flatpak. It's fair to assume everything to be present when
    pulling in the -devel package.
* Wed Oct 26 2016
  - Update to version 0.6.13:
    + The command line arguments for install/update/uninstall
    + Application runtime depencenies are checked/downloaded.
    + remote-add and install --from now supports uris.
    + flatpak run can now launch a runtime directly.
    + Updated bubblewrap to 0.1.3 (CVE-2016-8659).
    + Support for defining the default branch per remote.
    + remote-add/modify: --update-metadata pulls current title and
      default branch from remote summary file.
    + Applications can now list a set of URIs that will be downloaded
      with the application.
    + flatpak-builder: Support --finish-only and
    - -allow-missing-runtimes.
    + flatpak-builder: Support app layering.
    + dbus proxy: The filtering has been tightened up.
    + build-finish: Now exports icons for themes other than hicolor
    + There is support in the app metadata for generic policies.
    + Support for extensions directories.
* Mon Oct 10 2016
  - Update to version 0.6.12:
    + Partial revert in application id rules. Application ids can now
      only have dashes in the last element. This allows apps to
      export files such as which was used by
      the libreoffice builds.
    + By default the kernel keyring is not accessable, as it is not
    + Some robustness fixes for build-commit-from.
    + Better error messages.
    + flatpak update --appstream now updates for all remotes.
    + Made flatpak enter work, and you can now use any pid in the
      sandbox. However, it requires root permissions.
    + Support for --device=kvm for /dev/kvm access.
    + Support for --allow=multiarch to support non-primary arch
      support. For example running i686 code in an x86_64 app.
    + Add new default-branch setting for the remote configuration.
  - Changes from version 0.6.11:
    + Dashes are now allowed in application ids. However, to still
      work with symbolic icon names, they may not end with
    + HostCommand now handles ptys correctly.
    + Various documentation updates.
    + New FLATPAK_CHECK_VERSION macro in libflatpak.
    + HostCommand now returns the real PID rather than a fake one.
    + Fix regression in flatpak update --appstream.
    + Fix regression installing bundles without origin urls.
    + New flatpak-builder option --show-deps lists all the files the
      manifest depends on.
* Mon Sep 19 2016
  - Update to version 0.6.10:
    + Dropped requirement for systemd --user. The way we detect if an
      process we're talking to is sandboxed, and what application id
      it has doesn't use cgroups anymore, which means that the
      dependency on systemd in the user session is now optional. This
      also means the --no-desktop argument is not needed any more.
      (It is still accepted but does nothing.)
    + Initial support has been added for .flatpakref files. These are
      simple key value files similar to .flatpakrepo files, however
      they specify an application to install in addition to the repo
      information. For example, gedit can be installed by downloading and running: flatpak
      install --from gedit.flatpakref There is also library support
      for this so it can be added to graphical installers (such as
    + Requires OSTree 2016.10. The change in how OSTree handles
      mtimes in checkouts that was introduced in 2016.7 has been
      reverted, and the required changes in Flatpak has been made.
      This means that flatpak now depends on OSTree 2016.10.
    + Requires Bubblewrap 0.1.2 for builds using the system
      bubblewrap. Builds using the included copy need no changes.
    + The $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/flatpak-info file has added information
      about the running application, and is now also securely
      available for a running application from the host as
      "/proc/$fd/root/.flatpak-info". This is what is used to
      identify remote apps instead of the cgroup info.
    + A new run permission --allow=devel has been added. An
      application with this permission is allowed to use ptrace and
      perf. This was previously only available during "flatpak build"
      and "flatpak run -d". This is useful if you're packaging e.g.
      an IDE.
    + When an application is updated or removed a /app/.updated or
      /app/.removed file is created for running instances. This can
      be used by applications to trigger e.g. a restart for the new
    + A new dbus request "HostCommand" has been added to
      org.freedesktop.Flatpak. This lets you run any command on the
      host, and is therefore clearly not sandboxed, so access to this
      should be limited. However, it is very useful if you're using
      flatpak mainly as a distribution mechanism, for a non-sandboxed
    + flatpak-builder now supports running from inside a flatpak, by
      auto-detecting this and using the HostCommand service to run
      recursive flatpaks.
    + Consecutive calls to flatpak build-update-repo has been speed
    + The document portal now allows sandboxed applications to create
      references to files in /app and /usr (in the app/runtime).
    + The update process now doesn't stop at the first failure.
* Tue Sep 06 2016
  - Update to version 0.6.9:
    + Dropped dependency on libgsystem.
    + Allow passing partial refs whenever a CLI command takes an app
      or runtime name.
    + New command build-commit-from creates a new commit based on the
      contents of another commit (optionally from another local
    + The sandbox now contains $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/app/$APPID from the
      host (and the directory is created if needed).
    + update: Better output, and faster for the no updates case.
    + build-export: Don't make most validation errors fail, instead
      just print a warning.
    + builder:
    - Support local path references for git sources.
    - Better handling of recursive git submodules.
    - Fixed issues with the .pyc mtime rewriting.
    - Handle symbolic icons for rename-icon.
    - Add --stop-at=$module to do partial builds.
    - Add --sandbox flag to disable the build from escaping from
      the sandbox via build-args.
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop pkgconfig(libgsystem) BuildRequires following upstream.
* Tue Aug 16 2016
  - Update to version 0.6.8:
    + Requires OSTree 2016.7, allowing to enable use of static delta
      for system downloads again.
    + Support --no-desktop which allows you to run a flatpak app
      outside a desktop, with some loss of functionallity
      (for example, there will be no systemd --user scope created for
      the app)..
    + More documentation.
    + Memory leak fixes.
    + Initial support for rpms as flatpak-builder archive sources.
    + Start work on translating the CLI.
    + Install systemd config snippet to set the right XDG_DATA_DIRS
    + Support --arch in flatpak list.
    + Support access() in the document portal.
    + Validate exported desktop files.
* Tue Jul 19 2016
  - Change /usr/bin/tar Requires to /bin/tar: this has never been
    moved to /usr/bin.
* Sat Jul 02 2016
  - Update to version 0.6.7:
    + Expand the flatpak run --devel docs.
    + Add an option for journal sockets.
    + Document new socket option.
    + Fix builddir option type in flatpak-builder documentation.
    + document portal: don't reply to GetMountPoint() until ready.
    + Downgrade failure to get document portal from warning to
    + tests: don't treat helper scripts as though they were tests.
    + Run tests with a private XDG_RUNTIME_DIR.
    + Add BWRAP and --with-system-bubblewrap configure arguments.
    + test-basic: do not fail in non-English locales.
    + Update to latest libglnx with lock release fix.
    + fix warning.
    + Fix leak in flatpak-installed-ref.
    + utils: Add flatpak_spawnv() helper.
    + builder: Add "use-git" option for patch source type.
    + Make journal always available in the sandbox.
    + builder: Report errors to stderr, not stdout.
    + tests: Add test for "use-git" patch application.
    + tests/ Re-silence flatpak-builder.
    + tests: Test install/updates with static deltas.
    + extensions: Minor cleanup.
    + Add tests for extensions.
    + extensions: Always create a tmpfs for subdirectory extensions.
    + common: Remove unused functions.
    + utils: Add flatpak_get_current_locale_subpaths().
    + utils: Add flatpak_summary_match_subrefs.
    + builder: Strip "." from locale names too.
    + FlatpakDir: Add flatpak_dir_find_remote/local_related.
    + Add flatpak_dir_install_or_update.
    + Install/update/uninstall related refs.
    + builder: Set the new extension properties.
    + Bump version number since last release.
    + Document the metadata format.
    + lib: Support listing related refs.
    + Add some code I used to test the new related refs code.
    + doc/flatpak-metadata: Add some extra clarifications.
    + Update NEWS.
    + Require ostree 2016.6.
    + builder: Clear mtime to 1, not 0, to match what new ostree
    + Remove unused variables.
* Tue Jun 28 2016
  - Update to version 0.6.6:
    + lib: Add flatpak_get_supported_arches.
    + Add flatpak --supported-arches.
    + common: Make some internal functions static.
    + update: Always look at all existing apps when updating.
    + Disable static deltas for system-helper updates.
    + Make finding refs handle multi-arch.
    + make-current: Use find_installed_ref().
    + remote-ls: Better multiarch support.
  - Changes from 0.6.5:
    + Documentation improvements
    + builder: Check that the specified command exists after build is
    + builder: Fix up mtime in headers for python precompiled files.
    + builder: Allow submodules and including modules from other json
    + system-helper builds are optional (--disable-system-helper).
    + system-helper: Support installing from local remotes and
    + Improved support for --subpath installs, including libflatpak
    + Improved command line completion.
  - Create /var/lib/flatpak directory, own it and ensure system wide
    repo exists when installing / updating flatpak package.
  - Add pkgconfig(libarchive) >= 2.8.0 and gtk-doc to BuildRequires.
  - Replace libelf-devel for pkgconfig(libelf) BuildRequires.
  - Bump ostree minimal requirements to 2016.5.
* Wed Jun 08 2016
  - Version update to 0.6.4:
    + Rename to flatpack
    + New homepage and download url
    + Various fixes
* Wed Apr 20 2016
  - Update to version 0.5.2:
    + The way locale extensions work has changed. Now we build a
      single extension for all locales, but we allow you to specify a
      subset of it during installation and update time using the
    - -subpath commandline flag. The main reason for this is that
      the many extensions didn't scale, both in technical terms
      (large ostree summary file size), but also in terms of the UI
      listing hundreds of uninteresting things.
    + We no longer use sizes in the commit objects to get installed
      and download size, instead we store some extra metadata in the
      summary file. This allows us to get much faster access to
      these, as with recent ostree versions we can cache the summary
    + New command xdg-app build-sign that lets you sign a commit at
      any time.
    + New argument xdg-app build --force-clean that removes
      pre-existing build dirs.
    + xdg-app run now uses the "current" version as the default if
      you specify no branch or arch. It used to default to the
      "master" branch. This will default to the last installed
      version, but can be changed with xdg-app make-current.
    + Added config-opts to the build-options in xdg-app-builder. This
      allows you to extend the configure flags in an arch dependent
    + Documentation updates.
* Fri Apr 08 2016
  - Update to version 0.5.1:
    + xdg-app-builder: Don't export if --build-only specified.
    + Prefer non-subdir extensions over subdir ones..
    + builder: Build single every-locale extension.
    + Extract icons for all appstream components.
    + Document xdg-app-build-bundle.
    + Align contents of xdg-app.1 with xdg-app --help.
    + Don't check that the name is a branch.
    + Add xdg-app info to docs.
    + builder: Use the right field for the platform cache checksum.
    + builder: Checksum metadata-platform contents for cache too.
    + builder: Actually respect the defined branch.
    + Fix indentation.
    + Support endianness markers in bundle files.
    + seccomp: Always try to do the socket filtering, but don't fail
      if not supported.
    + seccomp: Allow running the target arch.
    + doc: Minor reshuffling.
    + XdgAppInstallation: Fix a doc typo.
    + version information: Add documentaiton.
    + XdgAppError: Add documentation.
    + XdgAppInstallation: Add documentation.
    + XdgAppRef: Add documentation.
    + XdgAppInstalledRef: Add documentation.
    + XdgAppRemoteRef: Add documentation.
    + XdgAppRemote: Add documentation.
    + docs: Pick up the version number automatically.
    + docs: No need for a deprecated index.
    + docs: Exclude more private headers.
    + docs: Fix a typo.
    + docs: Hide class structs.
    + doc: Add xdg_app_installation_install_bundle.
    + More class hiding.
    + docs: Document XdgProgressCallback.
    + helper: Use 64bit capset/capget versions.
    + Release 0.5.1.
* Thu Mar 17 2016
  - Update to version 0.5.0:
    + Change xdg_app_bundle_ref_get_appdata to
    + Update test-lib.c with the appstream api change.
    + lib: Fix a tiny leak.
    + lib: Add xdg_app_bundle_ref_get_origin().
    + Search for dwarf.h in configure.
    + Post release version bump.
    + Force /bin/sh as a shell.
    + Ensure that the .ref file is always replaced.
    + Get the new glnx_fd_close.
    + Reimplement fuse backend.
    + Now newlines needed in g_debug calls.
    + Don't enumerate noenumerate remotes.
    + document portal: Avoid some deadlock.
    + fuse: Store basename in dir so we don't have to keep looking it
    + Flesh out document portal tests.
    + xdg-app-buildeR: Remove unnecessary spew.
    + No need for newlines in g_debug messages.
    + Never use gvfs in the session helper.
    + Avoid warning about refing null GVariant.
    + Add change notification for the permissions store.
    + Don't unnecessarily grow the buffer when loading files.
    + Enabling gpg means require both signed commits and summaries.
    + Update summary after generating deltas.
    + Bump version to 0.5.0.
    + Update NEWS.
    + Add major_version to binary age.
* Fri Mar 11 2016
  - Update to version 0.4.13:
    + Fix xml printing of nodes with no children.
    + Set xdg-app as the log domain.
    + docs: Add docs for shell sources.
    + Add a file header to bundles.
    + builder: Add builder_get_debuginfo_file_references.
    + builder: Build runtimes in /run/build-runtime.
    + builder: Add sources referenced from debuginfo into Debug
    + Make /run/build and /run/build-runtime symlinks to the right
    + build-bundle: Add metadata file as metadata element.
    + Fix typos in header.
    + common: Break out bundle loader to helper utility.
    + Remove unused variable.
    + lib: Add XdgAppBundleRef.
    + bundles: Verify that the header metadata matches the deployed
      one at install.
    + common: Move part of bundle install to helper functions.
    + Remove origin repos on uninstall.
    + Add test scripts that create trivial a runtime and app.
    + Add
    + bundles: Don't lock during pull.
    + lib: Add xdg_app_installation_install_bundle.
    + Fix some compiler warning (unused vars).
    + Allow specifying subdir of xdg dir, like:
    - -filesytem=xdg-download/subdir.
    + Support --filesystem=xdg-run/foo.
    + common: Break out xml appstream rewriting to helper functions.
    + Add appdata to test apps.
    + common: Add xdg_app_read_stream helper.
    + common: Add and use xdg_app_appstream_xml_root_to_data.
    + build-bundle: Extract appdata and icons into metadata.
    + lib: Add XdgAppBundleRef api to get appdata and icons.
    + build-update-repo: Add --generate-static-deltas option.
    + lib: Add xdg_app_bundle_ref_get_installed_size().
    + Update version to 0.4.13.
  - Add libdwarf-devel BuildRequires: new dependency.
* Fri Mar 11 2016
  - Update to version 0.4.12:
    + Update exports on uninstall too.
    + Pass location of exports to triggers as arg1.
    + Add option to disable sandbox triggers.
    + Update exports on uninstall via library too.
    + builder: Put all builds in a .xdg-app-builder/build subdir.
    + helper: If stdout is a tty, mount tty as /dev/console.
    + When rewriting Exec lines, don't use full bindir.
    + Revert "When rewriting Exec lines, don't use full bindir".
    + Allow overriding XDG_APP_BINDIR using make vars.
    + Work around race when doing first initial appstream checkout.
    + info: Fix support for system installed runtimes (typo).
    + Make system repo bare-user too, to avoid any chance of creating
      setuid bits.
    + helper: drop caps in launcher.
    + builder: Report errors if eu_strip fails.
    + lib: Return GBytes from xdg_app_installed_ref_load_metadata().
    + lib: Add xdg_app_installation_get_path.
    + builder: Always create unversioned symlinks while building
    + builder: Add build_context_get_build_dir().
    + builder: Move CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS handling into BuilderOptions.
    + builder: Add support for --run to start a command in the
      build dir.
    + builder: Support local archives with path property.
    + build-init: Support --tag=FOO.
    + builder: Support tags.
    + deploy: Add metadata tags to exported desktop files.
    + appstream: Add runtime, sdk and tags to appstream xml.
    + Add xdg_app_installation_get_remote_by_name.
    + Remove all appstream checkouts and mirrored refs when deleting
    + common: Add XDG_APP_CP_FLAGS_MOVE support.
    + Add docs for appstream-compose option.
    + builder: Support separating out locale data.
    + Move migrate_locales to builder-utils.c.
    + Migrate locales after importing parent runtime.
    + Add support for separated locales when creating platforms.
    + Always create /etc/passwd,group,resolve.conf,machine-id when
    + Fix use after free.
    + helper: Put monitor path in /run/host instead of
    + When deploying, always make /etc/resolve.conf a symlink into
      the monitor dir.
    + Release 0.4.12.
* Tue Feb 16 2016
  - Update to version 0.4.11:
    + install: Fix assertion on runtime install
    + Release 0.4.11
* Tue Feb 16 2016
  - Update to version 0.4.10:
    + Fix some g_propagate_error typos
    + builder: Avoid reusing set GError
    + Make sure we export files during install
    + Updated for release
* Tue Feb 16 2016
  - Update to version 0.4.9:
    + install: Only set current for apps, not for runtimes
    + builder: Add shell source
    + helper: Make ~/.local/share/xdg-app writable again (if you have
      homedir access)
    + builder: Use non-parallel-make option instead of looking at
    + Add xdg-app info command
    + builder: Store exact sdk commit id in the build cache and
    + lib: Fix crash during uninstall
    + install-app: Actually look for apps, not runtimes
    + common: Always resolve active symlink when looking up deploy
    + Add app-path to the xdg-app-info in the sandbox
    + app-utils: typo
    + Don't export app-info files
    + builder: Use predictable names for build dirs
    + Make arches canonical
    + Bump version to 0.4.9
* Tue Feb 16 2016
  - Update to version 0.4.8:
    + update-repo: Escape text when writing xml
    + docs: Fix gtk-doc documentation
    + helper: Make user namespace support vs setuid a runtime, not
      build-time option
    + Require some way to set cgroup for apps (currently systemd
    - -user)
    + Avoid gtk-doc warnings: multiple ID for constraint linkend
    + Complete documentation for XdgAppInstallation
    + Document the structs in libxdg-app
    + Fix some misc. gtk-doc warnings
    + lib: Add some missing docs
    + lib: Fix up doc details
    + Make xauth use optional
    + Finish the optional xauth work
    + Fix include order to build with older libsoup versions
    + helper: Update the error messages to not refer to
    - -disable-userns
    + utils: Fix nul termination of xdg_app_spawn output
    + builder: Skip checking out disabled submodules
    + builder: Style fixes
    + Build top-level directory before building documentation
    + Hide non-public symbols from libglnx and libxdgapp-common
    + Rename xdg-app-session.service to the recommended name
    + Add systemd user units corresponding to the D-Bus session
    + .gitignore: ignore tests and their results
    + test-doc-portal: split out global setup/teardown into functions
    + test-doc-portal: skip all tests if no FUSE
    + Consistently call g_assert_no_error before other assertions
    + Move XDG_APP_SYSTEMDIR to /var/lib/xdg-app or similar
    + Support a proxy on the system bus similar to the one on the
      session bus
    + Disable gtkdoc-check by default for now
    + Distribute files in tarballs
    + Remove unset variable from EXTRA_DIST
    + Update tests' dependencies for commit 2f38ec65
    + Release 0.4.8
* Tue Feb 16 2016
  - Update to version 0.4.7:
    + libglnx: Update to get glib 2.44 build fix
    + lib: Change how listing installed refs work
    + lib: Return GPtrArray from xdg_app_remote_list_refs_sync
    + lib: Always use "branch" not "version" in API
    + apps: Use "branch", not "version" when talking about app
    + lib: get_current => get_is_current
    + lib: Move fetch_metadata_sync from RemoteRef to Remote
    + lib: Move app launching to XdgAppInstallation
    + lib: Move all sync operations from XdgAppRemote to
    + lib: Make list_remotes return a GPtrArray
    + lib: Add xdg_app_ref_format_ref
    + lib: Add xdg_app_installation_list_installed_refs_for_update
    + common: Add xdg_app_strcmp0_ptr and use it in all
      g_ptr_array_sort calls
    + ls-remote: Support showing remote commit ids
    + list-*: Show active commit ids
    + app: Limit commit id output to 12 chars
    + app: Use space, not tab to delimit columns
    + app: Support --no-pull and --no-deploy in the install and
      update commands
    + common: Add xdg_app_dir_read_latest helper
    + lib: Expose latest_commit on installed app and let you use it
    + lib: Always initialize the repo on Installation creation
    + lib: Add cancellable to Installation constructors
    + apps: Make it more obvious that system repo is default
    + list-remotes: Default to list only system remotes
    + install-bundle: Make the repo title shorter
    + lib/app: Add support for repo priorities
    + builder: Add --disable-updates
    + XdgAppDir: Touch .changes file each time something changes
    + lib: Add xdg_app_installation_create_monitor
    + XdgAppDir: Remove leftover spew
    + build-finish: Add --no-exports
    + build-export: Add --runtime commit support
    + build-export: Look in the right keyfile group when exporting
    + add-remote: Fix typo in prio handling
    + add-remote: Fix typo in no-enumerate handling
    + build-export: FLAGS_GENERATE_SIZES when commiting
    + builder: Print all files removed by cleanup
    + builder: Use libelf to detect elf files
    + builder: Add support for separating out debuginfo
    + builder: Break out helpers for path matching
    + builder: Pass down keep-build-dirs via BuildContext
    + builder: Pass down global cleanups via BuildContext
    + builder: Match debuginfo files against regular cleanup patterns
    + builder: Clean up how the commit filters work
    + common: Move path_match_prefix to common
    + export: Support --exclude
    + builder: Create metadata.debuginfo if debug info exists
    + export: Allow custom source for "files" and "metadata"
    + run: Fix support for app extensions
    + builder: Add support for exporting with --repo=foo
    + export: Add docs for the new command line arguments
    + build-finish: Don't leave empty directories in the exports dir
    + helper: Print nicer error messages when user namespaces don't
    + run: Be more flexible with --runtime option, and add
    - -runtime-version
    + helper: Add missing arguments to usage output
    + helper: Allow specifying initial cwd
    + build: Add --bind-mount and --build-dir arguments
    + builder: Run builds in /run/build/$modulename
    + helper: Align help output
    + builder: Add option to enable ccache use in build
    + builder: Pass --body, --subject and --gpg-sign to build-export
    + builder: Don't break if ccache not enabled.
    + builder: Add some more spew when exporting
    + builder: Fix handling of builddir
    + install: Fix printing of NULL in already-installed error
    + builder: Fix up cleanup matching
    + builder: Add support for rename-appdata-file option
    + build-finish: Export appdata files
    + builder: Change the way the cache is indexed
    + xdg-app: Deprecate install/update/uninstall-app/runtime
    + xdg-app: Update the command names and make nicer usage output
    + docs: Update for the new command names
    + Merge list-apps and list-runtimes into single list command
    + remote-ls: Regularize --runtime and --app user
    + completion: Update to the new cli commands
    + builder: Also apply cleanup to changes in usr
    + XdgAppDir: Add helper to fetch the size info for a commit
    + lib: xdg_app_installation_fetch_remote_size_sync
    + builder: Add some spew when downloading files
    + Better handling of the title in the summary
    + common: Add XdgAppTempDir which cleans up temporary directories
    + build-repo-update: Update appdata branch using appdata-builder
    + xdg_app_installation_list_remote_refs_sync: Don't crash on
      weird refs
    + build-update-repo: Add --appdata update option
    + XdgAppDir: Document some args to xdg_app_dir_fetch_sizes
    + lib: Add xdg_app_installation_update_appdata_sync
    + builder: Don't delete the APPDIR directory
    + docs: Add missing full stops in xdg-app-builder manpage
    + cache: Remove target directory before checking out cache
    + build-export: Add --include option
    + builder: Correctly handling non-existing app dir when applying
    + builder: Allow building runtime sdks (based on existing sdk)
    + Builder: Support commiting a platform
    + builder: Fix random crash due to uninitialized memory
    + cache: Don't fail to create cache if parent dir is not created
    + The plural of appdata is appstream
    + Add support to gpg sign summaries and appstream
    + builder: Handle modules with invalid refname characters in the
    + override: Fix error if override file doesn't already exist
    + build-update-repo: Add --prune and --prune-depth options
    + override: Fix warning
    + Remove unused variables
    + Fix possible read of uninitialized variable
    + builder: Fix error with va_start use
    + builder: Remove leftover debug spew
    + lib: Add getter for installed size on InstalledRef
    + lib: Add xdg_app_remote_get_appstream_dir
    + build-finish: Fix exports
    + lib: update_appstream - work around main context issue
    + update-appstream: Don't fail badly if remote has not appstream
    + lib: Allow passing NULL for remote name in update_appstream
    + appstream: Don't try to remove old appstream if it doesn't
    + Revert "lib: Allow passing NULL for remote name in
    + builder: Put debuginfo in the right place for runtimes
    + common: Add xdg_app_list_extensions util
    + run: Use the new xdg_app_list_extensions helper
    + build-init: Add --sdk-extension
    + builder: Support sdk-extensions
    + builder: Add platform-extensions
    + appstream: Add timestamp which is updated each time the
      appstream is pulled
    + lib: Add xdg_app_ref_parse
    + build-finish: Export app-info, not appdata
    + build-update-repo: Update the appstream using a GMarkup parser
      on the app-info files
    + utils: Extract the xml helpers
    + build: When using a writable /usr, don't use runtime extensions
    + xdg-app-utils: Add autocleanup for GZlib*
    + common: Add xdg_app_cp_a
    + build-init: Don't copy uid/gid when initializing a writable sdk
    + common: fix handling of no_chown in xdg_app_cp_a
    + build-init: Also use the new cp_a for sdk extensions
    + build-export: Never export files you can't read
    + builder: Add some spew before build-init
    + builder: Add spew when commiting to cache
    + XdgAppDir: Make sure we always constole end status lines that
      we start
    + dir: Properly finish OstreeAsyncProgress objects
    + lib: Properly finishe OstreeAsyncProgress objects
    + update: Make both branch and name optional
    + Move the GZlib* autoptr backport to libglnx
    + builder: support using appstream-compose to create appstream
    + Always build libxmlapp
    + update-appstream: Fix crash in case there are no 128x128 icons
    + Update NEWS for release
    + Bump version to 0.4.7
  - Add libelf-devel BuildRequires: new dependency.
  - Split out new packages: libxdg-app0, typelib-1_0-XdgApp-1_0 and
    a -devel package.
* Thu Dec 24 2015
  - Update to version 0.4.6:
    + utils: Add xdg_app_supports_bundles
    + add build-bundle command
    + Add install-bundle command
    + Add completion for bundle ops
    + Drop dump-runtime command for now
    + Always make it possible to talk to the built in portals
    + Add xdg-app.pc file with variable for interfaces_dir
    + lib: Export xdg_app_context_set_session_bus_policy
    + deploy: Explicitly pull from the origin
    + Add autoptr cleanup backport for SoupUri
    + Handle PWD env var correctly when spawning apps/builds
    + build: Set fs access before applying args so you can
      override it
    + Add xdg-app-builder
    + builder: Add --build-only argument
    + xdg-app-builder: Update docs
    + Correct license, we're LGPL 2+, not 3+
    + Remove unused helper function
    + xdg-app run: Fix support for --filesystem=~/dir
    + Support defining read-only filesystem access
    + portals: Only give blanket access to session-*.scope systemd
    + Create xdg-app-info file in user runtime dir with effective
    + Add standard errors needed for portal
    + Rename lib/ to common/ in preparation for public xdg-app
    + builder: Add support for cmake and forced builddir
    + builder: Add more headers around the spew for each new module
    + builder: builddir != srcdir was broken becasue we never created
      the buildir
    + builder: Fix typo in cmake support
    + Remove leftover semicolon
    + builder: Add submodule support for git sources
    + builder: Add post-install script support
    + builder: Add docs for post-install
    + Add script source type
    + builder: Support building from a subdirectory of the sources
    + Remove stray semicolons
    + xdg-app-utils: Correct SoupUri -> SoupURI typo.
    + builder: Build with "make", not "make all"
    + Update libglnx for new backports
    + Fix some warnings
    + builder: Fix build with g_autoptr backports
    + builder: Consider the build_option when checksumming
    + builder: Add support for copy-icon option
    + builder: Error out if rename_error is set but not found
    + builder: Don't use ":" in uri-as-filename
    + Docs: Fix some tiny typos
    + document portal: Add AddNamed method for host-side use
    + builder: Merge spawn helpers to single base helper
    + ls-remote: Remove unnecessary code
    + Initial version of libxdg-app
    + build: Fix include path for builddir != srcdir
    + build: Switch to olddir after autoreconf
    + builder: Be a bit more verbose when pulling VCS
    + builder: Prune old branches when updating mirror
    + Add introspection check
    + XdgAppDir: Add some helpers for handling remotes
    + list/ls-remotes: Use the new remote helpers
    + lib: Use the new remote helpers
    + Add introspection support to libxdg-app
    + Add xdg_app_dir_fetch_remote_title and remote old custom
      summary fetcher
    + Annotate transfer rules for ambiguous return values
    + Add no-enumerate flag to remote and set if for bundle origin
    + lib: Make getters for XdgAppRemote return copies of strings for
    + helper: Allow exec on the tmpfs.
    + lib: Add XdgAppRemoteRef subclass
    + Generate the API reference for libxdg-app
    + Add XdgAppRemoteRef do docs
    + XdgAppDeploy: Fix wrong types in finalizer
    + common: Move typedef to separate header to avoid circular deps
    + Remove unused variable
    + Move most of builtins-run to xdg_app_run_app helper
    + common: Clean up xdg_app_run_app()
    + helper: Mount dconf run dir writable, as dconf needs this.
    + xdg_app_run_app: Handle error == NULL
    + lib: Add xdg_app_installed_ref_launch()
    + lib: Add remote_name to XdgAppRemoteRef
    + lib: Rename xdg_app_remote_list_refs to
    + lib: Add some more debug spew to test-lib
    + lib: xdg_app_remote_fetch_ref_sync
    + lib: Always load installed ref metadata each time
    + lib: Add XdgAppDir to RemoteRef private
    + lib: Fix declaration of xdg_app_installed_ref_load_metadata
    + lib: Add xdg_app_remote_ref_fetch_metadata_sync helper
    + lib: Minor indentation cleanups
    + lib: Add xdg_app_installation_load_app_overrides()
    + common: Make it explicit that XdgAppError are portal errors
    + builder: Allow git uris to be relative to the base directory
    + common: Make XdgAppDir soup session initilization threadsafe
    + builder: Make the builder manifest objects serializable to json
    + builder: Break out download_uri helper function in SourceFile
    + builder: Allow optionally specifying remote file sources
    + builder: Use SoupRequest to simplify download helpers
    + builder: Support data: uri for files
    + builder: Support specifying revision in bzr sources
    + builder: Support specifying commit ids as git branches
    + Builder: Add a resolved version of the manifest to the built
    + builder: Add --keep-build-dirs option
    + builder: Remove accidental leftover spew
    + builder: After fetching the mirrored git repo, set back the
      right origin
    + completion: Fix completion of apps/runtimes in a remote
    + completion: Fix completion for xdg-app run
    + builder: Fix build with old glib
    + lib: Fix build with older glib
    + builder: Fix typo in patch applying
    + lib: Better fix for old glib
    + app: Fix warning if building with --disable-userns
    + lib: Fix compiler warning in test app
    + common: Fix compiler warning when built with --disable-userns
    + XdgAppDir: Add set_origin helper function
    + Bump libglnx to latest version
    + lib: Add xdg_app_installation_install
    + app: Clean up leftover removes after updates too
    + lib: Add xdg_app_installation_update
    + Fix unused variable warnings
    + helper: Properly unescape strings
    + lib: Add xdg_app_dir_undeploy_all and xdg_app_dir_remove_ref
    + common: Add xdg_app_compose_ref helper
    + Use xdg_app_compose_ref helper
    + lib: Add xdg_app_installation_uninstall
    + common: Add and use xdg_app_dir_deploy_update()
    + lib: Add custom GError codes
    + lib: Use the new installed/not-installed custom GErrors
    + Add lock file for each xdg-app dir.
    + builder: Allow specifying custom prefix
    + build-init: Allow writable sdk
    + builder: Support writable-sdk option
    + builder: Don't fsync on cache checkouts
    + builder: Store the cache in BARE_USER mode
    + lib: Fix return value type warnings
    + Bump version to 0.4.6
    + Add missing EXTRA_DIST to pass distcheck
    + builder: Add cleanup-command property
    + Add --enable-libxdgapp configure flag and disable lib by
    + Update NEWS for 0.4.6
  - Add gobject-introspection-devel and pkgconfig(json-glib-1.0)
    BuildRequires: new dependencies.
* Thu Dec 24 2015
  - Update to version 0.4.5:
    + build-export: Add support for signing build
    + docs: Fix whitespace issues
    + helper: Correctly zero terminate symlink targets
    + helper: Also copy extra symlinks from /
    + Always regenerate summary after export-build
    + document-portal: Fix warning
    + uninstall: Don't fail if there is no origin
    + utils: Add xdg_app_decompose_ref()
    + Always remove all leftover app/runtime traces on uninstall
    + Correct capitalization on dbus interface filename
    + Install dbus introspection files
    + Move dbus invocation peer app detection to lib/
    + build-export: add human readable format to "Content Bytes
    + helper: give xdg-app process access to /dev/ptmx
    + helper: match whitespace to other options
    + helper: unblock SIGCHILD before execvp() of child
    + Create custom /etc/passwd and /etc/group with minimal content
    + Update to 0.4.5
* Mon Oct 05 2015
  - Update to version 0.4.4:
    + build: Fix srcdir != builddir from git
    + build-export: Strip out uid/gid and xattrs
    + fuse: Disable entry cache to work around race condition
    + helper: Handle existing mounts with escaped characters
    + Propagate Xauthority details to the sandbox if X11 is enabled
  - Add pkgconfig(xau) to BuildRequires.
* Mon Oct 05 2015
  - Update to version 0.4.3:
    + Accept -d as --show-details in all commands that support it
    + Fix regression is dbus proxy
    + utils: Add xdg_app_fail
    + Add --nofilesystem commandline arg
    + Make usage_error return FALSE
    + Add xdg-app dump-runtime command
    + cleanup: Remove trivial use of goto out
    + cleanup: Remove unused variables
    + cleanup: Simplify code using xdg_app_fail
    + Make sure we build against older ostree (without gpg import)
* Mon Oct 05 2015
  - Update to version 0.4.2:
    + run: When creating /etc symlinks, don't make symlinks to
    + xdg-app build: Support extensions
    + run: Fix handling of which filesystems you can access
    + remove some unused code
    + run: Add /var/config and /var/data to sandbox
    + add-remote: Allow specifying local pathname instead of uri
    + Make seccomp optional
    + Update to libglnx for new autocleanup backports
    + Add xdg-app enter command
    + Move table printer to xdg-app-utils.c
    + list-remotes: Add support for listing both user and system
    + list-apps/runtimes: User table printer
    + bash_completion: Properly list apps when completing "run"
* Wed Sep 30 2015
  - Own %{_datadir}/dbus-1 and subfolder for openSUSE Tumbleweed.
* Mon Sep 21 2015
  - Update to version 0.4.1:
    + run: Allow perf and ptrace in debug and build mode.
    + Mount nvidia device nodes in sandbox if dri allowed
    + tests: Use check_PROGRAMS as the primary
    + fuse: Supply mode when creating files
    + Support version= in extension metadata
    + Update NEWS and version to 0.4.1
* Mon Sep 21 2015
  - Update to version 0.4.0:
    + Import xdg-document-portal from github repo
    + Add GetMountPoint method for document portal
    + Automatically start and mount document portal in sandbox
    + document-portal: *always* use the by-app location
    + Don't list empty names in opendir
    + Change dbus name of session helper to org.freedesktop.XdgApp
    + Rename dbus file to org.freedesktop.XdgApp
    + Move gvdb to lib/
    + gvdb: Add gvdb_table_get_content
    + Initial version of XdgAppDb
    + Initial tests of the db
    + Add XdgAppError
    + Initial version of permission store
    + Make document portal use the new permission store
    + Switch document portal to use strings for document ids
    + Document portal: Store paths, not uris
    + Drop the xdp specific errors and use the xdg-app ones
    + Remove ununsed variables reported by clang
    + dbus-proxy: Fix flags arg passed to g_socket_receive_message
    + dbus-proxy: Fix incorrect check of name policy
    + dbus-proxy: Avoid clang warning
    + Fix type of return
    + Fix error check of policy parsing
    + Fix const marking of string arrays.
    + utils: Add AUTOLOCK macro
    + autogen: Fix git submodules
    + Update libglnx, use its copy of backports
    + Use g_auto(GStrv) instead of glnx_strfreev
    + helper: Add perf and ptrace to seccomp blacklist
    + Markup AUTOLOCK with unused to avoid warnings
    + fuse: Make filesystem multithreaded
    + Add xdg_app_mkstempat
    + Store and verify parent dir dev/ino and pass O_PATH fds
    + Add xdg-app export-file to export files with the document
    + Add debug output for release
    + fuse: Always open files with O_NOFOLLOW
    + document-portals: Support unique documents
    + document-portal: Use xdg_app_is_valid_name() to validate app
    + export-files: Allow specifying app permissions
    + document-portal: Actually respect WRITE permissions
    + Add check-valgrind target
    + db: Fix leak
    + export-file: Fix leak
    + Add minimal document portal tests
    + fuse: Unmount previous fuse instance if ENOTCONN
    + fuse: Add daemonizing switch
    + test-doc-portal: Launch the portal manually
    + fuse: Properly invalidate inodes and entries
    + fuse: Raise entry cache times now that we invalidate
    + fuse: Add some more debug spew
    + document-portal: Allow dbus owner replacing
    + document portal: Move locking explicitly into portal handlers
    + export-file: Print the full document pathname
    + document portal: Correctly handle recursive documents
    + fuse: Drop DOC_DIR_INO_CLASS
    + test-doc-portal: Fix unique boolean arg
    + fuse: Add some more debug spew
    + test-doc-portal: Work around GTestDbus env unsetting
    + test-doc-portal: Add recursive file export test
    + XdgAppContext: Properly handle masking things from parent
    + run: Correctly report errors talking to document portal
    + document portal: Fix crashes when dbus activated
    + run: Never propagate DISPLAY if X socket not requested
    + run: Read per-app override metadata file
    + build-finish: Don't export hidden or backup files
    + XdgAppContext: Always initialize bitfields
    + run: Support system overrides as well as per-user
    + create dirs with 755, not 777
    + Add new override builtin to override app permissions
    + lib: Handle libsoup now having built-in autocleanup support
    + add modify-remote command
    + list-remotes: Add more details to remotes list
    + Fix unused label warning
    + Add XdgAppChainInputStream based on ostree version
    + add/modify-remote: Support importing trusted gpg keys
    + list-remotes: Separate columns with tab
    + docs: Update remote related docs
    + list-remotes: Use --show-details instead of --details
    + Rename repo-contents to ls-remote
    + Update docs for new/changes interface
    + bash completion: Update to match the lastest options
    + bump version to 0.4.0
    + Updated NEWS for release
    + document portal: Add support for transient documents
    + Fix distcheck issues
  - Drop 0001-Finish-switch-to-glibc-s-xattr.patch: fixed upstream.
  - Add pkgconfig(fuse) BuildRequires: new dependency.
* Mon Aug 10 2015
  - Update to version 0.3.6:
    + helper: Fix typo in the socket-family blacklist.
    + run: Make users fonts appear in /run/host/user-fonts.
    + helper: Disable socket filters on x86.
    + Write user-dirs.dirs under app's XDG_CONFIG_HOME.
    + helper: Mount extra dirs/files only after all other mounts are
    + helper: Add all possible architectures to seccomp filter.
    + Restructure directories and build.
    + Add NEWS file.
    + If home is accessible, make user-dirs.dir visible in custom
      config dir.
    + Bump version to 0.3.6.
* Tue Jul 14 2015
  - Update to version 0.3.5:
    + update: Don't remove existing deployment if there was no updates
    + Bump version to 0.3.2
    + helper: Keep any existing old mount flags when remounting
    + helper: Remove noremount hack now that we keep old mount flags
    + helper: No need for a tmpfs on /dev these days
    + configure: Add checks for docbook xsl/dtd
    + Bump version to 0.3.3
    + Avoid unnecessary escapes in desktop file exports
    + Bump version to 0.3.4
    + /usr/local/share is also in the default
    + Add xdg-app.env file for gdm
    + profile: Don't override pre-existing XDG_DATA_DIRS env vars
    + Bump version to 0.3.5
* Tue Jun 09 2015
  - Update to version 0.3.1:
    + helper: Clean up launched command line
    + Bump version to 0.3.1
* Tue Jun 02 2015
  - Update to version 0.3+git.20150602.d781e27:
    + Add a README
    + Make symlinks lib64 -> usr/lib64, etc if those exist in the
    + Fix debug message format string
    + dbus proxy in progress
    + Parse dbus headers
    + Add some minimal policy on send/receive
    + Flesh out filtering
    + DBusProxy: Add non-filtering mode
    + Add wildcard policies
    + Better handling of fd passing
    + dbus-proxy: Add some test policy
    + Break out dbus proxy implementation to separate file
    + Make xdg-dbus-proxy talk command line args and install it
    + Only print headers when logging
    + Allow runtime and apps to override environment variables
    + Don't clear the [Vars] group in build-finish command and
      improve error reporting
    + Ignore errors in add_env_overrides()
    + Actually unset the env variable when the value is empty
    + Report error when --var option is missing '='
    + Close any unexpectedly inherited fds in helper monitor and
    + xdg-dbus-proxy: Add support for syncing via fd
    + Fix path generation when recursively exporting a directory
    + xdg-app-helper: Add -S fd support
    + xdg-app run: use a dbus proxy if needed
    + Clean up filtering and allow all messages from bus to client
    + xdg-app-proxy: Only allow replies from the bus that we
    + xdg-app-proxy: Only allow pending replies from client
    + xdg-app-proxy: Large rewrite of docs comment
    + xdg-app-proxy: Don't filter unicast signals
    + proxy: Don't forward method returns and errors with no
    + proxy: Ensure that we SEE from peers we've gotten messages from
    + proxy: unlink socket on exit
    + proxy: Free some members on finalize
    + proxy: Send initial AddMatch and GetNameOwner to handle policy
    + proxy: Remove unneeded code for old name tracking
    + Update docs wrt new ownership tracking code.
    + proxy: Fully support policies for wildcarded names
    + proxy: Update docs
    + Some typo fixes
    + Add missing space
    + proxy: Fix double-free of socket control messages
    + XdgAppDir: Add XdgAppDeploy helper object
    + Add xdg_app_find_deploy_for_ref
    + builtins-run: Use XdgAppDeploy
    + Move setting of env vars from helper to launcher
    + build: Use an strv for envp instead of a GPtrArray
    + Add xdg_app_run_apply_env_vars() helper
    + build: Apply runtime env vars
    + builtin-run: Switch over to same env helpers
    + More special casing of LD_LIBRARY_PATH
    + Support filtering of session bus
    + metadata: Rename [Vars] to [Environment Vars]
    + build-init: Don't fail if /var/run already exists
    + xdg-app build: Bind mount host resolv.conf during builds
    + Only warn if removing old commits fail
    + Bump version to 0.2
    + Fix a typo
    + Fix build with old glib
    + helper: Bind mount /sys subset
    + Add a simple profile.d snippet for XDG_DATA_DIRS
    + proxy: Minor cleanup for first byte case
    + proxy: Properly detect authentication end
    + proxy: Always read all incomming socket messages on each
      mainloop callback
    + proxy: Always send all possible queued messages in main
    + build: Fix srcdir != builddir from git
    + Bump version to 0.2.1
    + Change /self to /app
    + Add new XdgAppContext helper object
    + Convert all builtins to the new metadata/arg formats using
    + Make extra_dirs and lock_dirs dynammic
    + helper: Add support for read/write extra dirs
    + Add support for persistent homedirectory dirs
    + helper: If old CWD is not mapped, use $HOME
    + helper: Add support for moving files into sandbox
    + Context: Finish support for filesystems
    + run: Remove hardcoded GI_TYPELIB_PATH
    + helper: Remove backwars compat /self symlink
    + Update docs for new run command line options
    + helper: Fix errors caused by create_file() return value change
    + build: Always allow host fs access
    + build: Remove duplicated helper arguments
    + Bump version to 0.3.0
    + run: Fix typo that broke env var support
    + helper: Only call get[ug]id() once at the start
    + helper: Drop setuid and use user namespaces
    + helper: Minor cleanup of uid/gid handling
    + helper: Optionally add back setuid support
    + Add xdg_app_dir_get_origin() helper
    + Use xdg_app_dir_get_origin helper
    + Show source repo when listing apps and runtimes
    + Show version when listing apps and runtimes
    + Make /var/cache persistent (in app-data cache dir)
    + helper: Fix thinko due to create_file() return type change
    + helper: Make all helper functions static
    + Use seccomp to limit allowed syscalls
    + helper: Make ~/.local/share/xdg-app read-only in sandbox
    + helper: Don't fail if ~/.local/share/xdg-app does not exist
    + run: If session helper not available, bind-mount
  - Add pkgconfig(libseccomp) BuildRequires: new dependency.
* Wed Apr 08 2015
  - Add ostree Requires: xdg-app can't start without its presence.
* Wed Apr 08 2015
  - Update to version 0.1+git.20150407.fc8db2b:
    + Add COPYING to reflect license headers
    + Pass name into build-init and store in metadata
    + build-finish: Only export files with app-id prefix
    + Switch to using glibc xattrs.
    + Remove dead code in xdg-app-builtins-build-finish.c.
    + Remove dead code xdg-app-builtins-build-init.c.
    + Remove dead code xdg-app-dir.c.
    + xdg-app-builtins-list.c: Cleanup comma separator code
  - Add 0001-Finish-switch-to-glibc-s-xattr.patch: complete port of
    libgnx to xattr.
* Mon Mar 23 2015
  - Update to version 0.0.1~20150323:
    + Mount system fonts in /run/host/fonts
    + deploy: Split the file rewriting and prefix checkout out from
      the exporting
    + Move update_exports out of deploy/undeploy
    + Remove old code handling per-app data
    + Add xdg_app_dir_list_refs[_for_name] helpers
    + builtins-list: Use the new helper to list refs
    + uninstal: Fix the cleanup of empty dirs
    + Track which branch of an app is current
    + Add make-app-current
    + Make sure we initialize variables that auto-cleanup
    + xdg-app-dir: Move exports to update_exports
    + Import libglnx
    + Convert to g_autoptr
    + Use cleanup macros from libglnx
    + Switch to GLnxDirFd
    + Use glnx_set_error_from_errno
    + Use g_steal_pointer
    + Check for libattr header
    + fixup g_steal_pointer use
    + Fix dist
    + Require ostree 2015.3
    + helper: Manually apply bind flags recursively
    + Bump version to 0.1
    + Fix build on older glib
    + Add copyright headers
* Fri Mar 06 2015
  - Update to version 0.0.1~20150305:
    + Fix warning in add-remote if no summary.
    + Look for libcap pkg-config file for cflags to ensure we have
      the headers.
    + Revert "Look for libcap pkg-config file for cflags to ensure we
      have the headers".
    + Check for sys/capability.h via AC_CHECK_HEADER instead.
    + Run each app in a custom systemd user scope (if available).
    + xdg-app-helper: Flesh out usage output.
    + xdg-app-helper: Sort the command line parsing.
    + Mount /run/media if mount-host-fs.
    + Add metadata option to limit DRI access.
* Thu Feb 19 2015
  - Initial package.



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