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fcwnncom-1.1.1a023-lp150.1.5 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.0 for ppc64le

Name: fcwnncom Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.0
Version: 1.1.1a023 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp150.1.5 Build date: Wed May 16 02:17:44 2018
Group: System/I18n/Chinese Build host: obs-power8-03
Size: 1199248 Source RPM: fwnn-1.1.1a023-lp150.1.5.src.rpm
Summary: Free cWnn/tWnn Chinese Input System Common Files (Mainland and Taiwan)
This package includes the common files for the Free cWnn and Free tWnn
Chinese Input Systems. Free cWnn is for mainland Chinese and free tWnn
is for Taiwan-Chinese.






* Thu Nov 23 2017
  - Replace references to /var/adm/fillup-templates with new
    %_fillupdir macro (boo#1069468)
* Mon Jun 13 2016
  - Implement shared library guideline
  - Condense description to present the main idea
  - Rename development subpackages to *-devel
* Tue Jun 07 2016
  - Removed %{?_smp_mflags} from the make command to fix a build
    failure on the s390x architecture.
* Fri Dec 25 2015
  - add Requires: fcwnndev to fkwnndev and fwnn-devel,
    or the header files of the later two would be
    dangling symlinks
  - add Requires: fkwnn/fwnn to fcwnn, or files in etc/FreeWnn
    would be dangling symlinks
  - add Requires: fcwnn to ftwnn, or files in etc/FreeWnn
    would be dangling symlinks
  - remove redundant Requires: fwnncom from fcwnn, ftwnn,
    because they requires fcwnncom that has already required
  - the dangling symlinks mentioned above can't be fixed
    by fdupes simply
* Wed Sep 16 2015
  - Some cleanups like
    + use the same owner for /var/lib/wnn as the package canna does
    + mark configuration files as configuration files
    + avoid warning due missed header files
* Sat Sep 12 2015
  - update to 1.1.1-a023
    * Merge modificaion used in OpenSUSE packages by new member,
      Mitsutoshi NAKANO. Added explicit function prototype and
      cast in many places, so we reduced unpredictable effect
      on 64bit environment.
    * As a consequence of this change, #define of WNN_CREATE /
      WNN_NO_CREATE in jl_dic_create() is also changed. We
      believe no change is needed for client build, but please
      report if you have problems.
    * Exit status of jserver changed on receiving some signals
      (ex. SIGTERM). (Not well documented.)
    * Fixed problem for parallel build (ex. make -jXX) on pubdic+.
  - drop patch: FreeWnn-sighandler.patch, upstreamed
  - drop patch: FreeWnn-include.patch, upstreamed
  - drop patch: FreeWnn-prototypes.patch, upstreamed
  - drop patch: FreeWnn-prototypes_msg.patch, upstreamed
  - drop patch: FreeWnn-1.1.1-a022.dif, upstreamed
  - drop patch: FreeWnn-prototypes_3.patch, upstreamed
* Thu Aug 15 2013
  - Modify FreeWnn-prototypes_3.patch .
    I found a bug in make_hinsi_list() at Wnn/jserver/hinsi_list.c,
    then fixed it .
* Thu Aug 15 2013
  - Add FreeWnn-prototypes_3.patch .
    Prototype declarations for reducing compilation warnings .
* Fri Aug 09 2013
  - Add FreeWnn-prototypes_msg.patch .
    Bugfix: In openSUSE 13.1 Milestone 3,
    uum could not get error messages .
    This issue's cause is that we forgot prototype declaration
    of msg_get() in Wnn/include/msg.h .
    Then I added "FreeWnn-prototypes_msg.patch" as %Patch15 .
  - I added %configure --with-libwrap option .
    The [jctk]server s were linked -lwrap .
    Then we can use /etc/hosts.allow /etc/hosts.deny .
  - Degrade fix: In "FreeWnn-prototypes.patch",
    I invalidated the patch of "FreeWnn-sighandler.patch" .
    Then I deleted a wrong patch to "Wnn/jserver/de.c"
    from "FreeWnn-prototypes.patch" .
  - Change: In "FreeWnn-sighandler.patch",
    I changed from _exit(-1) to _exit(255) .
    This change effects [jctk]server's exit status .
* Thu Aug 08 2013
  - SLE_11 and openSUSE 12.2 does not provide libwrap0,
    then I could not build FreeWnn on them .
    So, I deleted %configure --with-libwrap option
    and "BuildRequires: libwrap0" from fwnn.spec file .
* Wed Aug 07 2013
  - The uum can use UNIX 98 pseudoterminal now . (bnc#830533)
  - The kuum is packaged in fkwnn .
  - The cuum is packaged in fcwnncom .
  - The [jctk]server s were linked -lwrap .
    Then we can use /etc/hosts.allow /etc/hosts.deny .
  - This release need not link to -ltermcap, but use ncurses,
    then fwnn.spec was changed .
  - FreeWnn-trad_cpp.patch: s were changed formats, then remade the patch .
  - FreeWnn-prototypes.patch:
    Already, many functions were added prototype decraretion
    in the tarball, then remade this patch .
  - FreeWnn-returnvalue.diff:
    Already, the tarball's source was fixed about return value .
    Then this patch was removed .
  - FreeWnn-include.patch:
    Many sources already included proper header files .
    Then this patch was remade .
  - Freewnn-1.1.1-a21.dif was deleted,
    but Freewnn-1.1.1-a22.dif was added:
    In Wnn/include/jllib.h, many functions were added
    prototype decraretion in the tarball,
    then they need not to declare in the patch .
    In Wnn/jlib/jlib.c, wrong cast changed .
  - FreeWnn-uum.patch, fwnn.spec:
    Now, FreeWnn need not to use -ltermcap,
    but need to use -lncursess, then this patch was deleted .
    And "BuildRequires:" was changed from termcap to ncurses
    in fwnn.spec .
  - FreeWnn-ja.patch:
    FreeWnn-1.1.1-a017/Xsi/Wnn/uum/header.c was changed , then remade it .
  - Fwnn-fsstnd-patch:
    Changed format, then remade it .
  - FreeWnn 1.1.1-a-22 released .
    * Removed strange word (pronounces as 'Hirokazu', transfers to
      'Kobayashi'). Spotted by some poster of FreeWnn thread in
    * uum failed to start on traditional systems because opening
      tty fails. Fixed open_pty_traditional()
      to set tty_slave correctly.
    * Improve libutil detection. Systems that have both ptsname() and
      openpty() does not need libutil, this change (probably)
      covers these systems. ([freewnn-users 133]).
    * libutil is (may be) used only in uum, so separate this library
      (if exists) from normal LIBS.
      Patch by 1xx (itsango at ([freewnn-users 126])
    * Pass CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS on configure / make.
      Original suggestion by Hideki Yamane, but arranged a bit.
    * Wnn/uum/inspect.c:
      Fix typo in comment.
    * Wnn/: jutil/wddel.c, jutil/wdreg.c, uum/inspect.c,
    * Quick fix for warning about format-security by gcc.
      Based on patch by Hideki Yamane and Makoto Fujiwara
      ([Freewnn-users 102]).
      Replacing from sprintf() to snprintf() or strncat()
      would be better.
    * (Wnn/jutil/wddel.c) Change (fix?) type of Com[] to w_char
      in code for 'wddel -C' mode. I think I'm doing right,
      but not tested.
    * Strip old mail address (as usual).
    * configure,, Wnn/jutil/,
      Wnn/uum/, cWnn/jutil/,
      cWnn/uum/, kWnn/jutil/,
      Fix to work --with-*wnn-includes .
      Same as --with-*wnn-libraries , these are enabled
      on *Wnn/jutil and *Wnn/uum only.
    * Fix to work as expected in case --without-lib*wnn is explicitly
    * Wnn/jserver/renbn_kai.c:
    * Explicitly add cast to pointer in tan_syo().
      It helps compilers to guess argument type of sbn_kai(),
      and fix other jserver crash bug on Linux/amd64 .
    * Wnn/jserver/de_header.h:
      Added prototype declaration of functions in bnsetu_kai.c
      (for safety) .
    * configure,
      We cannot build Xwnmo for now, so we (temporally) disabled
      AC_PATH_X .
      Probably workaround for systems with modern install layout
      of X11.
    * Wnn/jserver/de_header.h:
      Fix return type mismatch of kanjiaddr()
      prototype declaration .
      Spotted on ,
      and reported to freewnn-users by Hideki Yamane. Original
      reporter saids it also fixes crash bug of jserver when client
      register new word to dictionary.
    * Add prototype declaration of functions in bdic.c (and some
      source files).
    * Wnn/jutil/ujisf.c:
      Added prototype declaration of kanjiaddr() and Print_entry() .
    * INSTALL, configure,,,
      Wnn/jserver/, Wnn/jutil/,
      Wnn/man/4.cmd/, Wnn/man/6.jutil/,
      Wnn/uum/, cWnn/jserver/,
      cWnn/jutil/, cWnn/man/4.cmd/,
      cWnn/man/6.jutil/, cWnn/uum/,
      kWnn/jserver/, kWnn/jutil/,
      Added (first step of) support for new installation path
      layout .
      Maybe useful for package managers .
      Remove rules that exist on make install
      (for example) runs two times faster :-p
    * configure,,,
      Wnn/pubdicplus/, cWnn/cdic/,
      cWnn/tdic/, kWnn/kdic/
      Recent cpp of gcc (at least 4.4) splits line that has many
      characters per line (in C language manner). This is problem
      on *.fzk (pubdic etc.)  file processing. So adds
    - traditional-cpp parameter to cpp
      (at least gcc-2.95 passes this parameter).
      Simply adding it to CPPFLAGS may break other build,
      so split FZK_PP (cpp for text processing) from normal CPP .
      Spotted by some posters of FreeWnn thread in .
      (Other changes)
    * Use AC_SEARCH_LIBS for libnsl checking
      (Linux (for example) does not need it) .
    * Modified to build correctly if builddir != srcdir (as usual).
    * Wnn/: man/2.env/wnn/, manual/2.env/wnn/2b_romkana:
    * Change '\' to '\e' to correctly format backslash
      in man file .
      (Also change formatted text file.)
      It should reduce Debian lintian warning .
    * Added .nf / .fi to pre-formatted table.
    * Wnn/uum/setutmp.c:
    * Stop checking return value of pututline()
      because many systems does not have return value
      of this function.
    * Change handling of ut_err to work correctly
      (especially on systems that have utmp (pututline())
      without utmpx)  .
    * aclocal.m4, config.guess, config.sub, configure,
      Update libtool to 1.5.26
      (last release of 1.5 series - bit old).
    * (jhlp.c) Check owner / permission of ttyp (tty_slave / ttypfd)
      on open_ttyp(). If check (and chown/chmod) fails,
      uum warns it may be insecure (ttyp readable)
      from other local users.
      (Probably you need proper privileges to uum
      (ex. setuid-root) .  )
    * (jhlp.c) Verbose error message on restoring owner
      / permission of tty_master and ttyp in do_end() .
    * (sheader.h) Added Prototype of openTermData() / getTermData() .
    * Wnn/jlib/, Wnn/jlib.V3/,
      cWnn/jlib/, kWnn/jlib/
    * Tell Libtool to use external libraries needed for libwnn (and
      lib[ck]wnn). (ex. libcrypt, libnsl)
      You don't need detection of these libraries to use libwnn
      itself in configure (I hope).
    * Use LT_LD to link libraries.
    * (*Wnn/jlib/ Remove definition of LT_{CC,INSTALL}
      because we already defined in .
    * (Wnn/jlib.V3/ Make use of LT_{CC,INSTALL}
      in to reduce libtool warning .
    * (Wnn/jlib.V3/ My usual work to build correctly
      if builddir != srcdir .
    * Wnn/include/: jllib.h, jslib.h:
    * Added prototype (and simple macro (FRWNN_PARAMS) around the
      parameters for good-old C compilers) or jslib.h / jllib.h .
      Parameters are came from js.c / jl.c .
    * Added extern "C" { ... } for C++ clients.
    * cWnn/man/2.env/
    * Added .nf / .fi to pre-formatted table.
    * INSTALL, INSTALL.en, configure,,,
      Wnn/uum/, cWnn/uum/,
    * Added detection code if your system need to install uum as
      set-[ug]id program on configure time.
      Recent systems may install uum as normal program
      (to reduce security risk) .
      You can also specify
    - -enable-client-setuid / --enable-client-setgid=group
      (group must be specified) to control set-[ug]id of uum .
      (NOTE: SUSE/openSUSE are using --disable-client-setuid
      and --disable-client-setgid .  )
    * Added uum-related option to INSTALL* file .
    * Use modern style AC_INIT. (added pseudo(?) version number and
      contact address. comments are welcome.)
    * Wnn/uum/epilogue.c:
      epilogue_no_close(): Replaced to HAVE_TERMINFO
      (maybe it's right) .
    *, configure,, Wnn/uum/jhlp.c:
      Use posix_openpt() (if it and ptsname() exists)
      when opening tty .
      Traditional pts system (that doesn't have posix_openpt())
      fallback to dummy function opening /dev/ptmx directly.
      Getting tty without	setting setuid root works in non-pts
      systems that have posix-compatible pty functions
      (ex. recent FreeBSD) . (bnc#830533)
    * Other changes to
      Commented out useless AC_DEFINE in term library detection
      part .
    * jhlp.c:
    * Mask IEXTEN in j_term_init().
    * Use tty_master for systems that has /dev/ptmx and not have
      ptsname(). (ex. old Debian (2.1 or so))
    * Added comment.
    * termio.c:
    * Use tparm() as macro for fixed parameter system (ex. SVR4) .
    * Wnn/uum/jhlp.c:
      More use of USE_LINUX_TERM in exec_cmd()
      (as of original canuum patch) .
      And window size setting code moved from Linux specific
      to generic .
    *, configure,
      Added configure test for setsid(). (I forgot it.)
    *, configure,, Wnn/uum/jhlp.c,
      More utmp fix:
    * Fix build (more) correctly on recent NetBSD (that both have
      utmpx & traditional utmp)
    * Moved setutmp() call from child to parent proces
      (not sure if this is right thing)
    *, configure,, Wnn/uum/jhlp.c,
      Wnn/uum/setutmp.c, Wnn/uum/sheader.h:
    * Rewrote utmp code in uum (without libspt).
    * Because it cannot work on gcc with Linux/i386,
      temporally remove -fstack-check from CDEBUGFLAGS
      if you specify --enable-debug (and you're using gcc) .
    * Contrib/dic/gerodic/
      Usual work:
    * Some modification in case if builddir != srcdir
      (Does not harm normal build.)
    * Wnn/uum/setutmp.c:
      In current setutmp.c code, saveut / nullut must be struct utmp.
      So removed struct utmpx statement.
      This will fix compile on systems that both have utmp.h and utmpx.h
      (e.g. NetBSD).
    * Wnn/uum/jhlp.c: Some minor fix for compiling some platforms:
    * crow is declared in header.h, so remove duplicate extern.
    * #ifdef-ed I_PUSH ptem / ldterm for platforms that don't have
      STREAMS but have ptsname (e.g. Linux, recent NetBSD) .
    * Wnn/uum/setutmp.c:
      Some minor change to fix compile error on Linux.
      UTMP feature is so complex to understand ...
    * configure,,
    Modified WNNCNVFILEDIR to install correct cnv_* file
    if you're in terminfo environment.
    * CONTRIBUTORS,, configure,,
      Wnn/conv/cvt_head.h, Wnn/conv/cvt_read.c,
      Wnn/include/commonhd.h, Wnn/include/wnn_os.h,
      Wnn/uum/, Wnn/uum/header.c,
      Wnn/uum/jhlp.c, Wnn/uum/sdefine.h, Wnn/uum/setutmp.c,
      Wnn/uum/sheader.h, Wnn/uum/termcap.c, Wnn/uum/termio.c,
      cWnn/uum/, kWnn/uum/
      Long awaited merge of uum-related patch (based on hiroo's work
      in November, 2003)
    * Detect termcap / terminfo, curses etc. automatically
      (from canuum)
      But, configure support of libspt does not implemented /
      does not include Canna support / utmp implementation does not
      work correctly.
    * pty / pts processing (from Kabe). Auto detection in configure
      by hiroo.
    * Some modification due to build error in my environment.
    * Adding lines in case if builddir != srcdir .
      Many thanks to AIDA shinra, Taketo Kabe @ SRA Tohoku, hiroo,
      kouji at (original author of Kabe's patch) .
    *, Wnn/romkan/,
      cWnn/romkan/, kWnn/romkan/
      Some minor changes before large commit:
    * Remove MAKE (if your make does not need this).
      You can build with other make command (ex. gmake) .
    * Define LT_{CC,LD,INSTALL} globally .
    * Wnn/romkan/
    * Use LT_CC to remove warning.
    * (Usual work) changed some lines to build correctly
      in case builddir != srcdir . (I think this don't break
    normal build.)
    * Wnn/uum/: hinsi.c, jikouho.c, printf.c, termio.c, touroku.c:
    * Include string related header to reduce warning. (more merged
      from hiroo's work tree.)
    * Stripped old mail address (as usual) .
    * Wnn/uum/basic_op.c:
    * Include string related header to reduce warning.
      (Merged from hiroo's work tree.)
    * PubdicPlus/pod.c: Reverse condition of prototype section.
    * Wnn/include/commonhd.h: Increment _SERVER_VERSION for next
      (alpha?) release.
* Sun Dec 16 2012
  - Require library packages in devel packages
  - Run ldconfig in %post/%postun
* Tue Dec 20 2011
  - remove call to suse_update_config (very old work around)
* Mon Mar 15 2010
  - update to FreeWnn-1.1.1-a021
  - disable parallel building again (not solid)
  - fix build by using "-traditional-cpp" for "gcc -E"
* Fri Dec 18 2009
  - enable parallel building



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