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davfs2-1.5.4-lp150.1.2 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.0 for ppc64le

Name: davfs2 Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.0
Version: 1.5.4 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp150.1.2 Build date: Wed May 9 09:44:32 2018
Group: System/Filesystems Build host: obs-power8-02
Size: 430646 Source RPM: davfs2-1.5.4-lp150.1.2.src.rpm
Summary: FUSE-Filesystem to access WebDAV servers
davfs2 is a FUSE file system driver that allows mounting a WebDAV server
as a local file system, like a disk drive. This way, applications can access
resources on a Web server without knowing anything about HTTP or WebDAV.

davfs2 runs as a daemon in userspace. It uses the kernel file system "coda", or
FUSE. To connect to the WebDAV server, it makes use of the neon library,
supporting TLS/SSL and access via proxy servers.






* Mon Feb 26 2018
  - Replace %__-type macro indirections. Do not ignore errors from
    useradd. Remove Fedora definitions. Restore debug creation.
    Compact grammar in description.
* Mon Feb 19 2018
  - spec: update rpmlint, fix build
* Mon Dec 04 2017
  - update to 1.5.4
    * mount.davfs frequently reads /proc/mounts. This is necessary with
      coda but not with fuse. When running two instances of mount.davfs
      using fuse these reads may trigger a kernel bug and create a deadlock.
    * when mount.davfs receives SIGTERM it stops reading from the fuse
      device. In this case kernel fuse will make umount(8) hang forever.
* Fri Sep 11 2015
  - remove the setuid root permission files (bsc#907662)
* Fri Jul 17 2015
  - Import of davfs2 to SLE12-SP1 from SLE11-SP4 (FATE#318116)
* Tue Nov 25 2014
  - upgrade to 1.5.2; changes include:
    * fix for insecure use of system(). This is related to CVE-2014-4362.
    * fixes for usage of symlinks for mountpoints and mtab
    * improved cookie support
    * neon 0.30 support
    * memory leak fixes
    * compiler options for hardened build.
    * load the fuse kernel module automatically.
    * new mount option grpid, trust_ca_cert and trust_server_cert.
    * This list is not exhaustive. Please have a look at the ChangeLog
      for a complete list.
  - obsoleted and removed from package:
    * davfs2-fix-formats.patch
    * davfs2-ne_v30.patch
    * davfs2-DESTDIR.patch
    * davfs2-fix_missing_exit_failure.patch
* Sun Dec 01 2013
  - Accept Neon 0.30 (davfs2-ne_v30.patch -- backported from davfs2 cvs:
* Fri Feb 15 2013
  - Specfile fixes for fedora + SLES
* Wed Feb 13 2013
  - Added missing file
* Wed Feb 13 2013
  - Added fix-formats patch to get rid of some warnings
  - Added upstream patch for broken symlinks
* Wed Feb 13 2013
  - Disabled OBS files service - apparently some savannah mirrors are broken
* Wed Feb 13 2013
  - Upgrade to 1.4.7
  - Added -pie/-fPIE compile flags
  - Fixed (hopefully) permissions handling
* Sat May 26 2012
  - Remove redundant tags/sections from specfile
  - Parallel build with %_smp_mflags
  - User/group addition ought not to be fatal
* Mon Nov 29 2010
  - fix location of mount/umount helpers, bnc#640967
  - update to 1.4.6:
    * bugfixes
* Mon Nov 30 2009
  - update to 1.4.5:
    * option was added to silently refuse to connect when encountering suspicious server certificates
    * several minor bugs were fixed
  - changes from 1.4.3:
    * support for Neon 0.29 was added, which also allows for support for NTLM authentication
    * an option was added to silently refuse connections with untrusted server certificates
    * experimental support for the command line option "username" was added for use with pam_mount
* Mon Jun 22 2009
  - update to 1.4.1:
    * experimental support was added for the non-standard method USERINFO, which allows this release to get information about available and used Web space from the server
    * failed file upload attempts are now repeated at increasing time intervals
    * if a davfs filesystem is unmounted at disconnect, local changes are cached and submitted at the next mount
    * many other minor improvements and bugfixes were made
* Fri May 29 2009
  - copied into filesystems repository in openSUSE Build Service, original in home:leo_eraly
  - fix license tag
  - added %%post script to create davfs2 group and user
  - moved to Savannah
  - some spec file tidying
  - update to 1.4.0



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