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cantata-2.3.0-lp150.1.1 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.0 for ppc64le

Name: cantata Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.0
Version: 2.3.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp150.1.1 Build date: Thu May 3 01:27:02 2018
Group: Productivity/Multimedia/Sound/Players Build host: obs-power8-03
Size: 10932294 Source RPM: cantata-2.3.0-lp150.1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Client for the Music Player Daemon (MPD)
Cantata is a graphical client for MPD, supporting the following features:
 * Multiple MPD collections.
 * Customisable layout.
 * Songs grouped by album in play queue.
 * Context view to show artist, album, and song information of
   current track.
 * Tag editor.
 * File organizer - use tags to organize files and folders.
 * Ability to calculate ReplyGain tags
 * Dynamic playlists.
 * Online services; Jamendo, Magnatune, SoundCloud, and Podcasts.
 * Radio stream support - with the ability to search for streams via
   TuneIn, ShoutCast, or Dirble.
 * USB-Mass-Storage and MTP device support
 * Audio CD ripping and playback
 * Playback of non-MPD songs - via simple in-built HTTP server if
   connected to MPD via a standard socket, otherwise filepath is sent
   to MPD.
 * MPRISv2 DBUS interface.
 * Basic support for touch-style interface (views are made
 * Scrobbling.
 * Ratings support.

Cantata started off as a fork of QtMPC, however, the code (and user
interface) is now very different to that of QtMPC. For more detailed
information, please refer to the main README.






* Sun Apr 29 2018
  - Replace fix-no-return-in-nonvoid-function.diff with patch from
* Sat Apr 28 2018
  - For now disable remote device support. The dbus service that comes
    with it needs a security audit.
  - Remove cantata.rpmlintrc: it dealt with the dbus service rpmlint
    error in a way not allowed in factory.
* Sat Apr 28 2018
  - Added fix-no-return-in-nonvoid-function.diff and
* Fri Apr 27 2018
  - Use %license for LICENSE for newer versions.
* Fri Apr 27 2018
  - Update to 2.3.0:
    * Only disable system tray support if org.kde.StatusNotifierWatcher
      is not registered when running under Gnome.
    * Add ability to change grid cover size - Ctrl+ / Ctrl-
    * Avahi support (automatic mpd discovery)
    * Make serving of files to MPD via HTTP configurable.
    * Improved transcode options.
    * If dynamic playlists helper does not start, show link to wiki
      page detailing perl dependencies.
    * Add "Add Local Files" to playqueue context menu.
    * Remember last loaded/saved playlist name - and use this as the
      default name when saving.
    * Add option to show bitrate, sample rate, and format in toolbar.
    * Add support for forked-DAAP - thanks to Wolfgang Scherer.
    * Add checkbox to indicate that server auto-updates when files
      changed. Thanks to Wolfgang Scherer.
    * Make it possible to filter on year (or range of years) in library
      and playqueue search fields.
    * Enable remote (sshfs, samba) device support by default for Linux builds.
    * Re-add option to show menumbar for Linux builds if not run under GNOME.
    * Work-around Cantata preventing logout under GNOME/KDE if set to
      minimise to system tray and main window is open.
    * Fix reading embedded covers from OGG files.
    * Fetch missing covers from iTunes.
    * And more, see
  - Deleted now included patches: fix-prevent-logout.patch and
* Tue Mar 27 2018
  - Change to Recommends: mpd. mpd can also run remotely without a
    local instance. It still needs some form of mpd, so recommends
    seems the right choice.
* Fri Mar 23 2018
  - Make cantata require mpd, without mpd it is useless and mpd is
    now part of the distribution.
* Thu Feb 01 2018
  - Add upstream patch: fix-prevent-logout.patch to Work-around
    Cantata preventing logout under GNOME/KDE if set to minimise
    to system tray and main window is open.
* Wed Jan 24 2018
  - Added upstream patch: fix-qt-510.patch to fix boo#1077468
* Tue Oct 17 2017
  - Build unconditionally with mpg123.
* Sat Sep 30 2017
  - Update to 2.2.0:
    * Add option to specify number of play queue tracks for dynamic
    * Add option to set application style.
    * Fix potential issue with priority menu items being disabled.
    * When adding items with a custom priority, or updating a custom
      priority, add option to have this priority decrease with each
    * Remove unity menu icon work-around.
    * To support older GNOME settings daemon installations, if fail
      to use the new MediaKeys DBUS interface then use the previous.
    * Fix desktop detection via XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP - check for colon
      separated values.
    * If an error is to be shown, ensure Cantata is not minimised to
      system tray.
    * If the initial start-up connection fails, try again every .5
      second for a few seconds.
    * In playlists page, internet, etc, allow back navigation to go
      fully back.
    * Don't try to seek if no song loaded.
    * Only use menubar for macOS builds.
    * Smart playlists - like dynamic, but do not auto update.
    * Use em-dash to as separator.
    * Add device option to only transcode if source is FLAC or WAV
      (detection is solely extension based).
    * Fix extraction of album names from DB - for use in tag editor
      and playlist rules dialogs.
    * Fix some potential security issues - thanks to Jonas Wielicki
      for the patches.
    * Only set Qt::AA_EnableHighDpiScaling for Windows builds.
    * Fix sidebar highlight for windows (at least for Windows 10).
    * Only enable system tray for Linux if
      org.kde.StatusNotifierWatcher DBUS service is registered.
    * Fix MPRIS track path.
    * Fix MPRIS can go next/previous state changes.
    * When playing MPD's HTTP output, stop backend when MPD is
* Tue Aug 08 2017
  - Remove unnecessary ldconfig calls.
    Remove redundant mentions of Linux.
* Tue Aug 01 2017
  - Update to 2.1.0:
    * Re-add all album sorts from Cantata 1.x.
    * Try to detect DLNA streams (e.g. when using upmpdcli), and show
      as regular albums in grouped view.
    * Add filename / path to list of dynamic rule properties.
    * Flat current track highlight.
    * When adding tracks from folders view, only add playlists if
      these have been explicitly selected.
    * Allow to set keyboard shortcuts for ratings actions. Default to
      Alt+0 (No rating), Alt+1 (1 star), etc.
    * Re-add genre combo to library view. Only visible if grouping by
      artist or album.
    * When adding a podcast (or other track from an internet service),
      remove any new-lines from metadata.
    * When configuring streams, clear list of providers before
    * If a 'Basic' mode connection fails, re-start spawned MPD
      instance (and remove any previous pid file).
    * Fix Jamendo and Magnatune covers.
    * Fix various issues with 'Personal' MPD instance.
    * Fix saving, and restoring, of podcast 'played' status.
    * When adding streams to play queue via add dialog, always allow
      setting of name.
    * Use Pulse Audio for 'Personal' MPD instance.
    * Always return true for MPRIS CanPlay, CanPause, etc.
    * Work-around KDE 5.7 MPRIS issues.
    * If can't load SQLite db, then show error.
    * Don't show custom actions menu entry if there are no actions.
    * Fix add/set priority menus.
    * Match view mono icons to text colour.
    * Use FontAwesome icons for all action icons.
    * Send a message at least once every 5 seconds to MPD, to ensure
      connection is still valid.
    * Fix updating of playlists if these contain duplicates and are
      modified by another client.
    * Cache up to 4 genres in SQL db.
    * Fix crash when changinh playqueue view type.
    * Use same sidebar inactive tab mouse-over for all styles.
    * Fix colouring issues with some Kvantum styles.
    * Abort network connections before closing.
    * When listing albums where composer is used for artist grouping,
      place album artist name after album name if different from
    * If file has embedded cover, save this to the cache folder - so
      that this file path can be used with MPRIS.
    * Fix scrobbling when Album is empty.
    * Fix duration of last track for split CUE files.
    * Move stream listings to github.
    * Fix local file playback on remote MPD when MPD's curl is using
    * Install symbolic icon for GNOME shell.
    * Add sort by track title to playqueue.
    * Read lyrics from MP4 files.
    * Only scroll playqueue if current song changed.
    * Support disc number in CUE files.
    * Remove Gtk themeing hacks. Qt styles such as Kvantum should be
      used to mimic better Gtk support.
    * Japanese translation.
    * Allow single-key shortcuts.
    * Improve Mopidy support.
    * Enable support for Opus tags if enabled in TagLib.
    * URL encode online stream URLs before passing to MPD.
    * Show podcast descriptions in tooltips.
    * Parse name field in playlists.
    * Use 32-bit int for bitrate and samplerate staus values.
    * Remove Qt4, KDE4, and Ubuntu touch support.
    * When playing MPD's HTTP output stream, check periodically (for
      up to 2 seconds) to confirm backend is playing.
    * When playing MPD's HTTP output stream, don't stop playback on
    * Add button on podcasts page to show only unplayed podcasts.
    * Add min/max duration to dynamic playlist rules.
    * Use Qt5's translation framework - ts files, not po files.
    * When trying to read lyrics files; check for .txt extension as
      well as .lyrics. Also check ~/.lyrics/Artist - Track.txt.
    * Add 3 seek levels (5 seconds, 30 seconds, and 60 seconds), with
      assignable shortcuts.
    * When adding files to playqueue, and in btaches of up to 2000
    * Make all of Cantata's internal actions accessible via DBUS. See
      README for details.
    * Add support for OriginalDate tag.
    * Bundle newer openSSL with macOS builds.
    * Update copy of libebur128.
    * Use libcdio_cdparanoia.
    * If 'composer genre' is set in tweaks, then use composer to sort
    * Add 'Sort by track number' to playqueue.
    * Enable retina support for all builds.
    * Store replaygain settings in Cantata's config file, as it
      appears MPD does not persist changes.
    * If HTTP requests are redirected, copy over original headers.
    * When AudioCD changed, delete its cached downloaded cover.
    * Fix adding covers to MTP devices when transcoding.
  - Fixed fix-translations-with-qt5.diff.
  - Added install-libsolidlite.diff to install
* Mon Jun 06 2016
  - Update to 2.0.1:
* Fri Feb 19 2016
  - Disable ffmpeg for 13.2, it does not build with ffmpeg 3.0.
* Thu Feb 04 2016
  - Change to build against Qt5 for Leap and Tumbleweed. Those
    versions are mainly Qt5.
* Sun Jan 24 2016
  - Update to 2.0.0:
    Initial release of 2.0, main changes:
    * Use SQLite to cache MPD listing
    * Combine Artists and Albums into Library tab
    * Allow grouping by Genre
    * Merge Online and Streams into Internet tab
    * Merge Playlists and Dynamc Playlists tabs
    * Use 'Composer' tag to group albums of specified genres
    * Use mix of icon themes for flatter icon style - and use mono icons where appropriate
  - Removed now included kde4_includes.patch and fix-taglib-version.patch
  - Disabled libvlc (for now).
* Fri Jan 15 2016
  - Added fix-taglib-version.patch to fix build with taglib 1.10.
* Thu Mar 26 2015
  - Update to version 1.5.2:
    1. Fix Ubuntu Touch builds.
    2. When refreshing search menu, clear items first!
    3. Fix setting of cover when existing cover is embedded in music file.
    4. Fix OSX executable name for case-sensitive filesystems.
    5. Hide ratings widgets, etc, in tag editor for devices and Mopidy, etc.
    6. Use Control+Alt+Number as shortcut to toggle an output.
    7. Don't allow to set short-cuts for actions that are menus.
    8. Add high-dpi support to Linux and Windows Qt5.4 builds.
    9. When calculating ReplayGain, if peak value is less than 0.00001 then assume the calculation is invalid.
    10. When parsing podcast RSS, if episode is marked as video (e.g. video/mp4) but the url ends in an audio extension then it is proably an audio podcast.
    11. Correctly initialise seach category.
    12. Fix potential crashes on refresh.
    13. Fix duplicate notification when Cantata is started whilst playing, or when 'Replace Play Queue' is used.
    14. Only show output change notification if outputs menu was not previously empty.
    15. Construct a new config object, rather than changing group, to avoid any race conditions.
    16. If fading volume on stop, then reset volume just before stopping. Some outputs (e.g. pulse audio) only allow setting a volume whilst playing.
    17. If 'url' entry is empty in 'enclosure' section of podcast RSS file, then use 'guid' text as url - if possible.
    18. Fix copying of covers to UMS, etc, devices if song is transcoded.
    19. Add an option for 64 bit non KDE linux builds to install helper apps to lib64 instead of just lib. Pass -DCANTATA_HELPERS_LIB_DIR=lib64 to cmake.
    20. In tag editor, only mark rating as changed if it has been.
    21. For Linux non-KDE builds, use login1 interface to detect system resuming.
    22. Enable scrobble 'love' button even if scrobbling is disabled.
    23. Don't crash when detecting an audio CD with no tracks.
    24. When playing a digitally imported (or JazzRadiom, etc) stream from the favourites section, then modify the URL if the user has a premium account (to match what existing behaviour is stream is played from the station list)
    25. Workaround build issues with SpeexDSP 1.2rc2
    26. Use correct stream icon in playqueue for streams with no song details.
    27. Fix FreeBSD build.
    28. Respect carriage returns when displaying comments in context view.
    29. Fix replaygain calculation when ffmpeg is using planar formats.
    30. Enable 'save' button when reading ratings from multiple files.
    31. Fix cantata-remote script (used for Unity launcher integration) when this uses qdbus.
    32. Fix display of rating in tag dialog when only 1 file is being edited.
    33. Fix fetching of ratings in table style playqueue.
    34. Don't convert -ve track, disc, or years to unsigned - set to 0.
    35. Bundle openSSL libs with windows builds.
  - Build without ffmpeg (the ffmpeg in KDE:Extra is too old and not compatible with Packman's)
* Tue Feb 10 2015
  - Made mpd suggested, instead of required.
* Tue Nov 04 2014
  - Update to version 1.5.1:
    1. Show correct separators for windows builds.
    2. Supply TagLib 1.9.1 for windows builds.
    3. Convert filename to UTF16 before passing to TagLib for windows builds.
    4. When emiting signal to say cover is loaded, need to adjust size by pixel
    5. Fix updating of toolbar coverwidget if cover is downloaded after song has
    6. Fix compilation when online services disabled.
    7. Fix dynamic playlists with no include rules.
    8. Re-add option to show artist images in tree and list views.
* Wed Oct 29 2014
  - Update to version 1.5.0:
    1. Remove cover size setting, set automatically.
    2. Artist images only shown in grid view.
    3. No images, or icons, shown in basic tree view.
    4. Remove GUI option to control saving of scaled covers. This is enabled by
      default, and can be toggled via the config file.
    5. Don't re-load view when sort changes.
    6. Simplify view config pages.
    7. Use QUrl with server details to build HTTP address used to compare MPD http
      file paths against.
    8. Store song ratings in MPD's sticker DB. Ratings stored using 'rating' key
      and values 0 to 10. In the UI, ratings are show as 5 stars.
    9. If we fail to download a cover, don't keep trying next time song is played.
    10. Simplify toolbar cover widget, no border.
    11. Allow preference dialog to shrink smaller. If screen size is less than
      800px, then views page is re-arranged to allow much smaller dialog,
      category selector uses smaller icons, and headers are removed.. You can
      check this setting by calling cantata as follows: CANTATA_NETBOOK=1 cantata
    12. Support MPDs "find modified-since" with MPD 0.19 and newer. If a number is
      entered it is taken to be 'modified since X days in past', otherwise a date
      should be entered (e.g. 01/12/2001 to find all tracks since 1st Dec 2001)
      Cantata will first try to convert from your locale date format, default
      date format, and then ISO date format.
    13. Show covers in search results.
    14. Show performer in cover tooltip if this is set and different to album
    15. Always large action icons for grid view.
    16. Increase gap between add and play icons in grid view.
    17. Disable volume fade on stop by default - this is really something MPD
      itself should implement.
    18. Remove 'Add albums in random order' from view context menus.
    19. Reorganize playqueue context menu.
    20. Use 'Metadata' and not 'Tags' as metadata/tags view in context song pane.
    21. Minor changes to song progress slider.
    22. Show covers in playlist tree and list views.
    23. Use read-only editable combo for filename in tag editor, so that text can
      be selected.
    24. Also read /com/canonical/desktop/interface/scrollbar-mode to determine if
      overlay scrollbars have been disabled.
    25. Add note about 'AlbumArtist' tag to initial settings wizard.
    26. Use QDesktopWidget::logicalDpiX()/96.0 to set DPI scale factor.
    27. Expand ~/ to QDir::homePath() when read from UI.
    28. Save QDir::homePath()/ as ~ in config file, and convert when read.
    29. Allow all bar title and artist columns to be hidden in playqueue.
    30. Add option to disable song info tooltips.
    31. Only show icons in message widget buttons if style uses icons for dialog
    32. Add option to have separate play queue search action - enabled by default.
    33. Revert back to storing scaled covers as JPG. PNG is taking too much space,
      especially with retina displays.
    34. Read ArtistSort, AlbumArtistSort, and AlbumSort from MPD. If found, use
      these to sort items.
    35. Add 'Full Refresh' action - cuases caches to be removed, and models to be
      completely refreshed.
    36. Add actions to mark podcast as episode as listened or new.
    37. Add action to cancel podcast downloads.
    38. Download podcasts sequentially.
    39. Configurable limit to auto podcast downloading.
    40. When starting, remove any previous partial podcast downloads.
    41. Don't make media keys backend configurable, auto detect the best one.
    42. Remove Gtk combo popup size hack.
    43. Fix Qt5 translations.
    44. Add button to status bar to eanble/disable playback of MPD HTTP output
    45. Show notification when outputs changed.
    46. Connect MPRIS stopAfterCurrent signal to correct action.
    47. Add prev/play/pause/etc actions to Unity launcher, and to windows taskbar
    48. Fix current track highlight in grouped view under windows for header item.
    49. Use same selection drawing for all views.
    50. Fix size of collapsed window in windows builds.
    51. If run under Unity or OSX, then place close buttons on left.
    52. Fix auto-marking of played downloaded podcasts when connected via a local
    53. Fix playback of local files by inbuilt HTTP server.
    54. In catata-tags.exe set unhandled exception handler, to prevent windows
      crash dialog appearing.
    55. If a command fails to be sent to MPD, and the socket is in an error state,
      then reconnect and update status and playqueue.
    56. For windows builds, when window is not focused, draw sidebar selection as
      a darkened background.
    57. If MPD supports https, then there is no need to convert SoundCould URLs.
    58. If playlist is loaded and replaces playqueue, then start playback of first
    59. Custom/thin scrollbars for context view.
    60. If fail to read a Gtk setting from DConf then try GSettings.
    61. Send a message (default to 'status') at least once every 30 seconds to keep
      command connection alive.
    62. Fix inconsistent default cover sizes.
    63. French translation - thanks to Jaussoin Timothée.
    64. Seek 5seconds when control (or command for Mac) and lef/right arrow keys
      are pressed. (Seek setting may be changed via config file - refer to
      README for more details.)
* Tue Sep 30 2014
  - Update to version 1.4.2:
    1. When guessing song details from filename (due to missing tags), remove any
      extension - not just three letter extensions!
    2. In tag editor, only show '(Various)' hint for the 'All tracks' entry.
    3. Also capitalise composer in tag editor.
    4. Resize device properties dialog when changing transcoder.
    5. Initialise sidebar icon sizes before constructing.
    6. Display multiple genres as separate entries in playlists page genre combo.
    7. Resize cover in grouped view if it is too wide.
    8. In context view, when creating links to similar artists compare artists
      names case-insensitively.
    9. Fix downloading of podcasts when url is redirected.
    10. If 'force single click' is disabled, then double-click on icon view will
      not add artist/album to playqueue but navigate into.
    11. When using Cache config page to clear disk cover/scaled-cover cache, also
      clear memory cache.
    12. Allow to change stream, and online-service, filter search category without
      closing current search field.
    13. Fix combo-box text changed signal for Qt5 builds.
    14. Don't have double spacer when cover-widget is hidden.
    15. Fix crash in context view if song tracks changed quickly.
    16. Better method of setting disabled opacity for monochrome icons.
    17. Fix parsing of podcast RSS files containing "content" tag.
    18. Set user-agent for podcast URL queries, otherwise requests can fail.
    19. Use and not for stream provider URLs,
      etc. Seems like the URLs have download limits.
    20. Fix crash when changing buttons of dialogs in Qt builds.
    21. Fix setting of played state for podcasts.
    22. Fix display of unplayed podcast episode counts.
    23. Check if downloading podcasts in closeEvent() as well as quit()
    24. If initial settings wizard is canceled, ensure that it is shown at next
    25. Ignore empty station names in shoutcast and dirble.
    26. Fix potential crash when parsing cue files.
    27. Replace any of (/ ? < > \ : * | ") with underscore when creating cover file
      cache names under windows.
* Tue Aug 26 2014
  - Update to version 1.4.1:
    1. Remove unused var warning when compiling without online services.
    2. Remove some moc/QObject warnings in KDE builds without streams or http
    3. Update current song to scrobble, even if disabled, so that when enabled we
      can scrobble.
    4. Seems like MPDSribble itself is broken with regards to sending "love"
      status, so remove MPDScribble from list of scrobblers.
    5. replies are XML, so decode these properly!
    6. Don't log scrobbler session key to debug file.
    7. Remove extra margin in podcast settings dialog.
    8. When adjusting track numbers in tag editor, start from first actual track.
    9. Only enable 'center on current track' action if there is a current track.
    10. Use comma to split multiple genres in tooltip and table views.
    11. Don't URL encode scrobble keys, just values.
    12. If now playing has been sent, track has not been scrobbled, then when track
      is played after beeing paused for more than 5 seconds resend now playing.
    13. Rescrobble, and re-send now playing, if track is repeated.
    14. Exceptions are required for all non Qt5 builds.
    15. Fix crash in settings dialog when some system-tray options removed.
    16. Use QIcon::fromTheme to set system-tray icon.
    17. Fix compilation with older ffmpeg versions.
    18. Fix compilation with taglib versions older than 1.8
    19. Use KDE cmake macro to enable exceptions in KDE builds.
    20. Don't alter text of 'Other Views' tab in preferences dialog if streams,
      online, and device support are disabled - as there are still 2 views;
      folders and search.
    21. Only remove cached scaled covers if updated via cover dialog.
    22. If auto-splitter hide is disabled, then restore sizes.
    23. ReplayGain settings only valid for MPD v0.16 onwards.
    24. Don't center align context view headers and images - as this does not
      always work for images.
    25. Attempt to align song view selector with header.
    26. Remove 'Add albums in random order' from search view context menu.
    27. Remove mention of streams from initial settings wizard file settings.
    28. Fix updating of playqueue background when option changed in preferences
    29. Fix reading of playqueue, and context, backdrop settings.
    30. Fix uneven view heights when touch friendly setting is enabled.
* Thu Aug 14 2014
  - Added kde4_includes.patch: Explicitly add kde4 includes, otherwise
    they are not found and used if not in standard system dir
* Fri Aug 01 2014
  - Minor spec cleanup
* Fri Jul 25 2014
  - Update to version 1.4.0:
    Main new features in this release:
    1. Use external helper app to read/write tags. Isolates Cantata from TagLib crashes.
    2. Lyrics auto-scroll.
    3. Option to auto-switch to context view.
    4. Toolbar reorganisation.
    5. Comment tag support for tag-editor and dynamic playlists.
    6. Attempt to respect menubar usage of current DE.
    7. Reduce memory used by covers.
    8. Artists and albums with new tracks shown in bold.
    9. 'Touch Friendly' option - increases button widths, and makes views flickable.
    10. Multiple genre support.
    11. Streams now stored in '[Radio Streams]' MPD playlist. Compatible with MPDroid development version.
    12. Use MusicBrainz AlbumId (if set) to differentiate albums. This helps if you have multiple releases of the same album.
    13. Search for streams via dirble.
    14. Reduce supplied stream providers to IceCast, ShoutCast, Drible, and TuneIn. Provide dialog to download others from Google drive.
    15. Qt-only by default.
    16. Scrobbling.
    17. Show song lyrics, information, and tags, in context view.
  - Added libqjson-devel to BuildRequires
  - Enabled KDE build explicitly (needed because it is no longer the default)
* Thu Apr 10 2014
  - Update to 1.3.4:
    1. Fix adding songs to playqueue with priority when playqueue is not empty.
    2. When loading covers, if load fails, check to see if this is because of an incorrect extension. e.g. load a .jpg file with PNG type, and vice versa.
    3. Fix showing of time-slider when Cantata is started minimized to system tray and MPD is playing.
    4. Remove unused 'Back' action.
    5. Don't treat albums with artists such as 'AlbumArtist ft Other' as multiple artist albums.
    6. Fix updating of playqueue sidebar tooltip and icon.
    7. Add playqueue action to main window, so that shortcut works.
    8. When using track organizer, also try to move artist images, backdrop images, and playlist files.
    9. After altering filename scheme from track organizer, save settings.
    10. Don't set year or disc in tag editor for 'All Tracks' unless they are non zero.
    11. In tag-editor, when obtaining values to use for 'All Tracks' entry, don't ignore empty fields.
    12. When determining album year, ignore playlist files!
    13. If MPD database is refreshed whilst listview is not at top level, then reset view to top level.
    14. When TrackOrganizer is called after TagEditor, only perform MPD update once.
    15. When editing filename scheme, after inserting a variable set cursor position to after newly inserted text and give focus back to line edit.
* Thu Mar 27 2014
  - Update to 1.3.3:
    1. If Cantata is started whilst an instance is also running, raise window of current instance. (Linux only fix)
    2. Add song to playqueue from albums page when double-clicked.
    3. Fix display of online-service track album-artist in copy dialog.
    4. Ensure library is loaded the very first time Cantata is run (ie. after connected to MPD via initial settings wizard).
    5. When song is updated in context view, abort any current network jobs.
    6. Fix expand all / collapse all actions. Expand all will only expand 1 level for main browsers.
    7. When reading lines from user mpd.conf file, read as utf-8.
    8. Reset devices and online-services models when artist-view cover size changes.
    9. If downloading online-service track listing fails, then stop loader and show error.
    10. Use new location of Jamendo DB listing.
* Mon Mar 10 2014
  - Update to 1.3.2:
    1. In cover/artist dialog, when attempting to save an image into Cantata's cache folder - ensure the 'covers' sub-folder is created.
    2. When saving artist image from cover dialog, if set to save in MPD folder and song's path does not have 2 folder elements then save in cache folder. Cantata will only save artist images, and backdrops, in MPD folder if the folder structure is (e.g.) Artist/Album/Track.mp3
    3. Use case-insensitive sort of folder view items when adding to playqueue.
    4. When determining the 'basic' artist of a track, if albumartist is set and artist is not, then use albumartist.
    5. For the web-links in the context view, replace ampersand and question mark characters in artist names with the relevant URL encoding.
    6. Use CMake to locate X11 libraries and headers.
    7. Set minimum size for initial settings wizard.
    8. If buddy of a checkbox or radio is clicked, then toggle check or radio.
    9. Disable context-view cancel actions until a job is created.
    10. When searching models, also search composer field.
    11. Fix enabling of "Initially collapse albums" in playlists settings tab.
    12. Fix grouped playlist view initial state when set to initially collapse albums.
    13. Fix calculating size of song files when copying off a device that has been previously scanned, and its contents cached.
    14. When copying from a CD, check that we have enough space for track that was encoded with a 1:18 ratio. Just a sanity check really.
    15. Fix song notification mem-leak (Linux only).
    16. When transitioning between backdrops in cover view, draw old at correct position.
    17. Dont load library twice at start-up when cache has been deleted current tab is artists or albums.
* Wed Mar 05 2014
  - Update to 1.3.1:
    1. Fix collapsed context-view selector buttons text when using a dark background.
    2. Apply some Fedora patches.
    3. Fix MPD HTTP stream playback.
    4. Fix painting of Gtk thin scrollbar style on comboboxes.
    5. When waiting for replies from MPD, use Qt's standard timeout value of 30s. While the socket is still connected, Cantata will wait up to 4 times the timeout value. Therefore, the actual timeout has increased to 2minutes!
    6. If a sidebar view has focus, but sidebar is collapsed, then find action should activate playqueue search widget.
    7. FreeBSD 10 compile fixes.
    8. Fix scaling of context view background when size of view changes.
    9. Elide text of context view selector buttons, if insufficient space.
    10. Only show mopidy note in copy/remove dialog if connected to mopidy.
    11. Fix broken en_GB translation.
    12. Fix folder-view path parsing. If two folders only differed in the last character then Cantata would have placed the contents of the second into the listing of the first.
    13. Explicitly link to pthread.
    14. Do not allow 'auto-hide sidebar' and 'playqueue in sidebar' to be active at the same time.
  - Only have source package name without URL: downloads are not coming from anymore, but from google drive.
* Mon Feb 24 2014
  - Enable build with ffmpeg always (ffmpeg is enough for replaygain)
* Sat Feb 22 2014
  - Made file list shorter
* Sat Feb 22 2014
  - Update to Fix duplicate translations - causes KDE builds to fail
  - Update to 1.3.0:
    1. Basic undo/redo for playqueue.
    2. Search tab - searches performed via MPD. This tab is hidden by default.
    3. Optionally cache scaled covers, to improve loading of albums view. (Displaying of covers should be faster after 1st run, when the scaled contents are saved)
    4. Only start internal HTTP server when required, and stop after last non-MPD track removed from playqueue.
    5. If listallinfo fails then use lsinfo recursively to retrieve the music collection. listallinfo requires more memory with MPD 0.18, and has been reported to fail for large collections.
    6. Cache folder listing (as per music collection), if folders view is used.
    7. Better support for Mopidy (requires Mopidy 0.18, or newer)
* Mon Jan 06 2014
  - Update to 1.2.2:
    1. Fix British English translation.
    2. Improve internal HTTP security - only serve files to MPD host, and only files in playqueue.
    3. Also remove CDDA files when Cantata exits.
    4. Improve error message if 'playlist_directory' does not exist.
    5. If icon theme does not have network-server, then use audio file icon for HTTP server settings page.
    6. Fix truncated files served from internal HTTP server.
    7. When adding songs to an existing play lists, dont allow play list files to be added.
    8. If Ctrl-F is activated again whilst search widget is visible, then select all current text.
    9. When MPD seeks a Cantata HTTP stream, set the Content-Range header field. This fixes seeking of FLAC files.
    10. Fix toggling of checkboxes via short-cut.
    11. Fix short-cuts in preferences dialog.
    12. Dont clear the playqueue when Cantata is passed a song as a commandline at start-up.
    13. Fix broken spinboxes in some dialogs with Gtk style.
    14. Correctly style treeview in CD details dialog.
    15. Only show artist name of CD track if it does not start with main CD artist.
    16. Show track numbers in CD listing.
* Tue Dec 24 2013
  - Update to 1.2.1:
    1. Only use old Qt DBUS type annotations for Qt less than 4.8.2
    2. Use "(c)" instead of "©", as "©" seems to mess up Qt translations.
    3. Fix tagtype and URL handler detection. Fixes Composer support, and streams.
    4. Use 32x32 for drag'n'drop icon, 64x64 for highdpi.
    5. Use audio-x-generic icon for drag'n'drop if no cover found.
    6. Fix potential memory leak with cover images.
    7. Fix crash when changing online view from list to tree, after a soundcloud search.
    8. Use MPD status.playlistLength to determine number of playqueue items when controlling state of prev, next, and stop buttons.
* Mon Dec 16 2013
  - Update to 1.2.0:
    New features in this release:
    1. Podcasts
    2. Opus audio format
    3. User-installable stream categories
    4. ShoutCast search
    5. Composer tag
    6. Slimmer toolbar (new time slider and volume control)
* Wed Oct 09 2013
  - Update to 1.1.3:
    1. (Hopefully) fix selection order of items - and order added to playqueue.
    2. Updated translations: German, Spanish.
    3. Add Russian translation, thanks to Julia Dronova.
    4. Online services support does not require taglib.
    5. Fix changing of Music folder for 'Personal' mpd collection.
    6. Use QDesktopServices/QStandardPaths to ascertain default music folder for
      'Personal' collections.
    7. If no icon is to be used on a message-box button, then ensure the icon is
    8. Fix display of album year in playqueue for KDE builds.
    9. If we recieve an error from MPD via status, then display this in the main
    10. Don't react twice to every volume change. Volume was changing in 10%
      increments, whereas it should have been (and is now) 5%
    11. Bind increase volume, decrease volume, and mute actions to main window, so
      that shortcuts work.
    12. Fix number display in replaygain dialog in Qt-only builds.
    13. When reading default MPD music folder, ensure this has a trailing slash.
    14. Only enable 'Edit Song Tags' on playqueue if MPD music folder is readable.
    15. Slightly improve tag-guessing from tracks without tags. Now the following
      are acceptable:
      Artist/Album/TrackNo TrackTitle.mp3
      Artist/Album/TrackNo. TrackTitle.mp3
      Artist - Album/TrackTitle.mp3
      Artist - Album/TrackNo TrackTitle.mp3
    16. Fix artist and album genres.
    17. Show albums by artist, etc, even if wiki/ search fails.
* Tue Sep 03 2013
  - Update to 1.1.2:
    1. Fix build due to broken translation files.
    2. After toggling various artists grouping, or group single tracks, update list
      of genres associated with artists.
    3. Fix decoding of details for Online service URLs sent to MPD, and
      subsequently read back.
    4. Dont allow dragging of stream categories onto playqueue.
    5. Replace # in stream names with ${hash} when passing to MPD, and revert when
      URL is displayed.
    6. Fix covers when using album artist for multiple artist albums, and album
      artist name is "Various Artists" - but this has been translated in Cantata.
    7. Dont draw item divider in icon views.
    8. For Qt4 less than 4.8.4, then use old dbus Qt type annotations.
    9. Default to exporting favourites streams XML into home folder.
    10. Reset the covers-requested-per-iteration counter after each event loop
      iteration. This should fix the case where sometimes the system tray
      notifications would not have a cover image.
* Wed Aug 28 2013
  - Upstream's fix for build failure in 1.1.1 (svn r 3216)
* Thu Aug 22 2013
  - Disable translations to make cantata build (will be fixed in 1.1.2)
* Thu Aug 22 2013
  - Update to version 1.1.1:
    1. Fix crash in settings dialog if current connection name is removed from config file.
    2. Fix starting of per-user MPD instance.
    3. For Qt-only Linux builds, set file permissions of config file so that others cannot read the file - as MPD, Magnatune, or DigitallyImported passwords will be saved here.
    4. Fix reading of genres from cache file.
    5. Fix updating of genres after DB is refreshed.
    6. Dont use https for context view searches.
    7. Work-around Windows and QJson issue.
    8. Remove cantata prefix when showing status message about fetching streams.
    9. When adding streams that have a name assinged, but no path, then add a trailing slash.
    10. Fix 'Add Stream URL' action in builds where device support is disabled.
* Thu Aug 15 2013
  - Fix file list
* Wed Aug 14 2013
  - Update to version 1.1.0
    1. New context view - shows artist info, album info, and lyrics of current track. Optionally also displays large artist image as background. Retrieves info from wikipedia, as EchoNest seems to be English only.
    2. Optionally show current album cover as backdrop to playqueue.
    3. Add support for a per-user, Cantata controlled, MPD instance.
    4. Option to toggle usage of monochrome sidebar icons.
    5. Simplify, config UI. Only show HTTP settings if more than 1 active interface, dont build Proxy config by default.
    6. Automatically play AudioCD if started with cdda:// URL
    7. Automatically assign accelarators in Qt bulds, to match KDE behaviour.
    8. HTTP stream playback for Qt5 builds with QtMultiMedia. (Disabled from default builds, pass -DENABLE_HTTP_STREAM_PLAYBACK=ON to cmake)
    9. Simplified streams page. Search for streams via TuneIn.
    10. Place search fields at bottom, hidden by default.
    11. With MPD 0.17 and above, attempt to split cue files into separate tracks.
* Sun Jul 28 2013
  - Also add libcddb-devel to BuildRequires to fix build
* Sun Jul 28 2013
  - Build with audio-cd support.
* Mon May 27 2013
  - Update to version 1.0.3:
    1. Dont display codec settings in copy dialog unless we are copying to a
      device, or from an AudioCD.
    2. Save size of Track Organiser, Tag Editor, and ReplayGain dialogs.
    3. Fix consistency of default button in messageboxes between Qt and KDE builds.
    4. Unless using a dark toolbar, use same colour for toolbar menu icon as per
      menu icon in views.
    5. Document how to make a release build.
    6. When searching for artist information, if song's album artist contains
      artist, then use album artist. This is for tracks that have an artist such
      as "abc featuring 123", and album artist is "abc"
    7. Improve comsume icon at larger sizes.
    8. Fix lyrics background when we toggle from showing cover to not showing.
    9. Replace multiple blank lines with single blank line when showing lyrics.
    10. Fix AudioCD playback.
    11. Remove time remaining from action dialog - its not accurate enough to be
    12. Fix detection of whether streams file is writable or not.
* Thu May 23 2013
  - Update to version 1.0.2:
    * Show artist name as caption for cover dialog when setting artist images.
    * Connect 'Set Cover' signal for windows builds.
    * Fix usage of timers in threads.
    * Fix non-taglib build.
    * Fix loading of SVGs in windows build.
    * Fix cover downloading.
    * Fix deletion of threads.
    * Enable online services for windows builds.
    * Fix 'No such song' warning when removing songs from playqueue.
    * Indicate when streams file is read-only.
    * Better status labels for streams and dynamic pages.
  - Update to version 1.0.1:
    * Dont display Jamendo and Magnatune cache settings in config dialog if these
      have been disabled at build time.
    * Correctly calculate size of cache folders when folder does not exist.
    * Fix deletion of cache when single item selected.
* Thu May 02 2013
  - Update to version 1.0.0:
    * Basic cover manager.
    * AudioCD suport - playback and rip.
    * Better MTP support - handles multiple storage locations, fixed creation of folders.
    * First run wizard.
    * Option to embed covers in music files when copied to device.
    * Import of Radio, IceCast, and SomaFM streams.
    * Jamendo and Magnatune support.
    * Ambiance theme support - dark toolbar, move window via toolbar, and overlay-ish scrollbars.
    * Remove WebKit usage. Use EchoNest to retrieve artist biography, and list of similar artists.
    * Stop after current track.
    * Monochrome sidebar icons.
    * Speed up play queue searches
* Fri Mar 22 2013
  - Additional patch for same mpris issue
* Thu Mar 21 2013
  - Added patch for better mpris2 support (
* Thu Feb 07 2013
  - Fix file list
* Thu Feb 07 2013
  - Update to version 0.9.2:
    1. (Qt-Only) Dont show clear button for read-only line-edits.
    2. Fix 'Locate In Library' when library is not set to tree mode.
    3. Use grid layout for transcoder slider, removes Qt layout warning.
    4. Simplified Chinese translation - thanks to 薛景
    5. Fix restoring of splitter sizes when we start minimized to system tray.
    6. Fix decoding of Cantata HTTP stream URLs.
    7. Work-around issue of non display of main window when using transparent
      QtCurve theme.
    8. Fix playing of some non-MP3 files external to MPD database via Cantata's
      simple HTTP server.
    9. Fix playing of files containing square brackets, etc, that are external
      to MPD database via Cantata's simple HTTP server.
    10. Fix detection of some filetypes.
    11. Prevent multiple KDE Cantata windows appearing if app is attempted to be
      started repeatedly in quick succession.
    12. For streams, if we have a 'name' but no artist or album title, then just
      display the name (this is usually the Radio Station)
    13. For a song to be 'empty', artist, album, title, and name need to be empty.
      This fixes detection of updates to the name field when playing streams.
    14. Fix potential memory leak when stopping threads.
    15. Only enable play queue save-as and clear buttons if there are items in the
      play queue!
    16. Fix detection of streams in play queue when current song is updated.
  - Update to version 0.9.1:
    1. Fix saving of 'Store covers in MPD dir' setting.
    2. Show/hide main window when KDE tray item clicked.
    3. Add 'Show Window' to tray item menu.
    4. Dont allow to set focus onto clear button in line-edits.
    5. Remove animation when showing messagewidget, seems to workaround a crash
    when compiled with KDE and using Oxygen.
    6. Fix activation of devices tab via keyboard shortcut.
    Update to version 0.9.0:
    1. Add a 'server' mode to cantata-dynamic. This contains a basic HTTP API to
      list rules, update rules, and start/stop the dynamic mode.
    2. Allow use of 'dynamic' playlists in windows builds, but only for server mode
    3. Add support for 'Similar Artists' in dynamic mode.
    4. Add a gui setting to control the enforcement of single-click.
    5. When sorting tracks, sort on duration after sorting on name, title, and
      genre. This way if tracks do not have a track number, disc, year, etc, then
      we will sort on the name/title before duration.
    6. When refreshing DB, make sure Albums view is at top level.
    7. Set Artist, AlbumArtist, and Album of cue files to that of assigned album.
    8. Improve item-view mouse over for Gtk+ style - when hovering, draw selection
      into a QPixmap and set painter's opacity before drawing image.
    9. Workaround issue of sometimes having an item (in icon view) staying in
      mouse-over state, even though mouse has left view.
    10. For Qt translations, provide two strings for plural translation. One for
      singular (e.g. "1 Track") and one for plural (e.g. "%1 Tracks"). For
      languages that have more than 1 plural form, it is suggested that BOTH
      strings are translatated to the format "Items: %1" - e.g. "1 Track" becomes
      "Tracks: 1", and "%1 Tracks" becomes "Tracks: %1"
    11. Device sync support for Qt-only  builds. To support this, a cut-down version
      of Solid is included.
    12. Don't enforce oxygen icons for Qt-only (Linux) builds. Check for missing
      icons, and use alternatives.
    13. Use a random icon that matches the repeat icon better.
    14. Draw the consume icon in code, so that it matches random and repeat better.
    15. Add a ON/OFF style checkbox for linux builds when NOT run under KDE, and
      using QGtkStyle.
    16. Add a custom spinbox to closer match Gtk3's large button spinbox style.
      Only for linux builds NOT run under KDE, and using QGtkStyle.
    17. Add 'Show Window' action to Linux builds - so that we have a way of
      restoring the Cantata window from the Unity menubar.
    18. Use notifications for Qt-only Linux builds.
    19. Show menubar when run under Unity (Qt-only build).
    20. Improve MPRISv2 interface - signal when proprties change.
    21. Play/Pause track when middle click on tray icon for Qt-only builds (KDE
      builds already have this). Thanks to spartanj for the patch.
    22. Remove faded icons from background of sync dialog views (as these did not
      render correctly with all styles), and enforce alternate row colours - as
      per other views.
    23. Fix image/icon size, and spacing issues, in sync dialog when the library
      view is set to use icon/list style.
    24. Add 'Add To Playlist' action to playqueue context menu.
    25. Fix retrieval of covers from file-system based devices.
    26. Support for modifiable keyboard shortcuts in Qt-only builds. (Code stolen
      from Quassel!)
    27. Add option to control whether Cantata should minimise to the notification
      area when closed (default), or terminate.
    28. Only save settings when modified.
    29. Add option to support GNOME media keys.
    30. Add setting to control name (without extension) of downloaded cover files.
    31. For KDE builds, if run under Unity set KStatusNotifierItem status to
      Active - otherwise no item appears.
    32. Truncate error messages to 150 characters. Set message (up to 500
      characters) as tooltip of message widget.
    33. Remove setting of dockmanager item to current cover. This is better handled
      by an external dockmanager helper script, as per amarok, etc.
    34. Remove option to enable/disable MPRIS interface, and always have enabled.
    35. Disable Phonon stream playback support by default. Currently not all
      Phonon backends seem to work reliably, and there can be delays between
      pressing a button (e.g. start) and the action occuring (due to buffering?).
      To re-enable pass -DENABLE_PHONON=ON to cmake.
    36. Handle UTF-8 playlist names.
    37. Sort selected playqueue indexes before adding to stored playlist.
    38. Update 'Add To Playlist' menu when rename a playlist.
    39. Only need to download/parse streams (to check if they are a playlist) when
      added from the streams page. (Streams in an MPD playlist will not be
      playlists themselves, as MPD does not support this.)
    40. Allow building of replaygain support with either ffmpeg or mpg123, or both.
    41. Display extra information texts in messageboxs and not whats-this popups,
      as QGtkStyle seems to have issues with the palette in these.
    42. Fix dynamic playlists with UTF-8 strings.
    43. Remove unreferenced library cache's each time connection details are saved.
    44. When KDE version is closed via quit action, ensure main window destructor
      is called - so that settings are saved.
    45. Compile windows build against taglib 1.8 - enables tag editing and track
    46. Korean translation - thanks to Min Ho Park.
    47. Fix detection of audio codecs for ffmpeg 1.0.
    48. Remove libmaia usage.
    49. For Linux Qt builds, use dbus to determine single app status.
    50. Add connect/disconnect functionality for UMS devices.
    51. Fix crash when calling QFileDialog in Qt-only builds when Oxygen or QtCurve
      themes are used.
    52. In devices view, only show covers that come from device.
    53. Remove folders, albums, and cover art, when deleting tracks from MTP
    54. Copy covers from MTP devices. (Copying to the device is not currently
    55. Show track listing progress when loading MTP devices.
    56. For Qt-only Linux builds, check if current icon theme has the
      "document-save-as" icon. If not, then if the user has ether oxugen or gnome
      icon theme installed - set the icon theme name to this.
    57. For Qt-only builds, allow to configure the icon theme name via Cantata's
      config file (~/.config/cantata/cantata.conf on Linux). Edit file and add
      (e.g.) the following in the "[General]" section:
      ...there is no GUI for this, as its only a work-around for some window
    58. If group single tracks, or multiple artists, settings are changed, then
      rebuild library and device models from existing set of songs - as opposed
      to re-reading all songs from mpd/device.
    59. If window is minimized to system tray when Cantata is terminated, then
      restore to this state when restarted.
    60. Add search line-edits, and expand/collapse all, to sync dialog.
    61. Add a 1 pixel border around large cover in top-left corner.
    62. When refresh button is pressed send an update and stats request to MPD.
    63. Hard-code black background and gray text for cover widget tooltip.
    64. Ignore quit action if we have open dialogs.
    65. Fix crash when copying items to devices after a rescan has been performed.
    66. Use UPower (Linux/Qt) to detect when being resumed, and if so reconnect to
    67. In sync dialog, when detecting items unique to library/device, revert
      various artist work-around for each track if it is enabled on the device.
    68. Fix memleak when copying items to/from devices.
    69. When creating temp files, ensure these are in /tmp!
    70. If applying various artist workaround for a remote device, apply the
      workaround to a local temp file, and send this.
* Tue Sep 04 2012
  - Update to version
    * Fix Qt-only compile.
  - Update to version 0.8.3:
    * Add CMake options to disable 'automagic' dependencies - required for gentoo
      USE flags ( Because of this
      WANT_KDE_SUPPORT option has been renamed to ENABLE_KDE
    * When requesting covers from a HTTP server, use QUrl::toPercentEncoding.
    * Fix multiple download attempts when getting covers from HTTP.
    * With KDE builds (4.7 or later), and Windows Qt builds, reconnect to MPD when
      system is resumed. (A reconnect attempt is made every half second for a max
      of 15 seconds)
    * When restoring window from notification area, also raise and activate the
    * Fix issue with certain styles not drawing selection background in icon view.
    * If we show an error, or info, message whilst using compact interface - then
      adjust size to take message widget into account.
    * If we lose MPD connection, then show error widget.
    * Reset status when connection lost.
    * Don't attempt to send commands if not connected.
    * Update version of KMessageWidget
    * Update Polish translation.
    * Show current song details in tooltip of notification icon for Qt builds as
      per KDE builds.
    * If 'showPage' is called (via DBUS interface), ensure interface is expanded.
    * Save MPD filename scheme settings with MPD server settings.
    * Use QWIDGETSIZE_MAX and not INT_MAX to set maximum height of expanded
    * More consistent control of prev/next buttons.
    * Allow 'showPage' dbus command to also show playqueue (if this has been
      placed in the sidebar)
    * Fix handling of filename's with quotes.
    * Fix track order when adding newly added album, via folders page, to
    * Don't split albums based upon year - this messes up compilation albums,
      where each track may have a different year.
    * To be consistent, use the year of the lowest track number to be an album's
    * Use "users" group and not "audio" when setting the group ID of covers,
      lyrics, and audio files.
    * If we have no song tag details, show filename in playqueue.
    * In KDE builds, check if MPD is readable each time we get a device added
      or removed signal from Solid if using KDE4.9. If we are using an older KDE,
      or using Qt-only (on Linux) then watch for changes to /proc/mounts
    * If the date string received from MPD is longer than 4 characters, just use
      the first 4 - as we are only interested in the year.
    * If not changing artist/albumartist/album of a track in tag editor, then
      just update track if possible - as opposed to removing and adding to list
      (which causes a complete refresh of list)
    * When displaying cover tooltip, if image is too big or image file is not
      found (as is the case for embedded covers), then save the image into a
      base64 array as a PNG - and have Qt use this in the 'img' tag.
    * Use correct palette (Active/Inactive) when drawing item text.
    * Force single-click activation in views. To enable double-click mode (which
      depends upon the style), edit cantatarc (KDE) or cantata.conf (Qt only) and
      set 'forceSingleClick=false' in the '[General]' section.
    * When looking for album covers, also check for "${file}.jpg/png",
      "${albumArtist} - ${album}.jpg/png" and "${album}.jpg/png" within current
      songs folder. (These are checked AFTER cover.jpg/png, etc.)
    * Improve FancyTabWidget appearance for Gtk+ style - when hovering, draw
      selection into a QImage and set painter's opacity before drawing image.
    * Elide to right (or left for RTL) strings in sidebar.
    * Dont clear genre list when clearing music library model.
    * If we are grouping multiple-artists albums under 'Various Artists', then
      we also need to place 'Various Artists' albums there as well. This oddity
      can occur when i18n('Various Artists') != 'Various Artists'
    * Add 'Back' action to context menu of list/icon views.
* Fri Jul 27 2012
  - Added libmpt-devel and taglib-extras-devel to BuildRequires
  - Adapted spec to make it optional compile with replaygain (for this libraries from packman are needed)
* Thu Jul 26 2012
  - Update to version 0.8.2:
    * Fix track order when adding newly added album to playqueue.
    * When dragging one artist, or album, in treeview to play queue, show cover image (if possible).
    * Fix crash when toggling playqueue in sidebar at application start-up.
  - Updated project's URLs
  --- --------------------------------------------------------------
    Sat Jul 21 11:48 UTC 2012
    + update to version 0.8.1
    - Detect when this is the first time a user has run Cantata. If so, don't place the play queue in the sidebar.
    - Dont attempt to rename a playlist to its current name - otherwise it is deleted!
    - When applying updates in tag editor, track organizer, or replay gain dialog show a progress bar to indicate activity.
    - Display version number in Qt-only about dialog.
    - When expanding interface, set max size to INT_MAX. Otherwise, on windows at least, the maximise button can get disabled.
    - If 'Music folder' in settings dialog is a http folder (path starts with http://), then attempt to download cover-art from the http server.
    - Dont update MPD volume just after we receive a status update - as MPD already has that setting! Fixes an issue with pulseaudio setups - where MPD disconnects from pulse audio, tells cantata that volume is -1, and cantata attempts to set volume to 0.
    - When fading on stop, reset original volume immediately before sending stop.
    - Fix saving of library to XML cache when multiple artist albums are grouped under 'Various Artists' (only save artist attribute once!!)
    - Use command list when adding songs to playlist.
    Sat Jul 14 09:04 UTC 2012
    + update to version 0.8.0
    - Add ability to play MPD HTTP output stream via phonon. Thanks to Marcel Bosling for the idea and initial patch.
    - Implement Ctrl+MouseWheel zoom for Qt-only info view.
    - Initial attempt at a Windows port. (This is my 1st EVER windows build, so don't expect much!). See README.
    - Add Track Organizer dialog to Qt-only build.
    - Disable 'Edit Tags' and 'Organize Files' actions if MPD dir is not readable.
    - No need to check if playqueue song exists in MPD dir when performing a 'locate in library'. Its possible that the configured MPD dir does not exist - but 'locate in library' should still work.
    - Implement a basic spinner widget for item views in Qt-only builds.
    - Make Qt-only builds single instance apps, as per KDE build.
    - Add commandline file loading support to Qt-only builds.
    - Remove ThreadWeaver usage, and add ReplayGain calculation support to Qt-only builds.
    - Fix size of playback buttons in qt-only build. Force icons to have a 28x28 setting.
    - Add support for listing playlist files in folder view. Thanks to Aleksandr Beliaev for the patch.
    - When adding items to the playqueue, sort the selected items based upon their QModelIndex.
    - Add support for multiple MPD servers. Only 1 is ever active. If there are 2 or more servers defined, the settings menu will contain a sub menu to allow quick access to each server.
    - If an MPD connection has more than 1 output, show an 'Outputs' sub menu in the settings menu.
    - Disable volume control if MPD returns a volume of -1 - as it does when the mixer is disabled.
    - Read images from mp3 (ID3v2), mp4, flac, and ogg files.
    - Read lyrics from mp3 (ID3v2) files.
    - Fix genre filtering in albums view - filter was not updated when genre was changed.
    - Fix background painting in lyrics view for non-oxygen styles.
    - Enable mouse-tracking for all list/tree views.
    - Allow Icon/List for library view.
    - Add option to show artist images in library view.
    - Dont allow selection to overlap tab-widget border-lines in preferences dialog (Qt-only build).
    - Show playlists in library and album views (requires MPD 0.17)
    - Update ultimate_providers.xml to match Clementine 1.0.1
    - When clicking on a label associated with a combobox, show the combo popup.
    - Fix spacing issues of compact interface with some styles. If the style(such as the Qt Gtk style) returns -1 for its spacing, assume a spacing of 4 pixels instead.
    - Workaround tab-widget issues with Gtk style. Only draw highlight for selected item, and item curretly under mouse - no fade in/out.
    - Fix/workaround issues with fetching lyrics from
    - Add option to specify HTTP server listen address/interface.
    - Support MPD queue functionality. Add an 'Add With Priority' to menu of library, etc, views. Add a 'Set Priority' to play queue. Requires MPD 0.17.0 or newer.
    - Only ignore closeEvent if this is a 'spontaneous' event and we have a tray icon.
    - Drastically reduce replay-gain calculation memory usage.
    - Make more columns italic in replaygain dailog to make entries that will be modified.
    - Make TagLib optional.
    - Adjust size of covers in grouped view, icons in views, and main cover preview based upon font size.
    - Add an extra cover-size setting (Automatic) which will adjust the covers in library and albums view based upon font size.
    - Add option to place playqueue in sidebar.
    - Add keyboard short-cut for 'back' icon in listviews.
    - Fix issue (in Qt-builds) where messge widget sometimes (mainly at start-up) is not not as wide as the main window.
    - Provide sub-text for all items in folderview, fixes corruption of list mode.
    - Add option to have sidebar on the sides, top, or bottom.
    - Only show number of tracks, and duration, in playqueue status - consistent with other players.
    - Fix compile with avcodec v54
    - If KWallet is disabled, store password in config file.
    - When fetching lyrics or info for a song which has had the 'various artists' workaround applied - revert this before requesting data.
    - When reading mpd.conf file, if bind_to_address is set to "any", then use default of "locahost".
    - Fix noticing of tag changes when MPD database is updated. When comparing songs need to check all fields - not just filename!
    - Fix usage of and in lyrics settings.
    - Stop position timer whilst dragging slider.
    Thu May 24 18:03 UTC 2012
    * update to version 0.7.1
    - When saving track name to cache, save the actual name, no the displayed name.
    - Attempt to fix errors in cache where the displayed name was saved.
    - Fix tag-editor's 'Various Artists' workaround when all tracks is selected.
    - Set minimum font size for info page.
    - Only automatically start playing songs if we are replacing the playqueue, or the song is the first song added via the commandline.
    - Fix transcoding with new ffmpeg - thanks to Martin Blumenstingl for the patch.
    - Have cantata-dynamic helper script send a dbus message when it starts and stops - so that cantata main window can show the current status if the helper is started externally.
    - When 'Return'/'Enter' is pressed when play queue has focus, start playing from the first selected song.
    - Fix Qt-only install failure (cannot find RUNTIME)
    Sun May 20 12:56 UTC 2012
    * update to version 0.7.0
    - Add dynamic playlist support.
    - Fix detection of non standard filename covers.
    - Clear any existing search when 'Locate In Library' is activated.
    - In tag-editor, only set placeholder text to '(Various)' for fields wherethere are actually some values set.
    - Add now playing info to MPRIS interface - thanks to Martin Blumenstingl for the patch.
    - Better, less hacky, workaround for QAbstractItemView shift-select bug ( Thanks to Spitfire
      from forums for fix.
    - Add a 'search' action (Ctrl-F) that will move focus to curent tab's search field - or to play queue search field (if play queue has focus).
    - Add 'Raise' support to MPRIS interface.
    - Added a cantata-specific dbus interface with 'showPage(page, focusSearch)' method. So, to raise cantata, show library page, and focus on its search field:
      qdbus org.kde.cantata /org/mpris/MediaPlayer2 Raise
      qdbus org.kde.cantata /cantata showPage library true
* Fri Apr 13 2012
  * update to 0.6.1
    - Fix grouped playqueue when we have repeated instances of an album. Now when an album is expanded/collapsed - all instances are expanded/collapsed.
    * update to 0.6.0
    - Grouped style for playlists.
    - Fix reading of lyrics files with special characters - thanks to Martin Blumenstingl for the patch.
    - Give tray icon a tooltip - thanks to Martin Blumenstingl for the patch.
    - Apply 'group single track albums' to devices.
    - Add option to group albums with multiple artists under Various Artists.
    - When checking whether a song exists in device, or library, need to also check 'single tracks' and 'multiple artist' groupings - if these have been enabled.
    - Update playlists if modified by another client.
    - When an album is collapsed/expanded in playqueue, call dataChanged() so that title row is redrawn - otherwise, for single-track albums, the view might not get refreshed.
    - Provide option to *not* store downloaded covers in MPD dir.
    - If fading out to stop, and cantata is closed, then send stop command.
    - Add 'Edit Song Tags' action to playqueue context menu.
    - When loading covers, if we fail to find one of the standard names (cover.jpg/png, AlbumArt.jpg/png, folder.jpg/png), then use the first image found.
    - Add a 'Locate In Library' action, to locate the selected play queue track in the library page.
    - Fix crash when quiting Cantata whilst devices are being scanned.
    - Disable JavaScript for webview, this removes the 'Show'/'Hide' buttons from wikipedia pages.
    - Set font family for info page. (KDE only)
    - Adjust min and max sizes for sidebar.
    - Add basic lyrics editing.
    - Fix order of items added from playlist to playqueue, when individual items of the list were selected.
    - Fix logic of replacing play queue - the clear message is sent in the MPD thread just before the add message.
    - Improve albums page responsiveness when loading covers.
    - Better searching - search on all strings, in any order.
    - Automatically expand treeview items when searching.
    - Add custom icons for library and info pages.
    - Use CD icon (without music note) for albums page.
    - Better size calculation of compact view height - should prevent text clipping.
    - Use 'plchangesposid' MPD command to get list of playqueue changes - means less data needs to be read from MPD per playqueue update.
    - Support 'single' mode.
    - When using large sizdebar, attempt to calculate correct min size.
    - Add option to sort albumview by artist/year/album.
    - Add dialog where user can specify artist and title to fetch lyrics - useful if automatic fetching fails.
    - Fix crash in albums model when library updated after albums removed.
    - Fix filetype resolver so that we dont attmept to read tags from video files (asf/wmv/mp4v) - these seem to crash TagLib.
    - When using MPRISv2 interface, dont attempt to play a song if the playqueue is empty!
    - Use SH_ItemView_ActivateItemOnSingleClick to detect single click mode in Qt build.
* Thu Mar 15 2012
  - Update to version 0.5.1
    * Reduce QMutex usage - have MPDStats/MPDStatus emitted as objects, and stored in relevant classes.
    * When renaming files, rename file.lyrics if it exists.
    * Use QDateTime::toString(Qt::SystemLocaleShortDate) to show server last update in server info page.
    * TagLib is required for build.
    * Enable tag editor for Qt builds.
    * Qt-only build does not install icons, so we need to embed the 16px and 22px version of each into the application.
    * Save lyrics and info pages zoom settings.
    * If compiled for Qt-only, and icon theme is not oxygen, then check to see if current icon theme has required icons (devices/media-optical-audio, etc) If not, then if oxygen is installed - set icon theme to oxygen.
    * Allocate more space for tab if required - up to a max of 50% extra. This fixes "HTTP Server" config page title under Ubuntu with Qt-only build.
    * Install icon for Qt-only build.
* Wed Mar 14 2012
  - Initial package, based on the one from Mageia



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