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caja-extension-xreader-1.6.2-lp150.1.2 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.0 for ppc64le

Name: caja-extension-xreader Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.0
Version: 1.6.2 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp150.1.2 Build date: Wed May 9 22:27:54 2018
Group: Productivity/Office/Other Build host: obs-power8-03
Size: 73135 Source RPM: xreader-1.6.2-lp150.1.2.src.rpm
Summary: X-Apps Document Reader file manager extension
Xreader is a document viewer capable of displaying multiple and
single page document formats like PDF and Postscript.

This package contains the xreader extension for the Caja file
manager. It adds an additional tab called "Document" to the file
properties dialog.




GPL-2.0 AND LGPL-2.0


* Sun Dec 24 2017
  - Update to version 1.6.2:
    * Use a major.minor version only for API, this
      broke loading of introspection otherwise, which seems to expect
      only the *-1.5.typelib.
    * Fix searching for a word that is a continuation of a
      non-existent word (gh#linuxmint/xreader#135).
* Fri Nov 24 2017
  - Update to version 1.6.1:
    * Update translations.
* Sat Nov 04 2017
  - Update to version 1.6.0:
    * Document that libcaja-extension is required.
    * ATRIL BACKPORTS: comics: Make the files containing
      "--checkpoint-action=" unsupported (#158)
    * previewer: Use GResource for data files.
    * shell: Use GResource for data files.
    * Move custom css to a file compiled as a gresource.
    * ev-view: Fix the Eview background colour, page borders and
    * Fix too bright selection colour during opened context menu.
    * Revert "sometimes info->linearized is not a string" and
      "crash on g_free the address 0 or 1".
    * Avoid deprecated gtk_misc_set_alignment.
    * zoom-control.c: Don't use deprecated
    * docs: Add missing EvAnnotation API to sections.txt.
    * eggfindbar: Don't use deprecated GtkAlignment.
    * password-view: Don't use deprecated GtkAlignment.
    * password-view: Replace some GtkStock deprecations.
    * message-area: Replace some GtkStock deprecations.
    * ev-view: Avoid deprecated gtk_drag_begin.
    * shell: Remove unused code from utils.
    * build: Require cairo >= 1.14.0 and drop some old code.
    * Switch zoom buttons in toolbar.
    * Add zoom reset.
    * Move history actions from toolbar to Go menu, bring back
      navigation buttons in the toolbar.
    * Fix typo in previous commit.
    * shell: Use gdbus-codegen for the org.x.reader.Application
    * shell: Use gdbus-codegen for the org.x.reader.Window interface.
    * daemon: Use gdbus-codegen for the org.x.reader.Daemon
    * Make 100% zoom level be real life size.
    * Update translations.
* Wed Jun 28 2017
  - Update to version 1.4.4:
    * Update translations.
* Wed Jun 21 2017
  - Update to version 1.4.3:
    * shell: Make main window title translatable
    * Fix "Having selected text leads to high cpu load".
    * Fix for "Inverted Colours won't be saved by Save Current
      Settings as Default"
    * Build: Remove unnecessary ev_get_locale_dir().
    * Branding: Use a generic application name.
* Wed May 24 2017
  - Update to version 1.4.2:
    * Fix gtk-doc with no Caja or no Nemo extension building.
    * Update translations.
  - Remove xreader-fix-nocaja-build.patch: merged upstream.
* Wed May 10 2017
  - Update descriptions from current homepage
* Sun May 07 2017
  - Update to version 1.4.1 (changes since 1.2.2):
    * Documentation: Add INSTALL, update README.
    * document-model: Make dual mode and dual mode odd page left
      mutally exclusive.
    * Split dual mode option into dual mode with odd and even pages
      on the left.
    * Fix case sensitive searching for PDF.
    * Bump poppler version requirement to 0.22.0.
    * comics: Properly open files with special characters in path.
    * comics: Fix MIME type comparisons.
    * comics: Support application/vnd.comicbook+zip MIME type.
    * djvu: Remove unneeded assignment.
    * tiff: Use function from cairo >= 1.6 unconditionally.
    * Add some missing contextual information for translators.
    * djvu: Support the image/vnd.djvu+multipage MIME type.
    * thumbnailer: Skip epub files.
    * Removed deprecated GTK_POLICY_AUTOMATIC.
    * Fix a crash when running with the Broadway Gdk backend.
    * ev-window.c: Remove some gtk version checks.
    * ev-window: Swap out the EggEditable toolbar for a normal
    * Convert all icons to symbolics.
    * Tweak the fullscreen tool bar to match the style of the main
      tool bar a bit better.
    * annotation-window: Fix the sizes of close and resize icons.
    * build: --disable-caja and --disable-nemo are no longer ignored.
    * libdocument: Add deprecation macros.
    * libdocument: Use the new deprecation macros.
    * libdocument: Add EvAnnotation API using GdkRGBA.
    * shell: Use GdkRGBA for annotations.
    * ev-annotation: Use correct variable names in function prototype.
    * libview: Don't change the font colour of the annotation window.
    * libview: Fix focus on ev_annotation_window.
    * libview: fix annotation window focus change after creation.
    * ev-view: Add pinch/zoom gesture to handle document zooming.
    * ev-view: explicitly require a GtkScrolledWindow as the parent
    * ev-view: Add pan gesture to switch page.
    * libview: Ctrl+mouse wheel zoom should be pointer-centred, not
    * Remove unneeded pkgconfig checks.
    * ev-annotation-window: Fix setting the colour of the window
    * annotation-properties-dialog: Don't use a header bar.
    * Add a new EvToolbar.
    * ev-window.c: Simplify an if/else.
    * shell: Remove metadata migration code.
    * annotations-sidebar: Clean up the styling.
    * bookmarks-sidebar: Clean up the styling.
    * ev-sidebar: Do a bit of restyling.
    * sidebar-layers: Make it actually usable.
    * ev-page-action-widget: Allow changing pages with mouse wheel
    * ev-page-action-widget: Update the page number when unfocused.
    * shell: Replace deprecated function call inside the GTK+3 code
    * cut-n-paste: Set vertical box to be homogeneous in the GTK+3
      code too.
    * ev-view: Properly declare a function.
    * shell: Ditch gimpcellrenderertoggle.
    * toolbar: Make further improvements.
    * Fix for bug #92: Segfault if djvu file gets clicked/moved.
    * djvu: Make empty pages white.
    * djvu: Use dpi of pages to compute scaling factor.
    * djvu: Enable selection highlighting.
    * comics backend: Add support for unarchiver (unar and lsar).
    * Force the X11 Gdk backend.
    * First page should not reloaded.
    * Previously opened page incorrectly restored if it was the last
    * Remove the GTK+2 code.
    * l10n: Update POT file.
    * Update translations.
  - Add xreader-fix-nocaja-build.patch: Fix building with no Caja.
* Wed Mar 29 2017
  - Add the missing Gtk2 build dependency.
* Thu Dec 15 2016
  - Update to version 1.2.2:
    * Update translations.
* Thu Nov 10 2016
  - Update to version 1.2.1:
    * Update translations.
* Tue Nov 08 2016
  - Update to version 1.2.0:
    * See /usr/share/doc/packages/xreader/changelog
* Mon Jun 27 2016
  - Update to version 1.0.8:
    * Fix not saving changes to a dropdown in an embedded form.
    * Remove pixbuf from list of menu keywords.
    * Update translations.
* Wed Jun 22 2016
  - Update to version 1.0.7:
    * Fix Presentation and Zoom buttons greyed out, if no document
      has been loaded.
    * Show application name in about dialog.
* Tue May 24 2016
  - Update to version 1.0.6:
    * Update translations.
* Tue May 17 2016
  - Update to version 1.0.5 (changes since 1.0.3):
    * Fix segfault when opening properties of a PDF file (from the
* Wed Apr 27 2016
  - Update to version 1.0.3 (changes since 1.0.1):
    * Remove Nemo extension .la files.
    * Don't use gi typelibdir for nemo extension path, use
      libnemo-extension libdir instead.
    * Fix WebKit detection.
    * Fix wrong return type in ev-page-action-widget.c.
    * Update translations.
  - Remove xreader-fix-epub.patch, xreader-fix-func-decl.patch: merged
* Wed Feb 10 2016
  - Initial package, based on atril's package.



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