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RPM of Group System/Shells

bash-4.4-lp150.7.3 The GNU Bourne-Again Shell linux/ppc64le
bash-loadables-4.4-lp150.7.3 Loadable bash builtins linux/ppc64le
cabal-install-bash-completion- Bash completion for cabal-install linux/ppc64le
dash-0.5.8-lp150.1.2 POSIX-compliant Implementation of /bin/sh linux/ppc64le
fish-2.7.1-lp150.2.2 The "friendly interactive shell" linux/ppc64le
git-annex-bash-completion-6.20171026-lp150.1.3 Bash completion for git-annex linux/ppc64le
iproute2-bash-completion-4.12-lp150.4.2 Bash completion for iproute linux/ppc64le
ksh-93vu-lp150.1.3 Korn Shell linux/ppc64le
mksh-56c-lp150.1.2 MirBSD Korn Shell linux/ppc64le
pulseaudio-bash-completion-11.1-lp150.4.2 PulseAudio Bash completion linux/ppc64le
pulseaudio-zsh-completion-11.1-lp150.4.2 PulseAudio zsh completion linux/ppc64le
tcsh-6.20.00-lp150.1.3 The C SHell linux/ppc64le
zsh-5.3.1-lp150.1.2 Shell with comprehensive completion linux/ppc64le
zsh-htmldoc-5.3.1-lp150.1.2 Zsh shell manual in html format linux/ppc64le

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