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RPM of Group Productivity/Publishing/Word

graphite2-1.3.11-lp150.2.2 Font rendering capabilities for complex non-Roman writing systems linux/ppc64le
libabw-tools-0.1.2-lp150.1.2 Tools to work with documents in AbiWord file-format linux/ppc64le
libcdr-tools-0.1.4-lp150.1.2 Tools to work with documents in Corel Draw file format linux/ppc64le
libe-book-tools-0.1.3-lp150.1.2 Tools to transform e-books into other formats linux/ppc64le
libeot-tools-0.01-lp150.1.2 Tools to transform EOT font files into other formats linux/ppc64le
libetonyek-tools-0.1.8-lp150.1.1 Tools to work with Apple Keynote presentations linux/ppc64le
libfreehand-tools-0.1.2-lp150.1.2 Tools to work with Adobe/Macromedia drawings linux/ppc64le
libixion-tools-0.13.0-lp150.2.2 Spreadsheet file processing library linux/ppc64le
libmspub-tools-0.1.4-lp150.1.2 Tools to work with publications in Microsoft Publisher file-format linux/ppc64le
libmwaw-tools-0.3.13-lp150.1.2 Tools to work with publications in pre MAC OSX text file-formats linux/ppc64le
liborcus-tools-0.13.4-lp150.1.2 Spreadsheet file processing library linux/ppc64le
libpagemaker-tools-0.0.4-lp150.1.2 Tools to transform Adobe PageMaker documents into other formats linux/ppc64le
libstaroffice-tools-0.0.5-lp150.1.2 Tools to work with documents in StarOffice formats linux/ppc64le
libvisio-tools-0.1.6-lp150.1.2 Tools to work with documents in MS Visio file-format linux/ppc64le
libwpd-tools-0.10.2-lp150.1.2 Library for importing WordPerfect (tm) documents linux/ppc64le
libwpg-tools-0.3.2-lp150.1.2 Tools for converting WordPerfect Graphics files linux/ppc64le
libwps-tools-0.4.7-lp150.1.2 Tools for converting the Microsoft Works text and spreadsheet formats linux/ppc64le
libzmf-tools-0.0.2-lp150.1.2 Tools for converting the Zoner ZMF files linux/ppc64le
python3-libixion-0.13.0-lp150.2.2 Python bindings for libixion linux/ppc64le
python3-liborcus-0.13.4-lp150.1.2 Python bindings for liborcus linux/ppc64le
wv-1.2.9-lp150.1.2 Tools for Importing Microsoft Word (tm) Documents linux/ppc64le

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