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RPM of Group Productivity/Office/Other

almanah-0.11.1-lp150.1.2 GTK+ application to allow you to keep a diary of your life linux/ppc64le
caja-extension-xreader-1.6.2-lp150.1.2 X-Apps Document Reader file manager extension linux/ppc64le
evince-3.26.0+20180128.1bd86963-lp150.2.2 GNOME Document Viewer linux/ppc64le
evince-plugin-comicsdocument-3.26.0+20180128.1bd86963-lp150.2.2 Evince - comics document support linux/ppc64le
evince-plugin-djvudocument-3.26.0+20180128.1bd86963-lp150.2.2 Evince - DjVu document support linux/ppc64le
evince-plugin-dvidocument-3.26.0+20180128.1bd86963-lp150.2.2 Evince - DVI document support linux/ppc64le
evince-plugin-pdfdocument-3.26.0+20180128.1bd86963-lp150.2.2 Evince - PDF document support linux/ppc64le
evince-plugin-psdocument-3.26.0+20180128.1bd86963-lp150.2.2 Evince - PS document support linux/ppc64le
evince-plugin-tiffdocument-3.26.0+20180128.1bd86963-lp150.2.2 Evince - TIFF document support linux/ppc64le
evince-plugin-xpsdocument-3.26.0+20180128.1bd86963-lp150.2.2 Evince - XPS document support linux/ppc64le
fate- SUSE Feature Management Tool linux/ppc64le
glabels-3.4.1-lp150.1.1 Label Editing and Printing Tool linux/ppc64le
gnome-books-3.26.2-lp150.2.3 Book Reader for GNOME linux/ppc64le
gnome-clocks-3.26.1-lp150.1.2 Clock application designed for GNOME 3 linux/ppc64le
gnome-contacts-3.26.1-lp150.1.2 Contacts Manager for GNOME linux/ppc64le
gnome-directory-thumbnailer-0.1.10-lp150.2.2 Directory Thumbnailer linux/ppc64le
gnome-documents-3.26.2-lp150.2.3 Document Manager for GNOME linux/ppc64le
gnome-documents_books-common-3.26.2-lp150.2.3 Shared data between GNOME Documents and GNOME Books linux/ppc64le
gnome-epub-thumbnailer-1.5-lp150.2.2 Thumbnailer for EPub books linux/ppc64le
gnome-pomodoro-0.13.4-lp150.2.2 A time management utility for GNOME linux/ppc64le
gnome-shell-search-provider-bijiben-3.28.1-lp150.2.1 Note editor for GNOME -- Search Provider for GNOME Shell linux/ppc64le
gnome-shell-search-provider-contacts-3.26.1-lp150.1.2 Contacts Manager for GNOME -- Search Provider for GNOME Shell linux/ppc64le
gnome-shell-search-provider-documents-3.26.2-lp150.2.3 Document Manager for GNOME -- Search Provider for GNOME Shell linux/ppc64le
gnome-shell-search-provider-gnome-clocks-3.26.1-lp150.1.2 GNOME Clocks -- Search Provider for GNOME Shell linux/ppc64le
gnome-shell-search-provider-gnote-3.26.0-lp150.3.2 Note editor for GNOME -- Search Provider for GNOME Shell linux/ppc64le
gsf-office-thumbnailer-1.14.42-lp150.2.3 Office files thumbnailer for the GNOME desktop linux/ppc64le
hunspell-1.6.2-lp150.1.3 A spell checker and morphological analyzer library linux/ppc64le
kchmviewer-7.5-lp150.1.2 KDE CHM Viewer linux/ppc64le
kpmcore-3.3.0-lp150.1.2 KDE Partition Manager core library linux/ppc64le
kproperty-3.1.0-lp150.1.3 Property editing framework with editor widget linux/ppc64le
kreport-3.1.0-lp150.1.3 Framework for creation and generation of reports linux/ppc64le
libgsf-tools-1.14.42-lp150.2.3 Tools from libgsf, a structured file formats handling library linux/ppc64le
libqxp-tools-0.0.1-lp150.2.2 Tools to transform QuarkXPress documents into other formats linux/ppc64le
mobipocket-17.12.3-lp150.1.2 E-book plugin and library linux/ppc64le
mupdf-1.12.0-lp150.2.2 Lightweight PDF and XPS Viewer and Parser and Rendering Library linux/ppc64le
nautilus-evince-3.26.0+20180128.1bd86963-lp150.2.2 Evince Plugin for Nautilus linux/ppc64le
nemo-extension-xreader-1.6.2-lp150.1.2 X-Apps Document Reader file manager extension linux/ppc64le
notejot-1.4.0-lp150.1.2 A Sticky Note App linux/ppc64le
novprog-3.1.3-lp150.1.2 Wordcount graphing program linux/ppc64le
okular-17.12.3-lp150.2.2 Document Viewer linux/ppc64le
palaura-1.0.1-lp150.1.2 Find any word's definition with dictionary linux/ppc64le
qpdfview-0.4.16-lp150.1.2 Tabbed document viewer in Qt linux/ppc64le
tellico-3.1.2-lp150.1.2 A Collection Manager for KDE linux/ppc64le
vym-2.6.0-lp150.1.2 View Your Mind - generate and manipulate maps which show your thoughts linux/ppc64le
xournal- An application for notetaking, sketching, and keeping a journal using a stylus linux/ppc64le
xreader-1.6.2-lp150.1.2 Document viewer for documents like PDF/PostScript linux/ppc64le
zathura-0.3.8-lp150.1.2 A highly customizable document viewer linux/ppc64le
zathura-plugin-cb-0.1.6-lp150.1.2 Adds comic book support to zathura linux/ppc64le
zathura-plugin-djvu-0.2.6-lp150.1.2 Adds DjVu support to zathura by using the djvulibre library linux/ppc64le
zathura-plugin-pdf-poppler-0.2.8-lp150.1.2 PDF support for zathura via poppler linux/ppc64le
zathura-plugin-ps-0.2.5-lp150.1.2 PS support for zathura via libspectre linux/ppc64le

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