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ASL-doc-0.1.7-lp150.1.2 API documentation for the Advanced Simulation Library linux/ppc64le
audiofile-doc-0.3.6-lp150.1.2 An audio file library linux/ppc64le
bcunit-doc-3.0.2-lp150.1.3 BCUnit documentation linux/ppc64le
cunit-doc-2.1.3-lp150.1.3 CUnit documentation linux/ppc64le
efl-examples-1.20.7-lp150.5.3 Examples of EFL usage linux/ppc64le
gtkam-doc-1.0-lp150.1.2 Documentation for gtkcam linux/ppc64le
libelektra-devel-doc-0.8.20-lp150.1.2 Development documentation for Elektra linux/ppc64le
xl2tpd-doc-1.3.10-lp150.1.2 Documentation for xl2tpd package linux/ppc64le

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