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RPM of Group Development/Tools

cross-arm-none-newlib-devel-3.0.0-lp150.2.2 C library intended for use on arm-none embedded systems linux/ppc64le
cross-epiphany-newlib-devel-3.0.0-lp150.2.2 C library intended for use on epiphany embedded systems linux/ppc64le
cross-rx-newlib-devel-3.0.0-lp150.2.2 C library intended for use on rx embedded systems linux/ppc64le
ctdb-tests-4.7.6+git.54.6e3276c9872-lp150.2.3 CTDB clustered database test suite linux/ppc64le
datefudge-1.22-lp150.1.2 A preload library to fake system time linux/ppc64le
genwqe-tools-4.0.18-lp150.1.2 GenWQE userspace tools linux/ppc64le
libopenCOLLADA-utils-1.6.62-lp150.1.2 XML validator for COLLADA files linux/ppc64le
newlib-3.0.0-lp150.2.2 C library intended for use on embedded systems linux/ppc64le
samba-pidl-4.7.6+git.54.6e3276c9872-lp150.2.3 Perl IDL compiler linux/ppc64le

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