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RPM of Group Development/Languages/Other

Agda-2.5.2-lp150.1.1 A dependently typed functional programming language and proof assistant linux/ppc64le
Regina-REXX-3.9.1-lp150.1.2 Mark Hessling's implementation of the REXX Interpreter linux/ppc64le
alex-3.2.1-lp150.1.4 Alex is a tool for generating lexical analysers in Haskell linux/ppc64le
asl-1.42_bld115-lp150.2.2 Macro Assembler AS linux/ppc64le
bff-1.0.4-lp150.1.3 Slightly-optimizing Brainfuck interpreter linux/ppc64le
bff4-1-lp150.1.3 Fast Brainfuck interpreter linux/ppc64le
cargo-0.25.0-lp150.1.2 The Rust package manager linux/ppc64le
clang-5.0.1-lp150.3.2 CLANG frontend for LLVM linux/ppc64le
clang-checker-5.0.1-lp150.3.2 Static code analyzer for CLANG linux/ppc64le
clang-devel-5.0.1-lp150.3.2 CLANG frontend for LLVM (devel package) linux/ppc64le
clang5-5.0.1-lp150.6.2 CLANG frontend for LLVM linux/ppc64le
clang5-checker-5.0.1-lp150.6.2 Static code analyzer for CLANG linux/ppc64le
clang5-devel-5.0.1-lp150.6.2 CLANG frontend for LLVM (devel package) linux/ppc64le
clisp-2.49.92-lp150.2.3 A Common Lisp Interpreter linux/ppc64le
colm-devel- The Colm programming language environment linux/ppc64le
derive-2.6.2-lp150.1.1 A program and library to derive instances for data types linux/ppc64le
erlang-20.3.2-lp150.1.3 General-purpose programming language and runtime environment linux/ppc64le
erlang-debugger-20.3.2-lp150.1.3 A debugger for debugging and testing of Erlang programs linux/ppc64le
erlang-debugger-src-20.3.2-lp150.1.3 Erlang/OTP debugger application sources linux/ppc64le
erlang-dialyzer-20.3.2-lp150.1.3 A DIscrepany AnaLYZer for ERlang programs linux/ppc64le
erlang-dialyzer-src-20.3.2-lp150.1.3 Erlang/OTP dialyzer application sources linux/ppc64le
erlang-diameter-20.3.2-lp150.1.3 Main API of the Diameter application linux/ppc64le
erlang-diameter-src-20.3.2-lp150.1.3 Erlang/OTP Diameter application sources linux/ppc64le
erlang-doc-20.3.2-lp150.1.3 Erlang documentation linux/ppc64le
erlang-epmd-20.3.2-lp150.1.3 Erlang Port Mapper daemon linux/ppc64le
erlang-et-20.3.2-lp150.1.3 An event tracer for Erlang programs linux/ppc64le
erlang-et-src-20.3.2-lp150.1.3 Erlang/OTP et application sources linux/ppc64le
erlang-jinterface-src-20.3.2-lp150.1.3 Erlang/OTP jinterface application sources linux/ppc64le
erlang-observer-20.3.2-lp150.1.3 A GUI tool for observing an erlang system linux/ppc64le
erlang-observer-src-20.3.2-lp150.1.3 Erlang/OTP observer application sources linux/ppc64le
erlang-reltool-20.3.2-lp150.1.3 A release management tool linux/ppc64le
erlang-reltool-src-20.3.2-lp150.1.3 Erlang/OTP reltool application sources linux/ppc64le
erlang-src-20.3.2-lp150.1.3 Erlang/OTP applications sources linux/ppc64le
erlang-wx-20.3.2-lp150.1.3 A library for wxWidgets support in Erlang linux/ppc64le
erlang-wx-src-20.3.2-lp150.1.3 Erlang/OTP wx application sources linux/ppc64le
gcc-PIE-7-lp150.1.5 A default configuration to build all binaries in PIE mode linux/ppc64le
gcc-obj-c++-7-lp150.1.5 The system GNU Objective C++ Compiler linux/ppc64le
gcc-objc-7-lp150.1.5 The system GNU Objective C Compiler linux/ppc64le
gcc7-ada-7.3.1+r258812-lp150.2.4 GNU Ada Compiler Based on GCC (GNAT) linux/ppc64le
gcc7-go-7.3.1+r258812-lp150.2.4 GNU Go Compiler linux/ppc64le
gcc7-obj-c++-7.3.1+r258812-lp150.2.4 GNU Objective C++ Compiler linux/ppc64le
gcc7-objc-7.3.1+r258812-lp150.2.4 GNU Objective C Compiler linux/ppc64le
ghc-8.0.2-lp150.1.3 The Glorious Glasgow Haskell Compiler linux/ppc64le
ghc-Cabal-devel- Haskell Cabal library development files linux/ppc64le
ghc-ChasingBottoms- For testing partial and infinite values linux/ppc64le
ghc-Earley- Parsing all context-free grammars using Earley's algorithm linux/ppc64le
ghc-EntrezHTTP-1.0.3-lp150.1.1 Libary to interface with the NCBI Entrez REST service linux/ppc64le
ghc-HSet-0.0.1-lp150.1.1 Faux heterogeneous sets linux/ppc64le
ghc-HTF- The Haskell Test Framework linux/ppc64le
ghc-HaTeX- The Haskell LaTeX library linux/ppc64le
ghc-HsOpenSSL- Partial OpenSSL binding for Haskell linux/ppc64le
ghc-JuicyPixels- Picture loading/serialization (in png, jpeg, bitmap, gif, tga, tiff and radiance) linux/ppc64le
ghc-QuickCheck-2.9.2-lp150.1.1 Automatic testing of Haskell programs linux/ppc64le
ghc-SVGFonts- Fonts from the SVG-Font format linux/ppc64le
ghc-Spock-lucid- Lucid support for Spock linux/ppc64le
ghc-Taxonomy-1.0.2-lp150.1.1 Libary for parsing, processing and vizualization of taxonomy data linux/ppc64le
ghc-Yampa-0.10.6-lp150.1.1 Library for programming hybrid systems linux/ppc64le
ghc-acid-state-0.14.2-lp150.1.1 Add ACID guarantees to any serializable Haskell data structure linux/ppc64le
ghc-active- Abstractions for animation linux/ppc64le
ghc-ad-4.3.3-lp150.1.1 Automatic Differentiation linux/ppc64le
ghc-aeson-injector- Injecting fields into aeson values linux/ppc64le
ghc-alarmclock- Wake up and perform an action at a certain time linux/ppc64le
ghc-ansigraph- Terminal-based graphing via ANSI and Unicode linux/ppc64le
ghc-array-devel- Haskell array library development files linux/ppc64le
ghc-autoexporter-1.1.1-lp150.1.1 Automatically re-export modules linux/ppc64le
ghc-base-devel- Haskell base library development files linux/ppc64le
ghc-benchpress- Micro-benchmarking with detailed statistics linux/ppc64le
ghc-binary-devel- Haskell binary library development files linux/ppc64le
ghc-bootstrap-7.8.3-lp150.2.2 Binary distributions of The Glorious Glasgow Haskell Compiler linux/ppc64le
ghc-bytestring-devel- Haskell bytestring library development files linux/ppc64le
ghc-charsetdetect-ae- Character set detection using Mozilla's Universal Character Set Detector linux/ppc64le
ghc-choice-0.2.1-lp150.1.1 A solution to boolean blindness linux/ppc64le
ghc-cmark-highlight- Code highlighting for cmark linux/ppc64le
ghc-comonad-5.0.1-lp150.1.1 Comonads linux/ppc64le
ghc-compactmap- A read-only memory-efficient key-value store linux/ppc64le
ghc-compiler-8.0.2-lp150.1.3 GHC compiler and utilities linux/ppc64le
ghc-containers-devel- Haskell containers library development files linux/ppc64le
ghc-crypto-enigma- An Enigma machine simulator with display linux/ppc64le
ghc-cubicbezier- Efficient manipulating of 2D cubic bezier curves linux/ppc64le
ghc-datasets-0.2.1-lp150.1.1 Classical data sets for statistics and machine learning linux/ppc64le
ghc-deepseq-devel- Haskell deepseq library development files linux/ppc64le
ghc-dejafu- Systematic testing for Haskell concurrency linux/ppc64le
ghc-diagrams-core-1.4-lp150.1.1 Core libraries for diagrams EDSL linux/ppc64le
ghc-directory-devel- Haskell directory library development files linux/ppc64le
ghc-distributed-process-0.6.6-lp150.1.1 Cloud Haskell: Erlang-style concurrency in Haskell linux/ppc64le
ghc-distributive-0.5.2-lp150.1.1 Distributive functors -- Dual to Traversable linux/ppc64le
ghc-diversity- Quantify the diversity of a population linux/ppc64le
ghc-dns-2.0.10-lp150.1.1 DNS library in Haskell linux/ppc64le
ghc-ekg- Remote monitoring of processes linux/ppc64le
ghc-ekg-json- JSON encoding of ekg metrics linux/ppc64le
ghc-ekg-statsd- Push metrics to statsd linux/ppc64le
ghc-email-validate-2.3-lp150.1.1 Email address validation linux/ppc64le
ghc-ersatz-0.4-lp150.1.1 A monad for expressing SAT or QSAT problems using observable sharing linux/ppc64le
ghc-extensible-0.4.2-lp150.1.1 Extensible, efficient, optics-friendly data types and effects linux/ppc64le
ghc-fgl- Martin Erwig's Functional Graph Library linux/ppc64le
ghc-filepath-devel- Haskell filepath library development files linux/ppc64le
ghc-folds-0.7.3-lp150.1.1 Beautiful Folding linux/ppc64le
ghc-ghc-boot-devel-8.0.2-lp150.1.3 Haskell ghc-boot library development files linux/ppc64le
ghc-ghc-boot-th-devel-8.0.2-lp150.1.3 Haskell ghc-boot-th library development files linux/ppc64le
ghc-ghc-devel-8.0.2-lp150.1.3 Haskell ghc library development files linux/ppc64le
ghc-ghc-heap-view-0.5.9-lp150.1.1 Extract the heap representation of Haskell values and thunks linux/ppc64le
ghc-ghc-prof- Library for parsing GHC time and allocation profiling reports linux/ppc64le
ghc-ghc-typelits-knownnat-0.3-lp150.1.1 Derive KnownNat constraints from other KnownNat constraints linux/ppc64le
ghc-ghci-devel-8.0.2-lp150.1.3 Haskell ghci library development files linux/ppc64le
ghc-gi-atk-2.0.12-lp150.1.1 Atk bindings linux/ppc64le
ghc-gi-cairo-1.0.12-lp150.1.1 Cairo bindings linux/ppc64le
ghc-gi-glib-2.0.12-lp150.1.1 GLib bindings linux/ppc64le
ghc-gi-gobject-2.0.12-lp150.1.1 GObject bindings linux/ppc64le
ghc-github-release-1.0.4-lp150.1.1 Upload files to GitHub releases linux/ppc64le
ghc-gloss- Painless 2D vector graphics, animations and simulations linux/ppc64le
ghc-hailgun- Mailgun REST api interface for Haskell linux/ppc64le
ghc-happstack-server-tls- Extend happstack-server with https:// support (TLS/SSL) linux/ppc64le
ghc-haskeline-devel- Haskell haskeline library development files linux/ppc64le
ghc-haskell-gi-0.20.2-lp150.1.3 Generate Haskell bindings for GObject Introspection capable libraries linux/ppc64le
ghc-haskell-gi-base-0.20.3-lp150.1.1 Foundation for libraries generated by haskell-gi linux/ppc64le
ghc-haskell-tools-ast- Haskell AST for efficient tooling linux/ppc64le
ghc-haskell-tools-backend-ghc- Creating the Haskell-Tools AST from GHC's representations linux/ppc64le
ghc-haskell-tools-daemon- Background process for Haskell-tools refactor that editors can connect to linux/ppc64le
ghc-haskell-tools-debug- Debugging Tools for Haskell-tools linux/ppc64le
ghc-haskell-tools-demo- A web-based demo for Haskell-tools Refactor linux/ppc64le
ghc-haskell-tools-prettyprint- Pretty printing of Haskell-Tools AST linux/ppc64le
ghc-haskell-tools-refactor- Refactoring Tool for Haskell linux/ppc64le
ghc-haskell-tools-rewrite- Facilities for generating new parts of the Haskell-Tools AST linux/ppc64le
ghc-hasql-0.19.18-lp150.1.1 An efficient PostgreSQL driver and a flexible mapping API linux/ppc64le
ghc-heaps- Asymptotically optimal Brodal/Okasaki heaps linux/ppc64le
ghc-hedis-0.9.8-lp150.1.1 Client library for the Redis datastore: supports full command set, pipelining linux/ppc64le
ghc-hledger-iadd-1.2.1-lp150.1.1 A terminal UI as drop-in replacement for hledger add linux/ppc64le
ghc-hledger-lib-1.2-lp150.1.1 Core data types, parsers and functionality for the hledger accounting tools linux/ppc64le
ghc-hlibgit2- Low-level bindings to libgit2 linux/ppc64le
ghc-hlibsass- Low-level bindings to Libsass linux/ppc64le
ghc-hoopl-devel- Haskell hoopl library development files linux/ppc64le
ghc-hpc-devel- Haskell hpc library development files linux/ppc64le
ghc-hpp-0.4.0-lp150.1.1 A Haskell pre-processor linux/ppc64le
ghc-hsass-0.4.1-lp150.1.2 Integrating Sass into Haskell applications linux/ppc64le
ghc-hsexif- EXIF handling library in pure Haskell linux/ppc64le
ghc-hsx2hs-0.14.1-lp150.1.1 HSX (Haskell Source with XML) allows literal XML syntax in Haskell source code linux/ppc64le
ghc-http-reverse-proxy-0.4.4-lp150.1.1 Reverse proxy HTTP requests, either over raw sockets or with WAI linux/ppc64le
ghc-intervals-0.8-lp150.1.1 Interval Arithmetic linux/ppc64le
ghc-invariant-0.4.2-lp150.1.1 Haskell98 invariant functors linux/ppc64le
ghc-io-streams- Simple, composable, and easy-to-use stream I/O linux/ppc64le
ghc-irc-client- An IRC client library linux/ppc64le
ghc-irc-conduit- Streaming IRC message library using conduits linux/ppc64le
ghc-jose-jwt-0.7.6-lp150.1.1 JSON Object Signing and Encryption Library linux/ppc64le
ghc-json-stream- Incremental applicative JSON parser linux/ppc64le
ghc-labels-0.3.2-lp150.1.1 Anonymous records via named tuples linux/ppc64le
ghc-language-c-quote-0.12-lp150.1.1 C/CUDA/OpenCL/Objective-C quasiquoting library linux/ppc64le
ghc-leancheck-0.6.3-lp150.1.1 Cholesterol-free property-based testing linux/ppc64le
ghc-lens-4.15.3-lp150.1.1 Lenses, Folds and Traversals linux/ppc64le
ghc-lens-action-0.2.1-lp150.1.1 Monadic Getters and Folds linux/ppc64le
ghc-lens-aeson-1.0.1-lp150.1.1 Law-abiding lenses for aeson linux/ppc64le
ghc-lens-family-th- Generate lens-family style lenses linux/ppc64le
ghc-libmpd- An MPD client library linux/ppc64le
ghc-linear-1.20.6-lp150.1.1 Linear Algebra linux/ppc64le
ghc-linear-accelerate-0.4-lp150.1.1 Lifting linear vector spaces into Accelerate linux/ppc64le
ghc-list-t-1-lp150.1.1 ListT done right linux/ppc64le
ghc-log-base- Structured logging solution (base package) linux/ppc64le
ghc-log-domain-0.11.1-lp150.1.1 Log-domain arithmetic linux/ppc64le
ghc-log-elasticsearch- Structured logging solution (Elasticsearch back end) linux/ppc64le
ghc-log-postgres- Structured logging solution (PostgreSQL back end) linux/ppc64le
ghc-lzma-conduit- Conduit interface for lzma/xz compression linux/ppc64le
ghc-machines-0.6.2-lp150.1.1 Networked stream transducers linux/ppc64le
ghc-metrics- High-performance application metric tracking linux/ppc64le
ghc-microlens- A tiny lens library with no dependencies. If you're writing an app, you probably want microlens-platform, not this linux/ppc64le
ghc-mime-mail- Compose MIME email messages linux/ppc64le
ghc-monad-control- Lift control operations, like exception catching, through monad transformers linux/ppc64le
ghc-monad-logger-0.3.24-lp150.1.1 A class of monads which can log messages linux/ppc64le
ghc-monad-skeleton-0.1.4-lp150.1.1 Monads of program skeleta linux/ppc64le
ghc-mono-traversable-1.0.2-lp150.1.1 Type classes for mapping, folding, and traversing monomorphic containers linux/ppc64le
ghc-monoid-subclasses- Subclasses of Monoid linux/ppc64le
ghc-monoidal-containers- Containers with monoidal accumulation linux/ppc64le
ghc-morte-1.6.9-lp150.1.1 A bare-bones calculus of constructions linux/ppc64le
ghc-multistate- Like mtl's ReaderT / WriterT / StateT, but more than one contained value/type linux/ppc64le
ghc-mysql-simple- A mid-level MySQL client library linux/ppc64le
ghc-network-ip-0.3-lp150.1.1 Internet Protocol data structures linux/ppc64le
ghc-newtype-generics-0.5-lp150.1.1 A typeclass and set of functions for working with newtypes, with generics support linux/ppc64le
ghc-opaleye- An SQL-generating DSL targeting PostgreSQL linux/ppc64le
ghc-open-witness-0.4-lp150.1.4 Open witnesses linux/ppc64le
ghc-pagination-0.2.0-lp150.1.1 Framework-agnostic pagination boilerplate linux/ppc64le
ghc-palette- Utilities for choosing and creating color schemes linux/ppc64le
ghc-parsers-0.12.5-lp150.1.1 Parsing combinators linux/ppc64le
ghc-pinboard- Access to the Pinboard API linux/ppc64le
ghc-pipes-group-1.0.6-lp150.1.1 Group streams into substreams linux/ppc64le
ghc-pqueue- Reliable, persistent, fast priority queues linux/ppc64le
ghc-pretty-devel- Haskell pretty library development files linux/ppc64le
ghc-prettyprinter-1.1-lp150.1.1 A modern, easy to use, well-documented, extensible prettyprinter linux/ppc64le
ghc-process-devel- Haskell process library development files linux/ppc64le
ghc-profunctors-5.2-lp150.1.1 Profunctors linux/ppc64le
ghc-protocol-buffers-2.4.2-lp150.1.1 Parse Google Protocol Buffer specifications linux/ppc64le
ghc-protocol-buffers-descriptor-2.4.2-lp150.1.1 Text.DescriptorProto.Options and code generated from the Google Protocol Buffer specification linux/ppc64le
ghc-rasterific-svg- SVG renderer based on Rasterific linux/ppc64le
ghc-ratel-0.3.4-lp150.1.1 Notify Honeybadger about exceptions linux/ppc64le
ghc-rdf- Representation and Incremental Processing of RDF Data linux/ppc64le
ghc-rebase-1.0.8-lp150.1.1 A more progressive alternative to the "base" package linux/ppc64le
ghc-references- Selectors for reading and updating data linux/ppc64le
ghc-relational-query- Typeful, Modular, Relational, algebraic query engine linux/ppc64le
ghc-relational-query-HDBC- HDBC instance of relational-query and typed query interface for HDBC linux/ppc64le
ghc-relational-schemas- RDBMSs' schema templates for relational-query linux/ppc64le
ghc-repa- High performance, regular, shape polymorphic parallel arrays linux/ppc64le
ghc-repa-algorithms- Algorithms using the Repa array library linux/ppc64le
ghc-repa-io- Read and write Repa arrays in various formats linux/ppc64le
ghc-rest-gen- Documentation and client generation from rest definition linux/ppc64le
ghc-rethinkdb-client-driver-0.0.23-lp150.1.1 Client driver for RethinkDB linux/ppc64le
ghc-rss-conduit- Streaming parser/renderer for the RSS standard linux/ppc64le
ghc-safecopy- Binary serialization with version control linux/ppc64le
ghc-sandi-0.4.0-lp150.1.1 Data encoding library linux/ppc64le
ghc-scientific- Numbers represented using scientific notation linux/ppc64le
ghc-semigroupoids-5.2-lp150.1.1 Semigroupoids: Category sans id linux/ppc64le
ghc-servant-docs- Generate API docs for your servant webservice linux/ppc64le
ghc-servant-purescript- Generate PureScript accessor functions for you servant API linux/ppc64le
ghc-shakespeare-2.0.13-lp150.1.1 A toolkit for making compile-time interpolated templates linux/ppc64le
ghc-simple-log-0.9.2-lp150.1.1 Simple log for Haskell linux/ppc64le
ghc-smallcheck-1.1.1-lp150.1.1 A property-based testing library linux/ppc64le
ghc-snap-core- Snap: A Haskell Web Framework (core interfaces and types) linux/ppc64le
ghc-snap-server- A web server for the Snap Framework linux/ppc64le
ghc-stm-containers-0.2.15-lp150.1.1 Containers for STM linux/ppc64le
ghc-store- Fast binary serialization linux/ppc64le
ghc-strive-3.0.3-lp150.1.1 A client for the Strava V3 API linux/ppc64le
ghc-svg-tree-0.6.1-lp150.1.1 SVG file loader and serializer linux/ppc64le
ghc-tasty- Modern and extensible testing framework linux/ppc64le
ghc-template-haskell-devel- Haskell template-haskell library development files linux/ppc64le
ghc-temporary-1.2.1-lp150.1.1 Portable temporary file and directory support linux/ppc64le
ghc-terminfo-devel- Haskell terminfo library development files linux/ppc64le
ghc-test-fixture- Test monadic side-effects linux/ppc64le
ghc-th-abstraction- Nicer interface for reified information about data types linux/ppc64le
ghc-th-orphans-0.13.3-lp150.1.1 Orphan instances for TH datatypes linux/ppc64le
ghc-th-reify-many-0.1.7-lp150.1.1 Recurseively reify template haskell datatype info linux/ppc64le
ghc-th-to-exp- Provides a way to persist data from compile-time to runtime linux/ppc64le
ghc-threepenny-gui- GUI framework that uses the web browser as a display linux/ppc64le
ghc-time-devel- Haskell time library development files linux/ppc64le
ghc-transformers-devel- Haskell transformers library development files linux/ppc64le
ghc-transient-0.5.8-lp150.1.1 Composing programs with multithreading, events and distributed computing linux/ppc64le
ghc-typed-process- Run external processes, with strong typing of streams linux/ppc64le
ghc-tz- Efficient time zone handling linux/ppc64le
ghc-tzdata-0.1.20161123.0-lp150.1.1 Time zone database (as files and as a module) linux/ppc64le
ghc-unicode-transforms-0.3.2-lp150.1.1 Unicode normalization linux/ppc64le
ghc-union- Extensible type-safe unions linux/ppc64le
ghc-units-parser- A parser for units of measure linux/ppc64le
ghc-unix-devel- Haskell unix library development files linux/ppc64le
ghc-uri-bytestring-aeson- Aeson instances for URI Bytestring linux/ppc64le
ghc-uri-templater- Parsing & Quasiquoting for RFC 6570 URI Templates linux/ppc64le
ghc-uuid-orphans-1.4.1-lp150.1.1 Orphan instances for the UUID datatype linux/ppc64le
ghc-vado-0.0.8-lp150.1.1 Runs commands on remote machines using ssh linux/ppc64le
ghc-vcswrapper-0.1.5-lp150.1.1 Wrapper for source code management systems linux/ppc64le
ghc-vector-binary-instances- Instances of Data.Binary and Data.Serialize for vector linux/ppc64le
ghc-web-routes-th- Support for deriving PathInfo using Template Haskell linux/ppc64le
ghc-weigh-0.0.4-lp150.1.1 Measure allocations of a Haskell functions/values linux/ppc64le
ghc-withdependencies-0.2.4-lp150.1.1 Run computations that depend on one or more elements in a stream linux/ppc64le
ghc-x509-1.7.1-lp150.1.1 X509 reader and writer linux/ppc64le
ghc-x509-store-1.6.3-lp150.1.1 X.509 collection accessing and storing methods linux/ppc64le
ghc-x509-system-1.6.5-lp150.1.1 Handle per-operating-system X.509 accessors and storage linux/ppc64le
ghc-x509-validation-1.6.8-lp150.1.1 X.509 Certificate and CRL validation linux/ppc64le
ghc-xhtml-devel-3000.2.1-lp150.1.3 Haskell xhtml library development files linux/ppc64le
ghc-yesod-auth- Authentication for Yesod linux/ppc64le
ghc-yesod-auth-hashdb-1.6.1-lp150.1.1 Authentication plugin for Yesod linux/ppc64le
ghc-yesod-core- Creation of type-safe, RESTful web applications linux/ppc64le
ghc-yesod-form-1.4.13-lp150.1.1 Form handling support for Yesod Web Framework linux/ppc64le
ghc-yesod-form-richtext- Various rich-text WYSIWYG editors for Yesod forms linux/ppc64le
ghc-yi-core-0.14.0-lp150.1.1 Yi editor core library linux/ppc64le
ghc-yi-frontend-vty-0.14.0-lp150.1.1 Vty frontend for Yi editor linux/ppc64le
ghc-yi-fuzzy-open-0.14.0-lp150.1.1 Fuzzy open plugin for yi linux/ppc64le
ghc-yi-ireader-0.14.0-lp150.1.1 Yi editor incremental reader linux/ppc64le
ghc-yi-keymap-cua-0.14.0-lp150.1.1 Cua keymap for Yi editor linux/ppc64le
ghc-yi-keymap-emacs-0.14.0-lp150.1.1 Emacs keymap for Yi editor linux/ppc64le
ghc-yi-keymap-vim-0.14.0-lp150.1.1 Vim keymap for Yi editor linux/ppc64le
ghc-yi-language-0.14.0-lp150.1.1 Collection of language-related Yi libraries linux/ppc64le
ghc-yi-misc-modes-0.14.0-lp150.1.1 Yi editor miscellaneous modes linux/ppc64le
ghc-yi-mode-haskell-0.14.0-lp150.1.1 Yi editor haskell mode linux/ppc64le
ghc-yi-mode-javascript-0.14.0-lp150.1.1 Yi editor javascript mode linux/ppc64le
ghc-yi-snippet-0.14.0-lp150.1.1 Snippet support for yi linux/ppc64le
ghc-zip-archive- Library for creating and modifying zip archives linux/ppc64le
ghc-zippers-0.2.3-lp150.1.1 Traversal based zippers linux/ppc64le
go-1.9.4-lp150.1.3 A compiled, garbage-collected, concurrent programming language linux/ppc64le
go1.7-1.7.5-lp150.6.1 A compiled, garbage-collected, concurrent programming language linux/ppc64le
go1.8-1.8.7-lp150.1.2 A compiled, garbage-collected, concurrent programming language linux/ppc64le
go1.9-1.9.4-lp150.1.2 A compiled, garbage-collected, concurrent programming language linux/ppc64le
hapistrano- A deployment library for Haskell applications linux/ppc64le
haxe-3.4.7-lp150.1.2 Multiplatform programming language linux/ppc64le
hdevtools- Persistent GHC powered background server for FAST haskell development tools linux/ppc64le
hledger-1.2-lp150.1.1 Command-line interface for the hledger accounting tool linux/ppc64le
hledger-api-1.2-lp150.1.3 Web API server for the hledger accounting tool linux/ppc64le
hledger-ui-1.2-lp150.1.1 Curses-style user interface for the hledger accounting tool linux/ppc64le
hledger-web-1.2-lp150.1.4 Web interface for the hledger accounting tool linux/ppc64le
hoogle-5.0.12-lp150.1.1 Haskell API Search linux/ppc64le
html-xml-utils-7.6-lp150.1.2 A number of simple utilities for manipulating HTML and XML files linux/ppc64le
intero-0.1.20-lp150.1.1 Complete interactive development program for Haskell linux/ppc64le
libLTO5-5.0.1-lp150.6.2 Link-time optimizer for LLVM linux/ppc64le
libgo11-7.3.1+r258812-lp150.2.4 GNU Go compiler runtime library linux/ppc64le
libidl-devel-0.8.14-lp150.2.2 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development linux/ppc64le
libomp5-devel-5.0.1-lp150.6.2 MPI plugin for LLVM linux/ppc64le
libqore5-0.8.13-lp150.1.4 The libraries for the qore runtime and qore clients linux/ppc64le
llvm-5.0.1-lp150.3.2 Low Level Virtual Machine linux/ppc64le
llvm-LTO-devel-5.0.1-lp150.3.2 Link-time optimizer for LLVM (devel package) linux/ppc64le
llvm-devel-5.0.1-lp150.3.2 Header Files for LLVM linux/ppc64le
llvm-gold-5.0.1-lp150.3.2 Gold linker plugin for LLVM linux/ppc64le
llvm5-5.0.1-lp150.6.2 Low Level Virtual Machine linux/ppc64le
llvm5-LTO-devel-5.0.1-lp150.6.2 Link-time optimizer for LLVM (devel package) linux/ppc64le
llvm5-devel-5.0.1-lp150.6.2 Header Files for LLVM linux/ppc64le
llvm5-gold-5.0.1-lp150.6.2 Gold linker plugin for LLVM linux/ppc64le
love-0_7_2-0.7.2-lp150.1.2 2D gaming engine written in Lua linux/ppc64le
lua-rrdtool-1.7.0-lp150.3.2 Lua bindings for RRDtool linux/ppc64le
lua51-5.1.5-lp150.2.3 Small Embeddable Language with Procedural Syntax linux/ppc64le
lua51-lgi-0.9.2-lp150.1.2 Lua bindings to GObject libraries linux/ppc64le
lua51-lpeg-doc-1.0.1-lp150.1.2 Lua Documentation for lpeg linux/ppc64le
lua51-luasocket-3.0~rc1+git20170515.5a17f79-lp150.3.2 Network support for the Lua language linux/ppc64le
lua53-5.3.4-lp150.1.5 Small Embeddable Language with Procedural Syntax linux/ppc64le
lua53-lgi-0.9.2-lp150.1.2 Lua bindings to GObject libraries linux/ppc64le
lua53-lpeg-doc-1.0.1-lp150.1.2 Lua Documentation for lpeg linux/ppc64le
lua53-luasocket-3.0~rc1+git20170515.5a17f79-lp150.3.3 Network support for the Lua language linux/ppc64le
m4-1.4.18-lp150.2.5 GNU m4 linux/ppc64le
mono-libkolabxml1-1.1.6-lp150.3.3 Mono (C#) bindings for libkolabxml linux/ppc64le
nasm-2.13.02-lp150.1.3 Netwide Assembler (An x86 Assembler) linux/ppc64le
neko-2.2.0-lp150.1.2 A cross-platform lightweight virtual machine and language linux/ppc64le
neko-devel-2.2.0-lp150.1.2 Development files for the Neko virtual machine linux/ppc64le
ooRexx-4.2.0-lp150.2.3 Open Object Rexx linux/ppc64le
ooRexx-devel-4.2.0-lp150.2.3 Open Object Rexx development files linux/ppc64le
php7-7.2.5-lp150.1.3 Interpreter for the PHP scripting language version 7 linux/ppc64le
plplotada-devel-5.13.0-lp150.4.1 Ada bindings for development with PLplot linux/ppc64le
qore-0.8.13-lp150.1.4 Multithreaded Programming Language linux/ppc64le
racer-2.0.12-lp150.1.3 Code completion for Rust linux/ppc64le
rust-1.24.1-lp150.1.3 A systems programming language linux/ppc64le
rust-doc-1.24.1-lp150.1.3 Rust documentation linux/ppc64le
rust-gdb-1.24.1-lp150.1.3 Gdb integration for rust binaries linux/ppc64le
rust-std-1.24.1-lp150.1.3 Standard library for Rust linux/ppc64le
slang-slsh-2.3.1a-lp150.3.3 Interpreter for S-Lang Scripts linux/ppc64le
slurm-lua-17.11.5-lp150.4.2 Lua API for SLURM linux/ppc64le
squirrel-3.0.7-lp150.1.2 A high level imperative/OO programming language linux/ppc64le
stack-1.5.0-lp150.1.3 The Haskell Tool Stack linux/ppc64le
swipl-7.6.4-lp150.1.3 Prolog Compiler linux/ppc64le
texlive-bin-devel-2017.20170520-lp150.8.2 Basic development packages for TeXLive linux/ppc64le
toluapp-5.1-1.0.93-lp150.1.4 C/C++ with Lua Integration Tool linux/ppc64le
toluapp-5.3-1.0.93-lp150.1.2 C/C++ with Lua Integration Tool linux/ppc64le
vala-0.38.8-lp150.1.2 Programming language for GNOME linux/ppc64le
viewprof- Text-based interactive GHC .prof viewer linux/ppc64le
wxlua-3.1.0.git.7d9d59-lp150.1.1 Lua IDE with a GUI debugger and binding generator linux/ppc64le
yasm-1.3.0-lp150.2.2 A complete rewrite of the NASM assembler linux/ppc64le
yasm-devel-1.3.0-lp150.2.2 YASM development package linux/ppc64le
yesod-bin- The yesod helper executable linux/ppc64le
zypper-docker-1.2.0-lp150.1.2 Easy patch and update solution for Docker images linux/ppc64le

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