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simplescreenrecorder-0.3.8-lp150.1.1 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.0 for aarch64

Name: simplescreenrecorder Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.0
Version: 0.3.8 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp150.1.1 Build date: Sat Apr 28 23:31:31 2018
Group: System/X11/Utilities Build host: obs-arm-3
Size: 3077655 Source RPM: simplescreenrecorder-0.3.8-lp150.1.1.src.rpm
Summary: A feature-rich screen recorder that supports X11 and OpenGL
SimpleScreenRecorder is a Linux program that was created to record programs
and games.

The original goal was to create a program that was just really simple to
use, the result is actually a pretty powerful program. It's 'simple' in
the sense that it's easier to use than ffmpeg/avconv or VLC, because it
has a straightforward user interface.

 * Graphical user interface (Qt-based).
 * Faster than VLC and ffmpeg/avconv.
 * Records the entire screen or part of it, or records OpenGL applications
   directly (similar to Fraps on Windows).
 * Synchronizes audio and video properly (a common issue with VLC and
 * Reduces the video frame rate if your computer is too slow (rather than
   using up all your RAM like VLC does).
 * Fully multithreaded: small delays in any of the components will never
   block the other components, resulting is smoother video and better
   performance on computers with multiple processors.
 * Pause and resume recording at any time (either by clicking a button or by
   pressing a hotkey).
 * Shows statistics during recording (file size, bit rate, total recording
   time, actual frame rate, ...).
 * Can show a preview during recording, so you don't waste time recording
   something only to figure out afterwards that some setting was wrong.
 * Uses libav/ffmpeg libraries for encoding, so it supports many different
   codecs and file formats (adding more is trivial).
 * Sensible default settings: no need to change anything if you don't want to.
 * Tooltips for almost everything: no need to read the documentation to find
   out what something does.






* Tue Nov 15 2016
  - Update to 0.3.8 (since 0.3.7):
    * Revert sample rate to 44.1 kHz for FLV container.
* Sun Oct 16 2016
  - Update to 0.3.7 (since 0.3.6):
    * Added support for latest FFmpeg/libav.
    * Make relaxed GLInject permissions actually work.
    * The backend now supports fragmented recording,
      but there is no GUI for this yet.
    * The default audio sample rate is now 48 kHz.
      This makes SSR compatible with Opus.
    * System tray icon now indicates errors during recording.
  - Removed simplescreenrecorder-0.3.6-missing-include.diff
    as already provided via upstream tarball.
* Fri Jun 17 2016
  - `spec-cleaner`
  - Added simplescreenrecorder-0.3.6-missing-include.diff
    to resolve bnc#985369.
  - Tips from Packman's package.
  - Enabled verbose make build.
* Tue Nov 03 2015
  - Update to 0.3.6 (since 0.3.3):
    * Fix bug in YUV420 fallback converter introduced by refactoring.
    * Allow user to start recording with hotkey or systray even when
      not on the recording page.
    * Fixed JACK input bug that could cause deadlocks in rare cases.
    * Added full support for NV12. If FFmpeg is compiled with NVENC
      support, this will allow you to use it.
    * Removed ssr-0.3.3-fix-disable-x86-asm.diff as merged.
    * Removed ssr-0.3.3-ffmpeg-pkgconfig.diff as merged by upstream.
  - Qt4 → Qt5.
* Fri May 01 2015
  - baselibs.conf became mentioned in spec files as source
    to pass factory-auto.
* Mon Apr 27 2015
  - Fixed up libssr-glinject subpackage description (request#303989).
  - Removed libssr-glinject static build (request#303989).
  - Let's only suggest libssr-glinject-32bit to not install 32bit
    dependencies with default ssr installation.
  - Dropped openSUSE < 13.* support.
* Thu Apr 23 2015
  - Packman → OBS;
  - _service → tarball;
  - `spec-cleaner`.
  - Added ssr-0.3.3-ffmpeg-pkgconfig.diff
    to make build against openSUSE' ffmpeg possible
    ( ).
* Sat Jan 17 2015
  - Update to 0.3.3:
    * Fixed mistake in that was causing to be linked with unwanted libraries.
  - Added ssr-0.3.3-fix-disable-x86-asm.patch.diff
    to fix --disable-x86-asm option
    ( ).
* Mon Jan 05 2015
  - Update to 0.3.2:
    * Added Qt5 support (optional, Qt4 is still the default).
    * Added YUV422, YUV444 and RGB support
      (YUV420 is still the default)
    * Added pixelformat and sampleformat codec options.
    * Added benchmark.
    * Improved RTL support.
    * Bugfixes.
* Fri Oct 03 2014
  - Update to 0.3.1:
    * no upstream changelog.
* Thu Jul 03 2014
  - Update to 0.3.0:
    * Added profile support.
    * New, more flexible OpenGL recording system
      (glinject-next branch merged).
    * More robust sound notifications.
    * Show progress dialog while flushing the encoders.
    * Improved hotkey support using XInput2.
    * Improved synchronizer.
    * Native support for mono microphones (plughw no longer needed).
    * Added source detection for ALSA.
    * Partially rewritten output backend.
    * Improved mouse following algorithm.
    * New icon.
    * Bugfixes.
* Tue Mar 04 2014
  - Update to 0.2.2:
    * Fix bug in Synchronizer that caused throttling to fail,
      resulting in excessive memory usage.
  - Switching back to _service.
* Sun Mar 02 2014
  - Update to 0.2.1+git.2014.03.02:
    * Avoid build warning when assertions are disabled
    * Make sure that the resampler is only created when audio is
  - Update to 0.2.1:
    * Correction to command-line help message.
    * Fix minor bug in drift recalculation in Synchronizer.
    * Bugfix: Don't stop the muxer before all packet queues
      are empty.
    * Make timestamps in file names Windows-compatible.
    * Make sure the segment is complete before destroying the
      synchronizer (shouldn't make a huge difference but let's do it
    * Add icons to distribution tarball.
  - desktop_database_post(un) & icon_theme_cache_post(un)
    macros were added.
  - enable-jack configure option was deleted as default.
  - Temporary switching from _service to git tarball.
* Sat Feb 22 2014
  - Update to 0.2.0:
    * no upstream changelog.
  - Switching back to _service.
* Wed Feb 12 2014
  - Update to 0.1.2+git.2014.02.09:
    * Jack support;
    * SoX Resampler became used;
    * cmake became used;
    * pkg-config became used;
    * "[VideoEncoder::EncodeFrame] Error: Keyframe flag was not set!"
      was fixed.
  - Temporary switching from _service to git tarball.
* Mon Oct 28 2013
  - Update to 0.1.2:
    * no upstream changelog.
  - Switched to configure option using instead of CPPFLAGS modifying.
* Sat Oct 19 2013
  - Update to 0.1.1:
    * no upstream changelog.
  - Not exclude arm but include x86* only.
* Wed Sep 25 2013
  - Update to 0.1.0:
    * no upstream changelog.
  - libssr-glinject-32bit became built and recommended
    to record x32 games at x64 hosts.
  - libssr-glinject can't be built for arm:
  - Service source_validator was removed because of
* Tue Jun 11 2013
  - Initial package.



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