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libscg1_0-3.02~a09-lp150.2.4 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.0 for aarch64

Name: libscg1_0 Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.0
Version: 3.02~a09 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp150.2.4 Build date: Thu May 17 18:47:19 2018
Group: System/Libraries Build host: obs-arm-4
Size: 143385 Source RPM: schily-libs-3.02~a09-lp150.2.4.src.rpm
Summary: An OS-independent SCSI transport library
libscg is a portable SCSI transport library, providing an abstraction
layer from operating systems' mechanisms to issue SCSI commands.






* Thu Dec 14 2017
  - Update to new upstream release 3.02~a09
    * Cdda2wav now works around a Linux glibc bug that causes stderr
      to be illegally buffered.
    * `cdda2wav -vall` no longer clobbers out-fd= to become stdin
      when compiled in 64 bit mode.
* Thu May 11 2017
  - Fix build on older distros (e.g. SLE11) -- no caps support in RPM
  - Remove build dependency on mmv (not present on SLE, and its usage
    is easily replaced with a small shell script).
  - Fix build on older distros (makedepend)
* Wed Dec 28 2016
  - Update to new upstream release 3.02~a07
    * mkisofs: deduplication for files)
* Thu Jan 28 2016
  - Update to new upstream release 3.02~a06
    * libscg: fixed a copy/paste problem in the Linux transport that
    could cause libscg to assume a timeout when no timeout occurred.
    * libscg: add a new generic option interface.
    * libscg: New option "ignore-resid" to work around a Linux kernel
    * mkisofs: better warning messages for rotten directories when in
    multi-session mode.
* Thu Dec 31 2015
  - Update to new upstream release 3.02~a05
    * mkisofs now tries to be more immune against rotten iso images
    when in multi session mode.
    * mkisofs no longer tries to access a string past the null byte
    when dealing with Joliet.
    * mkisofs fixed a bug related to sorting with multi extent files
    (greater than 4 GB).
* Wed Dec 16 2015
  - Update to new upstream release 3.02~a04
    * Support for DVD-Audio was added to mkisofs.
    * Several bug fixes in mkisofs and mkisofs/diag/* programs to make
    them more robust against rotten ISO images.
* Wed Dec 02 2015
  - Update to new upstream release 3.02~a03
    * isoinfo no longer eats up all memory when an ISO image
    with a directory loop is specified.
* Fri Nov 20 2015
  - Update to new upstream release 3.02~a02
    * Many smaller "isoinfo" enhancements including support for
    relocated directories.
* Fri Nov 06 2015
  - Update to new upstream release 3.02~a01
    * libparanoia: work around a bug that resulted from uninitalized
    statistics data for C2 checks.
    * cdda2wav now supports sound output on Linux again.
* Sun Aug 30 2015
  - Update to new upstream release 3.01
    * Final version
* Wed Aug 05 2015
  - Update to new upstream release 3.01~a31
    * Added compile support for Win-10 using non-automake-aware make
    implementations. Add some workarounds for MinGW32 compilation.
* Wed Jul 08 2015
  - Update to new upstream release 3.01~a30
    * Added a workaround (with autoconf) for a Cygwin bug with
    [#]pragma weak.
* Thu Jun 04 2015
  - Update to new upstream release 3.01~a29
    * (Several changes for better Haiku compatibility.)
    * Some code fixes include results from automated tests.
* Wed Mar 25 2015
  - Update to new upstream release 3.01~a28
    * Build system changes only: manpages are installed just once
* Thu Feb 19 2015
  - Update to new upstream release 3.01~a27
    * dlopen emulation for certain platforms
* Fri Jan 09 2015
  - Update to new upstream release 3.01~a26
    * Add the HELIOS UNICODE mapping code. This needs to be done at
    UCS-2 level for Joliet and UDF (instead of UTF-8) and only for
    Rock Ridge (in case of a UTF-8 based target locale) using UTF-8
    based translations.
    * Make the Apple extensions work again with "mkisofs -find"
* Thu Dec 04 2014
  - run permission handling code unconditionally. bnc#899718
* Sat Nov 29 2014
  - Update to new upstream release 3.01~a25
    * Precursory work for localization
  - Run spec-beautifier for spec files
  - Reenable missing capability support [bnc#899718]
* Mon Sep 22 2014
  - Update package metadata: new upstream URLs
  - Remove untracked old changes file
* Wed May 07 2014
  - Update to new upstream release 3.01~a24
    * isoinfo now allows the user to extract all files from an ISO
    image based on the built-in find(1) command. This works even for
    milti-extent files (files > 4 GB).
    * Some enhancements for the libschily *at() function emulations
    have been added.
* Wed Mar 05 2014
  - Update to new upstream release 3.01~a23
    * Cdrecord now prints timediffs also in hours:minutes:seconds.
    * Cdda2wav no longer includes "c2check" in the "proof" paranoia
    option to avoid a firmware bug in a TSSTcorp drive.
    * Mkisofs has slightly-reduced CPU time requirements.
    * A problem in isoinfo has been fixed; it did not always print
    timestamps in `-find -ls` mode.
* Tue Jan 21 2014
  - Update to new upstream release 3.01~a22
    * mkisofs includes a new option, -legacy, that allows it to
    reenable the short options -H/-L/-P; these have been disabled in
    2006 for compatibility with scripts that have not been updated
    during the past 10 years.
    * libsiconv now only tries to open a file when the argument
    includes a slash in its name.
    * libschily::printf() now includes support for %n$ argument
    reordering for the first 30 arguments.
  - Drop ppc64le.patch (merged upstream)
* Mon Jan 06 2014
  - Update to new upstream release 3.01~a21
    * This release adds some workarounds for compiling with MinGW. New
    functions xcomerr(), xcomerrno(), fxcomerr(), and fxcomerrno() in
    libschily. A bug in libschily/format.c that caused %.*s to be
    printed incorrectly has been fixed. Some bugs in the mkisofs man
    page have been fixed.
* Thu Jan 02 2014
  - enable ppc64le architecture (ppc64le.patch)
* Thu Dec 26 2013
  - Update to new upstream release 3.01~a20
    * libparanoia and cdda2wav have been enhanced to give much better
    results with slightly bad media and new hardware.
  - Enable symbol versions
* Tue Dec 03 2013
  - Update to new upstream release 3.01~a19
    * This release added different fine-grained privilege handling that
    keeps root privileges in cases where cdrtools have been called by
    a privileged program.
    * Libfind now supports "event port" type files.
    * Emulations for *at() functions have been added to libschily.
  - Mark the mkisofs program (combined work) as GPL-2.0 due to
    some GPL2-only sources (mkisofs/inode.c).
* Thu Nov 14 2013
  - Add gcc48wa.diff to work around broken gcc-4.8 behavior
* Tue Oct 15 2013
  - Update to new upstream release 3.01a18
    * This release fixes a copy+paste bug in the Linux support code for
    fine-grained privileges.
    * Libfind no longer leaks filedescriptors with -empty.
* Fri Oct 04 2013
  - Update to new upstream release 3.01a17
    * Automatic support has been added for ARMv5 and ARMv6.
* Thu Jul 11 2013
  - Update to 3.01a16
    * libparanoia: memset() call in i_silence_match() now uses the
      correct size instead of sizeof (avec)
    * libparanoia: Use dynamic arrays instead of alloca()/malloc()
      if available
* Thu Jun 06 2013
  - Update BuildRequires, add License: fields, use %optflags, update
    descriptions and wrap at 70 cols
  - Remove unused static libraries and dissolve devel subpackage
    (now provided by libschily-devel, libscg-devel)
* Mon Jun 03 2013
  - Update to new upstream release 3.01~a15
    * This release warns about lack of fine-grained permissions
  - Temporarily deactivate extra permissions for factory submission
    while permissions package is not updated
* Tue May 14 2013
  - Add cdda2wav.{easy,paranoid,secure}. permissions.d entries need
    to be in the same package as the file they are describing, or we
    get errors during post-build verification.
  - Use tildeversion; according to author, 3.01a14 sorts before 3.01
  - Resync caps list from permissions.d files to .spec file
* Sun May 05 2013
  - actually fscaps are also managed by "permissions", leave the
    %set_permissions calls in.
  - reenabled the sample permission snippets for testing.
* Sat May 04 2013
  - Do not run set_permissions when fscaps are in use
* Sat May 04 2013
  - commented out the setuid root equivalent capabilities, cap_sys_admin
    and cap_dac_override. (bnc#550021)
  - commented out unnecessary and also dangerous cap_net_bind_service
  - add correct permission handling also for readcd and cdda2wav
* Fri May 03 2013
  - Linux fscaps support in the RPM package (bnc#550021)
* Fri May 03 2013
  - Commented out permissions.d files and
    ran spec cleaner.
* Mon Apr 22 2013
  - Update to 3.01a14
    * new autoconf tests for sys/capability.h and cap_*() functions
    from Linux -lcap
    * trying to support suid-root-less installation of cdrecord on Linux.
    NOTE: You need "file caps" support built into your Linux installation.
    * include/schily/stat.h now contains macros to set the nanoseconds
    in timestamps in a OS independent way
    * mkisofs now identifies itdelf by default (inside the APPID string)
    as being UDF capable.
    * mkisofs now supports additional file types with UDF: named pipes,
    sockets, character devices, block devices
    * mkisofs now supports all three UNIX times with microsecond granularity
      in UDF
    * mkisofs now sets correct user/group/permission for symlinks in UDF
    * mkisofs now supports setuid, setgid, sticky bits in UDF
* Tue Apr 02 2013
  - Dissolve Obsoletes cycle between cdrkit (source package "wodim")
    and cdrtools. Conflict tags have been submitted to cdrkit.
* Tue Feb 12 2013
  - Update to 3.01a12
    * mkisofs: mkisofs now reserves more space for the file names
      to avoid a path buffer overrun
    * mkisofs: fixed a bug that caused to put more than one UDF
      direcory entry for a file in case that the file is a ISO-0660
      multi-segment file.
    * mkisofs: fixed a bug that caused the wrong start sector address
      to be used for UDF in case that the file is a ISO-9660
      multi-segment file and the -sort option was used.
    * libschily: libschily::fexecv() now allows to use the parameter
      "ac" with the value -1 to indicate that the arg count is to be
      determined by the NULL pointer at the end of the arg list
    * new include files include/schily/err_*.h are used to
      encapsulate #error CPP statements that would otherwise always
      prevent compilation with K&R compilers
    * mkisofs: new option -ignore-error alows to continue on some
    * mkisofs: Avoid a 32 bit integer overflow while computing sector
      addresses for Rock Ridge CE entries
* Mon Oct 01 2012
  - Update to 3.01a08
    * introduce a dependency for man page subdirectories to allow
    syncing parallel make calls.
    * libschily: getperm.c now correctly supports umask +w
    * libscg & cdrecord: struct scsi_inquiry is now using a union
    around the vendor ID strings in order to avoid incorrect buffer
    overflow warnings from GCC-4.x
    * mkisofs: while introducing the new option -modification-date,
    we did accidently remove the code to set up the creation date
    in te PVD. Now creation date again contains correct data.
* Tue Mar 27 2012
  - Update to version 3.01a07 Fixed non position independant build of
    cdrecord with "COPTX=-fPIE" and "LDOPTX=-pie -Wl,-pie"
* Mon Dec 26 2011
  - Disabled parallel build.
* Mon Dec 26 2011
  - Update to 3.01a06.
* Tue Jun 07 2011
  - Update to 3.01a05 via source service.
* Wed Apr 06 2011
  - Fixed provides, obsoletes and requires to stop cdrtools from
    requiring packages from wodim.
* Sat Apr 02 2011
  - Updated to 3.00
  - Spec file updates:
    * Changed the Name: entry to cdrtools and added cdrecord as a subpackage.
    * Changes based on rpmdevtools templates and spec-cleaner run.
    * Updates in Summary: and %description sections.
    * Removed meta package schily-cdrtools and used the main package for
      cdrkit-cdrtools-compat removal.
    * Added Conflicts: for cdda2wav and mkisofs (with icedax and genisoimage
    * Use smp_flags with make.
    * Updates in %install section. Most important:
      [#] Remove installed documentation and install it manually in the %files
      [#] Install additional programs.
      [#] Don't run fdupes in /etc/permissions.d/ (some may want to have different
      contents in each file).
    * Updates in %files sections.
    * Removed the %changelog entries from the spec file.
* Sat Feb 12 2011
  - A lot of cleanup fixes in the spec file, e.g. corrected paths,
    added debuginfo. Thanks to Křištof Želechovski for the patches.
* Fri Nov 26 2010
  - Small fixes to satisfy rpmlint.
* Fri Nov 26 2010
  - Updated to 3.01a01
* Wed Jun 02 2010
  - Updated to final 3.00
* Thu Apr 15 2010
  - fix requires(pre) -> requires(post)
* Fri Apr 09 2010
  - Reinstalled Prerequisites as Requires(pre)
* Tue Apr 06 2010
  - Updated to 2.01.01a77
* Tue Feb 02 2010
  - Updated to 2.01.01a74
* Mon Jan 11 2010
  - Updated to 2.01.01a72
* Tue Jan 05 2010
  - disable the permissions override
* Tue Dec 29 2009
  - Updated to 2.01.01a70
* Tue Dec 01 2009
  - Updated to 2.01.01a69
* Fri Nov 20 2009
  - Updated to 2.01.01a68
* Wed Nov 04 2009
  - removed /etc/permissions.d/ entries for readcd, rscsi and cdda2wav again
* Mon Nov 02 2009
  - removed conflicting Provides: from schily-cdrtools package
* Mon Nov 02 2009
  - Updated to a67
  - added /etc/permissions.d/ entries for readcd, rscsi and cdda2wav as well
* Mon Oct 26 2009
  - Once again permissions.d/ files, fixed spec file.
* Mon Oct 26 2009
  - Fixed wrong naming of permissions.d/ files.
* Sun Oct 25 2009
  - import from henneodernich home repo
  - removed up %post illegal operation and instead drop in permission.d snippets
    4711 in easy mode, 0711 in secure and paranoid modes.
    added rpmlintrc to allow this temporarily
  - removed unused obsoletes
  - conflict with cdrkit-cdrtools-compat instead of obsoletes
  - alsa-devel buildrequires



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