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kipi-plugins-5.9.0-lp150.1.2 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.0 for aarch64

Name: kipi-plugins Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.0
Version: 5.9.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp150.1.2 Build date: Sun Apr 29 09:00:13 2018
Group: Productivity/Graphics/Other Build host: armbuild04
Size: 15120329 Source RPM: digikam-5.9.0-lp150.1.2.src.rpm
Summary: KDE Plug-Ins for Image Manipulation
A set of plug-ins for the KDE KIPI interface, used by some KDE imaging






* Sat Mar 24 2018
  - Update to 5.9.0:
  - New features (from NEWS):
    General      : Libraw updated to last 0.18.8.
  - 45 bugs fixed
  - Drop upstream patches:
    * fix-font-size-in-tooltips.patch
    * digikam-5.8.0.fix-db-migration-0001.patch
    * digikam-5.8.0.fix-db-migration-0002.patch
    * digikam-5.8.0.fix-db-migration-0003.patch
    * digikam-5.8.0.fix-db-migration-0004.patch
    * update-internal-libraw-to-last-stable-0.18.7.patch
    * update-internal-libraw-to-last-0.18.8.patch
  - Drop fix-italian-docs-with-older-kdoctools.patch, Leap 42.2 is no
    longer supported
  - Don't try to delete libkvkontakte translations, they are no
    longer installed (kde#369517)
  - Also don't try to delete *.a files and locale/x-test, no longer
* Wed Mar 07 2018
  - Add upstream patches to fix build in Tumbleweed:
    * update-internal-libraw-to-last-stable-0.18.7.patch
    * update-internal-libraw-to-last-0.18.8.patch
* Fri Feb 09 2018
  - Fix broken rebase of 0001-Disable-detection-of-OpenGL-for-GLES-platforms.patch
* Thu Feb 08 2018
  - Drop xorg-x11-devel BuildRequires, all x11 dependencies are
    via Qt and covered by the Qt5* BuildRequires
  - Drop BuildRequires on gphoto binary, the version is discovered
    using pkgconfig now.
* Thu Feb 08 2018
  - Rebase 0001-Disable-detection-of-OpenGL-for-GLES-platforms.patch
* Thu Jan 18 2018
  - Add digikam-5.8.0.fix-db-migration-0001.patch (adapted to 5.8.0),
    digikam-5.8.0.fix-db-migration-0003.patch, and
    digikam-5.8.0.fix-db-migration-0004.patch to fix MySQL DB
    migration issues (kde#388824, kde#388867, kde#388977)
* Wed Jan 17 2018
  - Add fix-font-size-in-tooltips.patch to make tooltips respect the
    configured font size (kde#337243)
  - Remove some no longer respected cmake options
* Mon Jan 15 2018
  - Update to 5.8.0:
  - New features (from NEWS):
    General      : Add support to OpenCV 3.4.x.
    General      : Updated internal Libraw to last 0.18.6.
    General      : New Upnp/Dlna media server to share collections on local network.
    Image Editor : New clone tool to replace old CImg in-painting tool.
    DropBox : tool ported AuthO2 API.
  - 231 bugs fixed
  - Remove unneeded libkface-devel build requirement, it's not used
    anymore since over 2 years
  - Add 0001-Revert-replace-obsolete-qSort-function.patch and
    0002-Revert-replace-obsolete-qSort-function.patch to fix build
    with gcc 4.8 on Leap 42
  - Add fix-italian-docs-with-older-kdoctools.patch to make it build
    on Leap 42.2
  - Pass --without-kde to %find_lang to prevent the docs being added
    to the lang package, we have a separate docs subpackage
    (it supports the KF5 docs location starting with rpm 4.14.0, and
    that would break the build)
  - Drop upstream patches:
    * Adapt-to-KCalCore-API-changes.patch
    * fix-Qt-5.9.3-empty-album-problem.patch
* Fri Dec 08 2017
  - Add fix-Qt-5.9.3-empty-album-problem.patch to fix albums showing
    up empty with Qt 5.9.3 or higher (kde#387373)
* Wed Nov 22 2017
  - Add Adapt-to-KCalCore-API-changes.patch to make it build with
    KDE Applications 17.12
* Thu Sep 14 2017
  - Add 0001-Disable-detection-of-OpenGL-for-GLES-platforms.patch
    Disable OpenGL detection on embedded platforms (e.g. ARM)
    Currently digikam depends on Desktop GL and fails to build when
    using a Qt5OpenGL build with GLES, see kde#383715
* Tue Sep 12 2017
  - Update to 5.7.0:
  - New features (from NEWS):
    General     : Add online handbook reader not dependant of desktop.
    General     : New tool to export albums by email.
    General     : New tool to create advance print layout.
    General     : Send by Mail tool can remove all metadata to attached items.
    General     : Replaced the minimum and maximum similarity selection boxes in fuzzy
      search, duplicates search and maintenance by a new, generic DIntRangeBox
      which makes the look, feel and behavious consistent in all places.
      Also, this makes redundant code obsolete and reduces the probability of bugs.
    PrintCreator: Add option to create printing from albums or images selection.
    PrintCreator: Add option to customize output image properties to render printing.
    PrintCreator: Tool is now multi-threaded to process images while preview and printing.
    ImageEditor : Add SendByMail and PrintCreator tools support.
    Showfoto    : Add SendByMail and PrintCreator tools support.
    LightTable  : Add SendByMail and PrintCreator tools support.
    Panorama    : Add Hugin 2017.0 support.
    Geolocation : Add new tool to export GPS trace to KML file from geolocation editor.
  - Many bugs fixed
  - Drop fix-build-cmake39.patch, now upstream
  - Drop find_libastro-qt5.patch, 42.1 is no longer supported and
    its Qt5 is too old anyway
  - Drop unneeded exiv2 requirement, digikam uses libexiv2 only
  - Add libkvkontakte-devel and libmediawiki-devel build requirements
    (both have been released as KF5 versions meanwhile) to enable the
    corresponding kipi plugins
  - Build with opencv-devel instead of opencv-qt5-devel, the latter
    doesn't exist any more
* Sat Aug 26 2017
  - Add patch to fix build with cmake 3.9:
    * fix-build-cmake39.patch
* Sun Jun 25 2017
  - BuildRequire Qt >= 5.6.0
* Thu Jun 22 2017
  - Update to 5.6.0:
  - New features (from NEWS):
    Database    : We activated database shrinking for MySQL as part of
      the maintenance since now we can test the affected
      tables for integrity.
    Searches    : Users can now restrict the results of fuzzy
      image/drop/sketch search to be in specific albums.
    Searches    : Users can now select both tags and albums in duplicates
      search and restrict the set of images in which
      duplicates are searched with logical operations (in
      selected albums or/and tags, in selected albums but not
      tags and vice versa and only in selected objects of
      current tab)
    Searches    : In extended search, the tags selection can also be
      restricted such that images must be either tagged with
      at least one of or with all selected tags.
    General     : New tool to export Albums to static HTML gallery.
    General     : New tool to export Albums to video diaporama.
    HTMLGallery : New "Elegant" theme using javascript to render image
      as slideshow in web browser.
    HTMLGallery : New "SimpleRounded" theme that uses flat shapes with
      rounded corners.
    HTMLGallery : New "BlueCurved" theme with a blue rubbon on the left
      and an area for navigation arrows.
    HTMLGallery : Add option to generate a Gallery from a selection of
      images instead an album list.
    ImageEditor : Add HTMLGallery, Calendar, ExpoBlending, VideSlideshow,
      and Panorama tools support.
    Showfoto    : Add HTMLGallery, Calendar, ExpoBlending, VideSlideshow,
      and Panorama tools support.
    LightTable  : Add HTMLGallery, Calendar, ExpoBlending, VideSlideshow,
      and Panorama tools support.
  - Many bugs fixed
  - Enable building docs again, the problems are fixed
* Tue May 30 2017
  - digikam now recommends marble in order for the geolocation widgets
    to work by default.
* Tue Mar 14 2017
  - Update to 5.5.0:
  - New features (from NEWS):
    Database    : Add new options to ignore some kind of directories while scanning collections.
    Database    : We introduced garbage collection for databases as maintenance stage. This stage removes stale image,
      thumbnail and face entries gut does not shrink Databases automatically.
    Faces       : It is now possible to remove face tags from people sidebar but preserve them in tags sidebar.
    Faces       : Recognised but unconfirmed faces are now visible both in the recognised face tag and also in a special tag called Unconfirmed.
    Faces       : The list of proposed names for name assignment in people sidebar can now be reduced to face tags with a setup option.
    Faces       : Tags in tags sidebar can now be marked as face tags via context menu if they are not already.
    Maintenance : The maintenance now does not generate massive amounts of threads anymore. Instead, we use a queue based approach to
      level the load on the CPUs more appropriate. This should improve the reactiveness during maintenance.
    Searches    : Improved the exactness of similarity recognition for external images dropped in fuzzy search.
    Searches    : Introduced a configurable lower bound for the minimum similarity in fuzzy and duplicates search.
    Searches    : The results of duplicates searches can now be restricted. It is now possible to restrict the duplicates to the ones that
      are in the same album as the reference image or in another album. This feature is also usable in maintenance.
    Searches    : In duplicates view, the reference image is more clearly identified by the description reference image in the image information.
    BQM         : Several usability improvements in Watermark tool.
    General     : Unsharp Mask filter can now reduce color noise to process image in HSL color space.
    General     : Update internal Libraw to 0.18.2 : new camera supported: Sigma Quattro H.
      Fixed bug in exposure computation for Fuji camera. Fix wrong black level in Sony A350.
      Fix Sony metadata parser. Fix Phase One decoding.
  - Many bugs fixed
  - Remove patches, now upstream:
    * fix-build-with-ecm-5.31.patch
    * hide-functions-that-are-no-longer-available.patch
  - Disable building docs, those are broken upstream (kde#377597)
* Thu Mar 02 2017
  - add hide-functions-that-are-no-longer-available.patch: hide functions
    that are no longer available in the current Google (kde#376913)
* Sun Feb 26 2017
  - Drop the useless Buildrequires on soprano
* Sun Feb 19 2017
  - Added fix-build-with-ecm-5.31.patch to fix build with the latest
    KDE Frameworks 5.31.0
* Wed Jan 11 2017
  - update to 5.4.0
    - Searches: Improvements of duplicate searches to introduce a
      range of similarity of items.
    - Searches: Improvements of duplicate searches to be able to
      sort search albums list view by similary level.
    - Searches: Improvements of duplicate searches to permit
      multiple selection in search albums list view.
    - Searches: Improvements of fuzzy searches to permit fuzzy
      search on local images not present in the
      database via drag & drop.
    - Searches: Improvements of duplicate/fuzzy/sketch searches
      to permit sorting the resulting images in image
      view by similarity level.
    - Searches: Improvements of duplicate/fuzzy/sketch search
      results by showing the concrete similarity values
      in table view.
    - AlbumGUI: Improvements of grouped images to apply renaming,
      copying or metadata actions to all images.
    - General: Media player is now ported to QtAV instead
      Qt5Multimedia (
    - General: Add support of animated GIF in preview mode.
    - SlideShow: Add video support.
    - Presentation: Add video support.
    - General: Update internal Libraw to last 0.18.
    - over 193 bugfixes, among them:
      kde#366624, kde#372027, kde#372232, kde#294579, kde#307332,
      kde#368762, kde#371543, kde#369051, kde#372217, kde#372362,
      kde#372341, kde#372326, kde#372314, kde#372164, kde#372433,
      kde#372442, kde#366567, kde#274360, kde#372380, kde#372484,
      kde#372323, kde#372583, kde#372584, kde#372683, kde#372640,
      kde#370150, kde#372672, kde#372722, kde#204006, kde#372312,
      kde#366162, kde#261417, kde#354232, kde#372684, kde#372781,
      kde#372831, kde#372872, kde#372859, kde#367611, kde#371899,
      kde#363998, kde#361848, kde#330062, kde#372900, kde#372427,
      kde#102500, kde#330064, kde#372628, kde#372540, kde#373003,
      kde#370553, kde#372093, kde#352870, kde#373100, kde#334799,
      kde#321145, kde#320628, kde#285910, kde#340609, kde#370744,
      kde#339961, kde#312054, kde#373500, kde#362406, kde#301936,
      kde#327244, kde#256179, kde#327391, kde#373272, kde#159824,
      kde#372755, kde#366387, kde#348933, kde#330112, kde#222319,
      kde#281718, kde#280755, kde#373715, kde#301029, kde#242799,
      kde#260594, kde#230985, kde#151539, kde#332074, kde#336309,
      kde#335996, kde#336594, kde#225731, kde#096133, kde#091538,
      kde#151540, kde#372485, kde#370228, kde#216655, kde#248586,
      kde#139690, kde#373606, kde#373954, kde#373754, kde#373562,
      kde#374010, kde#339748, kde#337300, kde#349924, kde#292316,
      kde#152522, kde#144078, kde#336791, kde#132369, kde#142051,
      kde#340093, kde#335299, kde#147466, kde#187959, kde#330579,
      kde#356939, kde#333348, kde#320666, kde#302923, kde#374109,
      kde#339027, kde#339092, kde#175626, kde#335885, kde#267992,
      kde#235920, kde#294432, kde#264035, kde#369681, kde#369595,
      kde#366440, kde#349929, kde#221690, kde#363116, kde#374071,
      kde#313507, kde#353534, kde#097078, kde#096878, kde#119424,
      kde#145228, kde#354867, kde#150076, kde#374135, kde#203714,
      kde#374178, kde#374179, kde#370392, kde#372420, kde#366234,
      kde#374185, kde#372481, kde#284780, kde#368124, kde#360155,
      kde#374354, kde#360955, kde#371530, kde#365313, kde#366247,
      kde#374326, kde#374327, kde#374413, kde#296580, kde#374428,
      kde#340986, kde#339308, kde#321531, kde#372159, kde#357696,
      kde#199608, kde#335915, kde#274893, kde#180701, kde#362300,
      kde#358092, kde#288658, kde#352295, kde#361111, kde#292230,
      kde#220201, kde#374191, kde#344698, kde#335340, kde#335051,
      kde#333737, kde#330848, kde#319702, kde#244789, kde#261914,
      kde#323194, kde#261397, kde#323514
    - kde#373434 - No exif data in pictures exported to Flickr.
    - kde#374242 - exported photos to Gphoto are rotated.
    - kde#374409 - Export to Flickr ignores EXIF Orientation.
    - kde#329309 - TIF files appear not in correct orientation in
    - kde#374510 - Creating albums on flickr with line breaks in
      their descriptions fails.
    - kde#374442 - Exporting images with line breaks in their
      captions to flickr fails.
    - kde#374293 - Google albums reload button still display
      albums which have  been removed from google
* Tue Nov 08 2016
  - Update to Digikam v5.3.0:
    * bugfixes
  - Drop upstreamed patch migration_from_digikam4.diff
* Mon Oct 03 2016
  - Updated migration_from_digikam4.diff to migrate also the
    geobookmarks.xml file from digikam4. This patch thus fixes
    kde#364258, kde#357944 and kde#368968.
* Mon Oct 03 2016
  - Added migration_from_digikam4.diff to support migration of
    settings and database from digikam4 the first time digikam5
    is run by adding a migration page in the welcome wizard and
    letting the user choose what to do (kde#364258).
* Thu Sep 29 2016
  - Workaround kde#369517 by removing libvkontakte translations
    (not built but installed anyway)
* Tue Sep 27 2016
  - Ensure akonadi-contact-devel is not pulled in for ppc64, as
    QWebEngine is not available for that platform
* Sun Sep 25 2016
  - Don't disable building the documentation any more, kde#365135 is
    fixed in 5.2.0
* Sat Sep 24 2016
  - Update to Digikam v5.2.0:
    * many bugfixes
    * updated documentation
  - Remove build-32bits.patch again, fixed upstream
  - Add threadweaver and gphoto buildrequires
  - Enable appstyles to not force fusion style
  - Fix miscellaneous rpmlint warnings
* Wed Aug 10 2016
  - Add find_libastro-qt5.patch to fix build of geolocation support
    in Leap 42.1
* Wed Aug 10 2016
  - Update to Digikam v5.1.0:
    * many bugfixes
    * supports new RAW cameras
  - Add build-32bits.patch to fix build on 32-bit x86
* Fri Jul 15 2016
  - Enable mediaplayer (Qt5Multimedia support)
* Wed Jul 13 2016
  - Drop unused build dependency on sqlite2
  - Obsolete the kipi-plugins5 package
* Sun Jul 10 2016
  - raise dependency on libkipi version
* Fri Jul 08 2016
  - Update to Digikam v5.0
    * Now Qt5/KF5 based
  - Drop patches no longer required:
    - fix_opencv3.patch
    - digikam-4.14.0-lensfun-0.3.2.patch
    - remove-gplv2-only.patch
    - digikam-buildtime.patch
  - Drop library tarball, as we now depend on the external libraries
    - digikam-libs.tar.bz2
  - Disable documentation for now based on bko#365135
* Thu Jun 02 2016
  - Bump libKF5Kipi version to libKF5Kipi31_0_0
* Thu May 12 2016
  - Add patch digikam-4.14.0-lensfun-0.3.2.patch to make digikam
    build with the latest lensfun version
* Mon Mar 07 2016
  - add _constraints file to set min disk space for ppc64le build
* Thu Mar 03 2016
  - Add fix_opencv3.patch in order to build the internal libkface
    with openCV 3.x
* Wed Feb 17 2016
  - Remove the kipi-plugin icons to enable co-installability with the
    kipi-plugins5 package. The required icons are now shipped in a
    seperate package kipi-plugin-icons, which is provided by the
    kipi-plugins5 package (boo#966939)
* Wed Feb 10 2016
  - Drop the requires on digikam from the digikam-libs package. This
    would allow digikam-libs to replace the existing libkipi, libkexiv2,
    etc without pulling in digikam/kipi-plugins (boo#965865)
* Wed Feb 03 2016
  - Drop the BuildRequire on kdepimlibs4 for Factory
  - Make the dependency on marble-data from digikam-libs a recommends
    to allow more flexibility for users
* Sat Jan 30 2016
  - Provide/Obsolete libkexiv2-11 instead of libkexiv2, that's the
    actual name of the package
* Sat Jan 30 2016
  - Provide/Obsolete libkdcraw23 as well to prevent update problems
* Fri Jan 29 2016
  - Split out the five plugins that upstream ships with a
    metainfo.xml file: color, decorate, enhance, fxfilters and
    transform. All new subpackages for now supplement the main
    package (which is equal to the main package recommending them).
* Mon Jan 25 2016
  - Add symlinks for solid actions so Plasma5 can use digikam to
    import images from the device notifier applet
* Sun Jan 10 2016
  - Add the file digikam-libs.tar.bz2 based on the Digikam 4.13.0
    source file. These are the libs that have moved to KF5 upstream,
    but digikam is still KDE4 based.
    This should enable to build digikam until the KF5 based version
    is released
* Fri Jan 01 2016
  - re-enable support for MediaWiki export in kipi-plugins
* Wed Oct 28 2015
  - update to 4.14.0
    - General: Add support of OpenCV 3.x.
    - General: Overlay icons are resized accordingly with thumbnails sizes.
    - General: New Overlay icon to quickly show an image in full-screen.
    - General: Exiv2 mininum version bumped to 0.25 to prevent crash with
      video files.
    - kde#349601 - digikam compile fine with OpenCV 2.X but not with 3.x.
    - kde#261568 - ICONVIEW: scale overlay action icons accordingly with
      thumb size.
    - kde#336331 - Thumbnails size can not be changed in MapView mode.
    - kde#339082 - Allow a simpler way to place a photo in full-screen using
    - kde#352338 - Digikam doesn't match Nikon lenses 35mm f/1.8G and
      50mm f/1.8G.
    - kde#126149 - Album icon view stores both jpeg and raw (nef), handle
      both as one.
    - kde#352919 - Crash on delete into image editor.
    - kde#341819 - Auto-creation of date-based sub-albums ignored.
    - kde#353155 - Apply face tags to multiple images.
    - kde#237719 - Color effects: Neon / Find edges don't take parameters
    - kde#340373 - Crash on scanning video directory.
    - kde#285052 - SCAN: moving an album from one collection to another one
      do not update information.
    - kde#353600 - Wrong date (1970-01-01) on rename during raw import from
      Nikon D750.
    - kde#353614 - Crash shortly after opening application.
    - kde#141592 - Position of inserted text is not exact.
    - kde#353608 - The preview has blocky artifacts reminiscent of chroma
    - kde#286373 - DNG don't get filtered as raw (group of items relevant).
    - kde#181813 - digiKam text decoration font size problem.
    - kde#353815 - Using Batch Queue Manager to extract preview images loses
    - General: Add support of OpenCV 3.x
    - kde#306442 - digiKam 2.8 crash when opening geolocation plugin.
    - kde#352596 - Unable to upload large image to flickr even though I'm
      resizing it.
    - kde#352621 - Export to facebook crashes.
    - kde#352862 - Photos are compressed when exported to picasa.
    - kde#352750 - Facebook export: Filename is used as Description.
  - remove digikam-4.6.0.install-libs-dev.patch (libs not packaged anymore)
  - remove digikam-4.8.0-libkgeomap-translations.tar.bz2 (libs not packaged
  - remove support for MediaWiki export (libmediawiki not packaged anymore)
* Sun Oct 11 2015
  - Don't buildrequire marble-devel when libkgeomap isn't built
* Tue Oct 06 2015
  - Align build of Leap 42.1 with the one in Tumbleweed (do not build
    libkface3 and libkgeomap2).
* Wed Sep 09 2015
  - update to 4.13.0
    - kde#350915 - digiKam 4.11.0 fails to compile with jpeg-9a.
    - kde#343548 - Tag Manager crashes when adding a new tag.
    - kde#350541 - PNG alpha channel is ignored.
    - kde#229788 - digiKam crashes fetching pictures SD-Card.
    - kde#298265 - Embedded preview changes from full to reduced size
      regardless album view settings.
    - kde#351142 - Add metadata tags support for video files time-stamp.
    - kde#334244 - Face tag zones are hidden after adding a new face.
    - kde#351243 - Table view click to select broken.
    - kde#350225 - Auto rename on import does not work for RAW images.
    - kde#346646 - Renaming works when downloading selected but settings are
      ignored when importing new ones only.
    - kde#351245 - Unable to connect to mysql database, due to missing
      'create trigger' while user has ALL privileges on
      digikam DBs.
    - kde#351404 - Wrong country name in country list.
    - kde#351244 - Target album should be source album by default.
    - kde#349901 - Delete shortcut key needed and should be Apple+delete.
    - kde#349878 - digiKam Crashes when running maintenance.
    - kde#350930 - UI freeze when importing to remote storage.
    - kde#313390 - RAW images cannot be decoded if selected from within the
      image editor.
    - kde#329873 - Crash during face detection.
    - kde#351241 - Table view shows wrong thumbnails.
    - kde#303545 - digiKam crash when importing photos from a camera.
    - kde#344521 - digiKam crashes when trying to define one more face.
    - kde#304952 - digiKam thumbnails don't load, even after rebuild
      thumbnails and application crashes.
    - kde#341685 - Tags disappear on some photos after a few days.
    - kde#346070 - Crash during "maintenance".
    - kde#347348 - Moving a directory loses metadata in database associated
      with .cr2 raw files.
    - kde#269634 - Crash when adding tags.
    - kde#311135 - digiKam crashed after saving a new version of a modified
    - kde#309058 - Database can't be synchronized with XMP sidecars.
    - kde#351679 - digiKam does not find album library.
    - kde#350885 - Grouping images via the thumbbar is possible, but they
      disappear in digikam.
    - kde#352040 - Names for faces do not take non-ASCII characters.
    - kde#280058 - No coordinates shown in GPSSync window when using sidecar
  - Remove fix-crash-with-tags-manager-add-tag-with-null-parent.patch
    (fixed upstream - boo#940857, kde#343548)
* Fri Aug 07 2015
  - update to 4.12.0
    - kde#349302 - Copy path to clipboard.
    - kde#339008 - digiKam crashed when opening import window.
    - kde#349280 - Crash when importing photos via MTP.
    - kde#330943 - New lens not detected.
    - kde#285521 - Search by time of day.
    - kde#269682 - digiKam crashes when selecting lens auto correction
      (ResizeEvent relevant).
    - kde#317689 - Crash on selecting perspective tool (ResizeEvent relevant).
    - kde#320382 - Unable to crop due to image corruption into canvas with not
      X11 based computers (ResizeEvent relevant).
    - kde#340389 - digiKam crashes while editing pictures for color balancing
      on OSX.
    - kde#294793 - Refocus filter crashes with 16bit images.
    - kde#337324 - digiKam crashes when opening the import view via Import
      "Add Images...".
    - kde#341356 - Not getting the new Versions of digiKam.
    - kde#342625 - Can't install digikam because py27-numpy refuses to
    - kde#326580 - digiKam 3.5 corrupts JPG, TiFF, PNG images.
    - kde#349155 - digiKam does not work properly on OSX Yosemite.
    - kde#347289 - digiKam crashes while beginning correcting perspective.
    - kde#343948 - Crashes as soon as i try to import from USB3 attached flash
      drive with images on.
    - kde#337537 - Crash on Import.
    - kde#321899 - Crash during large import.
    - kde#293671 - digiKam freezes on / after Import.
    - kde#338685 - Program crashed while trying to import files from external
      USB HDD drive.
    - kde#340990 - Crash after clicking importing from sd card.
    - kde#345990 - 4.9.0 import from external card reader crashe.
    - kde#339615 - Crashed after selecting Import (sd card reader).
    - kde#277242 - MYSQL : using different databases for images metadata and
      thumbnail cache is broken.
    - kde#320107 - Flip/Mirror operation doesn't flip/mirror the entirety of
      the picture (there is a strip left unmirrored).
    - kde#222462 - Crashed unexpectedly when using refocus tool.
    - kde#319730 - Local contrast crashes digikam when used for second time.
    - kde#312476 - Crash while playing with liquid rescale.
    - kde#209398 - Crashes with SIGABRT upon free rotation of large image (55
      MPixel) in image editor.
    - kde#342313 - SQLITE : detected locked database file. There is an active
      transaction. Waited but giving up now.
    - kde#334992 - Select color space -> other -> crash.
    - kde#326133 - Crash during reread metadata from image.
    - kde#316126 - digiKam crashed when choosing dlna export.
    - kde#268356 - 0-pointer access if mysql-db is not working correctly.
    - kde#257119 - digiKam crashes when i update fingerprints database.
    - kde#348508 - Typing into "Enter Tag Here" crashes digikam 100% of the
    - kde#349528 - After viewing only a handful of photos, digikam crashes.
    - kde#314721 - Crash while starting.
    - kde#313329 - Failed to start digiKam.
    - kde#282047 - No open digikam.
    - kde#276999 - Crash on saving changing EXIF settings.
    - kde#298639 - digiKam crash when clicking on "next photo" button on lower
      right corner.
    - kde#330106 - digikam crashes when changing database location.
    - kde#288584 - Crash on exit.
    - kde#338104 - digiKam crash when changing parameters for "detect and
      recognize faces".
    - kde#204482 - SCAN : Failed to open database error message.
    - kde#331937 - poll_for_event: assertion !xcb_xlib_threads_sequence_lost
      fails after editing metadata of a few videos and/or after
      viewing a few videos.
    - kde#338695 - Crash when editig raw file: enhance -> restoration ->
    - kde#249153 - Xorg with almost 100% CPU now and then during digiKam's
    - kde#334951 - digiKam freezes and after a while shutdown. no crash
    - kde#322115 - Crash when opening an image.
    - kde#267408 - digiKam new metadata template editor crash during save.
    - kde#238935 - Jpeg 2000 Quality setting isn't working right: Always the
      same quality.
    - kde#273290 - digiKam has crashed during import of pictures from SD card.
    - kde#337921 - Unable to compile due to pointer type issue in gpcamera.
    - kde#229779 - Imported folders show not images.
    - kde#210742 - Kodak camera cx4300 detects but won't download locks @20%
      (old o.s. & digikam worked).
    - kde#323210 - Image History Bar Shows A Mess Of Derived Images And
      Identical Images That Are Neither Derived Nor Identical.
    - kde#245345 - digiKam crashes while importing pictures from card reader.
    - kde#274768 - digiKam crashed @DatabaseConfigElement::element.
    - kde#271677 - Renaming.
    - kde#225760 - Started program with NFS album; scanning started; then at
      some point crash (wasn't paying attention).
    - kde#349689 - digiKam cannot display images if directory name contains
      UTF8 characters (as e.g. 'ΓΌ').
    - kde#219308 - digiKam crash when i close it, after to move 50 items.
    - kde#215782 - digiKam crash when setting tags.
    - kde#314526 - Crash at displaying preview images.
    - kde#233612 - The DocumentName tag is not added when importing.
    - kde#349903 - Crash importing images on OSX.
    - kde#233222 - Thumbnails displayed are from incorrect images.
    - kde#264999 - Exif-dates not recognices OK.
    - kde#212848 - Crashed in slideshow while viewing.
    - kde#194047 - digiKam crashes while atempting to index photos.
    - kde#190982 - Crashes when selecting album every time.
    - kde#192701 - Signal SIGSEGV - Crash under Gnome.
    - kde#196917 - Problem with "sticky" tooltips in album view.
    - kde#216392 - digiKam crashed during moving of an empty folder.
    - kde#220549 - Clicking OK closes showfoto and digikam.
    - kde#235392 - digiKam crash after changing folder/album.
    - kde#343288 - Crash after opening multiple images in editor window.
    - kde#335850 - Switch to next picture takes a long time.
    - kde#349937 - Crash if view is switched to table view.
    - kde#348344 - Crash when in Image Editor I select an image area and click
    - kde#329127 - Remove Tag menu entry is enabled if a picture has no Tags.
    - kde#220194 - Moving or copying photos crashes digiKam.
    - kde#192119 - Thumbnail orientation is always landscape even with
      portrait images.
    - kde#191211 - digiKam crashes and causes 'signal 6 (SIGBART)' when
      detecting new images.
    - kde#337729 - Blur parameter has no effect in Local Contrast tool.
    - kde#349975 - Import window freezes when selecting multiple items and
    - kde#346465 - Crash after loading tools.
    - kde#291822 - Saving a versioned image puts it last.
    - kde#331989 - digiKam crashes when playing AVI-file.
    - kde#350239 - Unmounted network shares, external hard drives show up in
      the album view.
    - kde#338200 - Cancelling tags assigment in file metadata does not work.
    - kde#239896 - digiKam hangs and/or crashes after adding tags.
    - kde#321680 - Crash / segmentation fault when trying to recognize faces.
    - kde#167418 - Browsing with pgdn stops working after a movie.
    - Google Tools: Implementations of PicasaWeb and Google Drive are now
      merged into one common Google Services tool.
    - kde#321446 - Export to Imgur just hang on 'loading' animation eternally.
    - kde#349208 - Cmake can't find external libkvkontakte.
    - kde#277898 - Does not compile, presumably because of missing directory
      in include path.
    - kde#315580 - digiKam crashed after I changed the DLNA implementation
      from "HUPnP API" to "miniDLNA".
    - kde#316126 - digiKam crashed when choosing dlna export.
    - kde#348519 - Auth Token 98 - Login failed - Picasa Import.
    - kde#215787 - Picasaweb updating photo or movie does not work,duplicate
      instead of replace.
    - kde#217546 - Picasaweb export does not point to the current album.
    - kde#223375 - PicasaWeb: videos won't be exported.
    - kde#272423 - [wish] picasaweb updating tags.
    - kde#272518 - Picasaweb updating photo not marked as uploaded.
    - kde#329350 - Exporting a second time mix two exports (test picasaweb).
    - kde#219773 - Attempted to use Picasaweb addon to upload an album of
      approximately 330 jpegs.
    - kde#221200 - Uploading photo to picasa web albums.
    - kde#221417 - Crash while export to Picasaweb.
    - kde#291701 - PicasaWeb Export removes deleted photos from album.
    - kde#304763 - Export of Picasaweb crashes Gwenview.
    - kde#306165 - Crash while starting photo upload to picasa.
    - kde#308701 - digikam crash while export again the same image to
      picasaweb with kipi plugin.
    - kde#321251 - Gwenview crashs if close it while sending images to picasa.
    - kde#172427 - digiKam crashed with kipi plugins.
    - kde#164908 - Private albums are not listed (and then not usable) with
      picasa export plugin.
    - kde#200091 - "remove EXIF data" crashes digikam, gwenview.
    - kde#265630 - Gallery export uploads to wrong directory.
    - kde#249842 - Blend bracketed images tool says it failed to save the
      blended image, but actually saves it.
    - kde#320749 - Panorama tool fails systematically when file names contain ':'.
    - kde#277994 - Missing dot in filename in "batch raw converter".
    - kde#167286 - Gps tagging fails with message titled
      "" and text "unauthorized call of
      the API" when  starting the gps tagger window.
    - kde#350167 - The browser to authenticate the plugin with flickr at the
      first export is never started.
    - kde#297455 - Thumbnails not refreshed on file list.
    - kde#343668 - Gwenview crashed after upload movie to
    - kde#341688 - Dropbox upload does not work due to developer API keys.
    - kde#337963 - Pictures moved from folders under sync control are
      re-downloaded again.
    - kde#347194 - Export to Facebook fails with "Facebook Call Failed".
    - kde#289256 - When an error occurs during session verification, the FB
      export dialog ends up in an unusable state.
    - kde#240254 - Using FB and Flickr tools at the same time, FB is completed
      but dialog cannot be closed until Flickr tool is done.
    - kde#319252 - FaceBook export doesn't work any more due to bad url given
      back to register to before photo uploading.
    - kde#297162 - Application does not have permission for this action.
    - kde#202898 - New Facebook Import Gui Mockup.
    - kde#250564 - digiKam import corrupted pictures with facebook plugin
      (read html files).
    - kde#317228 - Kipi plugins Facebook app seems to be hacked/redirected to
      a Japanese site.
    - kde#305281 - Import to Facebook.
    - kde#289272 - File upload to facebook fails/ digikam kipi plugin.
    - kde#347117 - Crash when exporting pictures to facebook.
    - kde#297732 - digiKam crash when tried to export pics to facebook.
    - kde#223830 - digiKam crash on Export to Facebook.
    - kde#342300 - Export to facebook connect properly so i can post to my
      facebook account.
    - kde#346183 - Crash when exporting picture to facebook.
    - kde#328472 - Gwenview crash on quit during Facebook upload.
    - kde#306144 - Gwenview crashes with the kipi plugin Export to Facebook.
    - kde#299776 - Violation: Privacy Policy.
* Fri Aug 07 2015
  - Add fix-crash-with-tags-manager-add-tag-with-null-parent.patch:
    fix crash with tag manager when adding tags with no parent tag
    selected (boo#940857, kde#343548)
* Fri Jul 24 2015
  - explicitly enable (external) mysql support, this is disabled by
    default since 4.6.0
* Sat Jun 27 2015
  - update to 4.11.0
    - kde#342791 - Quality sorter does not honor album selection, scans
      all albums instead.
    - kde#277024 - After running a batch process to change metadata, the
      files halved in size.
    - kde#320466 - SCAN : after to run BQM a lot of files are missing in
    - kde#338765 - BQM Watermark tool : output files have reduced size
      compared to original.
    - kde#343652 - "Open with" with "Run in Terminal" does not open a
    - kde#162950 - View albums thumbnail in icon-view with a special
      frame as Dolphin.
    - kde#344608 - digiKam freezes for a second or three after rating
      a raw photo.
    - kde#323458 - Removing all face tags doesn't work.
    - kde#335515 - Crash on Enhance -> Noise Reduction.
    - kde#294217 - Make add face persistent, and add box by single click
      instead of drawing.
    - kde#298929 - MAINTENANCE : cannot assign tags anymore.
    - kde#262171 - When attaching a name to a face in Preview mode, the
      widget does not behave correctly.
    - kde#333955 - BQM: offer option to optimize jpg pics.
    - kde#165344 - Empty albums should not be included when sorting
      albums by date.
    - kde#329138 - Convert to B&W hangs when moving editor window to
      other screen.
    - kde#347628 - Can't remove "legend" field when updating metadata.
    - kde#290930 - Cannot resize gamut diagram vertically, only
    - kde#266264 - Sidebar does not automatically resize to avoid
      horizontal scrollbar.
    - kde#347728 - Build crashes when compiling libkdcraw with libraw
    - kde#341266 - No preview available with Gphoto2 camera.
    - kde#309638 - Searching on technical images properties.
    - kde#342557 - No rule to make target /opt/local/lib/libkgeomap.dylib
      in recent git distribution.
    - kde#244097 - When importing .NEF files, if highlights are "rebuild",
      "auto-brightness" has no effect.
    - kde#339612 - When adding label it moves files.
    - kde#181736 - New tool for Image Editor to "delighting" photo.
    - kde#196075 - Creating a quick-fix dialogue would give digiKam a
      real edge.
    - kde#346877 - Cannot assign arrow keys as keyboard shortcut.
    - kde#336126 - Batch renaming is broken : file just renamed cannot
      be found.
    - kde#195701 - Do not default to "include subfolders"/no possibility
      to not include sub-folders.
    - kde#262499 - Cannot rename .AVI files.
    - kde#331194 - SCAN : prevent trailing white spaces in camera
      model/maker names.
    - kde#326589 - When detect face with one folder limit and option skip
      already scanned image, .avi and .move in other folder
      are scanned too.
    - kde#337878 - THUMBBAR : item focus must stay in the middle.
    - kde#344952 - Keep selected image in thumbbar in the middle while
      being in preview mode.
    - kde#348146 - kipi configuration module?
    - kde#332316 - Lens Auto-Correction should remember previously used
    - kde#333630 - Cannot search items with exposure times > 30s or
      focal lengths > 1000mm.
    - kde#257679 - Build a PKG package for digiKam under MacOSX.
    - kde#348105 - TAGS MANAGER : Delete all unused tags.
    - kde#309243 - Reread metadata does not remove tags from database.
    - kde#348463 - First time, digiKam seems using more than one cpu.
    - kde#348586 - digiKam does not write description to XMP sidecar
      file anymore.
    - kde#318319 - Extended files type mime supported into search tool.
    - kde#319921 - SCAN : Audio files are ignored.
    - kde#253622 - digikam editor cannot use unsharp mask with radius
      smaller than one with Canon 7D RAW images.
    - kde#349157 - Album view have random invisible / empty / disappearing
      previews, messed up selection.
    - kde#274029 - Edit Metadata dialog doesn't honour settings for XMP
    - kde#345358 - digiKam crash when vkontakte plugin failed to upload
    - kde#320308 - "Failed to upload photo into Flickr" every time after
      first use.
    - kde#327069 - Kipiplugins missing translations.
    - kde#243106 - Flickr uploader uploads with wrong date.
    - kde#291449 - To check the file size and report to the user if the
      file size exceeds limits set by flickr.
    - kde#228010 - Let flickr export progress bar show progress of each
    - kde#240147 - Allow to change Advanced Slideshow delay with mouse as
      with keyboard.
    - kde#261862 - Advanced slideshow controls not visible during a
    - kde#134525 - Impossible to use both transitions in slideshow.
    - kde#182345 - Missing slideshow effects with control by hand.
    - kde#238601 - Slideshow should support reordering pictures.
    - kde#144007 - Allow to drag and drop location link over map.
    - kde#280215 - Can't add geolocation info to videos.
    - kde#210458 - Allow to use NMEA format as imported track file.
    - kde#273520 - Geolocation not working reliably.
    - kde#319657 - Unable to save geotags in *.CR2 and *.DNG.
    - kde#304760 - OpenStreetMap shows only tiles from cache and does not
      download missing ones.
    - kde#328943 - Description EXIF information.
    - kde#274869 - Images without filename extension will not print.
    - kde#215705 - Save multiple account frobs, so we don't have to sign
      out and reauth each time.
    - kde#193890 - Allow to update "Modified" date from image.
    - kde#318661 - Export plugin does not convert to sRGB and strips
      existing ICC profile.
    - kde#233675 - Shared binary programs dngconverter and scangui do not
      provide man pages.
    - kde#316310 - Tools - resize images doesn' work.
    - kde#300458 - Imgur export is unusable from ksnapshot.
    - kde#339572 - Too much required information.
    - kde#264351 - KDE Global shortcuts do not work when using
      Advanced Slideshow.
    - kde#227978 - Problem with "image resize" when german umlaute in
    - kde#154076 - Corrupted image when use image viewer tool.
    - kde#264045 - Export to remote computer does not work with fish://
    - kde#160893 - Use UPNP server as image database.
    - kde#340847 - MediaWiki: {{Coord}} template does not exist on Commons.
    - kde#335493 - Fix issues when metadata are loaded by MediaWiki tool.
    - kde#300629 - Print Assistant does not follow system localization.
    - kde#303167 - DNGConverter fails if folder of raw files contains
      special characters like german umlauts.
    - kde#122284 - Using mouse button to switch between next/previous
      item do not work with all effects.
    - kde#317920 - Time zone data of IPTC metadata Date Created is
      unavailable and deleted in MetadataEdit.
    - kde#342687 - Panorama file time-stamps should be the same than the
      stitched pictures.
    - kde#311689 - Reverse Geocoding tags are sometimes not saved.
    - kde#292482 - FACTORING : permit to fill image list with current
      selected album when no item are selected.
    - kde#348278 - Export to GDrive fails when photo description contains
      double quotes.
    - kde#330919 - Previews of dng images converted from dark cr2 images
      are too bright.
  - remove digikam_no_local_vkontakte_cmake_modules.diff (fixed upstream)
* Tue May 12 2015
  - update to 4.10.0
      General : add support of ACDSee and MediaPro metadata for
      interoperability purpose.
    - kde#345954 - Recursive calls made into
    - kde#329214 - Crash when moving tags by D&D.
    - kde#345941 - Add an auxiliary grid-thirds in the crop tool.
    - kde#345942 - Leak of memory when color autocorrection used on all
      processor cores.
    - kde#345184 - When manually adding a face, the focus should
      automatically go to the text.
    - kde#346025 - Unable to add keywords to Database, unable to view
      keywords from past.
    - kde#346646 - Renaming works when downloading selected but settings
      are ignored when.
    - kde#331742 - This takes a lot of time processing > 200 images in
    - kde#345220 - HUB : Import ACDSee Categories to hierarchical Tags.
    - kde#346637 - Missing support for Media Pro hierarchical keywords.
    - kde#346405 - Problem importing pick labels.
    - kde#347053 - BQM: "batched' files" are different from manually
      processed files.
    - kde#186054 - FILEIO : add non-rgb TIFF files support.
    - kde#329637 - Can't find Dutch translations of documentation in
      digikam tarball.
    - kde#280189 - SmugMug Call Failed: Invalid user/nick/password.
    - kde#334593 - Kipiplugins fails with invalid method reading folders
      from Smug Mug.
* Tue Apr 28 2015
  - For Tumbleweed start using the libkgeomap that is provide with
    KDE Applications.
* Wed Apr 08 2015
  - update to 4.9.0
    - kde#344484 - digiKam 4.8.0 compilation error : undefined
      reference to `cv::Exception::Exception.
    - kde#203733 - Syncing EXIF Artist and Copyright fields with IPTC/XMP.
    - kde#338753 - Exif ImageDescription field is being used incorrectly.
    - kde#330224 - Add collection from network share is silently ignored.
    - kde#344699 - Maintenance is using the wrong face data management.
    - kde#342931 - Wrong apect ratio in item properties and in item view.
    - kde#344793 - Thumbnail-preview broken for tags and timeline.
    - kde#345025 - Wrong sql statement updating thumbnail modification date.
    - kde#327009 - Tags auto-completion suggestions list is cut off at
      the right side.
    - kde#345168 - Crash when applying auto lens correction (chromatic
    - kde#319383 - Crash while applying lensfun distortion correction.
    - kde#333540 - Random crashes on OpenSUSE 13.1.
    - kde#345387 - Lens auto-correction tools shows "partial mathc" for
      canon 700d 18-135 is stm.
    - kde#345367 - The sideview containing the thumbnails is not updated
      after deleting a photo.
    - kde#345187 - When naming unkown faces digikam only remembers typed
      characters and not the selected name for the next face.
    - kde#326208 - When doing a face learning (erase data and rebuild),
      Database is not erased and grow.
    - kde#323888 - Face recognition makes digikam fill all the available
      memory (Qt SQlite plugin relevant).
    - kde#338176 - Face Recognition memory allocation crash application.
    - kde#339933 - ICONVIEW : Incorrect Image Aspect Ratio shown.
    - kde#344997 - 100% CPU - Hang for VERY long periods.
    - kde#344420 - Incomplete update of sidecar after renaming face tag.
    - kde#342788 - THUMBBAR : Sort order not in sync with pictures in
    - kde#337502 - THUMBBAR : no thumbs generated.
    - kde#345659 - Cannot shrink thumbnails panel.
    - kde#338230 - digiKam stops refreshing download progress after
      de-selecting pictures.
    - kde#345648 - Progress bar disappeared while importing pictures
      before importing finished.
    - kde#340139 - digiKam hangs after selecting folder with pictures.
    - kde#341772 - Re-read metadata when image file timestamp has changed.
    - kde#329433 - Manual adding of faces made easier.
    - kde#310977 - Applying data (exif, iptc, xmp caption) in "Edit all
      Metadata" window inconsistent - results in data loss.
    - kde#340330 - Deselecting "Show tracks on map" crashes the dialog.
    - kde#283504 - QJSon not optional.
    - kde#345802 - Html export does not longer export the description tag
      to gallery.xml.
  - add digikam-4.8.0-libkgeomap-translations.tar.bz2 with libkgeomap
    translations from 4.8.0 (missing in 4.9.0 tarball)
* Mon Mar 09 2015
  - update to 4.8.0
    - kde#343031 - Digikam won't start: *** Error in `digikam':
      realloc(): invalid pointer: 0x0000000000c14260 ***
    - kde#343548 - Tag Manager crashes when adding a new tag.
    - kde#337011 - Image Quality Sorter doesn't apply labels.
    - kde#318726 - Some BQM tools in a workflow don't restore (all)
      parameters properly.
    - kde#342189 - BQM won't let me remove a tool unless I change it.
    - kde#332314 - Lens Auto-Correction seems to prefer makernotes over
      Exif making fixing manual lenses impossible.
    - kde#343755 - Tags from Windows Photo Gallery sometimes ignored.
    - kde#341241 - digiKam crash during marking photos in Persons/Tags view
    - kde#344154 - digiKam sometimes shows the raw preview, sometimes the
      JPEG preview, depending on the position of the stars.
    - kde#344156 - Use digiKam with your keyboard, delete the wrong photos.
    - kde#344155 - Rotating raw image sometimes results in the preview
      showing the photo rotated in the opposite direction.
    - kde#342194 - Geolocalisation not possible using google maps:
      "Malformated Url"
    - kde#343777 - FindQtSoap.cmake doesn't find latest qtsoap built from
      git code.
    - kde#308021 - digiKam crashes when making panorama / boost.
* Wed Feb 18 2015
  - update to 4.7.0
    - kde#341054 - No way to filter only files of a specific extension.
    - kde#342073 - The creation of the selection has a dysfunction after a
      very fast mouse double click.
    - kde#342229 - Crash attempting to rotate empty (NULL) thumbnail.
    - kde#342293 - Each mouse right click creates a new Open With entry in the
      context menu.
    - kde#342346 - Show only vendor specific meta data which is relevant.
    - kde#336127 - Rename pattern textbox not tall enough and uses hard-coded
      font colors.
    - kde#342149 - Freezes when mousing over "create tag from address book"
      in the right click tag menu.
    - kde#340384 - Segmentation fault when creating new album.
    - kde#338785 - digiKam face detection finds no faces.
    - kde#342602 - Restore toggle fit to window and last zoom in the image
    - kde#342708 - A little less image shift in the mouse over preview mode.
    - kde#342448 - Compile issues in origin/master Jan/2015.
    - kde#342931 - Wrong apect ratio in item properties and in item view.
    - kde#341821 - "Cancel" button in Import window does nothing.
    - kde#342273 - CANVAS : When using zoom +/- from the staus-bar are image
      artifacts is visible.
    - kde#343013 - CANVAS : on working with raw images marked square isn't
      crop accurate.
    - kde#343080 - Cannot find the right lensfun profile for RAW lens
    - kde#343221 - Softproofing in editor does not work anymore.
    - kde#342996 - Corrections for rename settings in images import.
    - kde#314441 - Rename settings while importing ignored.
    - kde#328541 - Cursor sometimes stays "busy".
    - kde#342430 - When selecting a subset of images instead of all images to
      download from camera, the numbering of the renamed images
      adds the number of selected images to the sequence numbers.
    - kde#342046 - In the export menu, Google Drive and Dropbox icons are huge,
      filling almost all the screen.
    - kde#342857 - Changed files are not reported to host application.
    - kde#310580 - DNG Converter cannot save image if path have non-ascii
* Sat Jan 24 2015
  - old libkgeomap package provides older lib with same so name, adding
    an explizit requires
* Thu Jan 15 2015
  - libkface is now a separate package. Do not use the bundled
    version on opensUSE 13.2 and higher.
* Sat Jan 03 2015
  - update to 4.6.0
    - Editor : Several fixes to complete image editor canvas port to Qt4 model/view.
    - General: Better support of removable media and unvavailable items.
    - Import : Allow sub-subfolders auto creation while importing.
    - BQM    : Allow to save/load Workflow from tools context menu.
    - kde#340811 - Wrap album caption.
    - kde#340278 - Please provide a windows build of 4.4.
    - kde#341031 - LibLqr detected during build but shown as not supported in
      components information.
    - kde#340945 - libkgeomap, libmediawiki, libkvkontakte, libkface not found.
    - kde#338532 - Sidecar files are neither created nor updated under Windows.
    - kde#335661 - CANVAS : image is displayed with wrong magnification after
    - kde#338996 - CANVAS : Selection coordinates/size do not show either
      during selection or update when using selection
      area adjust controls.
    - kde#339053 - Allow the usage of arrows to move in the photo sequence
      when in preview.
    - kde#205776 - Option to load full image size in preview mode does not
      only do what it says with RAW files.
    - kde#341306 - CANVAS: no "Select All" for the second time and selection
      fixes after crop and auto crop.
    - kde#341298 - libkexiv2-4.14.3/libkexiv2/kexiv2exif.cpp:934: bad if test?
    - kde#341470 - Better speed after downloading many pictures with
      auto-rotation/flip option.
    - kde#286611 - Tags are losts randomly when converting TIFF to PNG.
    - kde#320564 - CANVAS : full image dimensions not shown when not viewing
      at 100% zoom level.
    - kde#341053 - Text Filter broken.
    - kde#341566 - digiKam crashed after closing when BQM was used before.
    - kde#294602 - Sub sub-folders separated with '/' in file path cannot be
      created with album selection dialog.
    - kde#339108 - Segfault trying to download photos.
    - kde#338367 - CANVAS : unable to zoom out to less than fit to window.
    - kde#341671 - IMPORT: Zoom Out and Zoom In button in preview mode working
    - kde#338224 - Inconsistent "Zoom to 100%" shortcut behavior between
      Preview Mode and Image Editor.
    - kde#263550 - CANVAS : image shifts position in mouse-over mode when
      changing between Before and After.
    - kde#333929 - Target ICC profile is common to all queues from BQM.
    - kde#323112 - Preview fails when importing images because digiKam uses a
      wrong path with Gphoto2 camera
    - kde#331224 - Sync metadata eventually slow-down computer to unusable
    - kde#338276 - CANVAS : mouse-over preview mode does not work.
    - kde#341825 - Rounding down zoom for fit to windows size and it will
      never scroll bars be displayed.
    - kde#326796 - When returning from edit mode to preview mode, next image
      not always loaded.
    - kde#341868 - View->Fit to Selection no centering the new selection.
    - kde#191494 - Support search in offline collections (e.g. removable
    - kde#302306 HTML export crashes digiKam with floating cards theme.
    - kde#341379 Advanced slideshow crashes if it runs manually backwards.
  - drop digikam-4.5.0-reenable-libs.patch (use digikam 4.6.0 cmake options)
  - drop digikam_no_build_vkontakte.diff (replaced by patch below)
  - add digikam_no_local_vkontakte_cmake_modules.diff
  - add digikam-4.6.0.install-libs-dev.patch
* Wed Nov 26 2014
  - add obsoletes for libkface2 and libkgeomap1
* Sat Nov 22 2014
  - add digikam-4.5.0-reenable-libs.patch to use some internal
    libraries not yet available as extra packages
    (libkface, libkgeomap, libmediawiki)
* Wed Nov 19 2014
  - update to 4.5.0
    kde#172295 digiKam has a hard dependency on Jasper library
    kde#267789 Make face detection (kface) and geo tagging (kmap) optional features
    kde#306767 ICONVIEW : thumb focus is lost after renaming
    kde#315574 CORE : bad performance when Tag-related Sidebars (Tag management / Filter) are open
    kde#326718 Clear text button on file rename does nothing
    kde#326945 When build digikam from git and package libpgf is installed, no way to use internal digikam libpgf
    kde#337422 EXIF thumbnail date information not updated when writing metadata to image
    kde#337737 MYSQL : settings and installation windows freeze when valid mariadb/mysql db connection is available
    kde#338407 Import not showing image thumbnails for certain Canon cameras
    kde#339154 digiKam goes into infinite loop when working with tags/captions information tab templates
    kde#339180 cmake and/or compiler pick up libkgeomap header files from previous version
    kde#339524 Identity class miss d private container to improve binary compatibility
    kde#339806 Compiler error: ambiguous reference to ratio variable
    kde#339903 Select 'recent' albums containing MOV or .xcf(Gimp) files. Immediate crash occurs.
    kde#340030 KIPI-plugins can not be deactivated on non-English locales
    kde#340141 White Balance: Unable to specify exposure compensation > x.5
    kde#340186 GROUP : Wallet icon for grouped photos is conceptually confusing
    kde#340295 make fails on imagedescedittab.cpp has no member named 'textEdit'
    kde#340439 No auto-rotation/flip Images after download
    kde#340443 Advanced slideshow shows not all pictures under certain conditions
    kde#340487 Add Album Category as a search criteria
    kde#340581 Ratings with rating == 0 cannot be selected on the left sidebar
    kde#340476 Floating Cards brings digiKam with non-English locales to crash and missing parameter text
    kde#340811 Wrap album caption
  - remove upstream patches:
    - kde#89156.patch
    - digikam-4.4.0-fix-libkexiv2-version-for-AltLangStrEdit-textEdit.patch
* Mon Nov 03 2014
  - Added kde#89156.patch: avoid deadlocks with external MySQL/MariaDB,
* Thu Oct 16 2014
  - add digikam-4.4.0-fix-libkexiv2-version-for-AltLangStrEdit-textEdit.patch
    (fixes builds with KDE 4.14.x)
* Sun Oct 12 2014
  - Update to 4.4.0
    - General   : Navigate between pictures using PageUp/PageDown is now
      possible while editing properties through captions/tags
    - General   : New keyboard shortcuts to improve usability while photo
      review (as to switch focus on text edit widget, or to
      toogle tags view).
    - General   : New keyboard shortcut to switch on/off color managed
      view for thumbnails and preview.
    - AlbumGUI  : Album preview can be displayed in tooltip.
    - SlideShow : Labels and Tags keyboard shortcuts can be used while
    - SlideShow : Support multi-monitors computer.
    - 50 fixed bugs
      (kde#147175, kde#282900, kde#303179, kde#229930, kde#322053, kde#137320,
      kde#110658, kde#224806, kde#309557, kde#201698, kde#211622, kde#131632,
      kde#291695, kde#290928, kde#320304, kde#325580, kde#338485, kde#275381,
      kde#144168, kde#268284, kde#152948, kde#313947, kde#282506, kde#309558,
      kde#338509, kde#275077, kde#229680, kde#206546, kde#339074, kde#324287,
      kde#313857, kde#312043, kde#242119, kde#339051, kde#163941, kde#339140,
      kde#339144, kde#339210, kde#339341, kde#338629, kde#336333, kde#339173,
      kde#339052, kde#171199, kde#257313, kde#338783, kde#337507, kde#339440,
      kde#313855, kde#339227)
    - PiwigoExport : Allow to upload videos (OGG, MP4 and WEBM) if the Piwigo
      server accept them.
    - PiwigoExport : Remove the support of old Piwigo API (version < 2.4).
    - 1 fixed bug (kde#337943)
  - swap for
  - remove bug325580.patch (fixed upstream)
  - remove handle_right_libkexiv2_version.diff and
    handle_right_libkexiv2_version2.diff (fixed upstream)
* Wed Sep 24 2014
  - Added handle_right_libkexiv2_version.diff and
    handle_right_libkexiv2_version2.diff, kde#339144, bnc#898260
* Tue Sep 23 2014
  - Add bug325580.patch: Fix job reset when it's done : do not return
    directly is an error appera with a job, without to reset job.
    kde#325580, kde#339210
* Tue Sep 16 2014
  - Update to 4.3.0
    - Database     : Nepomuk support have been replaced by
      Baloo support
    - Map Searches : New option to display all non geolocated
      images from collections.
    - General      : New notification event when kioslave
      cannot be started.
    - General      : OSX event notifier is now used to
      dispatch notifications.
    - AlbumGui     : New Action To Exclude Items Without Rating
      with items filter.
    - ExpoBlending:  remove OPenMP dependency. Ported to QtConcurrentRun.
    - Panorama:      support next hugin version (2014.0).
  - Build with baloo support for 13.2+
* Tue Aug 05 2014
  - Update to 4.2.0
    - AlbumGui : New view on left sidebar to search quickly items
      with assigned Labels.
    - AlbumGui : Tags view: add a new option to show items with
      no tag.
    - Geberal  : Add retina display support with preview and
      editor canvas under OSX.
    - 16 fixed bugs
      (kde#336851, kde#336650, kde#326019, kde#337231, kde#337392,
      kde#262175, kde#262167, kde#286463, kde#337417, kde#160363,
      kde#330976, kde#337507, kde#337688, kde#160363, kde#132827,
    - 4 fixed bugs (kde#313203, kde#334089, kde#336835, kde#256466)
  - adapt remove-gplv2-only.patch
  - dropped QtGstreamer-1.0.patch (added upstream)
* Thu Jul 24 2014
  - Added QtGstreamer-1.0.patch to support QtGstreamer 1.x API (applied
    on Factory/13.2 only)
  - Build with gstreamer-plugins-qt-devel for those openSUSE versions
* Mon Jun 30 2014
  - Update to 4.1.0
    * Add Gelocation indicator over thumbnails when image has GPS coordinateds.
    * Thumbnails from icon-view now support large resolution monitor (WQHD or 4K). Thumbs size can be set until 512x512 px instead 256x256 px.
    * many many bugfixes, see NEWS file for more details
* Tue May 20 2014
  - Build with lcm2 for openSUSE 13.2 and newer
* Wed May 14 2014
  - Update to 4.0.0 final
    * Final release. see NEWS file for more details
* Wed May 07 2014
  - Update to 4.0.0~rc
    * Bugfix release, see NEWS file for more details
  - Added libxml2-devel and libxslt-devel BuildRequires (they where
    pulled in via libkde4-devel previously)
* Mon Apr 21 2014
  - Update to 4.0.0~beta4
    - General  : New Tags Manager window for easy tags management.
    - General  : New images quality sorter tool, based on blur,
      noise, and compression analysis.
    - General  : Multiple selection and multiple drag-n-drop
      capabilities on Tags Manager and Tags View from sidebars.
    - General  : Drop of Qt3Support classes. Now digiKam is
      pure Qt4 implementation.
    - Metadata : Support for writing face rectangles in Windows
      Live Photo format.
    - Editor   : Port of canvas to Qt Model/view.
    - Showfoto : Port of Thumbbar to Qt Model/view.
    - General:   New tool to export collection to Google Drive cloud service.
    - General:   New tool to export collection to DropBox cloud service.
    - MediaWiki: allow removal of metadata/GPS coordinates before uploading.
    - MediaWiki: graphical interface improvements.
    * See NEWS file for more details
  - Drop rajceexport-stop-crashing-when-uploaded-nothing.patch, merged
  - Drop libsoprano-devel and shared-desktop-ontologies-devel BuildRequires
  - Disable gstreamer-0_10-plugins-qt-devel Buildrequires for 13.2+,
    until we get qgstreamer with gstreamer 1.0 API support
  - Remove unused parts of the spec (UpdatedApps repo no longer exists)
* Sun Oct 27 2013
  - BuildRequire pkgconfig(libkipi) >= 2.0.0, instead of generic, and
    unversioned libkipi-devel
* Fri Oct 18 2013
  - Bump minimal opencv-devel BuildRequires to 2.4.5 as per CMakeLists
* Fri Oct 11 2013
  - Update to 3.5.0:
    - General         : new RAW cameras supported : Richon GR,
      Panasonic LF1, Canon EOS 70D, Sony RX100II,
      Sony RX1R, Olympus E-P5.
    - 5 fixed bugs
      (kde#324349, kde#323648, kde#325111, kde#325264, kde#325309)
    - Panorama        : Autocrop. Cropping area defaults to the
      maximum inner rectangle of the panorama.
    - 1 fixed bug (kde#324239)
* Fri Sep 06 2013
  - Update to 3.4.0:
    - General         : Add interroperabilty with Capture NX about
      Color Labels support.
    - MaintenanceTool : add new options to select Albums and Tags
      to process.
    - MaintenanceTool : add multi-threading and multi-core CPU
      support for Metadata Synchronizer, Thumbs
      Generator, and Fingerprint Generator tools.
    - 9 fixed bugs.
* Wed Aug 28 2013
  - Dropped desktop-files.diff, it's no longer needed and AcquireImages
    is missing it's icon due to it (bnc#835989)
* Thu Aug 15 2013
  - rajceexport-stop-crashing-when-uploaded-nothing.patch: rajceexport:
    stop crashing when uploaded nothing (bnc#835021)
* Tue Aug 06 2013
  - fix libkface package not named after .so name
* Tue Aug 06 2013
  - Update to 3.3.0:
    - Faces Managament: Better management of Picasa Face Tags
      import/export through metadata.
    - Faces Management: New Face Recognition engine based on
    - 37 fixed bugs.
    - 5 fixed bugs.
  - Drop patch included upstream: non-executable-script.patch
* Mon Jun 10 2013
  - Added libeigen3-devel and libkqoauth-devel as build requirements.
  - Replaced ImageMagick with ImageMagick-devel as build requirement (since
    "mogrify" is no longer needed to fix the icon sizes).
  - Removed support for openSUSE <= 11.4 for KDE:UpdatedApps (not needed).
  - Removed support for openSUSE 11.3.
  - Fix rawconverter icon links (links were pointing to rawconverter.* instead of
    rawconverter.png or rawconverter.svgz).
* Sat Jun 01 2013
  - Pass the correct ImageMagick cmake flag for >= 13.1
* Tue May 14 2013
  - Update to 3.2.0:
    - General:      Remove internal clapack library code.
      Set only an optional and external dependency to
    - General:      New tool to Auto-Crop image based on black hole
      borders detection.
    - AlbumGUI:     New "Table-View" view mode dedicated to show
      album items in a list view.
    - AlbumGUI:     New Aspect-Ratio information displayed in
      icon-view and tooltips.
    - AlbumGUI:     New filter based on Aspect-Ratio information.
    - Searches:     New search tool to find images based on
      Aspect-Ratio Information.
    - Searches:     New search tool to find videos based on shot
    - 46 fixed bugs.
    - FacebookExport: add new option to create private album.
    - JAlbumExport:   New too to export items to JAblum
    - 10 fixed bugs.
  - Drop patches included upstream: commit-006b3f4.diff and
* Wed May 08 2013
  - Add patch commit-006b3f4.diff from upstream to build
    htmlexport again (bnc#816041)
* Mon Apr 15 2013
  - Added patch digikam-patch78541.diff from upstream to fix
    detection of certain cameras (bnc#814622, kde#311393)
* Wed Mar 13 2013
  - Update to 3.1.0 (bnc#816693):
    - General: Remove internal lqr-1 library code. Set only an
      optional and external dependency.
    - 14 fixed bugs.
    - 7 fixed bugs.
* Wed Feb 13 2013
  - Remove spurious bison/flex dependencies
* Mon Feb 11 2013
  - Update to 3.0.0 (final):
    - General: Remove internal LensFun library code and xml lens
      database. Set only an optional and external
      dependency to last 0.2.6 release.
    - BatchQueueManager: Add new tool to crop image.
    - 51 fixed bugs.
    - Panorama: New parser using GNU Flex and GNU Bison instead of
    - Panorama: Manual cropping of the final result
    - 10 fixed bugs.
  - drop fix-broken-icon-reference.diff (fixed upstream)
  - update
    (rename to
* Sat Jan 05 2013
  - Link rawconverter icon to the hicolor theme so it can be safely
    used as an application icon (needed by kphotoalbum)
* Tue Jan 01 2013
  - Update to 3.0.0-rc:
    - General: Add new Noise Estimation feature to Wavelets Noise
      Reduction tools.
    - BatchQueueManager: Add Color Effect tool support.
    - BatchQueueManager: Multicore CPU support to process items
      in parallel.
    - BatchQueueManager: Add Raw Demosaicing settings in Queue
    - BatchQueueManager: Add new behavior options about RAW file
      loading (extract preview or perform
    - BatchQueueManager: Add the capability to assign more than
      one time a tool to a queue.
    - BatchQueueManager: Add the capability to put target file
      processed from queue to source album.
    - BatchQueueManager: Add concept of Workflow dedicated to save
      and restore between sessions Queue Settings
      including Assigned Batch Tools list.
    - 18 fixed bugs.
    - 2 fixed bugs.
  - Added patch ( to
    temporarily disabled libkdcraw version check (does not work any more)
* Tue Nov 27 2012
  - enabled compilation of the VideoSlideshow kipi plugin
* Mon Nov 26 2012
  - Update to 3.0.0-beta3:
    - Libkipi:
    * All kipi-plugins actions can be pluged to tools bar.
    * Usability improvements in plugins configuration dialog.
    - Libkdcraw:
    * Update internal Libraw version 0.15.0 Alpha2 to support
      new RAW cameras :
    * Adobe DNG: Fast Load and lossy-compressed DNG
      (LightRoom 4.x)
    * Canon    : G1 X, SX220 HS, EOS 5D Mark III, EOS 650D,
      EOS 1D-X
    * Casio    : EX-Z8
    * Fujifilm : X-S1, HS30EXR, X1-Pro
    * Nikon    : D4, D3200, D800, D800E
    * Olympus  : E-M5
    * Panasonic: DMC-GF5
    * Samsung  : NX20, NX210, NX100, NX-1000
    * Sigma    : SD15,SD1, SD1 Merill, DP1, DP1S, DP1X, DP2,
      DP2S, DP2X
    * Sony     : NEX-F3, SLT-A37, SLT-A57, DSC-RX100
    - ImportUI: Port icon-view to Qt4 model/View.
    - ImportUI: Labels and Tags pre-assignation.
    - ImportUI: Pipelined post download operations.
    - ImportUI: Preview items during downloading.
    - Metadata: Video files metadata support
      (through Exiv2 project).
    - 54 fixed bugs.
    - General: New tool to export Collection to DLNA device.
    - General: New tool to make video slideshow.
    - General: Port all plugins to KDE XML-GUI framework.
    - 18 fixed bugs.
* Sat Nov 10 2012
  - Added libpgf-devel as build requirement (to be used instead of the bundled
* Sun Oct 28 2012
  - Added glu as build requirement (needed since it was split from Mesa in
* Wed Oct 03 2012
  - add BuildRequires:  libusb-compat-devel to fix gphoto2 deps
* Wed Sep 26 2012
  - slideshow.png is gone
* Sat Sep 22 2012
  - changed source URL to
  - format spec file
* Tue Sep 11 2012
  - Update to 2.9.0:
    - CameraGUI : libgphoto 2.5.0 API support.
    - 9 fixed bugs.
    - 2 fixed bugs.
* Fri Aug 10 2012
  - Update to 2.8.0:
    - CameraGUI: Add option to execute script during items to download from camera.
    - 22 fixed bugs.
    - MediaWiki: GUI improvmenets and new features to export items.
    - 6 fixed bugs.
* Wed Jul 11 2012
  - Update to 2.7.0:
    - General: Update internal Libraw library to last 0.14.7.
    * New cameras supported: Canon 5D Mark III, G1 X, 1D X and
      Powershot SX200; Nikon D4,D800/D800E and D3200;
    * Fuji X-S1 and HS30EXR; Casio EX-Z8; Olympus E-M5;
      Panasonic GF5; Sony NEX-F3, SLT-A37 and SLT-A57;
      Samsung NX20 and NX210;
    * Support for updated Samsung NX200 firmware.
    - General: Update internal LensFun library to last 0.2.6 release.
    - General: Update internal LibPGF library to last 6.12.24 release.
    - 29 fixed bugs.
    - 5 fixed bugs.
* Tue Jun 19 2012
  - disable parallel build, it's too memory hungy for OBS workers
* Thu Jun 07 2012
  - Update to 2.6.0:
    - General: Add support of Little CMS version 2.
    - General: New tool to run all maintenance process in background.
    - General: Lprof 3rd party library have been removed from core
    - General: Thumbs/Preview for read-only files (as RAW) can be rotated
      through a flag in thumbnails database.
    - General: Add a Progress Manager as into Kontact to drive process running
      in parallele.
    - General: KIPI JPEGLossLess tool is now disabled in digiKam. A dedicated
      solution is now implemented in digiKam core to rotate/flip image using
      multithreading, parallelization, and image versioning.
    - KipiInterface: Handle progress events from kipi tools through digiKam
      Progress Manager.
    - ImageEditor: Template Superimpose feature have been moved to
      PhotoLayoutEditor kipi-plugin.
    - ImageEditor: New film color negative inverter filter.
    - 118 fixed bugs.
    - RAWConverter: Add progress management support, and parallelization of
      tasks using ThreadWeaver.
    - DNGConverter: Add progress management support, and parallelization of
      tasks using ThreadWeaver.
    - RedEyesRemoval: Add progress management support, and parallelization of
      tasks using ThreadWeaver.
    - TimeAdjust: Add items listview support, progress management support,
      multithreading, and parallelization of tasks using ThreadWeaver.
    - SendImages: Dialog Layout improvements, progress management support, and
      parallelization of tasks using ThreadWeaver.
    - PhotoLayoutEditor: Add SuperImpose Template support to compose fun frame,
      post-card, etc... template file use SVG format.
    - Panorama: Bugfix for binary detection on OSes different than Linux (fixes
      the same issue with expoblending). Bugfix for the back button of the
      assistant. First steps towards a cropping for target panorama.
      Parallelization of tasks using ThreadWeaver.
    - General: New tool to export items to ImageShack web service
    - General: New tool to export items to MediaWiki web service
    - General: New tool to export items to Imgur web service (
    - 49 fixed bugs.
  - Removed the following patches (fixed upstream):
    - use_correct_libkipi.patch
    - digikam-boost-1.48.patch
    - digikam-gcc47.patch
  - Rebased fix-broken-icon-reference.diff patch to apply cleanly.
* Tue Apr 24 2012
  - Add digikam-gcc47.patch: Fix build with gcc 4.7.
* Mon Apr 02 2012
  - Add digikam-boost-1.48.patch to fix build with new boost
* Fri Feb 03 2012
  - Correct the license of the Documentation subpackage to the
    GFDL-1.X license.
  - Correct spec-file to autodetect the translations for the
    additional libraries
* Fri Jan 13 2012
  - The digikam spec-file now builds all additional components
    (kipi-plugins, libmediawiki, libkface and libkgeomap)
* Wed Jan 04 2012
  - Update to 2.5.0
    * a bug-fix release, including a total of 101 fixed bugs.
* Mon Dec 12 2011
  - update to 2.4.1
    * a bug-fixes release, including a total of 25 fixed bugs.
    * histogram view from right sidebar have been improved for better
      image analyse.
* Mon Dec 12 2011
  - require libkipi8 version build against, it changes ABI too often
* Tue Nov 15 2011
  - Require libqt4-sql-sqlite and libqt4-sql-mysql (bnc#730111)
* Sat Nov 12 2011
  - Spec file updates:
    * Removed %kde4_pimlibs_requires (fix for rpmlint warning
    * Don't install the libkgeomap translations (they belong to libkgeomap
* Tue Nov 08 2011
  - Workaround kde#286034
* Mon Nov 07 2011
  - update to version 2.3.0
    * Bugfix release, please see included NEWS file for fixed bugs.
* Fri Oct 14 2011
  - Removed check for obsolete openSUSE version (fix for RPMLINT warning)
  - Cleaned up spec file formatting
* Tue Oct 04 2011
  - update to version 2.2.0
    * Add image title metadata support.
    * larger number of bugfixes
* Sun Sep 18 2011
  - Remove redundant tags/sections from specfile
    (cf. packaging guidelines)
* Thu Sep 15 2011
  - kipi-plugins version can be different from digikam version
* Wed Sep 14 2011
  - update to version 2.1.1
    * fix database connection on initial startup
* Sun Sep 11 2011
  - Add disable-unsupported-cmake-policy.patch to remove unsupported
    cmake policy setup, fixes openSUSE 11.4 build
* Fri Sep 09 2011
  - update to version 2.1.0
    * Mainly bug fix release
    * CameraGUI improvements
  - new libkvkontakte may need to be splitted into own package as well
* Mon Sep 05 2011
  - fix package-with-large-docs - perhaps we can get it back to live cd somehow
* Fri Aug 26 2011
  - Add digikam-link-order.patch: fix library link order,
    bko #258931
* Mon Aug 08 2011
  - Spec file updates:
    * Changed License: to GPL-2.0+.
    * Added description for the patches based on openSUSE Patches Guidelines.
    * Cleanup in BuildRequires:.
    * Removed oxygen-icon-theme from Requires: (not needed).
    * Removed *.so files and digikam-devel subpackage (not needed, the package
      doesn't actually provide any shared libraries).
    * Removed digikam-doc subpackage and merged it in digikam since it actually
      contained the main help files.
    * Added a fix for build time references so build-compare can do its work.
    * Fixed some rpmlint warnings.
    * Minor other updates.
  - Readded add_mimetype_bnc629393.diff patch to fix mimetypes to desktop file
    for better integration in GNOME (bnc#629393).
* Thu Jul 28 2011
  - Update to final version 2.0.0
    * XMP metadata sidecar support
    * Reverse geo-coding support
    * Face detection and recognition support
    * Tag keyboard shortcuts support
    * Color Labels support to improve photograph workfow
    * Pick Labels support to improve photograph selection
    * Color Theme engine is now ported to KDE color theme manager
    * Re-designed Filters view on right sidebar to perform icon-view items filtering
    * Add options to group/ungroup items from icon-view
    * Add options to show file format over icon-view items
    * Image versioning support
    * Foveon sensor based camera support
    * New advanced RAW decoding settings backported from RawTherapee project
    * New datetime option "UnixTimeStamp" (requires Qt 4.7 or higher)
  - See included NEWS file for complete changelog
* Mon Jun 20 2011
  - Add digikam-marblewidget.patch: provide a FindMarbleWidget.cmake
    for compatibility
* Wed Mar 09 2011
  - Added patch to correctly identify the version of libjpeg62.
    Due to a recent update on Factory, the new version shows the
    version number in the file /usr/include/jconfig.h
* Sat Mar 05 2011
  - Update to version 1.9.0:
    * Bugfixes:
    - png-1.5 compatibility fix (bko264181).
    - digiKam 1.8.0 (svn) crashes on startup most times (bko263697).
    - Grayscale TIFF display broken (bko237492).
    - digikam 1.7.0 crashes on startup (bko263786).
    - Inconsistant use of preview zoom-in function key-strokes (bko228531).
    - The DocumentName tag is not added when importing (bko233612).
    - Disable folder collapsing under certain circumstances (bko246778).
    - Image editor always crashes when triggering Colour Auto-Correction
    - digiKam crash on loading (bko234021).
    - Exif-dates not recognices OK (bko264999).
    - When adding new tag to multiple images, tags not in common are removed
      from metadata, though still present in database (bko264745).
    - digiKam contains a convience copy of cimg code (bko173901).
    - Underexposure indicator should always work in "pure color" mode
    - digiKam crash on startup (bko264769).
    - Raw importer broken. Not possible to revert changes (bko264830).
    - Only one digikam instance should run on the same image library path
    - digikam-1.8.0 fails to build against kde-4.6.x/gcc-4.6 (bko265445).
    - Deleteing last TAG on a picture does actually not remove the tag within
      the exif metadata (bko264631).
    - Quickfilter by tags: Exclude tags (bko195648).
    - digiKam crash at startup (bko265641).
  - Spec file updates:
    * Changes based on rpmdevtools templates and spec-cleaner run.
    * Updates in License: entry.
    * Updates in Buildrequires:, Requires: and Provides: sections.
    * Added description for the patches based on openSUSE Patches Guidelines.
    * Removed digikam-doc subpackage and merged it in digikam-lang since it
      actually contained the translated package help files.
    * Moved the english help files in the main package.
    * Updates in %description, %prep, %install and %files sections.
    * Removed support for openSUSE < 1120.
    * Minor other updates.
* Mon Jan 24 2011
  - Upate to version 1.8.0
    * Bugfixes:
    - Add a digiKam installer based on NSIS. (bko256372)
    - Crash at startup. (bko261086)
    - digiKan crashes upon import of large photo collection. (bko212947)
    - digiKam Fingerprinter crashes. (bko261015)
    - Wish: All thumbs created in a folder automatically. (bko237639)
    - Thumbnails do not display. (bko189585)
    - digiKam crashed when browsing/rating images. (bko255852)
    - Empty menu when right clicking on an image. (bko184635)
    - Provide a progress indicator for "rename". (bko261868)
    - digiKam crash while viewing photos. (bko244560)
    - Default filename for renamed imports: remove the colon character. (bko261582)
    - Linking issue with Marble library. (bko262065)
    - Ubuntu unity compatibility bugs: export menu disappeared. (bko261879)
    - Camera GUI does not open. (bko262296)
    - Picture navigation problems and disambiguation. (bko201788)
    - digiKam crashes when adding lens data to ~/.local. (bko261415)
    - Database of 80,000+ images wiped out. (bko253062)
    - digiKam editor crashes on "save" and "save as" (KFileDialog relevant). (bko263083)
    - digiKam crashes when modifying caption. (bko252404)
    - Rebuild thumbnails or 'scan for new images' should work on just current folder. (bko262720)
    - digiKam crashed when pressing 'Album -> New'. (bko242036)
    - Disconnected usb passport external hard drive using "safely remove drive" option. (bko235597)
    - Crash while looking at folder with 380 images for first time. (bko237957)
    - Crash when viewing pictures. (bko253067)
    - Crash during picture import . (bko255054)
    - digiKam crahed on search Pictures on individal Album. (bko258106)
    - Crash while scrolling the raw image preview. (bko261384)
    - digiKam crashed while scrolling through images in folder. (bko258922)
    - Metadata lost when decoding a raw file. (bko263726)
    - Thumbnails incorrectly rotated on certain images. (bko224047)
    - digiKam seems to find images that are not in the collection directory. (bko239902)
    - Some tags lost on batch color space conversion - import metadata does not work. (bko245958)
    - Frame rate drops to around 5 fps when dragging & dropping. (bko246735)
* Thu Dec 30 2010
  - Add MimeTypes to desktop file for better integration in GNOME (bnc#629393)
* Wed Dec 22 2010
  - update to version 1.7.0
    * Bugfixes
* Tue Nov 23 2010
  - update to version 1.6.0
    * Bugfixes
    * New Features:
      Album GUI : User can exclude tags in the tag-filter view.
      Slideshow : User can change item rating during a slide.
      Image Editor : New option to display over/under exposure indicators
      if pure colors is detected or if only one color
      component match the condition.
      Image Editor : New options to adjust the levels of over/under exposed
      pixels from histogram, displayed by over/under exposure
      Image Editor : Aspect ratio crop tool is now able to deal with the
      aspect ratio of the current loaded image in editor.
* Mon Oct 11 2010
  - Update to version 1.5.0
    * Bugfixes
    * New Features:
      General : Fix compilation under windows with TDM-GCC and
      MSVC compilers.
      General : Including LensFun library source code as 3rd-party
      component, especially for windows target where
      this library is not available.
      Image Editor : Improvement of algorithm to convert 8 bits
      image to 16 and limit histogram holes during
      Batch Queue Manager : Add new tool to remove metadata from
      Batch Queue Manager : Add new tool to apply Lens corrections
      using LensFun library.
* Tue Aug 31 2010
  - Recommend instead of require lang package since it's not mandatory.
* Wed Aug 25 2010
  - update to version 1.4.0
    * New feature: AdvancedRename : New modifier "Remove Doubles"
    * Bugfixes
* Tue Aug 03 2010
  - require libqt4-sql-mysql otherwise digikam will not start (bnc#627274)
* Mon Jul 19 2010
  - change sqlite plugin to required
* Tue Jun 08 2010
  - update to version 1.3.0
    * New Database interface to support different database backend.
      MySql and SQlite are supported. Internal and Remote MySql server are supported.
    * Bugfixes and smaller features
  - use source service to download tar ball
* Mon Jun 07 2010
  - use right name for Red eyes tool action (fixes KDE bug
    234545: Red eye correction tool is missing from image editor)
* Mon May 10 2010
  - Remove build time references so build-compare can do its work
* Mon Mar 29 2010
  - update to version 1.2.0
    * AlbumGUI : All Album tree views are ported to pure
      Qt4 model/view implementation.
    * ImageEditor : Most tools are now multithreaded for performance
    * BatchQueueManager : Many more tools can now be used in batch
    * 99 bugfixes:
* Sun Jan 31 2010
  - Update to version 1.1.0
    * AdvancedRename : The ReplaceModifier has regular expressions
      support now.
    * ImageEditor : Vignetting tool can now be used to add as well as
      remove vignetting from an image.
    * Over 100 bugfixes:
* Fri Jan 29 2010
  - split out -doc subpackage
* Fri Jan 08 2010
  - remove imlib from buildrequires (obsolete for two years)
* Mon Dec 21 2009
  - update to 1.0 release: only bugfixes since release candidate
* Thu Dec 03 2009
  - update to 1.0 RC version:
* Thu Aug 20 2009
  - keep the two apps together in one menu and Gimp in upper level
* Fri Jul 24 2009
  - build with Marble dependency as long as it fits on CDs
* Wed Jul 22 2009
  - require libqt4-sql-sqlite, not just recommend it (bnc#524174)
* Sun May 31 2009
  - fix rename
* Mon May 18 2009
  - only recommend kipi-plugins
* Mon Apr 20 2009
  - rename kde4-digikam to digikam
* Fri Apr 17 2009
  - create -lang package
* Sat Apr 04 2009
  - refresh patches to fix build
* Fri Apr 03 2009
  - build without hard huge Marble widget dependency unless it can
    be packaged optionally
  - mark showfoto.desktop unimportant
  - refresh patch to build in factory
* Tue Mar 17 2009
  - update to 0.10.0
    * General : Internal CImg library updated to 1.3.0.
    * General : New "DarkRoom" colors theme.
    * many bugfixes
* Tue Mar 17 2009
  - Update to 0.9.5
    * TIFF/PNG/JPEG2000 metadata can be edited or added
      (requires Exiv2 >= 0.18)
    * Internal CImg library updated to 1.3.0.
    * All image plugin tool settings provide default buttons to
      reset values
    * New Raw import tool to handle Raw pictures with customized
      decoding settings
    * All image plugin dialogs are removed. All tools are embedded
      in editor window
    * New composition guide based on Diagonal Rules



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