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libedit0-32bit-3.1.snap20150325-2.12 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.6 for x86_64

Name: libedit0-32bit Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15
Version: 3.1.snap20150325 Vendor: SUSE LLC <>
Release: 2.12 Build date: Fri May 25 20:08:12 2018
Group: Development/Libraries/C and C++ Build host: sheep56
Size: 215272 Source RPM: libedit-3.1.snap20150325-2.12.src.rpm
Summary: Command Line Editing and History Library
libedit is a command line editing and history library. It is designed
to be used by interactive programs that allow the user to type commands
at a terminal prompt.






* Wed Mar 28 2018
  - move Changelog back to runtime package as it might not
    be only developer documentation
* Mon Mar 26 2018
  - Use %license instead of %doc [bsc#1082318]
  - Move development docu into -devel subpackage
* Mon Jun 22 2015
  - Cleanup a bit with spec-cleaner
    * remove pkg_name variable which is equal to name variable
* Fri Jun 19 2015
  - Update to 20150325-3.1
    * version info: 0:53:0
    * all: sync with upstream source
* Thu Feb 26 2015
  - Update to 20141030-3.1
    * version-info: 0:52:0
    * all: sync with upstream source
    * Fix posix shell portability issue.
* Mon Jul 28 2014
  - rename README.SUSE (bnc#889029)
* Mon Jul 28 2014
  - update to 20140620-3.1
    upgrade to fix a crash with clear_history e.g. in php.
    - Bounds search for reallocated index, from OpenBSD via Andreas
    - PR/48957: Federico G. Schwindt: Restore commented out code that
      broke rl_callback_handler.
    - cast gotsig because it is long on some systems.
    - Add stdlib.h for abort() (Jess Thrysoee)
    - Don't depend on weak aliases to define the vi "alias" expansion
      function, provide an API instead to set it.
    - accomodate FreeBSD's flavor of weak references.
    - remove remaining makefile support for GCC < 45 that i found.
    - PR/48876: Dmitriy Grigoryev: Core dump in readline lib on
      attempted expansion Make sure we have 2 matches before calling
    - Always NULL terminate the argv[] array. From OpenBSD.
    - PR/48821: If called from tty_stty(), recalculate flags.
    - more tty modes refactoring, no functional change intended.
    - Factor out some common code (more to be done) from PR/48821
    - Add An to authors. Wording.
    - Add a history function that takes a FILE pointer; needed for
      Capsicum. From Eitan Adler
    - Add missing EL_REFRESH
    - ... if called prior to using_history().  This needed to be
      worked around in PHP:;a=commitdiff;h=31d67bd3
    - get rid of PATH_MAX.
    - cast to avoid warning.
    - Add a function to move the cursor.
    - expose rl_catch_signals and explain what we are doing.
    - Test early for EOF to avoid infinite loop in the wide char
      case. From Linas Vepstas: linasvepstas at gmail dot com
    - provide an el_init_fd function.
    - explicitly pass (void *)0 instead of NULL.
    - Add FILES section. From jmc@OpenBSD.
    - In 2000, .editrc reading from $PWD was removed. Update the man
      page. From LEVAI Daniel via jmc@OpenBSD.
    - remove dead assignment (Christoph Mallon)
    - Fix pasto that affected bind -k (Christoph Mallon)
    - Add trailing NULL's to the varargs functions as required. (John
    - PR/46945: Steffen Nurpmeso; el_getc() doesn't document it's
      setting errno
    - return !OKCMD on error.
    - PR/46942: Steffen Nurpmeso: editline(3): el_get(): fix
      UNBUFFERED return
    - PR/46941: Steffen Nurpmeso: document EL_BUFFERED
    - PR/46935: Steffen Nurpmeso: editline(3) (libedit): faulty errno
      handling, faulty reuse of val in wrong context
    - Don't depend on HAVE_GCC being always defined.
    - From Kamil Dudka: fix crash of el_insertstr() on incomplete
    - PR/46678: Ian Wienand: Add stub implementation for
    - don't crash if add_history is called from an empty line. Called
      from nslookup in new bind. XXX: pullup to 6
    - Switch from Op to Oo/Oc for nested block.
    - remove stdint.h; it is not used.
    - don't include both term.h and termcap.h
    - define the new variable
    - Add rl_completion_word_break_hook from:\
    - save and restore the tty settings on entry and exit
      respectively. cleanup debugging printfs.
    - From: Jilles Tjoelker: Add a mapping for the cursor delete key
    - From Jilles Tjoelker: Do not move the cursor for
      ed-delete-next-char in emacs mode. This makes
      ed-delete-next-char suitable for mapping to the <Delete> key.
      Behaviour in vi mode is unchanged (for 'x').
    - These directories default to WARNS?=5
    - Use C89 functions definitions.
    - Use C89 functions definitions. Remove use of __P
    - include the NULL in the argv conversion
    - use arraycount
    - PR/45843: Henning Petersen: Fix resource leak on error.
    - Add coverity annotations about unreachable code (Kamil Dudka)
    - Add missing *
    - Initialize termbuf (Kamil Dudka)
    - Initialize res (Kamil Dudka)
    - check for negative return of ct_visual_char (Kamil Dudka)
    - Off by one in allocation could cause buffer overflow (Kamil
    - remove unrecheable code (Kamil Dudka)
    - easier with an int for now.
    - Since Width() is used only for display purposes we don't want
      to pass -1 for unprintable characters.
    - Fixed misplaced parenthesis (Nirbhay Choubey)
    - fixed warnings where wint_t is unsigned.
    - fix broken change (parenthesis in the wrong place). From
      Nirbhay Choubey
    - include <wchar.h> if we don't have wcsdup()
    - NULL does not need a cast, here
    - re-enable -Wconversion
* Tue Mar 13 2012
  -  open all FDs with O_CLOEXEC in the library code.
  -  use gcc visibility by just reusing upstream macros "public"
    and "protected"
* Thu Feb 23 2012
  - Update to version 20110802, fix use after free triggerable
    with sftp autocompletion and MALLOC_PERTURB set.
* Sun Nov 13 2011
  - Remove redundant/unwanted tags/section (cf. specfile guidelines)
  - Use %_smp_mflags for parallel building
* Sun Nov 13 2011
  - add libtool as explicit buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency from prjconf
* Tue Aug 02 2011
  - Add baselibs.conf
* Sun Jul 31 2011
  - Link with ncurses6w instead of ncurses5
  - Do not inject artificial dependencies on other packages
* Sat Apr 24 2010
  - update to 20100424:
    * synchronized with the upstream source
    * UTF-8 support was added
* Mon Dec 21 2009
  - fix build with using autoreconf
* Sat Dec 19 2009
  - Enable parallel build
* Thu Dec 03 2009
  - Update to version 20090923-3.0:
    + all: apply Apple patches from:
  - Changes from previous versions:
    + version-info: 0:33:0
    - all: Use predefined macro __sun to identify Solaris
    - src/el.c: Ignore comment lines in .editrc
    + version-info: 0:32:0
    - all: sync with upstream source.
    + version-info: 0:31:0
    - all: sync with upstream source.
    + version-info: 0:30:0
    - all: sync with upstream source.
    + version-info: 0:29:0
    - all: sync with upstream source.
    + version-info: 0:28:0
    - all: sync with upstream source. MAJOR.MINOR version is now
      3.0. This is due to NetBSD changing time_t and dev_t to 64
      bits. It does not really effect this package.
    - Remove '--enable-debug' configure flag. The
      autoconf way to control flags is by specifying them when
      running configure, e.g. 'CFLAGS="-O0 -g" ./configure'
  - Fix self-obsoletion of libedit.
  - Add libedit-ncurses-pkg-config.patch to fix the pkg-config file
    so that it references ncurses, and not curses.



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