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maven-lib-3.9.6-150200.4.21.2 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.6 for ppc64le

Name: maven-lib Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15
Version: 3.9.6 Vendor: SUSE LLC <>
Release: 150200.4.21.2 Build date: Fri Feb 2 14:52:15 2024
Group: Development/Tools/Building Build host: ibs-power9-11
Size: 1938213 Source RPM: maven-3.9.6-150200.4.21.2.src.rpm
Summary: Core part of Maven
Core part of Apache Maven that can be used as a library.




Apache-2.0 AND MIT


* Tue Jan 30 2024
  - Upgrade tu upstream version 3.9.6
    * Bug
      + MNG-7851: Error message when modelVersion is 4.0 is confusing
    * Improvement
      + MNG-7875: Colorize transfer messages
      + MNG-7895: Support ${project.basedir} in file profile
      + MNG-7939: Allow to exclude plugins from validation
    * Task
      + MNG-7856: Maven Resolver Provider classes ctor change
      + MNG-7870: Undeprecate wrongly deprecated repository metadata
      + MNG-7872: Deprecate
      + MNG-7874: maven-resolver-provider: introduce NAME constants.
    * Dependency upgrade
      + MNG-7859: Update to Resolver 1.9.16
      + MNG-7913: Upgrade Sisu version to 0.9.0.M2
      + MNG-7934: Upgrade Resolver version to 1.9.18
      + MNG-7942: Upgrade to parent POM 41
      + MNG-7943: Upgrade default plugin bindings
* Thu Sep 21 2023
  - Upgrade tu upstream version 3.9.4
    * Bug
      + MNG-7705: Sporadic failures on multiple builds sharing the
      same local repo when writing the .lastUpdated file
      + MNG-7786: Maven Plugin Validation message is misleading
      + MNG-7795: IllegalArgumentException: 'other' has different root
      during plugin validation
      + MNG-7796: Top directory cannot be computed
      + MNG-7799: Plugin validation falsely reports there are issues
      (but shows none)
      + MNG-7811: Plugins verification - reports are inconsistent
      + MNG-7818: [REGRESSION] maven improperly excludes hamcrest-core
      from junit
      + MNG-7819: Create IT that exercise file locking with snapshots
      + MNG-7846: endless loop in DefaultExceptionHandler.getMessage()
    * Improvement
      + MNG-7698: Allow comments in .mvn/maven.config
      + MNG-7785: Clean usage of SessionData
      + MNG-7787: Introduce new options for plugin validation
      + MNG-7788: Plugin Validation Report should be printed before
      build summary
      + MNG-7789: Plugin Dependency Validations use wrong data set
      + MNG-7806: Plugins verification - remove used in module(s)
      + MNG-7823: Make plugin validation level parsing more consistent
    * Task
      + MNG-5987: Document the algorithm calculating the order of
      plugin executions inside a phase.
      + MNG-7743: Make the build work on JDK 20
      + MNG-7790: Update lifecycle plugins
      + MNG-7791: Split validation issues into "user actionable" and
      "plugin dev actionable"
      + MNG-7797: Return BRIEF mode, simply map it onto SUMMARY
      + MNG-7807: Update Super POM plugins
    * Dependency upgrade
      + MNG-7800: Upgrade to Maven Resolver 1.9.13
      + MNG-7816: Bump maven parent from 39 to 40
      + MNG-7828: Bump guava from 31.1-jre to 32.0.1-jre
      + MNG-7847: Upgrade to Resolver 1.9.14
* Tue Sep 12 2023
  - Reproducible builds: do not output build number
* Mon Sep 04 2023
  - Added patch:
      + debian patch to make maven builds more reproducible
* Mon Jun 19 2023
  - Upgrade to upstream version 3.9.2
    * Bug
      + MNG-7750: Interpolated properties in originalModel in
      an active profile.
      + MNG-7759: java.lang.NullPointerException at org.apache
    * Improvement
      + MNG-7712: Core should issue a warning if plugin depends
      on maven-compat
      + MNG-7741: Add more information when using
    - Dmaven.repo.local.recordReverseTree=true
      + MNG-7754: Improvement and extension of plugin validation
      + MNG-7767: Tone down plugin validation report
      + MNG-7776: don't fingerprint Sigstore signatures (like GPG)
      + MNG-7778: Maven should print suppressed exceptions when a
      mojo fails
    * Task
      + MNG-7749: Upgrade animal-sniffer from 1.21 to 1.23
      + MNG-7774: Maven config and command line interpolation
* Thu May 11 2023
  - Modified patch:
    * 0001-Adapt-mvn-script.patch
      + revert to older version which worked well (bsc#1211198)
* Wed May 03 2023
  - Upgrade to upstream version 3.9.1
    * Changes of version 3.8.7:
      + Regression fixes from Maven 3.8.6
      + General fixes
      + Maven Wagon upgrade
    * Changes of verson 3.8.8
      + Regression fixes from Maven 3.8.7
      + General fixes
      + Non-functional backports and improvements from 3.9.0
    * Changes of version 3.9.0
      + Minimum Java version to use with Maven 3.9.0 is raised to
      Java 8.
      + With Java 8, upgrade of several key dependencies became
      possible as well.
      + Several backports from Maven 4.x line.
      + Long outstanding issue fixes from Maven 3.x line.
      + Cutting ties with Maven 2 backward compatibility, preparing
      grounds for Maven 4.
      + General fixes and improvements.
      + The Maven Resolver transport has changed from Wagon to “native
      HTTP”, see Resolver Transport guide.
      + Maven 2.x was auto-injecting an ancient version of
      plexus-utils dependency into the plugin classpath, and Maven
      3.x continued doing this to preserve backward compatibility.
      Starting with Maven 3.9, it does not happen anymore. This
      change may lead to plugin breakage. The fix for affected
      plugin maintainers is to explicitly declare a dependency on
      plexus-utils. The workaround for affected plugin users is to
      add this dependency to plugin dependencies until issue is
      fixed by the affected plugin maintainer.
      + Mojos are prevented to boostrap new instance of
      RepositorySystem (for example by using deprecated
      ServiceLocator), they should reuse RepositorySystem instance
      provided by Maven instead. See MNG-7471.
      + Each line in .mvn/maven.config is now interpreted as a single
      argument. That is, if the file contains multiple arguments,
      these must now be placed on separate lines, see MNG-7684.
    * Changes of version 3.9.1:
      + Regression fixes from Maven 3.9.0
      + General performance and other fixes
  - Changed patches:
    * 0001-Adapt-mvn-script.patch
    * 0002-Invoke-logback-via-reflection.patch
      + rediff to changed context
    * 0004-Remove-dependency-on-powermock.patch
    - > 0003-Remove-dependency-on-powermock.patch
    * 0007-Fix-build-with-qdox-2.0.1.patch
    - >  0004-Fix-build-with-qdox-2.0.1.patch
      + rediff and rename to have the sequence of patches right
  - Removed patches:
    * 0003-Use-non-shaded-HTTP-wagon.patch
    * 0005-Port-to-maven-resolver-1.7.2.patch
    * 0006-Restore-DefaultModelValidator-compatibility-with-Mav.patch
      + not needed with 3.9.1
* Mon Aug 29 2022
  - Move mvn.1 from bin to man directory
* Mon Jul 25 2022
  - Upgrade to upstream version 3.8.6
    * Bug
      + MNG-7432: [REGRESSION] Resolver session contains
      + MNG-7433: [REGRESSION] Multiple maven instances working on
      same source tree can lock each other
      + MNG-7441: Update Version of (optional) Logback to Address
      CVE-2021-42550, bsc#1193795
      + MNG-7448: Don't ignore bin/ otherwise bin/ in apache-maven
      module cannot be readded
      + MNG-7455: [REGRESSION] IllegalStateException in
      SessionScope during guice injection in multithreaded build
      + MNG-7459: Revert MNG-7347 (SessionScoped beans should be
      singletons for a given session)
      + MNG-7467: [REGRESSION] Compilation failure with relocated
      transitive dependency
      + MNG-7487: Fix deadlock during forked lifecycle executions
      + MNG-7493: [REGRESSION] Resolving dependencies between
      submodules fails
    * New Feature
      + MNG-7486: Create a multiline message helper for boxed log
    * Improvement
      + MNG-7445: to refactor some useless code
      + MNG-7476: Display a warning when an aggregator mojo is
      locking other mojo executions
    * Task
      + MNG-7466: Align Assembly Descriptor NS versions
    * Dependency upgrade
      + MNG-7488: Upgrade SLF4J to 1.7.36
      + MNG-7489: Upgrade JUnit to 4.13.2
      + MNG-7490: Upgrade Plexus Utils to 3.3.1
* Mon May 16 2022
  - Upgrade to upstream version 3.8.5
    * Bug
      + MNG-5180: Versioning's snapshot version list is not
      included in metadata merge
      + MNG-5561: Plugin relocation loses configuration
      + MNG-5982: The POM for ... is invalid, transitive
      dependencies ... while property was overriden
      + MNG-6326: Build continues when core extensions aren't
      + MNG-6727: Using version range in parent and CI Friendly
      Version fails
      + MNG-6802: FileProfileActivator changes
      FileProfileActivator.exists which lets flattened
      resolveCiFriendliesOnly depending fail activating profile
      + MNG-7156: Parallel build can cause issues between clean
      and forked goals
      + MNG-7335: [Regression] Parallel build fails due to missing
      JAR artifacts in compilePath
      + MNG-7347: SessionScoped beans should be singletons for a
      given session
      + MNG-7357: All Maven Core JARs have unusual entry order
      + MNG-7362: DefaultArtifactResolver has spurious "Failure
      detected" INFO log
      + MNG-7374: Mutating RelocatedArtifact does not retain type
      + MNG-7386: ModelMerger$MergingList is not serializable
      + MNG-7402: BuildListCalculator never detaches the
      + MNG-7417: Several classes do not set properties properly
      for building requests
    * New Feature
      + MNG-7395: Support interpolation in extensions.xml
      + MNG-7407: Introduce a ModelVersionProcessor component to
      make CI Friendly Versions pluggable
    * Improvement
      + MNG-6960: Use RuntimeInformation instead of reading
      + MNG-7349: Limit relocation warning message to direct
      dependencies only
      + MNG-7380: Don't log non-threadsafe warning if only
      building a single module
      + MNG-7381: Shorten parallel builder thread name to
      artifactId, conditionally with groupId
      + MNG-7385: Improve documentation on repository metadata
      + MNG-7400: Allow more WorkspaceReaders to participate
      + MNG-7408: Explain reporting plugin version automatic
      selection (in Maven 3)
    * Dependency upgrade
      + MNG-7370: Upgrade Maven Wagon to 3.5.1
      + MNG-7384: Upgrade Maven JAR Plugin to 3.2.2
      + MNG-7428: Upgrade Maven Parent to 35
  - Modified patches:
    * 0001-Adapt-mvn-script.patch
    * 0002-Invoke-logback-via-reflection.patch
    * 0005-Port-to-maven-resolver-1.7.2.patch
    * 0004-Use-non-shaded-HTTP-wagon.patch ->
      + rebase
    * qdox-2.0.1.patch -> 0007-Fix-build-with-qdox-2.0.1.patch
      + rebase using git
  - Added patches:
    * 0004-Remove-dependency-on-powermock.patch
      + Remove the non-interpolated tests that require powermock
    * 0006-Restore-DefaultModelValidator-compatibility-with-Mav.patch
      + XMvn was relying on default constructor for the
      which is not generated, since a non-default one is defined.
      + This adds the no-parameter constructor back implicitely
* Fri May 13 2022
  - Fix build with modello-2.0.0
* Wed Apr 27 2022
  - Remove using of alternatives, since the symlinks are in a separate
    package that one can decide not to install and this is the only
    provider for mvn and mvnDebug links
  - Remove dependency on cglib and aopalliance, since the no_aop
    version of guice does not really depend on them
* Fri Mar 11 2022
  - Added patch:
    * 0005-Port-to-maven-resolver-1.7.2.patch
      + fix build with the API incompatible maven-resolver 1.7.3
  - Link the new maven-resolver-named-locks artifact too
* Thu Jan 13 2022
  - Upgrade to upstream version 3.8.4
    * Sub-task
      + MNG-6281: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException caused by pom.xml
      with invalid/duplicate XML
    * Bug
      + MNG-4706: Multithreaded building can create bad files for
      downloaded artifacts in local repository
      + MNG-5307: NPE during resolution of dependencies - parallel
      + MNG-5315: Artifact resolution sporadically fails in
      parallel builds
      + MNG-5838: Maven on No-File-Lock Systems
      + MNG-5868: Adding serval times the same artifact via
      MavenProjectHelper (attachArtifact) keep adding to the List
      duplicate artifacts
      + MNG-6071: GetResource ('/) returns 'null' if build is
      started with -f
      + MNG-6216: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when parsing POM
      + MNG-6239: Jansi messes up System.err and System.out
      + MNG-6380: Option -Dstyle.color=always doesn't force color
      + MNG-6604: Intermittent failures while downloading GAVs from
      + MNG-6648: 'mavenrc_pre' script does not receive arguments
      like mavenrc in Bourne shell does
      + MNG-6719: mvn color output escape keys w/ "| tee xxx.log"
      on Win with git/bash
      + MNG-6737: StackOverflowError when version ranges are
      unsolvable and graph contains a cycle
      + MNG-6767: Plugin with ${project.groupId} resolved
      + MNG-6819: NullPointerException for
      + MNG-6828: DependencyResolutionException breaks
      + MNG-6842: ProjectBuilderTest uses Guava, but Guava is not
      defined in dependencies
      + MNG-6843: Parallel build fails due to missing JAR artifacts
      in compilePath
      + MNG-6850: Prevent printing the EXEC_DIR when it's just a
      disk letter
      + MNG-6921: Maven compile with properties ${artifactId} and
      ${} occurs
      + MNG-6937: StringSearchModelInterpolatorTest fails on
      symlinked paths
      + MNG-6964: Maven version sorting is internally inconsistent
      + MNG-6983: Plugin key can get out of sync with artifactId
      and groupId
      + MNG-7000: metadata.mdo contains invalid link to schema
      + MNG-7032: Option -B still showing formatting when used
      with --version
      + MNG-7034: StackOverflowError thrown if a cycle exists in
      BOM imports
      + MNG-7045: Drop CDI API from Maven
      + MNG-7090: mvnDebug does not work on Java 11+
      + MNG-7127: NullPointerException in
      MavenCliTest.testStyleColors in JDK 16
      + MNG-7155: make sources jar reproducible (upgrade
      maven-source-plugin to 3.2.1)
      + MNG-7161: Error thrown during uninstalling of JAnsi
      + MNG-7214: Bad transitive dependency parent from CDI API
      + MNG-7215: [Regression] Maven Site Plugin cannot resolve
      parent site descriptor without locale
      + MNG-7216: Revert MNG-7170
      + MNG-7218: [Regression]
      o.a.m.model.Build.getSourceDirectory() incorrectly returns
      absolute dir on 3.8.2
      + MNG-7219: [Regression] plexus-cipher missing from
      transitive dependencies
      + MNG-7220: [REGRESSION] test-classpath incorrectly resolved
      + MNG-7251: Fix threadLocalArtifactsHolder leaking into
      cloned project
      + MNG-7253: Relocation message is never shown
      + MNG-7270: Maven startup script (init) calls which(1) which
      is an external command
      + MNG-7285: [Regression] MavenProject.getArtifacts() not
      returning correct value across multiple threads
      + MNG-7300: [Regression] Reloading web application (Enter)
      fails due to java.lang.ClassNotFoundException
    * New Feature
      + MNG-7149: Introduce MAVEN_DEBUG_ADDRESS in mvnDebug scripts
      + MNG-7164: Add constructor MojoExecutionException(Throwable)
    * Improvement
      + MNG-2802: Concurrent-safe access to local Maven repository
      + MNG-6471: Parallel builder should use the module name as
      thread name
      + MNG-6754: Set the same timestamp in multi module builds
      + MNG-6810: Remove profiles in maven-model
      + MNG-6811: Remove unnecessary filtering configuration
      + MNG-6816: Prefer System.lineSeparator() over system
      + MNG-6827: Replace deprecated StringUtils#defaultString()
      from Plexus Utils
      + MNG-6837: Simplify detection of the MAVEN_HOME and make it
      fully qualified on Windows
      + MNG-6844: Use StandardCharsets and remove outdated
      + MNG-6853: Don't box primitives where it's not needed
      + MNG-6859: Build not easily reproducible when built from
      source release archive
      + MNG-6873: Inconsistent library versions notice
      + MNG-6967: Improve the command line output from
      + MNG-6987: Reorder groupId before artifactId when writing an
      exclusion using maven-model
      + MNG-7010: Omit "NB: JAVA_HOME should point to a JDK not a
      JRE" except when that is the problem
      + MNG-7064: Use HTTPS for schema location in global
      + MNG-7080: Add a --color option
      + MNG-7170: Allow to associate pomFile/${basedir} with, ...)
      + MNG-7180: Make --color option behave more like BSD/GNU
      grep's --color option
      + MNG-7181: Make --version support -q
      + MNG-7185: Describe explicit and recommended version for
      + MNG-7190: Load mavenrc from /usr/local/etc also in Bourne
      shell script
      + MNG-7235: Speed improvements when calculating the sorted
      project graph
      + MNG-7236: The DefaultPluginVersionResolver should cache
      results for the session
    * Task
      + MNG-6598: Maven 3.6.0 and Surefire problem
      + MNG-6884: Cleanup POM File after version upgrade
      + MNG-7172: Remove expansion of Jansi native libraries
      + MNG-7184: document .mavenrc/maven_pre.bat|cmd scripts and
      MAVEN_SKIP_RC environment variable
      + MNG-7252: Fix warnings issued by dependency:analyze
      + MNG-7254: Expand Windows native libraries for Jansi due to
      JDK-8195129 (workaround)
      + MNG-7312: Revert ThreadLocal approach from MNG-6843 and
    * Dependency upgrade
      + MNG-6818: Upgrade Plexus Utils to 3.3.0
      + MNG-6841: Upgrade Plexus Interpolation to 1.26
      + MNG-6872: Found CVEs in your dependencies - plexus-utils
      + MNG-6874: Upgrade Maven Parent to 34
      + MNG-6886: Upgrade plexus-cipher 1.8
      + MNG-6993: Upgrade SLF4J to 1.7.30
      + MNG-7152: Upgrade Maven Resolver to 1.6.3
      + MNG-7177: Upgrade Maven Shared Utils to 3.3.4
      + MNG-7179: Upgrade Jansi to 2.3.3
      + MNG-7186: Upgrade Guice to 4.2.2
      + MNG-7196: Upgrade Jansi to 2.3.4
      + MNG-7198: Upgrade SLF4J to 1.7.32
      + MNG-7246: Upgrade Plexus Cipher and Sec Dispatcher to 2.0
      + MNG-7250: Upgrade Sisu Inject/Plexus to 0.3.5
      + MNG-7331: Upgrade Jansi to 2.4.0
  - Added patch:
    * qdox-2.0.1.patch
      + Fix syntax error with qdox 2.0.1 and method declarations
      containing the new keyword "record" as name of variables
* Sun Nov 21 2021
  - add upstream signing key and verify source signature
* Tue Sep 14 2021
  - Use libalternatives instead of update-alternatives.
* Tue May 11 2021
  - Do not build against the compatibility version guava20 any more,
    but use the default guava package
* Tue Apr 27 2021
  - Upgrade to upstream version 3.8.1
    * Security fixes:
      + CVE-2021-26291 and CVE-2020-13956
    * Bug:
      + MNG-7128: improve error message when blocked repository
      defined in build POM
    * New Feature
      + MNG-7116: Add support for mirror selector on
      + MNG-7117: Add support for blocking mirrors
      + MNG-7118: Block external HTTP repositories by default
    * Dependency upgrade
      + MNG-7119: Upgrade Maven Wagon to 3.4.3
      + MNG-7123: Upgrade Maven Resolver to 1.6.2
* Sun Mar 01 2020
  - Let maven-lib obsolete maven-jansi
* Fri Feb 07 2020
  - Upgrade to upstream version 3.6.3
  - Modified patches:
    * 0002-Invoke-logback-via-reflection.patch
    * 0004-Use-non-shaded-HTTP-wagon.patch
      + Adapt to changed line endings
* Thu Nov 21 2019
  - Upgrade to upstream version 3.6.2
  - Modified patch:
    * 0002-Invoke-logback-via-reflection.patch
      + adapt to changed context
  - Removed patch:
    * 0003-Revert-MNG-6335-Update-Mockito-to-2.12.0.patch
      + we don't need this patch, since we are not running tests
      by default
  - Added patch:
    * 0004-Use-non-shaded-HTTP-wagon.patch
      + we don't use/distribute shared wagon-http
* Mon Apr 01 2019
  - Adjust RPM groups. Avoid bashisms in %postun.
* Fri Mar 29 2019
  - Initial packaging of maven 3.5.4
  - Generate and customize ant build files



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