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espeak-ng-1.50-1.15 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.4 for x86_64

Name: espeak-ng Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15
Version: 1.50 Vendor: SUSE LLC <>
Release: 1.15 Build date: Sat Mar 6 12:45:03 2021
Group: Unspecified Build host: sheep66
Size: 584831 Source RPM: espeak-ng-1.50-1.15.src.rpm
Summary: Software speech synthesizer (text-to-speech)
The eSpeak NG (Next Generation) Text-to-Speech program is a speech
synthesizer that supports 100 languages and accents. It is based
on the eSpeak engine created by Jonathan Duddington. It uses
spectral formant synthesis by default which sounds robotic, but can
be configured to use Klatt formant synthesis or MBROLA to give it a
more natural sound.




GPL-3.0-or-later AND BSD-2-Clause AND Apache-2.0 AND Unicode-DFS-2015


* Thu Jan 09 2020
  - Added espeak-ng-1.50-fix_gcc10_no_common.patch and
    espeak-ng-1.50-fix_gcc10_no_common_2.patch (fix boo#1160389)
* Fri Nov 29 2019
  - Update to version 1.50
    * Add a `--disable-rpath` option to prevent libtool hardcoding
      rpaths in the executable.
    * Renamed the `hy-arevmda` language to `hyw`, following the
      2018-03-30 change to the BCP 47 language subtag registry
      making the newly registered `hyw` language code the preferred
      value for `hy-arevmda`. This change keeps support for
      detecting the `hy-arevela` and `hy-arevmda` language tags.
    * Support any length replacement rule strings for the source
      part of the rule (replacing from the 'source' string to the
      'target' string).
    * Add more tests to check the various parts of espeak-ng.
    * Various changes to clean up the codebase.
    * Fix various compiler warnings (`-Winitialized`,
      `-Wmissing-prototypes`, `-Wreturn-type`, and `-Wunused`).
    * Fix several crashes in the emoji support.
    * Fix several static analysis issues detected by Coverity Scan.
    * Fix several static analysis issues detected by Microsoft
      Visual C++ `/analyze`.
    * `oss-fuzz` support for the SSML logic.
    * Fix running `make check` with `-fsanitize=address` (LLVM
    * document the Kirshenbaum phoneme transcription scheme (used
      as the basis of espeak phonemes).
    * document the X-SAMPA phoneme transcription scheme.
    * document the Conlang X-SAMPA phoneme transcription scheme.
    * Update the emoji to Unicode 11.0.
    * Update the emoji translations to CLDR 33.1.
    * gd (Scottish Gaelic)
    * sd (Sindhi)
    * yue (Chinese (Cantonese))
    new languages:
    * ba (Bashkir) -- tc-dl, Valdis Vitolins
    * hak (Hakka Chinese) -- Chen Chien-ting
    * ht (Haitian Creole) -- Valdis Vitolins
    * kk (Kazakh) -- boracasli14, Valdis Vitolins
    * py (Pyash) -- Logan Streondj
    * quc (K'iche') -- Valdis Vitolins
    * ru-lv (Russian Latvia) -- Valdis Vitolins
    * shn (Shan Tay Yai) -- ronaldaug
    * uz (Uzbek) -- Valdis Vitolins
    updated languages:
    * af (Afrikaans) -- Christo de Klerk
    * ar (Arabic) -- Valdis Vitolins, Mark Readdie, Hesham Assabahi
    * cmn (Chinese Mandarin) -- materia-cccp
    * de (German) -- Reece Dunn, Karl Eick
    * en (English) -- Reece Dunn
    * fa (Farsi/Persian) -- Shadyar Khodayari
    * fi (Finnish) -- Juho Hiltunen
    * fr (French) -- Shallowmallow, Karl Eick, maiido, Reece Dunn
    * ku (Kurdish) -- rojanu
    * it (Italian) -- chrislm
    * lv (Latvian) -- Valdis Vitolins
    * my (Myanmar/Burmese) -- Min Maung
    * ru (Russian) -- Valdis Vitolins, Reece Dunn
    * sd (Sindhi) -- Ejaz Shah
    * ur (Urdu) -- Ejaz Shah
    * vi (Vietnamese) -- Anh Hoang Nguyen
  - Dropped espeak-ng-1.49.2-fix_no_return_nonvoid.patch (no longer
* Fri Jul 12 2019
  - Add espeak-ng-1.49.2-fix_no_return_nonvoid-in-configure.patch
    in order to fix missing return type in a function.
* Mon Mar 05 2018
  - Added link to match libespeak filename in the compat-devel
* Mon Feb 26 2018
  - Added missing runtime dependency
* Wed Feb 21 2018
  - Added pcaudiolib build requirement
* Sat Feb 10 2018
  - Use a versioned datadir
* Fri Feb 09 2018
  - Split library into separate package
* Tue Jan 16 2018
  - Added Conflicts lines
* Tue Nov 28 2017
  - Initial package (1.49.2)



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