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vips-tools-8.10.5-bp153.1.1 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.3 for aarch64

Name: vips-tools Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP3
Version: 8.10.5 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: bp153.1.1 Build date: Tue May 18 22:40:22 2021
Group: Productivity/Graphics/Other Build host: obs-arm-3
Size: 322566 Source RPM: vips-8.10.5-bp153.1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Command line tools for VIPS library
This package contains command line tools for processing large images using
the VIPS library.






* Sun Feb 07 2021 Wang Jun <>
  - Update to version 8.10.5
    * fix potential /0 in animated webp load [lovell]
    * fix spng detection
    * fix vips7 webp load [barryspearce]
    * fix out of bounds exif read in heifload
    * fix out of bounds read in tiffload
    * fix tiffsave region shrink mode [imgifty]
    * add missing flushes on write to target [harukizaemon]
    * hide info messages you could get with some older glibs [kleisauke]
    * fix --no-strip on dzsave with icc-profiles [altert]
    * relax heic is_a rules [hisham]
    * better GraphicsMagick image write [bfriesen]
    * add missing read loops to spng, heif, giflib and ppm load [kleisauke]
    * block zero width or height images from imagemagick load [Koen1999]
    * check for overflow in gifload height [lovell]
    * fix msb_first default in ppm load and save [ewelot]
    * force binary mode on win for connection read / write [Alreiber]
    * better testing for output to target [barryspearce]
    * ppmload_source was missing is_a [ewelot]
    * improve webpload rounding and blending behaviour [lovell]
    * fix range clip in int32 -> unsigned casts [ewelot]
    * fix precision error in clip of float -> int casts [ewelot]
    * fix load of HEIC images with 0 length metadata [ddennedy-gpsw]
    * revise rounding in reduce [kleisauke]
* Thu Dec 10 2020 Andreas Schneider <>
  - Update to vips 8.10.2
    * update magicksave/load profile handling [kelilevi]
    * better demand hint rules [kaas3000]
    * fix tiff thumbnail from buffer and source [vansante]
    * in jpegsave, don't set JFIF resolution if we set EXIF resolution
    * bump minimum libheif version to 1.3 [lovell]
    * dzsave in iiif mode could set info.json dimensions off by one [Linden6]
    * pdfload allows dpi and scale to both be set [le0daniel]
    * allow gaussblur sigma zero, meaning no blur
    * better heif signature detection [lovell]
    * fix vips_fractsurf() typo [kleisauke]
    * better heif EOF detection [lovell]
    * fix gir build with g-o-i 1.66+ [László]
    * improve seek behaviour on pipes
    * add "speed" param to heifsave [lovell]
    * fix regression in C path for dilate / erode [kleisauke]
    * fix build with libheif save but no load [estepnv]
* Tue Oct 13 2020 Andreas Schneider <>
  - Add AVIF support via libheif
    * libheif is *only* built with AVIF support
    * HEIF is not working as it isn't linked against x265
* Sat Aug 15 2020 Dirk Mueller <>
  - update to vips 8.10.0:
    - more conformat IIIF output from dzsave [regisrob]
    - add @id to dzsave to set IIIF id property [regisrob]
    - add max and min to region shrink [rgluskin]
    - allow \ as an escape character in vips_break_token() [akemrir]
    - tiffsave has a "depth" param to set max pyr depth
    - libtiff LOGLUV images load and save as libvips XYZ
    - add gifload_source, csvload_source, csvsave_target, matrixload_source,
      matrixsave_source, pdfload_source, heifload_source, heifsave_target,
      ppmload_source, ppmsave_target
    - revise vipsthumbnail flags
    - add VIPS_LEAK env var
    - add vips_pipe_read_limit_set(), --vips-pipe-read-limit,
    - revise gifload to fix BACKGROUND and PREVIOUS dispose [alon-ne]
    - add subsample_mode, deprecate no_subsample in jpegsave [Elad-Laufer]
    - add vips_isdirf()
    - add PAGENUMBER support to tiff write [jclavoie-jive]
    - add "all" mode to smartcrop
    - flood fill could stop half-way for some very complex shapes
    - better handling of unaligned reads in multipage tiffs [petoor]
    - mark old --delete option to vipsthumbnail as deprecated [UweOhse]
    - png save with a bad ICC profile just gives a warning
    - add "premultipled" option to vips_affine(), clarified vips_resize()
      behaviour with alpha channels
    - improve bioformats support with read and write of tiff subifd pyramids
    - thumbnail exploits subifd pyramids
    - handle all EXIF orientation cases, deprecate
      vips_autorot_get_angle() [Elad-Laufer]
    - load PNGs with libspng, if possible
    - deprecate heifload autorotate -- it's now always on
    - revised resize improves accuracy [kleisauke]
    - add --vips-config flag to show configuration info
    - add "bitdepth" param to tiff save, deprecate "squash" [MathemanFlo]
    - tiff load and save now supports 2 and 4 bit data [MathemanFlo]
    - pngsave @bitdepth parameter lets you write 1, 2 and 4 bit PNGs
    - ppmsave also uses "bitdepth" now, for consistency
    - reduce operation cache max to 100
    - rework the final bits of vips7 for vips8 [kleisauke]
    - --disable-deprecated now works [kleisauke]
    - vipsheader allows "stdin" as a filename
    - gifload allows gifs with images outside the canvas
    - wasm compatibility patches [kleisauke]
    - webpsave has a @profile param
* Mon May 04 2020 Luigi Baldoni <>
  - Update to version 8.9.2
    * Too many changes to list, see ChangeLog
  - Dropped python subpackage (bindings now supplied separately)
  - Added vips-8.9.2-implicit-fortify-decl.patch
  - Spec cleanup
* Mon Dec 11 2017
  - Update to 8.5.9:
    * make --fail stop jpeg read on any libjpeg warning
    * don't build enumtypes so often, removing perl as a compile dependency
    * fix a crash with heavy use of draw operations from language bindings
  - Change in 8.5.8
    * fix transparency detection in merge
    * define env var VIPS_WARNING to hide warning messages
    * shut down dzsave output earlier to help mark-sweep bindings
    * fix webp thumbnail upscale
  - Change in 8.5.7
    * better smartcrop
    * transform cmyk->rgb automatically on write if there's an embedded profile
      and the saver does not support cmyk
    * fix DPI mixup in svgload ... we were writing images about 20% too large
  - Change in 8.5.6
    * tiff read with start page > 0 could break edge tiles or strips
    * raise b64 limit to allow for huge profiles
    * fix error return in blob save
    * tag vipsprofile as py2
    * don't cache thumbnail
  - Change in 8.5.5
    * doc polishing
    * more improvements for truncated PNG files
    * improve corrupted jpg handling
    * fix small test suite issues on os x
  - Change in 8.5.4
    * don't depend on image width when setting n_lines
  - Change in 8.5.3
    * more link fixing in docs
    * revise cache sizing again to help out of order errors under heavy load
  - Change in 8.5.2
    * better behaviour for truncated PNG files
    * missing proto for vips_tiffsave_buffer()
    * move some docs from the wiki and blog into core libvips docs
    * add support for markdown in docs
  - Change in 8.5.1
    * init more classes earlier
  - Change in 8.5.0
    * rewritten buffer system is safer and frees memory earlier
    * added tiff save to buffer
    * added dzsave save to buffer (zip only)
    * revise header get/set functions
    * better vipsheader behaviour with complex field types
    * added vips_image_hasalpha()
    * added vips_thumbnail() / vips_thumbnail_buffer()
    * webpload/webpsave read and write icc, xmp, exif metadata
    * better >4gb detect for zip dzsave output [Felix Bünemann]
    * all loaders have a @fail option, meaning fail on first warning, though it
      only does anything for jpg and csv
    * add vips_image_get_fields() to help bindings
    * add tiff multi-page read/write
    * add VIPS_META_PAGE_HEIGHT metadata
    * IM6/IM7 magickload supports page/n/page-height, all_frames deprecated
    * gifload supports n/page-height
    * better support for bscale / bzero in fits images
    * deprecate vips_warn() / vips_info(); use g_warning() / g_info() instead
    * vipsthumbnail supports much fancier geometry strings
    * vips_thumbnail() has new @size option
    * fix --vips-cache-max etc.
    * add compute reordering, plus some new API to support it:
      vips_reorder_margin_hint() and vips_reorder_prepare_many(), thanks
    * kick load operations from cache on read error
    * fix return from C++ assignment operator overloads (+=, -= etc)
    * add @max_slope to vips_hist_local() to implement CLAHE
    * vips_gaussnoise() pixels are reproducible on recalc
    * max/min sort values by y and x coordinate
    * tiff read uses libtiff scanline API if rows-per-strip is large
    * vips_region_shrink() knows about alpha, helps dzsave and tiffsave
    * use expat, not libxml, for XML load ... removes a required dependency, since
      we get expat as part of glib
    * new sequential mode infrastructure is faster and more flexible
    * add vips_smartcrop(), based on sharp's smartcropper
    * vipsthumbnail has a --smartcrop option
    * added vips_rot90() etc. convenience functions
    * fix vips_resize() bug when hscale and vscale were very different
  - Update homepage and sourceURL
* Sun Jan 08 2017
  - Update to version 8.4.5, bugfix release
* Tue Nov 22 2016
  - RPM group classification fix and description update
* Tue Nov 08 2016
  - Update to 8.4.3:
    * fix error detection in gif_close
    * fix tiny threading memleak
    * improve compatibility with very old glib, see #548
  - Change in 8.4.2:
    * small doc improvements
    * fix error message for metadata fetch type mismatch
    * resolve a race condition in thread shutdown, thanks Lovell
  - Change in 8.4:
    * many more wepsave options [Felix Bünemann]
    * added quant_table option to wepsave [Felix Bünemann]
    * added @n option to pdfload, thanks andris
    * dzsave won't write empty tiles in google mode, thanks bverem,
      perog, felixbuenemann
    * allow nested [] in CLI args
    * restore BandFmt on unpremultiply in vipsthumbnail
    * better python detection and build [Felix Bünemann]
    * max-alpha defaults to 65535 for RGB16/GREY16
    * added radsave_buffer [Henri Chain]
    * support tiff orientation tag
    * autorotate option for tiff load
    * tiffsave converts for jpg if jpg compression is turned on
    * tiffsave supports --strip
    * conversions to GREY16 could lock
    * free pixel buffers on image close as well as thread exit
      thread buffers clogging up the system
    * dzsave can write compressed zips [Felix Bünemann]
    * vips_image_write() only refs the input when it has to ... makes
      it easier to combine many images in bounded memory
    * VImage::write() implementation was missing
    * VImage::write() return value changed from void to VImage to help
    * added C++ arithmetic assignment overloads, += etc.
    * VImage::ifthenelse() with double args was missing =0 on options
    * better accuracy for reducev with smarter multiplication
    * better quality for vips_resize() with linear/cubic kernels
    * pyvips8 can create new metadata
    * better upsizing with vips_resize()
    * add imagemagick v7 support, thanks sachinwalia2k8
    * added vips_worley(), vips_perlin() noise generators
    * added vips_convf(), vips_convi(), vips_convasep(), vips_conva()
      im_conv*() functions rewritten as classes
    * vips_convsep() calls vips_convasep() for the approximate case
    * new fixed-point vector path for convi is up to about 2x faster
    * gif loader can make 1, 2, 3, or 4 bands depending on file contents
    * support --strip for pngsave
    * add svgz support [Felix Bünemann]
    * rename -> to help snapcraft
    * support unicode filenames on Windows
    * added VIPS_ROUND as well as VIPS_RINT
    * resize/reduce*/shrink*/affine now round output size to nearest rather
      than rounding down, thanks ioquatix
    * better support for tile overlaps in google maps mode in dzsave
    * dzsave puts vips-properties.xml in the main dir for gm and zoomify
    * resize and reduce have @centre option for centre convention
    * vipsthumbnail uses centre convention to better match imagemagick
  - Change in 8.3.4:
    * better transparency handling in gifload, thanks diegocsandrim
  - Change in 8.3.3:
    * fix performance regression in 8.3.2, thanks Lovell
    * yet more robust vips file reading
  - Change in 8.3.2:
    * more robust vips image reading
    * more robust tiff read [Matt Richards]
  - Change in 8.3.1:
    * rename vips wrapper script, it was still vips-8.2, thanks Benjamin
    * export C++ operator overloads for MSVC linking [Lovell]
    * fix magickload @page with GraphicsMagick
    * add giflib5 support
    * allow resize >1 on one axis, <1 on the other
    * vips_resize has an optional @kernel argument
    * fix giflib4 detection [felixbuenemann]
  - Change in 8.3:
    * add vips_reduce*() ... a fast path for affine downsize
    * vips_resize() uses vips_reduce() with lanczos3
    * bicubic is better on 32-bit int images
    * add pdfload, svgload, gifload for PDF, SVG and GIF rendering
    * vipsthumbnail knows about pdfload and svgload
    * added @page param to magickload
    * matload is more specific (thanks bithive)
    * lower mem use for progressive jpg decode
    * sharpen has a new @sigma param, @radius is deprecated
    * sharpen allows a much greater range of parameters
    * sharpen defaults now suitable for screen output
    * better handling of deprecated args in python
    * much better handling of arrayimage command-line args
    * faster hist_find (Lovell Fuller)
    * webpload has a @shrink parameter for shrink-on-load
    * vipsthumbnail knows about webp shrink-on-load
    * better behaviour for vips_cast() shift of non-int types (thanks apacheark)
    * python .bandrank() now works like .bandjoin()
    * vipsthumbnail --interpolator and --sharpen switches are deprecated
    * switches to disable PPM, Rad and Analyze support
    * added VIPS_COUNT_PIXELS(), overcomputation tracking
    * @out_format in vips_system() can contain [options]
    * webpsave_buffer no longer ignores @lossless, thanks aaron42net
    * float tiff tagged as scRGB to match photoshop convention, thanks Murat
    * better jpeg autorot, thanks otto
  - Change in 8.2.4:
    * fix nohalo and vsqbs interpolators, thanks Rafael
  - Change in 8.2.3:
    * fix a crash with SPARC byte-order labq vips images
    * fix parsing of filenames containing brackets, thanks shilpi230
    * fix hist_entropy (lovell)
    * small fixes to radiance load
  - Update patch:
    * vips-libexif-header.patch -> vips-8.4.2_libexif-header.patch
  - Disable pyvips8: not available for version 8.0
  - Use pkgconfig(style)
  - Use _typelibdir and _girdir macros
  - Spec file cleanup
* Thu Apr 21 2016
  - ignore make check errors for ppc64 architecture tracked upstream
* Tue Feb 16 2016
  - Update to version 8.2.2
    - changes to ease compiling C++ binding with MSVC
    - reorder file tests to put slow loaders last
    - ifthenelse needs less C stack during eval
    - better rounding in bilinear interpolator
    - fix to "make check" in non-C locales
    - use compiler builtins isnan, isinf, fabs, fmin, fmax, ceil,
      floor when possible
    - tune vips_shrinkh(), 30% faster
    - remove SEQ hint from vips_subsample(), fixes cli performance
    - fix double free on attach ICC profile from file in tiff write
    - use g_assert_not_reached()
    - better vips-from-C docs
    - remove Duff from im_conv() / im_conv_f() for a 25% speedup
* Wed Oct 28 2015
  - Update to version 8.1.1
    * add vips_premultiply(), vips_unpremultiply()
    * change the alpha range rules for vips_flatten() to match vips_premultiply()
    * vipsthumbnail uses vips_resize() rather than its own code
    * vipsthumbnail uses vips_premultiply() for better alpha quality
    * added bandand() bandor() bandeor() convenience funcs to Python
    * oops, base64 encode could pad by up to two zero bytes
    * added VipsRefString as a thing that gi bindings can unpack
    * support "with Vips.Image as i:" in Python
    * try to support DOS CSV and PPM files on linux
    * add vips_byteswap(), remove byteswap option from vips_copy()
    * add vips_bandfold()/vips_bandunfold()
    * dzsave supports zip output > 4gb, thanks benjamin
    * add support for HSV colourspace
    * skip oversized markers in jpeg write
    * jpeg exif tags saved as name rather than title
    * can now set any jpeg exif tag, not just modify existing tags
    * add vips_hist_entropy()
    * vips_log(), vips_log10() are zero-avoiding
    * better overlap handling for dzsave, thanks robclouth
    * add @spacing option to vips_text()
    * tiff loads and saves IPCT and Photoshop data
* Wed May 06 2015
  - Update to version 8.0.2
    * remove old doc stuff, lots of doc improvements
    * add fliphor(), flipver(), rot90(), rot180(), rot270(), median(),
      dilate(), erode() convenience methods to Python and C++
    * python: use [] to index and slice image bands, use () to get a point
    * c++: use [] to band index, () returns a vector<double>
    * add shift option to cast
    * sRGB2scRGB and scRGB2sRGB scale 16-bit alpha to and from 8-bit
    * add magickload_buffer() [mcuelenaere]
    * add vips_foreign_is_a_buffer() [mcuelenaere]
    * added, plus more test images
    * added vips_region_shrink(), fast x2 shrinker
    * rewritten tiff writer is about 3 - 4x faster at making pyramids
    * jpg, magick, png, tiff readers now use only 1 fd per input image
    * added vips_info_set(), vips_progress_set(), vips_profile_set()
    * better conversion to greyscale
    * add vips_image_copy_memory(), improves stability with heavy threading
    * jpegsave supports new mozjpeg features [lovell]
    * add vips_vipsload(), vips_vipssave()
* Fri Feb 13 2015
  - Update to version 7.42.3
    * Bug fixes and small improvements see included ChangeLog file for details
* Mon Jan 12 2015
  - Update to version 7.42.1
    * See included ChangeLog file for details
    * Remove obsolete vips-date-and-time.patch
  - Fix libexif headers path
    * vips-libexif-header.patch
  - Build with webp support
  - Enable post-build tests
* Wed Oct 22 2014
  - Update to version 7.40.11
    * See included ChangeLog file for details



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