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udisks2-2.8.1-1.39 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.3 for aarch64

Name: udisks2 Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15
Version: 2.8.1 Vendor: SUSE LLC <>
Release: 1.39 Build date: Tue Jun 9 23:44:24 2020
Group: System/Daemons Build host: ibs-centriq-3
Size: 1025281 Source RPM: udisks2-2.8.1-1.39.src.rpm
Summary: Disk Manager
The Udisks project provides a daemon, tools and libraries to access and
manipulate disks, storage devices and technologies.




GPL-2.0-or-later AND LGPL-2.0-or-later


* Tue Feb 04 2020
  Update to version 2.8.1 (jsc#SLE-10905):
    + Mostly bugfixes.
    * Detailed changelog in /usr/share/doc/packages/udisks2/NEWS
    + removed obsolete patches:
  - Changes from version 2.8.0:
    + Introduce a new VDO module that is built on top of
    + General bugfixes.
    + Support creating LUKS 2 encrypted devices and other
      LUKS-related enhancements.
  - Changes from version 2.7.6:
    + Add: UdisksUtabEntry and read-write lock.
    + Fix escaping mountpoint for the cleanup service.
    + Check for all LUKS devices when looking for
    + First implementation of udisksutabmonitor.
    + Invoke job_complete in the proper context in order to avoid
    + Generate autocleanup functions for interfaces.
    + Update documentation.
  - Changes from version 2.7.5:
    + Add:
    - 'no-discard' option to formatting methods.
    - An assertion method for checking an objects interfaces.
    + Fix:
    - Possible NULL pointer dereference in:
      udiskslinuxdrive.c, udiskslinuxmdraidobject.c and
    - Resource leak.
    - size_str memory leaks in UDisksObjectInfo.
    - Copy-paste error in apply_configuration_thread_func from
    - "Deadcode" and ignore "check return" warnings in udisksctl.c.
    + Resolve mountpoint to the real path.
    + Include exFAT as a possible partition type for ID 0x07.
    + Always try to read configuration from crypttab in
    + Make sure the table_type is consistent in
    + Wait for device to become initialized before probing it.
    + Use different mode/dmode for shared file systems.
  - Changes from version 2.7.4:
    + Add: New function to set label on swap devices.
    + Fix:
    - Uninitalized value in "udisks_linux_loop_update";
    - Loop device automounting in GNOME.
    + Run cryptsetup before returning from non-blocking Format.
    + Use new libblockdev functionality to disable checks during
    + Do not try to create file watchers for RAIDs without
    + Try to use libblockdev to get RAID array size.
    + Re-add support the legacy BIOS bootable GPT flag.
  - Changes from version 2.7.3:
    + Add:
    - Version info to docstrings of the partition Resize function;
    - New ResolveDevice function;
    - New OpenDevice function;
    - some missing functions to doc/
    + Fix:
    - Wrong GSList pointer declaration in
    - "supports_owners" flag for UDF;
    - ExFAT partition type;
    - Bash completion for udisksctl;
    - Force unmounting;
    - Building documentation with new gtk-doc.
    + Process partition resize update before return.
    + Wait for cleartext device object to disappear on Lock().
    + Ignore Asus Zendisk virtual CDROM and ZFS member partitions.
    + Set corrent part type/id and GUID for UDF formatted partitions.
    + Use LUKS specific partition ID and GUID.
    + Make iSCSI Login and Logout wait for DBus objects update.
    + Disable cleaning using blivet for now.
    + Start even if a libblockdev plugin fails to load.
  - Changes from version 2.7.2:
    + Add:
    - Filesystem Resize, Check and Repair;
    - A new "Partitions" property to "PartitionTable" interface;
    - A function to:
      . "take ownership" of a filesystem;
      . List all block devices.
    - A function to wait for an object to disappear.
    + Fix:
    - Detection of drives created using isohybrid images
    - Setting "SetupByUID" property when adding a new loop device;
    - How we create UDF file systems.
    + Wait for:
    - The bcache object to disappear after BcacheDestroy;
    - Zram objects to disappear on DestroyDevices().
    + Resize method for Partition interface.
    + Trigger change uevent on disk after adding partitions to it.
    + Use the assert with multiple tries for Block.Configuration.
    + Do not wait for partitions to appear after LoopSetup.
    + Try harder to ignore WD SmartWare virtual CDs.
  - Changes from version 2.7.1:
    + Don't always fail on missing LibStorageMgmt support.
    + Fix:
    - Broken partition authorization code;
    - How UDisksClient filters property changes;
    - The position to wait for a partition to appear at.
    + Don't use serial as unique ID for drive objects.
    + udiskslinuxblockbcache.c: Fix uninitialized variable.
    + udisksiscsiutil.c: Correct strncpy lengths.
    + udiskslinuxiscsisessionobject.c: Correct precondition check.
    + lsm_linux_drive.c: Remove std_lsm_vol_data_free error case.
    + udiskslinuxvolumegroupobject.c: Remove variable shadow lvs_p.
    + udiskssimplejob.c: Allow NULL for message.
    + Re-create sysfs watchers for changed mdraid devices.
    + UDisksClient: Do not try remove changed_blacklist hash table in
    + Query methods for available utility binaries.
    + Clear GError after calling "bd_part_get_part_by_pos".
    + Use "model_serial" as unique ID for drive objects.
    + Add "--yes" arg when resizing filesystem with "lvresize".
    + Do not trigger extra uevents for newly created partitions.
    + Free the partition spec libblockdev gives us.
    + Allow the user to specify the partition type.
  - Changes from version 2.7.0:
    + udisksdaemonutil.c: Fix GVariant resource leak.
    + Use libblockdev swap plugin for swapspace.
    + Use libblockdev FS plugin for mounting and unmounting devices.
    + Use libblockdev:
    - For:
      . Partitioning code;
      . Wiping newly created partitions;
      . LUKS operations.
    - To get LUKS UUID for LUKS open;
    - As a library not just the plugins;
    - MDRAID code and wipefs calls in MDRAID code.
    + Use libblockdev-lvm for:
    - LV and VG operations;
    - VolumeGroupCreate() too;
    - When updating VG on Poll() call.
    + Fix:
    - bd_reinit and g_clear_error calls in btrfs, zram and bcache;
    - Docstring of 'CreateSnapshot' method in '.Filesystem.BTRFS';
    - Requires and BuildRequires for libblockdev;
    - API for BcacheCreate function.
    + Add:
    - Libblockdev MDRAID and FS plugins to BuildRequires;
    - 'options' parameter do zRAM 'Refresh' function;
    - A function for running threaded jobs synchronously;
    - A new configure option --enable-available-modules.
    + Remove unused variables in handle_mdraid_create.
    + Create Job objects for partitioning related actions.
    + Change:
    - btrfs module API to be consistent with udisks core;
    - bcache properties do CamelCase;
    - ZRAM 'CreateDevices' function to return newly created;
    - zRAM properties to CamelCase.
    + Bcache, btrfs and zRAM modules: Handle invocations in threads.
    + Do not try to set GError over the top of a previous GError.
    + zRAM: Extract used CompAlgorithm as a single value.
    + Move new partition start if overlaps with extended partition
    + Do not start threaded jobs automatically
    + Require and initialize the libblockdev-lvm plugin
    + Check that blockdev/lvm.h is available if LVM2 support
    + Also create thin pools using libblockdev-lvm.
    + Get VGs with bd_lvm_vgs() run in a thread.
    + Update information about PVs, LVs and VGs using
    + Get rid of the udisks-lvm helper program.
    + Use:
    - Info for metadata LV when updating LV which has one;
    - Systemd-defined macros in the spec file template;
    - bd_lvm_vgreduce() instead of running 'vgreduce'.
    + REMOVE-ME: use the CLI-based libblockdev-lvm plugin.
    + Make sure we have the AX_CHECK_ENABLE_DEBUG macro.
    + Also check if libblockdev supports bcache.
    + Require 'udev' not 'systemd-udev'.
  - Adopt the use of %make_build and %make_install while dropping
    deprecated use of raw commands, following the best practices.
  - Pass disable-static to configure as static libs are enabled by
    default. And enable-bcache, enable-btrfs, enable-lsm,
    enable-lvm2, enable-lvmcache and enable-zram to enable new
    available features.
  - Add blkid, blockdev, libsystemd and mount pkgconfig modules, and
    libbd_btrfs-devel, libbd_crypto-devel, libbd_fs-devel,
    libbd_kbd-devel, libbd_loop-devel, libbd_lvm-devel,
    libbd_mdraid-devel, libbd_part-devel, libbd_swap-devel,
    libconfig-devel, libstoragemgmt-devel, lvm2-devel BuildRequires
    as new dependencies.
  - Add libblockdev, libbd_crypto, libbd_fs, libbd_loop,
    libbd_mdraid, libbd_part and libbd_swap Requires as new run time
  - Add e2fsprogs, xfsprogs, and dosfstools Requires, being the first
    needed by mkfs.ext3, mkfs.ext3 and e2label. The second, by
    mkfs.xfs and xfs_admin. And the third, by mkfs.vfat.
  - Add gio-unix-2.0 and gmodule-2.0 pkgconfig BuildRequires: note
    that they was already being pulled with pkgconfig(glib-2.0) and
    used, once they live in the same devel package.
  - Drop pkgconfig(udev) BuildRequires: no longer needed.
  - Replace libgudev-1_0-devel and pkgconfig(systemd) BuildRequires
    by gudev-1.0 and libsystemd, respectively.
  - Add LGPL-2.0+ to the preamble License tag once the preamble
    License tag is used for the source RPM and binary RPM packages.
  - Correct some subpackages LGPL-2.1+ License tags to LGPL-2.0+ as
    pointed by the COPYING and source files.
* Wed Oct 10 2018
  - strip trailing newline from sysfs raid level information (bsc#1091274)
    + add 0001-Remove-leading-trailing-white-space-in-read_sysfs_at.patch
* Mon Sep 24 2018
  -  CVE-2018-17336: udisks2: format string vulnerability in udisks_log
    in udiskslogging.c (bsc#1109406)
    + add 0001-Fix-string-format-vulnerability.patch
* Mon Jun 04 2018
  - fix watcher error for non-redundant raid devices  (bsc#1091274)
    + add 0001-Do-not-try-to-create-file-watchers-for-RAIDs-without.patch
* Wed Jul 05 2017
  - Update to version 2.6.5 (fate#323354)
    * switch to new maintained codestream at
    * Detailed changelog in /usr/share/doc/packages/udisks2/NEWS
* Fri Dec 09 2016
  - Update to version 2.1.8:
    + Allow NTFS mount option "big_writes".
    + Don't coldplug uninitilized udev devices.
    + Detect old (non-Pro) MemoryStick cards.
    + Lock the partition table while creating a new partition.
    + exfat: Drop umask=0077 default.
    + udisks2.service: Add KillSignal=SIGINT.
    + btrfs: Add support for changing label.
    + Updated translations.
  - Replace pkgconfig(libsystemd-login) BuildRequires with
    pkgconfig(libsystemd): the two have been merged since
    systemd 209.
  - Drop udisks2-Reread-partition-table-before-wiping.patch: fixed
* Fri Apr 15 2016
  - Add udisks2-Reread-partition-table-before-wiping.patch: Reread
    partition table before wiping when creating new partitions
* Fri Mar 04 2016
  - Update to 2.1.7:
    + Allow disabling ACL.
    + udisksctl: Properly redirect stdout.
    + Catch bogus UUID changes of MDRAIDs.
    + Fix udiskctl help for glib 2.45.
    + Add [Install] section.
    + Fix translator comments in udisksobjectinfo.c.
    + integration-test: Explicitly require UDisks 2.0 typelib.
    + integration-test: Fix wait_timeout/busy error messages.
    + integration-test: PEP-8 fixes.
    + integration-test: Fix Polkit.test_removable_fs.
    + Fix race condition in waiting for test
    + integration-test: Fix race condition in fake CD drive creation.
    + integration-test: Add timeout to readd_device().
    + Add support for read look-ahead ATA settings (fdo#92488).
  - Add tarball signing.
  - Change group to System/Daemons.
* Thu Jul 09 2015
  - Update to version 2.1.6:
    + udev rules: Stop hardcoding sed path.
    + Fix crash on inaccessible RAID member "state" attribute.
    + UDF: Drop umask=0077 default.
    + Install udisksd into a libexecdir.
    + Fail before formatting if partition contains a partition table.
    + Fix udisks_daemon_util_file_set_contents() return value
    + Remove deprecated g_io_scheduler_* calls.
    + integration-tests:
    - Settle while waiting for property change.
    - Don't fail if a SMART test was aborted.
    - Add a wrapper to write and flush stderr.
    + Don't ignore isohybrid udf filesystems.
    + Add support for creating f2fs filesystems.
    + Decide whether devices are on the same seat by uid, not pid.
    + UDisksSpawnedJob: Retrieve uid/gid info before forking.
* Fri Mar 06 2015
  - Update to 2.1.5:
    * configure: stop using tmpl files for docs.
    * docs: include the annotation glossary.
    * Drop default [df]mask for VFAT and NTFS.
    * Drop unused goto label.
    * Fix crash in udisks_client_finalize().
    * Fix format string signedness warnings.
    * integration-tests: Don't assume ordering in mount-points
    * integration-test: Skip double mount check for NTFS.
    * integration-test: Stop requiring the build dependencies.
    * integration-test: Test fstab parsing.
    * Make UdisksClient.get_size_for_display() units translatable.
    * Provide fallback for systems without ACL support.
    * Recognize PARTUUID and PARTLABEL in fstab.
    * Support mounting in /media for FHS compatibility.
    * Update translations.
  - Add recommended /usr/sbin/rcudisks2 service alias.
  - Remove obsolete definitions.
* Fri Dec 19 2014
  - Update to version 2.1.4:
    + Add GPT partition types from the Discoverable Partitions
    + Remove newly-added "Auto-enabled swap" GTP partition type.
    + Fine-tune GTP partitions some more.
    + Send SCSI SYNCHRONIZE CACHE before powering down a drive.
    + Fix buffer overflow in pick_word_at().
    + Add Intel Fast Flash Standby partition GPT type.
    + Skip password strength checks when changing LUKS passphrase.
    + Fix build with clang.
    + Revert "Fix standby timers".
    + integration-test:
    - Update for logind.
    - Fix code formatting.
    - sync file systems in sync().
    - integration-test: Drop sync_workaround, fix property testing.
    - integration-test: Better failure messages.
    - integration-test: Fix btrfs test.
    + Fix display ID for generic FAT.
    + Update obsolete gnome-common and automake macros.
    + build:
    - Use config-aux/ directory.
    - Enable gcc colors.
    + Drop obsolete g_type_init().
    + Drop obsolete polkit_unix_process_new().
    + Fix docs for SmartUpdate().
    + Hide Microsoft reserved partition.
    + Identify JetFlash Transcend drives as thumb drives.
    + Fix sorting of mount points.
    + Fix fallback media icons for nonremovable media.
    + Fix polkit auth string.
    + Hide DIAGS and IntelRST partitions.
    + Add a man page for umount.udisks2.
    + Support building against libsystemd library.
    + udisks: Change name for Intel SW RAID.
    + Use internal pm check for smart poll.
    + Fix standby timers.
    + Fix TOCTOU race when making directories.
    + Add missing #include.
    + Properly initialize all used variables.
    + udiskslinuxmanager.c: Don't use uninitialized wait_data struct.
    + Remove useless assignments.
    + udisks_linux_drive_object_uevent(): Handle null device.
    + Hide Windows Recovery Environment partitions.
    + Updated translations.



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