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python3-tvtk-doc-4.7.1-bp153.1.120 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.3 for aarch64

Name: python3-tvtk-doc Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP3
Version: 4.7.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: bp153.1.120 Build date: Wed May 19 11:42:13 2021
Group: Documentation/HTML Build host: obs-arm-8
Size: 749361 Source RPM: mayavi-4.7.1-bp153.1.120.src.rpm
Summary: Documentation for python3-tvtk
Documentation files for the python3-tvtk package.




BSD-3-Clause AND EPL-1.0 AND LGPL-2.0-or-later AND LGPL-3.0-or-later


* Wed Oct 30 2019 Todd R <>
  - Fix tvtk doc .desktop file name.
  - Make mayavi man file name match executable file name.
  - Clean up some spec file formatting.
* Fri Sep 13 2019 Todd R <>
  - Update to Mayavi 4.7.1
    + Fixes
    * Fix old pipeline errors in image actor.
    * Use the decorator for classmethod
      Instead of explicitly calling it in the class definition
    * Misc bug fixes
      Fixes 3 issues that affect the new release due to changes in traits, pyface etc.
      > Fix issue with CTF editor not showing.
      > Fix issue with lut editor not launching.
      > Fix issue with cut/pasting tree nodes and drag drop onto shell.
  - Update to Mayavi 4.7.0
    + Enhancements
    * New Jupyter notebook 'ipy' backend which is now the default and
      requires that VTK's offscreen support work correctly. This backend
      requires ipywidgets and ipyevents. It allows complete interactivity and
      behaves almost exactly like a normal UI backend but inside a notebook.
      Note that this will still require an xserver or windowing toolkit unless
      VTK is compiled to be able to work without those.
    * Improve offscreen window creation.
      Creating a renderwindow in some configurations can actually make UI
      calls.  So if EGL is available we try that.  Also, when we are using
      offscreen rendering we only need a GenericRenderWindowInteractor.
      Also add a convenient set method so one can set a different interactor if needed.
    * ENH: Feature to disable automatic updates.
      This can be very handy at times when the automatic updates can trigger
      several changes that are not desirable.  For example on certain VTK
      calls, internal ModifiedEvents may be fired which will automatically
      call the update_traits method which can be wired to other events
      triggering problems.  In these cases one can use the
      `global_disable_update` function to temporarily disable updates.
    + Fixes
    * Test against ETS packages from source using travis cron jobs.
    * Use xenial linux instead of trusty
    * add fix for str conversion from bad bytes array
    * Fix issue that arises in a few of the mlab sources where when we reset to a
      polydata with a smaller number of points.
    * FIX: Fix nose leftovers in tests.
    * FIX: Escape chars in code.
    * Also catch exceptions in generating documentation
    * Some UI fixes for ivtk.
      This fixes `#734 <>`_.
    * FIX: Fix set_range causing lookup table errors.
    * FIX: Fix type check
    * FIX: Fix for VTKNoneArray
    * If OSMesa is available and user requests an offscreen window, use an
      OSOpenGLRenderWindow, this will not require X and can be safely used on
      a remote server.
    * Fix bug related to SurfaceSource.scalars This bug manifests when the
      SurfaceSource object in question does not have a scalars attribute and
      many of them do not have this.
    * Fix pip installs failing.
    * Fix detection of color transfer function.
      The original code was written for very old VTK versions but ever since
      5.x we have a get_node_value method that actually provides the values of
      the nodes given an index.  We now use this instead of the earlier hack.
  - Remove upstream-included catch_gen_docs_errors.patch
* Tue Apr 23 2019 Matej Cepl <>
  - Clean up SPEC file
  - Fix removal of wrong shebang lines.
* Wed Jan 09 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Remove useless ldconfig calls. There are no ELF libraries in the
    standard directories.
  - Trim bias and filler wording from descriptions.
* Fri Jan 04 2019 Todd R <>
  - Update to Mayavi 4.6.0
    + Features
    - Use new pyface toolkit
    - Qt5 support. This is critical for Python 3.x as this is the only toolkit
      that works with Python 3.x.
    + Fixes
    - Update installation documentation.
    - Fix warning message when updating mlab_source data without scalars/vectors.
    - Fix nbextension and missing bug with global.
    - Improve tests so Python 2.7, 3.x are tested and the tests run using VTK 8.x and 7.x.
    - Misc fixes for PyQt4 and Python 3.6.
    - Fix bug with mlab.screenshot and VTK 8.1.0.
    - Fix travis builds
    - Fix `#605 <>`_: Interactors now work correctly with Qt5.
    - Fix some wxPython issues so mayavi works with recent wxPython releases.
    - Fix 8.1 issues phase 2
    - Fix 8.1 issues
    - MRG: Avoid NumPy deprecation
    - Fix bug with "p" keypress
    - VTK 8.x compatibility fixes
    - FIX: Remove debug print
    - BUG: Undo a couple of accidental trait_set changes.
    - DOC improve the mlab introduction
    - Bug fix: solve the unicode encode error in windows
    - Prevent get_tvtk_class_names from hijacking stderr
    - Prevent get_tvtk_class_names from hijacking stdout
    - FIX: Tiny spelling fix
    - FIX: Fix deprecated .set / .get use
    - Fix numpy issues in lut_manager
    - Fix long standing test failure with ply reader.
    - Fix numpy warnings.
    - Try fix appveyor test failures.
    - Add test for the fix provided in `#514 <>`_.
    - Fix bug with reset method of mlab sources.
    - Fix tests
    - Update readme and add link to mailing lists.
    - Update installation instructions for conda/conda-forge/edm.
    - doc: Typo fix
    - Fix a bug with array source and vectors.
    - FIX shared data in testing backend
    - Update
    - Fix pick_world bug with VTK >= 6
    - Fix bug in mouse_pick_dispatcher
    - Remove focus-stealing code
    - avoid loading nbextension via absolute URL
    - Remove known bug about Python 3 support
    - Adding information/tip about figure width
    - Fix for setuptools 28.0
    - [MRG] Added a volume_slice helper function in mlab.
    - Update readme.
    - Fix lurking old pipeline code
  - Add no_vtk_require.patch
    VTK detection in setuptools fails due to a lack of .egg-info
* Thu May 24 2018
  - Use license tag
  - Fix building
* Wed May 23 2018
  - Run unit tests
* Fri Aug 25 2017
  - Switch to python3
  - Update to Mayavi 4.5.0
    + Enhancements
    * Jupyter notebook support!  Adds support for displaying Mayavi images or
      x3d scenes on the notebook. The x3d scenes allow one to fully interact
      with the scene in the notebook.  More documentation is available at
    * Adds support for recording movies and animating timesteps.  See
      :ref:`animating_a_timeseries` and :ref:`animating_a_visualization` for
      more details.
    * Updated LUTs to include new matplotlib colorschemes, this includes the
      new viridis colormap.
    + Fixes
    * Fix several bugs, `#397 <>`_
      where PDF files were not saved properly. Fix issues with ``tvtk.visual``
      and add many tests for it, this fixes `#387
      <>`_.  Refactor the save
      screenshot dialog popups.  Fix problem with the picker point not showing
      when "p" is pressed on the scene.
    * Python 3 fixes for the jupyter notebook support.
    * Fixes `#388 <>`_ where
      tubes were not showing on protein demo.
    * Add additional save options.
    * Fixes `#403 <>`_ where the
      image plane widget and volume modules were broken.
    * Debug info on code gen for wrapper generation.
    * BUG: Fix slice unstructured grid module.
    * Fix typo in readme.
    * update codecov configuration
    * Documentation for QString API failure.
    * Fixes incorrect signature of ``EnvisageEngine.new_scene``.
    * Fix for unexpected test code.
    * Fix "_p_void" values in TVTK with VTK 6.x
    * Fix failing test for custom import in some circumstances
    * Removes ```` on clean
    * Check if test successful with the appropriate filename.
    * Unicode trait handling for those vtk methods returning unicode data
    * ENH: Nice load pylab_luts.pkl
    * Document object identity behavior matching VTK
    * Revert "Fix savefig size and black image"
    * Added documentation for Qt requirements
    * Add VTK 6.3 and VTK 7 to travis ci
    * Fix traitsdoc setup and compliance with py3
    * Import and integer division in python3
    * Fix texture on ````, issue `#211 <>`_.
    * Fixes Quiver3d Failure with different argument types
    * Fix Text3D in VTK 6.0+
    * Fix savefig size and black image
    * Fix for exception when modifying extents
    * Suppresses test for VTK 6.2 (solves appVeyor random failure)
    * Forces pipeline update when LUT changes
    * Fix for test failure on mayavi -t
    * Enforce ordering of attribute labels in VTKDataSource.
    * Apply has_attribute to the output in VTKFileReader
    * Replacing links to code. and
    * Fix Camera off-centered when loading saved visualization
    * Update to use new VTK pipeline where possible.  This fixes a number of
      issues with the pipeline was not updating properly.
    * Fix issue with ``mlab.move``
    * Fix issue `#302 <>`_,
      segfault when savefig is called multiple times.
    * Fix get_engine behavior when backend is changed again.
* Mon Apr 25 2016
  - Rename python-mayavi to mayavi.
  - Avoid some rpmlint warnings by removing shebangs from
    non-executable doc files.
  - Avoid rpmlint warnings by removing python byte-codes where they
    are not accompanied by the source code.
  - Drop an unneeded hidden file to avoid rpmlint warning.
* Wed Mar 16 2016
  - updated to 4.4.4
    * fixed compilation problem with vtk 7.0.0
* Mon Sep 07 2015
  - Update to 4.4.3
    * Enhancements
    - Update the readme fixing dead links
    - Use new Travis CI containers for faster builds
    - Add CI tests on Windows using Appveyor
    * Fixes
    - Remove reference cycles from various objects to fix memory leaks. Add
      unit test that provides an API to test garbage collection.
    - Fix the LUT manager to select the correct lut mode for QT backend
    - Use the python-wxtool package to speed up Travis CI build
    - Fix TVTK wrapper to allow look up with long keys for Points
    - Fix glyph to handle the masking of input points
    - Update the docs with known bugs, issues list and describe the PR
      workflow on github for development and documentation.
    - Fix TVTK wrapper to update number of cells when a cell is inserted in a
      VTK cell array
    - Fix VKTFileReader to update output when using standalone
    - Fix the sdist command
  - Update to 4.4.2
    * Enhancements
    - Upgrade the VTK parser to add support for VTK 6.2.
  - Update to 4.4.1
    * Fixes
    - Fix trackpad scrolling to zoom in/out smoothly on OS X.
  - Update to 4.4.0
    * Enhancements
    - Add function to set data at input port, add stanford (bunny,
      dragon, lucy) examples, and use new volume mapper for new pipeline.
    - Upgrade to VTK 6.0 with VTK's new pipeline.
    * Fixes
    - Support dynamic dimensions in array source.
    - Fix MRI brain data URL.
    - More fixes for connection topology, information request and tube filter
      after upgrading to new pipeline.
    - Handle the non-Latin-1 keypresses.
    - Prevent ndarray comparisions with None.
    - Fix the trait error raised when the threshold range is updated.
    - Update installation documentation links.
    - Fix integration tests after upgrade to VTK's new pipeline.
* Mon Oct 13 2014
  - Updated source to pypi url.



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