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partitionmanager-3.3.1-bp153.1.24 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.3 for aarch64

Name: partitionmanager Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP3
Version: 3.3.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: bp153.1.24 Build date: Sat Mar 6 23:29:08 2021
Group: Productivity/File utilities Build host: obs-arm-8
Size: 1971627 Source RPM: partitionmanager-3.3.1-bp153.1.24.src.rpm
Summary: Easily manage disks, partitions and file systems on your KDE Desktop
This software allows you to manage your disks, partitions and
file systems: Create, resize, delete, copy, backup and restore
partitions with a large number of supported file systems (ext2/3,
reiserfs, NTFS, FAT32 and more). It makes use of external
programs to get its job done, so you might have to install
additional software (preferably packages from your distribution)
to make use of all features and get full support for all file






* Tue Oct 16 2018 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Use %license
  - Move en doc file from -lang into the main package
* Mon Jan 08 2018
  - Update to 3.3.1
    * Fix one crash when resizing LVM logical volumes
* Fri Dec 15 2017
  - Update to 3.3.0
    * some improvements for Btrfs, F2FS, NTFS file systems
    * first bits of new LUKS2 on-disk format support, now KDE
      Partition Manager can display LUKS2 labels
* Sun Oct 08 2017
  - Update to 3.2.1
    * Fix a broken QRegularExpression in LVM VG name validator.
* Sun Oct 01 2017
  - Update to 3.2.0
    * Added support for UDF file system (this change requires
      util-linux 2.30). While adding support for UDF, the following
      general improvements were made:
      + KPM now supports setting label for file systems where it can
      only be done during initial formating (e.g. nilfs2 or udf)
      + File system label widget (QLineEdit) now validates its input
      for certain file systems (at the moment only FAT and UDF),
      not just maximum label length.
    * Detection support for ISO9660 file system
* Wed Sep 06 2017
  - Update to 3.1.2
    * Add back translated docs that were missing in 3.1.1
  - Update to 3.1.1
    * Fix a crash when clicking cancel in ApplyProgressDialog.
* Mon Jun 19 2017
  - Update to 3.1.0
    * Workaround for a change/bug (see kde#380974) in KNotifications
      5.33 that in some cases caused KMessageBoxes to hang for a few
  - Adjust build requirements, Qt 5.7.0 and Frameworks 5.31.0 are
    needed now
  - Use %kf5_find_htmldocs to generate the documentation file list
* Sat Jan 07 2017
  - Update to 3.0.1
* Mon Dec 19 2016
  - Update to 3.0.0
  - Sync with KDE:Unstable:Extra
  - Update license to GPL-3.0
* Fri Aug 26 2016
  - Update to 2.2.1
  - Adjust build requirements
  - Add update-appstream-path-to-use-ECM-variable.patch to install
    the appstream data to the right place and use the
    %{kf5_appstreamdir} macro for the file list
* Sun Jun 19 2016
  - Update to 2.2.0.
  - Update kpmcore version requirement in spec file.
* Sun Apr 03 2016
  - Update to 2.1.0
* Mon Jan 18 2016
  - Update to 2.0.0
    * Split out the kpmcore library from the main package
* Fri May 01 2015
  - Added new build requirement kwindowsystem-devel.
  - Removed unneeded build requirement fdupes.
* Mon Apr 06 2015
  - Update to 1.2.1:
    * Port to KDE Frameworks is complete
  - Drop the udisks2 cmake option, no longer needed



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