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ocaml-findlib-1.8.1-1.18 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.3 for aarch64

Name: ocaml-findlib Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15
Version: 1.8.1 Vendor: SUSE LLC <>
Release: 1.18 Build date: Sat Jun 6 03:33:42 2020
Group: Development/Languages/OCaml Build host: ibs-centriq-3
Size: 1675643 Source RPM: ocaml-findlib-1.8.1-1.18.src.rpm
Summary: Objective CAML package manager and build helper
Findlib is a library manager for Objective Caml. It provides a
convention how to store libraries, and a file format ("META") to
describe the properties of libraries. There is also a tool (ocamlfind)
for interpreting the META files, so that it is very easy to use
libraries in programs and scripts.






* Thu Feb 20 2020
  - Require current ocaml-rpm-macros
  - Remove unused dependency to ocamlbuild in preparation of ocamlbuild removal
* Fri Nov 01 2019
  - Require current rpm macros
  - Remove camlp4 subpackage
  - Move META files for stdlib and camlp4 to their own package
    to remove the build dependency to this package
* Wed Oct 02 2019
  - Move to github, use _service file
* Mon Sep 23 2019
  - Update to upstream version 1.8.1
    Adapted to upcoming ocaml-4.09.
    New API Findlib.list_packages' can specify a package prefix.
    Fix reinstallation of "num" for OCaml-4.06.
    Fix build with OCaml-4.07.
    The installation of graphics/META is now optional.
    Fix "ocamlfind query -d".
    The environment variable OCAMLFIND_IGNORE_DUPS_IN is now interpreted as a list of directories.
    Packages for "ocamlfind query" may now be separated by commas, too.
    New "warning" property for packages.
    Forgetting to pass -thread/-vmthread only prints a warning now, but doesn't stop the build.
    For dealing with case-sensitive filesystems it is now only tried to match ASCII characters, but not encoding-dependent characters.
* Thu Aug 22 2019
  - Remove /etc/ocamlfind.conf because it is not configuration
    but built-in constants.
* Tue Jul 25 2017
  - Use Group: Development/Languages/OCaml
* Mon Jul 17 2017
  - Update to upstream version 1.7.3
    Fix regarding num-top: this library is now also  optional, as num.
    Trying to protect against failures when  several package installs are done in parallel.
    New subpackage "" for the toploop
    The "num" library is now optional.
    New command "ocamlfind printppx" that outputs how the ppx preprocessor would be called
    Support for the raw_spacetime library that comes with OCaml 4.04
    Require that ocamlc and ocamlc.opt are installed to the same directory
    "ocamlfind printconf" respects the  environment variable OCAMLFIND_CONF
    Build with -opaque
    Preliminary support for native toplevel
    New options: ocamlfind query -qe -qo
  - drop findlib-1.3.3.patch
* Mon Jul 17 2017
  - Wrap specfile conditionals to fix quilt setup
* Mon Jul 17 2017
  - Remove autodeps for pre openSUSE 12.1 releases
* Wed May 18 2016
  -  Update to upstream version 1.6.2 (fate#320836)
    Adding an "ocamldoc" library, providing the cmi's for ocamldoc plugins
    Support for OCaml-4.03: recognize that the new -color option has an argument
    Adding support for dynamically loading  packages
    new "plugin" variable, new  Fl_dynload module.
    New command "ocamlfind lint" for checking META files
    Allow to query the location of the META file of a package:
    "ocamlfind query -format '%m'"
    Get the install path for the META file of packages:
    "ocamlfind printconf metapath"
    The switch -only-show did not work as described.
* Tue Nov 10 2015
  - Add hardcoded Provides for pre 12.1 repos
* Thu Oct 23 2014
  -  Update to upstream version 1.5.5
    New ppxopt META variables.
    Support for OCAMLFIND_TOOLCHAIN environment variable.
* Thu Oct 23 2014
  - BuildRequire ocaml-rpm-macros



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