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libsmdev-tools-0~20170225-bp153.1.18 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.3 for aarch64

Name: libsmdev-tools Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP3
Version: 0~20170225 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: bp153.1.18 Build date: Sat Mar 6 11:51:48 2021
Group: Productivity/File utilities Build host: obs-arm-8
Size: 90311 Source RPM: libsmdev-0~20170225-bp153.1.18.src.rpm
Summary: Utilities for reading storage media devices through libsmdev
This subpackage contains the utility programs from libsmdev, which
can access and read storage media devices and will determine
information about such.






* Sat Feb 25 2017
  - update to v0~20170225
    * applied updates
    * worked on tests
    * bug fix in debug output
  - change RPM Group to Develment/Languages/Python
  - review and update libyal dependencies
  - add python3 binding
* Thu Feb 16 2017
  - update to v0~20160320
    * worked on support for devices without bytes per sector support e.g. /dev/zero
    * Changes to Python bindings
    * worked on Python 3 support
    * fixes for rpmbuild
    * updated dependencies
    * block aligned read now enabled by default
  - Cleaned-up BuildRequires
* Fri Jan 09 2015
  - update to v0~20150105
    * 2015 update
    * worked on Python 3 support
    * code clean up
    * bug fix in Python-bindings
  - update URL to the new github site
  - replace Source: field with fully defined URL
  - remove DL-URL comment
  - start using libcstring from OBS, not internal version
* Wed Aug 20 2014
  - ran spec-cleaner
  - added BuildRequires for libcnotify and libcthreads to use the external package
  - add %doc lines to all sub-packages
  - add provides pysmdev to python sub-package to match upstream requires statemens
  - add "Requires:  %lname = %version" to python section.  Fixes a bug found in testing.
* Wed Aug 13 2014
  - update to v0~20140803
    * worked on Python bindings
    * bug fix in Python-bindings
    * updated python.m4
    * fixes for dealing with Unicode paths in pysmdev
    * fadvise bug fix
    * worked on non-blocking Windows device file support
    * worked on block-based read to support Windows device files
    * updated to include header
    * added read/write at offset functions
    * 2014 update
    * code clean up
    * updated dependencies
  - use external packages for libcerror, libcdata, and libuna
  - start building and packaging the python-libsmdev sub-package
* Tue Jul 30 2013
  - update to v0~20130407
    * updated dependencies
    * textual changes
  - change to gz compression to simplyfy download/convert
* Fri Apr 05 2013
  - Initial package (version 0~20130331) for



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