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libindi-plugins-1.8.8-bp153.1.10 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.3 for aarch64

Name: libindi-plugins Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP3
Version: 1.8.8 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: bp153.1.10 Build date: Sat Mar 6 11:39:13 2021
Group: Productivity/Scientific/Astronomy Build host: obs-arm-9
Size: 145892 Source RPM: libindi-1.8.8-bp153.1.10.src.rpm
Summary: Plugins for libindi
This package contains plugins for libindi.




GPL-2.0-or-later AND LGPL-2.1-or-later AND GPL-3.0-or-later


* Mon Jan 11 2021 Paolo Stivanin <>
  - Update to 1.8.8:
    + New HOBYM Crux telescope driver
    + New Rainbow focuser driver
    + New ActiveFocuser driver release
    + 10Micron: UnattendedFlip handling
    + Bugfix/sat track lx200 julian day
    + Improved serial port auto-search.
    + Refactor/satellite tracking properties
    + SkyWatcher Alt-Az driver improvements.
    + Indibase/refactoring - update INDI::Property
    + Update of SmartFocus driver
    + Add new helper methods to the AlignmentSubsystemForDrivers (Alt/Az)
    + Streammanager/chrono - Fix the 24h time limit
    + Fix remote driver not sending properties to upstream server
    + Delay calculation in indicommon and indicorrelator (#1277)
    + Indidriver/refactoring - fix memory leak, increase performance
    + Streammanager/refactoring
    + Move absolute position bugfix
    + Use of the common mkpath function
    + Sesto Senso 2: Support for displaying 12V input voltage
    + Add Microsoft LifeCam Cinema to pixelSizeInfo
    + Sesto Senso 2: Log & display firmware version
    + fix: inline methods that use unlinked functions
* Wed Nov 25 2020 Paolo Stivanin <>
  - Update to 1.8.7:
    + New Esatto focuser support.
    + New Pegasus Falcon Rotator.
    + Fix QHYCFW3 driver handshake
    + Support for AZ-GTi in Alt-Az mode.
    + Improve on deadlocks and integrity
    + Rework/streammanager - fix recording subframe issue, add
      processing qeue, configurable limits memory/fps
    + Baader SteelDrive II - feature, Adjustable holding and move
      current for stepper drive
    + Do not block the stream thread when sending FPS status,
      fix frames discarding.
    + Many bug fixes and additions supporting advanced
      Pulsar2 features
    + Add support to connecting to all remote drivers without
      specifying an explicit driver.
    + Added Humidity, Pressure and Clouds to the
      WeatherWatcher driver
    + Fixed Losmandy Gemini failed to complete park issue
    + Set Eq Coords property state to OK & IDLE as needed
    + 1st fix for CEM25p Slewing to home position while parked
    + DSP Improvements
    + Compatibility fixed for SteelDriver II.
* Thu Aug 27 2020 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
  - Update to 1.8.6:
    * New Pegasus PPBA driver.
    * New DomePro2 driver.
    * Add PierSide to indi_ioptron_telescope
    * Fix Pier Side problem on Gemini mounts
    * Goto mode selectable for Alt/Az mounts via an UI Switch.
    * OnStep: Weather sensor (READ) support
    * OnStep: Support for setting temperatures for dew heaters/focusers
    * Fix skywatcher altaz crash
    * Add the focus temperature property to the focus simulator
    * Logitech HD C270 webcam data added to v4l2_ccd driver
    * Astrophysics park3 support
    * Implement Parking for LX200 classic
    * UDP support for skywatcherAPI
    * LX200 FS-2 Park
    * Telescope Simulator Parking to HA/Dec frame
    * Update Pointing State determination.
    * Feature Satellite tracking with TLE for 10Micron mounts
    * Add focuser temperature to FITS header
    * myFocuserPro2 Fix coil power command
    * Updated TeenAstro INDI driver for firmware 1.2.0
  - Use %cmake_build instead of %make_jobs
* Mon Apr 27 2020
  - Update to version 1.8.5:
    * New PlaneWave EFA driver.
    * New PlaneWave Delta-T driver.
    * New SestoSenso2 driver.
    * New Lunatico DragonFly Rolloff driver.
    * New Lunatico Seletek Rotator driver.
    * New Radio Astronomy Interferometer Driver.
    * Fixed parking in Temma driver.
    * Improved Slew accuray for Celestron mounts.
    * Improved TeenAstro Mount driver.
    * Fixed declination issue in Rainbow driver.
    * Fixed Guide problem with StarSense.
    * Fixed AAG driver and Weather Parameters state.
    * Fixed OnStep Speed change
    * Added Park3 to AP mount driver.
    * Improved XAGYL driver.
    * Added hour axis offset to CCD Simulator.
    * Added FOCUSPOS to the FITS header.
    * Updated Telescope Simulator Driver.
  - Drop remove-unused-websocket-block.patch, merged upstream
* Mon Feb 24 2020
  - Update to version 1.8.4:
    * New TeenAstro Mount driver.
    * New DSP plugin for Signal Processing.
    * New INDI interface for correlators.
    * Draft for Pulse Detectors (revealers, dosimeters, cosmic ray).
    * Created SensorInterface and Spectrograph, Detector subclasses.
    * Celestron PEC control is added that provides seek index, stop,
      playback and record commands.
    * Celestron negative UTC fix.
    * Fixed iOptron mount firmware parsing.
    * Fixed version read in MoonLite focuser.
    * DeepSkyDad3 backlash compensation.
    * CCD Simulator bayer support.
    * FCUSB2 support.
    * Fixed complation on FreeBSD.
  - Add remove-unused-websocket-block.patch to fix build with
  - Remove conditionals for outdated distribution versions
* Tue Jan 14 2020
  - Update to version 1.8.3:
    * New RainbowAstro Mount driver.
    * New Simulated Pier Side option for all mounts.
    * Added iOptron GEM45 support. (#1041)
    * Added *preliminary* support for iOptron iPolar. (#1043)
    * Update Celestron GPS Guide (#1048)
    * Bug fix: meridian flip working for longer polling intervals
    * Update Celestron GPS Guide (#1048)
    * Added recording the absolute position of the focuser to the
      FITS header (#1052)
    * Fix enabling/disabling DMFC properties and remove dead code
    * Enable saving/loading backlash steps and fix motor type select
* Sat Nov 09 2019
  - Update to version 1.8.2:
    * First release of INDI separate from INDI 3rd party repository.
    * New Pular Domes driver.
    * New MyFocuserPro2 driver.
    * New SteelDriverII focuser driver.
    * New Deep Sky Dad AF3 driver.
    * Fixed INDI Client build on Windows.
    * Fixed weather override functionality in INDI::Weather.
    * Fixed INDI Dome tracking.
    * Updated PCM8 driver to automatically detect mount types.
    * Serial communication polling period is configurable 1-30 secs.
    * Added ISGetConfigSwitch to read switch information directly
      from config.
    From version 1.8.1:
    * Unified Toupbase driver for Touptek-based cameras.
    * Support for native backlash handling in INDI::FocuserInterface
    * Apogee fan control support.
    * Fixed Bluetooth serial port connectivity.
    * Updated version of OnStep driver (v1.8), fixes for Fork Mounts.
    * Pegasus Ultimate Power Box v2 support.
    * Fixed Celestron GPS focuser position.
    * Fixed parking mode initialization for roll-off roofs.
    * Fixed various FocusLynx issues and added Optec Sagitta focuser.
    * LX200 Based mount migrated to INDI::FocuserInterface
    * QHY SDK updated to 6.0.1.
    From version 1.8.0:
    * iOptron CEM40 driver.
    * QHYCCD CFW1 driver.
    * Decode ATIK firmware version correctly.
    * Apply gamma when downscaling 16bit to 8bit stream.
    * Improve reliability of sendBlob.
    * GPSD driver should use raw GPS time by default.
    * add watchProperty to make client only request and only process
      properties of interest.
    * Prevents indi_fli_wheel crash for FLI-CFW-1-8 model.
    * Fix communication issues in Vixen Starbook driver.
    * Fix Dew control and Current sensing on PPB.
    * Fix out-of-bounds access in 420p conversion in V4L2 driver.
    * Fix Atik guide ST4 pulses.
    * ASI Camera SDK 1.14.0715 update.
    * QHY SDK updated to 5.1.0.
  - Refresh 0001-Fix-warnings.patch
* Tue Jul 09 2019
  - Update to version 1.7.9:
    * New Astromechanic Light Pollution Meter driver.
    * New FCUSB driver.
    * SestoSenso driver motion issues resolved.
    * LX200 drivers can operate over TCP.
    * Fix TCFS issue when temperature sensor is not connected.
    * Experimental support for KMTronic USB Relay Serial for Nikon cameras.
    * Fix RA drift with HEQ5 firmware 106.
    * Added dead-zones to joystick driver.
    * Update ASI EAF SDK to version 0.1.0524.
    * QHY SDK updated to 5.0.9.
    From version 1.7.8:
    * New Omegon EQ500X mount driver.
    * New TALON6 dome driver.
    * New Astromechanics focuser driver.
    * New DeepSkyDad AF2 focuser driver.
    * New Apogee CFW filter wheel driver.
    * Support for Radio Detector Streaming.
    * ScopeDome fixes and improvements.
    * Fixed Vixen Starbook version detection bug.
    * Fixed Avalon Stargo Connect/Disconnect issue.
    * Improved detection of Quantum wheel.
    * Update Celestron SCT focuser to prevent moves when not calibrated.
    * Improve Sync, Park, Focus Max in DreamFocuser driver.
    * Implemented UI for PWM Outputs for OnStep
    * Fixed subframe capture in QHY driver.
    * ASI SDK updated to v1.14.0425.
    * QHY SDK updated to 5.0.5.
  - Disable LTO to fix build on Tumbleweed/x86_64
* Sat Apr 27 2019
  - Update to version 1.7.7:
    * New DreamFocuser driver.
    * New BeeFocus driver.
    * New Weather Safety Proxy driver.
    * Nexdome driver rewritten to INDI standards.
    * DSP & Radio Detector improvements.
    * Vixen Starbook driver received numerous updates and fixes.
    * Celestron driver supports focuser control directly.
    * Celestron driver resumes from last alignment. Fixed
    * Fixed QHY filter wheel issues & live streaming.
    * Fixed QHY temperature controls in manual and auto modes.
    * ATIK SDK updated & fixed filter wheel issues.
    * Fix bulb exposures initiated with shutter release cable on
      Pentax cameras.
    * QHY and SDR drivers enabled back on MacOS.
    * Weather drivers offer a weather override toggle.
    * All iOptron drivers now park to Alt/Az coordinates.
    * Dome and Telescope scripts use safer methods to create
      temporary files.
    * Enhanced performance and reliability of SestoSenso driver.
    * Enhanced and extended telescope joystick controls.
    * ASI SDK updated to v1.14.0227. Fixed asynchronous image
    * QHY SDK updated to 5.0.3.
* Tue Mar 26 2019 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
  - Update to 1.7.6.
    Changes in 1.7.6:
    * Support for compressed FITS files via fpack lossless compression.
    * Fixed USBFocusV3 connection issues.
    * Improve indiserver message queue memory management.
    * Fix bulb exposures initiated with shutter release cable on Pentax cameras.
    * Fix negative declination issue in synscan.
    * Added fix for QHY5-M- CancelQHYCCDExposing* crash
    * Fixed Temma guiding with PHD2.
    * Fixed TCFS position and temperature.
    * Fixed race condition when using multiple devices that can park.
    * Fixes to INDI::Weather interface.
    * Initialize backlash on eqmod connect.
    * Focuser Interface should now natively support Focus Max Limit, Sync, and Reverse Direction.
    * Preliminary support for Websockets in INDI::CCD. It is off by default.
    Changes in 1.7.5:
    * Add fallback shutters speed for some GPhoto cameras.
    * Add pier side support to Celestron and Synscan drivers.
    * Add focus limits to SestoSenso driver.
    * Major update to USBFocusV3 driver.
    * Added stream struct and some astronomic helpers to libdspau.
    * OnStep fixes and updates.
    * FocusLynx refactor and updates.
    * Geographic location update fixes in mount driver.
    * Parking support in SS2000PC mount.
    * TCFS refactoring and fixes.
    * WeatherWatcher socket bug fixes.
    * Fix Synscan J2000 epoch issue.
    * Add XPIXSX and YPIXSX for logical binned pixel size.
    * Fix problem with handling XML entities between clients, servers, and drivers.
    * Fix feature stacking streamed frames to simulate absolute exposure.
    * Fix iOptron guide rates.
    * Fix iOptron calender setting.
    * Removed Zulu prefix in FITS header timestamp.
    Check for the complete changelog
  - Add 0001-Fix-warnings.patch
  - Remove binary blobs and unneded folders before building the package
* Thu Oct 25 2018 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
  - Update to 1.7.4
    * Optec IFW to support TCP/IP.
    * Added color support for OGV recorder.
    * Pulse Command now turned on by default.
    * Add DSLR temperature reporting.
    * Add support for GRBG pixel layout (8-bit) used by things such as NexImage 5.
    * Fixex pier side reporting for 10Micron mounts.
    * Fixed protocol issue with ethernet connection to AP GTOCP4.
    * Fixed Celestron Pulse guiding.
    * Fixed occasional filter loading issues.
    * Add additional FITS Keyword SITELAT and SITELONG.
    * Add custom max filter count to trutech.
    * Add Zulu postfix to UTC time in FITS header.
    * Increase usbfs_memory to 256 for all USB cameras as it helps under ARM architecture.
* Thu Apr 12 2018
  - Update to version 1.7.1:
    * Hotfix for INDI API version that was not updated properly to
      1.7.0 in the previous release
    * Fixes to Astrophysics driver
    * More code cleanup and refactoring
* Wed Apr 11 2018
  - Update to version 1.7.0:
    * Updated QHY SDK.
    * FLI drivers are now based on libusb rather than legacy kernel
    * New driver for CEM120 mount.
    * New driver for Explore Scientific PMC8.
    * Several memory leaks were fixed.
    * Added support for background flushing for FLI CCDs.
    * Added preliminary support for CCD rapid captures on the
      millisecond range.
    * SX CCD driver updated to support ICX453 & M25C.
    * SX AO driver updated to emply INDI serial connection plugin.
    * Fix timing issue with GPhoto making it stuck in busy state
      after initial capture.
    * ASI driver enhancements. Video format recall fix.
    * MaxDomeII driver refactored and updated.
    * Several fixes for Gemini Integra driver.
    * Polling period for most drivers is now customizable.
    * GPhoto driver supported Abort exposure. Subframing fixes.
    * GPS driver can set system time from GPS source.
    * Astrophyics Experimental Driver with multi-parking support.
    * Numerous OnStep driver fixes and updates.
    * SkySensor2000 Pulse guiding support.
    * Prevent sandbox ACCESS_VIOLATION on Gentoo
    * Celestron driver refactoring and support for high-precision
    * Fixed script execution in scripting gateways
    * Fix flags for Cygwin.
    * Fix non-standard POSIX C functions.
    * Replace deprecated usleep with nanosleep.
    * CCD & Telescope simulator updated so that can be used
      effectively in any combination with physical devices.
  - Mark license files as %license instead of %doc
* Tue Jan 09 2018
  - Update to version 1.6.2:
    * Another quick release to fix missing cmake_modules directory
      and a joystick driver crash fix.
    From version 1.6.1:
    * This is a bugfix patch release that resolves problems with INDI
      version in INDI API.
    From version 1.6.0:
    * INDI Base Client is now supported on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.
    * Added 10Micron Mount support.
    * Added spectrum support and libDSPAU.
    * Added NexDome support.
    * Added Pyxis Rotator support.
    * Added Pegasus Focuser support.
    * Added MBox Weather box support.
    * Added SnapCap dust cap and flat panel support.
    * Added Sesto-Senso focuser support.
    * Added USB_DewPoint support.
    * Added GPS-NMEA sources support.
    * Added Gemini Telescope Design Integra85 Focusing Rotator WIP
    * Added Lunatico's Armadillo and Platypus support.
    * Video Streaming support for MacOS.
    * Video Recording with libtheora (Optional).
    * Video Streaming with MJPEG encoder.
    * IOptron fixes and improvements.
    * More NextstarEvo improvements.
    * Dedicated Guider Simulator.
    * QHY & ASI updated to latest SDK.
    * Apogee fixes for MacOS.
    * INova fixes and improvements. Updated SDK.
    * QHY, Apogee, DSI builds for MacOS.
    * EQMod Horizon fixes.
    * Skywatcher Alt-Az Mount & Syncscan fixes and improvements
      including guide support.
    * StarSense support in Celestron Driver.
    * Improvements to mount parking & unparking.
    * New experimental Astrophysics Driver.
    * Support for Losmandy UDP protocol.
    * Fixed Dome slaving slew and tracking.
    * Added Radio Antenna Simulator.
    * New INDI Rotator Interface.
    * UDEV rule to disable automount of DSLR cameras.
    * Sky Quality Meter simulator.
    * Improvements to INDI GPS drivers.
    * TCFS Fixes.
    * SkySensorPC2000 fixes.
    * Fixed WatchDog behavior in case of unavailable dome.
    * Improved Continuous Integration support with Travis & CircleCI
      using Docker.
  - Drop cmake_modules.tar.gz, no longer necessary
* Thu Sep 21 2017
  - Update to version 1.5.0:
    * New Detector Interface for photon and radio detectors.
    * New Software-Defined-Radio driver (RTLSDR).
    * New Connections plugin system to facilitate driver development.
    * New standardized tracking properties system for all mounts.
    * New Digital Settings Circiles (DSC) driver.
    * New Lacerta MGen driver.
    * New NightCrawler Focusing Rotator driver.
    * New Optec Gemini Focusing Rotater driver.
    * New iNovaPLX CCD driver.
    * QHY SDK update to 1.10.0. Support for QHY PoleMaster.
    * QSI SDK update to 7.6.0
    * Support for INDI client under Windows.
    * Support for Pier Side in many mount drivers.
    * Support for SkySafari.
    * Fix FLIUSB for 4.6 and 4.9 kernels.
    * Fixed wrong time format in generated SER files.
    * ZWO ASI drivers for MacOS.
    * Various GPSD fixes.
    * Proper handing of ISO8601 timestamps in the generated
    * Improved Gemini mount driver with more functionality and bug
    * Many V4L2 fixes and improvements. Support for V4L2 integer
    * Ability to define multiple primary/guide scope configurations.
    * ZEQ25 Improvements and fixes.
    * NStep driver improvements and fixes.
    * Added Ccache support.
    * Support for Gotonova driver.
    * Added Unity Build support.
    * Improved Astrophysics driver.
    * Added USB connectivity to SQM device driver.
    * More robust handling of reading pier side from mount.
    * Warn client that no devices are detected in case of
      Multiple-Devices-Per-Driver drivers.
    * Added PEC control to INDI::Telescope. Each driver must handle
      the low level protocol to actually enable or disable PEC.
    * Added security (hardening) flags.
    * SoftPEC implementation for Virtuoso mounts in
    * Added TELESCOP, OBSERVER, and OBJECT keywords to the FITS
  - Add cmake_modules.tar.gz containing cmake modules missing in the
    source tarball to make it build
  - Drop bufferoverflow.patch, fixed upstream
* Wed Mar 15 2017
  - Update to version 1.4.1:
    * Minor bugfix release to fix installation of development headers
      issue in 1.4.0.
    From version 1.4.0:
    * Support for HitecAstro DC Focuser.
    * Support for SQL-LE Sky Quality Meter unit.
    * Support for USB Focus V3.
    * Support for Quantum Filter Wheel.
    * Support for 10micron mounts.
    * ZWO ASI filter wheel support. Driver updated to latest SDK. Fix
      infinite loop exposure.
    * QHY driver updated to latest SDK.
    * Added preliminary support to TCP server connection for all
    * Updated and improved Nexstar Evo driver.
    * Fixed reset of filter wheel names to default values under some
    * Fixed feedback loop issue in chained INDI server.
    * Handle correctly broken frames in FLI driver; convert time left
      from ms to seconds as it should be.
    * V4L2 CCD driver updated to properly work with DMK cameras.
    * Several bugfixes for Moravian CCD driver.
    * CCD Simulator allows for up to 4096x4096 resolution.
    * Raw color video streaming now uses RGB24 instead of RGBA to
      conserve bandwidth.
    * New Dome and Mount safety interlocks mechanism.
    * Fix the Virtuoso mount detection in SkyWatcherMountAPI driver.
    * Support relative driver paths to INDI server.
    * Fix property cache collision conflict in case of multiple
      devices per driver.
    * Moonlite driver can now sync to any value instead of reset to
    * Store OBJECTRA and OBJECTDEC as sexigesimal strings.
    * New Axis Lock feature to limit joystick to specific motion
    * INDI server now reaps zombie processes as they appear.
    * EQMod support for AUX encoder values. ST4 Guide Rates settings.
      PPEC Switches.
    * Fix for TELESCOPE_PIER_SIDE implementation in EQMod driver.
    * Several fixes for Pulsar2 driver.
    * Fix SER file generation for color frames. Added timestamps for
      each recorded frame. Support subframed video streams.
    * Debug and Logging options can be saved in the config file.
    * New CCD_TRANSFER_FORMAT property.
    * libindi can now be compiled under MacOS and Cygwin. Non-Linux
      specific 3rd party drivers are also supported under MacOS and
    * When a request for snooped is sent, it is echoed to drivers so
      that they send the snopped value immediately if it exists.
    * libindi shared library is dropped. libindi now offsers
      indidriver (shared), indiclient (static), and indiclientqt5
      (static) libraries.
    * Legacy drivers removed: SkyCommander, Intelliscope, MagellanI,
      TruTech, SBIG STV.
  - Added new subpackage libindi-plugins.
  - libindi1 was dropped from the package source. Obsolete it in
    libindi-plugins in order to fix conflicts due to %{_libdir}/indi/
    previously contained in libindi1.
  - Removed script (not needed anymore).
  - Removed no-return-in-nonvoid-function.patch (fixed upstream).
  - Added a patch (bufferoverflow.patch) to fix "Statement is
    overflowing a buffer" post-build check errors.
* Sat Jan 21 2017
  - Update to version 1.3.1:
    * Support for Optec IFW Filter Wheel.
    * Added new method in base client getBLOBMode to retrieve
      previously set BLOB mode for a device/property pair.
    * QHY driver use software binning by default for all cameras.
    * Minor bug fixes and improvements across all drivers.
    From version 1.3.0:
    * Support for Shelyak eShel spectrograph.
    * Support for NStep focuser.
    * Support for ASI Filter Wheel.
    * Support for OneStep Telescope Controller.
    * Support for Moravian CCD driver.
    * Support for  GigE machine vision cameras.
    * Experimental SSAG CCD driver.
    * Adding support for fast BLOB with ENCLEN. With Fast blob mode
      enabled, blob performance is now significantly faster.
    * FITS Min/Max calculations are disabled by default to save
      processing time unless explicitly enabled by the user at
      compile time.
    * Qt5 based client class is added to enable multiplatform client
    * New significantly faster base64 encoding/decoding routines.
    * Selectable alignment modes for INDI EQMod that includes
      built-in EQMod alignment and INDI Alignment Subsystem.
    * CCD sequence queue number is no longer limited to 999.
    * More Starlight Xpress CCDs cameras supported.
    * Updated Starlight Xpress Adaptive Optics driver.
    * Updated Temma Takahashi mount driver.
    * Updated Apogee CCD driver.
    * Updated QHY CCD driver with numerous fixes.
    * Updated FLI CCD driver.
    * Updated Pulasr2 driver.
    * Updated ASI CCD with support for arm64 architecture, 1600 model
      and a lot more.
    * Significant improvements to GPhoto driver including better
      support for Nikon DSLRs.
    * Improved GPSd driver.
    * New CCD_FILE_PATH property to indicate remote file path.
    * New TELESCOPE_PIER_SIDE property.
    * Dome & Telescope Scripting Gateway added.
    * Added support for servos in Indiduino
    * Fix BuiltinMathPlugin crash for Southern Hemisphere
    * Add scope park aware feature to the rolloff roof simulator
    * INDI Logs are now stored under ~/.indi/logs and arranged by
      date and time per driver.
  - Removed support for openSUSE < 11.4.
  - Added new build requirement Qt5Network.
  - Removed libindi-implicit-pointer-decl.patch (fixed upstream).
  - Adjust no-return-in-nonvoid-function.patch for this release
    (patch upstream).
  - Starting with release 1.3 INDI ships libindi and 3rdparty stuff
    (drivers and external libraries, not necessary for libindi) in
    one big tar archive. The 3rdparty stuff cannot be installed
    without libindi already installed.
    Added a script "" to generate a clean
    tarball containing only the library (based on one from Fedora).
* Sun Jun 26 2016
  - Update to version 1.2.0:
    * Support for Davis Vantage Pro/Pro2/Vue Weather Station.
    * Support for XAGYL Filter Wheel.
    * Support for Optec Flip Flat.
    * Support for Pulasr2 mount.
    * Support for JMI Smart Focus.
    * Support for GPS driver based on gpsd.
    * 3rdParty: QHY Updates and Fixes. Color camera support.
    * 3rdParty: GPhoto focus and live streaming fixes.
    * 3rdParty: Starlight Xpress support for multiple identical
      devices and driver improvements.
    * 3rdParty: ASI updated to latest SDK. Temperature readout for
      all cameras. ROI & Cooler fixes.
    * FocusLynx: Support 2 focusers.
    * Celestron: Support pulse guiding. Support hibernation and wakup
      on supported firmware.
    * SynScan: Complete rewrite to support latest features in the
    * GPhoto: Mirror lock support before capture.
    * RoboFocus: Update to comply to INDI::Focus standards.
    * SBIG: Support for connecting to Ethernet based CCDs.
    * ZEQ25: Updates and fixes.
    * MaxDomeII: Driver updated and tested under latest INDI::Dome
    * QSI: Added anti-blooming option.
    * INDI WatchDog driver: Can be configured to perform observatory
    * EQMod: Initial support for INDI Alignment Subsystem. Do not
      stop motor in low speed (guiding issue).
    * Temma: Complete rewrite based on INDI::Telescope and using INDI
      Alignment Subsystem.
    * AutoDome park feature in Dome devices.
    * Fix Crash on ODroid.
    * Added Meta-Weather driver to aggregate weather data from
      multiple sources.
    * Support for remotely controller dust caps and light box devices.
    * Handle 16bit images in Rapid Guide mode.
    * BaseClient non-blocking connect support.
    * Unified Streaming/Recording support for multiple drivers
    From version 1.1.0:
    * INDI::Weather for support of weather devices.
    * INDI::GPS for support of GPS devices.
    * WunderGround weather driver.
    * Meade DSI I & II support.
    * FocusLynx focuser support.
    * PerfectStar focuser support.
    * World Coordinate System (WCS) support in generated FITS.
    * Updated Losmany driver.
    * New Celestron driver.
    * New IEQPro driver.
    * Support for custom parking in dome drivers.
    * Support Open Loop dome controllers.
    * Various QHY CCD & Filter Wheel fixes and QHY OSX support.
    * SBIG External Guide CCD fixes.
    * Custom parking support for
    * Updated ASI ZWO drivers.
    * Updated Apogee library. Improved NET support in INDI Apogee
    * Standarizing mount slew and track rates.
    * Video4Linux 2 fixes and improvements: (16bpp pixel formats(Y16
      and BYR2), pwc flashled, colorSpace/linearization, stacking),
      Simutaneous record/stream/exp. Stream rate divisor. Rec. file
    * EQMod fixes: Keep tracking after joystick motion is stopped.
      Park initialization always set encoders.
    * Improved support for drivers on ARM architecture.
    * Improved logging capability.
    * Deprecated: LX200Legacy and indimain library.
  - Rebased libindi-implicit-pointer-decl.patch to apply cleanly.
  - Adjust no-return-in-nonvoid-function.patch for this release
    (patch upstream).
  - Added new build requirement libcurl-devel.
* Sun Jul 05 2015
  - libindi-implicit-pointer-decl.patch: fix rpmlint implicit
    declaration warnings
  - BuildRequire libusb-1.0 not libusb-devel
  - Build C++ code with at least -fvisibility-inlines-hidden.
* Sat Feb 21 2015
  - Update to version 1.0.0:
    * 3rdparty: Support for QHY CCDs and CFWs (BETA).
    * 3rdparty: Support for Meade DSI (BETA).
    * 3rdparty: Support for FFMV cameras.
    * Support for STAR2000.
    * Support for Baader dome.
    * Support for Baader SteelDrive focuser.
    * Support for dome slaving (BETA).
    * Subframing and debayer support in GPhoto driver.
    * Improved CFW handling and external tracking CCD for SBIG CCDs.
    * Add debayer support for color cameras with user-configurable
      options. Debayer is performed at the client level.
    * Fixed deinterlacing and subframing support in Starlight Xpress
    * Fixed issues with joystick support in some drivers. Added
      joystick support to focuser and filter wheels.
    * Improvements in generation of FITS header.
    * Improvement in performance of some drivers under SBCs like
      Raspberry PI.
    * Added fan and readout speed controls to QSI CCD.
    * Fixed locale issue in INDI driver.
    * Fixed regression in LX200Basic driver.
    * Fixed issue with INDI Server resetting environment variable for
      skeleton and config files.
    * Various fixes for loading/saving of user configuration.
    From version 0.9.9:
    * Thread-safe INDI Library.
    * Support for Rigelsys NFocus Focuser driver.
    * 3rdparty: Additional VID/PID for QHY.
    * 3rdparty: added USB Bandiwdth control for ZWO Optical cameras.
    * 3rdparty: Updated and improved INDI Apogee driver and Apogee
      Library major update.
    * 3rdparty: Live preview support for GPhoto driver. Tested on
    * 3rdparty: Various bugfixes and improvements in INDI SBIG driver
      including working guide chip support.
    * 3rdparty: Fixed time drift error in EQMod. Added Horizon
      limits. Added Backlash comp.
    * Updated and improved Image Agent.
    * Improved Astrophysics driver support.
    * Fixed location bug in Celestron GPS driver.
    * Additional information in FITS header such as filter name.
    * Joystick support for focuser and filter wheel devices.
    * Added option to enable local & remote save for FITS images in
      all CCD drivers.
    * Older V4L driver is deprecated (indi_v4l_legacy) and is
      replaced by indi_v4l2_ccd
    * V4L2: added recording (SER files) for use with Registax
    * V4L2: added RGGB & UYVY pixel format support to V4L2 drivers.
    * V4L2: fixed LX long exposure times.
    * Updated and improved tutorials.
    * Fixed few OSX compatibility issues.
    * Various bug fixes and improvements.
    From version 0.9.8:
    * Support for Telescope Alignment Subsystem Infrastructure. This
      includes an implementation of Markley's singular value
      decomposition (SVD) based algorithm for the computation of
      sky/telescope coordinate conversion transforms, in addition to
      multiple plugin support.
    * Suppprt for SkyWatcherAPI Mount with Alignment Subsystem.
    * Support for ZWO Optics ASI Cameras (3rd party)
    * Support for AAG Cloud Watcher station (3rd Party).
    * Support for MoonLite focusers.
    * Support for Fishcamp CCDs (3rd Party).
    * Support for Imager Agent.
    * Improved EQMod driver including custom parking position.
    * New and updated Astrophysics mount driver.
    * New and updated QHY CCD Driver (3rd Party).
    * New and improved GPhoto driver to support DSLRs.
    * New and updated Video4Linux CCD Driver including support for
      long exposures (LX) and Imaging Source cameras.
    * New and improved Apogee CCD driver.
    * Improved support for SBIG CCDs including ST-I.
    * Updated and improved TCFS Focuser drivers.
    * Drivers migrated to libusb 1.0 framework.
    * Rapid Guide Support for CCD Drivers.
    * Improved compatibility with Mac OSX including INDI Server and
    * Various bug fixes and improvements.
  - Added new build requirements gsl-devel and libjpeg-devel.
  - Adjust no-return-in-nonvoid-function.patch for this release
    (patch upstream).
  - Removed libindi-aarch64.patch (fixed upstream).



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