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criu-3.15-bp153.1.15 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.3 for aarch64

Name: criu Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP3
Version: 3.15 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: bp153.1.15 Build date: Fri Apr 2 21:52:51 2021
Group: System/Console Build host: obs-arm-1
Size: 2944742 Source RPM: criu-3.15-bp153.1.15.src.rpm
Summary: Checkpoint/Restore In Userspace Tools
Checkpoint/Restore In Userspace, or CRIU, is a software tool for Linux
operating system. Using this tool, you can freeze a running application
(or part of it) and checkpoint it to a hard drive as a collection of
files. You can then use the files to restore and run the application from
the point it was frozen at.






* Tue Dec 01 2020
  - Update to criu 3.15:
    see details at
    New features:
    * Introduced criu-image-streamer
    * Added MIPS support
    * Allow checkpointing out of existing PID namespace and restoring
      into existing PID namespace
    * Added additional file validation mechanisms
    * Added support to checkpoint and restore BPF hash maps
    (BPF_MAP_TYPE_HASH) and array maps (BPF_MAP_TYPE_ARRAY)
    * Initial cgroups v2 support
  - Fix build with nftables package:
* Wed Sep 23 2020 Dirk Mueller <>
  - fix filelist mismatch after libexecdir change
* Wed May 20 2020
  - Update to criu 3.14:
    New features:
    * C/R of memfd memory mappings and file descriptors
    * Add time namespace support
    * Add the read pre-dump mode which uses process_vm_readv
    * Add --cgroup-yard option
    * Add support of the cgroup v2 freezer
    * Add support of opened O_PATH fds
    * Fix C/R ia32 processes on AMD #398
    * Fix cross-compilation
    * Many fixes here and there
    * Use clone3() with set_tid to restore processes
    * Clean up compel headers
    * Use the new mount API
  - Add libgnutls-devel to buildreq
* Wed May 13 2020 Guillaume GARDET <>
  - Disable LTO on aarch64 and armv7
  - Add '-Wno-error=deprecated' to fix build on armv7
  - Exclude armv6 since criu/arch/arm/bitops.S uses 'dmb ish' which
    is armv7+
* Mon Nov 18 2019
  - Update to criu 3.13:
    New features:
    * VDSO: arm32 support
    * Add TLS support for page server communications
    * "Ignore" mode for --manage-cgroups
    * Restore SO_BROADCAST option for inet sockets
    * Auxiliary events were left in inotify queues
    * Lazy-pages daemon didn't detect stack pages and surrounders
      properly and marked them as "lazy"
    * Memory and resource leakage were detected by coverity, cppcheck
      and clang
    * Use gettimeofday() directly from vdso for restore timings
    * Reformat all .py code into pep8 style
* Wed Sep 04 2019
  - Fix build on Tumbleweed: Add -ffat-lto-objects to lto cflags.
* Mon May 06 2019
  - Update to criu 3.12:
    New features:
    * build CRIU with Android NDK
    * C/R of IP RAW sockets
    * lsm: dump and restore any SELinux process label
    * support restoring ghost files on readonly mounts
    * Do not lock network if running in the host network namespace
    * Fix RPC configuration file handling
    * util: don't leak file descriprots to third-party tools
    * small fixes here and there
    * travis: switch to the Ubuntu Xenial
    * travis-ci: Enable ia32 tests
    * Many improvements and bug fixes in the libcriu
    * Changes in the API and ABI (SONAME increased from 1 to 2)
  - Updated to libcriu2 subpackage to follow SONAME 2
  - Dropped obsoleted patch:
* Mon Nov 19 2018
  - Update to criu 3.10:
    New features:
    * Support Python3 in ZDTM and CRIT
    * Keep names for UNIX sockets, that are unlinked from the FS
    * IPVv6 support for page server
    * Set page server socket fd via CLI
    * Large pages support for aarch64/ppc64
    * C/R of Per-thread seccomp chains
    * Failed non-container restore could kill random task on the host
    * Failure to dump namespaces was erroneously ignored
    * CRIT didn't show cpuinfo image file
    * Tasks that got PID-reuse couldn't be dumped iteratively because
      previous images were missing
  - Update to criu 3.11:
    New features:
    * cpuinfo: Detect compact frames and handle noxsaves
    * Add support for configuration files
    * Add support for external net namespaces
    * Punch holes in input files when restoring anonymous non-shared
      memory ( --auto-dedup )
    * C/R of
      + epoll: Add support for duped targets
      + tun: Add support for multiple net ns
      + x86: Support extendable fpu frames
    * mount: Better handling of mount points propagation
    * nmk: Make collect-deps to be more precise about targets
    * lazy-pages: Don't mark current stack page as lazy
    * x86: CPU -- Rework feature testing
    * files: Fix O(n^2) restore in terms of the number of fds
    * fdstore: Unlimit fdstore queue on start
    * mount: Fix regression where open_mountpoint failed on readonly fs
    * page server: Handle partial splicing
    * ... lots of small fixes here and there
    * Remove all magic of service descriptors when it isn't required
  - Switch to python3
  - Use asciidoctor instead of asciidoc for formatting manuals:
* Mon May 28 2018
  - update to criu 3.9:
    New features
    - C/R of
      + Tun-Tap devices in sub-netns
      + File descriptors which were opened with O_TMPFILE
    - Restore of inotify watchers
    - Restore unix sockets in proper mount namespaces
    - Print CRIU and kernel version also in RPC mode
    - Random memory corruptions during lazy restore
    - Workaround the iptables issue
    - Don't use standard descriptors when tar is running to dump
      tmpfs mounts
    - Fail dump if dump_one_file() fails
    - Fill kerndat with zero-s before reading it from cache
  - cleanup with spec-cleaner
* Thu Apr 05 2018
  - update to criu 3.8.1: a bug-fix release
    FDstore was initialized twice (re-initialized) causing e.g.
    - -shell-job restore to fail
* Tue Mar 20 2018
  - Add python-devel to BuildReq explicitly, as a preparation for
    fallback to asciidoctor (bsc#1075764)
* Tue Mar 13 2018
  - update to criu 3.8:
    New features
    * C/R of
    - Multiple network namespaces
    - Overmounted tmpfs mounts
    - Unix sockets and epoll descriptors in SCM messages
    * Rework service descriptors not to cause fdtable enormous grows
    * FP state wasn't reported on Skylake due to a kernel bug
    * gcc 8 warning fixes
    * Resource leaked on error paths
    * Attributes of sit devices with value 0 were not saved into
      images (and were restored into default values)
    * Tasks with pgid of a zombie hung the resture
    * Ghost files on RO bind-mounts of an RW mount couldn't be
    * Random memory corruptions during lazy restore
  - cleanup with spec-cleaner
  - switch to https urls
  - list binaries and man pages explicitly
  - remove rest of static libs to fix rpm lint errors
* Sat Dec 23 2017
  - update to criu 3.7:
    New features
    * Pipes usage statistics
    * Run page server as non-daemon via RPC
    * C/R of
    - SO_REUSEPORT option
    - IPv4-mapped inet sockets
    - Net_prio CGroups
    - Overmounted shared mountpoints
    - Non-broken and breaking leases
    * Show criu and kernel versions in logs
    * CRIT decodes socket families, protocols and types
    * Much less pipes is needed for pre-dump, which is especially
      useful for big mem migration
    * Files in /proc/pid/map_file could be opened by non-exiting
      name (with 0x prefix) and it was fixed in kernel
    * CRIU log levels were used to configure logging for libsoccr
      thus breaking its logs
    * Overflow in various IDs caused bad image names
    * Compat (32bit) syscalls lost signedness in compel
    * Corked sockets lost cork flag
    * Preadv() syscall was declared with error which resulted in
      dump errors on 32-bit processors
    * Musl compilation failed
    * Ghost files in / dump failed
    * Crash when releasing context for ghost files, due to free()-ing
      shmalloc()-ed area
    * Lazy restore could receive partial page and crashed
    * Erroneous closing of lazy pages connection caused restore to
    * Lazy memory fetch restore could start before tasks are restored
  - Remove
    * upstreamed in 8e45ce4905d186abafb7c20abb3b00207fefdb53
* Sun Nov 12 2017
  - add
    * fixes a lint warning about a non-executable python file being
      executable due to a superfluous shebang
    * upstream:
  - run spec-cleaner
* Sat Nov 04 2017
  - update to criu 3.6:
    New features
    * C/R for files (except for unix sockets, ttys and epolls) sent
      over unix sockets
    * C/R for threads with different creds
    * Ipv6 over ipv4 tunnel (SIT device)
    * Some s390x registers were not restored by native sigrestore way
    * Overflow when parsing autofs info from /proc file
    * Dumps of anon shared memory with sysvipc one raced with each
      other clashing and corrupting image file names
    * The "dumpable" flag was not restore on shmem regions
    * Trash bits leaked into image when dumping fsnotify on some
    * Lock/unlock of iptables from different criu processes raced with
      each other
    * Closed TCP connection with non-empty send queue blocked the dump
    * When --empty-ns for netns was set on dump only, the restore
      failed (Docker case)
  - includes changes from 3.5:
    see for details
* Tue Aug 22 2017
  - update to criu 3.4:
    New features:
    * Support for s390x architecture
    * Unexpected death of restored tasks is reported with more
      details in logs
    * Merged many images containing info about files into one big
    * When helper utility fails (ip, iptables, tar) its name is
      printed in logs
    * Compilation failed on newer glibcs (ucontext_t)
    * Dying helper task could deadlock the restore process
    * Install-related makefile variables weren't configurable for
      distro build
    * SIT (ipv6-to-v4 tunnel) presence on host blocked dump of any
    * Potential NULL dereference when dumping net namespace
    * Dump via page server might not work across different criu
    * Failure to restore a subtask could be ignored by the restore
    * EOF on page-server socket wasn't handled
  - Dropped obsoleted patch:
  - Add s390x to exclusivearch
* Wed Jul 19 2017
  - update to criu 3.3
    * Add --tcp-close option to help migration of Docker containers
    * Allow to override build time to fix build-compare (boo#1047218)
* Fri Jun 30 2017
  - update to criu 3.2.1: bug fix release,
    * Restoring a stack fails on recent kernels due to kernel changes
    * Restoring on a host with LSM profiles failed
* Tue Jun 20 2017
  - update to criu 3.1:
    New features:
    * Each boolean option now has the --no-$option pair
    * RSS explorer in CRIT
    * Multiple plugins in compel
    * Run-time check of 32-mmap BUG on x86
    * C/R of 32-bit futex robust list on x86
    * Start time is improved significantly with kerndat cache
    * Sigaction image is merged into Core
    * Unneeded stages are skipped during restore
    * Restore w/o namespaces uses host /proc
    * Restore w/o namespaces doesn't parse host mounts (not needed)
    * Single-threaded tasks do not parse /proc/pid/task/ in vain
    * BFD engine is used for more /proc files
    * More verbosity in libsoccr
    * Fsnotify dump w/o namespaces doesn't walk mounts tree
    * Python bindings left zombie in self-dump mode
    * The last_pid sys-control was reset by restore
    * Threads caps were compared with mistake
    * make install put crit/pycriu to wrong place if DESTDIR was not set
    * Fsnotifies C/R w/o namespaces restored with errors
    * Inherited control terminal restore was failed (but dump succeeded)
  - update to criu 3.2:
    * Invisible files restore is de-serialized
    * VMAs restore performance is improved significantly
    - Mappings of the same file re-use the descriptor, not re-open it
      every time
    - Not-COW-ed mappings are restored in-place and are not mremmap()ed
    - Empty RO mappings are mmap()ed as such and thus not re-mprotect()ed
      at the end
    * More verbosity in case TCP locking fails (#292)
    * More verbosity in case VDSO magic mismatch
    * Restore or legacy epoll target descriptors and fsnotify marks is
      unified with common case
    * Restoring fanotify marks from old images (<1.3) dropped the mark
    * Binfmt_misc mount could be mounted into wrong place
    * Compilation failed with gcc 6.3.0 (#315)
    * Waiting helpers could race with sigchild handler and would result
      in restore failure
    * Missing VVAR page in 32bit tasks wasn't skipped and resulted in
      restore failure
    * After restore consumption of files is increased (was fixed as
      side effect of mmap optimization)
    * Deprecated separate images for fsnotify marks
  - Fix the installation of python stuff:
  - Fix the build for ppc64:
* Mon Apr 24 2017
  - update to criu 3.0:
    New features:
    * Compel library
    * Support for x86 32-bit arch
    * Version check via RPC
    * ASAN support
    * Force VDSO trampolines via fault injection
    * C/R of shutdown-ed UDP sockets
    * C/R of bind-mounts made from external mounts
    * SysVIPC shmem segments are now dumped as any other shmem
      (taking holes into account and sitting in common memory dumps)
    * CRIT show decodes socket's states and types and task's states
      into strings
    * CRIT show prints unix sockets names in more human-readable form
    * Unix sockets' names appeared in logs with mistakes
    * Contents of SysVIPC shmem segments was dumped twice
    * Dumping of any memory segment more than 4Gigs failed
    * Migration of unaligned SysvSHM segment on Armv7 failed
    * Exec action is removed, use compel instead
  - Create libcompel1 sub-package
* Fri Mar 31 2017
  - update to criu 2.12.1:
    * Content for external bind mounts was erroneously dumped, which
      could lead to dump failures or huuuge images
    * Unneeded collection of host mounts on restore could cause
      restore to fail
* Tue Mar 21 2017
  - update to criu 2.12:
    New features:
    * C/R of external TTYs (for Docker C/R)
    * Sanitized the way the -v works
    * Checking features via RPC crashed
    * Resting pipes in user-namespaces could fail on modern kernels
    * Shutdown state for UNIX sockets could be lost on restore
    * Dump of huge (over 2Gb) SysV shmem segments didn't work
* Tue Feb 28 2017
  - Update to criu 2.11:
    New features:
    * Added "pre-resume" to action scripts
    * New --status-fd option for better control of page server
    * C/R OFD file locks, RO root mount for mount namespaces
    * More strict checks for extra CLI options
    * Report errors when probing locks
    * Restorer logs now contain timestamps
    * Regression: v2.10 was broken on ARM
    * Use-after-free when restoring ghost directory
    * Array out-of-bound access when restoring VETH device
    * Page server exit code could be screwed up
    * Clang over-optimized string.h routines resulting in random
    * Parasite failed to send FDs via socket on Alpine Linux
    * Restore of huge file tables could get stuck
    * Restore of epoll in epoll could fail
    * Errno value could be lost when reporting failure to restore
      invisible files
    * Dump of sched params didn't work on Alpine
    * Restore of huge memory dumps (over 2G) failed
    * Installation guessed /lib vs /lib64 with errors
    * Migration between xsave and noxsave didn't work for wrong cpu
      feature being checked
  - Update to criu 2.11.1:
    * Page server start via RPC was broken
    * Fedora build didn't work
    * Ppc64LE restorer switch crashed
* Wed Jan 25 2017
  - Update to criu 2.10:
    New features:
    * C/R of SOCK_PACKET sockets
    * Libsoccr -- library for C/R of TCP sockets
    * Logs cleaned up (removed bunch of useless, fixed '\n' in
    * Action scripts errors are printed in logs
    * Removed several iovec-s copying over the pagemap code
    * Restore degraded linearly on Xen guests. Breakpoints disabled
      until solution
    * Py bindings fault on restore error delivery
    * Fd leaked on file restore error path
    * Fd leaked when restoring invisible files (gets closed with criu
      exit though)
    * Link remap restore could fail on kernels 4.8 and higher
    * Impossible to restore after restore error with link remap file
      in images
    * When going daemon a descriptor could be leaked
    * Custom setting of mmap_min_addr could make restore to fail
    * Sending pages over UNIX socket could race and fail with EAGAIN
    * Error getting ID of /proc/pid/ns/foo link not propagated and
      could result in bogus NS ID generated
  - Add libnet-devel to buildreq for dependency
* Mon Dec 12 2016
  - Update to criu 2.9:
    New features:
    * CRIU can now be built with clang on all supported architectures
    * Ignore missing sysctls on restore with --weak-sysctl
      C/R overmounted mountpoints
    * Batch restore of memory contents from pages.img files
    * Link-remap type for invisible files is explicit in images
      Man page for CRIT
    * C/R with --empty-ns still handled iptables configuration
    * SCM messages inside UNIX socket got lost after C/R (now dump
    * Empty unixsk.img file appeared when dumping tasks without unix
    * Install procedure wasn't PEP-394 compliant
    * CRIU blocking netfilter rules were added at the tail of the
      chain resulting in unlocked TCP connections
    * Dump/Restore spurious failures when open() returned 0 descriptor
    * When dumping shmem lots of zero pages were written into image
    * Ghost directory with more than zero ghost parents caused
      restore to fail
    * Shared mount could escape to different group on restore
* Mon Nov 14 2016
  - Update to criu 2.8:
    New features:
    * Ability to configure CRIU build
    * Show statistics on the screen with --display-stats
    * C/R of Mac-Vlan devices
    * x86 can now be built with clang
    * When dumping files useless garbage was sent with descriptors from
    * The clear_tid_address and regs are printed in hex with CRIT
    * Big code rework for compel (part 1)
    * Removed duplicate error messages from opening /proc files
    * Restoring cgroup NS could use old path prefix
    * criu check crashed on btrfs mounts
    * RO external mounts in userns couldn't be restored
    * Unmounted on host binfmt_misc could cause dump to fail
    * Off-by-one could cause criu crash when dumping shared / bind-mount
    * Mount namespace' roots could have flags changed on restore
    * Dying tasks could erroneously be tried to dump
    * Swapped shared memory pages were not dumped
    * Errno value can be sometimes spoiled by RPC
    * Restore of netns with newer iproute2 tool could fail
    * --ext-unix-sk, --veth-pair and --ext-mount-map, by --external
  - Set BINFMT_MISC_VIRTUALIZED config to build
* Tue Oct 18 2016
  - Update to criu 2.7:
    New features:
    * Option --cgroup-root now makes sense on dump too
    * CLOCK_BOOTTIME timer supported
    * Output of iptables command leaked into logs for no use
    * Helper dev environment installation script for Debian
    * Man-page updated and prettified :)
    * Unmounted binfmt_misc with rules wasn't dumped at all
    * Malloc() error could result in crash
    * Device cgroup restore could fail restoring empty record
    * Some entries in device cgroups were restored twice
    * Potential crash when dumping cgroup bindmounts
    * Sign error caused dump to fail on btrfs partitions
    * Shared mounts with the same mount path failed the dump
    * Threads were restored with unshared FS (cwd and root)
    * Shared memory changes tracking disabled (regression found)
    * Restore of autofs can hang
    * LSM profile propagation could be lost
    * Mountpoint with lots of options blocked the dump (too small
      buffer for parsing)
    * External slave mount (with external master) blocked the dump
    * Mounts with STRICTATIME restored with others flags dropped
    * No reg-file entry for TTYs
* Thu Sep 15 2016
  - Update to criu 2.6:
    New features:
    * Ability to leave process stopped after restore
    * Memory changes tracking for anonymous shared memory
    * Deprecation option/environment
    * First error message is reported back via RPC
    * C/R of More IPCNS sysctls, xIDs of PTYs, TMEM on PPC64LE
    * Use service FD for transport sockets on restore
    * Ability to turn pagemap-cache off (some kernels are buggy)
    * The criu --help text has become better
    * R/O-mounted root could block the dump
    * Restore of could fail
    * Cgroup fs bind mounts were detected with error
    * Unaligned futex-es in parasite could cause dump to crash
    * When compiled with gcc-4.9 parasite code crashed
    * Failure to freeze cgroup didn't result in aborting of dump
    * Wrong ns list was parsed when dumping userns (invisible
      since nesting works only for mntns)
    * Non-inheritable non-tty as stdin caused shell-job restore
      to erroneously fail Error path in criu dedup could crash
    * Per-pid rlimit, itimers and posix-timers
    * Separate image for epoll tfds (target file descriptors)
* Tue Aug 23 2016
  - Update to criu 2.5:
    New features:
    * C/R of fs.mqueue.msg*_default sysctls, Unix sockets with
      overwritten paths, and  Link-remap files in removed directories
    * Micro-optimization on namespace ID evaluation
    * Restoring shared files uses one socket instead of per-fd ones
    * More verbosity when refusing to dump a file descriptor
    * Restore could fail on openat() with ENXIO when multiple mnt
      namespaces get restored
    * The criu exec action got broken
    * Link-remap and ghost files remained on FS after restore failure
    * TCP window could remain clamped after restore resulting in
      connection lockup/slowdown
    * Dump could stuck when injecting a parasite
    * The --timeout option wasn't taken into account when freezing
      tasks using freezecg
    * Race in freezeing/seizing could result in lost tasks
    * Memory leaks here and there on error paths
    * Double free in xvstrcat (crash)
    * VDSO length was mis-calculated
    * Symlink on --root path could make restore erroneously fail
    * Potential memory corruption on reading mntns images
    * When restoring on systems with low pid_max limit restore could
    * RO-protected SysV shmem segments could be restored with
    * File mode of mapped file was evaluated with errors
    * Restore of cgroups' mem.swappines and ..use_hierarchy blocked
      sub-groups creation
    * Impossible to restore cgoup mem.swappines default value
    * Zombies living in orphan sessions/groups failed the restore
* Tue Jul 12 2016
  - Update to criu 2.4:
    New features:
    * Generate core from images
    * Ability to forcibly drop half-open TCP connections on C/R
    * Ability to specify cgroup ctls to dump via API
      Opened/mapped files' mode is compared between dump and restore
    * AutoFS mountpoints
    * New cgroups (perf_event, net_cls, net_prio and pids)
    * Memcgroup optional properties
    * Devices cgroup
    * Pagemap image entries are cached in memory
    * Configured kmem cgroup limit restore failed
    * Mem cgroup oom_control
    * Cgroup's pids.max was not C/R-ed
    * Failure to write cgroup property was ignored
    * No init PID in pre-dump action script
    * Sigactions inheritance didn't work on ARM
    * Opened "/proc" dir blocked the dump
    * Working with iptables was racy
    * Sibling mounts detection error on dump
    * Devconf accept_redirects devconf could be restored with errors
    * "All" devconfs could be overridden by "Default"
    * Name-less unix sockets got auto-bound
    * Mode was lost for PTY device file on restore
    * Newer protobuf compilers didn't recognize PB files
    * External mounts could be remounted with MS_PRIVATE
    * Build fail on Alpine Linux
    * Per-pid file locks images
    * Per-pid fdinfo images
    * Ancient pagemap/pages images
  - Enable builds on 32bit ARM
* Wed Jun 15 2016
  - Update to criu 2.3:
    New features
    * Ability not to show payload for some objects in CRIT
    * Pidfile is written at the end of restore
    * Ability to join existing namespaces on restore
    * C/R of Data sitting in TTYs, Partially write-protected SysVIPC
      segments, Debugfs and tracefs mounts, Overmounted tmpfs, IPv6
      devconf sysctls, External block devices, Unix sockets with
      mismatched shutdown state
    * Relaxed calculation of AIO ring size
    * Tree-based search of tasks by real pid
    * Less mem-to-mem copies on restore
    * Saner devconf image format
    * More verbose explanation of why task cannot be seized
    * PID is printed in PIE logs
    * Too many mmap-ed files blocked the dump
    * Potential memory corruption when working with IPv6 sockets
    * Overmounted bind mounts could cause restore to fail
    * Overmounted bind mounts could result in badly restored mount tree
    * Incomplete restoration of RO bind mounts options
    * Greedy mode of pagemap (non-root) caused dump to fail (disabled)
* Tue May 17 2016
  - Update to criu 2.2: mostly bugfixes
    New features:
    * "Post-resume" added to action scripts
    * Root task's PID in environment for action scripts
    * Devconfs drop_gratuitous_arp and drop_unicast_in_l2_multicast
    * Serial ttys
    * Lighter link-remaps restore on newer kernels
    * Race when restoring userns vs setting ns' maps
    * Tasks with zero fds failed the dump
    * Restore of TCP recv queue could fail due to kernel mem alloc
    * No errors were written to logs when launching helper
      (tar/iptables) app in userns restore
    * User-mode dumped no memory pages sometimes
    * Bind mounts considered not as bind sometimes
    * Two mounts in the same directory blocked the dump
    * Off-by in on /dev/tty{1,63} dumping
    * Forking of cgroupns task was done with screwed clone flags
    * Greedy mode of pagemap dumping (on some kernels we do not
      support user-mode)
    * Removed the --namespaces option
* Tue Apr 12 2016
  - Update to criu 2.1:
    New features:
    * Checking now classifies features to important/extra/experimental
    * Ability to bring some disk files into images.
    * C/R of Completed AIO requests and fallback gre and gretap net
    * Code coverage collecting now works
    * Use native rtnl library for netlink messages processing
    * Using --output - now results in stdout as log, not a file with
      the name "-"
    * Signals are printed by names in logs
    * Make tar generated tarbal with bad name
    * CG restore code lacked rollback in some places
    * Error code from raw syscalls was treated with errors resulting
      in wrong criu check reports
    * Dumping task with HUGE amount of file descriptors failed
    * Task could be stopped after pre-dump if respective option was used
    * A /proc/pid directory from dead process conflicting with a new
      alive one could cause dump to fail
    * Zombie from alien session/process group caused restore to fail
    * CGroup fs was wrongly mounted in CGNS on restore
    * Irmap scan was mis-checking devices numbers
    * Use-after-free in irmap scan
    * Btrfs bindmounts detection was mistaken due to 'subvol=' options
    * Propagation of mountpoint's shared groups was lost for
      propagated mounts
    * Unaligned allocations of restore shared memory could result in
      codedumps when used by futexes
    * Temporary mountpoints could result in spurious propagations
    * When aborting the dump criu could crash on use-after-free objects
    * Locking the network could stuck doing the DNS resolve
    * Several build fixes
    * The images from criu prior to 0.4 are deprecated
    * The --namespaces option makes no sense and is also deprecated
    * The --ms option for check action is deprecated
* Wed Mar 09 2016
  - Update to criu 2.0:
    New features:
    * New code layout for sub-projects (e.g. Compel)
    * Unprivileged dump
    * Dump/check cpuinfo support for PPC
    * Explorers for CRIT
    * Added "post-setup-namespaces" to action scripts
    * Added timeout for dump procedure (5 sec by default)
    * Ability to override LSM profile on restore with CLI/RPC option
    * External bind mounts can be fs-root mounts too
    * Skip netns' internals on dump and restore (for Docker integration)
    * Advanced support for external files
    * More C/R supports
    * Align parasite stack on 16 bits for correctness
    * Compilation with native libc syscall wrappers and helpers
    * Parasite code injection done via memfd system call
    * Make vaddr to pfn conversion with one less syscall
    * CRIT shows device numbers in "maj:min" manner
    * CRIT shows mmap's status in verbose
    * Docker files for builds on all supported arches
    * Absent readlink syscall on ARM (use readlinkat instead) could cause dump to fail
    * Wrong argument to timer_create system call could cause restore to crash
    * Extra tasks in freeze cgroup caused dump to fail/hand/crash
    * Unaligned restore-time object allocations caused lock operations to fail
    * Opened /proc/pid dir of dead task failed the dump
    * Unaligned stacks caused criu to fail on aarch64
    * Changed device numbers on restore side could cause random failures
    * Fixes in mount points sharing/slavery/propagation restore
    * Race between mntns creation and fds closing in different tasks could cause restore to fail
    * Hard kernel limit on TCP repair recv queue restore could cause big queue restore to fail
    * Unconnected dgram UNIX socket with data lost packets on restore
    * CRIT didn't show IPC objects
    * CRIT didn't convert IP addresses in images
    * Logs from PIE code contained corrupted addresses and sizes
    * Not loaded netfilter modules could cause dump/restore to stuck on dumping netlink socket
    * Shared external mounts were restored with error
    * When checking for namespaces' CRIU entered userns with host creds
    * Deprecated/removed:
    * Completely removed 'show' action. Use CRIT instead.
* Tue Dec 08 2015
  - Update to criu 1.8:
    * Ability to check CRIU features via RPC
    * Pre-dump and pre-restore action scripts
    * The "info" action in CRIT showing stats about image file
    * Python API
    * C/R of read-only bind mounts, IPv6 routes and iptables rules,
      ip rules (it ip tool supports such), ignore_routes_with_linkdown
      netns devconf, empty bridges in netns, FILTER mode of seccomp,
      and IP_FREEBIND socket option
    * Lots of fixes, two security fixes
      Service run as root could allow users to violate ptrace policies
      Service run as root could give users access to privileged files
      and directories
  - Remove superfluous dependencies
  - Clean up spec file, as systemd and logrotate supports have been
    officially dropped
* Thu Nov 19 2015
  - update to criu 1.7.1:
    Fixes in mounts, notifies and userns found while testing openvz
  - update to criu 1.7.2:
    Fixes for IPC in userns, venet C/R, socket buffers overflow and
    unix sockets name off-by-one
  - Add the package dependency on python-protobuf
* Fri Sep 11 2015
  - Disable systemd service as a temporary workaround for possibile
    security issues (CVE-2015-5228, CVE-2015-5231, bsc#943105)
  - Update to criu 1.7:
    * Improved cgroups management
    * Support for seccomp strict mode
    * Support for stream unix sockets inheritance
    * Support uid/gid-restricted mounts in userns
    * Support deleted bind-mounts
    * Ability to specify maximum ghost file size
    * OverlayFS support
    * Support relative unix sockets' bind paths
    * Altivec and PSX support for PPC
    * Small PIE loader
    * Temporary proc mountpoint is mounted with nosuid, noexec and nodev
    * Less memory copies when preparing restorer binary
    * CRIT action "show" for less keystrokes on common use-case
    * Fsnotify log messages now use hex everywhere :)
    * CRIT output doesn't mix fields any more
    * Many fixes
  - Drop obsoleted patches:
* Fri Jul 31 2015
  - Fix version in criu.pc file.
* Mon Jun 01 2015
  - update to version 1.6:
    * PowerPC 64bit LE support
    * Makefile.local for 3-rd party build rules
    * Ability to "enable" filesystem on dump (--enable-fs)
    * Ability to skip mountpoint on dump (--skip-mnt)
    * Prepare to deprecate "criu show" command
    * External mounts auto-detection
    * /dev/tty (current terminal) support
    * Netdev and netns (all/default) confs C/R
    * Images v1.1 with extra magic at head
    * Support fusectl (only ctl) mountpoint
    * Sub-version format is now as of git-describe
    * Apparamor labels C/R support
  - Fix library path for aarch64 and ppc64le
  - Fix the prototype for lsm.c (to fix build errors):
  - Refreshed crit-install-prefix.diff
* Tue Apr 28 2015
  - update to version 1.5.2:
    * fix error in mutli-threaded tasks restore with --restore-sibling
      (Docker and LXC cases)
    * fix too big RPC messages error for service (and swrk)
* Tue Apr 07 2015
  - Fix build failure on FACTORY due to comment-in-comment in
  - update to version 1.5.1:
    * fix crash with 4.0 kernel
    * legalize swrk API and add the ability for inheriting fds via it
    * cgroup yard destruction and properties restore
* Fri Mar 13 2015
  - update to version 1.5: New features
    * CRIT tool
    * ability to request CPU compatibility on instructions level only
    * C/R of empty AIO rings
    * more detailed errno report via RPC
    * per-feature "criu check"
    * inheriting FDs on restore
    * ability to automatically move veth device to host-side bridge
      on netns restore
    * VT terminals support
    * more user namespaces C/R stuff
    See more details at
  - fix installation of crit:
* Mon Dec 01 2014
  - update to version 1.4: New features:
    * Dump and check cpuinfo
    * Initial support for user namespaces
    * The script for Docker
    * New API for writing plugins (old one is still possible)
    * Service workers change their title to better look in ps output
    * Ability to feed socket for pre-dump and page-server in swrk mode
    * Page-server can auto-bind its port
    * Ability to perform several actions during one connection to RPC service
    * C/R of opened /proc/$pid/foo files of dead tasks
    * C/R of /dev/console
    * C/R of virtualized devtmpfs (openvz and future upstream kernels)
    * C/R of empty mqueue fs (posix message queues)
    * C/R of shared bind-mounts
    See more details at



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