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conman-0.3.0-1.42 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.3 for aarch64

Name: conman Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15
Version: 0.3.0 Vendor: SUSE LLC <>
Release: 1.42 Build date: Sat Jun 6 03:32:32 2020
Group: System/Console Build host: ibs-centriq-5
Size: 636830 Source RPM: conman-0.3.0-1.42.src.rpm
Summary: The Console Manager
ConMan is a serial console management program designed to support a large
number of console devices and simultaneous users.  It supports:
  - local serial devices
  - remote terminal servers (via the telnet protocol)
  - IPMI Serial-Over-LAN (via FreeIPMI)
  - Unix domain sockets
  - external processes (eg, using Expect for telnet/ssh/ipmi-sol connections)

Its features include:
  - logging (and optionally timestamping) console device output to file
  - connecting to consoles in monitor (R/O) or interactive (R/W) mode
  - allowing clients to share or steal console write privileges
  - broadcasting client output to multiple consoles






* Wed Jun 12 2019
  - BuildRequire pkgconfig(systemd) instead of systemd: allow OBS to
    shortcut the build queues by allowing usage of systemd-mini
* Tue Sep 25 2018
  - Update to conman-0.3.0 (2018-09-15): (jsc#SLE-8514)
    * Fixed slow connects to Unix socket consoles triggered from
      inotify. (#28,#29).
    * Obsoletes: Reset-delay-for-unixsock-connect-from-inotify.patch
* Sat Sep 22 2018
  - Add Requires(post): %fillup_prereq sed.
* Thu Aug 23 2018
  - Update to version 0.2.9:
    - Allowed IPMI defaults to be overridden via libipmiconsole.conf. (#27)
    - Updated recognized strings for IPMI workaround-flags (FATE#326641).
* Thu Aug 23 2018
  - Replace
    Upstream chose to fix bsc#1101647 slightly differently.
* Wed Jul 18 2018
  - If-connect-fails-let-other-side-accept-connection-and-come-back.patch:
    Make sure conmand connects to a newly created UNIX socket with
    minimal delay. The implementation uses inotify, however this triggers
    when the other side bind()s to the socket, however a connection is
    not possible until the other side calls listen().
    Thus if the connection fails, reset the poll() timeout to return to
    connect() as soon as possible (bsc#1101647).
  - Support %license in a backward compatible way.
* Thu Mar 08 2018
  - Do not look for the ttyS* group - it should be dialout
    always (boo#1084571).
  - Fix shebang - remove /usr/bin/env.
* Fri Feb 16 2018
  - Add the conman user to the group of the ttyS* devices
  - Only update config file for new user once, save backup
* Wed Jan 10 2018
  - Fix conman for non-root user:
    * create rundir
    * create logdir
    * set user/group only when set to non-root
    * fix rundir and logdir in config file on update (boo#1081217).
* Thu Nov 23 2017
  - Replace references to /var/adm/fillup-templates with new
    %_fillupdir macro (boo#1069468)
* Mon Oct 09 2017
  - Set usr/group for conman to root/root on SLE12 for backward
* Fri Oct 06 2017
  - Updated to version 0.2.8:
    * Changed project homepage to <>. (#21)
    * Changed conman.conf default loopback setting to ON.
    * Changed rpm spec file from sysvinit to systemd.
    * Added 'server nofile' config directive to increase NOFILE limit. (#17)
    * Added '-P' cmdline opt to daemon for specifying pidfile. (#20)
    * Added test console device to aid in development and testing.
    * Fixed telnet option negotiation loop. (#9)
    * Fixed arbitrary limit on number of IPMI SOL consoles. (#15)
    * Fixed 4-character limit on timezones. (#16)
    * Fixed 1-second delay when connecting the client to a console.
    * Fixed UDS console reconnect delay to use exponential timeout.
    * Fixed UDS console reconnect delay to require min connect time before reset.
    * Fixed UDS console resource leak of pathname during config processing.
    * Fixed all gcc, clang, and Coverity Scan warnings.
    * Improved scalability of daemon.
* Mon Aug 14 2017
  - Enable tcpwrappers on all platforms by default.
  - Fix systemd-specific conditionals in spec file.
  - Remove Provides: group/user(): these are only
    used by conman, there is no intention to provide
    them to other packages.
* Sat Jun 03 2017
  - conman service configured to start as conman:conman user
* Fri Jun 02 2017
  - conman-suse-fix-expect-scripts.patch:
    Fixed ssh expect script for SUSE-specific output.
* Mon May 08 2017
  - conman.conf: make differences between openSUSE and SLES explicit.
* Sat Feb 18 2017
  - Replace unnecessary %__ macro indirections
* Wed Feb 15 2017
  - Cleaned up spec file: add generic defines to the top.
* Tue Jan 17 2017
  - Removed stray file.
  - Conditionalized support for freeipmi to distro version.
  - Set use of tcpwrappers to 'off' by default.
  - Fixed build for pre-systemd versions.
* Wed Jan 04 2017
  - Removed %clean section.
* Mon Nov 21 2016
  - List directories under /lib explicitely to avoid conflicts
    with directories for debuginfo.
* Mon Nov 14 2016
  - Call %fillup_only without -d parameter. Otherwise, it installed
    the file into /etc/sysconfig/%{2}/conman because none subdir was
    not defined.
* Mon Nov 07 2016
  - Initial packaging of conman v 0.2.7.



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