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RPM of Group System/X11/Utilities

appres-1.0.4-1.22 Utility to list the resource database of an X application linux/aarch64
argyllcms-1.9.2-bp153.1.15 ICC compatible color management system linux/aarch64
argyllcms-doc-1.9.2-bp153.1.15 Argyll CMS documentation linux/aarch64
autocutsel-0.10.0-1.17 Clipboard / Cutbuffer management helper linux/aarch64
bdfresize-1.5-2.18 A Tool for Resizing BDF Format Fonts linux/aarch64
bdftopcf-1.1-1.16 Font compiler for the X server and font server linux/aarch64
beforelight-1.0.5-bp153.1.16 Sample implementation of a screen saver for X servers linux/aarch64
bitmap-1.0.8-bp153.1.16 X bitmap editor and converter utilities linux/aarch64
compton-0.1.0-bp153.1.169 A compositor for X11 linux/aarch64
devilspie2-0.43-1.39 A window matching utility linux/aarch64
editres-1.0.6-1.17 Dynamic resource editor for X Toolkit applications linux/aarch64
elektra-qt-gui-0.8.20-bp153.1.27 Hierarchical key-value pair tree configuration gui linux/aarch64
florence-0.6.3-bp153.1.17 Extensible scalable on-screen virtual keyboard linux/aarch64
fonttosfnt-1.1.0-1.9 Utility to wrap a bitmap font in a sfnt (TrueType) wrapper linux/aarch64
fslsfonts-1.0.5-bp153.1.16 Utility to list fonts served by X font server linux/aarch64
fstobdf-1.0.6-bp153.1.16 Program to read a font from an X font server linux/aarch64
gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders-2.40.0-3.3.1 Utility to create a cache of gdk-pixbuf loaders linux/aarch64
gdk-pixbuf-thumbnailer-2.40.0-3.3.1 System helper creating thumbnails linux/aarch64
glmark2-0.0+git.20180208-bp153.1.17 OpenGL 2.0 and ES 2.0 benchmark linux/aarch64
gnome-logs-3.34.0-1.61 GNOME System Log Viewer linux/aarch64
hourglass-1.1.1-bp153.1.19 Clock gadget for Elementary OS linux/aarch64
ibus-typing-booster-2.8.3-bp153.1.16 An input completion utility linux/aarch64
iceauth-1.0.7-1.23 Utility to edit and display the ICE authorization information linux/aarch64
ico-1.0.5-bp153.1.16 Simple animation program used for testing X11 operations and extensions linux/aarch64
ikona-0.7.1-bp153.1.18 Icon Preview designed for Plasma linux/aarch64
jgmenu-4.2.1-bp153.1.17 Small X11 menu intended to be used with openbox and tint2 linux/aarch64
lbxproxy-1.0.3-bp153.1.15 Low BandWidth X proxy linux/aarch64
libflorence-1_0-1-0.6.3-bp153.1.17 Library files for florence linux/aarch64
libinput-tools-1.10.5-1.21 Utilities to display libinput configuration linux/aarch64
libstartup-notification-1-0-0.12-2.17 Reference Implementation for the Startup-Notification Protocol linux/aarch64
light-locker-1.7.0-bp153.1.17 A simple locker using LightDM linux/aarch64
listres-1.0.4-bp153.1.16 Utility to list X resources in widgets linux/aarch64
luit-20150706-1.26 Locale and ISO 2022 support for Unicode terminals linux/aarch64
lxqt-sudo-0.16.0-bp153.1.17 GUI frontend for sudo linux/aarch64
mkcomposecache-1.2.1-bp153.1.17 Utility to create Compose cache files linux/aarch64
mkfontdir-1.0.7-1.20 Utility to create index of X font files linux/aarch64
mkfontscale-1.1.2-1.23 Utility to create index of scalable font files for X linux/aarch64
nitrogen-1.5.2-bp153.1.18 A background browser and setter for X windows linux/aarch64
notify-osd-0.9.35~bzr20160415-bp153.1.18 Streamlined Notification Daemon linux/aarch64
nvdock-1.02-bp153.1.16 Tray icon for launching NVIDIA Settings linux/aarch64
oclock-1.0.4-bp153.1.16 Simple round analog clock linux/aarch64
onboard-1.4.1-7.11 Simple on-screen Keyboard linux/aarch64
opensuse-welcome- Welcome utility for openSUSE linux/aarch64
oyranos-monitor-0.9.6-bp153.1.51 Oyranos Monitor Tools linux/aarch64
oyranos-profile-graph-0.9.6-bp153.1.51 Profile 2D graph tool linux/aarch64
picom-7.4+159.g9a88d97-bp153.1.16 Stand-alone compositor for X11 linux/aarch64
proxymngr-1.0.4-bp153.1.15 X proxy manager service linux/aarch64
putty-0.74-bp153.1.19 SSH client with optional GTK-based terminal emulator frontend linux/aarch64
qtxdg-tools-3.6.0-1.11 Tools for QtXdg linux/aarch64
redshift-1.11-bp153.1.17 Adjusts the color temperature of your screen linux/aarch64
redshift-gtk-1.11-bp153.1.17 Gtk frontend for redshift linux/aarch64
rendercheck-1.5-1.19 Program to test a Render extension implementation linux/aarch64
rfb-0.6.1-bp153.1.14 heXoNet RFB (remote control for the X Window System) linux/aarch64
rfbplaymacro-0.2.2-bp153.30.16 Replays VNC macros linux/aarch64
rfbproxy-1.1.0-bp153.1.16 Record or play back a VNC session linux/aarch64
rgb-1.0.6-1.22 X color name database linux/aarch64
root-tail-1.2-bp153.1.16 Print Text Directly to the X Window System Root Window linux/aarch64
rstart-1.0.5-bp153.1.17 Sample implementation of a Remote Start client linux/aarch64
sakura-3.5.0-bp153.1.19 Terminal Emulator based on the VTE Library linux/aarch64
sawfish-pager-0.90.4-bp153.1.17 Pager for Sawfish window manager linux/aarch64
sax3-0.1.2-bp153.1.17 A Graphical Configuration Tool for X linux/aarch64
screen-message-0.23-bp153.1.17 Displays a short text fullscreen linux/aarch64
screengrab-1.101-bp153.1.22 Qt tool for creating screenshots linux/aarch64
sessreg-1.1.1-1.23 Utility to manage utmp/wtmp entries for X sessions linux/aarch64
setxkbmap-1.3.1-1.24 Utility to change the keyboard layout in X linux/aarch64
shared-mime-info-1.12-1.26 Shared MIME Database linux/aarch64
shellementary-0.2.0-bp153.1.24 EFL GUI application similar to zenity/kdialog linux/aarch64
showfont-1.0.5-bp153.1.16 Font dumper for X font server linux/aarch64
simplescreenrecorder-0.4.1-bp153.1.26 A feature-rich screen recorder that supports X11 and OpenGL linux/aarch64
sisctrl-0.0.20051202-bp153.1.15 SiS Display Control Panel linux/aarch64
smproxy-1.0.6-bp153.1.16 X Session Manager Proxy linux/aarch64
synergy-1.9.1-bp153.1.19 Mouse, keyboard and clipboard sharing utility linux/aarch64
tint2-16.2-bp153.1.17 A lightweight X11 desktop panel and task manager linux/aarch64
transset-20040120-bp153.1.16 Simple program to make windows transparent linux/aarch64
twm-1.0.10-bp153.1.16 Tab Window Manager for the X Window System linux/aarch64
ucm-0.3-bp153.1.16 Unicode Font Viewer linux/aarch64
unclutter-8-bp153.1.16 Remove the idle cursor image from the screen linux/aarch64
urxvt-font-size-1.1-bp153.1.14 Extension for rxvt-unicode that allows changing the font size on the fly linux/aarch64
urxvt-perls-2.2-bp153.1.14 Perl extensions for the rxvt-unicode terminal emulator linux/aarch64
usbauth-notifier-1.0-bp153.1.17 Notifier for USB Firewall to use with desktop environments linux/aarch64
viewres-1.0.4-1.18 Graphical class browser for Xt linux/aarch64
vncmanager-1.0.2-4.6.1 Session manager for VNC linux/aarch64
vncmanager-controller-1.0.1-1.92 Configuration application for VNC session linux/aarch64
vncmanager-greeter-1.0.0-1.48 Greeter for VNC session manager linux/aarch64
wmctrl-1.07-bp153.1.15 Command line tool to interact with an EWMH/NetWM compatible X Window Manager linux/aarch64
wmutils-1.5-bp153.1.1 Set of tools for X windows manipulation linux/aarch64
x11perf-1.6.0-1.20 Utility to test X11 server performance linux/aarch64
x11vnc-0.9.16-bp153.1.13 VNC Server for Real X Displays linux/aarch64
x11vnc-frontend-0.9.16-bp153.1.13 Simple GUI Frontend to x11vnc linux/aarch64
x2x-1.30_beta-bp153.1.14 X Window System Display Remote Control linux/aarch64
xauth-1.0.10-1.24 Utility to edit and display the X authorization information linux/aarch64
xautolock-2.2-bp153.1.16 An automatic X screen-locker/screen-saver linux/aarch64
xautomation-1.09-bp153.1.16 Control X from the command line for scripts linux/aarch64
xbacklight-1.2.1-1.19 Utility to adjust the screen backlight brightness linux/aarch64
xbanish-0.0+git20140806.5c0aed7-bp153.1.16 Banish the mouse cursor when typing, show it again when the mouse moves linux/aarch64
xbiff-1.0.3-bp153.1.16 Utility to monitor a mailbox linux/aarch64
xbindkeys-1.8.6-bp153.1.16 Events Grabbing Program for X-Window linux/aarch64
xcalc-1.0.6-bp153.1.16 Scientific calculator for X linux/aarch64
xcalib-0.9.0-bp153.1.18 Load ICC profile calibration part to graphics card linux/aarch64
xcape-1.2-bp153.1.11 Use a modifier key as another key linux/aarch64
xcb-2.5-bp153.1.14 X11 cut&paste utility linux/aarch64
xclip-0.13-bp153.1.19 Command Line Interface to the X11 Clipboard linux/aarch64
xclipboard-1.1.3-bp153.1.16 X clipboard client linux/aarch64
xclock-1.0.7-1.18 Analog / digital clock for X linux/aarch64
xcm-0.5.4-bp153.1.21 X Color Management tools linux/aarch64
xcmsdb-1.0.5-bp153.1.16 Device Color Characterization utility for X Color Management System linux/aarch64
xcolors-91.10.4-bp153.1.14 Displays colors defined in rgb.txt linux/aarch64
xcompmgr-1.1.7-bp153.1.16 Compositing manager for X servers linux/aarch64
xconsole-1.0.7-1.24 Utility to monitor system console messages with X linux/aarch64
xcursorgen-1.0.6-1.23 Utility to create an X cursor file from a collection of PNG images linux/aarch64
xdbedizzy-1.1.0-bp153.1.16 Demo of X11 Double Buffer Extension linux/aarch64
xditview-1.0.4-bp153.1.16 Utility to display ditroff output linux/aarch64
xdm-1.1.11-13.9.1 X Display Manager linux/aarch64
xdm-xsession-1.1.11-13.9.1 User/System Xsession Desktop File linux/aarch64
xdotool-3.20160805.1-bp153.1.17 Fake keyboard/mouse input linux/aarch64
xdpyinfo-1.3.2-1.24 Utility to display information about an X server linux/aarch64
xdriinfo-1.0.6-bp153.1.16 Query configuration information of DRI drivers linux/aarch64
xedit-1.2.2-bp153.1.16 Simple text editor for X linux/aarch64
xev-1.2.2-1.21 Utility to print contents of X events linux/aarch64
xeyes-1.1.1-1.18 A follow the mouse X demo linux/aarch64
xf86dga-1.0.3-bp153.1.16 Test program for the XFree86-DGA extension linux/aarch64
xfd-1.1.2-1.18 Utility to display all the characters in an X font linux/aarch64
xfindproxy-1.0.4-bp153.1.14 Utility to locate proxy services linux/aarch64
xfontsel-1.0.5-1.18 Utility to display X11 font names linux/aarch64
xfs-1.2.0-bp153.1.15 X font server linux/aarch64
xfsinfo-1.0.5-bp153.1.16 X font server information utility linux/aarch64
xfwp-1.0.3-bp153.1.14 X firewall proxy linux/aarch64
xgamma-1.0.6-1.24 Utility to alter a monitor's gamma correction through the X server linux/aarch64
xgc-1.0.5-bp153.1.16 X graphics demo linux/aarch64
xgrabsc-2.41-bp153.1.16 A Screen Grabber for the X Window System linux/aarch64
xhost-1.0.7-1.29 Utility to control X server access linux/aarch64
xiccd-0.2.4-bp153.1.15 X11 ICC Daemon linux/aarch64
xinit-1.4.0-6.17 X Window System initializer linux/aarch64
xinput-1.6.2-1.24 Utility to configure and test X input devices linux/aarch64
xkbcomp-1.4.1-1.9 Utility to compile XKB keyboard description linux/aarch64
xkbevd-1.1.4-1.18 XKB event daemon linux/aarch64
xkbprint-1.0.4-1.18 Utility to print an XKB keyboard description linux/aarch64
xkbutils-1.0.4-1.18 Collection of small utilities utilizing the X11 XKeyboard extension linux/aarch64
xkeycaps-2.46-bp153.1.16 A graphical frontend for "xmodmap" linux/aarch64
xkill-1.0.4-1.18 Utility to kill a client by its X resource linux/aarch64
xli-1.17+git20170726.0bb4fb4-1.26 X11 Image Loading Utility linux/aarch64
xload-1.1.3-bp153.1.16 X utility to display system load average linux/aarch64
xlockmore-5.54-bp153.1.18 Screen Saver and Locker for the X Window System linux/aarch64
xlogo-1.0.4-1.18 X Window System logo linux/aarch64
xlsatoms-1.1.2-1.18 Utility to list interned atoms defined on an X11 server linux/aarch64
xlsclients-1.1.3-1.18 Utility to list client applications running on a X11 server linux/aarch64
xlsfonts-1.0.5-1.18 Utility to list fonts available from an X server linux/aarch64
xmag-1.0.6-1.26 Screen magnifier linux/aarch64
xman-1.1.4-bp153.1.16 Manual page display program for the X Window System linux/aarch64
xmessage-1.0.4-1.25 Utility to display a message or query in a window linux/aarch64
xmh-1.0.3-bp153.1.16 Graphical user interface to send and read mail with MH linux/aarch64
xmodmap-1.0.9-1.24 Utility to modify keymaps and pointer button mappings in X linux/aarch64
xmore-1.0.2-bp153.1.16 Plain text display utility for X linux/aarch64
xorgxrdp-0.2.11-1.62 Xorg drivers for xrdp linux/aarch64
xosd-2.2.14-bp153.1.20 X On-Screen Display library linux/aarch64
xplsprinters-1.0.1-bp153.1.16 Utility to list Xprint printers linux/aarch64
xpr-1.0.5-bp153.1.16 Utility to print an X window dump linux/aarch64
xprehashprinterlist-1.0.1-bp153.1.16 Utility to recompute list of available printers linux/aarch64
xprintidle-0.2-bp153.1.16 Utility to print user's idle time in X linux/aarch64
xprompt-91.9.28-bp153.1.14 Small tool for prompting users linux/aarch64
xprop-1.2.2-1.24 Property displayer for X linux/aarch64
xrandr-1.5.0-2.19 Primitive command line interface to RandR extension linux/aarch64
xrdb-1.1.0-3.4.1 X server resource database utility linux/aarch64
xrdp- Remote desktop protocol (RDP) server linux/aarch64
xrefresh-1.0.5-1.23 Utility to refresh all or part of an X screen linux/aarch64
xrestop-0.4-1.20 Utility to monitor server resources used by X11 clients linux/aarch64
xrx-1.0.4-bp153.1.14 X Remote eXecution linux/aarch64
xscope-1.4.1-1.17 Utility to monitor X11/Client conversations linux/aarch64
xsel-1.2.0-bp153.1.17 Command-line Program for Getting and Setting the Contents of the X Selection linux/aarch64
xselection-1.6.1-bp153.1.14 Manipulate the XSelection linux/aarch64
xsession-1.1-bp153.1.16 A session manager linux/aarch64
xset-1.2.3-2.17 User preference utility for X linux/aarch64
xsetmode-1.0.0-1.18 Utility to set the mode for an X Input device linux/aarch64
xsetpointer-1.0.1-1.18 Utility to set an X Input device as the main pointer linux/aarch64
xsetroot-1.1.1-1.24 Utility to set X root window parameter linux/aarch64
xsettingsd-0.0+git20171105-bp153.1.16 Provides settings to X11 applications linux/aarch64
xsm-1.0.4-bp153.1.16 X Session Manager linux/aarch64
xstdcmap-1.0.3-bp153.1.16 Utility to define standard colormap properties linux/aarch64
xterm-330-9.1 The basic X terminal program linux/aarch64
xterm-bin-330-9.1 The basic X terminal program linux/aarch64
xtexit-0.42-bp153.1.16 Prompt on exiting X linux/aarch64
xtrap-1.0.3-bp153.1.16 XTrap sample clients linux/aarch64
xvidtune-1.0.3-bp153.1.16 Video mode tuner for the X server linux/aarch64
xvinfo-1.1.3-1.18 Utility to print X-Video extension adaptor information linux/aarch64
xvkbd-3.8-bp153.1.16 Virtual Keyboard for the X Window System linux/aarch64
xwd-1.0.6-1.18 Utility to dump an image of an X window linux/aarch64
xwininfo-1.1.3-1.24 Window information utility for X linux/aarch64
xwud-1.0.5-bp153.1.16 Image displayer for X linux/aarch64
xxkb-1.11.1-bp153.1.16 A keyboard layout indicator and switcher linux/aarch64

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