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adriconf-1.7-bp153.1.17 Advanced DRI Configurator linux/aarch64
createrepo-0.10.4-bp153.1.12 Creates a Common Metadata Repository linux/aarch64
createrepo_c-0.15.4-lp153.1.33 RPM repository metadata generation utility linux/aarch64
deltarpm-3.6.1-3.19 Tools to Create and Apply deltarpms linux/aarch64
dpkg- Debian package management system linux/aarch64
flatpak-1.10.2-4.6.1 OSTree based application bundles management linux/aarch64
libzypp-17.25.10-3.36.1 Library for package, patch, pattern and product management linux/aarch64
libzypp-testsuite-tools-5.0.3-bp153.1.20 Package, Patch, Pattern, and Product Management - testsuite-tools linux/aarch64
microdnf-3.6.0-bp153.1.14 Lightweight implementation of DNF in C linux/aarch64
modulemd-validator-2.12.0-bp153.1.1 Tool for validating modulemd data linux/aarch64
pam_snapper-0.8.16-1.1 PAM module for calling snapper linux/aarch64
pkg-config-0.29.2-1.436 A library management system linux/aarch64
plasma5-pk-updates-0.3.2-bp153.1.28 Software Update Manager for Plasma linux/aarch64
rpm-4.14.1-29.46 The RPM Package Manager linux/aarch64
rpm-build-4.14.1-29.46 Tools and Scripts to create rpm packages linux/aarch64
rpm-ndb-4.14.1-29.2 The RPM Package Manager, ndb only version linux/aarch64
rpmlint-mini-1.10-lp153.2.86 RPM file correctness checker linux/aarch64
snapper-0.8.16-1.1 Tool for filesystem snapshot management linux/aarch64
snapper-testsuite-0.8.16-1.1 Integration tests for snapper linux/aarch64
snapper-zypp-plugin-0.8.16-1.1 A zypp commit plugin for calling snapper linux/aarch64
yum-3.4.3-bp153.2.8 RPM installer/updater linux/aarch64
yum-updatesd-3.4.3-bp153.2.8 YUM update notification daemon linux/aarch64
zypper-1.14.43-3.20.1 Command line software manager using libzypp linux/aarch64

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