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RPM of Group Productivity/Publishing/Other

MultiMarkdown-6-6.3.0-bp153.1.16 Reference implementation of MultiMarkdown linux/aarch64
abcm2ps-8.14.7-bp153.1.15 A program to typeset abc tunes into Postscript linux/aarch64
boomaga-1.3.0-bp153.1.19 Virtual Printer for Viewing a Document before Printing linux/aarch64
dpic-2017.08.01-bp153.1.16 Pic language processor linux/aarch64
font-specimen-20150202-bp153.1.15 Font Specimen Creator linux/aarch64
ft2demos-2.10.1-4.8.1 Freetype2 Utilities and Demo Programs linux/aarch64
ftbench-2.10.1-4.8.1 Run FreeType benchmarks linux/aarch64
ftdiff-2.10.1-4.8.1 Compare font hinting modes linux/aarch64
ftdump-2.10.1-4.8.1 Simple font dumper linux/aarch64
ftgamma-2.10.1-4.8.1 Screen gamma calibration helper linux/aarch64
ftgrid-2.10.1-4.8.1 Simple glyph grid viewer linux/aarch64
ftinspect-2.10.1-4.8.1 Shows how a font gets rendered by FreeType linux/aarch64
ftlint-2.10.1-4.8.1 Simple font tester linux/aarch64
ftmulti-2.10.1-4.8.1 Multiple masters font viewer linux/aarch64
ftstring-2.10.1-4.8.1 String viewer linux/aarch64
ftvalid-2.10.1-4.8.1 Layout table validator linux/aarch64
ftview-2.10.1-4.8.1 Simple glyph viewer linux/aarch64
gnome-books-3.32.0-bp153.1.36 An e-book manager application for GNOME linux/aarch64
libgxps-tools-0.3.0-4.3.29 Tools for rendering XPS documents linux/aarch64
lilypond-2.20.0-bp153.2.104 A typesetting system for music notation linux/aarch64
scribus- Page Layout and Desktop Publishing (DTP) linux/aarch64
source-highlight-3.1.8-bp153.1.19 Source Code Highlighter with Support for Many Languages linux/aarch64

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