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RPM of Group Productivity/Networking/Web/Servers

alevtd-3.107-bp153.1.18 HTTP server for Teletext pages linux/aarch64
apache-rpm-macros-20160120-bp153.1.20 Apache RPM Macros linux/aarch64
apache-rpm-macros-control-20151110-1.22 Apache RPM Macros linux/aarch64
apache2-2.4.43-3.17.1 The Apache Web Server linux/aarch64
apache2-event-2.4.43-3.17.1 Apache 2 event MPM (Multi-Processing Module) linux/aarch64
apache2-example-pages-2.4.43-3.17.1 Example Pages for the Apache 2 Web Server linux/aarch64
apache2-mod_auth_kerb-5.4-bp153.1.14 Kerberos Module for Apache linux/aarch64
apache2-mod_auth_openidc-2.3.8-lp153.2.1 Apache2.x module for an OpenID Connect enabled Identity Provider linux/aarch64
apache2-mod_authn_otp-1.1.8-bp153.1.14 Apache module for one-time password authentication linux/aarch64
apache2-mod_dnssd-0.6-bp153.1.15 Apache2 module for Zeroconf support via DNS-SD linux/aarch64
apache2-mod_encoding-0.0.20021209-bp153.1.14 Non-ASCII filename interoperability module for the Apache web server linux/aarch64
apache2-mod_evasive-1.10.1-bp153.1.14 Denial of Service evasion module for Apache linux/aarch64
apache2-mod_fcgid-2.3.9-bp153.1.14 Alternative FastCGI module for Apache2 linux/aarch64
apache2-mod_maxminddb-1.1.0-bp153.1.14 MaxMind DB Apache Module linux/aarch64
apache2-mod_mono-3.12-bp153.1.16 Run ASP.NET Pages on Unix with Apache and Mono linux/aarch64
apache2-mod_nss-1.0.17-3.3.1 SSL/TLS module for the Apache HTTP server linux/aarch64
apache2-mod_perl-2.0.11-bp153.1.15 Embedded Perl for Apache linux/aarch64
apache2-mod_php7-7.4.6-3.17.1 PHP7 module for the Apache 2.x webserver linux/aarch64
apache2-mod_security2-2.9.2-3.3.1 Web Application Firewall for apache httpd linux/aarch64
apache2-mod_uwsgi- uWSGI Module for Apache 2.0 linux/aarch64
apache2-mod_wsgi-4.5.18-2.27 A WSGI interface for Python web applications in Apache linux/aarch64
apache2-mod_wsgi-python3-4.5.18-2.27 A WSGI interface for Python3 web applications in Apache linux/aarch64
apache2-prefork-2.4.43-3.17.1 Apache 2 "prefork" MPM (Multi-Processing Module) linux/aarch64
apache2-utils-2.4.43-3.17.1 Apache 2 utilities linux/aarch64
apache2-worker-2.4.43-3.17.1 Apache 2 worker MPM (Multi-Processing Module) linux/aarch64
civetweb-1.14-bp153.1.1 A C/C++ web server linux/aarch64
civetweb-devel-1.14-bp153.1.1 Header files and development libraries for civetweb linux/aarch64
fcgiwrap-1.1.0+18+g99c942c-bp153.1.17 FastCGI wrapper for CGI scripts linux/aarch64
fcgiwrap-nginx-1.1.0+18+g99c942c-bp153.1.17 System services for using fcgiwrap with nginx linux/aarch64
govpn-server-7.5-bp153.1.61 Simple Virtual Private Network Server linux/aarch64
hiawatha-10.9-bp153.1.21 A secure and advanced webserver linux/aarch64
hiawatha-letsencrypt-10.9-bp153.1.21 Let's Encrypt script for the Hiawatha webserver linux/aarch64
icecast-2.4.3-bp153.1.18 Audio Streaming Server linux/aarch64
kuserfeedback-server-1.0.0-bp153.1.55 Server component of kuserfeedback linux/aarch64
libcivetweb-cpp1_14_0-1.14-bp153.1.1 Shared Object for applications that use civetweb embedded linux/aarch64
libcivetweb1_14_0-1.14-bp153.1.1 Shared Object for applications that use civetweb embedded linux/aarch64
libtcnative-1-0-1.2.23-3.3.1 JNI wrappers for Apache Portable Runtime for Tomcat linux/aarch64
libzmq5-4.2.3-3.15.4 Shared Library for ZeroMQ linux/aarch64
lighttpd-1.4.55-bp153.1.21 A Secure, Fast, Compliant, and Very Flexible Web Server linux/aarch64
lighttpd-mod_authn_gssapi-1.4.55-bp153.1.21 GSSAPI authentication in lighttpd linux/aarch64
lighttpd-mod_authn_ldap-1.4.55-bp153.1.21 LDAP authentication in lighttpd linux/aarch64
lighttpd-mod_authn_mysql-1.4.55-bp153.1.21 MySQL authentication in lighttpd linux/aarch64
lighttpd-mod_authn_pam-1.4.55-bp153.1.21 PAM authentication in lighttpd linux/aarch64
lighttpd-mod_authn_sasl-1.4.55-bp153.1.21 SASL authentication in lighttpd linux/aarch64
lighttpd-mod_cml-1.4.55-bp153.1.21 CML (Cache Meta Language) module for Lighttpd linux/aarch64
lighttpd-mod_magnet-1.4.55-bp153.1.21 A module to control the request handling in lighttpd linux/aarch64
lighttpd-mod_maxminddb-1.4.55-bp153.1.21 MaxMind GeoIP2 database support for Lighttp linux/aarch64
lighttpd-mod_mysql_vhost-1.4.55-bp153.1.21 MySQL based virtual hosts (vhosts) module for Lighttpd linux/aarch64
lighttpd-mod_rrdtool-1.4.55-bp153.1.21 Lighttpd module to feed rrdtool databases linux/aarch64
lighttpd-mod_trigger_b4_dl-1.4.55-bp153.1.21 Another anti hot-linking module for Lighttpd linux/aarch64
lighttpd-mod_vhostdb_dbi-1.4.55-bp153.1.21 DBI based virtual hosts module for Lighttpd linux/aarch64
lighttpd-mod_vhostdb_ldap-1.4.55-bp153.1.21 LDAP based virtual hosts module for Lighttpd linux/aarch64
lighttpd-mod_vhostdb_mysql-1.4.55-bp153.1.21 MySQL based virtual hosts module for Lighttpd linux/aarch64
lighttpd-mod_vhostdb_pgsql-1.4.55-bp153.1.21 PostgreSQL based virtual hosts module for Lighttpd linux/aarch64
lighttpd-mod_webdav-1.4.55-bp153.1.21 WebDAV module for Lighttpd linux/aarch64
php7-APCu-5.1.18-bp153.1.17 APCu - APC User Cache linux/aarch64
php7-gmagick-2.0.5RC1-bp153.1.17 Wrapper to the GraphicsMagick library linux/aarch64
php7-imagick-3.4.4-bp153.1.18 Wrapper to the ImageMagick library linux/aarch64
php7-lzf-1.6.7-bp153.1.17 LZF compression linux/aarch64
php7-maxminddb-1.6.0-bp153.1.17 PHP extension providing access to maxminddb databases linux/aarch64
php7-memcached-3.1.5-bp153.1.16 PHP MemcacheD client Extension linux/aarch64
php7-smbclient-1.0.0-bp153.1.20 A PHP wrapper for libsmbclient linux/aarch64
php7-uuid-1.1.0-bp153.1.16 PHP UUID support functions linux/aarch64
php7-xdebug-2.9.5-bp153.1.17 Extended PHP debugger linux/aarch64
spawn-fcgi-1.6.4-bp153.1.16 Spawn FastCGI applications independent of the webserver linux/aarch64
uwsgi- Application Container Server for Networked/Clustered Web Applications linux/aarch64
uwsgi-emperor_pg- PostgreSQL Emperor Plugin for uWSGI linux/aarch64
uwsgi-emperor_zeromq- ZeroMQ Emperor Plugin for uWSGI linux/aarch64
uwsgi-gevent- Gevent Plugin for uWSGI linux/aarch64
uwsgi-glusterfs- GlusterFS Plugin for uWSGI linux/aarch64
uwsgi-greenlet- Greenlet Plugin for uWSGI linux/aarch64
uwsgi-jvm- JVM Plugin for uWSGI linux/aarch64
uwsgi-ldap- LDAP Plugin for uWSGI linux/aarch64
uwsgi-libffi- Plugin libffi for uWSGI linux/aarch64
uwsgi-logzmq- ZMQ Logger for uWSGI linux/aarch64
uwsgi-lua- Lua Plugin for uWSGI linux/aarch64
uwsgi-pam- PAM Plugin for uWSGI linux/aarch64
uwsgi-php7- PHP7 Plugin for uWSGI linux/aarch64
uwsgi-psgi- PSGI Plugin for uWSGI linux/aarch64
uwsgi-pypy- PyPy Plugin for uWSGI linux/aarch64
uwsgi-python- Python Plugin for uWSGI linux/aarch64
uwsgi-python3- Python 3 Plugin for uWSGI linux/aarch64
uwsgi-sqlite3- SQLite3 Plugin for uWSGI linux/aarch64
uwsgi-xslt- XSLT Plugin for uWSGI linux/aarch64
zeromq-tools-4.2.3-3.15.4 Tools to work with ZeroMQ linux/aarch64

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