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RPM of Group Productivity/Networking/Diagnostic

argus- Network Monitoring Tool linux/aarch64
argus-client- Client for Network Monitoring Tool linux/aarch64
argus-server- Daemon for Network Monitoring Tool linux/aarch64
arping2-2.19-bp153.1.16 Layer-2 Ethernet pinger linux/aarch64
arpwatch-2.1a15-5.9.1 Keeps Track of Ethernet and IP Address Pairings linux/aarch64
arpwatch-ethercodes-build-2.1a15-5.9.1 Tool to create ethercodes.dat from meta data linux/aarch64
bing-1.0.5-3.3 A Point-to-Point Bandwidth Measurement Tool linux/aarch64
bittwist-2.0-bp153.1.16 A libpcap-based Ethernet packet generator linux/aarch64
cuishark-0.1.2-bp153.1.16 A protocol analyzer like a wireshark on CUI linux/aarch64
dhtest-1.5-bp153.1.16 A DHCP client simulation tool linux/aarch64
dropwatch-1.5.3-bp153.1.18 Kernel dropped packet monitor linux/aarch64
etherape-0.9.15-bp153.1.21 A Graphical Network Monitor linux/aarch64
ethtool-5.9-1.31 Utility for examining and tuning Ethernet-based network interfaces linux/aarch64
flowgrind-0.8.0-bp153.1.15 Network performance measurement linux/aarch64
fping-4.0-4.3.2 A program to ping multiple hosts linux/aarch64
horst-5.1-bp153.1.16 IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN analyzer linux/aarch64
hping-3.0.0_alpha_1-bp153.1.14 Command-line oriented TCP/IP packet assembler/analyzer linux/aarch64
ibsim-0.9-1.47 InfiniBand fabric simulator for management linux/aarch64
ibutils- OpenIB Mellanox InfiniBand Diagnostic Tools linux/aarch64
ibutils-ui- OpenIB Mellanox InfiniBand Diagnostic Tools linux/aarch64
icmpinfo-1.11-1.26 A Tool for Looking at ICMP Messages linux/aarch64
iftop-0.99.4-1.33 Real-Time Interface Bandwidth Usage linux/aarch64
infiniband-diags-31.0-2.14 InfiniBand Diagnostic Tools linux/aarch64
iperf-3.5-bp153.1.16 A tool to measure network performance linux/aarch64
iptraf-ng-1.1.4-bp153.1.15 TCP/IP Network Monitor linux/aarch64
kismet-2020_04_R3-bp153.1.109 An 802.11 Wireless Network Sniffer linux/aarch64
kismet-capture-freaklabs-zigbee-2020_04_R3-bp153.1.109 Kismet Freaklabs Zigbee capture helper linux/aarch64
kismet-capture-linux-bluetooth-2020_04_R3-bp153.1.109 Kismet Linux Bluetooth capture helper linux/aarch64
kismet-capture-linux-wifi-2020_04_R3-bp153.1.109 Kismet Linux WiFi capture helper linux/aarch64
kismet-capture-nrf-51822-2020_04_R3-bp153.1.109 Kismet nRF 51822 (BTLE) capture helper linux/aarch64
kismet-capture-nrf-mousejack-2020_04_R3-bp153.1.109 Kismet nRF MouseJack capture helper linux/aarch64
kismet-capture-nrf-nxp-kw41z-2020_04_R3-bp153.1.109 Kismet NXP KW41Z BTLE and Zigbee Sniffer capture helper linux/aarch64
kismet-capture-sdr-rtl433-2020_04_R3-bp153.1.109 Kismet SDR rtl433 capture helper linux/aarch64
kismet-capture-sdr-rtladsb-2020_04_R3-bp153.1.109 Kismet SDR rtladsb capture helper linux/aarch64
kismet-capture-sdr-rtlamr-2020_04_R3-bp153.1.109 Kismet SDR rtlamr capture helper linux/aarch64
kismet-capture-ti-cc-2531-2020_04_R3-bp153.1.109 Kismet TICC2531 802.15.4 Zigbee Sniffer capture helper linux/aarch64
kismet-capture-ti-cc2540-2020_04_R3-bp153.1.109 Kismet TI CC2540 (BTLE) capture helper linux/aarch64
kismet-logtools-2020_04_R3-bp153.1.109 Kismet logtools linux/aarch64
mcjoin-2.6-bp153.1.17 IPv4 tool for verifying multicast connectivity linux/aarch64
miltertest-1.6.0-bp153.1.21 Milter unit test utility linux/aarch64
mtr-0.92-bp153.1.20 Ping and Traceroute Network Diagnostic Tool linux/aarch64
mtr-gtk-0.92-bp153.1.20 Ping and Traceroute Network Diagnostic Tool linux/aarch64
nast-0.2.0-bp153.1.16 Packet sniffer and a LAN analyzer based on Libnet and Libpcap linux/aarch64
ncat-7.70-3.12.1 Network Tool to concatenate and redirect Sockets linux/aarch64
ndiff-7.70-3.12.1 Compare Results of Nmap Scans linux/aarch64
ndpmon-2.1.0-bp153.1.19 IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Protocol Monitor linux/aarch64
nemesis-1.6-bp153.1.17 TCP/IP Packet Injection Suite linux/aarch64
nethogs-0.8.5-1.34 Network Bandwidth Usage Monitor linux/aarch64
netsniff-ng-0.6.6-bp153.1.15 Network Sniffer for Packet Inspection linux/aarch64
nfdump-1.6.20-bp153.1.17 CLI tools to collect and process netflow data linux/aarch64
ngrep-1.46.1-bp153.1.14 Network grep linux/aarch64
nload-0.7.4-bp153.1.17 Monitors network traffic and bandwidth usage linux/aarch64
nmap-7.70-3.12.1 Portscanner linux/aarch64
nmapsi4-0.5_alpha1-bp153.1.17 A Graphical Front-End for Nmap linux/aarch64
nping-7.70-3.12.1 Compare Results of Nmap Scans linux/aarch64
omping-0.0.5-1.24 Utility to test IP multicast functionality linux/aarch64
p0f-3.09b-bp153.1.16 A versatile passive OS fingerprinting tool linux/aarch64
packETH-1.8.1-bp153.1.16 Packet generator tool for ethernet linux/aarch64
packit-1.7-bp153.1.12 Network injection and capture linux/aarch64
passwdqc-1.3.0-bp153.1.17 Tools for Password Checking and Generation linux/aarch64
pcapdump-0.18-bp153.1.14 Dump packets from the network linux/aarch64
pcapinfo-0.18-bp153.1.14 Prints detailed information about the network devices linux/aarch64
perftest-4.4-17.47 IB Performance tests linux/aarch64
pmacct-1.7.4p1-bp153.1.19 Accounting and aggregation toolsuite for IPv4 and IPv6 linux/aarch64
qperf-0.4.10-1.24 Measure socket and RDMA performance linux/aarch64
samplicator-1.3.8rc1+git.20171112-bp153.1.16 Tool to send copies of (UDP) datagrams to multiple receivers linux/aarch64
scamper-20191102b-bp153.1.15 Parallel Internet measurement utility linux/aarch64
sscep-0.7.0-bp153.1.16 A command line client for the SCEP protocol linux/aarch64
ssldump-0.9b3-bp153.1.16 SSLv3/TLS Network Protocol Analyzer linux/aarch64
sslscan-1.11.10-bp153.1.16 SSL cipher scanning tool linux/aarch64
tcpdump-4.9.2-3.15.1 A Packet Sniffer linux/aarch64
tcpflow-1.4.5-bp153.1.16 Reconstruct TCP streams from captured packets linux/aarch64
tcpreplay-4.2.6-bp153.1.16 Network analysis and testing tools linux/aarch64
uperf-1.0.7-bp153.1.1 Unified Network Performance Tool linux/aarch64
vnstat-1.17-bp153.1.18 Network Traffic Monitor linux/aarch64
vnstat-cgi-1.17-bp153.1.18 Graph Visualization CGI Script for vnstat linux/aarch64
wavemon-0.8.2-bp153.1.16 An ncurses monitoring application for wireless network devices linux/aarch64
wireshark-3.2.8-3.44.1 A Network Traffic Analyser linux/aarch64
wireshark-plugin-libvirt-7.1.0-4.1 Wireshark plugin for libvirt RPC protocol linux/aarch64
wireshark-ui-qt-3.2.8-3.44.1 A Network Traffic Analyser - Qt UI linux/aarch64
zenmap-7.70-3.12.1 A Graphical Front-End for Nmap linux/aarch64

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