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RPM of Group Productivity/Graphics/Bitmap Editors

gbdfed-1.6-bp153.1.16 A Gtk-based BDF Font Editor, Descendant of XmBDFed linux/aarch64
gimp-2.10.12-7.25 The GNU Image Manipulation Program linux/aarch64
gimp-plugin-aa-2.10.12-7.25 The GNU Image Manipulation Program -- ASCII-Art output plugin linux/aarch64
gimp-plugin-dds-3.0.1-bp153.1.23 Plugin for GIMP providing support for the DDS format linux/aarch64
gimp-plugin-gmic-2.9.7-bp153.1.2 GMIC plugin for gimp linux/aarch64
gimp-plugin-lqr-0.7.2-bp153.1.23 Content-aware resizing plug-in for GIMP linux/aarch64
gimp-plugins-python-2.10.12-3.3.7 The GNU Image Manipulation Program - python-gtk based plugins linux/aarch64
gimp-save-for-web-0.29.3-bp153.1.23 Save for Web plug-in for The Gimp linux/aarch64
gmic-2.9.7-bp153.1.2 GREYC's Magick for Image Computing (denoise and others) linux/aarch64
gmic-bash-completion-2.9.7-bp153.1.2 Bash completion for gmic linux/aarch64
gmic-zart-2.9.7-bp153.1.2 GMIC GUI for video streams linux/aarch64
kolourpaint-20.04.2-bp153.1.26 Paint Program linux/aarch64
krita-4.4.2-bp153.2.1 Digital Painting Application linux/aarch64
krita-plugin-gmic-2.9.7-bp153.1.2 GMIC plugin for krita linux/aarch64
libgmic1-2.9.7-bp153.1.2 Shared library that belongs to gmic linux/aarch64
mtpaint-3.40-bp153.1.16 Painting program for creating icons and pixel-based artwork linux/aarch64
pixmap-2.6-bp153.1.16 XPM Pixel Editor for the X Window System linux/aarch64
smillaenlarger-0.9.0+git.2017.11.21-bp153.1.16 A graphical tool to resize bitmaps in high quality linux/aarch64
tintii-2.10.0-bp153.1.18 Selective Colour Photo Filter linux/aarch64
tuxpaint-0.9.23-bp153.1.18 Drawing Program for Young Children linux/aarch64
tuxpaint-config-0.0.13-bp153.1.66 Configuration tool for Tux Paint linux/aarch64

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