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RPM of Group Productivity/Archiving/Compression

archivemount-0.8.7-bp153.1.17 Mounts an archive for access as a file system linux/aarch64
arj-3.10.22-bp153.1.43 Archiver for .arj files linux/aarch64
avfs-1.0.5-bp153.1.22 AVFS - an archive look-inside filesystem linux/aarch64
brotli-1.0.7-1.59 Lossless Compression Algorithm linux/aarch64
bsdtar-3.4.2-2.24 Utility to read several different streaming archive formats linux/aarch64
bzip2-1.0.6-5.11.1 A Program for Compressing Files linux/aarch64
clzip-1.10-bp153.1.14 Lossless Data Compressor based on LZMA linux/aarch64
fdupes-1.61-1.452 Identifying or deleting duplicate files linux/aarch64
file-roller-3.32.5-1.8 An Archive Manager for GNOME linux/aarch64
file-unpack-0.70-bp153.1.65 Command line tool to unpack anything linux/aarch64
gcab-1.1-1.15 Cabinet file library and tool linux/aarch64
gzip-1.10-3.11.1 GNU Zip Compression Utilities linux/aarch64
gzrt-0.8-bp153.1.16 Recover data from a corrupted gzip file linux/aarch64
lbzip2-2.5-bp153.2.14 Parallel bzip2/bunzip2 Filter linux/aarch64
lcab-1.0b12-bp153.1.17 Create cabinet (.cab) files linux/aarch64
lhasa-0.3.1-bp153.1.14 Program to unpack LHARC archives linux/aarch64
libwebp-tools-1.0.3-1.62 The WebP command line tools linux/aarch64
libzip-tools-1.5.1-1.9 Utilities from the libzip project linux/aarch64
lua51-zlib-1.1-bp153.1.16 Simple streaming interface to zlib for Lua linux/aarch64
lua53-zlib-1.1-bp153.1.16 Simple streaming interface to zlib for Lua linux/aarch64
lz4-1.9.2-1.40 Hash-based Predictive Lempel–Ziv compressor linux/aarch64
lzfse-1.0-bp153.1.16 Reference C implementation of the LZFSE compressor linux/aarch64
lzip-1.20-bp153.1.18 Lossless Data Compressor based on the LZMA Algorithm linux/aarch64
lziprecover-1.20-bp153.1.14 Utility to repair broken lzip files linux/aarch64
lzop-1.04-3.2.1 Dictionary-based LZ-type compressor favoring speed linux/aarch64
msitools-0.97-bp153.1.17 Tools to inspect and build Windows Installer (.MSI) files linux/aarch64
ncompress- LZW compression and decompression utilities linux/aarch64
optipng-0.7.7-bp153.1.19 A PNG File Compressor linux/aarch64
p7zip-16.02-14.5.1 7-zip file compression program linux/aarch64
p7zip-full-16.02-14.5.1 7z and 7za archivers that handle more types of archives than 7zr linux/aarch64
parzip-1.3.0-bp153.1.12 Parallel pkzip implementation linux/aarch64
pbzip2-1.1.13-bp153.1.16 Parallelized Implementation of bzip2 linux/aarch64
peazip-7.6.0-bp153.1.35 Graphical file archiver linux/aarch64
pigz-2.3.3-1.28 Multi-core gzip version linux/aarch64
pixz-1.0.6-1.13 Parallel, indexing version of XZ linux/aarch64
plzip-1.7-bp153.1.14 Parallel LZMA Data Compressor linux/aarch64
qpress-1.1-bp153.1.16 File archiver designed for speed linux/aarch64
rzip-2.1-bp153.1.14 A large-file compression program linux/aarch64
sharutils-4.15.2-2.21 GNU shar utilities linux/aarch64
tnef-1.4.17-bp153.1.16 Uncompress MS-TNEF Archives linux/aarch64
unmass-0.92-bp153.1.16 Tool to Extract Game Archives linux/aarch64
unshield-1.4.2-bp153.1.16 A Program to Extract InstallShield Cabinet Files linux/aarch64
unzip-6.00-4.8.13 A program to unpack compressed files linux/aarch64
unzip-doc-6.00-4.8.13 Documentation files for unzip linux/aarch64
unzix-0.4.0-bp153.1.15 Command-Line Program to Extract WinZix Archives linux/aarch64
xar-1.6.1-bp153.1.16 Extensible Archive Format Tools linux/aarch64
xdelta3-3.1.0-1.15 A diff utility which works with binary files linux/aarch64
xz-5.2.3-4.3.1 A Program for Compressing Files with the Lempel–Ziv–Markov algorithm linux/aarch64
zchunk-1.1.5-bp153.1.15 Compressed file format that allows easy deltas linux/aarch64
zip-3.0-2.22 File compression program linux/aarch64
zoo-2.10-1.29 Pack Program linux/aarch64
zopfli-1.0.1+git.20170707-bp153.1.16 GZip compatible compression utlity linux/aarch64
zpaq-7.15-bp153.1.17 A journaling, incremental, deduplicating archiver linux/aarch64
zstd-1.4.4-1.6.1 Zstandard compression tools linux/aarch64

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