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OpenImageIO- RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.3 for aarch64

Name: OpenImageIO Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP3
Version: Vendor: openSUSE
Release: bp153.1.1 Build date: Fri Apr 23 22:47:55 2021
Group: Productivity/Graphics/Other Build host: obs-arm-9
Size: 2369902 Source RPM: OpenImageIO-
Summary: Library for Reading and Writing Images
OpenImageIO is a library for reading and writing images, and a bunch of related
classes, utilities, and applications. There is a particular emphasis on formats
and functionality used in professional, large-scale animation and visual
effects work for film. OpenImageIO is used extensively in animation and VFX
studios all over the world, and is also incorporated into several commercial






* Wed Apr 14 2021
  - version update to
    * Fix build break when using gcc 10 (and some other modern gcc versions)
      but using C++11 compilation mode. #2930
    * CMake: don't use --config inappropriately (CMake 3.20 was broken for
      several of our helper build scripts for building dependencies). #2931
    * Be robust to OpenEXR 2.x installations where IlmBase and OpenEXR had
      separate sets of config files in different subdirectories. #2935
* Wed Apr 07 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - explicitly list pkgconfig and shared libs to avoid filesystem rpm
* Fri Mar 26 2021 Hans-Peter Jansen <>
  - Conditionalize ptex
* Sun Mar 21 2021 Hans-Peter Jansen <>
  - Update to version 2.2.12 (1 Mar 2021)
    + Bug fix: Improve parsing of XMP records in metadata: more
      correct handling
    + of lists/sequences, better inference of types that look like
      int or float
    + (rather than forcing unknown fields into strings), fixed bugs
      in parsing
    + rational values. #2865
    + Bug fix: Fix loading PSB files with cinf tags. #2877
    + Build: Improvements to building or linking static libraries.
    + Build: Change default STOP_ON_WARNING to OFF for release
    + (including this one) so that small change in compiler warnings
      after our
    + release don't break anybody's builds. (Though we still stop on
    + for CI builds). #2861
    + Build: More clear warnings about using OpenVDB 8+ when building
      for C++11,
    + because OpenVDB 8 requires C++14 or higher. #2860
    + Build: The pkgconfig OpenImageIO.pc was specifying the include
    + incorrectly. #2869
    + Build: More gracefully handle building against a custom
      Imath/OpenEXR even
    + when another exists in the system area. #2876
    + Build: Minor fixes to build cleanly against the upcoming Imath
      3.0. #2878
    + Dev: hash.h: Make many of the hash functions constexpr. #2843
    + Dev: Better unit tests to verify correctness and stability over
      time of
    + the hash functions. #2853
    + Dev: unordered_map_concurrent.h: New methods find_or_insert,
    + #2867
    + CI: Speed up CI builds by not building OpenEXR example
      programes. #2857
    + CI: Speed up CI by using GitHub 'cache' actions + ccache. #2859
    + CI: Separate stages (setup, deps, build, test) into separate
      GHA "steps"
    + for better logging and understanding of the timing and
      performance. #2862
    + CI: Now actively testing libheif in Linux CI. #2866
    + CI: Remove the last vestiges of Travis-CI, which we no longer
      use. #2871
    + CI: For failed tests, add CMake cache and log part of the saved
    + PSA: Avoid libheif 1.10 on Mac, it is broken. Libheif 1.11 is
  - Update to version 2.2.11 (1 Feb 2021)
    + Enabled AVIF decoding of heic files (requires libheif >= 1.7
      and for it
    + to have been built with an AV1 encoder/decoder). #2811 #2812
      [#2814] #2818
    + oiiotool --help now prints the OCIO version (where it prints
      the config
    + file and known color space). #2849
    + Bug fix: ImageBufAlgo::ociolook() and ociofiletransform()
    + reversed the order of their inverse and unpremult arguments,
      making it
    + hard to select the inverse transformation. #2844
    + Fix memory leak during decoding of some invalid Exif blocks.
    + Build: Fixed warnings when building against python 2.x. #2815
    + Build: No longer directly link against python libraries when
    + #2807
    + Build: Better finding of OpenJpeg 2.4. #2829
    + Build: On Windows, fix some linkage problems by changing the
    + bindings to make a CMake "shared" library rather than "module".
    + wrong, but seems to work. We will reverse if this causes
      problems. #2830
    + Build: On Mac, libheif 1.10 is very broken. Don't use that
      version. #2847
    + Build: Fix build break against changes coming in future
      libtiff, where it
    + is changing from some libtiff-defined integer types to the
    + stdint.h types. #2848
    + Build: Some final touches to prepare for release of OpenColor
      2.0. #2849
    + Build: Fixes to support the libraw 202101 snapshot (their in-
    + 0.21.0). #2850
    + CI: Got Windows CI fully working, bit by bit. #2796 #2805 #2821
    + #2834 #2835 #2836 #2840
    + Dev: Some internal rearrangement of span.h and string_view.h
      (that should
    + not break source or ABI compatibility). std::size() and
    + should work with OIIO::span and OIIO::string_view now. #2827
    + Dev: ustring internals now have a way to ask for the list of
    + whose hashses collided. #2786
    + Dev: New Filesystem::generic_filepath() returnss a filepath in
    + format (not OS specific). #2819
    + Dev: ArgParse::abort() lets the response to a command line
      argument signal
    + that no further arguments should be parsed. #2820
    + Dev: In oiioversion.h, added macros OIIO_VERSION_GREATER_EQUAL
    + OIIO_VERSION_LESS. #2831
    + Dev: In platform.h, added macro OIIO_INLINE_CONSTEXPR, which is
    + to inline constexpr for C++17, but just constexpr for C++ <=
      14. #2832
  - Update to version (7 Jan 2021)
    + Fix build break against OpenColorIO v2.0 RC1. #2817
  - Update to version 2.2.10 (1 Jan 2021)
    + GIF: support for UTF-8 filenames on Windows. #2777
    + OpenEXR: Fix rare crash during multithreaded output. #2781
    + OpenEXR: Fix potential crash parsing OpenEXR header that
      contains Rational
    + attributes with certain values. #2791
    + Improved error reporting for IOFile failures to open the file.
    + Build: Fix webp compile break on 32 bit systems. #2783
    + Build/Windows: Fix symbol definition conflict with pyconfig.h.
    + CI: Test the latest fmt, PugiXML, and pybind11 releases. #2778
    + Docs: Add explanation of oiiotool -otex modifiers that were
      missing from
    + the docs. #2790 Fix some duplicated text. #2785
  - Add more optional dependencies:
    + ffmpeg
    + Ptex
    + libheif (conditionally on TW)
  - Fix filename
  - Exclude more failing tests: unit_simd and heif
  - Adjust %doc inclusions
* Sun Jul 05 2020 Stefan Brüns <>
  - Update to release
    For details, see included file, or:
  - Run unit_timer test sequentially, occasionally fails otherwise:
  - Drop obsolete patches:
    + oiio-detectplatform-others.patch
    + patch oiio-clusterfit-boundscheck.patch
* Wed May 13 2020 Stefan Brüns <>
  - Set a default search location for plugins and create a matching
    /usr/lib*/OpenImageIO-2.1 directory, required for the
    OpenShadingLanguage plugin.
* Mon May 11 2020 Stefan Brüns <>
  - Update to release
    For details, see included file, or:
  - Drop unused build dependencies:
    + pkgconfig(glew)
    + pkgconfig(libcrypto)
    + pkgconfig(libopenjpeg)
    + pkgconfig(libopenjpeg1)
    + pkgconfig(libraw_r)
    + pkgconfig(libssl)
    + pkgconfig(openssl)
  - Conditionalize build dependencies for already disabled features:
    + pkgconfig(opencv)
    + doxygen
  - Add build dependencies for additional formats
    + openvdb-devel + tbb-devel
    + pkgconfig(bzip2)
  - Drop patches applied upstream:
    + oiio_gcc6_missleading_indentation.patch
    + oiio-add-libdl-for-plugin.patch
  - Run test suite in %check
  - Reenable all warnings being treated as errors, current codebase
    no longer contains these errors.
  - Reenable python(3) bindings
  - Clean up spec file
* Thu Apr 11 2019
  - Update to release 1.8.17
* Fri Mar 15 2019 Stefan Brüns <>
  - Add explicit BuildRequires: libboost_system-devel, required since boost 1.69
* Mon Jun 18 2018
  - Fix gcc8 build with -Wno-error=class-memaccess,
    - Wno-error=sizeof-pointer-memaccess and -Wno-error=uninitialized
  - Disable python bindings sub package until it builds with python3
    and remove its build  requirements.
* Fri Apr 13 2018
  - Update to release 1.8.10 and
    rebase oiio-add-libdl-for-plugin.patch.
  - Upstream changes since 1.8.6 :
    * oiiotool frame sequence wildcard improvements: fix handling of
    negative frame numbers and ranges, also the `--frames` command
    line option is not enough to trigger a loop over those frame
    numbers, even if no other arguments appear to have wildcard
    structure. #1894
    * TIFF bug fix: read_tile() and read_tiles() input of
    un-premultiplied tiles botched the "shape" of the tile data
    array. #1907
    * fmath.h avx-512 improvements. #1893
    * testsuite is not Python 2/3 agnostic.
    * Properly find newer openjpeg 2.3. #1871
    * Bug fix in IBA::copy where uninitialized dst image botched its
    ROI. #1876
    * RAW: Important bug fix when dealing with rotated (and vertical)
    images, which were not being re-oriented properly and could get
    strangely scrambled. #1854
    * OpenEXR: gracefully detect and reject files with subsampled
    channels, which is a rarely-to-never-used OpenEXR feature that
    we don't support properly. #1849
    * Field3d: Prevent crashes when open fails. #1848
    * RAW: Add "raw:HighlightMode" configuration hint to control
    libraw's handling of highlight mode processing. #1851
    * simd.h: Minor fixes especially for avx512. #1846
    * iv: Drop GLEW and obsolete GL stuff from iv in favor of
    QOpenGLFunctions, and fix broken pixelview text rendering. #1834
    * Add explicit DL library dependency to itself
    instead of only to the binaries and test utilities. #1860
    * Build fixes for Hurd OS. #1850
    * All string->numeric parsing and numeric->string formatting is
    now locale-independent and uses '.' as decimal marker. #1796
    * oiiotool outputs are now written to temporary files, then
    atomically moved to the specified filename at the end. This
    makes it safe for oiiotool to "overwrite" a file
    (i.e. `oiiotool in.tif ... -o out.tif`) without problematic
    situations where the file is truncated or overwritten before the
    reading is complete. #1797
    * Python bindings for ImageBuf.get_pixels and set_pixels fixed
    some bugs when passed an ROI without a channel range specified.
    * More robust parsing of XMP metadata for unknown metadata names.
    * strutil.h now includes a to_string<> utility template. #1814
* Thu Apr 12 2018
  - Updated oiio-detectplatform-others.patch to handle armv6l
* Sun Dec 24 2017
  - Updated oiio-detectplatform-others.patch to handle armv7l
  - Disable imageviewer (iv) on ARM, it does not build with GLES
* Tue Dec 12 2017
  - Change to pkgconfig() type build requirements.
* Tue Dec 05 2017
  - Drop bundled fonts, recommend google-droid-fonts instead
  - Add oiio-add-libdl-for-plugin.patch
  - Update to release 1.8.6, upstream changes since 1.8.5 -
    for more details see included
    * oiiotool: Improved logic for propagating the pixel data format
      through multiple operations, especially for files with multiple
      subimages. #1769
    * ImageCache/TextureSystem: improved stats on how long we wait for
      ImageInput mutexes. #1779
    * Build: Fix build bug where if the makefile wrapper got CODECOV=0,
      it would force a "Debug" build (required for code coverage tests)
      even though code coverage is instructed to be off. (It would be
      fine if you didn't specify CODECOV at all.) #1792
    * Build: minor fixes for Windows build. #1793, #1794
    * Developers: The ParamValue class has added get_int_indexed() and
      get_float_indexed() methods. #1773
    * Developers: array_view added begin(), end(), cbegin(), cend()
      methods, and new constructors from pointer pairs and from std::array.
    * Developers: Fixed build break in simd.h when AVX512VL is enabled. #1781
    * Developers: fmath.h now defined OIIO_FMATH_H so other files can
      easily detect if it has been included.
    * Build: Fix broken build when Freetype was not found or disabled. #1800
    * Python: fixed missing exposure of RATIONAL enum value. #1799
  - Update to release 1.8.5 (beta), upstream changes since 1.7.x:
    * New oiiotool features:
    - -info:format=xml, --info:verbose=1, --colormap, -i:type=..., -i:ch=a,...,
    - -echo STRING, --eraseattrib, --text takes new optional modifiers, --deepholdout
    * New ImageBufAlgo functionality:
      + color_map() applies a color map based on the input values; #1552 (1.8.1)
      + Added implementation of ImageBufAlgo::to_IplImage(). #1461 (1.7.9/1.8.1)
      + render_text() has added parameters controlling text alignment and drop
      shadows. #1646 (1.8.3)
      + deep_holdout() culls all samples that are farther away than the opaque
      depth of a second holdout image. #1691 (1.8.4)
    * DICOM file format support (currently read-only). DICOM is the standard
      for medical imaging data. Will only build if dependency "dcmtk" is
      found at build time. #1534 (1.8.1)
    * Experimental: The TextureSystem API has been extended to support batches
      of texture lookups in a SIMD fashion. At present, only the new API was
      added, a full implementation is in progress and may not be forthcoming
      or reliable until 1.9. Even the API is experimental, and may change for
      future releases. #1733 (1.8.5)
    * Public API changes in TypeDesc; ImageSpec; ColorConig::createLookTransform()
      and createDisplayTransform(); ImageBuf::read(); new OIIO::getattribute()
      queries; ImageBufAlgo::render_text(); DeepData; ImageBufAlgo::colorconvert(),
      ociolook(), and ociodisplay(); ParamValueList::get_float
    * Fixes, minor enhancements, and performance improvements in:
      + oiiotool
      + ImageBufAlgo; ImageBuf; TextureSystem / ImageCache / maketx
      + BMP; FFMpeg/movies; GIF; IFF; JPEG; OpenEXR; PNG; PSD; RAW; RLA; TIFF; webp; Nuke
      + Fixed several (so far unnoticed) buffer overruns and memory leaks. #1591 (1.8.2)
    * Build/test system improvements
* Sun Oct 08 2017
  - Update to release 1.7.17, upstream changes since 1.7.16:
    * Repair build breaks against Boost 1.65. #1753
    * Fix a subtle static initialization order problem. #1757
    * Build: Improved finding LibRaw. #1749
  - Update to release 1.7.16, upstream changes since 1.7.15:
    * OpenEXR: fix problem with 2-channel images putting the channels
      in the wrong order. #1717
    * TIFF: images with fewer than 4 channels, but one of those
      channels was alpha, were not correctly marking their
      spec.alpha_channel. #1718
    * Several minor updates to simd.h backported from mater.
* Sun Jun 11 2017
  - Update to release 1.7.15 sync with blender.
  - Upstream changes:
    * Add "raw:user_sat" configuration attribute to the reader. #1666
    * Better exception safety for `Filesystem::searchpath_find()`.
    * Improved I/O of color separation images, particularly those
    with custom InkSet attributes. #1658
    * Fix rare case TextureSystem crash. #1685
    * oiiotool expression substitution now recognizes FRAME_NUMBER and
    * oiiotool -resize and -resample now have more intuitive behavior
    for images where the display and pixel data windows are not the
    same, especially if the data window had a nonzero origin (such
    as with crop or overscan). #1667
    * oiiotool --resample and ImageBufAlgo::resample() have been
    extended to work for "deep" images. #1668
    * ImageCache::get_image_info() will now return a proper error
    (and not hit an assertion) if asked for information about a
    subimage or MIP level that does not exist in the file. #1672
    * ImageBuf copy constructor from another ImageBuf was previously
    broken for IB's that wrap application buffers. #1665
    * TextureSystem::get_texels fixes crashing behavior. #1669
    * Fixes to OSX rpath behavior of linked binaries. #1671
    * OpenEXR file input: fixed problem with sorting order of spectral
    alpha channels (RA, GA, BA, or AR, AG, AB). #1674
    * ImageBufAlgo::deep_merge() (and oiiotool --deepmerge) now will
    give a useful error message if you try to merge two deep images
    that do not have the same number of channels. #1675
    * ImageCache/TextureSystem statistics no longer list as "BROKEN"
    files which were invalidated, or files that were initialized
    with an ImageCacheFile but never opened. #1655
* Sun Apr 02 2017
  - Update to release 1.7.13
  - Fix gcc7 build with the following build flags:
    - Wno-error=maybe-uninitialized -Wno-error=noexcept-type
    - Wno-error=format-truncation= and -Wno-error=aligned-new=
  -  Rebased oiio_gcc6_missleading_indentation.patch
  - Upstream changes since 1.7.11:
    * TIFF, JPEG, others: Improved reading Exif meatdata from XMP
    blocks, now it does a better job of discerning the proper data
    types. #1627
    * RAW: The default value for missing "raw:use_camera_matrix" has
    been changed to 1 (not 0) to better match default behavior of
    libraw/dcraw. #1629
    * RAW: Add support for selecting new demosaicing algorithms:
    "DMT" (mode 11) and "AAHD" (mode 12). Renamed the "Modified AHD"
    to "AHD-Mod" to simplify and match libraw terminology. Made
    matching of demosaicing algorithms case-insensitive. #1629
    * RAW: Support "ACES" color space for direct conversion while
    reading RAW images (supported in libraw 0.18 or newer). #1626
    * oiiotool: Improved error reporting of file open errors when
    - iconfig is used. #1626
    * oiiotool `--echo STRING` prints the string to the console. This
    can contain expressions! So you can do something like oiiotool
    file.exr -echo "Size is {TOP.width}x{TOP.height}" #1633
    * JPEG: Be more reslient to malformed Exif data blocks with bogus
    offsets. #1585, #1639
    * TIFF output omitted setting the "Make" and "Model" metadata tags.
    * webp: Several new sanity checks prevent the webp reader from
    spending too much I/O time and memory reading bogus files
    (malformed, corrupted, or not a webp after all). #1640
    * PSD: Support has been added for "cmyk", "multichannel", and
    "grayscale" color modes. And support was fixed for rgb and
    grayscale 32 bit per sample bit depth. #1641
    * BMP: add support for version 5 headers. #1616
    * TIFF: Fix typo that prevented correct reading of some Exif
    fields. #1625
    * ImageBuf: Fix broken threads(n) method, which didn't correctly
    pass the right number of threads along. #1622.
    * Fix build warnings about undefined OIIO_MSVS_AT_LEAST_2013 symbol.
* Thu Feb 02 2017
  - use individual libboost-*-devel packages instead of boost-devel
* Fri Jun 17 2016
  - Added oiio_gcc6_missleading_indentation.patch tracked upstream
    and remove just added flag. See boo#985370
  - Removed previous work around for the bug.
* Fri Jun 17 2016
  - Fix gcc6 build with -Wno-error=misleading-indentation flag, see
* Tue Mar 22 2016
  - do not set -DNOTHREADS=ON for ppc64 to avoid build error
* Sun Mar 13 2016
  - Disable opencv until the build problem is resolved
* Thu Jan 14 2016
  - Update to release 1.7.0dev
  - Explicitly enabled build with openssl because the build fails on
    i586 due to internally defined types.
  - Upstream changes:
    Major new features and improvements:
    Public API changes:
    * DeepData internals and API overhaul: struct internals hidden, now you
    must use the API; DeepData declaration is now in deepdata.h, not in
    imageio.h; DD methods now allow insertion and erasure of individual
    samples. #1289 (1.7.0)
    * imageio.h: Removed items deprecated since 1.4: a version of
    convert_types() that took alpha and z channel indices
    (but never used them). #1291
    * fmath.h: Removed safe_sqrtf, safe_acosf, fast_expf, which have been
    deprecated since 1.5. (1.7.0) #1291
    * Removed ImageBufAlgo::flipflop(), which was deprecated since 1.5 and
    is now called rotate180. #1291 (1.7.0)
    * Several varieties of ImageCache and TextureSystem getattribute methods
    were noticed to not be properly declared 'const'. This was fixed.
    [#1300] (1.7.0/1.6.9)
    Fixes, minor enhancements, and performance improvements:
    * oiiotool:
    * oiiotool --subimage now takes as an argument either the subimage
      numeric index, or a subimage name. #1287 (1.7.0)
    * oiiotool's image cache was smaller than intended because of typo.
    * ImageBufAlgo:
    * The varieties of add(), sub(), mul(), and div() that take an
      image operand and a per-channel constant operand have all been
      modified to work properly for "deep" images. #1297 (1.7.0)
    * maketx:
    * maketx -u now remakes the file if command line arguments or OIIO
      version changes, even if the files' dates appear to match.
      [#1281] (1.7.0)
    * TIFF:
    * When outputting a TIFF file, a special attribute "tiff:half", if
      set to nonzero, will enable writing of 16-bit float pixel data
      (obviously, only if the spec.format is HALF). #1283 (1.7.0)
    * TIFF input: erase redundant IPTC:Caption and IPTC:OriginatingProgram
      if they are identical to existing ImageDescription and Software
      metadata, respectively. (1.7.0/1.6.9)
    * Video formats:
    * The ffmpeg-based reader had a variety of fixes. #1288 (1.7.0)
    Build/test system improvements:
    * Fix build break against Boost 1.60. #1299,#1300 (1.7.0/1.6.9/1.5.23)
    * filesystem_test now much more comprehensively tests the contents of
    Filesystem. #1302 (1.7.0)
    * fmath_test adds benchmarks for various data conversions. #1305 (1.7.0)
    Developer goodies / internals:
    * parallel_image has been improved in several ways: can choose split
    direction; raised minimum chunk size to prevent thread fan-out for
    images too small to benefit; uses the calling thread as part of the
    pool. #1303 (1.7.0)
    * timer.h: DoNotOptimize() and clobber() help to disable certain
    optimizations that would interfere with micro-benchmarks. #1305 (1.7.0)
    * simd.h improvements: select(); round(); float4::store(half*),
    int4::store(unsigned short*), int4::store(unsigned char*). #1305 (1.7.0)
    * fmath.h: convert_types has new special cases that vastly speed up
    float <-> uint16, uint8, and half buffer conversions. #1305 (1.7.0)
* Mon Jan 11 2016
  - Update to release 1.6.9
  - Upstream changes:
    Release 1.6.9 (released 5 Jan 2016 -- compared to 1.6.8)
    * Several varieties of ImageCache and TextureSystem getattribute
      methods were noticed to not be properly declared 'const'.
      This was fixed. #1300 (1.6.9)
    * Fix build break against Boost 1.60. #1299,#1300 (1.6.9/1.5.23)
    * The Python bindings for ImageCache was overhauled after several
      of the methods were found to be horribly broken. #1300 (1.6.9)
    * oiiotool --subimage now allows a subimage name as argument, as
      well as the numeric index. #1271,#1287 (1.6.9)
    * TIFF input: erase redundant IPTC:Caption and IPTC:OriginatingProgram
      if they are identical to existing ImageDescription and Software
      metadata, respectively. (1.6.9)
    * Fix oiiotool image cache smaller than intended because of typo.
  - See /usr/share/doc/packages/OpenImageIO/Changes for changes since
* Thu Nov 19 2015
  - Recommented Field3D build requirement.
* Sat Nov 14 2015
  - download, verify and recompress _service added
  - Release 1.5.20
    * Nuke plugin: don't crash with NULL Knob* in TxReaderFormat::setMipLabels.
    * Fix build warnings for new Apple tools release that upgrades the standard
      clang release. #1218
    * Make TIFF reader robust to strange TIFF files that have unexpected MIP
      level-to-MIP level changes in planarconfig, photometric, palette,
      extrasamples, etc. We previously assumed these things would never vary
      between MIP levels of the same file, and Murphy called our bluff. #1220,1221
  - Release 1.5.19
    * Fix compile warnings on some platforms/compilers.
    * Fix build break with certain new versions of libraw. #1204
    * Internals: Timer and ScopedTimer have changed slightly. This isn't used
      in any public OIIO APIs, but may affect 3rd party programs that like
      to use OIIO's timer.h for convenience. #1201
    * Internals: dassert.h has added OIIO_STATIC_ASSERT macros for static
      assertion. Doesn't affect existing OIIO apps since they are new
      additions, but feel free to use them! #1202
  - Release 1.5.18
    * PSD input improvements: better error handling for files lacking "global
      layer mask info" or "additional layer info"; additional PSD signatures
      for global additional layer info; better error handling when dealing
      with an empty layer mask. #1147
    * TIFF output: recognize special "tiff:write_exif" metadata, which when
      present and set to 0, will skip writing the Exif directory into the TIFF
      file. This can be helpful when you expect the resulting TIFF file to be
      read with very old versions of libtiff. #1185
    * Top-level Makefile option USE_OPENCV=0 to turn off even searching for
      OpenCV components. #1194
  - Release 1.5.17
    * Fix support for older ffmpeg version on Ubuntu 14.04. #1168
    * Fix bug in fft -- was not always zeroing out the imaginary channel. #1171
    * Build-time fixes for Nocona CPUs that have SSE3 without SSSE3. #1175
    * ustring fixes for new gcc (5.1+) and new std::string ABI. #1176
    * Fixes for unit test timer_test for new OSX versions with timer
      coalescing. #1181
    * Fix bugs with rangecompress and rangeexpand when using luma. #1180
    * Fixes for clean build when using clang 3.6. #1182
  - Release 1.5.16
    * PNG writes now honor PixelAspectRatio attribute. #1142
    * Build fixes for Visual Studio 2010 #1140
    * PSD & JPEG plugins fixes for Win32 compilation.
    * Also search for OIIO plugins in [DY]LD_LIBRARY_PATH. #1153
    * Give Strutil::parse_string an option to not strip surrounding quotes.
    * Fix Nuke plugin build files to not do anything if USE_NUKE=0  #1156
    * New ImageInput query: "procedural" -- returns 1 if the ImageInput may
      not correspond to an actual file. #1154
    * TypeDesc has a new constructor and fromstring of a string_view, in
      addition to the old versions that took char*. #1159
    * Eliminate spurious ImageCache invalidation just because the shared
      cache is requested again. #1157
    * Fixed trilinear MIPmap texture lookups that gave invalid alpha fill. #1163
    * Filesystem: sequence matching should clear results arrays upon start.
  - Release 1.5.15
    * Bug fix with IBA::channels() with deep data with UINT channels.
    * Fix TypeDesc compatibility with OSL.
    * Misc WIN32 / VS2010 fixes.
    * Fix incorrect logic in convert_image with certain channel types and
      strides. #1144
  - Release 1.5.14
    * fmath: save_fast_pow improves the precision of its results for
      special cases of pow(x,1) and pow(x,2). #1094 (1.5.13)
    * Fix warnings when compiling with C++11. (1.5.13)
    * Dont link Python framework on OSX. #1099 (1.5.13)
    * Improve IBA::compare() (and therefore oiiotool -diff and idiff) when
      the images being compared have NaN or Inf values. #1109 (1.5.13)
    * TextureSystem bug fix that occasionally resulted in NaN in the alpha
      channel result when looking up from 3-channel images. #1108 (1.5.13)
    * Added TypeDesc::TypeHalf(). #1113 (1.5.13)
    * Fix IBA::channels() bugs when dealing with "deep" images. #1113 (1.5.13)
    * Python ImageSpec.set_channel_formats() now works when the channel
      type lists are either TypeDesc, in addition to the existing support
      for BASETYPE. #1113 (1.5.13)
    * Added Python bindings for DeepData and deep reads (ImageInput) and
      writes (ImageOutput). #1113 (1.5.13)
    * Fix bugs in reading deep OpenEXR images with mixed channel types.
      [#1113] (1.5.13)
    * Fix bug in IBA::convolve() for the case when the kernel image passed
      is not a float image. #1116 (1.5.13)
  - Release 1.5.13
    * oiiotool: Bug fix for frame sequences -- could crash in Windows. #1060
    * New ImageOutput::supports() tags: supports("alpha") should be true for
      image formats that support an alpha channel, supports("nchannels") should
      be true for output formats that support an arbitrary number of output
      channels. #1058
    * oiiotool: Gracefully handle requests to save an image with more channels
      than the output file format can handle. Instead of being a fatal error,
      now it's just a warning, and extra channels are dropped. It tries to
      to find R, G, B, and A channels, saving them. If those names are
      not found, it just saves the first 3 (or 4) channels. #1058
    * Improved handling of "PixelAspectRatio" for JPEG, TIFF, and OpenEXR.
      [#1042] #1066
    * oiiotool: Improve error messages when files can't be read. It is now
      easier to to distinguish files that don't exist from those that
      are an unknown format from those that are corrupted or have read
      errors. #1065
    * maketx now writes to a temporary file, then moving it to the final
      requested output filename only when the write completed without error.
      This prevents situations where maketx crashes or is killed and leaves
      behind a file that looks correct but is actually corrupted or
      truncated. #1072
    * Python: added previously-M.I.A. ImageSpec.erase_attribute(). #1063
    * Add Filesystem::rename() utility. #1070
    * Made TypeDesc::equivalent accept comparisons of arrays of unspecified
      length with ones of definite length. #1072
    * oiiotool & maketx have improved error message when unknown data format
      names are requested with "-d". #1077
    * oiiotool numeric wildcard improvement: allow more digits to match. #1082
    * Remove dependency of OpenSSL by default. #1086
* Thu May 28 2015
  - added patch oiio-detectplatform-others.patch
    to fix build on other architectures
  - added patch oiio-clusterfit-boundscheck.patch
    to fix build failure on aarch64, looks like compiler is smarter
* Sat Feb 28 2015
  - Update to version 1.5.12 and prepare for factory to enable blender
    to build with cycles, see bnc#905649
  - Many new features - See /usr/src/doc/packages/OpenImageIO/CHANGES



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