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RPM of Group Development/Tools/Other

Bear-2.3.13-bp153.1.16 Tool to generate compilation database for clang tooling linux/aarch64
Mesa-demo-8.3.0-1.33 Mesa demo programs for the OpenGL stack linux/aarch64
Mesa-demo-x-8.3.0-1.33 GLX-based demos linux/aarch64
MozillaFirefox-devel-78.10.0-8.38.1 Devel package for Firefox linux/aarch64
UEFITool-20180225-bp153.1.16 Tools to inspect and work on UEFI BIOSes linux/aarch64
allegro-tools- Extra tools for the Allegro programming library linux/aarch64
ansifilter-2.18-bp153.1.7 ANSI Terminal Escape Code Converter linux/aarch64
ansifilter-gui-2.18-bp153.1.7 ANSI Terminal Escape Code Converter - Qt GUI linux/aarch64
antlr-2.7.7-16.63 Another Tool for Language Recognition linux/aarch64
antlr-devel-2.7.7-16.63 ANother Tool for Language Recognition (c++ runtime) linux/aarch64
astyle-3.1-bp153.1.19 Source Code Indenter, Formatter, and Beautifier for C, C++, C# and Java linux/aarch64
autofdo-0.16-bp153.1.18 A tool to convert profile to AutoFDO profile linux/aarch64
avrdude-6.3-bp153.1.17 Upload tool for AVR microcontrollers linux/aarch64
bbe-0.2.2-bp153.1.14 Binary Block Editor linux/aarch64
blktrace-1.1.0+git.20170126-3.3.28 Block IO tracer linux/aarch64
bloaty-0.0.1+git.20161109.ca41835-bp153.1.16 Bloaty McBloatface: a size profiler for binaries linux/aarch64
bpftool-5.3.18-bp153.1.25 Tool for inspection and manipulation of BPF programs and maps linux/aarch64
brlemu-0.1-bp153.37.16 Emulates a braille display linux/aarch64
c_count-7.17-bp153.1.17 Source Code Measure Counter for C/C++/Java linux/aarch64
cflow-1.5-bp153.1.15 Tool to generate flowcharts for C sources linux/aarch64
clazy-1.9-bp153.1.10 Qt oriented code checker based on the Clang framework linux/aarch64
complexity-1.10-bp153.1.14 Compute the complexity of C source code linux/aarch64
corosync-testagents-2.4.5-10.44 The Corosync Cluster Engine Test Agents linux/aarch64
csmith-2.3.0-bp153.1.17 Random C code generator linux/aarch64
dazzle-list-counters-3.34.1-1.66 Collection of fancy features for GLib and Gtk+ linux/aarch64
delta-2006.08.03-bp153.1.16 Minimize files to interesting parts linux/aarch64
desktop-file-utils-0.23-4.5.1 Utilities for Manipulating Desktop Files linux/aarch64
deutex-5.2.1-bp153.1.16 WAD composer for Doom and related games linux/aarch64
devhelp-3.34.0-2.45 Developer's Help Program for GNOME linux/aarch64
dfu-programmer-0.7.2-bp153.1.17 A Device Firmware Update based USB programmer for Atmel chips linux/aarch64
dfu-tool-1.5.8-1.13 Generic tool Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) tool linux/aarch64
dialog-1.3-3.3.7 Menus and Input Boxes for Shell Scripts linux/aarch64
eaglemode-0.93.0-bp153.1.16 Eagle Mode the deep application Cosmos linux/aarch64
eatmydata-105-bp153.1.16 A library to disable fsync calls linux/aarch64
emacs-plugin-devhelp-3.34.0-2.45 Devhelp plugin for Emacs linux/aarch64
entr-4.0-bp153.1.16 A utility for running arbitrary commands when files change linux/aarch64
evemu-devel-2.7.0-bp153.1.16 Development files for evemu linux/aarch64
explain-1.4-bp153.1.217 Explains system call error reports linux/aarch64
extra-cmake-modules-5.76.0-bp153.2.1 CMake modules linux/aarch64
fabtests-1.11.2-1.4 Test suite for libfabric API linux/aarch64
fakeroot-1.25.3-bp153.1.2 Wrapper that gives a fake root environment linux/aarch64
fence-agents-devel-4.7.1+git.1612974063.9e01fc92-1.6 Fence Agents for High Availability linux/aarch64
flashrom-1.0-bp153.1.11 A universal flash programming utility linux/aarch64
freeipmi-devel-1.6.2-7.28 Development package for FreeIPMI linux/aarch64
ftgl-demo-2.1.3~rc5-bp153.1.24 Demos for FTGL OpenGL font managing library linux/aarch64
fwts-21.03.00-bp153.1.1 Firmware Test Suite linux/aarch64
fwupdtpmevlog-1.5.8-1.13 Debugging utility for the TPM event log linux/aarch64
gap-devel-4.8.10-bp153.1.37 Development environment for GAP linux/aarch64
gap-rpm-devel-4.8.10-bp153.1.37 RPM macros for building GAP packages linux/aarch64
gedit-plugin-devhelp-3.34.0-2.45 Devhelp plugin for Gedit linux/aarch64
gettext-csharp-0.20.2-1.43 Native Language Support (NLS) for C# linux/aarch64
gettext-java-0.20.2-1.58 Java Support for Native Language Support (NLS) linux/aarch64
gettext-runtime-0.20.2-1.43 Tools for Native Language Support (NLS) linux/aarch64
gettext-tools-0.20.2-1.43 Tools for Native Language Support (NLS) linux/aarch64
ghex-3.18.3-1.44 GNOME Binary Editor linux/aarch64
gnome-builder-3.34.1-2.49 A toolsmith for GNOME-based applications linux/aarch64
gnome-code-assistance-3.16.1-bp153.1.17 Code Assistance Service for Code Editors linux/aarch64
gpp-2.25-bp153.1.16 Generic Preprocessor linux/aarch64
gputils-1.5.0-bp153.1.18 Development utilities for Microchip PIC microcontrollers linux/aarch64
gtranslator-2.91.7-bp153.1.24 A GNOME po file editor with many bells and whistles linux/aarch64
gtranslator-devel-2.91.7-bp153.1.24 A GNOME po file editor with many bells and whistles linux/aarch64
gupnp-dlna-tools-0.10.5-bp153.1.24 A collection of helpers for building DLNA applications linux/aarch64
heaptrack-1.2.0-bp153.1.14 Heap Memory Allocation Profiler linux/aarch64
heaptrack-gui-1.2.0-bp153.1.14 GUI Frontend for Heaptrack linux/aarch64
hello-2.10-bp153.1.22 A Friendly Greeting Program linux/aarch64
hex-1.4-bp153.1.16 Yet Another Hex Dumper linux/aarch64
hfst-3.12.2-bp153.1.17 Helsinki Finite-State Transducer Technology linux/aarch64
highlight-3.59-3.4.1 Universal Source Code to Formatted Text Converter linux/aarch64
highlight-gui-3.59-3.4.1 Graphical Interface for highlight linux/aarch64
honggfuzz-1.5-bp153.1.17 Security-oriented fuzzer with various analysis options linux/aarch64
i2c-tools-4.0-bp153.2.13 A heterogeneous set of I2C tools for Linux linux/aarch64
ibmswtpm2-1637-1.49 IBM's Software TPM 2.0 linux/aarch64
imb-mpich-2019.6-bp153.1.13 Intel MPI Benchmarks (IMB) linux/aarch64
imb-mvapich2-2019.6-bp153.1.12 Intel MPI Benchmarks (IMB) linux/aarch64
imb-openmpi2-2019.6-bp153.1.12 Intel MPI Benchmarks (IMB) linux/aarch64
imb-openmpi3-2019.6-bp153.1.12 Intel MPI Benchmarks (IMB) linux/aarch64
imb-openmpi4-2019.6-bp153.1.12 Intel MPI Benchmarks (IMB) linux/aarch64
imb_2019_1-gnu-mpich-hpc-2019.1-4.8 Intel MPI Benchmarks (IMB) linux/aarch64
imb_2019_1-gnu-mvapich2-hpc-2019.1-4.35 Intel MPI Benchmarks (IMB) linux/aarch64
imb_2019_1-gnu-openmpi2-hpc-2019.1-4.9 Intel MPI Benchmarks (IMB) linux/aarch64
imb_2019_3-gnu-mpich-hpc-2019.3-3.64 Intel MPI Benchmarks (IMB) linux/aarch64
imb_2019_3-gnu-mvapich2-hpc-2019.3-3.272 Intel MPI Benchmarks (IMB) linux/aarch64
imb_2019_3-gnu-openmpi2-hpc-2019.3-3.62 Intel MPI Benchmarks (IMB) linux/aarch64
imb_2019_3-gnu-openmpi3-hpc-2019.3-3.67 Intel MPI Benchmarks (IMB) linux/aarch64
imb_2019_6-gnu-mpich-hpc-2019.6-1.15 Intel MPI Benchmarks (IMB) linux/aarch64
imb_2019_6-gnu-mvapich2-hpc-2019.6-1.62 Intel MPI Benchmarks (IMB) linux/aarch64
imb_2019_6-gnu-openmpi2-hpc-2019.6-bp153.1.17 Intel MPI Benchmarks (IMB) linux/aarch64
imb_2019_6-gnu-openmpi3-hpc-2019.6-1.15 Intel MPI Benchmarks (IMB) linux/aarch64
imb_2019_6-gnu-openmpi4-hpc-2019.6-1.15 Intel MPI Benchmarks (IMB) linux/aarch64
inotify-tools-devel-3.14-bp153.1.17 Development files for inotify-tools linux/aarch64
intelhex-1.5-bp153.1.12 Library for Intel HEX Files Manipulations linux/aarch64
kcachegrind-20.04.2-bp153.1.24 Frontend for Cachegrind linux/aarch64
kcov-36-bp153.1.17 Code coverage tool without special compilation options linux/aarch64
kelbt-0.16-bp153.1.19 Backtracking LALR(1) parser generator linux/aarch64
kirigami-gallery-20.04.2-bp153.1.21 Gallery application built using Kirigami linux/aarch64
kmscube-0.0.0.git1562664497.a12e306-bp153.1.18 Demo for bare metal graphics linux/aarch64
kompare-20.04.2-bp153.1.25 File Comparator linux/aarch64
kompare-devel-20.04.2-bp153.1.25 Development files for the File Comparator linux/aarch64
kompose-1.19.0-bp153.1.20 Go from Docker Compose to Kubernetes linux/aarch64
kuiviewer-20.04.2-bp153.1.25 UI Files Viewer linux/aarch64
kup-client-0.3.6-bp153.1.14 Uploader - client linux/aarch64
kup-server-0.3.6-bp153.1.14 Uploader - server linux/aarch64
lensfun-tools-0.3.2-bp153.1.20 Tools for managing lensfun data linux/aarch64
libKasten4-0.26.5-bp153.1.15 High-level hex editor/viewer framework libraries linux/aarch64
libOkteta3-0.26.5-bp153.1.15 Hex editor/viewer QWidgets libraries linux/aarch64
libabigail-tools-1.0~rc6+git185-bp153.1.19 Utilities to inspect ABI-relevant artifacts linux/aarch64
libaccounts-glib-tools-1.24-bp153.1.23 Tools for libaccounts-glib linux/aarch64
libcamera-tools-0~1118.4de31cc-bp153.1.17 Command-line utilities from libcamera linux/aarch64
libdazzle-3.26.3-1.38 Collection of fancy features for GLib and Gtk+ linux/aarch64
libdazzle-devel-3.34.1-1.66 Collection of fancy features for GLib and Gtk+ -- Development Files linux/aarch64
libdbusmenu-tools-16.04.0-1.12 Development tools for the dbusmenu libraries linux/aarch64
libguestfs-test-1.38.0-13.73 Testcases for libguestfs linux/aarch64
libhugetlbfs-tests-2.20-3.3.1 Tests for package libhugetlbfs linux/aarch64
libkcapi-tools-0.13.0-1.114 Linux Kernel Crypto API User Space Tools linux/aarch64
libpeas-demo-1.24.1-1.45 Demo applications from the libpeas package linux/aarch64
libqb-tests-2.0.2+20201203.def947e-1.26 Test suite for libqb linux/aarch64
libqb-tools-2.0.2+20201203.def947e-1.26 Utilities from libqb, an IPC library linux/aarch64
libqt5-qtcharts-examples-5.12.7-bp153.1.34 Example programs for the Qt 5 Charts Library linux/aarch64
libstorage-ng-integration-tests-4.3.105-1.1 Integration tests for libstorage-ng linux/aarch64
libstorage-ng-utils-4.3.105-1.1 Utils for libstorage-ng linux/aarch64
libtelepathy-qt5-0-0.9.8-bp153.1.52 Qt5 bindings for the Telepathy Library linux/aarch64
libtelepathy-qt5-farstream0-0.9.8-bp153.1.52 Qt5 bindings for the Telepathy Library linux/aarch64
libtelepathy-qt5-service1-0.9.8-bp153.1.52 Qt5 bindings for the Telepathy Library linux/aarch64
libtextstyle-devel-0.20.2-1.43 Devel package for libtextstyle linux/aarch64
libtextstyle0-0.20.2-1.43 Provides textstyling for console output linux/aarch64
libuna-tools-0~20190102-bp153.1.15 Utilities from libuna for Unicode/ASCII Byte Stream conversions linux/aarch64
libusbprog0-0.2.0-bp153.1.17 USBprog Library linux/aarch64
libva-utils-2.0.0-bp153.1.18 A collection of utilities and examples to exercise VA-API linux/aarch64
libxslt-tools-1.1.32-3.8.24 Extended Stylesheet Language (XSL) Transformation utilities linux/aarch64
lttng-tools-2.12.2-1.30 Linux Trace Toolkit Next Generation userspace tools linux/aarch64
manpageeditor-0.1.1-bp153.1.16 A simple manual pages editor linux/aarch64
md_monitor-6.6-3.3.1 MD device monitor linux/aarch64
minisat-2.2.0+20130925-bp153.1.17 SAT solver linux/aarch64
monodoc-core-6.8.0-bp153.1.194 Monodoc - Documentation tools for C# code linux/aarch64
nagios-contrib-4.4.6-bp153.1.1 Files from the contrib directory linux/aarch64
neverball-mapc-1.6.0-bp153.1.16 Mapc is a program designed to compile the levels linux/aarch64
ohcount-4.0.0-bp153.1.16 The Ohloh source code line counter linux/aarch64
okteta-0.26.5-bp153.1.15 Hex Editor linux/aarch64
okteta-devel-0.26.5-bp153.1.15 Development files for the Okteta Hex Editor linux/aarch64
okteta-part-0.26.5-bp153.1.15 Hex Editor KParts plugin linux/aarch64
openscap-1.3.4-3.3.1 A Set of Libraries for Integration with SCAP linux/aarch64
oprofile-1.3.0-6.32 System-Wide Profiler for Linux Systems linux/aarch64
os-autoinst-4.6.1606482144.ab6cdfe2-bp153.1.1 OS-level test automation linux/aarch64
os-autoinst-devel-4.6.1606482144.ab6cdfe2-bp153.1.1 Development package pulling in all build+test dependencies linux/aarch64
os-autoinst-openvswitch-4.6.1606482144.ab6cdfe2-bp153.1.1 Openvswitch support for os-autoinst linux/aarch64
pesign-obs-integration-10.1-11.1 Macros and scripts to sign the kernel and bootloader linux/aarch64
plasmaengineexplorer5-5.18.5-bp153.1.26 Provides direct access to plasma data engines linux/aarch64
pngquant-2.11.2-1.11 Converts 24/32-bit RGBA PNGs to 8-bit palette with alpha channel preserved linux/aarch64
po-utils-0.5-bp153.1.17 Free PO Utilities linux/aarch64
poedit-2.4.2-bp153.1.10 Gettext Catalog Editing Tool linux/aarch64
protobuf-c-1.3.2-1.62 C bindings for Google's Protocol Buffers linux/aarch64
python-antlr-2.7.7-11.3.4 ANother Tool for Language Recognition (python runtime) linux/aarch64
python2-antlr-2.7.7-16.63 ANother Tool for Language Recognition (python runtime) linux/aarch64
python3-smbus-4.0-bp153.2.13 Python binding for Device Tree linux/aarch64
qconf-20171222.61ec953300-bp153.1.16 Configuration tool for qmake linux/aarch64
qhexedit2-0.8.9-bp153.1.15 Qt-based hex editor linux/aarch64
qore-misc-tools-0.8.13-bp153.1.28 Miscellaneous user tools writen in Qore Programming Language linux/aarch64
radamsa-0.4-bp153.1.16 A test case generator for robustness testing, aka a fuzzer linux/aarch64
ragel- Finite state machine compiler linux/aarch64
ragel-6-6.10-bp153.1.17 Finite state machine compiler linux/aarch64
recidivm-0.1.4-bp153.1.16 Tool for estimating peak virtual memory use linux/aarch64
reveng-2.1.0-bp153.1.16 An arbitrary-precision CRC calculator and algorithm finder linux/aarch64
rpcgen-1.4.2-1.46 RPC protocol compiler linux/aarch64
sassc-3.5.0-bp153.1.15 Libsass command line driver linux/aarch64
segv_handler-0.0.1-bp153.2.10 System wide segv handler to produces a backtrace linux/aarch64
shaderc-2019.1-1.26 A collection of tools, libraries and tests for shader compilation linux/aarch64
spi-tools-0.8.4-bp153.1.14 A set of SPI tools for Linux linux/aarch64
srecord-1.64-bp153.1.87 Hex/bin format conversion package linux/aarch64
ssdeep-2.14.1-bp153.1.18 Context Triggered Piecewise Hashing values linux/aarch64
sudo-test-1.9.5p2-1.5 Tests for the package linux/aarch64
sunxi-tools-1.4.2+git20200914103652-bp153.1.1 Tools for Allwinner A10 devices linux/aarch64
tar-tests-1.30-3.6.1 Tests for the package linux/aarch64
tipcutils-2.1.1-bp153.1.14 Transparent Inter Process Communication Protocol linux/aarch64
tomoyo-tools- Userspace tools for TOMOYO Linux 2.4.x linux/aarch64
uhubctl-2.0.0+git20180615.1709413-bp153.1.17 USB hub per-port power control linux/aarch64
uisp-20050207suse-bp153.1.16 An upload tool for AVR microcontrollers linux/aarch64
umbrello-20.04.2-bp153.1.107 UML Modeller linux/aarch64
upx-3.96-bp153.1.14 The Ultimate Packer for eXecutables linux/aarch64
usbprog-0.2.0-bp153.1.17 Programmer for the USBprog hardware linux/aarch64
usbprog-devel-0.2.0-bp153.1.17 Development files for libusbprog linux/aarch64
usbprog-gui-0.2.0-bp153.1.17 GUI program of USBprog linux/aarch64
vboot-78.12499-bp153.1.1 Chromium vboot linux/aarch64
vim-bootstrap-1.0+git7b40d33-bp153.1.77 Vim Bootstrap is a vimrc generator linux/aarch64
vim-plugin-devhelp-3.34.0-2.45 Devhelp plugin for Vim linux/aarch64
vtable-dumper-1.2-bp153.1.16 Tool to list content of virtual tables in a C++ shared library linux/aarch64
vulkan-tools-1.2.133-1.26 Diagnostic utilities for Vulkan linux/aarch64
vulkan-validationlayers-1.2.133-1.26 Validation layers for Vulkan linux/aarch64
webkit-jsc-4-2.32.0-3.15.1 JavaScript command line from WebKit linux/aarch64
webkit2gtk3-minibrowser-2.32.0-3.15.1 MiniBrowser from WebKit linux/aarch64
wxhexeditor-0.24-bp153.2.1 A free HEX editor / disk editor linux/aarch64
xfce4-dev-tools-4.16.0-bp153.1.14 Xfce Development Tools linux/aarch64
zeal-2.7.0~git20200517.404c3aa-bp153.1.18 Offline API documentation browser linux/aarch64

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