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RPM of Group Development/Tools/GUI Builders

MyGUI-3.4.0-bp153.1.19 A GUI library for Ogre Rendering Engine linux/aarch64
MyGUI-demo-3.4.0-bp153.1.19 Some demo applications for MyGUI linux/aarch64
glade-3.22.1-2.45 User Interface Builder for GTK+ 3 linux/aarch64
glade-catalog-anjuta-3.28.0-bp153.1.35 Glade catalog for Anjuta linux/aarch64
glade-catalog-evolution-3.34.4-1.49 Glade catalog for the Evolution groupware library linux/aarch64
glade-catalog-gitg-3.32.1+246-bp153.1.19 Git repository viewer -- Catalog for Glade linux/aarch64
glade-catalog-gtkhtml-4.10.0-bp153.1.25 Lightweight HTML rendering/printing/editing engine -- Catalog for Glade linux/aarch64
glade-catalog-gtksourceview-3.24.11-2.45 Glade catalog for the GTK+ source editing widget linux/aarch64
glade-catalog-gtksourceview4-4.4.0-2.45 GTK+ Source Editing Widget -- Catalog for Glade linux/aarch64
glade-catalog-libhandy-0.0.13-1.46 Glade catalog for libhandy linux/aarch64
glade-catalog-libpeas-1.24.1-1.45 Glade catalog for libpeas, a GObject-based plugin engine linux/aarch64
glade-catalog-vte-0.50.2-4.32 Glade catalog for the VTE terminal emulator library linux/aarch64
gob2-2.0.20-bp153.1.16 Simple Preprocessor to Write GObject objects linux/aarch64
haserl-0.9.35-bp153.1.15 CGI scripting with shell/lua linux/aarch64
qwt6-designer-6.1.6-bp153.1.1 Plugin for the Qt5 Interface designer linux/aarch64

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