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RPM of Group Development/Languages/Rust

cargo-1.43.1-12.1 The Rust package manager linux/aarch64
clippy-1.43.1-12.1 Lints to catch common mistakes and improve Rust code linux/aarch64
rls-1.43.1-12.1 Language server for Rust lang linux/aarch64
rust-1.43.1-12.1 A systems programming language linux/aarch64
rust-analysis-1.43.1-12.1 Compiler analysis data for the Rust standard library linux/aarch64
rust-cbindgen-0.14.1-bp153.2.6 A tool for generating C bindings from Rust code linux/aarch64
rust-doc-1.43.1-12.1 Rust documentation linux/aarch64
rust-gdb-1.43.1-12.1 Gdb integration for rust binaries linux/aarch64
rust-std-static-1.43.1-12.1 Standard library for Rust linux/aarch64
rustfmt-1.43.1-12.1 Code formatting tool for Rust lang linux/aarch64
sccache-0.2.15~git1.22a176c-bp153.1.4 A compiler caching tool for Rust, C and C++ with optional cloud storage linux/aarch64

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