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python-keystonemiddleware-doc-4.21.0-lp150.2.17 RPM for noarch

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Name: python-keystonemiddleware-doc Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.0
Version: 4.21.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp150.2.17 Build date: Mon May 14 19:50:58 2018
Group: Development/Languages/Python Build host: lamb14
Size: 3783572 Source RPM: python-keystonemiddleware-4.21.0-lp150.2.17.src.rpm
Summary: Documentation for Middleware for OpenStack Identity
Documentation for Middleware for OpenStack Identity.






* Fri Feb 23 2018
  - Switch to stable/queens spec template
* Mon Jan 15 2018
  - update to version 4.21.0
    - Update config docs to reflect non-deprecated methods
    - Imported Translations from Zanata
    - rel-note and doc for lazy loading of oslo_cache
    - Update comment about fetch token kwargs
    - Correct docs usage of keystoneauth1 session
    - lazy loading of oslo_cache
    - Updates for stestr
    - Add doc8 rule and check doc/source files
    - Use oslo_cache in auth_token middleware
    - Remove notice about system time
    - Fix py3 byte/string error
    - Remove use of positional decorator
    - Rename auth_uri to www_authenticate_uri
    - Enable sphinx todo extension
    - Fix gate error caused by mocked URLs
    - Update reno for stable/pike
    - Log TokenNotFound at INFO level instead of WARNING
    - Remove setting of version/release from releasenotes
    - Issue a deprecation warning for validating PKI tokens
    - Fix docs builds
    - cfg.CONF must not be used directly
    - strip whitespace from token
    - Updated from global requirements
* Mon Aug 07 2017
  - update to version 4.17.0
    - Fix oslo.messaging deprecation of get_transport
    - Use https for * references
    - Added "warning-is-error" sphinx check for docs
    - Imported Translations from Zanata
    - Update reno for stable/ocata
    - Fix html_last_updated_fmt for Python3
    - Pass located tests directory in oslo debug
    - add a log when the option in conf can't be identitied
    - Remove deprecated oslo.messaging aliases parameter
    - Replace six.iteritems() with .items()
    - Switch from oslosphinx to openstackdocstheme
    - Using assertFalse(A) instead of assertEqual(False, A)
    - Replace pycrypto with cryptography
    - Remove old comment referencing fixed bug
    - Fixed man_pages no value warning when making docs
    - Update URLs in documentation
    - Remove unused logging import
    - Change locations of docs for intersphinx
    - Bump the token deferral message from info to debug
    - Remove log translations
    - Removing double spaces
    - Redundant adminURL in test_gives_v2_catalog
    - Update driver config parameter from string to list
    - Updated from global requirements
* Fri Feb 10 2017
  - update to version 4.14.0:
    - Add docutils contraint on 0.13.1 to fix building
    - auth_token: set correct charset when replying with 401
    - Return and use an app wherever possible
    - standardize release note page ordering
    - Use oslo_messaging conf fixture
    - Enable release notes translation
    - clean up a few doc building warnings
    - Update reno for stable/newton
    - Remove references to Python 3.4
    - Raise NotImplementedError instead of NotImplemented
    - Add Constraints support
    - Show team and repo badges on README
    - Mock log only after app creation
    - Add service token to user token plugin
    - Deprecate PKI token format options
    - Use method constant_time_compare from oslo.utils
    - Specify that unknown arguments can be passed to fetch_token
    - Refactor audit tests to use create_middleware
    - Pass ?allow_expired
    - Globalize authentication failure error
    - Auth token, set the correct charset
    - Extract oslo_messaging specific audit tests
    - Removes unnecessary utf-8 coding
    - Limit deprecated token message to single warning
    - Update .coveragerc after the removal of respective directory
    - use oslo.log instead of logging
    - Drop - it's not needed by pbr
    - fix broken links
    - Changed the home-page link
    - Switch tox unit test command to use ostestr
    - Update code to use Newton as the code name
    - Use the mocking fixture in notifier tests
    - Updated from global requirements
* Fri Oct 14 2016
  - Update BuildRequires
* Tue Oct 04 2016
  - global requirements sync
  - switch to stable/newton
* Thu Sep 01 2016
  update to version 4.9.0
    * PEP257: add flake8-docstring testing
    * PEP257: Ignore D203 because it was deprecated
    * Use oslo.config fixture in audit tests
    * Add a fixture method to add your own token data
    * Remove bandit.yaml in favor of defaults
    * Fix typo 'olso' to 'oslo'
    * Fix D105: Missing docstring in magic method (PEP257)
    * remove old options from documentation
    * Extract a common notifier pattern
    * Refactor audit api tests into their own file
    * Return default value for pkg_version if missing
    * Fix an issue with oslo_config_project paste config
    * Use extras for oslo.messaging dependency
    * Move auth token opts calculation into auth_token
    * Fix D204 PEP257 violation and enable D301 and D209
    * Fix doc build if git is absent
    * Fix D401 PEP257 violation and enable H403
    * Add Python 3.5 classifier
    * Refactor create_event onto the api object.
    * Use AccessInfo in UserAuthPlugin instead of custom
    * Pop oslo_config_config before doing paste convert
    * Remove oslo-incubator
    * Create signing_dir upon first usage
    * Fix D202: No blank lines allowed after function docstring (PEP257)
    * Use jsonutils instead of ast for loading the service catalog
    * Make sure audit can handle API requests which does not require a token
    * Fix D200: One-line docstring should fit on one line with quotes (PEP257)
    * s3token config with auth URI
    * Return JSON for Unauthorized message
    * Update documentation for running tests
    * Make audit middleware use common config object
    * Update reno for stable/mitaka
    * use local config options if available in audit middleware
    * Add back a bandit tox job
    * Only confirm token binding on one token
    * Remove the _is_v2 and _is_v3 helpers
    * Move audit into its own folder
    * Fix description of option `cache`
    * Create a Config object
    * Clean up middleware architecture
    * generate sample config automatically
    * Improve documentation for auth_uri
    * Fix AttributeError on cached-invalid token checks
    * Pass X_IS_ADMIN_PROJECT header from auth_token
    * Fix D400 PEP257 violation
    * Config: no need to set default=None
    * use the same context across a request
    * Update config options
    * Handle cache invalidate outside cache object
    * Determine project name from oslo_config or local config
    * Adding audit middleware specific notification driver conf
    * Use createfile fixture in audit test
    * Refactor API tests to not run middleware
    * Break out the API piece into its own file
    * Consolidate user agent calculation
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Use method split_path from oslo.utils
  - update _service and use upstream spec template
* Thu Mar 03 2016
  - update to 4.3.0:
    * argparse expects a list not a dictionary
    * update deprecation message to indicate when deprecations were made
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Split oslo_config and list all opts
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Make pep8 *the* linting interface
    * Remove clobbering of passed oslo_config_config
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Use positional instead of keystoneclient version
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Remove Babel from requirements.txt
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Deprecate in-process cache
    * Revert "Disable memory caching of tokens"
    * Revert "Don't cache signed tokens"
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Remove bandit tox environment
    * Remove unnecessary _reject_request function
    * Group common PKI validation code - Refactor
    * Group common PKI validation code - Tests
    * Remove except Exception handler
    * Fix tests to work with keystoneauth1 2.2.0
    * Bandit profile updates
    * Replace deprecated library function os.popen() with subprocess
    * Add project_name to the auth_token fixture
    * Revert "Stop using private keystoneclient functions"
    * create release notes for ksm 4.1.0
    * Don't cache signed tokens
    * Disable memory caching of tokens
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Use oslo_config choices support
    * Stop using private keystoneclient functions
    * Use fixture for mock patch
    * auth_token verify revocation by audit_id
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Deprecated tox -downloadcache option removed
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Make BaseAuthProtocol public
    * Use load_from_options_getter for auth plugins
    * Configuration is outdated
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Use keystoneauth for auth_token fixture
    * Don't list deprecated opts in sample config
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Put py34 first in the env order of tox
  - Adjust Requires according to requirements.txt
* Wed Mar 02 2016
  - fix requires
* Wed Dec 09 2015
  - update to 4.0.0:
    * Add release notes for keystonemiddleware
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Add a mock-fixture for keystonemiddleware auth_protocol
    * Add domain and trust details to user plugin
    * Remove py26 target from tox.ini
    * Use keystoneauth
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Address hacking check H405
    * update middlewarearchitecture.rst
    * Make "Auth Token confirmed use of %s apis" debug level
    * Define entry points for filter factories for Paste Deployment
    * Updated from global requirements
    * drop use of norm_ns
* Wed Oct 07 2015
  - update 2.3.1:
    * only make token invalid when it really is
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Update .gitreview for stable/liberty
* Sat Sep 19 2015
  - update to 2.3.0:
    * Updated from global requirements
    * auth_token tests use clean config
    * Docstring updates
    * Use ConnectionRefused for auth_token tests
  - Adjust Requires according to requirements.txt
* Mon Sep 14 2015
  - update to 2.2.0:
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Allow specifying a region name to auth_token
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Allow to use oslo.config without global CONF
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Move common request processing to base class
    * Fix rst
    * py34 not py33 is tested and supported
    * Refactor extract method for offline validation
    * Send the correct user-agent to Keystone
    * Move enforcement and time validation to base class
    * Separate the fetch and validate parts of auth_token
    * Fixes modules index generated by Sphinx
  - Adjust Requires according to requirements.txt
* Mon Jul 20 2015
  - update to 2.1.0:
    * Add token_auth helper to request
    * Add user_token and service_token to request
    * Create a simple base class from AuthProtocol
    * Switch from deprecated oslo_utils.timeutils.strtime
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Refactor _confirm_token_bind takes AccessInfo
    * Make token bind work with a request
    * Rename _LOG to log in auth_token middleware
    * Don't allow webob to set a default content type
    * Remove install_venv_common and fix typo in memorycache
* Thu Jun 18 2015
  - update to 2.0.0:
    * Ensure cache keys are a known/fixed length
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Refactor request methods onto request object
    * validate_token returns AccessInfo
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Fixes a spelling error in a test name
    * Remove custom header handling
    * Stop using function deprecated in py34
    * Fetch user token from request rather than env
    * Remove the _msg_format function
    * Base use webob
    * Don't rely on token_info for header building
    * Move project included validation
    * Depend on keystoneclient for expiration checking
    * Don't store expire into memcache
    * Removes discover from test-reqs
    * Drop py2.6 support for keystone middleware
    * Create new user plugin tests
    * Add an explicit test failure condition when auth_token is missing
    * Fixup test-requirements-py3.txt
    * Fix list_opts test to not check all deps
    * tox env for Bandit
    * Cleanup token hashes generated by cache
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Improved handling of endpoints missing urls
    * Refactor: extract echo_app from enclosing class
    * Add keystone v3 API to fetch revocation list
    * Simplify request making in auth_token tests
    * Change auth_token to use keystoneclient
    * Deprecate auth_token authentication
    * Updated from global requirements
  - Adjust Requires according to requirements.txt
* Fri May 15 2015
  - update to 1.6.1:
    * Remove superfluous / spammy log line
    * Drop use of 'oslo' namespace package
    * Port keystonemiddleware to Python 3
    * Remove unused iso8601 dependency
    * Update README to work with release tools
    * Uncap library requirements for liberty
    * Remove retry parameter
    * Fix s3_token middleware parsing insecure option (bnc#928205, CVE-2015-1852)
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Pull echo service out of auth_token
    * Fix typos in keystonemiddleware
    * Rename requests mock object in testing
    * Update auth_token config docs
    * Crosslink to other sites that are owned by Keystone
    * Move _memcache_pool into auth_token
    * Move unit tests into tests.unit
* Thu Mar 19 2015
  - Update to 1.5.0:
    * Allow loading auth plugins via overrides
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Delay denial when service token is invalid
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Move UserAuthPlugin into its own file
    * Extract IdentityServer into file
    * Extract all TokenCache related classes to file
    * Break default auth plugin into file
    * Extract revocations to file
    * Extract SigningDirectory into file
    * Separate exceptions into their own file
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Move auth_token into its own folder
    * Updated from global requirements
* Fri Feb 27 2015
  - Update to 1.4.0:
    * Turn our auth plugin into a token interface
    * iso expires should be returned in one place
    * move add event creation logic to keystonemiddleware
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Sync with oslo-incubator
    * Use oslo.context instead of incubator code
    * Refactor auth_uri handling
    * make audit event scoped to request session and not middleware
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Remove custom string truth handling
    * Updated from global requirements
    * incorrect reference in enabling audit middleware
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Enforce check F821 and H304
    * Switch from oslo.config to oslo_config
    * Switch from oslo.serialization to oslo_serialization
    * Switch from oslo.utils to oslo_utils
    * Add python-memcached to test-requirements
    * Correct failures for check E122
    * Correct failures for check H703
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Correct failures for check H238
    * Move to hacking 0.10
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Use a test fixture for mocking time
    * Fix environ keys missing HTTP_ prefix
    * support micro version if sent
    * Fix passing parameters to log message
    * Correct incorrect rst in docstrings
    * remove unused variable in _IdentityServer
  - Update Requires
* Thu Jan 08 2015
  - update to 1.3.1:
    * Fix auth_token does version request for no token
    * documentation for audit middleware
    * remove the unused method _will_expire_soon
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Use newer requests-mock syntax
    * Allow loading other auth methods in auth_token
    * Auth token tests create temp cert directory
    * Add a test to ensure the version check error
    * Split identity server into v2 and v3
    * Use real discovery object in auth_token middleware
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Make everything in audit middleware private
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Adding audit middleware to keystonemiddleware
    * Fix paste config option conversion for auth options
    * Auth token supports deprecated names for paste conf options
    * Correct tests to use strings in conf
    * Change occurrences of keystone to identity server
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Updated from global requirements
    * I18n
    * Adds space after # in comments
    * Update python-keystoneclient reference
    * Use Discovery fixtures for auth token tests
    * Convert authentication into a plugin
    * Add versions to requests
    * Use an adapter in IdentityServer
    * Use connection retrying from keystoneclient
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Use correct name of oslo debugger script
    * Use new ksc features in User Token Plugin
    * Remove netaddr package requirement
    * add context to keystonemiddleware
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Improve help strings
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Changing the value type of http_connect_timeout
    * Revert "Support service user and project in non-default domain"
    * Replace httpretty with requests-mock
    * Encode middleware error message as bytes
    * Docstring cleanup
    * Remove HTTP_X_STORAGE_TOKEN doc
    * Fix reference to middleware architecture doc
    * Clean up the middleware docs
    * Update oslo-incubator and switch to oslo.{utils,serialization}
    * Refactor auth_token cache
  - Adjust Requires according to requirements.txt
* Sat Sep 27 2014
  - update to 1.2.0:
    * Add an optional advanced pool of memcached clients
    * Fix auth_token for old oslo.config
    * Add composite authentication support
    * Fix test failure after discovery hack
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Use oslo_debug_helper and remove our own version
    * convert the conf value into correct type
    * Always add auth URI to unauthorized requests
    * Work toward Python 3.4 support and testing
    * warn against sorting requirements
    * Always supply a username to auth_token tests setup
    * Create an Auth Plugin to pass to users
    * Updated from global requirements
* Wed Sep 10 2014
  - update to 1.1.1:
    * Hash for PKIZ
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Use oslosphinx in keystonemiddlware for documentation
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Convert auth_token middleware to use sessions
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Remove mox dependency
    * move webob from test-requirements to requirements
    * remove unused dep: stevedore
    * remove unused dep: prettytable
    * Example JSON files should be human-readable
    * Updated from global requirements
    * Mark keystonemiddleware as being a universal wheel
    * Use keystoneclient fixtures in middleware tests
    * prefer identity API v3 over v2 in auth_token
    * Clean up openstack-common.conf
    * Sync with oslo-incubator 569979adf
    * Refactor auth_token, move identity server members to class
* Mon Jul 21 2014
  - Initial package



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