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openQA-common-4.5.1526033850.1ad9148d-lp150.1.1 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.0 for noarch

Name: openQA-common Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.0
Version: 4.5.1526033850.1ad9148d Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp150.1.1 Build date: Tue May 15 20:43:16 2018
Group: Development/Tools/Other Build host: cloud136
Size: 806966 Source RPM: openQA-4.5.1526033850.1ad9148d-lp150.1.1.src.rpm
Summary: The openQA common tools for web-frontend and workers
This package contain shared resources for openQA web-frontend and
openQA workers.






* Fri May 11 2018
  - Update to version 4.5.1526033850.1ad9148d:
    * Add _source field to every detail generated by parsers implementations (#1647)
    * Fix links to #live not starting live view (#1648)
* Sat May 05 2018
  - Update to version 4.5.1525548058.3f6bb61a:
    * Avoid appending multiple runs with --nocleanup (#1644)
    * Limit number of tasks for limit_assets and limit_results_and_logs GRU tasks
    * Add test for GRU enqueue limit option
    * Update apparmor profile for worker (#1645)
    * GRU: Add support to limit enqueuing by task
    * Update unit tests for TAP parser
    * Mark test suite as failed if test steps have failed
    * Add information about openQA internal results
    * Update TAP format documentation
    * Remove dots from filename
    * Ensure that the details description is set
    * Use a single result to contain all the test steps
    * Update changes to TAP format
    * Temporary version of the parser for TAP still failing
    * Log a warning when step data is not found
    * Allow LTP parser to load files that contain special characters
    * Replace extra dots in the filenames (#1642)
    * Increase the required coverage to 88.8
    * Do not fail a pull request if there are unexpected changes
    * Use same width for each colored dep status span
    * Show parent and child deps on job page in nice tbl
    * Enhance unit tests for GRU TTL
    * Set 2 days of ttl for limit_assets and limit_results_and_logs when posting isos
    * Add unit test for GRU task TTL
    * GRU: Add TTL for Minion jobs
    * Use a smaller font for the 'ago time' to fix rendering (#1635)
    * Prefetch comment counts for /tests
    * Update bootstrap to 4.1.1 and fontawesome to 5.0.10
    * Do not load full application to generate assetpack data (#1628)
    * Improve the duplication tests (#1627)
    * Hide categories when filtering test details
    * Ensure needles directory exists in 18-tests-details.t
    * Require 'Selenium::Remote::WDKeys' in CPAN file
    * Add test for filtering test details
    * Allow filtering test details
* Tue Apr 24 2018
  - Update to version 4.5.1524586233.92db89bc:
    * Add unzip-plain to AppArmor profile (#1629)
    * Use current SUSE Logo (#1626)
    * Avoid skipping dependencies when cloning jobs. (#1623)
    * Improve some details in t/ui/18-tests-details.t
    * Randomize GET /tests/99946#step/yast2_lan/1
    * Use usual prove flags on Travis as well
    * Hide failed modules on overview table for small screens
    * Fix positioning tooltips with Bootstrap 4 on overview page
    * Add Minion Link to navbar and move under admin
    * GRU: delete gru and deps on failure
    * Fix spacing of 'Build + Bars' rows on dashboard
    * Adjust padding and media break points for dashboard
    * Use exact same colors for cards/panels as before
    * Add unit test for job custom_module
    * Display GRU failure as job test module in openQA
    * Fix dropdown menus in fullscreen mode
    * Use full width in full screen mode
    * Make the gru service to be restarted on-failure
    * OpenQA::Task::* Die on fatal errors
    * Catch all tasks output also in case of error
    * Mark the jobs associated to the gru task incomplete in case of gru task failure
    * Adapt to new Minion::Job API introduced in Minion 9.0
    * Remove unused Data::Dumper import
    * Use Minion::Command::minion::job to get jobs list
    * Enable the Minion Admin interface under /minion
    * GRU/Minion: Take account of failures
    * Use gru enqueue in controllers and keep relation with minion jobs
    * Adapt test and fix leak of memory
    * Gru: get dsn from DBI for Minion
    * Move GRU tasks to Minion
* Fri Apr 20 2018
  - Require Minion >= 9.02
* Thu Apr 19 2018
  - Update to version 4.5.1524056562.74e334c1:
    * Close candidate menu after selection
    * Fix positioning of dropdown icon under Firefox
    * Fix handling multi-tag tests
    * Adjust UI tests to handle new candidates selection
    * Implement full diff
    * Allow to show just the screenshot again
    * Add shortcuts to custom combo box
    * Make style for result preview part of openqa.scss
    * Use customized bootstrap dropdown instead of combo box
    * Workaround issue when clicking menu item in 21-admin-needles.t
    * Port card in overview correctly to Bootstrap 4
    * Use same link color as before
    * Make badges look like before
    * Adjust colors
    * Fix paging of tables for running and scheduled jobs
    * Remove symlinks for Glyphicon fonts
    * Fix UI and fullstack test after Bootstrap 4 migration
    * Adjust media breakpoints
    * Fix grammar in tour
    * Upgrade tour to Bootstrap 4
    * Restructure stylesheets
    * Fix live-view and other small issues under Bootstrap 4
    * Make it look more like before under Bootstrap 4
    * Fix permanentely moved links on dashboard
    * Fix overall appearance with Boostrap 4
    * Fix filter panel on the main page
    * Patch bootstrap theme to be a little more like it was before
    * Remove hidden class
    * Port the navbar to bootstrap 4
    * Start to migrate to bootstrap 4
* Fri Apr 13 2018
  - Update to version 4.5.1523608608.fca0aa46:
    * Enforce sorting the results returned by the sql query to use in is_deeply (#1621)
    * Remove dead code in Worker/
    * Update current test module details when cancelling running job
    * Prevent failures in worker reset_state() (#1618)
    * Group candidate needles by tag (#1606)
    * Test image selection of needle editor (#1617)
    * Fix 'Take image from' selection in needle editor (#1616)
    * Refactor needle editor code
    * Fix showing needle editor when no tags present
    * isotovideo: wrap log_ calls with eval
    * Require latest RWP
    * Start isotovideo inside a container using cgroups
    * Checks if failure status file exists before trying to slurp it
    * tests: cover case when one of the cluster jobs already running
    * Consider running jobs in filter_jobs
    * Fix fullstack test in case /usr/bin/isotovideo is present
    * Limit showing new needles to the 5 most recent ones
    * Use 'new' prefix when showing new needles
    * Add documentation about showing new needles in editor
    * Improve tests for needle editor
    * Show errors/warnings/info in needle editor with consistent margin
    * Show added/updated needles in editor
    * Add database entry for needles when saving via editor
    * Simplify save_needle_ajax code
    * Extend needle table with tags and timestamps
    * Capture serial patterns documentation
    * Don't show configure button for untracked assets
    * Fix mojo not handling max_size_limit when is a transaction
    * Allow optional overwrite of the productlog request depth with a query parameter (#1601)
    * Enable JSON representation of the test overview (#1600)
    * Add asset size limit option
    * Return reference for test result file lists
    * Make OpenQA::Client::Archive property of OpenQA::Client
    * Remove chdir that caused errors when downloading test files
    * Add file _download_file_at method for logs and uploaded logs
    * Move progress monitor code to a separate fuction
    * Ensure that uploaded test logs can be downloaded
    * Add first version of OpenQA::Client::Archive
    * Move test_uploadlog_list and test_resultfile_list to the model
* Fri Apr 13 2018
  - Use Minion for GRU tasks, this requires Minion and Mojo::Pg as dependency
* Thu Apr 12 2018
  - Fix handling UTF-8 when executing make install
* Thu Apr 12 2018
  - Fix handling UTF-8 in
* Sat Mar 10 2018
  - Update to version 4.5.1520515419.c3df6f91:
    * Update the chromedriver url from 2.33 to 2.36
    * Allow saving needles for OS with dots in the version
    * docs: Clarify some serial terminal terminology and other elaboration (#1596)
    * Do not reset the api version just because the worker is offline
    * Fix scheduler comment - now default MAX_JOB_ALLOCATION is 80 (#1595)
    * Always retry until chunk is uploaded and retrials exhausted (#1594)
    * Refactor and add error test
    * PARALLEL_CLUSTER is no more
    * Adapt scheduler_full test
    * Avoid to re-consider the jobs that are being allocating in a round
    * Do not take account of spaces in PARALLEL_WITH
    * Exclude allocating jobs from prefer_parallel cut
    * Consider allocating only when we have them
    * Bump MAX_JOB_ALLOCATION default to 80
    * Exclude allocated when blocking dependencies
    * Consider the jobs allocated during the round as running in prefer_parallel
    * Prevent cluster tests to be allocated if their group is not allocated
* Tue Mar 06 2018
  - Update to version 4.5.1520100590.2279151e:
    * Fix sort order of the review comments (#1593)
    * Expand the serial terminal console documentation (#1586)
    * Emit openqa_job_create events when an ISO is posted (#1584)
    * Replace die for 500 code and move global constants to OpenQA::Constants
    * Avoid circular dependencies when running the tests.
    * All the available free workers need to have the same websocket interface version
    * Move the interface verification to the worker ack
* Sat Mar 03 2018
  - Update to version 4.5.1519929327.f726adcc:
    * Enable wrapping cells in overview table (#1591)
    * Perltidy
    * Protect during collected unsubscription
    * Prevent to determine job status from collected event when timout expires
    * Remove check backend timer
    * Fix check_backend detection
    * cpanfile: require at least Mojo::IOLoop::ReadWriteProcess 0.19
    * Adapt jobs tests - we are not dying anymore
    * Don't fear the (sub)reaper
    * Add AMQP doc
    * Lock tidy version
    * Make prove verbose
* Tue Feb 20 2018
  - Update to version 4.5.1519128406.810fb68b:
    * Show correct port for created job (#1578)
    * Use rwp also to call rsync (#1585)
    * Force a restart when the children or grand-children processes die
    * OpenQA::Parser::Format::JUnit mark testsuite failed if one of testcases fails
    * Replace the exec call with ReadWriteProcess module
    * Add use Mojo::DOM in JUnit and XUnit Parser (#1580)
    * Use the generated Mojo::URL as Client base_url
    * Add get_piece() in OpenQA::File to ease writing of downloader class
    * Add test for OpenQA::Files's prepare()
    * Make integration tests of uploader with fixed chunk size
    * Fire events inside subprocess before and after chunk processing.
    * Move uri checks inside common function in OpenQA::Client::Handler and guard from not configured scheme in host
    * Add test to check if retrials numbers are matching
    * Use subprocess for potential loop blocks
    * Adapt workers to error handling
    * Add tests for OpenQA::Client::Upload retrials on failures, and events propagation
    * Emit errors on OpenQA::Client::Upload
    * Swap multi-chunk uploader in worker with OpenQA::Client
    * Make OpenQA::Handlers EventEmitter(s)
    * Split OpenQA::Client
    * Wipe out content of written chunk, try only weak check and back to Storable
    * Do not always perform total cksum
    * Drop Mojo force to File asset, display stats of uploaded chunks
    * Write as we receive in a temp file
    * Avoid to relay too much on the serializer
    * Use C backend to read whole file when computing total cksum
    * Enhance error detection
    * Allow to chunks to dynamically grow and shrink
    * Make total checksum verification run faster
    * Let specify chunk size in config file, and default to 1000000 bytes
    * Also add API endpoint to inform of upload status, adapt tests
    * Do not make split() to load the file
    * Pass asset option in multichunk upload
    * Create empty file before writing it if doesn't exist
    * Try to swap current uploader with multi-chunked one for assets
    * Add spurt to OpenQA::Files
    * Add write_verify_chunks() and write_chunks to OpenQA::Files
    * Add methods to verify against chunks, also add test when joining/verifying in-place
    * Add serialize/deserialize also to single result of parser
    * Add OpenQA::File, wraps Mojo::File and adds seek capabilities
    * Add worker version check on the server. (#1552)
    * Add basic test for OpenQA::WebAPI::Description
    * Add POD documentation to Controller/API/V1 packages
    * Test 27-errorpages.t with a predefined API desc
    * Replace Pod::Tree for Pod::POM in WebAPI::Description
    * Add POD documentation to Controller/API/V1 packages
    * Move API description methods to its own package
    * Add POD documentation to Controller/API/V1 packages
    * WebAPI: Add API description from Controller's POD
* Sat Feb 10 2018
  - Update to version 4.5.1518003872.3977d2f5:
    * Run perltidy again (#1577)
    * Fix perltidy complaints (#1576)
    * Give 404 rather than 500 on invalid asset route (#1575)
* Tue Feb 06 2018
  - Update to version 4.5.1517920216.2250682a:
    * Take latest version of Selenium::Remote::Driver (#1570)
    * Big rework of the GRU limit_asset task (#1569)
    * Fix broken links in openQA documents
    * Update Installing.asciidoc
    * Add pager for comments on group overview (#1561)
    * Add help box for group filter
    * Fix testsuite descriptions if default config not present (#1554)
    * Test subgroup filter and form
    * Allow to expand nested groups by default
    * Add filter for subgroups
    * Check qemu pid before starting job (#1565)
    * Require < 1.21 of Selenium::Remote::Driver
    * Downgrading selenium drivers during test phase
* Tue Jan 30 2018
  - add fonts for chromium test suite - and remove currently broken
    tests (
* Tue Jan 23 2018
  - Update to version 4.5.1516716144.98db9c99:
    * Improve error handling in group overview (#1562)
    * Do not remove forwarded-for=https headers (#1558)
* Sat Jan 13 2018
  - Update to version 4.5.1515767133.56cd6ee5:
    * Support nested OpenQA::Parser objects
    * If no parser format is supplied, return a OpenQA::Parser::Format::Base object
    * Add POD documentation for OpenQA::Parser::Result::OpenQA
    * Add documentation for OpenQA::Parser::Results and move search() in proper class
    * Move search_in_details() in a new class that inherits from OpenQA::Parser::Results as it is openQA specific
    * Add documentation of OpenQA::Parser::Result
    * Move methods and attributes from Parser to Base format
    * Simplify spec format definition and move common displayed fields to openqa specific result classes
    * Drop support for creating collections with package global variable (useless now)
    * Make possible to upload in all the supported format and add tests for it
    * Add other tests, bring back coverage and fix wrong Node val() assigment
    * Return a OpenQA::Parser::Result::Node object when getting unstructured data from result
    * Make parser now really recurive, add also support for nested data structure with unit test
    * Make LTP parser tests output compliant to openQA tests results
    * Run parser test in parallel
    * Add possibility to store / serialize file content too within the parsed result
    * Add test to check DB consistency with parser extracted results
    * Move format specifications to separated namespace
    * Add XUnit tests
    * Add basic XUnit parser and schema
    * Clean LTP and include schema inside parser file
    * Add support for nested Results collections (required for XUnit)
    * Use functional interface in exposed api
    * Make collections serializable for unstructured data
    * Add accessor for unstructured data
    * Ask to include result only if the specific parser can
    * Move include_result option to specific parser that needs it
    * Provide also functional interface
    * Serialize single Results object as seen by to_hash() and add tests
    * Add tests when parser errors
    * Support hashifications of unknown objects
    * Add unstructured data test
    * Add reset method to parser, add and cleanup tests
    * Make serializing possible for collections with different OpenQA::Parser::Results objects
    * Add possibility to export/import the Parser to JSON, add also tests
    * Add serialization tests for junit spec
    * Tidy OpenQA::Parser::Result
    * Hide name field in JSON encoding of OpenQA result - but keep serializing it
    * Add example of new format specification for LTP
    * Simplify LTP spec definition even more
    * Get hash representation automatically of attributes if they can be rendered as hash
    * Add backword support for v2 format and add unit tests
    * Rename subtest to avoid Perl 5.18 complaints
    * Refactor write of parser result data
    * Add optional extra list that can be filled by type spec parser
    * LTP specification: Environment is optional inside result in new format
    * Add support to serialize/deserialized nested data structure
    * Add serialization capabilities to parser, and add tests
    * As classes are representing merely what's the json content, include them in the LTP module file
    * Add test data example for LTP results format
    * Add support for LTP specification in OpenQA::Parser
    * Generalize parser results, and subclass to specific implementations
    * Adapt parser tests, since now default value for script is 'unk'
    * Generate test module result from parsable extra_tests
    * Parser: return unk for test script if does not exist
    * Add search between parsed tests, link results and tests
    * Draft for JUnit parser
    * Prevent worker status selection to sort (#1555)
    * Unify code for scheduled/running table and fix sorting (#1556)
    * Remove leftovers in t/api/02-assets.t (#1557)
* Tue Jan 09 2018
  - Update to version 4.5.1515509269.fa07a084:
    * Remove assets from disk when deleting database entry (#1553)
* Thu Dec 21 2017
  - Update to version 4.5.1513750232.be133588:
    * Add basic setup of multi-machine worker (#1544)
    * Allow deleting assets via web UI (#1551)
    * Deal properly with environment variables that can change logging (#1537)
    * Fix deletion of jobs referenced as last use of asset (#1549)
    * Show assets by job group
    * selenium test: Allow configuring mojo port
    * Split asset tables in used and untracked assets
    * Refactor data size rendering in JS and reduce precision
    * Set App mode in WebSocket server (#1548)
    * Fix repos gone too early: assign REPO_10 to jobs as well (#1547)
    * Retidy - Perl::Tidy 20171214 has different formatting (#1546)
    * Update installation steps for postgresql (#1538)
    * branding: openSUSE: Add Kubic (#1539)
    * Change the logs timestamp to ISO8601 (#1542)
    * Add documentation for postgresql migration (#1530)
    * Fully fix asset caching without test caching (POO #29208)
    * Fix job group update issue (#1533)
    * Hide worker properties if no login (#1534)
    * Switch to fontawesome 5 (#1531)
    * `limit_assets`: remove asset that breaks limit, not next one (#1536)
    * Remove all assets from DB that are gone (#1535)
    * Allow to query live data from api, adapt tests
    * Display additional information in the worker's table
    * Add panel and popover to show job detail
    * Make searchable field and fix DataTable loading
    * Add openqa-setup-db service that will create postgresql database (#1528)
    * Retrieve worker stats data
    * Do not query by default websocket server to display worker informations
    * Fix tests to expect new columns
    * Show size of assets exclusively kept by a group
    * Accumulate size of assets exclusively kept by a group
    * Document fast initialization of local tests (#1527)
    * Add column to groups with size of exclusively used assets
    * Also store if the asset is fixed in the DB
    * limit_assets: Use DBD::Pg directly for querying job asset
    * Check all columns in test for asset table
    * Show last use of asset in assets table
    * Ignore chromedriver logs
    * Show asset size
    * Write info about assets kept during cleanup to db
    * Improve comments in limit_assets
    * Fix PRJDIR error
    * Add support for colons on worker class
    * Add WORKER_CLASS to job_list filter
    * Fix caching of assets without caching of tests (#1521)
    * Accept a lower coverage - we removed code
    * Move worker log test to 24-worker.t
    * Remove unused functions (increase coverage)
    * Remove SQL files for SQlite and for 2016
    * Have our services require postgresql server to be up
    * Adopt generate-packaged-asset to use postgresql
    * Import log_error in OpenQA::IPC
    * Test: increment unstable_worker ticks and wait for each one to be ready
    * Remove more traces of Sqlite support
    * Provide t/test_postgresql to setup a temporary postgresql
    * Fix more test cases
    * Prepare a proper DB for the scheduler full test
    * Fix t/ui/22-job_group_order.t by providing sort_order in fixtures
    * t/ui/13-admin.t: Postgresql sorts RAID at the end
    * Sort table settings by key to have reliable tests
    * t/api/02-iso.t: Do not rely on hardcoded job number
    * Give WebSockets server its assets
    * Sort the previous jobs in worker table by ids
    * Skip all tests requiring a database
    * Test fixtures: restart the postgresql sequence
    * Fix t/17-build_tagging.t not to depend on Sqlite specifics
    * ui/04-api_keys.t: Don't rely on ids in fixtures
    * 14-grutasks: don't rely on DB sort order
    * Drop sqlite3 support
    * branding: Update SLE staging links (#1523)
    * Use log_info for worker activities (#1519)
    * branding: openSUSE: Add caasp (different bugzilla naming variant) (#1522)
    * Tidy the sources
    * Do not cast to int worker_status timer
    * Propagate error on IPC dispatch call
    * Use WORKERS_CHECKER_THRESHOLD to detect dead workers as well
    * Remove printing to debug the result of safe_call
    * Reduce OpenQA tests verbosity
    * limit_assets: don't wipe assets for PENDING jobs (#1518)
    * Allow same group name within different parent groups (#1507)
    * Apply log level correctly (#1516)
    * Check if job is valid before starting working on it.
    * Upload workers log to the webUI (#1502)
    * Only test basic tests on perl 5.26 (#1512)
    * Remove IDs from fixtures if they are in sequence (#1513)
    * Move the $shared_dir to setup_share_dir
    * Print project directory upon worker's init failure
    * Fix documentation generation script
    * Avoid warnings during test runs (#1511)
* Wed Dec 06 2017
  - Add local-db subpackage to create local postgresql database for
    ease of use
* Tue Nov 28 2017
  - Update to version 4.5.1511814842.53907890:
    * Make barrier option to automatically destroy the barrier if jobs belonging to it fails (#1498)
    * Improve web editor (#1510)
    * Remove outdated imports of JSON module (#1509)
    * Use Cpanel::JSON::XS in step/edit.html (#1508)
* Mon Nov 27 2017
  - Update to version 4.5.1511709996.0670f622:
    * Use OPENQA_TEST_IPC for 12-admin-workers.t (#1506)
    * Poll status less often not to stress the server
    * Adapt coverage threshold
    * Mark workers dead when they disconnect from WS
    * Make full stack test more robust by adding more assertions
    * /tests/overview: Change sorting to show all machine variants together (#1489)
    * Use Cpanel::JSON::XS directly to avoid overwrite mess
    * Extend apparmor permissions for /usr/share/openqa/lib/** (#1504)
    * Test multiple perl versions in travis CI
    * Ignore specific 404 errors in the javascript console
    * Click away the feature tour in full stack
    * Make 21-admin-needles more robust
    * Clean VHD and VHDX images in cache
    * Treat VHD and VHDX images as HDD assets
    * Replace logrotate config with what we use in production (#1500)
    * Fix function names in ui tests
    * Rename PhantomTest to SeleniumTest
    * Remove support/work arounds for phantomjs
    * Use headless chrome instead of phantomjs
    * Use proper name and directory for PhantomTest
    * Update Cache documentation (#1495)
    * Make path of changelog configurable via config file
    * Add changelog for web UI
    * Avoid creating useless commits (#1497)
    * Multiple loggings channels
    * Log Uniformization
    * Make sure /tests/overview shows test suite descriptions for all machines
    * Display job name on dependencies list
    * Worker: use population as scale_factor
    * Add websocket server test to cover errors when updating worker seen status and population update
    * Make threshold for worker_checker a constant, and tight the bond between the status timer and the timer for checking inactive workers
    * Use in_range from OpenQA::Utils in scheduler-full test
    * Best effort to let know worker population of different WebUIs
    * Move worker configuration reading to Worker::Common, making it easier to test and slim down the startup script
    * Remove already superseded default inactivity timeout from script/openqa-websockets
    * Remove keepalive message and introduce dynamic slot allocation for worker_status timer
* Fri Nov 24 2017
  - adapt build dependencies to Cpanel::JSON::XS
* Wed Nov 22 2017
  - replace phantomjs with chromium/chromedriver
* Sat Oct 28 2017
  - Update to version 4.5.1509097496.8b8e8e20:
    * Prevent use of job_module_stats when showing jobs of worker
    * Fix sorting in table for previous jobs of worker
    * Remove all remaining uses of job_module_stats
    * Fix accessing job module stat 'unk'
    * Worker: Wrap asset_lookup() query in eval/if
    * Add API description for worker route
    * docs: Prevent parsing of '#' as markup
    * Allow admins to fetch the worker status by json
    * Fix name of the SUSE company
    * Prevent showing duplicated bugrefs twice
    * Fixing the package to build with newer assetpack (#1485)
    * Mention repos for Leap 42.3
* Thu Oct 26 2017
  - Update to version 4.5.1508961373.6d2e83a0:
    * Scheduler: Add option to deal with slow workers that could be detected as dead.
    * Scheduler: Handle stop/restart cleanly
    * Respect log level configuration even when no log file is set (#1413)
    * More prominent color for closed bug references, old ones for open bugs (#1412)
    * Scheduler: implement retrials before declaring a job not accepted by a worker
    * Scheduler: add option to wakeup when we receive new jobs
    * Adjust full-stack tests scheduler default values
    * API/Worker: Get updates from job that match the worker id
    * Revert "Permit a dropped test coverage for now" as we are covered now
    * Worker: send worker_id when updating setup status
    * Job: Return error messages when worker doesn't send id
    * docs: Move label and bugrefs doc from wiki
    * docs: Add description of closed issue visualization
    * Use OPENQA_TEST_IPC in more tests due to scheduler changes
    * Scheduler: add code comments, refactorize and simplify code
    * Include '.' in INC for 24-feature-tour.t (#1420)
    * Scheduler: Remove EXPBACKOFF option and default to binary
    * Scheduler: Remove shuffle option. Is new default now, if we don't shuffle free workers we might go into starvation since they can keep failing
    * Scheduler: schedule() now returns allocated jobs and failures
    * Websockets: distinct error while dispatching job over ws
    * Improve error if a worker cannot connect to a WebSocket (#1416)
    * Conflict no-cleanup worker with normal worker (#1417)
    * Scheduler: Add basic unit testing
    * Scheduler: remove retrials and workers cache
    * Scheduler: use another state for jobs that have been assigned but are not yet in running status
    * Worker/Websockets: Make worker send status messages, and websockets reaping jobs that are not matching states
    * Websockets: print details of messages received from unknown workers
    * Websockets: remove (now) misleading debug message
    * Worker: do not die in the loop when current_host is not set
    * Scheduler test: simulate unstable workers
    * Workers: collect error if we fail dispatching commands to websocket dbus service
    * Scheduler/WebSockets/Worker: update job state to running from worker responses
    * Scheduler: now job allocation checks are not needed anymore inside scheduler
    * WebSockets: use set_running when updating job status (#1426)
    * Add support for custom links in footer
    * Fix staging link for CaaSP
    * Worker: increase keepalive timer
    * Seperate footer links from footer legal part
    * Add 'report Bug' for OpenQA product
    * Scheduler: sleep when we have nothing to do
    * Adapt scheduler tests to new sleep mode
    * WebSockets: reset to schedule state if we detect stale assigned jobs
    * Websockets: set default appname - which is used in error templates
    * Websocket: wrap database transactions in try catch so we can debug dbus service errors
    * Create base for fullscreen mode on group overview site
    * Include just show latest comment feature
    * Add disable comments feature in group overview
    * Add fullscreen to group overview and rewind comments part
    * Fix uninitialized value error and typos
    * Add autorefresh for builds and comments in group overview
    * Make auto refresh rate adjustable
    * Fix sporadic problem of systemd service start (poo#21004) (#1430)
    * Add description part for api routes at not_found page
    * Add a quick tour to openQA
    * Enable feature tour by changing database entry
    * Adjust ui test
    * Replace old DEPENDENCIES.txt references to cpanfile (#1423)
    * Templates: improve error handling in running_table (#1427)
    * Utils: Flush log output when we don't use Mojo::Log
    * WebSockets: finish connection when we don't have the worker registered
    * Workers: print debug output when connection is closed
    * WebSockets: enable required plugin on setup
    * Add tests for WebSocket disconnection handling
    * Add missing figure for closed ticket labels
    * Prevent use of job_module_stats when showing jobs of worker
    * Fix sorting in table for previous jobs of worker
    * Remove all remaining uses of job_module_stats
    * Fix accessing job module stat 'unk'
    * Treat ASSIGNED state as in execution
    * Subscribe start_job/stop_job events before we call send on websocket connection
    * Worker: reset internal state if we fail contacting the WebUI
    * Worker: Do not cleanup if pooldir is not set
    * Add support for multiple distri/version/group on /tests/overview
    * Websocket: Do not kill connections due to inactivity (meant mostly for browsers)
    * Dereference hashrefs before using 'keys'
    * Check whether description available before printing it
    * Cover the websocket server to avoid uncovered changes with CI builds
    * Include all relevant distros when linking overview
    * Use Mojo::Log for logging worker's output
    * Refactor worker status messages
    * Cover main, which was left with low coverage
    * Changes the log level to debug if --debug or --verbose is applied. Default is info level.
    * Fix use of undefined $email by using default icon instead (#1444)
    * Sync needles when caching is enabled
    * Use cache_tests from isotovideo engine
    * Better reflect job execution through states
    * Replace tabs with spaces and fix indentation.
    * Ensure CSS classes are used for Datatables
    * Add setup state to be polled and tidy up
    * Test 404 error page
    * Ensure use of symlinked applications for clone_job/dump_templates/load_templates
    * Trim less text in overview tables by using CSS instead of custom code
    * Disable live log/terminal by default
    * Untie live stream from live log
    * Make details the default tab also for running jobs
    * Ensure streams for live view are only consumed when tab is active
    * Allow info/debug messages in javascript_console_is_empty
    * Switch to live view by default in full stack test
    * Move read_test_modules to OpenQA::Utils
    * Add support for getting test results as json
    * Fix missing openQA::Client import introduced in 7c91a962
    * Improve documentation for contributors
    * Log IPC errors
    * make Makefile non-bash environment friendly (#1465)
    * Add log function log_fatal
    * Allow filtering by result on 'All tests' page
    * Add query param for filtering 'All tests' table by result
    * Adapt bugzilla link to new SLE15 installer (#1466)
    * Fix filtering by result on 'All tests' page for some results
    * Test enabling result filter on 'All Tests' page via query
    * Fix regression introduced in
    * Ignore .pc directory for perltidy (#1472)
    * Fix missing log_warning import on (#1473)
    * Cherry pick perltidy fixes from @henrich (#1475)
    * docs: Add hint about performance impact of VM snapshots (#1474)
    * Create ResourceAllocator DBus service
    * Split fullstack tests in different build matrix
    * Create exists_worker in OpenQA::Utils
    * Use schema from ResourceAllocator instance, refactor to use exists_worker
    * Adjust scheduler full tests after the split
    * OpenQA::ServerStartup: set also appropriate handle when setting up logging, since now FakeApp has STDOUT as default handle
    * Add safe_call to OpenQA::Utils
    * Switching to safe_call in ResourceAllocator
    * Make job update take into account of ASSIGNED and SETUP state
    * Worker: Reset state also when we loose current_host (due to failure contacting webserver)
    * Return 0 by default on worker's try_lock_asset()
    * Worker: Wrap asset_lookup() query in eval/if
    * Make heartbeat timeout for rabbitmq configurable (#1479)
    * Add API description for worker route
    * docs: Prevent parsing of '#' as markup
    * Allow admins to fetch the worker status by json
    * Fix name of the SUSE company
    * Prevent showing duplicated bugrefs twice
* Fri Aug 18 2017
  - Provide clone-job, dump-templates, load-templates as symlinks in bin-path
* Wed Aug 02 2017
  - Update to version 4.5.1501694730.25c355a8:
    * OpenQA::WebAPI::Controller::API::V1::Job: catch errors and return no jobs when we fail to contact dbus
    * Schedule jobs without polling
    * Make workers only accept one job from one webui - also check if we dispatched the job correctly to the worker
    * Update worker seen status from ws keepalives if thought dead
    * Set to running just when we are sure the job got dispatched to the worker
    * Improve error handling when we fail resetting scheduling state
    * Do not use in the workers next_tick anymore when accepting the job
    * Fix the keep alive timer handling in worker
    * We need more timers to be host specific
    * Scheduler: Be more strict with job states
    * Apache: SetEnv proxy-nokeepalive 1
    * Permit a dropped test coverage for now
    * Scheduler: further optimizations and refinements
    * Get rid of notify_workers, and from the signal that was associated to it in the dbus scheduler service
    * Remove job grab from the API
    * Fix bugzilla links for CaaSP (#1395)
* Mon Jul 31 2017
  - Update to version 4.4.1501432550.4c72a17b:
    * Some more permissions required for power8 worker (#1405)
    * schema: Add job module statistics to jobs table
    * Use job module stats from jobs table in 'All Tests'
    * Add . to INC for tests that use local modules (perl 5.26 doesn't) (#1406)
    * Update job module stats when module inserted/updated
    * Fix typo in networking documentation (#1407)
    * Add the job module statistics to the migration code (#1409)
    * SLE 'LeanOS' corresponds to 'Server' on (#1393)
    * Dynamic feature infos for users (#1388)
* Sun Jul 30 2017
  - Update to version 4.4.1499449966.bd9ee915:
    * Replace die with log_error
    * Avoid edge case of asset sizes being incorrect.
    * Cache: resolve to current host when host URL cannot be resolved (#1352)
    * job templates: Fix removing options when finalizing row
    * job templates: Fix check for test selection when finalizing
    * job templates: Improve coding style in post
    * Fix bullet points in dashboard (#1356)
    * Provide a default (0) to max_rss_limit so that the config actually works (#1358)
    * Cache: Make each log message uniquely identifiable
    * Allow plugins to load specific configurations
    * Remove auth_config from OpenQA::WebAPI::Auth::*
    * Add fullscreen base into project
    * Add form entry for fullscreen view
    * Fix navbar to not hide if dropdown selected
    * Change help popover description in filtersection
    * Correct main controller and index page
    * Add error message for missing webserver
    * Also recognize kde bugrefs in (#1366)
    * Add link to CaaSP staging (#1360)
    * Also recognize fdo bugrefs in (#1367)
    * Database change for bug status
    * Improve assets log messages (#1365)
    * Documentation for GRE (#1369)
    * Extend sorting by time to parent group overview (#1362)
    * Add workaround for PhantomJS in needle edit test
    * Fix typo workround -> workaround
    * Prevent bugref_to_href replacement at end of title (#1372)
    * Refactor rendering response for server-side DataTable
    * Refactor server-side code for audit log
    * Refactor server-side code for previous jobs of worker
    * Test takeover of exclude areas in needle editor
    * Fix wrong HTML, input must not contain text
    * Show exclude areas in needle diff
    * Show exclude areas in needle editor always
    * Document areas
    * correct typo (#1379)
    * Enable INTEGRATION_TESTS (#1384)
    * Retrigger download retry for incomplete downloads
    * Fix perl structure printed in the logs
    * Check when asset has been removed by hand
    * Changing from using pure perl to Mojo::Asset::File
    * Allow the cache to use a configurable sleep time
    * Unlock the asset before the next download retry
    * Add unit test for cache
    * Add 25-cache.t to testrules.yml
    * Set sleep_time to 5 again
    * Remove unnecesary code from cache tests
    * Refactor server handling to avoid race conditions
    * Improve handling of logs and directories
    * Improve cache tests
    * Improve server_start and port handling
    * Remove unnecesary calls to Mojo::Asset::File
    * Fix test directory to share/tests (#1383)
    * Sort the failed modules on their timestamp not by their name (#1378)
    * Add test for "Server unavailable"
    * Inform user when OpenID login fails with no message from OpenID provider (#1380)
    * Increase the grace timeout to have uploads finish (#1385)
    * Notify the workers only when there are no errors
    * Create jobs from settings within a transaction
    * Increase information in logs if a wrong secret is used (#1374)
    * Avoid OpenID login to clutter log files (#1386)
* Tue Jun 20 2017
  - Exclude not supported and not building i586 in spec file rather than project
  - Use internal macro for %setup
  - Cleanup description and doc section
* Wed Jun 07 2017
  - disable tests on tumbleweed as they hang - need to debug this
    regression first
* Thu Jun 01 2017
  - Update to version 4.4.1496302635.5e9b3f9:
    * Replace die with log_error
    * Avoid edge case of asset sizes being incorrect.
    * Cache: resolve to current host when host URL cannot be resolved (#1352)
    * job templates: Fix removing options when finalizing row
    * job templates: Fix check for test selection when finalizing
    * job templates: Improve coding style in post
    * Fix bullet points in dashboard (#1356)
    * Provide a default (0) to max_rss_limit so that the config actually works (#1358)
    * Cache: Make each log message uniquely identifiable
* Tue May 30 2017
  - Update to version 4.4.1496150882.49e14ecd:
    * Avoid OpenQA::IPC::ipc being called premetaure (#1185)
    * Add $prjdir prefix for relative filenames in Needles
    * Add option to change $prjdir on the fly
    * Adapt timers helpers for multi-hosts
    * Make api_call not to recurse into IOLoop, add callbacks
    * Adapt worker registration to multihost
    * Adapt jobs helpers to non recursive api_call and multihost
    * New multihost workers.ini
    * Per-host working directory support
    * Multihost commands parsing
    * Adapt worker tests for non-blocking api_call
    * Use OpenQA::Utils log functions in worker
    * Use share/factory directory instead of factory link
    * Replace dirs parsing by one liners
    * Remove dead code
    * Use testcasedir helper instead of removed static
    * Add some unit tests
    * Fix generate/packed-assets not to require dbus session (#1186)
    * Avoid 404 errors on scheduled jobs
    * Take 4 travis jobs as success
    * needle editor: Validate needles/tags in JavaScript (#1189)
    * Reduce the number of travis jobs (#1188)
    * Duplicate the job if the worker is terminated
    * Simplify selenium using code
    * Do not do any jsonfile path processing
    * Prevent uninit ws variable warning
    * Pass query params as params key for duplicate
    * Allow api_call to be called without callback
    * Change the Mojolicious version requirements (#1195)
    * Fix needle path check (#1196)
    * Fix the 12-needle-edit test to leave the data in place
    * Import log_error before using it
    * Introduce project share directory variable
    * Adapt test to use share directory
    * Switch test distro from pitux to tinycore (#1203)
    * Fix last remnants of global url and ua usage
    * Add image upload to full stack test
    * AMQP: Declare exchange passive and durable (#1202)
    * Fix an error when job result is "setup failure"
    * Prepend sharedir when looking for needles with relpath (#1205)
    * Add full stack test for setup failures
    * Fix 24-worker.t
    * Fix build lookup for single groups (poo#15988) (#1204)
    * Allow override of the usual setting precedence order (#1200)
    * Fix undefined warning for _stop_job_finish (#1207)
    * Shared worker documentation
    * Document referrer configuration and label:linked
    * Fix job_timeout timer not being removed after stop_job (#1209)
    * Add get_timer getter for worker timers query
    * Add tests if start_job set proper timers and stop_job removes them
    * Improve code preparing data for test overview
    * Synchronize 'TODO' filter with review badges
    * Add help popover for 'TODO' filter
    * Show help popover details link in new tab
    * Enhance jobs list in worker page (#1212)
    * docs: Ensure pool dir exists when starting worker manually (#1213)
    * Fix UI test skipping when modules not available (#1211)
    * Avoid creating duplicit dependencies (#1214)
    * Update documentation for a more obvious flow (#1218)
    * branding: Add casp reporting links (#1219)
    * Add notice to help text (#1222)
    * Do correct DISTRI-VERSION case dir lookup
    * Fix AMQP SSL wide character JSON encoding (#1224)
    * Refactor test for scheduler dependencies (#1225)
    * Fix apparmor profile to let worker read from /other (#1228)
    * Update GettingStarted for some Fedora repo changes (#1229)
    * Fix time display regression introduced by f127654
    * Harmonize running/scheduled time string also in UTC
    * Show absolute time in tests list for finished as well
    * Fix typo and make vhost config more readable
    * Update Pitfalls.asciidoc
    * Add pitfall for fake authentication method
    * docs: Correct asciidoc syntax for pool instance table
    * Display description with examples on '-h', too
    * Update create_admin script
    * docs: Improve language of 'using snapshots' section
    * Fix synchronization of TODO with badges
    * Add link from test details to assigned worker
    * Fix bugzilla links as CASP was renamed to CaaSP
    * docs: Delete reference to inactive stable repo (#1230)
    * needle editor: Fix errors appearing in JS console
    * needle editor: Show new tags in own line
    * needle editor: Display all tags in the same way
    * Allow configuration of how builds are sorted in web UI
    * Add id to comments over API to allow referencing
    * Fix needle editor when taking matches is disabled
    * Fix openqa_web docker instance running
    * Update Dockerfile to host openQA on Leap 42.2
    * Change deprecated "MAINTAINER" instruction
    * Add instruction "LABEL version"
    * Use the default openID provider
    * docker: Remove pool volume unused by webui
    * Fix error when running the worker container
    * Fix dockerfile for webui
    * Fix dockerfile for workers
    * Update for docker section
    * Document running selenium UI tests (under Leap) (#1250)
    * Make needle edit test case less specific
    * Prevent double machine tag output in 02-iso.t
    * Add option for 'isos post' route to deprioritize old builds rather than obsolete
    * needle editor: Format new tags bold
    * needle editor: Prevent adding empty tag
    * docs: Add documentation for 'triggering tests'
    * Harden loading of auth modules with whitespaces (#1253)
    * Allow redirects for clone_job requests (eg to ssl)
    * Allow annonymous read access to operator tables
    * Fix failing admin test
    * Fix bugzilla reporting links for CaaSP
    * [docs]: added documentation about setting up ssl (#1257)
    * client script: Don't encode URL twice (#1260)
    * Allow api_call to be called without callback
    * Add Cache
    * Enable caching on the worker
    * Improve Cache package and tidy up the code
    * Fix cache.db problems
    * Ensure the asset has the proper name
    * Add TESTPOOLSERVER variable for caching
    * Refactor to allow CACHEDIRECTORY to replace share directory
    * Simplify api_call nesting
    * Fix the ISO expansion for local assets
    * Let's set reasonable goal for codecov
    * Work on testing cache
    * Do not exclude .git from syncing
    * Harmonize the keys used for assets
    * Add newlines to log output
    * Improve cache directory
    * Catch errors on cache downloads
    * Fix perlcritic errors
    * We need Mojolicious 7.24 for max_response_size
    * Implement download_asset so we can actually test caching it
    * Remove -E option from flock - we do not check the exit status
    * Make sure assets in pool are handled correctly
    * Add support for multiple group, no build on /tests/overview
    * docs: Add hint about multiple groups, no build
    * Call rsync of tests in a child process and notify webui
    * Move OpenQA::Cache to Worker namespace
    * Trying to make workers.ini more descriptive
    * docs: Add explanation for job priority (#1262)
    * Schedule worker reregistration in case of api-failure
    * Add more logging to job notifications
    * Use host_port when parsing URL
    * Prevent various timer loops
    * Do job cleanup even in case of api failure
    * Ensure uploaded assets have correct perms (#1263)
    * Change $testpoolserver only if passed as option (#1264)
    * Set read permissions for downloaded assets (#1267)
    * Ignore module flag 'important' (#1266)
    * product log: Don't show actions when not at least operator
    * Make assets, workers and API help publicly available
    * needle editor: Fix inserting tag via middle mouse button (#1269)
    * Fix restarting jobs from worker page (#1272)
    * Merge 'Status' and 'Connected' columns in workers overview (#1273)
    * Add anchor for build results on index page (#1265)
    * Lower down quantity of automatic carryover
    * Add environmental variable to skip online tests
    * Be specific which text element we want to test
    * Fix hardcoded cache.db file
    * Fix assets not being removed
    * Force read_db after a write
    * Add subtest for Cache
    * Improve log output for label carryover
    * Ensure that label carryover is done correctly
    * Fix the recursive $db_file appending (#1279)
    * Tidy the code after last hot fix
    * Relax the regex for build values in tag: comments again
    * Don't obsolete jobs for VERSION-BUILD tagged builds
    * needle editor: Distinguish tag/area selection in check
    * needle editor: Test verification when not copying areas
    * Improve little triangle sign below a screenshot (#1285)
    * Add ignores for db.lock and phantomjs log (#1287)
    * Correct 'softfailed' reference to passed (obsoleted)
    * Ensure consistent naming of 'failed'+'softfailed' in all occurrences
    * Fix overriden shared $dir worker registration (#1291)
    * Add a Contributing section
    * Add explicitly index and current.pdf
    * Stop distinguishing softfailures
    * Fix typo 'parallel' (#1290)
    * Adjust grid wrapping in build tables (#1286)
    * Use space indendation consistently in javascript files
    * Delete w/s at EOL in javascript files
    * Add 'build-results' anchor for group-overview page, too (#1281)
    * Replace old 'important' behaviour with 'ignore_failure' (#1297)
    * Give failed screenshots back the red border (#1300)
    * Adjust test module flags on Details page for ignore_failure (#1299)
    * Document the 'norollback' flag in WritingTests (#1298)
    * Better error msg for openqa client (#1303)
    * Improve 'Downloading failed' message (#1302)
    * Refactor 05-scheduler-dependencies.t (#1306)
    * Shorten build-numbers with dots to prevent overlapping (#1305)
    * Fix "only tagged" for tags with version (#1296)
    * Do not upload empty serial_terminal.txt (#1274)
    * Makefile: Allow to skip checkstyle (#1304)
    * Fix missing space in log debug message (#1307)
    * Register job assets even if one of the assets need to be skipped (#1310)
    * Test whether admin table displays needles which never matched
    * Show needles in admin table which never matched
    * Improve logging in case of upload failure (#1309)
    * Improve product fixtures to prevent dependency warnings
    * Handle wrong/missing job dependencies appropriately
    * Print URL of generated job for easy access (#1313)
    * Allow lscpu to read all of /proc - but only lscpu (#1315)
    * Skip downloading generated assets in all cases (#1314)
    * Fix invalid HTML
    * Don't use name attribute on div element for markdown
    * Fix indentation in overview.scss
    * Fix showing long needle name in hover popup
    * Prevent DB exception when adding tests in job templates (#1318)
    * Remove duplicate "current step" (#1319)
    * Refactor to use SQLite instead of json
    * Update cache full stack test
    * Fix minor race condition
    * Increase test coverage
    * Use cache.sqlite instead of cache.db
    * Detect and set current version of openQA,  display it in the footer (#1316)
    * Add service file for workers with "no cleanup" (#1320)
    * Prevent tags from getting cut by long build numbers (#1321)
    * Fix generated job URL to be the receiving host (#1326)
    * Unlink existing asset symlinks on syncing (#1323)
    * Move OpenQA::Test::* modules to test directory (#1325)
    * Improve admin test (#1327)
    * Fix makefile syntax (#1328)
    * Avoid line break after h4 in midori and co (#1333)
    * Implement a config option to restart workers that grew too big (#1339)
    * Allow cache to handle 5XX errors and retry 5 times (#1337)
    * Inspect failed modules in /tests/overview (#1335)
    * Fix print() on closed filehandle $log (#1334)
    * Replace file_content() with Mojo::File (#1331)
    * Disable printing time when logging to STDERR
    * Add more tests to configuration parsing
    * Fix bugzilla reporting link for SLE-12-SP1 (#1332)
    * Make 'TEST' the only proper mandatory test setting (#1126)
    * Avoid unit test to write on source code directory (#1341)
    * Fix breakage introduced by (#1343)
    * Add scheduler test to cover OpenQA::Scheduler::FakeApp (#1345)
    * Fix documentation publishing on gh-pages
    * Make sure a valid up-to-date license in all files
    * Fix doc generation - testapi (#1347)
    * Add unit test to fix codecov "uncovered changes" (#1348)
    * Add direct link to video position (poo#19300) (#1342)
    * Avoid github and use a CDN for chosen.jquery (#1350)
    * Correct Typo in Firewall config file (#1351)
* Thu May 18 2017
  - Prerequire needed group nogroup
* Thu May 18 2017
  - Also provide systemd services for workers with '--no-cleanup'
* Thu May 18 2017
  - Update to version 4.4.1495052041.c6a5bc94:
    * Remove duplicate "current step" (#1319)
    * Fix minor race condition
    * Increase test coverage
    * Use cache.sqlite instead of cache.db
    * Detect and set current version of openQA,  display it in the footer (#1316)
    * Add service file for workers with "no cleanup" (#1320)
    * Prevent tags from getting cut by long build numbers (#1321)
    * Fix generated job URL to be the receiving host (#1326)
    * Unlink existing asset symlinks on syncing (#1323)
    * Move OpenQA::Test::* modules to test directory (#1325)
* Sat Mar 18 2017
  - bump mojo requirement
* Sat Mar 18 2017
  - Update to version 4.4.1489864450.251306a:
    * Make sure assets in pool are handled correctly
    * Call rsync of tests in a child process and notify webui
    * Move OpenQA::Cache to Worker namespace
    * Trying to make workers.ini more descriptive
    * docs: Add explanation for job priority (#1262)
    * Schedule worker reregistration in case of api-failure
    * Add more logging to job notifications
    * Use host_port when parsing URL
    * Prevent various timer loops
    * Do job cleanup even in case of api failure
* Thu Jan 19 2017
  - Add the openQA.changes file to be distributed as public/Changes on the web-ui
* Wed Jan 18 2017
  - Update to version 4.4.1484732113.4fb90841:
    * Document filtering
    * Fix documentation generation (#1177)
    * Fix corner buttons (#1176)
    * utils: Add kernel bugzilla bugref (#1175)
    * Do not run tests for GH_PUBLISH=true
    * Mojolicious 7.19 has broken SSL support - blacklist it
    * Switch to CDN for fontawesome
    * Fix missing images in documentation (#1180)
    * Do not even run the coverage target if GH_PUBLISH is true (#1183)
* Thu Jan 12 2017
  - bump requirements to Mojo and AssetPack
* Thu Jan 12 2017
  - add Sort::Version requirement
* Thu Jan 12 2017
  - Update to version 4.4.1484213177.5ef2a6e4:
    * Add css class to click on action (#1147)
    * client: Support sending JSON data (#1150)
    * Test both phantomjs and chrome on travis
    * Exclude AssetPack >= 1.30 - it will break fonts
    * Sort build versions correctly (#1136)
    * Add optional profiling support using Mojolicious::Plugin::NYTProf (#1153)
    * Add tests for client script
    * Don't use config file as database lock file (#1157)
    * Fix build of the package: we need a db directory to lock now
* Thu Dec 22 2016
  - remove YAML and Socket::IO::INET6 dependencies
* Wed Dec 21 2016
  - Update to version 4.4.1482329765.866bba8:
    * Improve buttons in interactive mode
    * Fix command API route
    * Change the format for developing with snapshots (#1093)
    * Fix sorting of needle table (#1092)
    * Add short route to individual job results '/t:testid:' (#1089)
    * doc: fix typo (#1096)
    * Fix AMQP reconnect timeout config var (#1098)
    * Add AMQP connection error msg to log (#1099)
* Thu Dec 15 2016
  - add new require on time::parsedate
* Thu Dec 15 2016
  - Update to version 4.4.1481828911.8296cb4:
    * Update worker apparmor file from production worker log (#1078)
    * Add brc (Red Hat Bugzilla) and bgo (GNOME Bugzilla) labels (#1083)
    * Auditlog: display event time on hoover
    * Auditlog: add page and rows query options
    * Switch audit log to server side processing
    * Use system user to create system events
    * Add new Time modules dependencies
    * Add page displaying single event
    * Improve search query parser to support multi-word queries
    * Don't bother with event data shortening
* Fri Dec 09 2016
  - add bcond_with tests to run phantomjs optionally
* Fri Dec 09 2016
  - Update to version 4.4.1481216307.2d2b18a:
    * worker: Prevent use of uninitialized value (#1066)
    * Copy over policies from os-autoinst
    * Fix usage of qw(SINGLE_VALUE) in use statements
    * Rework websocket server (#1057)
    * client: Respect --json also in case of an error (#1068)
    * client: Set 'Accept'-header in any case (#1070)
    * Return 404 on status update for job without worker
    * worker: Abort job if considered dead by web UI
    * Improve misleading comment
    * Comment events: Drop unneeded fedmsg conditional, include id (#1065)
    * Improve log message when job considered dead (#1075)
    * Disable carry-over for job 'labels' to support new use cases (#1071)
* Mon Nov 28 2016
  - Do not package removed files script/migrate_images and backlog
* Mon Nov 21 2016
  - Update to version 4.4.1479741639.90bdf0f:
    * external_reporting: Fix differing header level in description (#1012)
    * Add test for parents on index page and parent group overview (#1015)
    * Show build tags on parent-level (#1018)
    * Add a 120 column limit to .perltidyrc (#1017)
    * Fix a few formatting mistakes and remove repetitive method calls (#1020)
    * docs: Update openSUSE repos to current supported (#1021)
    * Fix URLs in dashboard when version/distri differ (#1024)
    * Show submenus on click (#1025)
    * Update bootstrap to 3.3.7
    * Wait a bit in tests if there is an ajax call
* Tue Nov 08 2016
  - update cache for bootstrap-submenu
* Tue Nov 08 2016
  - Update to version 4.4.1478599354.3d748dc:
    * Fix job group overview without description (#957)
    * Don't free worker before artefacts are uploaded (POO #14378) (#958)
    * Improve override needle test (#962)
    * Use textareas in test suite editor (#961)
    * Fix worker error reporting when asset cannot be found (#963)
    * Make .json easier to use and include more data (#965)
    * Add API routes for job group parents (#952)
    * Hide empty job groups from index page (#967)
    * Optionaly inherit command line variables in parent (#951)
    * Add gzip and rsync to worker's AppArmor (#968)
    * Only store md5_dirname if the image is in /images (#959)
    * Fix malformed HTML
    * Fix malformed HTML (#970)
    * Prepare CACHEDIRECTORY example in workers.ini and provide profile (#969)
    * Implement Drag & Drop group editor
    * Add support for github 'bugrefs'
    * t: Delete unused (disabled) 'use Test::Output'
    * t: Ensure proper output catching
    * Improve usability of job group property editor
    * Replace all '...' with '…' in web UI
    * Add assert_script_run description
    * Allow '@' in asset name (#979)
    * Fix list of needle tags in needle info popover (#977)
    * Allow worker profile to access fixed assets
    * Fix download of fixed assets from web UI
    * Reindent 01-jobs fixtures
    * Use url helpers to map the asset path to URL
    * Add help text using popovers, title and placeholder (#983)
    * Add missing argument for hmac timestamp validation
    * Give tests without fails a no-TODO tag (#960)
    * Trying to make peace with adamw over locate_asset
    * Add a repository as test fixture to test subpaths
    * Show tags on index page
    * Add API auth tests
    * Improve help popups
    * isotovideo: Remove redundant '|| undef' (#989)
    * branding: Update staging to current SP3 (#988)
    * Show parent groups in navbar (#974)
* Thu Oct 27 2016
  - have openqa_worker own /var/lib/openqa/cache
* Thu Oct 27 2016
  - Update to version 4.4.1477579540.21d4009:
    * Use textareas in test suite editor (#961)
    * Fix worker error reporting when asset cannot be found (#963)
    * Make .json easier to use and include more data (#965)
    * Add API routes for job group parents (#952)
    * Hide empty job groups from index page (#967)
    * Optionaly inherit command line variables in parent (#951)
    * Add gzip and rsync to worker's AppArmor (#968)
    * Only store md5_dirname if the image is in /images (#959)
    * Fix malformed HTML (#970)
    * Prepare CACHEDIRECTORY example in workers.ini and provide profile (#969)
* Sat Oct 22 2016
  - Update to version 4.4.1477110901.763fe71:
    * Step controller: split init into 2 functions
    * Fix coverage skipping files with 't/' in path
    * Test source view from running
    * Treat #details tab as all the others to fix back button
    * Add test for switching tabs in tests result view
    * Some fixes for the new results / running page
    * Fix SQL query to query important jobs
    * docs: Update OBS references
    * Upgrade to Leap 42.1, and fix apache2 starting problem
    * Live view: simplify drawImage
    * Be way more careful with history manipulation on results page
    * Treat # and '' the same for history management
    * Allow sha1sum for os-autoinst:2144a20c
    * Allow git for os-autoinst:d29266f
    * Add option '--skip-download'
    * Give the user better hints on what we expect for the expiry date
    * Do not create a link_post for reschedule isos
    * Use the proper API to get the data of the selected row not the first row
    * Replace the broken PNGed SVG with the real one
    * Talk to os-autoinst through HTTP instead of the file system
    * Replace document.ready with $(fn)
    * Fix interactive buttons
    * Fix upload of images during needinput
    * Make sure the worker stops at signals
    * Fix spelling of existent
    * Add web UI controls to select 20/50/100/400 previous results
    * limit_assets: when sizelimit is exceeded, remove more
    * Be more graceful when stopping the backend
    * Always set a t_finished to now if the job has a final state
    * Sort the finished jobs by their finished time
    * Change the order of the tests in the list test
    * Set a t_finished time in fixtures to have predefined order of finished jobs
    * Sort the scheduled jobs based on time
    * Sort the running jobs by Start time
    * Benefit from the hashsum calculation for our icons too
    * Remove pauseplay class and image - no longer used
    * Add more icons to assets and remove what's left in public/images
    * Remove dead file
    * Add custom whitespace squish
    * Use manual whitespace trimming after squish was removed from Mojo7
    * Mojo7 removed Mojo::URL::authority, use host_port instead
    * Add SUSE internal branding with more links
    * Refresh running modules in #details view
    * Deal with race conditions when refreshing #details
    * Create missing results tbl on #details
    * Reload broken thumbnails on test #details
    * Correct description for use of OPENQA_CONFIG
    * Fix build tagging when @ is used
    * Clarify comment in the dashboard test
    * Use correct job result in openqa events
    * Add command_enqueue to worker model as send_command
    * Export log_error helper in OpenQA::Utils
    * Add job_set_done and job_cancel to Jobs module and result set
    * Adapt tests for moved job_set_done and job_cancel
    * Remove scheduler dbus exports and subs job_set_done and cancel
    * Remove command_enqueue from scheduler and dbus
    * Check for user when emitting event
    * Log iso_cancel for canceled jobs due to new iso and allow job_cancel_by_settings event
    * Fix typo in worker check during job duplication
    * Fix counting of cancelled jobs
    * Update Jobs::cancel to accept $obsoleted option
    * Use ws_call using well known format to send messages to WS server
    * Sync property parsing to workers format
    * Make softfailed a proper final result
    * Add tests for showing softfails in prev results
    * Give user_restarted an explicit colour
    * Remove MySQL from deployments, we never test migrations or deployments
    * Resort to raw SQL instead of avoiding the schema and still use dbic
    * Fix DB access error when skipping scheduled children
    * Test both children skipping and stopping
    * Accept softfail result as passed
    * Add test scenarios for job result calculating
    * apparmor: Add missing /usr/lib/git/git
    * Make softfailed tests show the right colour
    * Make non-important failures at least a general softfail
    * Calculate softfailed at the very end to fix one specific case
    * Add more tests for corner cases
    * Carry over also for incomplete and softfailed
    * Add V1 API for comments
    * Use API for comments in web UI
    * Add comments without reloading page
    * Only redirect to running tab when no # is in url
    * Clear url hash on test step result preview close
    * Test for url hash cleanup after preview close
    * Fix incorrect 21-admin-needles test
    * Fix calculate_result (again): $overall should cover all
    * Improve error handling of comment API
    * Prevent needle editor flickering (progress #12984)
    * Enforce build order for group overview in tests
    * Remove unneeded functions of old comment API
    * Add 'latest' query route
    * Remove history for step navigations
    * Replace job_set_done by $job->done in dead job handler
    * Move dead worker check to websocket server
    * Add test for dead worker detection
    * Make build in previous view a link to tests overview
    * Add test for 'todo=1' query param
    * t: Fix typo in t/ui/18-tests-details.t
    * Fix deadworker timer function reference
    * Fix complex_query and its usage in last route
    * Render links on 'latest' route directly instead of redirect
    * templates: Simplify single line statements
    * Make title for 'previous results' a proper heading
    * t: 12-needle-edit.t: Try to find overwrite warning more often (poo#12980)
    * previous: Move current limit where other options are
    * Add web UI controls to select more builds in group_overview
    * Add web UI controls to filter only tagged or all builds
    * Fix workaround label
    * Fix taking over tags from a workaround needle
    * worker: Remove tons of work arounds and quirks in upload
    * Allow cksum to be called in the worker
    * Upload assets as temporary files and only rename after chksum check
    * Fix typo
    * Prevent use of non-existing route in upload_status
    * templates: live: Fix url_for over 'latest' route
    * Disable auto-duplication of jobs (poo#13042)
    * Avoid shift
    * Test handling deleted needles in needle editor
    * Ignore deleted needles when showing needle editor
    * Show warning about deleted/bad needles (needle editor)
    * Fix admin layout for test suites with long keys Currently test suites slenkins-tests-ceph-control and s390_hsi-l2
    * Make apache follow symlinks for assets directory
    * Fix '0' duration for previous jobs on running or scheduled job
    * Add link to latest job in each scenario
    * Allow pinning comments as group description
    * Fix jobs templates layout
    * Also filter 'machine' on latest
    * Vertically align progress bar with build number
    * Re-add boundary hack
    * Make 'latest' link more explicit
    * Do not quote identifiers, solves problem with uppercase column (#838)
    * use /var/lib/openqa/share/factory/iso path (#849)
    * Add 'bash' to be able to run 'CMD' (#850)
    * Add filter from in test overview (#852)
    * Draw needle match labels after match boxes (#851)
    * Add lock barriers (#845)
    * Show custom error pages (#831)
    * README: Update coveralls icon by .svg version (#853)
    * Add new job state (#848)
    * Remove old comment code (#856)
    * Run optipng on the worker while uploading images (#858)
    * Add filter for all states and results
    * Distinguish comment events
    * Show results and states dynamically
    * Test whether job still exists in reduce_result
    * Split Logging support out of WebAPI (#860)
    * Give the scheduler a home (#862)
    * Log status update without worker (#861)
    * dead worker check: use 15 secs not 10, better names, comments (#864)
    * Fix the stale job calculation for uploading jobs (#865)
    * Fix path in docs about migrating db schema
    * Show filter on top and display current filter
    * Avoid HMAC timestamp mismatch during large file upload (#871)
    * Give Websockets and Scheduler the home of the webapi (#870)
    * Label builds where all tests passed as reviewed
    * Dont grab twice (#874)
    * Prevent detecting occurrences like bsc#2436346bla as bugref
    * Replace URLs with the appropriate bugref pattern
    * Do not rely on WebAPI to find home - require and use an harmless class (#876)
    * Prevent multiple bug refs per comment to yield incorrect URLs
    * Add 'match' query parameter for index page
    * Add 'group' query parameter for index page
    * Add more faking to FakeApp - so restarting jobs works again (#880)
    * comment the home detection for scheduler/websockets better
    * Allow bugrefs being separated by any non-word chars
    * Fix used needle indication when needles are in folders
    * Merge match and group parameter
    * Use $FindBin::RealBin to resolve links for client script (#889)
    * Fix previous jobs showing up for different machine (#885)
    * Remove FIXMEs and disabled code in t/ui/15-comments.t (#888)
    * notify workers when job with chained children done (POO #13746) (#883)
    * Pass encoded URL filter parameter correctly (#890)
    * Reintegrate job duplicate (#875)
    * Mark worker alive for all kind of artefacts (#894)
    * Small schema change to add an index (#895)
    * Add IPC debug to websockets too to debug hangs (#896)
    * update apparmor profiles for ppc64le (#892)
    * Try harder to avoid long running pre-processing (#897)
    * Increase session expiration from 1 to 48 hours (#900)
    * Make ws_send_all WebSocket call not waiting for results (#902)
    * Avoid DBUS dead locks (#901)
    * Do not manually render anything on websocket creation (#903)
    * Prevent error message in log as 'scheduled' jobs are also 'inprogress' (#906)
    * Add scenario params to limit URLs for previous results (#893)
    * Handle links to bugs already formatted correctly (#905)
    * Improve documentation about PosgreSQL (#904)
    * Test time_limit_days query parameter (#907)
    * Fix comments test (#908)
    * Split the images directory even more (#739)
    * Add anchor links to comments (#909)
    * Move comments.css to sass reduce copy&paste (#910)
    * Readd the lost name of the thumb_nail route (#911)
    * Refactor computing build results (#898)
    * Show incomplete/skipped bugs, show tooltip on progress bars (#912)
    * Add link to openQA review (#899)
    * Fix vertical alignment of progress bars in tables (#917)
    * Show progress indication in admin needle table (#918)
    * Track image assets better (#919)
    * Fix deletion of multiple needles at once (#921)
    * fix downloading assets to different filename
    * Fix sorting in admin needle table (#924)
    * Add JSON representation of index and group overview (#922)
    * Add filter form for index page (#923)
    * Add /index.json route and test it together with overview.json (#925)
    * Fix /index.json route to pass the format (#926)
    * Fix softfailed results not showing in tests list (#930)
    * Fix group filter on index when param is empty (#933)
    * Fix group overview when no builds shown (#932)
    * t: Add 'Test::Warnings' where missing; Catch all warnings in tests again (#931)
    * Extend schema of JobGroups (#914)
    * Fix typos (#935)
    * reuse a constant boundary to make debugging failed uploads a little easier (#934)
    * Some code cleanup and more tests (#937)
    * Fix test result info spacing (#938)
    * fix loch ness monster bug in 14-grutasks.t (#941)
    * Load step and needles for failedmodules link async (#936)
    * Complete API for job groups (#942)
    * Auto reload result page on state sched -> running (#940)
    * Update Installing.asciidoc (#927)
    * Go to also for bnc# (#943)
    * Fix going to also for bnc# (#946)
    * Improve error handling when deleting needle (#939)
    * Fix needle deletion via Git (#948)
    * WebAPI: Delete comments stating the obvious + delete unused routes (#947)
    * Render bugref links in thumbnail text windows
    * Test render bugref links in thumbnail text windows
    * Show job group description (#950)
    * Add 'fixed' asset subdirectories for fixed assets (#928) (#945)
    * use locate_asset in register_assets_from_settings (#954)
    * Rejig compressed asset download, don't leave compressed files (#955)
    * Fix registration of downloaded assets (broken by 0905559b) (#953)
    * List needle tags + step icons (#944)
* Tue Sep 20 2016
  - Add missing dependency perl(JSON) for openqa-client
* Mon Sep 19 2016
  - Add missing dependencies perl(Data::Dump) and perl(Getopt::Long)
    for openqa-client
* Sat Sep 17 2016
  - Add symlink /usr/bin/openqa-client to /usr/share/openqa/script/client
* Thu Sep 08 2016
  - Ghost /var/lib/openqa/share in common subpackage
    * solves issues when updateing worker with mounted NFS
* Mon Aug 22 2016
  - Remove perl(Perl::Critic) build requirement, added by mistake
* Mon Aug 22 2016
  - Package /var/lib/openqa/share for common subpackage
  - Pakcage /var/lib/openqa/share/factory/[iso|hdd|other|..] for openQA package
* Sat Jul 09 2016
  - Update base version to 4.4 to express new API of isotovideo
* Mon Jun 20 2016
  - Update to version 4.3.1466434215.021a11c:
    * No longer export the worker_id as hash entry
    * Remove job_get from the scheduler
    * Simplify our theme - split the sass theme from the specifcs
    * Set an explicit colour on cancelled
    * Use default bootstrap table class for striping
    * Use the theme colour in tables
    * Have our bootstrap theme based on
    * Fix comments test - h2 is the new h1
* Wed Jun 01 2016
  - Update to version 4.3.1464792258.155f49e:
    + t: Use helper function to wait for ajax
    + Extend iso post TEST parameter to support a list of tests (poo#10482)
    + Test for "let TEST parameter support a list of tests"
    + Enable brackets inside keys in client script
    + Add first approach for editable comments
    + Make comments for tests editable, too
    + Fix indentation of flash and wells on test page
    + Fix minor mistakes in editable comments
    + Reduce code-dublication in templates
    + Add first approach to test editable comments
    + Test comment editing in test results, too
    + Check for current user in commenting functions
    + Adjust t/17-labels_carry_over.t to reflect changes
    + Add css class no_hover to all /thumbs/
    + Improve TEST parameter to support a list of tests
    + needlediff: Improve similarity text look
    + Use the nice audio icon (with the correct size)
    + Use nice icon for wait_serial
    + add a config setting to specify asset types not to link to
    + Increase left padding of status icons
    + Prevent error in group_overview with '-important' builds
    + Check database configuration with better user feedback
    + Fix broken string compare slipping into wait_serial icon change
    + Fix non-ASCII characters in comments
    + Allow admins to delete any comments
    + Fix showing editing buttons
    + Fix regexp for multiple parent jobs
    + Fix typo in 05-scheduler-restart-and-duplicate.t
    + Improve log message about 'setup failure'
    + Support tests/export to get a text format for archives
    + Fix re-enabling current user role
    + Adapt to latest AssetPack
* Sun Apr 10 2016
  - add perl(Archive::Extract) dependency (needed by PR#627)
* Tue Mar 22 2016
  - create openQA-client and openQA-doc subpackages
  - remove DB handling, it's done by openQA itself now
* Wed Feb 17 2016
  - adapt to adam's changes
* Mon Feb 15 2016
  - remove user migration code. no such systems should exist anymore
* Thu Jan 14 2016
  - update base version to 4.3
* Fri Jan 08 2016
  - add modify_needle script
* Mon Oct 26 2015
  - add create_admin script
* Tue Sep 08 2015
  - add perl(IPC::Run) dependency (needed by PR#414)
* Mon Aug 31 2015
  - we don't need JSON::RPC::Legacy::Client
* Mon Jul 06 2015
  - fix rpmlint warnings
* Wed Jul 01 2015
  - add openqa-scheduler.service and openqa-websockets.service
* Wed Jun 24 2015
  - fix fileliist for missing service files
* Wed Jun 17 2015
  - package dbus system policy config
  - add perl(Net::DBus) to requires
* Wed Apr 08 2015
  - add openqa-gru.service
* Wed Mar 18 2015
  - keep /lib/openqa/share in webui and the symlink in -common. So a
    plain worker owns no files in share
* Mon Mar 09 2015
  - add --from=geekotest to chown call just to be on the safe side
* Mon Mar 09 2015
  - create a 2nd user and migrate the worker from geekotest to
* Sat Feb 28 2015
  - run preparetool from the right %post
* Thu Feb 26 2015
  - fix missing ini files link and package new config dir (boo#919548)
* Wed Feb 25 2015
  - Changed path for fetchneedles in post-install echo
* Mon Feb 23 2015
  - don't move ini files in spec, Makefile does it now
* Thu Feb 19 2015
  - include fetchneedles in file list
* Tue Feb 17 2015
  - Update to version 4.1424166204.2ca1601:
    + Refactor worker scripts and add locking support
    + Pass worker port to os-autoinst and remove :jobid check
    + assets replaced /diskimages long ago - get rid of it
    + avoid "openQA: openQA" as title on main page - looks just silly
    + remove lib/OpenQA from include path - not needed
    + fix make test to be coverable and use it in .travis.yml
    + switch default auth_module to Fake
    + adding a test to test /admin/machines using phantomjs
    + skip the tests if phantomjs is not installed
* Fri Feb 13 2015
  - we don't need MojoX::JSON::RPC
* Thu Jan 29 2015
  - reduce mojo require to 5.60
* Wed Jan 28 2015
  - require qemu in worker to get kvm group
  - add geekotest user to kvm group in worker's %post as qemu is not required by
    the web ui
* Wed Jan 28 2015
  - fix requires
* Wed Jan 28 2015
  - make it version 4 and require os-autoinst of version 4 too
* Fri Jan 09 2015
  - add BuildRequire perl(Test::Compile)
* Sun Dec 21 2014
  - pre-require openQA-common to make sure the user is created
* Sun Nov 30 2014
  - we don't require png2theora any longer - and actually openQA-worker
    never did
* Mon Nov 17 2014
  - fix upgrade scenario from openQA to openQA-common
* Thu Nov 13 2014
  - split to openQA, openQA-common and openQA-worker packages
* Thu Oct 30 2014
  - fix post script - remove buildroot macro
* Fri Aug 29 2014
  - don't enable systemd files in %post!
* Tue Aug 12 2014
  - Build as noarch package
* Fri Aug 01 2014
  - require git-core as it's needed by testsuite
* Thu Jul 17 2014
  - add perl(aliased) requirement
* Wed Jun 25 2014
  - remove apache conf.d file
* Thu Jun 12 2014
  - create log file in package
* Tue May 20 2014
  - restart boot.apparmor on update
* Mon May 19 2014
  - disable tidy test
* Wed May 14 2014
  - recommend instead of require apparmor
  - restart apparmor on update
* Wed Apr 30 2014
  - load_dbdata no longer needed
* Fri Apr 11 2014
  - Load the data for the opensuse usage case into the database during %post
* Tue Apr 08 2014
  - Added a dependency on perl(YAML) which is required by initdb and upgradedb
* Mon Apr 07 2014
  - was renamed to upgradedb
* Mon Apr 07 2014
  - require perl(SQL::SplitStatement)
  - Initializes or upgrade the database as needed in %post
* Fri Mar 28 2014
  - require perl(DBIx::Class::DeploymentHandler)
  - add /var/lib/openqa/cache to file list
* Thu Mar 27 2014
  - use prove instead of make test
* Thu Mar 27 2014
  - add GHC, Mojolicious::Plugin::CHI and Cache::Cache as dependency
* Fri Mar 21 2014
  - rc symlinks for webui and workers
* Fri Mar 21 2014
  - fix dependencies on JSON client
* Mon Mar 17 2014
  - change version format in _service file
* Fri Mar 14 2014
  - move the openqa.ini to /etc and mark it noreplace
* Wed Mar 12 2014
  - require perl(LWP::Protocol::https) for openid support
* Wed Mar 12 2014
  - bump version to 3 so we can differ it from v2
  - require systemd and old JSON::RPC - needs porting
* Wed Mar 12 2014
  - install apache templates and enable the systemd services
* Thu Mar 06 2014
  - add perl(Image::Magick) requirement
* Tue Mar 04 2014
  - add perl(Net::OpenID::Consumer) requirement
* Mon Mar 03 2014
  - add perl(DateTime::Format::SQLite) requirement
* Fri Feb 28 2014
  - add systemd macros
* Mon Feb 24 2014
  - update the fileslist and the post script
* Mon Feb 24 2014
  - require Date::Format and File::Copy::Recursive
  - update the filelist
* Mon Feb 17 2014
  - require SQL::Translator
* Wed Feb 12 2014
  - add openQA's apparmor profile usr.share.openqa.script.openqa
* Wed Feb 12 2014
  - add perl(Config::IniFiles) as Requires
  - remove /etc/default/openqa
* Thu Feb 06 2014
  - fix filelist and run testsuite
* Wed Jan 22 2014
  - use remote services to hook
* Fri Jul 26 2013
  - update to git head, add new requirement File::Copy::Recursive
* Thu Jun 13 2013
  - use primary group "nogroup"
* Tue May 14 2013
  - initial package



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