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gnome-settings-daemon-lang-3.26.2-lp150.5.1 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.0 for noarch

Name: gnome-settings-daemon-lang Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.0
Version: 3.26.2 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp150.5.1 Build date: Mon May 14 23:45:52 2018
Group: System/Localization Build host: cloud107
Size: 3532982 Source RPM: gnome-settings-daemon-3.26.2-lp150.5.1.src.rpm
Summary: Translations for package gnome-settings-daemon
Provides translations for the "gnome-settings-daemon" package.






* Mon May 14 2018
  - Apply gnome-settings-daemon-more-power-button-actions.patch also
    on Leap.
* Fri Apr 13 2018
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-touch-screen-switch.patch: Add touch
    screen input switch, user can enable touch screen input when
    screen is off(bsc#1086496, glgo#GNOME/gnome-settings-daemon/#29).
* Sun Apr 08 2018
  - Drop gnome-settings-daemon-bring-back-updates-plugin.patch:
    Deprecated on SLE15 / Leap15.0.
  - Disable gnome-settings-daemon-more-power-button-actions.patch on
* Tue Apr 03 2018
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-timeout-grabbing-keys.patch: Retry
    grabbing media-key accelerators when timed out (bgo#792353).
  - Rebase gnome-settings-daemon-notify-idle-resumed.patch.
* Thu Dec 28 2017
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-nb-translations.patch: Update Norwegian
    Bokmål translations.
* Wed Nov 08 2017
  - Avoid running fdupes across hardlink boundaries.
  - Fix an error in the description.
* Thu Nov 02 2017
  - Update to version 3.26.2:
    + Housekeeping:
    - Ignore more virtual file systems (bgo#788879).
    - Fix the Empty Trash button in Settings not working
    + Media-keys: Fix custom binding command changes not getting
      applied (bgo#789782).
    + Minor cleanups.
    + Updated translations.
* Sat Oct 28 2017
  - Remove gnome-settings-daemon-revert-libinput-mandatory.patch,
    since it isn't being applied and it's no longer useful to keep
    it around.
* Mon Oct 23 2017
  - Modify gnome-settings-daemon-bring-back-updates-plugin.patch: Fix
    update notification not showing when conflicts exist
* Wed Oct 04 2017
  - Update to version 3.26.1:
    + Wacom:
    - Ensure builtin touchscreens are properly mapped to outputs.
    - Fix spotty touchscreen detection with those touchscreens
      that have a capacitive menu/windows button.
    - Fix touchscreen vs display orientation mismatch under gdm.
    + XSettings: Reload the scale factor when mutter starts up.
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop gnome-settings-daemon-wacom-tablet-rotation.patch: Fixed
* Mon Sep 25 2017
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-wacom-tablet-rotation.patch: wacom:
    Add both tablet and touchscreen devices on initial iteration,
    and use GTK+ skeleton to make sure input coordinates are
    properly transformed upon screen rotation; patch taken from
    upstream git (bgo#787884).
* Thu Sep 14 2017
  - Rebase gnome-settings-daemon-more-power-button-actions.patch,
    part of the patch have been merged upstream.
* Thu Sep 14 2017
  - Rebase gnome-settings-daemon-bring-back-updates-plugin.patch,
    gnome-settings-daemon-initial-keyboard.patch and
    gnome-settings-daemon-notify-idle-resumed.patch for SLE build.
* Tue Sep 12 2017
  - Rebase gnome-settings-daemon-more-power-button-actions.patch and
    enable for SLE 15 (bsc#1057770).
* Tue Sep 12 2017
  - Update to version 3.26.0:
    + Updated translations.
* Sat Sep 02 2017
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-switch-Japanese-default-input-to-mozc.patch:
    Switch new user's default input engine from "anthy" to "mozc" in
    gnome-desktop with Japanese language and ibus input frame-work
    (bnc#1029083, boo#1056289).
* Fri Sep 01 2017
  - Update to version 3.25.92:
    + Ensure translatable strings are actually translated.
    + Housekeeping: Ignore the Retrode's low-space.
    + Sharing: Add gnome-remote-desktop as available service.
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop obsolete clean section, glib2_gsettings_schema_requires
    and post(un) handling of following macros:
    + glib2_gsettings_schema_post(un).
    + icon_theme_cache_post(un).
  - Run spec-cleaner, modernize spec.
* Tue Aug 22 2017
  - Update to version 3.25.91:
    + Color: Prevent a potential crash on an uninitialized variable.
    + Power:
    - Fix automatic brightness adjustment being done inactive
    - Don't use undefined ambient light readings.
    + XSettings:
    - Use the new mutter API exclusively.
    - Drop the gnome-desktop requirement.
  - Keep pkgconfig(gnome-desktop-3.0) BuildRequires: Configure still
    checks for it, no matter what upstream changes says.
* Wed Aug 09 2017
  - Update to version 3.25.90:
    + Color:
    - Honor location enabled setting.
    - Request location updates with a larger time granularity.
    + Date & Time: Honor location enabled setting.
    + Media-keys: Restore interactive option for power button.
    + Wacom: Exclude non-display attached devices from remapping.
    + XSettings: Fix fontconfig cache updates causing desktop
* Tue Aug 08 2017
  - Run autoreconf if running update-translations and add the
    missing BuildRequires.
  - Don't apply gnome-settings-daemon-revert-libinput-mandatory.patch
    on sle15.
* Tue Aug 01 2017
  - Update to version 3.25.4:
    + Fix GConf->GSettings convert script.
    + Color: Fix smearing out of Night Light effect.
    + Keyboard: Only add the "us" layout if the system config cannot
      be determined.
    + Media-keys:
    - Add a precise volume change shortcut.
    - Moved video-out and rotate-video bindings to mutter.
    - Fix grabbing of previously disabled shortcuts.
    + Orientation: Removed - functionality migrated to mutter.
    + Wacom: Fix touchscreens being assigned the wrong output.
    + XRandR: Removed - functionality migrated to mutter.
    + XSettings: Calculate window scale from configuration state.
* Tue Aug 01 2017
  - Update to version 3.25.2:
    + Avoid initializing gtk+ on plugins that don't need it.
    + Avoid loading gtk+ css theme since we don't have UI.
    + Several correctness fixes pointed by Coverity.
    + Fix for no plugins getting loaded under GDM.
    + Mark forgotten strings in gschema files for translation.
    + Housekeeping: Ignore GPFS and rootfs mounts.
    + Media-keys:
    - Make calculator key work again.
    - Fix a few memory leaks.
    - Changed MediaKeys D-Bus API to match API docs.
    - Add support for new XF86RFKill keysym.
    - Show OSD on hardware keyboard brightness changes.
    + Power:
    - Choose correct backlight device on laptops with hybrid
    - Handle hardware keyboard brightness changes.
    + RFKill: Disable the kernel's handling of rfkill events when the
      session is active.
    + Updated translations.
  - Disable gnome-settings-daemon-initial-keyboard.patch, needs
    rebase or removal.
* Mon Jul 31 2017
  - Rebase gnome-settings-daemon-initial-keyboard.patch (bsc#1050812)
* Sat Jul 22 2017
  - Update to version 3.24.3:
    + Color: Fix smearing out of Night Light effect.
    + Keyboard: Only add the "us" layout if the system config cannot
      be determined.
    + Media-keys: Fix grabbing of previously disabled shortcuts.
    + Wacom:
    - Fix touchscreens being assigned the wrong output.
    - Exclude non-display attached devices from remapping.
  - Disable gnome-settings-daemon-initial-keyboard.patch: Needs
* Thu Jul 13 2017
  - Update SLE patches:
    + gnome-settings-daemon-bnc873545-hide-warnings.patch
    + gnome-settings-daemon-bring-back-updates-plugin.patch
    + gnome-settings-daemon-revert-libinput-mandatory.patch
  -  Cleanup specfile.
* Thu May 25 2017
  - Apply gnome-settings-daemon-more-power-button-actions.patch for
    SLE and Leap 42.x only (bgo#1040245).
* Wed May 24 2017
  - Delete /etc/xdg/autostart/org.gnome.SettingsDaemon.Wacom.desktop
    for when no wacom support is present via conditional.
* Wed May 10 2017
  - Update to version 3.24.2:
    + Fix plugins not getting started under gdm.
    + Fix mmkeys D-Bus API to match API docs.
    + Disable rfkill keys handling.
    + Choose correct backlight device on laptops with hybrid
    + Updated translations.
* Mon Apr 24 2017
  - Update to version 3.24.1:
    + Fix Calculator media key.
    + Fix sunrise calcs for fractional timezone offsets.
    + Fix possible division by zero in clipboard handling.
* Mon Apr 17 2017
  - Update gnome-settings-daemon-sle-configure-timeout-blank.patch:
    Fix mouse cursor on black screen (bsc#1029637).
* Mon Mar 20 2017
  - Update to version 3.24.0:
    + Work-around possible deadlocks on startup.
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Mar 15 2017
  - Update to version 3.23.92:
    + Smooth the transition between different temperature values.
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Feb 15 2017
  - Update to version 3.23.90:
    + Color: Add interface to support "Night Light" functionality.
    + Media-keys: Fix a number of race conditions in shortcuts
    + Power:
    - Free leaked UPower keyboard backlight.
    - Fix keyboard backlight problems on some systems.
    + Rfkill: Fix a number of possible race conditions and crashes
      with slow rfkill devices.
    + Smartcard: Fix a possible crash in smartcard plugin.
    + Wacom: Move most of the Wacom support to mutter, including the
  - Drop pkgconfig(xorg-wacom) BuildRequires: no longer needed.
  - Drop gnome-settings-daemon-fix-keyboard-slider.patch: fixed
* Wed Jan 25 2017
  - Update to version 3.23.3:
    + Plugins:
    - Fix crash when X is not available.
    - Fix compilation failure on some setups.
    - Fix warnings on exit.
    + Media-keys: Fix shutdown dialog delay when using kbd shortcut.
    + XSettings:
    - Make Gtk/EnablePrimaryPaste configurable through GSettings.
    - Fix large fonts being scanned before they're fully copied.
  - Add explicit pkgconfig(gio-2.0) BuildRequires: configure now
    checks for it.
  - Drop gnome-settings-daemon-shutdown-dialog-delay.patch: Fixed
* Wed Jan 25 2017
  - Modify gnome-settings-daemon-bring-back-updates-plugin.patch:
    Change updates plugin to a separate daemon.
* Wed Jan 25 2017
  - Update to version 3.23.2:
    + This update requires gnome-session 3.23.2. It splits up
      gnome-settings-daemon into separate helper daemons, making it
      easier to root cause possible problems, and paving the way to
      using systemd to handle the session.
    + Remove localeexec wrapper now that gnome-session implements
      that work-around.
    + Loads of build fixes.
    + Color: Require lcms2 2.2.
    + Power: Make power plugin "mock" support a run-time check.
    + Sound: Rename the sound plugin for PulseAudio.
* Wed Jan 25 2017
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-fix-keyboard-slider.patch: Make
    keyboard backlight slider work like intended, patch from
    bugzilla (bgo#725655).
* Fri Jan 13 2017
  - Apply gnome-settings-daemon-initial-keyboard.patch also for
    openSUSE, this fix is also needed there (boo#1009515).
* Fri Jan 13 2017
  - Also apply gnome-settings-daemon-more-power-button-actions.patch
    on openSUSE.
  - Fixup gnome-settings-daemon-bring-back-updates-plugin.patch: also
    backport pk-clear-offline-update from PackageKit into this patch.
* Wed Nov 16 2016
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-shutdown-dialog-delay.patch: Fix
    'Shutdown dialog delay 1 to 2 seconds' (bsc#979257, bgo#774452).
* Thu Oct 13 2016
  - Modify gnome-settings-daemon-bring-back-updates-plugin.patch: Fix
    updates notification not popping up in openSUSE (bsc#1004343).
* Tue Oct 11 2016
  - Update to version 3.22.1:
    + Power: Ensure we blank the screen when locked.
    + Sharing: Fix crash on exit.
    + Wacom: Avoid warnings when switching VTs.
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Sep 27 2016
  - Add iio-sensor-proxy Recommends for openSUSE.
* Tue Sep 20 2016
  - Update to version 3.22.0:
    + Fix possible problem with battery and mains timeouts.
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Sep 14 2016
  - Update to version
    + Fix a build problem in the smartcard plugin.
* Tue Sep 13 2016
  - Update to version 3.21.92:
    + Use systemd to track running services in the Sharing plugin.
    + Updated translations.
  - Only apply gnome-settings-daemon-shutdown-with-power-button.patch
    on SLE and Leap. Following this, conditionally BuildRequires
    gnome-common for SLE and Leap only.
  - Add gtk-doc BuildRequires: gnome-common was pulling it in before.
  - Rename sle-configure-timeout-blank.patch to
    gnome-settings-daemon-sle-configure-timeout-blank.patch, align
    patchname with our standard.
  - Stop passing V=1 to make, we do debugging locally.
* Mon Sep 12 2016
  - Rebase gnome-settings-daemon-revert-libinput-mandatory.patch
    for version 3.21.90.
* Mon Sep 12 2016
  - Rename gnome-settings-daemon-shutdown-with-power-button.patch to
    Also add back the "interactive" power button action for
    consistency with SLES11 behavior (bsc#996342).
* Thu Sep 08 2016
  - Update to version 3.21.90:
    + Color: Ignore fake VNC devices.
    + Housekeeping: Code cleanups.
    + Media keys:
    - Add Super+F1 as a hardcoded shortcut for launching Help.
    - Update gvc to fix a crash setting a headset (bsc#1045780).
    + Power: Don't claim the light sensor if we're not active.
    + Smartcard:
    - Complete activation task right away if no drivers.
    - Fix crash on startup.
    + Wacom:
    - Fix hot(un)plug related crashes.
    - Fix memory leaks.
    + XSettings: Fix keynav-use-caret setting not working.
* Thu Sep 08 2016
  - Also apply gnome-settings-daemon-shutdown-with-power-button.patch
    on openSUSE (boo#993381).
* Wed Sep 07 2016
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-shutdown-with-power-button.patch:
    Bring back "shutdown" as a configurable choice for power button.
    Even though upstream removed it due to "too destructive" and
    recommends using a custom shortcut, we still need it for bare
    metal servers without keyboards attched (bsc#996342).
    Check bgo#753713, bgo#755953 to learn why upstream removed the
    power button actions.
* Fri Aug 26 2016
  - Call autoreconf on SLE12 and Leap 42.x:
    gnome-settings-daemon-bring-back-updates-plugin.patch is also
    applied on Leap, hence autoreconf needs to run there too.
* Wed Aug 10 2016
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-bring-back-updates-plugin.patch:
    Revert upstream commits fc22a8100fa40533fddfb4338160a20188e46c6b
    and e3e961c52419df5f2544b24957e71cf3a4c5ef85 to bring back the
    updates plugin.(bsc#991024)
* Fri Aug 05 2016
  - Only require udev on SLE. Only needed for older filesystem
  - Re-enable gnome-patch-translation on SLE. We don't have any
    non-rebased patches now, so probably safe.
  - Drop gnome-settings-daemon-housekeeping-ignore-boot-efi.patch:
    now handled in branding.
* Fri Jun 17 2016
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-housekeeping-ignore-boot-efi.patch
    (bsc#919217). Prevent popup warnings about /boot/efi on a default
    UEFI installation.
* Wed Jun 08 2016
  - Remove gnome-settings-daemon-bnc877552.patch - fixed upstream
* Mon Jun 06 2016
  - Add explicit pkgconfig(libgeoclue-2.0) BuildRequires: configure
    checks for it and it allows us to specify the minimum version
* Tue May 17 2016
  - Added back an updated version of
    gnome-settings-daemon-initial-keyboard.patch for bsc#979051.
    Suse works differently from GNOME; we set the default keyboard
    from xkb, and GNOME likes to do it itself.  This makes sure
    there is no keyboard selector icon if there is a single default
    keyboard defined.
* Mon Apr 18 2016
  - Removed
    Equivalent code is now upstream.
* Mon Apr 18 2016
  - Removed gnome-settings-daemon-initial-keyboard.patch.  Upstream's
    behavior is fine, as the default keyboard layout needs to be
    available for the screen lock.
* Mon Apr 18 2016
  - Update to GNOME 3.20.1  Fate#318572
  - Rebased gnome-settings-daemon-notify-idle-resumed.patch.
  - Drop SLE patch:
    fixed upstream.
  - Drop SLE patch:
    Removed code upstream.
  - Drop SLE patch:
    fixed upstream.
  - Drop SLE patch: gnome-settings-daemon-icewm-cursor.patch:
    Removed code upstream.
  - Drop SLE patch:
    fixed upstream.
  - Drop SLE patch:
    Removed code upstream.
  - Rebased SLE patch: sle-configure-timeout-blank.patch .
  - Rebased SLE patch: gnome-settings-daemon-initial-keyboard.patch .
  - Rebased SLE patch:
    gsettings-do-not-store-autodetected-keyboard-settings.patch .
  - Rebased SLE patch: gnome-settings-daemon-bnc877552.patch .
  - Rebased patch
    gnome-settings-daemon-bnc873545-hide-warnings.patch .
* Thu Apr 14 2016
  - Update to version 3.20.1:
    + Fix build warnings.
    + Fix brightness changes happening on inactive sessions when
      "Automatic Brightness" is enabled.
    + Updated translations.
* Mon Mar 21 2016
  - Update to version 3.20.0:
    + Fix cancellation handling and possible crashes in all plugins.
* Thu Mar 17 2016
  - Update to version 3.19.92:
    + XSettings: Export Gtk/KeynavUseCaret accessibility setting.
    + Remote display: Remove Spice special-casing now that it can do
      accelerated rendering.
* Fri Mar 04 2016
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-revert-libinput-mandatory.patch: do not
    force libinput driver on SLE.
  - Re-add "hotplug-command" helper when building for SLE.
* Thu Mar 03 2016
  - Update to version 3.19.91:
    + Media keys:
    - Fix a typo in the "Airplane" string.
    - Fix a number of possible crashers when plugging in audio
      devices on some machines.
    - Add debug output to a number of custom shortcuts related
    + Housekeeping: Don't remove X11 sockets, breaking sandboxed X11
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Mar 02 2016
  - Add BuildRequires pkgconfig(alsa) and --enable-alsa to configure
    to ensure audio device selection feature is properly enabled.
* Tue Feb 16 2016
  - Update to version 3.19.90:
    + Fixed a few leaks, crashes and endless loops.
    + Media keys:
    - Fix orientation keybindings/keys not working.
    - Added support to ask users which kind of headset was plugged
    + Updated translations.
* Sun Feb 14 2016
  - Add xf86-input-libinput Recommends and apply conditionally on
    openSUSE: gnome-settings-daemon only support configuration of
    libinput based pointer drivers since version 3.19.5.
* Fri Feb 12 2016
  - Change gnome-settings-daemon-notify-idle-resumed.patch to
    PATCH-FEATURE-SLE, and only apply it and run autoreconf when
    building for SLE. It is not needed in openSUSE.
  - Drop gnome-settings-daemon-bnc462640-mute-action.patch: People
    expect mute to always toogle now, so drop this patch.
  - No longer obsolete resapplet, not been in use since before 2008.
* Wed Jan 20 2016
  - Update to version 3.19.5:
    + Remove "hotplug-command" helper
    + Media keys:
    - Add support for Killswitch media keys
    - Add labels for the rfkill OSD
    + Mouse: Remove support for non-libinput mouse configurations.
    + Power: Don't try to automatically set brightness on inactive
    + Rfkill: Fix a problem when the system has a platform rfkill
      device for Bluetooth and the Bluetooth adapter's rfkill support
      somehow got blocked.
    + Sharing: Port to the new libnm NetworkManager library; required
      NM version bumped to 1.0.
    + Updated translations.
  - Replace pkgconfig(libnm-glib) and pkgconfig(libnm-util)
    BuildRequires with pkgconfig(libnm): following upstreams changes.
* Tue Jan 05 2016
  - Add gsettings-do-not-store-autodetected-keyboard-settings.patch
    (bnc#931527). Do not store auto-detected values to allow
    system-wide changes take effect.
* Sun Dec 20 2015
  - Update to version 3.19.4:
    + Mouse:
    - Force 2-finger scroll by default if available.
    - Migrate scroll-method key to new edge-scrolling-enabled key.
  - Changes from version 3.19.3:
    + Export the cursor theme through XSettings.
    + Use the convenience Geoclue library for the automatic timezone
    + Don't overwrite existing XIM configurations.
    + Fix application of left-handed mode, keep-aspect and area
      settings for Wacom tablets.
    + Change default font hinting to slight (see git log for
    + Re-add a way to configure the power button for desktops and
      laptops (tablets and VMs have hard-coded defaults).
    + Always expand power notifications.
  - Drop gnome-settings-daemon-dont-override-xim-presets.patch: Fixed
* Tue Nov 17 2015
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-bsc945348-disappearing-cursor.patch
    (bsc#945348). The cursor would disappear on mutter restart.
* Tue Nov 10 2015
  - Update to version 3.18.2:
    + Media keys: Re-add configuration for the power button, except
      for tablets and virtual machines which have hard-coded
    + Wacom: Fix application of left-handed mode and keep-aspect
    + XSettings:
    - Export cursor theme.
    - Fix possible crasher when disabling the plugin.
    + Updated translations.
  - Rebase gnome-settings-daemon-notify-idle-resumed.patch.
* Thu Nov 05 2015
  - Modify gnome-settings-daemon-initial-keyboard.patch to add
    English keyboard layout when using ibus (bsc#899530).
* Thu Oct 22 2015
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-dont-override-xim-presets.patch: Don't
    override QT_IM_MODULE and XMODIFIERS if already set (boo#947576,
* Mon Oct 12 2015
  - Update to version 3.18.1:
    + Fix cursor-size changes being ignored.
    + Build fixes.
    + Updated translations.
* Mon Sep 21 2015
  - Update to version 3.18.0:
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Sep 16 2015
  - Update to version 3.17.92:
    + Plug a number of memory leaks.
    + Media keys: Remove "button-*" configurations, they work as
    + Updated translations.
* Mon Aug 17 2015
  - Update to version 3.17.90:
    + Date & Time: Fix auto-timezone changes not getting applied
      after changed.
    + Orientation: Fix screen lock not getting applied.
    + Print notifications: Fix setting of page size.
    + Wacom: Fix some settings not getting applied after changed.
    + XSettings: Fix some settings not getting applied after changed.
    + Updated translations.
* Thu Jul 23 2015
  - Update to version 3.17.3:
    + Make device type presence checks work on libinput and wayland
    + Fix orientation setting on startup.
* Thu Jul 23 2015
  - Update to version 3.17.2:
    + Orientation: Get accelerometer information from
    + Power:
    - Add automatic screen brightness support, using
    - Remove critical-battery-action key as it's not used anymore
      with UPower 1.0.
    - Fix a crash when reading invalid backlight values.
    + Print notifications: Don't show error for job in progress.
    + Wacom:
    - Fix possible crash when Bamboo tablet is plugged at login
    - Fix possible double-frees.
    + Updated translations.
  - Rebase gnome-settings-daemon-notify-idle-resumed.patch.
* Tue Jul 21 2015
  - Update to version 3.16.3:
    + Make device type presence checks work on libinput and wayland.
    + Power: Fix a crash when reading invalid backlight values.
    + Print notifications: Don't show error for job in progress.
    + Wacom: Fix possible crash when Wacom tablet is plugged in.
* Mon Jun 22 2015
  - Add conditional pkgconfig(wayland-client) BuildRequires, based
    on bcond wayland.
* Tue May 12 2015
  - Update to version 3.16.2:
    + Media keys: Don't crash when toggling the touchpad enabled
    + Mouse:
    - Fix scroll methods settings for multiple devices.
    - Enable tap to click on devices without hw buttons.
    - Don't disable soft buttons when disabling the touchpad on
      devices without hw buttons.
    + Power:
    - Avoid screen being left ON indefinitely after waking from
      sleep if there's a notification when we wake up.
    - Fix backlight adjustment not working under gdm in some
    + Print Notifications: Do not block because of authentication.
    + Wacom: Remove calibration notification.
    + XSettings:
    - Export cursor size to X resources.
    - Update fonts immediately as they are added/removed/changed.
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Apr 14 2015
  - Update to version 3.16.1:
    + Housekeeping: Remove support for notification servers without
      action support.
    + Media keys: Fix a logic error that caused the power key not to
    + Print Notifications:
    - Fix HTTP connection leaks.
    - Don't show printer-deleted notifications.
    + Wacom:
    - Add support with stylii without an eraser, as used in some
      Huion tablets.
    - Fix possible crashes.
    + Updated translations.
* Thu Mar 26 2015
  - Drop systemd build condition and pkgconfig(libsystemd-login)
    BuildRequires: this hasn't been a dependency since version 3.8.
* Thu Mar 26 2015
  - Change RPM group of -devel package to
    "Development/Languages/C and C++".
* Thu Mar 26 2015
  - No longer pass --enable-systemd, --enable-gconf-bridge and
    - -with-pnpids to configure: those parameters are not available
* Thu Mar 26 2015
  - Change from simple %defines to %bcond_with/without, as this
    allows to be set in prjconf without the need to patch the .spec
    + with_systemd, with_wacom, with_wayland, with_smartcard have
      been replaced with their equivalent %bcond_with, resp.
      %bcond_without, based on the value that was originally set,
      resulting in no change for the build.
* Mon Mar 23 2015
  - Update to version 3.16.0:
    + Fix a problem when hot-plugging Wacom devices.
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Mar 18 2015
  - Update to version 3.15.92:
    + Cursor: Plugin removed, its functionality was moved to mutter.
    + Keyboard: Remove the special handling of settings under GDM.
    + Power: Make sure to set an error when GDBus set_property fails.
    + Wacom:
    - Remove use of removed "display" settings key.
    - Remove handling of moved "display" key.
    - Add fake Huion H610 Pro for tests.
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop pkgconfig(xfixes) BuildRequires: no longer needed after the
    removal of the cursor plugin.
* Wed Mar 04 2015
  - Update to version 3.15.91:
    + Fix build with some build systems.
    + Use proper quotes in Housekeeping plugin.
    + Fix possible crashes in the Wacom plugin.
    + Fix a regression in XSettings caused by recent glib changes.
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Feb 17 2015
  - Update to version 3.15.90:
    + When disabling the backlight, also suspend on tablets.
    + Don't use colons in screenshot filenames.
    + Fix multiple Settings button being added to notifications.
    + Fix text wrapping in housekeeping dialogues.
    + Use the backlight helper on Linux unconditionally.
    + Avoid turning off the backlight altogether on some Linux
  - Rebase gnome-settings-daemon-notify-idle-resumed.patch.
  - Toggle with_wayland to 1: enable building the wayland backend.
* Wed Feb 11 2015
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-no-lockscreen-screenshot.patch:
    + media-keys: Disallow screenshots when locked (bnc#900031,
      bgo#737456, CVE-2014-7300).
* Sat Jan 24 2015
  - Update to version 3.15.4:
    + Added GsdDeviceManager with X11 and udev (for native wayland
      sessions) backends.
    + Most keyboard, mouse, touchpad and wacom settings schemas
      moved to gsettings-desktop-schemas. User settings migration
      is done automatically at startup.
    + The moved settings are now applied by mutter >= 3.15.4.
    + Media-keys:
    - Adjust to ShellKeyGrabber changes (requires
      gnome-shell >= 3.15.4 at run time).
    - Make power-actions non-interactive based on mode.
    +  XSettings: Export the session bus ID as an xsetting.
  - Disable wayland backend by passing --disable-wayland flag
    to configure; enabling wayland backend causes builds to
* Mon Jan 05 2015
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-icewm-cursor.patch (bnc#905158)
    Do not hide the cursor while there was no mutter running.
* Thu Dec 18 2014
  - Update to version 3.15.1:
    + Add scroll wheel emulation in trackballs.
    + Disable touchscreens when the screen is turned off.
    + Show backlight OSD on the monitor which it affects.
* Thu Nov 13 2014
  - Update to version 3.14.2:
    + Media-keys: Fixed a few minor leaks.
    + Power: Disable touchscreens when turning off its screen.
    + Smartcard: Fixed a locking issue.
    + Wacom:
    - Fix possible crash in GsdDeviceMapper.
    - Make sure that display-less tablets can be set back to
      mapping to the full desktop extent.
    - Make sure that the output is looked up again from settings
      when the connected outputs change.
    + XSettings: Don't check for hi-dpi on monitors with broken EDID.
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Oct 14 2014
  - Update to version 3.14.1:
    + Cursor: Disable if running under a wayland session.
    + Keyboard: Add back the gtk+ IM module handling.
    + Media-keys: Disallow screenshots when locked.
    + XSettings:
    - Translate titlebar action settings (for CSD gtk+ windows).
    - Misc cleanups.
* Sun Oct 05 2014
  - Drop gnome-settings-daemon-system-proxy-configuration.diff: it
    has been disabled for 3 years with nobody even noticing it to be
    gone or caring to fix it.
* Fri Sep 26 2014
  - Updated
    gnome-settings-daemon-bnc872820-gtk-decoration-layout.patch. Now
    we pick up the correct dconf key names for Classic and default
    modes, in order to set the window manager's button layout.
* Mon Sep 22 2014
  - Update to version 3.14.0:
    + XSettings: Fix swapping out of WM settings schemas.
    + Updated translations.
* Mon Sep 15 2014
  - Update to version 3.13.92:
    + Keyboard: Remove input sources handling: this was moved to
      mutter/gnome-shell and removes g-s-d's build dependency on
    + Power: '0' keyboard backlight is a valid value.
    + Rfkill: Add a property to determine whether to show airplane
  - Drop pkgconfig(ibus-1.0) BuildRequires, and clean up spec from
    define with ibus.
* Tue Sep 02 2014
  - Update to version 3.13.91:
    + Media-keys: Postpone initialisation of libcanberra to avoid
      blocking on it at startup.
    + Wacom: Fix OLEDs never actually working due to a missing single
* Mon Aug 18 2014
  - Update to version 3.13.90:
    + Media keys: Don't show Orientation lock popup if not supported.
    + Sharing: Fix crash when run against older NM.
    + Wacom: Add support for LEDs API in newer kernels.
* Fri Aug 15 2014
  - Added gnome-settings-daemon-bnc872820-gtk-decoration-layout.patch
    for bnc#872820.  This makes the XSettings plugin propagate the
    Gtk/DecorationLayout setting so GTK+ can use it.
* Wed Jul 23 2014
  - Update to version 3.13.4:
    + General:
    - Fix crash when a plugin failed to start.
    - Several code cleanups.
    + A11Y Keyboard: Make sticky and slow keys notifications more
      difficult to miss.
    + Housekeeping: Fix regular files not getting deleted from the
    + Media-keys: Set the keyring environment variables on all
      processes that we launch.
    + Orientation: Fix plugin on MS Surface devices.
    + Power: Fix crash when logind isn't available.
    + Sharing: Fix compilation without NetworkManager.
    + Wacom: Handle "cursor" tablet devices so that they get properly
      mapped for different orientations.
    + Updated translations.
* Fri Jul 18 2014
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-bnc877552.patch
      gdm respond to power button.
* Sat Jul 12 2014
  - Update to version 3.13.3:
    + Plenty of Sharing plugin bug fixes.
  - Changes from version 3.13.2:
    + Add new sharing plugin.
    + General:
    - Implement size matching for touchscreens.
    - Fix warnings in the display to input device mapper.
    - Remove multiple screens support.
    + Power:
    - Fix wakeup not working with some keymaps.
    - Fix restarting of the lid inhibitor check timer.
    - Fix suspend happening again when resuming from suspend.
    - Discretize the set backlight value fixing problems.
      on some harwdare with limited number of backlight settings.
    - Fix initial backlight state in gnome-shell.
    - Add sound notification on power plug/unplug.
    + Wacom:
    - Add Bluetooth OLED handling for Intuos4 WL.
    - Fix OLED application for wired Intuos4.
    - Make OSD always appear on a single monitor.
    + XSettings:
    - Honor changes to the enable-animations setting.
    - Better support for GTK+ CSD titlebar button layout.
    + Housekeeping: Fix a possible data loss when symlinks are
      created from /tmp.
    + Media-keys: Fix possible crash disabling media-keys plugin.
  - Changes from version 3.13.1:
    + Color: Fix 13 byte long EDID description text parsing.
    + Common:
    - Improve hotplug scripts exit status checking and correct the
    - Fix possible crasher in device-mapper.
    + Cursor: Remove multi-screen support.
    + Power:
    - Remove unused session presence proxy.
    - Emit change notification for brightness.
    - Fix display not blanking after gnome-shell wake up.
    - Don't warn when Kdb backlight D-Bus is called.
    - Lower the lid safety timeout to 8 seconds.
    + Update: Remove the updates plugin. The functionality now lives
      on in the gnome-software session service.
    + Updated translations.
  - Add pkgconfig(libnm-glib) and pkgconfig(libnm-util)
    BuildRequires: dependencies to the new sharing plugin.
  - Remove pkgconfig(packagekit-glib2) BuildRequires: the Update
    plugin is no longer available.
  - Drop gnome-settings-daemon-stop-reload-proxy-settings.patch: it
    fixed behaviour of the update plugin, which in turn no longer
* Mon Jun 30 2014
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-initial-keyboard.patch: do not add
    english keyboard layout by default, causing keyboard selector to
    be always visible.
* Wed May 21 2014
  - Fix a crash when notifying after resuming from a suspend entered
    as a result of the system being idle.
    Modified patch: gnome-settings-daemon-notify-idle-resumed.patch.
* Wed May 21 2014
  - Rebased gnome-settings-daemon-notify-idle-resumed.patch.
    Also fixed a crash.
* Wed May 07 2014
  - Added support for gnome-patch-translation (5 strings).
* Tue May 06 2014
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-bnc873545-hide-warnings.patch:
    Hide the warnings when failed to find a colord instance
* Mon May 05 2014
  - Update to version 3.12.2:
    + Fix crasher when plugging in an external display into a laptop
      with a touchscreen.
    + Power:
    - Fix brightness sliders and OSD starting at zero when first
    - Fix display not blanking after gnome-shell wake up.
    - Fix wake up not working in some cases.
    - Fix laptop sometimes not suspending when unplugging from a
    - Fix double-suspend when suspending after a timeout.
    - Fix erratic back-light behaviour when the machine has a
      limited number of back-light settings.
* Fri May 02 2014
  - Add updates-dont-use-changed-signal-on-UpClient.patch: Changed
    signal no longer exists in upower 0.99. From upstream.
* Wed Apr 16 2014
  - Update to version 3.12.1:
    + Date & Time: Make the geolocation marker in gnome-shell's
      status area go away after turning Automatic Time Zone off.
    + Keyboard: Fix consecutive xkb grp: options not being stripped.
    + Updates: Let gnome-software handle update checking.
* Thu Mar 27 2014
  - The default blank timeout is too short, set it longer,
    see bnc#869685
    NOTE: this is actually the delay between screensaver is shown
    (from blank) and return to blank, more precisely, blank and
    monitor off. The instant blanking (not monitor off) when user
    locks the screen, is controlled by GNOME Shell screenShield, not
    a power management feature. Also this patch is meant for Beta4,
    the delay is fixed at 5 min. Later, a "gsetting" option might be
* Thu Mar 27 2014
  - Fix malformed parts of
    The main removed part is actually patching a backup file, which
    was created by Patch 19 in spec. Tools like "quilt" would fail
    to apply this patch, for these tools use
    "--no-backup-if-mismatch" flag for "patch" and thus Patch 19
    would not create a backup file. "rpmbuild" don't use this
    "--no-backup-if-mismatch" flag and thus didn't catch this error
    (maybe this is a good time to think whether this flag should be
    There are also some other minor clean up.
* Wed Mar 26 2014
  - Update to version
    + Fix a long delay on session logout (bgo#727049).
    + Updated translations.
* Mon Mar 24 2014
  - Update to version 3.12.0:
    + Common: Fix initialization of GsdDeviceMapper.
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Mar 18 2014
  - Update to version 3.11.92:
    + Common: Avoid GsdDeviceMapper blocking on startup.
    + Power: Fix idle time being reset when notifications come in.
    + XSettings:
    - Avoid Hi-DPI getting setup for:
      . non-primary screens.
      . HDMI outputs (except 4K monitors).
      . low resolutions.
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Mar 04 2014
  - Update to version 3.11.91:
    + Mouse, Common: Hardening for BadDevice errors.
* Thu Feb 20 2014
  - Remove battery recall code (bnc#862603). The recall dialog is
    reportedly being displayed erroneously, and it has been removed
    upstream, since the last recalls date from 2006, so let's
    remove it.
  - Added patches:
    * gnome-settings-daemon-bnc862603-remove-battery-recall-code.patch
* Tue Feb 18 2014
  - Update to version 3.11.90:
    + Date & Time: Require a newer Geoclue.
    + Keyboard: Move X11 specific code from gnome-desktop to here.
    + Wacom, XRandR:
    - Add explicit input device to display output mapping and apply
      rotation and mapping to the input devices when the display
      output changes.
    - Use "input-tablet" icon for notifications.
    + Rfkill: Avoid spurious warning on startup.
    + Updates: Update for UPower API changes.
    + Smartcard:
    - Detect explicit cancellation.
    - Filter out spurious errors.
    + Wacom: Add OLED handling over Bluetooth.
* Fri Feb 07 2014
  - Update to version 3.11.5:
    + We no longer quit when gnome-session tells all registered
      clients to stop so that applications still running don't lose
      their theme and icons briefly before the session ends.
    + Date & Time:
    - Specify the accuracy level for geoclue.
    - Provide desktop id to geoclue so that authorization works.
    + Media-keys:
    - Remove the default shortcut to toggle the screen reader since
      it conflicts with the "panel main menu" shortcut.
    + Wacom:
    - Check for calibration state on startup/device-added.
* Fri Feb 07 2014
  - Update to version 3.11.3:
    + Media-keys: Fix "show battery" key handling.
    + Rfkill:
    - Apply permissions for rfkill devices to the local user.
    - Add Bluetooth killswitch support.
    - Don't autostart ModemManager.
    + Wacom:
    - Skip GSD_WACOM_SET_ALL_MONITORS on the switch monitor pad
    - Rotate OLED labels on left-handed setups.
    - Show OSD when remapping device to a monitor through the pad
    - Maintain per-device calibration notifications.
* Fri Feb 07 2014
  - Update to version 3.11.2:
    + Media keys:
    - All Power key in more places.
    - Fix interaction with multiple MPRIS clients.
    - Make Pause key work for MPRIS clients.
    + Remote display:
    - Don't disable animations unless we are on a remote display.
    + XSettings:
    - Fix a possible crash on exit.
    - Export a GtkShellShowsDesktop setting.
  - Drop
    fixed upstream.
* Fri Feb 07 2014
  - Update to version 3.11.1:
    + Power:
    - Remove battery recall support code.
    - Update for new UPower API.
    - Remove org.gnome.SettingsDaemon.Power D-Bus interface
      (deprecated by the new UPower).
    - Fix brightness keys when there's less than 20 brightness
    + Remote display:
    - Merge plugin functionality into the XSettings plugin; we
      shouldn't modify GSettings on startup.
    + RFKill:
    - Handle rfkill for WWAN modems.
  - Disable gnome-settings-daemon-notify-idle-resumed.patch for now:
    needs rebase.
  - Drop gnome-settings-daemon-upower-backport.patch: fixed upstream.
  - Drop gnome-settings-daemon-upower-fix.patch: fixed upstream.
* Thu Feb 06 2014
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-upower-fix.patch: avoid immediate
    hibernation/poweroff caused by GSD power plugin not being able to
    determine battery charge (bnc#861365).
* Fri Dec 20 2013
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-upower-backport.patch -- from upstream;
    support upower 0.99.
  - Up upower-glib dependency.
* Sat Dec 14 2013
  - Add
    stop showing desktop folder in nautilus sidepane when using
    gnome-shell (bgo#712302).
* Tue Nov 12 2013
  - Update to version 3.10.2 (bnc#849913):
    + Media-keys:
    - Fix 2nd MPRIS client never being used.
    - Make "Pause" work for MPRIS clients.
    - Make the "shutdown" action not be interactive.
    - Allow the power key in more places.
    + Power:
    - Fix time to empty with multiple batteries.
    + XRandR:
    - Prevent possible overflows handling timestamps.
    + XSettings:
    - Unwatch dbus before destroying xsettings managers.
* Wed Oct 16 2013
  - Update to version 3.10.1:
    + Several small cleanups and memory leak fixes.
    + Housekeeping: Do not scan the cache directories if not needed.
    + Keyboard: Don't set the XKB group switching option when not
    + Media-keys: Use a gsettings key for the maximum screencast
    + Mouse: Enable edge scrolling if two-finger scroll is
      unavailable (this time for good) (bnc#845641).
    + Power:
    - Add test case for lack of warning on startup.
    - Fix notifications not showing on critical battery.
    - Fix warning when keyboard backlight isn't available.
    - Never show a mouse as the status icon.
    + Updates:
    - Add a 'Not Now' button to the distribution upgrade
    - Do not show multiple notifications when updates are
    - Raise PackageKit dependency to 0.8.1 to avoid complexity.
    + Wacom:
    - Fix a couple of crashes.
    - Fix default area ordering.
    - Fix failure to get area with the cursor device.
    - Implement resetting the tablet area to default.
    - Make OSD work again.
    - Remove Tablet PC setting as we don't have UI for it.
    + XRandR: Don't save the temporary configurations generated by
      rotate buttons or FN+F7.
  - Rebase gnome-settings-daemon-bnc462640-mute-action.patch.
* Fri Sep 27 2013
  - Drop gnome-packagekit-BNC383261.patch: patch has been disabled
    for more than 2 years and nobody missed the feature (bnc#689592).
* Tue Sep 24 2013
  - Update to version 3.10.0:
    + Date & Time:
    - Fix possible crasher due to clash between json-c and
    + Mouse:
    - Fix critical warning with touchpad settings.
    + Power:
    - Fix laptop suspend when lid is closed even if external
      monitor is present.
    - Test fixes, add test with a failing device battery.
    + Smartcard:
    - Fix run-time warning.
* Thu Sep 19 2013
  - Introduce with_wacom defines, set to 0 on s390{x}, otherwise 1:
    + Disable wacom support on s390{x}, those machines have no
      viable input ports.
    + Have pkgconfig(libwacom) and pkgconfig(xorg-wacom)
      BuildRequries depend on with_wacom.
* Tue Sep 17 2013
  - Update to version 3.9.92:
    + Several fixes to the test suite.
    + Color:
    - Correct the transposed bits in the EDID parser.
    + Datetime:
    - Set geoclue distance threshold.
    + Power:
    - Fix a crash when hibernating on low power.
    - Ignore battery devices that aren't present.
    - Update the composite device on startup.
    - Default to the keyboard backlight being unavailable.
    + Updates:
    - Fix a crash.
    - Use gnome-software if it is installed.
    - Do not clear the offline-update if rebooting succeeded.
    + Wacom:
    - Fix a crash.
* Fri Sep 06 2013
  - Drop gnome-packagekit-fate302445.patch (was marked for rebase):
    since smolt was dropped from openSUSE back in October 2012, there
    is no need to ever revive this patch.
  - Drop gnome-settings-daemon-apport-monitor.patch (was marked for
    rebase): the patch was disable prior to GNOME 3.0 back in 2010
    and nobody cared.
  - Drop gnome-settings-daemon-add-layout-switcher.patch (was marked
    for rebase): Has not been applied since version 3.0.0 and the
    upstream bug is marked as fixed.
* Wed Sep 04 2013
  - Update to version
    + Datetime:
    - Adapt to geoclue 1.99.3 api changes.
    + Screensaver:
    - Support KDE variant of interface.
    - Fix a crash.
  - Add pkgconfig(geoclue-2.0) BuildRequires: needed to identify the
    geoclue 1.99.3 API presence.
* Tue Sep 03 2013
  - Update to version 3.9.91:
    + Datetime:
    - Avoid popping up polkit password prompts.
    - Display notifications on timezone changes.
    - Use reverse geocoding fror country detection.
    - Use libgweather timezone info too.
    + Power:
    - Fix error handling in dbus API, avoiding assertions.
    + Printer:
    - Allow building against cups 1.5.
    + Remote display:
    - Disable animations in more situations.
    + Rfkill:
    - Fix a crash.
    + Smartcard:
    - Ignore softtoken.
    + Updates:
    - Add a test application.
    - Notify about available offline updates.
    + XSettings:
    - Keep middle-click paste enabled for now.
  - Add pkgconfig(geocode-glib-1.0), pkgconfig(gweather-3.0) and
    pkgconfig(polkit-gobject-1.0) BuildRequires: dependencies for
    the datetime panel updates.
  - Drop gnome-settings-daemon-cups-1.5.patch: fixed upstream.
* Tue Aug 20 2013
  - Update to version 3.9.90:
    + Consolidate access to common bus proxies like session and
    + Housekeeping:
    - Fixed a bug that would prevent files in the Trash from being
    + Media-keys:
    - Add a way to watch DBus namespaces.
    - Use an MPRIS interface to handle Play, Pause, etc. keys in
      case we don't have a native client registered for our
      media-keys API.
    - Add a binding to take a short screencast of the screen.
    - Add a shortcut to toggle the screen reader.
    + Mouse:
    - Enable edge scrolling if two-finger scroll is unavailable.
    + Power:
    - Add Brightness property for keyboard backlights.
    - Use logind to discover critical action availability.
    + Printers:
    - Code cleanup.
    - Do more things asynchronously.
    - Poll remote CUPS servers for notifications.
    + RFKill:
    - Add a property to determine whether we can toggle airplane
    + XRandR:
    - Stop handling monitors.xml and the initial modeset for the
      session, as well as monitor hotplug and lid switches. All
      that is implemented in mutter now.
    + XSettings:
    - Disable middle-click paste by default. Can be enabled in
    - Add support to detect and set a scale factor on high DPI
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-cups-1.5.patch: Allow building against
    cups 1.5.
* Tue Jul 30 2013
  - Update to version 3.9.5:
    + Add RFKill support for Linux systems.
    + Smartcard plugin rewrite.
    + Build:
    - Don't create empty directories in /etc.
    - Remove some GTK+ includes that we do not use.
    + Color:
    - Update for new functionality in colord.
    - Disable X11 specific color management when running on
    + Cursor:
    - Request the OSK when the cursor is disabled (requires
      gnome-shell changes).
    + Media-keys:
    - Fix launched apps not getting focused.
    + Power:
    - Use a property for the screen brightness, instead of custom
    + Housekeeping:
    - Create ~/.local/share/applications so that gnome-shell can
      monitor it.
    + Printers:
    - Translate printer warnings.
    + Wacom:
    - Use the OSD window to edit button shortcuts.
    - Fix the ring not showing up in the OSD in some cases.
    - Prevent the OSD flashing on the primary screen.
    - Make the highlight duration of buttons in the OSD longer fade
    - Add support for custom OLEDs.
    - Make sure we only ignore the touch device when turning it
    - Fix UI problems with the OSD.
    + XRandR:
    - Use the transformation matrix to rotate touchscreens.
    - Simplify layout of adjacent screens, fixing bugs on some
      changing systems.
    - Don't ever show a dialog for xrandr failures.
    + XSettings:
    - Hardcode deprecated GTK+ XSettings.
  - Change with_smartcard defines to 1: smartcard support has been
    rewritten and is available again.
* Sat Jul 13 2013
  - Enable ibus intergration (define with_ibus 1), as Factory is now
    shipping a recent enough version again.
* Fri Jun 28 2013
  - Drop rpmlintrc, as the polkit privileges were approved for
    Factory (final security review pending).
* Fri Jun 21 2013
  - Update to version 3.9.3:
    + Color:
    - Bump colord dependency.
    + Daemon:
    - Fix possible crash on start when calling setenv() after
      starting threads.
    + Keyboard:
    - Don't show on the bus before we're fully initialised.
    + Power:
    - Fix non-transient notifications sticking around.
    - Simplify composite battery as advertised in the D-Bus API.
    + Updates:
    - Make sure only one notification appears.
    + Wacom:
    - Fix calling for calibration from the notification.
    - Add configure button to the OSD window.
  - Rebase gnome-settings-daemon-notify-idle-resumed.patch.
  - Drop gnome-settings-daemon-disabled-ibus.patch: fixed upstream.
* Thu May 30 2013
  - Update to version 3.9.2:
    + Color:
    - Simplify code by using new libcolord feature.
    - Fix warning with some screens.
    - Fix possible CPU burn loop.
    + Cursor:
    - Disable plugin if the X version is too old.
    + Housekeeping:
    - Use GSettings features to clamp options.
    - Fix incorrect handling of ignore_paths.
    + Keyboard:
    - Get layouts and variants from localed.
    - Get XKB options from localed.
    - Always try to activate the ibus daemon.
    - Use the gtk+ ibus module if there's at least one ibus source.
    - Make sure the XKB group in use is always what we want.
    - Without settings or under GDM, make sure to add the US
    - Add SetInputSource DBus method.
    - Remove the input source switcher helper.
    - Convert the XKB group switch option from libgnomekbd.
    - Stop adding locale based input sources from a hardcoded list.
    + Media-keys:
    - Handle key grabbing and volume OSDs in gnome-shell.
    - Remove unused multi-head support.
    - Remove label for analog-output ports.
    - Avoid leaking DESKTOP_AUTOSTART_ID to children.
    - Fix possible crash when changing the volume.
    - Add Rotation lock support.
    - Change default 'Lock screen' keybinding to be Super+L.
    - Show Shell's search when pressing the search button.
    - Add support for XF86AudioMicMute key.
    + Mouse:
    - Enable two-finger scrolling by default.
    + Plugins:
    - Fix priority handling.
    - Update for gnome-desktop API change.
    + Power:
    - Handle the shell coming back with a different screensaver
    - Don't change active state variable in VM.
    - Don't look for screens if we don't have a lid.
    - Don't poll for external monitors.
    - Remove pre-dim brightness hack.
    - Make "Screen when inactive" button in Settings work.
    + Sound:
    - Fix creation of sound theme directories.
    + Updates:
    - Fix a number of possible crashers, especially on exit.
    + Wacom:
    - Warn when screen has changed and calibration is needed.
    - Add OLED support for Intuos4 tablets.
    - Warn when tablet is not supported in GNOME.
    + XSettings:
    - Drop toolbar-style workaround.
  - Add pkgconfig(pango) BuildRequires: new dependency of the wacom
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-disabled-ibus.patch: Fix build with
    configure --disable-ibus.
  - Add rpmlintrc to not hard block on the missing polkit privileges.
* Tue May 14 2013
  - Update to version 3.8.2:
    + Color:
    - Remove warning for some laptop docks.
    - Don't try to parse temporary files we generate.
    + Media-keys:
    - Don't show a label for "analog-output" ports.
    + Power:
    - Fix brightness not being restored on resume on some systems.
    - Make "Turn off screen when inactive" switch work.
* Tue Apr 16 2013
  - Update to version 3.8.1:
    + Cursor:
    - Fix possible crashes on older versions of
    + Keyboard:
    - Cancel outstanding D-Bus operations when stopping.
    - Enforce the XKB group when changing layouts.
    - Make sure to add the XKB US layout in GDM on empty
    + Media-keys:
    - Fix race condition with gnome-shell on startup.
    - Fix broken startup notifications.
    - Fix possible crash when changing the volume.
    - Fix crash when the shell vanishes and reappears.
    + Mouse:
    - Enable two-finger scrolling by default.
    + Power:
    - Don't change the active state when running in a VM.
    - Fix compilation on non-Linux platforms.
    + Printers:
    - Fix deprecation compile-time warnings.
* Tue Mar 26 2013
  - Update to version 3.8.0:
    + Color:
    - Set the default profile locale to be en_US, not EN_us.
    + Cursor:
    - Fix crash with prior to 1.14, requires a matching
      gnome-desktop release as well.
    + Power:
    - Fix state problems if gnome-shell crashes or is killed within
      the screensaver.
    + Updated translations.
* Mon Mar 25 2013
  - Fix gnome-settings-daemon-bnc462640-mute-action.patch: At some
    point the schema changed and even though the patch applied, it
    was at the wrong point in the schema.
* Tue Mar 19 2013
  - Update to version 3.7.92:
    + Font:
    - Remove reference to font schema.
    + Keyboard:
    - Fix extra layouts being forgotten on GDM's second launch.
    - Fix dead keys and similar features being broken in legacy
    - Avoid delay switch to IBus input source the first time
    + Media keys:
    - Remove obsolete check for XInput2.
    - Use the shell's D-Bus interface to show OSDs.
    - Fix warnings on startup trying to call gnome-shell.
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Mar 05 2013
  - Update to version 3.7.91:
    + Cursor:
    - Disable code to make it popup the On-Screen Keyboard on
    + Media keys:
    - Key grabbing is now done in gnome-shell, which fixes problems
      with keybindings not working in certain conditions.
    + Sound:
    - Fix possible crashes when starting in a clean home directory.
* Tue Feb 19 2013
  - Update to version 3.7.90:
    + Set locale and IBus envvars on startup for our children.
    + Remove background plugin, as background handling is now done in
    + A11y settings:
    - Import GIO instead of GTK+/GDK.
    - Do enable toolkit accessibility, even if we don't need it,
      for the benefit of third-party/legacy toolkits and apps.
    + Cursor:
    - Enable the on-screen keyboard when touch is used.
    + Keyboard:
    - Adapt to gnome-xkb-info API change.
    + Media keys:
    - Add other bindings to the whitelist.
    + Power:
    - Make blanking timeouts match.
    - Show notifications when about to suspend from idle.
    - Wake up the display when about to logout.
    - Adapt to new GnomeIdleMonitor API.
    - Don't change the brightness on inactive sessions.
    + Remote Display:
    - Disable animations on Xvnc as well.
    - Re-enable animations if Vino is gone.
    + Sound:
    - Avoid polling non-existent directories.
    + Updates:
    - Fix crasher when firmware updates is disabled.
    + XSettings:
    - propagate the remember-recent-files GSetting to XSettings.
    + Wacom:
  - Rebase gnome-settings-daemon-notify-idle-resumed.patch.
* Fri Feb 08 2013
  - Update to version
    + Fix keyboard shortcut handling with XI 2.3.
* Tue Feb 05 2013
  - Update to version 3.7.5:
    + A11Y Keyboard:
    - Disable everything on exit if no settings changed.
    - Remove GTK+ fallback dialogues.
    + Color:
    - Set the correct metadata on the auto-created EDID profile.
    - Switching to a new account shouldn't warn.
    + Daemon:
    - Also apply LC_PAPER.
    + Media Keys:
    - Use D-Bus API to lock the screen.
    - Use F20 for the temporary mic mute key.
    + Power:
    - Add way to disable the backlight helper.
    - Avoid dead-locking with gnome-shell on startup.
    - Avoid possible crash when shutting down quickly or at
    - Drop explicit screen locking on suspend.
    - Fix incorrect backlight level on restore.
    - Handle dim idle the same way as other idles.
    - Lots of test additions.
    - Wake up the display when unplugging the AC too.
    + Remote DIsplay:
    - Detect SPICE sessions as well.
    - Monitor Vino's Connected status.
    + Screenshot:
    - Save to GtkRecentManager on success.
    - Lots of test additions.
    + Updates:
    - Allow the shell time to initialize before checking for
      offline update failures.
    + Wacom:
    - Use regular fullscreen window for OSD.
    + Updated translations.
  - Rebase gnome-settings-daemon-notify-idle-resumed.patch.
* Mon Jan 21 2013
  - Update to version 3.7.4:
    + Color:
    - Addition to implement new mockups in gnome-control-center
    + Housekeeping:
    - Fix purging not working
    + Keyboard:
    - Don't migrate ibus xkb engines
    + Media-keys:
    - Save screenshots without using gnome-screenshot
    - Updated design for the on-screen OSD
    - Show output device when changing the volume
    - Add OSD support for the "Battery" key on certain laptops
    - Add support for the microphone mute key on certain keyboards
    - Move sound initialisation out of the critical startup path
    + Power:
    - Add test suite
    - Fix Power settings panel not picking up the updated
    - Fix dimming of the screen not working, and don't dim when
    - Fix timeouts being longer than configured in some cases
    - Aggressively blank the screen when the shield is down
    - Update idle configuration when plugging or unplugging the
    - Really turn off the screen on suspend for MacBook laptops
    - Allow overriding VM detection with the gnome.is_vm=[01]
      kernel command-line parameter
    + Updates:
    - Support notification filtering
    + Wacom:
    - Fix problems resetting touch buttons on 64-bit systems
    - Allow switching modes while OSD is active
    + XRandR:
    - use default-monitors-setup for autoconfiguration even after
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop gnome-settings-daemon-double-suspend.patch: fixed upstream.
* Mon Jan 21 2013
  - Update to version 3.7.3:
    + Add implementation for ScreenSaver inhibition
    + Disable animations on slow links (VNC for example)
    + Remove fallback mode handling code
    + Disable the smartcard plugin for now
    + Cursor:
    - Only show the cursor when the mouse gets used
    + Daemon:
    - Many plugins ordering bug fixes
    - Use gnome-session properties instead of libsystemd-login
    - Allow whitelisting plugins, to make it easier for gdm to
      catch up
    - Install all the schemas, even the ones for which the plugins
      aren't installed
    - Add a way to replace the daemon
    - exit gracefully if the session name is already taken
    + Housekeeping:
    - Implement automatic purging of trash, along with a D-Bus
      interface for it
    + Keyboard:
    - Fix build without IBus
    - Fix potential infinite loop due to num-lock handling
    - Don't print warnings when calls are cancelled
    - Handle keyboard shortcuts with Caps Lock for switching inputs
    + Media-keys:
    - Use the shared libgnome-volume-control code
    - Support launching gnome-calculator instead of gcalctool
    - Add default shortcuts for the magnifier
    - Add repeat to the brightness keys
    + Mouse:
    - Fix natural horizontal scroll
    + Power:
    - Remove unused settings keys
    - Do not attempt to suspend, dim or blank if running inside a
    - Port to GnomeIdleMonitor from gnome-desktop
    - Adjust sleep timer to blank timer in some cases
    - Check if action is available before taking action
    - Hide critical battery warning when power is plugged
    - Fix possible race with gnome-shell on startup
    + Print-notifications:
    - Don't show strange notifications when printing
    + Sound:
    - Fix sound plugin never working properly
    + Updates:
    - Fix warning on startup with PackageKit < 0.8.1
    + Wacom:
    - Avoid infinite recursion with a non-Wacom display
    - Fix handling of Cintiq 24HD mode-switch buttons
    - Mode switch LED fixes for some tablets
    - Add OSD help window (see gnome-control-center for how to
      launch it)
    + XRandR:
    - Add new follow-lid behavior and tie gsd-power lid-close to
    - Avoid crasher if XRandR calls fail on startup
    - Fix the "rotate" button not working
    - Swap axes for some (non-Wacom) tablets as well
  - Add pkgconfig(librsvg-2.0) BuildRequires: new dependency for the
    wacom plugin.
  - Drop gnome-settings-daemon-build-without-ibus.patch: fixed
  - Rebase gnome-settings-daemon-bnc462640-mute-action.patch.
  - Define with_smartcard, set to 0, to conditionally package the
    smartcard plugin. Currently disabled, as it's broken.
* Mon Jan 21 2013
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-build-without-ibus.patch: Fix build
    without IBUS.
  - Clean up the BUILD_FROM_VCS conditions.
* Mon Jan 21 2013
  - Update to version 3.7.1:
    + Daemon:
    - Provide a singleton SessionManager proxy object
    - Ensure session registration happens before other idles
    - Use logind for suspending and rebooting the system
    - Require logind for session tracking
    + Input:
    - Clarify hotplug command exit value handling
    - Add trackball detection
    + Keyboard:
    - Add default ibus engine for Indic locales
    - Don't apply global settings for every keyboard
    + Mouse:
    - Re-enable touchpad when mouse isn't present
    + Power:
    - Fix "no devices" error path in gsd-backlight-helper
    - Add a watchdog to keep X's builtin screen saver disabled
    - Fix a number of possible crashers
    + Wacom:
    - Add support for touchstrips and touchrings without a
    + XSettings:
    - Optimise xsettings changes.
  - Change with_systemd defines to 1 in order to enable systemd.
* Sun Jan 20 2013
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-double-suspend.patch: Fix double
    suspend: if GNOME is configured to suspend on lid close, the
    system goes directly back in sleep upon a wakeup call. Only the
    2nd wake up is successful and persistent. This issue comes from
    systemd and gnome both executing suspend.
* Sun Jan 13 2013
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-notify-idle-resumed.patch, notify user
    about auto suspend when returning from sleep (bnc#708182).
* Thu Nov 15 2012
  - Update to version 3.6.3:
    + Keyboard: Add keyboard shortcuts including CapsLock to switch
      input sources..
    + Mouse: Fix horizontal natural scrolling.
    + Power: Fix a warning on startup.
* Thu Nov 08 2012
  - Update to version 3.6.2:
    + Make test applications work when libnotify was used.
    + Keyboard:
    - Add default ibus engine for Indic locales.
    - Prevent 100% CPU usage related to remembering Num-Lock state.
    - Don't print warning messages when resuming from suspend.
    + Power:
    - Fix screen dimming and power saving even when inhibited.
    - Don't suspend, dim or blank when running in virtual machines.
    - Fix warning output in the Brightness & Lock panel.
    - Fix possible crash when the backlight fails to be turned off
      for example.
    + Sound:
    - Fix alert sound changes requiring a log out/login to apply.
    + Updates:
    - Don't require the user to click OK to clear the message for
      successful offline updates.
    + Wacom:
    - Fix touchstrips and touchrings without a modeswitch.
    + XSettings:
    - Make startup smoother by batching settings updates together.
  - Change with_systemd defines to 1 in order to enable systemd.
* Wed Oct 10 2012
  - Update to version 3.6.1:
    + Color:
    - Fix possible crashers on exit
    + Keyboard:
    - Allow grabbing the Menu key
    - Apply XKB variants and options for each IBus engine
    - Don't setup legacy toolkits if IBus is missing
    - Add default setup for some particular languages
    - Convert old libgnomekbd and IBus configurations
    - Add support for more modifiers only combinations
    - Fix input switching eating the modifiers keys in some cases
    + Mouse:
    - Fix "Locate Pointer" eating the Ctrl key
    - Fix "Locate Pointer" animation showing when the Ctrl key has
      been used
    + Updates:
    - Never show the user a message about cancelled transactions
    + Wacom:
    - Fix LEDs switching for some tablet models
    + Housekeeping:
    - Fix possible crashers on exit.
* Tue Oct 02 2012
  - Add with_ibus condition (currently set to 0), as we do not have
    a recent enough version of IBus in Factory at this moment.
    + when with_ibus is set to 1; pkconfig(ibus) BuildRequires will
      be used and --enable-ibus is being passed to configure
    + when with_ibus is set to 0, pkgconfigu(ibus) is being ignored
      and --disable-ibus is being passed to configure.
* Tue Sep 25 2012
  - Update to version 3.6.0:
    + Create sources from the X layouts if the configuration is empty
    + Always do that in GDM, so system-wide layouts work
    + Add modifiers-only shortcuts to switch input sources.
* Mon Sep 17 2012
  - Update to version 3.5.92:
    + Keyboard:
    - Don't block getting the IBus global engine.
    - Don't touch the XKB layout if no input sources were
    - Fix gtk+ IM module getting set to IBus for XKB sources.
    + Media keys:
    - Make "toggle brightness" work.
    + Color:
    - Don't warn about non-existent DMI file.
    + Power:
    - Fix some instances where an external screen would turn off.
    + Wacom:
    - Require wacom 0.6 to fix bugs with some tablets.
* Sat Sep 08 2012
  - Drop gnome-settings-daemon-bnc461755-randr-rotate-wacom.diff:
    this needed to be rebased for a long time, and there's a rocking
    support for wacom tablets upstream now. So this is most likely
    not needed anymore.
* Sat Sep 08 2012
  - Add explicit pkgconfig(libpulse-mainloop-glib) BuildRequires:
    we forgot to add it when adding pkgconfig(libpulse).
  - Add pkgconfig(xext) BuildRequires: new explicit dependency in
    3.5.5 for the power plugin that needs the XSync API.
* Tue Sep 04 2012
  - Update to version 3.5.91:
    + Keyboard:
    - Don't handle IBus for fallback, it will use the same UI it
      always did.
    - Hook IBus support for legacy applications.
    + Mouse:
    - Fix natural-scroll not working until switched off and on
    + Power:
    - Do not attempt to change the brightness of an output that was
    - Fix idle blank and sleep timeout.
* Tue Aug 21 2012
  - Update to version 3.5.90:
    + Keyboard:
    - Apply XKB options
    + Mouse:
    - Add support for natural scroll for touchpads
    + Power:
    - Fix D-Bus path of the screensaver
    + Wacom:
    - Implement the "switch monitor" combination
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Aug 08 2012
  - Update to version 3.5.6:
    + Build:
    - Add optional man page.
    - List plugin schemas as children of the main schema.
    + Keyboard:
    - Require ibus 1.4.99 for ibus support.
    + Mouse:
    - If one device was ignored, we would ignore all the devices.
    + Smartcard:
    - Don't try to use smartcard drivers that didn't load.
    + Updates:
    - Remove unused code.
    - Avoid compilation warnings due to PackageKit API changes.
    + Wacom:
    - Avoid a warning at login.
  - Add xsltproc BuildRequires: needed to build the man pages.
* Tue Jul 17 2012
  - Update to version 3.5.5:
    + Add test applications for a number of plugins
    + Color:
    - Fix notification-related memory leaks
    + Housekeeping:
    - Fix notification-related memory leaks
    + Keyboard:
    - Add support for switching to IBus input methods
    + Updates:
    - Remove unused settings
    - Remove a number of unused notifications
    - Don't ever live-update packages in the session
    - Fix a number of memory leaks
    - Prevent crash if a device that requires a firmware is removed
      before the firmware search completes
    + Wacom:
    - Fix crasher related to screen tablets
    - Do not rotate "pad" devices
    - Apply display rotation to device that's mapped to it
    - Make shortcuts that require Shift work as expected
    - Re-apply calibration and aspect-ratio when the screen changes
      but don't apply it to touch devices.
  - Add pkgconfig(ibus-1.0) BuildRequires: new dependency.
* Wed Jun 27 2012
  - Update to version 3.5.4:
    + Printers:
    - Don't block the session with unreachable printers
    + Wacom:
    - Fix crasher related to screen matching
* Mon Jun 25 2012
  - Update to version 3.5.3:
    + Housekeeping:
    - Support new XDG thumbnail directory locations
    + Keyboard A11y:
    - Don't crash when changing large print in fallback mode
    - Link to an existing help page
    + Keyboard:
    - Don't crash if LANG is empty
    + Media-keys:
    - Make <Super> keyboard shortcuts work again
    - Use systemd to shutdown or suspend if available
    + Mouse:
    - Only inhibits mouse clicks and scrolls with syndaemon
    + Power:
    - End the lid-close safety timer when the lid gets opened
    - Update fallback status icon on icon state change
    - Don't leak notifications
    - Avoid duplicate translations
    - Use systemd to shutdown or suspend if available
    - Don't enable backlight helper if GUdev is not available
    + Updates:
    - Adapt to new upstream property name
    - Add a notification for offline updates
    + Wacom:
    - Update display mapping on monitor changes
    - Flag unknown devices created from fallback
    - Add keep aspect ratio option
    - Use GnomeRROutput instead of GnomeRROutputInfo
    - Match built-in monitor
    + XRandr:
    - Explicitly set clone state variable when generating monitor
  - Drop gnome-settings-daemon-only-inhibit-touchpad-tapping.patch:
    fixed upstream.
* Sat Jun 09 2012
  - Update to version 3.5.2:
    + Remove ability to D-Bus activate
    + Media keys:
    - Get proper gnome-keyring environment
    - Simplify the OSD code
    - Add keybindings to switch input sources
    + Mouse:
    - Fix applying settings to newly added touchpads
    - Reduce default touchpad deactivation to 1s
    + Housekeeping:
    - Split out 'ignore unix mount' code
    + Keyboard:
    - Always apply xmodmap
    - Lots of cleanups
    - Apply XKB layouts ourselfs and stop relying on libgnomekbd
    + Power:
    - Disconnect from upower signals when needed
    - Add org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.power.lid-close-
      key to allow forcing suspend on lid close
    + Print:
    - Fix setting of default media size
    - Don't create an unused proxy object
    - Speed up initialization
    + Updates:
    - Automatically download updates rather than installing them
    + Wacom:
    - Disable wacom support on s390
    - Disable wacom support on non-linux
    - Don't put touchscreens in relative mode
    - Make tablet configuration per-machine
    + Color:
    - Be quiet about unloadable profiles
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop pkgconfig(libxklavier), pkgconfig(libgnomekbd) and
    pkgconfig(libgnomekbdui) BuildRequires.
  - Add pkgconfig(xkbfile) BuildRequires: add upstream after
    libgnomekbd dependency got dropped.
  - Drop gnome-settings-daemon-reduce-tap-delay.patch: fixed upstream
  - Rebase gnome-settings-daemon-bnc462640-mute-action.patch.
* Wed Jun 06 2012
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-reduce-tap-delay.patch to reduce the
    delay between the last keystroke and the first touchpad tap when
    the option "Disable touchpad when typing" is enabled in mouse
    options in gnome-control-center (bgo#590783)
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-only-inhibit-touchpad-tapping.patch to
    inhibit only tapping and not affect pointer motion or scrolling
    using the touchpad when the option "Disable touchpad when
    typing" is enabled in mouse options in gnome-control-center
  - Pass --libexecdir option to ./configure to change the
    installation dir of program executables to
    %{_libexecdir}/gnome-settings-daemon-3.0; fixes bnc#758592.
* Tue May 15 2012
  - Update to version 3.4.2:
    + General:
    - Fix memory leaks
    + Media-keys:
    - Fix applications launching through keyboard shortcuts not
      using the session's ssh agent, or keyrings
    + Mouse:
    - Fix arguments passed to the custom command
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Apr 17 2012
  - Update to version 3.4.1:
    + Mouse:
    - Fix applying settings to touchpads
    + Printers:
    - Use PrinterAddOption method to set media size
    + Updates:
    - Fix possible crashes when exiting
    + Wacom:
    - Don't put touchscreens in relative mode, just touch tablets
      (such as the Bamboo Touch)
    + Updated translations.
* Mon Mar 26 2012
  - Update to version 3.4.0:
    + Wacom:
    - Check if the "last-stylus" property has been set
    + Updated translations.
* Mon Mar 19 2012
  - Update to version 3.3.92:
    + Color:
    - Apply the color profile even if the device has an invalid
    - Create a color device even if the device has an invalid EDID.
    - Don't use the username in the profile ID, it's optional and
    + Common:
    - Add hint on how to set the script path.
    - Fix library linkage on Mageia.
    - Support explicitly setting G_MESSAGES_DEBUG.
    + Media Keys:
    - Avoid hard-coded shortcuts not working.
    - Call Shutdown for the logout action.
    + Mouse:
    - Stop syndaemon when settings-daemon dies.
    + Power:
    - Do not emit DBus interface change signals when doing the idle
    - Don't print a message when no backlights are detected.
    - Failing to clear DPMS timeouts should not be fatal.
    - Fix broken abs_to_percentage() logic.
    - Lazily connect to gnome-screensaver.
    - Lock the screensaver if the lid is closed and lock is
    - Make the idle dim time 90 seconds to match OSX.
    + Print Notifications:
    - Add test tool.
    - Don't unref floating GVariant.
    + Wacom:
    - Add README about configuration storage.
    + XRandR:
    - Fix the rotate display button not working.
    - List external display only before internal only.
    + XSettings:
    - Add README.xsettings about overrides.
    - Add test-xsettings program.
    - Add xsettings_setting_get() accessor.
    - Always call xsettings_setting_set().
    - Don't return XSettingsResult codes.
    - Introduce 'tiers' of XSettings.
    - Load overrides on startup.
    - Remove global 'settings' list.
    - Switch manager to GLib memory functions.
    - Switch to GVariant for value storage.
    - Use GHashTable in the xsettings manager.
    - Wire overrides into GSettings.
    + Updated translations.
* Mon Mar 05 2012
  - Update to version 3.3.91:
    + Color:
    - Fix warning with non-present devices
    - Make displays without EDID data use the correct device ID
    - Create the correct device ID for EDIDs with no text data
    - Fix EDID checksum generation
    + Media-keys:
    - Make Alt+Print appear as Alt+Print not Alt+SysRq
    + Power:
    - Emit a Changed() signal when the backlight changes
    - Don't overflow when pressing the keyboard brightness button
    + Wacom:
    - Add support for mode switch buttons, touchrings, touchstrips,
      and light up the LEDs appropriately
    - Add support for current tool ID from Wacom driver
    - Fix possible crasher setting pressure curve or display area
    - Force touchpads to use relative mode and ignore mode changes
    - Fix double-event generation
    - Fix installation problems with libexecdir == libdir
    - Make monitor == -1 reset the display configuration
  - Drop gnome-settings-daemon-fix-install.patch: fixed upstream.
* Thu Feb 23 2012
  - Update to version
    + Fix build with --enable-systemd
  - Changes from version 3.3.90:
    + Build:
    - Remove last requirement for dbus-glib
    - Remove use of deprecated g_thread_init()
    - Fix linking with -Bsymbolic
    + Color:
    - Set _ICC_PROFILE correctly when there is no primary device
    + Keyboard:
    - Fix blinking num-lock in some circumstances
    + Power:
    - Fix possible crasher in backlight helper on error
    + Wacom:
    - Add tablet button listing and settings
    - Add display mapping
  - Add pkgconfig(xorg-wacom) and pkgconfig(xtst) BuildRequires: new
    dependencies for the wacom plugin.
  - Stop using %{_libexecdir}/gnome-settings-daemon-3.0 as
    libexecdir: we were only doing this to avoid migration issues
    from <= 11.4 (where %{_libexecdir}/gnome-settings-daemon/ was
    used as libexecdir).
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-fix-install.patch: fix installation
    issue that is exhibited when libdir = libexecdir, where the
    gnome-settings-daemon binary would not be where it should.
* Tue Feb 07 2012
  - Update to version 3.3.5:
    + Build:
    - Remove unused date & time mechanism. gnome-control-center
      uses a different API, provided by systemd on some systems.
    + A11y keyboard:
    - Reduce the number of settings updates on startup
    + Automounter:
    - Optionally use systemd to check for active seat
    + Color:
    - Set the brightness of the display if it was saved as
      metadata in the color profile
    + Keyboard:
    - Don't save num-lock state when caps-lock changes
    + Media keys:
    - Add screenshot keyboard shortcuts
    + Power:
    - Require a newer upower
    - Optionally use systemd to shutdown when power is low
    - Use GDBusProxy-compatible PropertiesChanged signal
    - Fix "<br>" appearing in notification popups
    + Printers:
    - Also notify for unknown error reasons
    - Unify printer name usage
    + Wacom:
    - Add a way to get/set the screen associated with a tablet
    - Don't crash when using a generic tablet
    - Add support for the puck and touch device types
    - Add support for enumerating tablet buttons
    + Media keys, XSettings, Updates:
    - Fix possible crashes on exit
    + Housekeeping, Wacom, XSettings:
    - Fix memory leaks
  - Remove xz BuildRequires now that it comes for free in the build
  - Remove pkgconfig(dbus-glib-1), pkgconfig(polkit-gobject-1)
    BuildRequires: not needed anymore.
  - Remove polkit-datetime subpackage: this polkit mechanism is gone
  - Get ready for full-switch to systemd:
    + Add a with_systemd macro, currently set to 0 as the systemd
      support implies no support for ConsoleKit, which we want to
      keep until sysvinit is not supported anymore.
    + Add pkgconfig(libsystemd-login) BuildRequires and pass
    - -enable-systemd to configure if we build systemd support.
* Tue Jan 17 2012
  - Update to version 3.3.4:
    + Build:
    - Fix distribution of a pre-processed desktop file
    + Daemon:
    - Fix --debug not working
    - Remove gnome_settings_session_get_screen() and
      gnome_settings_session_get_upower_client(), as the underlying
      functions return singletons
    + Color:
    - Fix some screen setups not being color corrected
    + Wacom:
    - Fix loading of the plugin
    - Fix GSettings read/write for per-tablet/per-styli configs
    - Export more tablet and stylus metadata
    + XRandR:
    - Better handling of docking stations and plugging of external
      monitors (for suspend, and turning off monitors to work as
  - Drop hack removing data/ in
    %setup: the issue is fixed upstream.
* Thu Jan 05 2012
  - Remove data/ from tarball before
    building since we need to generate it with the proper libexec
    directory, else gnome-settings-daemon will never start properly.
    See bgo#666772.
* Thu Jan 05 2012
  - Update to version
    + Wacom:
    - Fix referenced module name
  - Changes from version 3.3.3:
    + Common:
    - Remove unused X key event code
    + Wacom:
    - Lots of infrastructure buildup that I can't really summarize
    - Rename plugin to avoid name clash with libwacom
    - Use libwacom to get tablet metadata
    - Implement per-device and per-stylus settings
    + Power:
    - Add the vendor name to the battery recall warning
    - Add automatic dimming of keyboard backlight
    + Print:
    - Prevent crashes when cups sends malformed D-Bus signals
    + XSettings:
    - Set GtkShellShowsAppMenu xsetting when the shell is running
    + Updated translations.
  - Add xz BuildRequires because we can't build a package for a
    xz-compressed tarball without explicitly specifying that... See
    bnc#697467 for more details.
  - Add pkgconfig(libwacom) BuildRequires: new dependency upstream.
* Mon Nov 21 2011
  - Update to version 3.3.2:
    + Common:
    - Remove left-over debug (bgo#660073)
    - Fix handling of <Primary>
    - Update required gnome-desktop version
    - Return opcode when detecting XInput2
    - Add helper to get the input device node
    - Use XInput2 to capture and match keys
    - Use GTK+ functions instead of own impl (bgo#663343)
    - Fix small memleak
    - Allow to grab 'Print' without modifiers (bgo#663623)
    - Require gsettings-desktop-schemas 3.3.0
    + A11y keyboard:
    - Port to GSettings (bgo#631502)
    + Automount:
    - Call bind_textdomain_codeset()
    + Color:
    - Do not load all the color devices twice at startup
    - Don't assign the same device more than once at startup
    - Fix a crash if ~/.local is deleted at runtime (bgo#660664)
    - Simplify gcm_profile_store_mkdir_with_parents()
    - Cancel any in-progress directory searching on plugin unload
    - Do not check for directory presence sync
    - Fix critical warning if the user disables the internal LCD
    - Reset the gamma tables when the screen configuration changes
    - Unbreak loading profiles at startup (bgo#660790)
    - Do not prefix the EDID profile title with 'Default'
    - Set model and vendor to 'unknown' if not specified or
    + Daemon:
    - Create reference to a GnomePnpIds object to speed up loading
    + Datetime:
    - Fix build requirements
    + Media keys:
    - Use a GCancellable for g_bus_get calls so that they can be
    - Don't assert if the user sets the 'button-power' action to
    - Don't assert if the user sets the 'button-power' action to
    - Only ever send signals to specific apps
    - Document the MediaPlayerKeyPressed signal
    - Add some D-Bus API documentation
    - Fix OSD touchpad icon names (bgo#661179)
    - Fix suspend button not locking the screen (bgo#660267)
    - Fix the suspend key not working (bgo#660267)
    - Remove unused allowed-keys entry
    - Cache the volume change event sound
    - Update for GVC API
    - Print warning for real errors
    - Apply volume on the device the key came from (bgo#340720)
    - Add custom shortcut type
    - Implement GConf keyboard shortcuts (bgo#625228)
    - Redraw volume OSD when not composited (bgo#660990)
    - Update for gsd-keygrab API change (bgo#663343)
    - Move some metacity shortcuts into g-s-d (bgo#663623)
    - Port custom keybindings to GSettings (bgo#631502)
    + Power:
    - Use a GCancellable for g_bus_get calls so that they can be
    - Do not revert to the pre-idle brightness if idle dimming is
      disabled (bgo#660434)
    - Remove some unused schema for enabling the sleep-inactive
      actions (bgo#660395)
    - Clarify what a value of 0 is for sleep-inactive-x-timeout
    - Do not sleep-on-idle by default
    - Simplify hiding/showing the status icon
    - Ensure the DPMS state is 'on' at startup (bgo#660482)
    - Close low-battery notification when plugged in (bgo#660942)
    - Remove the window filter when the plugin is unloaded
    - Don't crash when setting the dim timeout when using NX
    - Call XSyncInitialize() in case GTK+ wasn't compiled with
      XSync support
    - Emit 'Changed' signal to all listeners
    - Fix "undefined symbol: WEXITSTATUS" error (bgo#662020)
    - Make non-urgent notifications transient (bgo#662711)
    + Printers:
    - Fix build on systems without LC_PAPER (bgo#660626)
    - Call setlocale() (bgo#660632)
    - Exit gsd-printer when session ends (bgo#660158)
    - Correct signature when calling PrinterAddOptionDefault
    - Don't show "Not connected?" when not needed
    - Unown name on the system bus when session goes idle
    - Set requesting-user-name when getting job info
    - Show printer-state-reasons only when printing my jobs
    - Don't allow "/" in printer name (bgo#661774)
    - Make notifications resident
    - Fix a leak
    + Xrandr:
    - Use a GCancellable for g_bus_get calls so that they can be
    + Xsettings:
    - Remove workaround to deal with g-s-d not exiting correctly
    - Plug mem leaks (bgo#663239)
    + Wacom:
    - Fix possible crasher (bgo#661170)
    - Set cursor devices to be in relative mode by default
    - Add classes to manage settings and properties
    + Updated translations.
  - Rebase gnome-settings-daemon-bnc462640-mute-action.patch.
* Tue Nov 15 2011
  - Update to version 3.2.2:
    + Fix a number of memory leaks and static analysis bugs
    + Media keys:
    - Fix suspend key not working
    - Fix newly captured keybindings with GTK+ 3.2.1 not working
      ('<Primary>' key)
    - Fix OSD display problem in fallback mode
    - Allow grabbing the Print key without a modifier
    + Power:
    - Fix possible undefined symbol
    + Printers:
    - Fix crash on start when registering a D-Bus service
    - Fix problems getting ownership information for print jobs
    - Only show errors when the print job triggering it is ours
    - Make error notifications resident, and dismiss them when
      the problem is resolved
    + Wacom:
    - Set cursor devices to be in relative mode by default
  - Drop gnome-settings-daemon-upower-system-bus.patch: fixed
  - Drop gnome-settings-daemon-fix-missing-wexitstatus.patch: fixed
* Wed Nov 02 2011
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-upower-system-bus.patch to fix
    suspend and hibernate keyboard buttons [bgo#660267]
* Mon Oct 17 2011
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-fix-missing-wexitstatus.patch: add
    missing include that can cause issues at runtime, especially
    on 11.4 (bgo#662020).
* Mon Oct 17 2011
  - Update to version 3.2.1:
    + Common:
    - Remove left-over debug (bgo#660073)
    + Color:
    - Fix a crash if ~/.local is deleted at runtime (bgo#660664)
    - Do not load all the color devices twice at startup
    - Don't assign the same device more than once at startup
    - Fix critical warning if the user disables the internal LCD
    - Reset the gamma tables when the screen configuration changes
    - Fix 'make check' by including -lm for powf()
    + Media keys:
    - Use a GCancellable for g_bus_get calls so that they can be
    - Don't assert if the user sets the 'button-power' action to
      'shutdown' or 'nothing'
    - Fix OSD touchpad icon names (bgo#661179)
    - Fix suspend button not locking the screen (bgo#660267)
    + Power:
    - Don't restore the brightness if it's never been set
    - Fix two small reference leaks when using the D-Bus interface
    - Use a GCancellable for g_bus_get calls so that they can be
    - Do not sleep-on-idle by default (bgo#660395)
    - Do not revert to the pre-idle brightness if idle dimming is
      disabled (bgo#660434)
    - Ensure the DPMS state is 'on' at startup (bgo#660482)
    - Close low-battery notification when plugged in (bgo#660942)
    - Don't crash when setting the dim timeout when using NX
    - Call XSyncInitialize() in case GTK+ wasn't compiled with
      XSync support
    - Emit 'Changed' signal to all listeners (bgo#659908)
    + Printers:
    - Fix build on systems without LC_PAPER (bog#660626)
    - Call setlocale() (bgo#660632)
    - Exit gsd-printer when session ends (bgo#660158)
    - Correct signature when calling PrinterAddOptionDefault
    - Don't show "Not connected?" when not needed
    - Unown name on the system bus when session goes idle
    + Wacom:
    - Fix possible crasher (bgo#661170)
    + Xrandr:
    - Use a GCancellable for g_bus_get calls so that they can be
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop gnome-settings-daemon-emit-power-signal-to-listeners.patch:
    fixed upstream.
* Fri Oct 14 2011
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-emit-power-signal-to-listeners.patch
    to emit 'Changed' signal to all power plugin listeners. This
    fixes the power indicator not working in gnome-shell (bnc#717814,
* Mon Sep 26 2011
  - Update to version 3.2.0:
    + Power:
    - Correctly put the screen and computer to sleep when idle
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Sep 20 2011
  - Update to version 3.1.92:
    + A11Y keyboard:
    - Show the a11y dialogue on right-click (bgo#564171)
    + Color:
    - Be less chatty when creating duplicate profiles
    - Do not segfault when doing fast-user-switching into a new
      account (bgo#736846)
    - Use a username suffix on the profile ID (bgo#736846)
    - Do not show a warning when switching to a new user account
    - Use the correct profiles when fast user switching
    - Fix linking (bgo#659086)
    + Common:
    - Add helper to list disabled devices
    - Clean up X11 library dependencies (bgo#657178)
    - Bump colord dependency
    + Datetime:
    - Allow chrony to be used on Fedora (bgo#655119)
    - Add NTP support for SUSE variants (bgo#654970)
    + GConf:
    - Plug some memory leaks
    - Disconnect callbacks when cleaning up
    + Keyboard:
    - Remember and apply NumLock status (bgo#631989)
    + Media keys:
    - Don't show a level when muted (bgo#644537)
    - Fix keyboard brightness (bgo#658689)
    - Use the same "Music" mime-type as g-c-c
    - There's no Beagle anymore
    - Use gtk_show_uri() to launch nautilus
    - Clean up app launching (bgo#141379)
    - Clean up upower req
    - Remove unused empty LIBS linkage
    - Fix compile-time warning
    - Move keyboard brightness icon here
    - Remove OSD icons
    + Mouse:
    - Add more debug for "touchpad disabled"
    - Try harder to re-enable devices (bgo#656397)
    + Power:
    - Make ABS_TO_PERCENTAGE warn on invalid input (bgo#657364)
    - Correctly check for helper exit status
    - Avoid warnings without backlights
    - Do not connect to signals if we failed to connect
    - Don't crash if we try to calculate the idle state before
      connected to gnome-session (bgo#657917)
    - Be less chatty when optional hardware is not attached
    - Fix a critical warning when getting the session inhibit state
    - Do not handle the idle state transaction when the session is
      not active (bgo#658568)
    - Don't fall through the switch statement when shutting down
    - Do not leak the icon when getting device status (bgo#659213)
    - Protect against a potential SIGFE (bgo#659205)
    - Do not emit multiple 'Changed' signals when recalculating
      want to read properties (bgo#659066)
    - Fix compilation without libcanberra-gtk
    + Printers:
    - Use the best PPD for new printer (bgo#658544)
    - Style fixes
    + Updates:
    - Ignore virtual mountpoints when looking for external media
    - Use the correct icons in the notifications
    + Updated translations.
  - Add pkgconfig() BuildRequires: kbproto, x11. Those are new
    explicit dependencies.
  - Drop gnome-settings-daemon-ntp-support.patch: fixed upstream.
* Thu Sep 08 2011
  - Disable gnome-settings-daemon-system-proxy-configuration.diff for
    now: we really need to fix it the proper way, which likely
    involves libproxy, as mentioned in (tracked
    in bnc#690493).
  - Also note that gnome-packagekit-fate302445.patch is not enabled
    right now (tracked in bnc#689592).
* Mon Sep 05 2011
  - Update to version 3.1.91:
    + Common:
    - Don't list XINPUT_LIBS twice, move X11_LIBS from LDFLAGS to
    + Color:
    - Ensure the 'Recalibration required' notification has a custom
      app name
    - Fix a critical warning on startup
    - Do not notify to recalibrate on every startup
    + Daemon:
    - Fix possible double-free outside gnome-session
    + Gconf:
    - Double check stuff we add to the hash table (bgo#658055)
    + Housekeeping:
    - NULL-terminate the ignore-paths array (bgo#657849)
    + Power:
    - Do not exit gnome-settings-daemon if upower fails to load
    - Fix impossible to hit error paths (bgo#657364)
    - Fix BRIGHTESS_STEP_AMOUNT calculation macro
    - Do most of the work in _start () (bgo#657924)
    - Never idle-dim the display to a higher brightness level
    + Printers:
    - Remove redundant code
    + Xsettings:
    - Handle rgba-order key (bgo#657525)
    - Don't poke at an empty hashtable (bgo#657464)
    - Fix a stray brace
    + Updated translations.
* Thu Sep 01 2011
  - Update to version 3.1.90:
    + A11Y-keyboard:
    - Use GIO's DBus API instead of dbus-glib's
    + Color:
    - Don't use uninitialized GErrors
    - Do not set an age for display and printer profiles
    - Remove the ability to disable notifications
    - Do not search user-icc directories if they do not exist
    + Daemon:
    - Add Unity to OnlyShowIn value for autostart desktop file
    + Media keys:
    - Don't go up to 11 (bgo#649411)
    + Mouse:
    - Be more careful to avoid segfaults (bgo#657462)
    + Power:
    - Ensure the critical battery beep is stopped when the AC is
    - Ensure we lock the screen before suspending on lid close
    - Add mention of bgo#652183
    + Smartcard:
    - Use GIO's DBus API instead of dbus-glib's
    + Updates:
    - Do not log a warning if the firmware-missing file does not
    - Do not log a warning at startup if getting the upgrade list
      is not supported (bgo#657483)
    + Updated translations.
  - Rebase gnome-settings-daemon-bnc462640-mute-action.patch.
  - Add polkit Requires: the power plugin uses pkexec.
* Thu Aug 18 2011
  - Update to version 3.1.5:
    + A11y-keyboard:
    - Enable plugin by default (bgo#656287)
    + Automount:
    - Link against the private profiler library
    - Add some missing includes
    - Don't ship the .in file, just the one
    - Silence two trivial -Wformat-security warnings
    + Color:
    - Do not show multiple warnings if colord is not available at
    - Fix a potential crash when unloading the color plugin
    - Fix a potential crash if creating the per-user ICC directory
    - Make lcms2 a hard dependency
    + Housekeeping:
    - Use g_format_size() instead of g_format_size_for_display()
    + Media keys:
    - Don't preserve the path after filling
    - Remove the half pixel offset from the progressbar fill
    - Always round the render coordinates for media icons
    + Power:
    - Add the idle actions
    - Show a status icon when in fallback mode
    - Respect the idle-dim-ac and idle-dim-battery configuration
    - Add a backlight helper, as xbacklight isn't always present
    - Fall back to the backlight helper if xbacklight is not
    - Fix a potential crash when unloading the power plugin
    - Ensure we return the new percentage when changing the
    + Updates:
    - Do not use deprecated PackageKit #defines
    + Wacom:
    - Invert TPCButton setting (bgo#656372)
    + Updated translations.
* Fri Jul 29 2011
  - Rebase gnome-settings-daemon-system-proxy-configuration.diff and
    gnome-settings-daemon-bnc462640-mute-action.patch, and re-enable
    the the call to autoreconf.
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-stop-reload-proxy-settings.patch to
    stop the g-s-d packagekit plugin from popping up an
    authentication window when reloading the proxy settings
    (bnc#689592#c1 for bnc#538353)
  - Port gnome-packagekit-fate302445.patch to gnome-settings-daemon
    and GSettings.
* Mon Jul 25 2011
  - Update to version 3.1.4:
    + A11y-keyboard:
    - Do proper cleanup when the plugin is stopped
    + Automount:
    - Turn the automount plugin in a separate binary (bgo#653521)
    - Fix distcheck of file
    + Common:
    - Fix grabbing of multimedia keys
    + Daemon:
    - Set locale environment on gnome-session as early as possible
    - Plug memory leak
    + Datetime:
    - Use friendlier wording for date & time policykit prompt
    + Media keys:
    - Add button handling code from gnome-power-manager
    + Power:
    - Add power plugin to replace g-p-m
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Jul 20 2011
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-ntp-support.patch: add SUSE support for
    datetime polkit helper, to setup NTP. Fix bnc#675969.
* Mon Jul 04 2011
  - Update to version 3.1.3:
    + Common:
    - Use defines instead of variables for ranges
    - Fix function keys not being grabbed (bgo#649222)
    - Allow the "Pause" key to be used (bgo#653524)
    + Clipboard:
    - Fix incremental sending from the clipboard manager
    + Color:
    - Fix a potential buffer-overflow when converting to wide text
    + Keyboard:
    - Use the same kbd layout menu labels as Gnome Shell
    - Add missing "Settings" to the string
    - Fix menu items actions
    + Media keys:
    - Use constant for icon size in OSD
    - Remove progress bar borders (bgo#652321)
    + Mouse:
    - Check device is a touchpad before enabling/disabling it
    + Updated translations.
* Thu Jun 16 2011
  - Add pkgconfig(xfixes) BuildRequires, needed for the new cursor
* Tue Jun 14 2011
  - Update to version 3.1.2:
    + Common:
    - Don't try to convert show-keyboard-leds-indicator in
    - Add touchscreen detection
    - Add X property setting helper
    - Add code to detect accelerometers
    - Add better error reporting for egg key parsing
    - Add code to allow disabling input devices
    + Color:
    - Add new color plugin
    + Cursor:
    - Hide cursor on tablets with only a touchscreen [bgo#650604]
    - Show the cursor again on exit
    - Fix XFixes version checking
    - Ignore PS/2 mice as well
    - Fix checking for extension pointer
    + Datetime:
    - Fix ntp logic on Debian to include ntpdate as well as ntpd
    + GConf:
    - bgo#652200: Add missing schema for
    + Keybindings:
    - Complete update to egg key parsing change
    + Media keys:
    - Only start D-Bus when _start() is called
    - Simplify touchpad OSD
    - Hardcode the "toggle touchpad" button
    - Remove old-style OSD
    - Always use the primary monitor for display [bgo#650159]
    - Make sound changes quiet with Alt [bgo#651704]
    + Mouse:
    - Use new disable/enable device code
    + Orientation:
    - Add orientation plugin
    + Updates:
    - Fix a string that is hard to translate [bgo#645749]
    + Wacom:
    - Enable wacom touch key by default
    - Use property settings helper in common/
    - Typedef the Wacom device types
    + Xrandr:
    - Switch touchscreen rotation as well
    - Fix small memory leak on shutdown
    - Remove the functionality to call gcm-apply when outputs
    - Remove rotation handling for wacom tablets
    + Updated translations.
  - Add pkgconfig(colord) and pkgconfig(lcms2) BuildRequires.
  - Pass --with-pnpids=%{_datadir}/libgnome-desktop-3.0/pnp.ids to
    configure: the color plugin needs to have access to the pnp.ids
    file. This comes with the gnome-desktop library; as
    gnome-settings-daemon already depend on this library, we know the
    file will be available at runtime.
* Tue May 17 2011
  - Update to version 3.1.1:
    + Common:
    - Add input-helper test application
    - bgo#648885: Fix syndaemon never getting started
    - bgo#648911: Add meaningful app names to notifications from
    + Datetime:
    - Simplify NTP handling for distros
    - Fix setting NTP on Fedora 15
    + Media keys:
    - Show a popup when no media player is running
    - bgo#649523: Use symbolic icon for Eject action
    + Mouse:
    - Clean up error handling
    - bgo#649539: Don't crash if mouse has no FeedbackStates
    + Updates:
    - Fix the interface name
    - Deal with absence of gnome-session gracefully
    + Xrandr:
    - bgo#648303: Never use a notification for errors
    + Updated translations.
* Mon May 02 2011
  - Drop temporary rpmlintrc as bnc#690496 got fixed.
* Thu Apr 28 2011
  - Update to version 3.0.1:
    + Media-keys: Fix possible crash when sound device is removed.
    + Updates: Fix firmware auto-installation.
    + Updated translations.
* Thu Apr 28 2011
  - Pass --enable-gconf-bridge to build the gconf bridge (that
    mirrors settings between gsettings and gconf).
  - Add nautilus Recommends, as the housekeeping plugin uses a dbus
    service provided by nautilus to empty the trash. This is
    optional at runtime, though, so don't make it a Requires.
* Wed Apr 06 2011
  - Update to version
    + Keyboard: Fix crash showing the keyboard layout in fallback
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Apr 06 2011
  - Update to version 3.0.0:
    + Common:
    - Change default inactive sleep on battery to suspend.
    + Keyboard:
    - Clarify actual units used for repeat rate (bgo#646241)
    + Printers:
    - Cancel CUPS' subscription policy
    - Make CUPS' subscriptions expirable
    - Remove old subscriptions
    + XSettings:
    - Try a few times to start the xsettings manager (bgo#634988)
    + Updated translations.
  - Changes from version 2.91.92:
    + Common:
    - Update priority of a few plugins
    - gdk_display_get_device_manager() retval handling
    - Improve CUPS detection (bgo#644063)
    - Make sure G_LOG_DOMAIN is set to the plugin name for each
    - Make sure we mop up stray idle handlers.
    - Simplify input helper.
    - Launch a custom script on input devices (bgo#635486)
    + Daemon:
    - Fix possible crasher on exit (bgo#639347)
    + Media keys:
    - Update gvc copy/paste from control-center
    - Make volume go up to 11 (bgo#631030)
    - Simplify volume keys handling (bgo#640963)
    + Mouse:
    - Fix possible memory leak
    - Implement touchpad motion settings (bgo#642474)
    - Fix shape handling in locate-pointer (bgo#645092)
    - Handle touchpad handedness changing
    - Don't apply any settings if XInput isn't present
    - Separate device dependent calls
    - Remove duplicated calls on start
    - Remove unused supports_xinput_devices() call
    - Make sure syndaemon is killed when touchpad disappears
    - Hook up input device customisation script
    - Fix double-free when handling one-button touchpad
    - Fix crash in GHashTable usage
    + Power:
    - Set the default display off time to be same as session idle
    + Updates:
    - g_get_real_time() returns microseconds, not seconds since the
    - Ensure te user gets the updates notification if it's never
      been shown.
    - Ensure the user gets notified of normal updates at the
      correct interval.
  - Changes from version 2.91.91:
    + Automount:
    - Fix crash when unlocking the screen saver
    - Don't queue volumes when session is inactive
    + Housekeeping:
    - Use nautilus's D-Bus API to empty the trash
    + Media keys:
    - Add magnifier in/out keybindings
    - Fix larger text/smaller text keybindings
    + Mouse:
    - Make locate pointer feature work with GTK+ 3
    + Printers:
    - Use new CUPS D-Bus API
    + Updates:
    - Use auto-download updates when possible
    + XSettings:
    - Also accept .gtk-module for GTK+ modules
    - Don't set Xft.lcdfilter, it's broken
    - Use "text-scaling-factor" key instead of DPI
  - Changes from version 2.91.90:
    + A11Y Settings:
    - Add new plugin
    + Automount:
    - Look if the session is active before automounting
      new volumes
    - Disable automounting while screen is locked
    + Background:
    - Stop pending fades if new ones initiated
    + Date & Time:
    - Add Debian support to NTP service activation (bgo#641598)
    - Fix gsd_datetime_check_tz_name() never working (bgo#674999)
    + Keyboard:
    - Update for new libgnomekbd API
    - Match shell behaviour for visibility
    - Explicitly calling gtk_widget_show_all for kbd layout
    + Media keys:
    - Fix crash when keybindings change
    - Add more Universal Access keybindings (bgo#641279)
    + Mouse:
    - Use event driven mode for syndaemon (bgo#639623)
    - Use syndaemon -K to ignore Ctrl+C and other combos
    + Print notification:
    - Go back to using name in notifications
    - Check that cups is recent enough
    + Updates:
    - Add an updates plugin to integrate with PackageKit
    + XSettings:
    - Fix memleak, using wrong unref function
    + Updated translations
  - Changes from version 2.91.9:
    + Date & Time:
    - Use a single polkit action for this
    + Housekeeping:
    - Fix an untranslatable string
    + Keybindings:
    - Rename Accessibility keybindings to 'Universal Access'
    - Mark Accessibility keybindings as system
    + Keyboard:
    - Don't create kbd indicators in the shell
    - Remove $GDM_KEYBOARD_LAYOUT handling
    - Fix control-center invocation
    + Media keys:
    - Prevent volume underflow
    - Use symbolic icons for OSD
    + Print notification:
    - New plugin for print notifications
    - Appearance and wording tweaks
    + XSettings:
    - Initialize gtk-modules setting
    - Support GTK/AutoMnemonics setting
    + Updated translations
  - Changes from version 2.91.8:
    + Connect to the right GnomeRRScreen signal
  - Changes from version 2.91.7:
    + Adapt to new gnome-desktop API
    + Remove unused macros
    + Updated translations
  - Changes from version
    + Fix a crasher with GTK+ 2.91.7
  - Changes from version
    + Suppress warnings due to gdk_error_trap_pop
    + Fix build with GTK+ 2.91.7
  - Drop gnome-settings-daemon-bnc427745-force-dpi.patch: fixed
    upstream as the DPI from the X server is not used anymore.
  - Disable gnome-settings-daemon-add-layout-switcher.patch: this
    needs to be rebased.
  - Move gnome-packagekit-BNC383261.patch and
    gnome-packagekit-fate302445.patch from gnome-packagekit to here,
    since the code moved to the update plugin. They need to be
    rebased, though.
  - Add BuildRequires : cups-devel, pkgconfig(gudev-1.0),
    pkgconfig(packagekit-glib2), pkgconfig(upower-glib).
  - Set libexecdir to %_libexecdir/gnome-settings-daemon-3.0 to
    ensure upgrade from g-s-d 2.x works fine.
  - Update temporary rpmlintrc since the action is now named
    configure instead of configurentp.
  - Add support for source service checkout, with %BUILD_FROM_VCS:
    + Add gnome-common BuildRequires.
    + Add call to ./
* Sun Feb 13 2011
  - Call relevant macros in %post/%postun:
    + %icon_theme_cache_post/postun because the package ships themed
  - Remove ldconfig in %post/%postun: there is no library here.
  - Pass %{?no_lang_C} to %find_lang so that english documentation
    can be packaged with the program, and not in the lang subpackage.
* Thu Dec 23 2010
  - Update to version 2.91.6:
    + Port to GtkStyleContext
    + Suspend by default on battery power
    + Timezone and NTP improvements
    + Port to GtkAppChooserButton
    + Port background code to GDBus
    + Support multiple smartcard drivers
    + Background plugin misc fixes
  - Add a temporary rpmlintrc file to ignore the
    polkit-unauthorized-privilege error for
* Sun Dec 19 2010
  - Update to version
    + Handle rename of
  - Changes from version: 2.91.5:
    + Add automount plugin
    + Don't pass NULL strings to g_variant_new()
    + Properly handle gnome-session EndSession signals
  - Changes from version: 2.91.4:
    + Add Wacom configuration plugin
    + Add support for the XF86TouchpadOn/Off keys
    + Move some gnome-power-manager settings, so it can be used in
      the control center
    + Only ever call g_bus_own_name() once for the main D-Bus name
    + Register with gnome-session to avoid timeouts, and transition
      problems on login
    + Fix possible warnings or crashers when _stop() is called
      without _start() having been completed
  - Changes from version: 2.91.3:
    + Remove xrdb plugin
    + Remove outdated GConf schemas
    + Handle a11y toggle shortcut keys in media-keys
    + Make volume down work when muted
    + Fix logout key shortcut not asking for a confirmation
    + Fix crashes in media-keys
    + Export the "cursor-blink-timeout" XSetting
    + Use a notification for the low space warning in housekeeping
    + Don't warn about low space when over 1GB is free
    + Port daemon and xrandr plugin to GDBus
    + Fix possible warnings in keyboard plugin
  - Changes from version:
    + Require a newer gnome-desktop with GSettings support for the
      background plugin
  - Changes from version: 2.91.2:
    + Migration to GSettings
    + Use MIME types for URL handlers
    + Remove typing break plugin
    + Remove outdated font plugin
    + Add GConf<->GSettings bridge plugin
    + Don't choke if there are old plugins laying around
    + Set priority for plugins based on settings
    + Never daemonise the "daemon"
    + Port to GDBus
    + Add support for more multimedia keys
    + Keyboard plugin improvements
    + Remove status icon for monitors (bgo#631995)
    + More network filesystems not to monitor (bgo#606421)
    + Don't access free'd memory if a volume is unmounted whilst the
      dialog is running
    + Fix loading plugins information (bgo#631933)
    + For media key, use the default application for audio/ogg
    + Make the "log out" key really do that
    + Handle video out keys in media-keys (bgo#623223)
    + Use virtual modifier <Super> for the Windows key
    + Remove horrible xmodmap fallback code (bgo#150542)
    + Show a touchpad-disabled if no touchpad
    + Use Gdk to get events about input devices being added
    + Add middle-button-enabled key (bgo#633863)
    + Add gnome-settings-daemon man page (bgo#588716)
    + Export Xft.lcdfilter for OO.o's benefit (bgo#631924)
    + If the stored configuration fails at startup, use the fallback
    + Use $(sysconfigdir) for .ad files, since they are settings
    + Don't display the gnome-settings-daemon autostart in the
      startup applications list
    + Add settings key for disabling boot time configuration
    + Other bug fixes: bgo#631963, bgo#631931, bgo#631866,
      bgo#591798, bgo#612024, bgo#582703, bgo#632122, bgo#579021,
      bgo#630535, bgo#632569, bgo#623223, bgo#634092, bgo#633320.
    + Build system changes.
    + Updated translations.
  - Changes from version: 2.91.0:
    + Give a name to the keyboard status icon (bgo#610319)
    + Fix include directory to match API version
    + Add daemon path to pkg-config files
    + Don't switch mouse buttons for XTest devices (bgo#627084)
    + Use gdk-pixbuf header (bgo#630975)
    + Use cairo regions to set input shape
    + Use an empty region to ignore events
    + Adapt to GTK+ 3.0, gnome-desktop 3.0, libgnomekbd API changes.
    + Updated translations.
  - Changes from version: 2.90.1:
    + Apply keyboard a11y settings for newly plugged keyboards
    + Loads of compilation fixes for GTK3
    + Fix crasher when certain items are copied to the clipboard
    + Silent build by default
    + Display:
    - Don't try to activate display configurations where all the
      outputs are off
    - Don't cycle through custom display configurations on
      XF86Display button press
    - Add logging infrastructure
  - Change gnome-desktop-2.0, gtk+-2.0, libcanberra-gtk pkgconfig()
    BuildRequires to gnome-desktop-3.0, gtk+-3.0, libcanberra-gtk3.
  - Add pkgconfig(gsettings-desktop-schemas) BuildRequires and
    gsettings-desktop-schemas Requires.
  - Rebase gnome-settings-daemon-bnc427745-force-dpi.patch.
  - Rewrite gnome-settings-daemon-add-layout-switcher.patch,
    following the move to GSettings.
  - Disable gnome-settings-daemon-system-proxy-configuration.diff,
    gnome-settings-daemon-bnc462640-mute-action.patch: those patches
    need to be rebased. Because of this, we also comment out the
    support for gnome-patch-translation and the call to autoreconf.
  - Remove dbus-1-devel, dbus-1-glib-devel, glib2-devel,
    gnome-desktop-devel, gnome-menus-devel, gtk2-devel Requires of
    devel package: the ones really needed will be automatically added
    the pkgconfig() way.
  - Do not pass --libexecdir=%{_prefix}/lib/gnome-settings-daemon to
    configure: there is no reason to do so.
  - Remove all the gconf schema handling (%gconf_schemas_prereq,
    %find_gconf_schemas and scriptlets).
  - Handle gsettings schemas: add %glib2_gsettings_schema_requires
    and %glib2_gsettings_schema_post(un) in the scriptlets.
* Tue Nov 16 2010
  - Update to version 2.32.1:
    + Revert calling g-c-c 3.0's display configuration tool
    + Use the fallback configurations if the stored configuration
      fails at startup
    + Don't access free'd memory if a volume is unmounted whilst
      the dialog is displayed
    + bgo#631388: Add gconf key for disabling boot time configuration
    + Use Xorg monitor settings by default
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop gnome-settings-daemon-display-tool.patch: fixed upstream.
* Mon Sep 27 2010
  - Update to version 2.32.0:
    + Check whether XGetWindowProperty returns no items, and return
      if so
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Sep 14 2010
  - Update to version 2.31.92:
    + Don't use the Stored/custom configuration type in the
      XF86Display cycle
    + Basic infrastructure for RANDR logging
    + Log when handling RANDR events (bgo#615804)
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Sep 07 2010
  - Change old-style BuildRequires to pkgconfig() style
    + old-style: gnome-desktop-devel, libcanberra-devel,
      libgnomekbd-devel, libnotify-devel, libpulse-devel,
      mozilla-nss-devel, polkit-devel, xorg-x11.
    + new-style: dbus-glib-1, fontconfig, gconf-2.0, glib-2.0,
      gnome-desktop-2.0, gtk+-2.0, libcanberra-gtk, libgnomekbd,
      libgnomekbdui, libnotify, libpulse, libxklavier, nss,
      polkit-gobject-1, xi.
  - This will make it easier to switch to GNOME 3 libraries.
* Sat Sep 04 2010
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-display-tool.patch to fix the display
    notification area to use the right tool to configure display. The
    patch reverts a commit that is GNOME 3-only. Fix bnc#636849.
* Tue Aug 31 2010
  - Update to version 2.31.91:
    + bgo#628056: Don't try to activate configurations without any
      'on' outputs
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Aug 31 2010
  - Change lang package Requires to Recommends since the data there
    is not mandatory at runtime.
* Fri Aug 06 2010
  - Update to version 2.31.6:
    + Apply keyboard a11y settings for new keyboards
    + Require gnome-2.32 modules, not 3.0
    + Updated translations.
  - Changes from version
    + Include fixes from
    + Updated translations.
  - Changes from version 2.31.5:
    + Depend on gnome-desktop-3.0
    + Updated translations.
  - Changes from version
    + Fix the binary name in the datetime DBus .service file
    + Updated translations.
  - Changes from version
    + Fix the datetime DBus .service file
  - Changes from version 2.31.4:
    + Fix build for --disable-smartcard-support (bgo#617748)
    + Use gtk+-3.0
    + Fix launching the display configuration tool
    + Move clock service from gnome-panel
    + Define plugindir in .pc file
    + Updated translations.
  - Changes from version 2.31.3:
    + Fixed icon names, prefixed with kbd-
    + Use "show layout" dialog from libgnomekbd
    + Updated translations.
  - Changes from version 2.31.2:
    + Fix installation of the xrandr helper binary (bgo#617782)
    + Always dist smartcard.gnome-settings-plugin (bgo#617748)
    + Adjust XF86Display timestamps if they are out of order with RANDR
      timestamps (bgo#610482)
    + Don't install template files into the icon theme
    + Fix loading OSD icons when there's no SVG version (bgo#618023)
    + Only check for baobob if we're about to show a dialog
    + Updated translations.
  - Changes from version 2.31.1:
    + Create the directory for the system's RANDR configuration
    + Add the logic needed for the "Make Default" button in
    + Use $sysconfdir for /etc installation
    + Replace deprecated GTK_WIDGET_STATE
    + Compile with -DGSEAL_ENABLE (bgo#612588)
    + Use Layouts instead of Groups (bgo#553108)
    + Add smartcard plugin to lock screen/log out when a card is
    + Software LED indicators (bgo#616380)
    + Use LED icons instead of files
    + Updated translations.
  - Rebase gnome-settings-daemon-system-proxy-configuration.diff.
  - Update gnome-settings-daemon-apport-monitor.patch to apply
    without fuzz.
  - Update gnome-settings-daemon-add-layout-switcher.patch to use new
    API from libgnomekbd that helps remove some code.
  - Add mozilla-nss-devel and polkit-devel BuildRequires for
    smartcard support and datetime PolicyKit helper.
  - Create a gnome-settings-daemon-polkit-datetime subpackage because
    this polkit helper can be useful to other users that might not
    want to depend on gnome-settings-daemon. The main package
    requires it.
* Fri Jun 04 2010
  - Added support for translation-update-upstream (FATE#301344).
* Thu Apr 29 2010
  - Update to version 2.30.1:
    + bgo#613666: Fix keyboard indicator displaying
    + Default to system settings for handling multiple keyboard
    + bgo#612240: Introduce gconf key that allows hiding the
    + Updated translations.
* Mon Mar 29 2010
  - Update to version 2.30.0:
    + Protect XInput code by ifdefs if XInput isn't available
    + Don't play a sound when the volume doesn't change (bgo#610001)
    + Fix linking with pedantic linkers (bgo#610244)
    + Remove unused do_sleep_action function
    + Apply all keyboard settings to new keyboards (bgo#610245)
    + Ensure the window is realized before we invalidate it
    + Replace "eject" spawn with GIO code (bgo#580779)
    + Don't spawn xrdb (bgo#586276)
    + Add translator hint (bgo#613647)
    + Disable font plugin by default (bgo#613604)
    + Updated translations.
  - Rebase gnome-settings-daemon-bnc462640-mute-action.patch.
* Fri Mar 26 2010
  - Fix gnome-settings-daemon-add-layout-switcher.patch
    + call maybe_add_layout_switcher method at the right level
* Mon Mar 08 2010
  - Update to version 2.29.92:
    + Updated translations.
* Fri Feb 26 2010
  - Update to version
    + bgo#594831: Fn-F8 should disable/enable touch points
    + Always set the position of outputs, even if they are already
      turned on
    + bgo#610245: Apply keyboard settings to newly plugged in devices
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Feb 10 2010
  - Update to version 2.29.90:
    + Add gthread-2.0 to required modules for the daemon (bgo#608217)
    + Centralize the use of gnome_rr_config_apply_with_time
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Jan 27 2010
  - Update to version 2.29.6:
    + Don't allow left-handed setting for single-button touchpads
    + Don't die on X servers without XKB (bgo#604651)
    + Updated translations.
* Fri Jan 15 2010
  - Do not package en@shaw locale on openSUSE 11.2 and earlier.
* Wed Jan 13 2010
  - Update to version 2.29.5:
    + Fix variant handling in $GDM_KEYBOARD_LAYOUT (bgo#596897)
    + Tighten check for XInput
    + Fix bluriness in level bar, and popup (bgo#567249)
    + Remove unused variable (bgo#599904)
    + Honour libexecdir when spawning gsd-locate-pointer
    + Allow left-handed setting for touchpads
    + Use a rounded instead of curved rectangle
    + Improve the media keys overlay design (bgo#596136)
    + Add brightness to the media-keys popup (bgo#599677)
    + Fix for GSEAL goal (bgo#599861)
    + Avoid volumes going over 100% (bgo#600770)
    + Make OSD display more generic (bgo#600951)
    + Support loading -rtl and -ltr variants of icons (bgo#600984)
    + Relicense gsd-media-keys-window.[ch] to LGPL (bgo#600986)
    + Hide the status icon before unreffing it (bgo#601696)
    + Make eject behave better on OpenBSD (bgo#598573)
    + Export libexecdir in .pc file (bgo#596388)
    + Run gnome-color-manager apply program when the outputs change
    + Factor out function to get keycodes from keysym names
    + Handle the XF86RotateWindows hotkey by rotating a laptop's
    + Respond to monitor configuration changes when in charge
    + Filter invalid layouts before looking for the index of one
      passed by gdm (bgo#585868)
    + Add linsysfs to list of virtual filesystems (bgo#604396)
    + Remove sleep keybindings (bgo#170175)
    + Start an on-screen-display window (OSD)
    + Split the composited and non-composited code for the
      expose-event handler
    + Use a hand-drawn frame instead of a GtkBuilder frame
    + Using GkbdStatus for the automatic notification icon
    + Implement popup menu for the notification icon
    + Add extra API required by GsdMediaKeysWindow
    + Add timed exit option
    + Fixes for new libxklavier
    + Translation updates
  - Remove gnome-settings-daemon-activate-xkb-with-broken.patch.
    Fixed upstream
  - Remove gnome-settings-daemon-gdm-layout-variant.patch. Fixed
  - Update the following patches to apply with fuzz=0:
* Wed Dec 02 2009
  - Update to version 2.28.1:
    + Try harder to use the keyboard layout passed by gdm.
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop gnome-settings-daemon-try-harder-gdm-layout.patch: part of
    it is upstream, the other part is in a new patch.
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-add-layout-switcher.patch, which is the
    part that was in the old patch.
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-gdm-layout-variant.patch to fix some
    bug in the GDM keyboard layout handling.
* Thu Oct 22 2009
  - Update spec file to add the missing BuildRequire of
    libcanberra-devel. Fix bnc#547565.
* Tue Sep 22 2009
  - Update to version 2.28.0:
    + Fix incomplete function declaration
    + bgo#578538 - Don't install the dummy plugin whilst keeping the almost intact for copy/paste
    + bgo#594617 - Fix Touchpad left-handed issues
    + bgo#404683 - Add sound effect to volume key handling
    + Remove useless custom eject icon
    + bgo#594821 - Validate xsettings GConf keys read from the
    + Fix compiler warnings
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop gnome-settings-daemon-build-warning.patch, upstreamed.
* Wed Sep 09 2009
  - Update to version 2.27.92:
    + Make 'Locate Pointer a separate process (bgo#524499)
    + Skip button mappings only for core devices
    + Updated translations.
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-build-warning.patch to fix build.
* Tue Aug 25 2009
  - Update to version 2.27.91:
    + Update gnome-volume-control code
    + Update cut'n'paste from gnome-media
    + Update volume control code for new API
    + Updated translations.
* Fri Aug 14 2009
  - Update to version 2.27.90:
    + Update gnome-volume-control from gnome-media (bgo#589825)
    + Fix crash in gvc_mixer_stream_is_running() (bgo#590073)
    + Add '-k' option to syndaemon call for 'Disable touchpad while
      typing' (bgo#590588)
    + Low disk space warning bug-fixes (bgo#591153)
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Jul 28 2009
  - Update to version 2.27.5:
    + Only use applicable configurations for switching with the
      XF86Display hotkey
    + Only use applicable configurations when auto-configuring
      outputs during hotplug
    + Really lay out displays from left to right when using the
      XF86Display hotkey
    + For the XF86Display hotkey, preserve the cycle order when
      sanitizing the configurations
    + Remove last libglade dependency
    + Improved low disk space warning (bgo#573980)
    + Fix compiler warnings
    + Translation updates.
  - Remove libglade2-devel BuildRequires.
* Mon Jul 20 2009
  - Update to version 2.27.4:
    + Remove screensaver plugin, it's autostarted now
    + Don't take too long in RANDR D-Bus method implementation
    + Add support for Synaptics touchpads
    + Don't spawn more than one syncdaemon
    + Depend on gnome-desktop >= 2.26.3
    + Update gnome-volume-control code from master
    + Fix order of arguments to strstr
    + Depend on libxklavier 4.0
    + Remove libglade dependency from media-keys and keyboard plugins
    + Updated translations.
  - Respin gnome-settings-daemon-system-proxy-configuration.diff.
  - Update gnome-settings-daemon-try-harder-gdm-layout.patch for
    libxklavier API change.
* Mon Jun 15 2009
  - Update to version 2.27.3:
    + Make the RANDR tray icon's per-monitor labels explicitly black
    + Include config.h so that the notifications code in housekeeping
      plugin can actually be built (bgo#584217)
    + Use "screen reader" instead of "screenreader" in schema
    + Lots of RANDR fixes and improvements
    + Nicer handling of broken XKB configuration in gconf
    + Make 'locate pointer' deal with wm/cm changes (bgo#585209)
    + Be more careful when comparing two key structs (bgo#580616)
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop gnome-settings-daemon-filter-invalid-xkb.patch: fixed
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-activate-xkb-with-broken.patch to fix a
    minor bug in xkb handling on login, with broken config.
  - Update gnome-settings-daemon-try-harder-gdm-layout.patch to also
    make sure a keybinding to switch layouts is available, and to not
    add the gdm layout if we already have a variant for the layout.
  - Comment out
    gnome-settings-daemon-bnc461755-randr-rotate-wacom.diff: it needs
    to be rebased.
* Thu Jun 11 2009
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-filter-invalid-xkb.patch: when the xkb
    config from gconf can't be used, try to remove invalid xkb
    layouts first before showing an error dialog. The old gdm used to
    have invalid layouts.
* Tue Jun 09 2009
  - Add gnome-settings-daemon-try-harder-gdm-layout.patch: try harder
    to use the keyboard layout passed from GDM.
* Mon May 25 2009
  - Added gnome-settings-daemon-bnc461755-randr-rotate-wacom.diff to fix
    bnc#461755 - Add the option of rotating Wacom tablets when the
    display is rotated.
* Tue May 05 2009
  - Update to version 2.27.1:
    + Use ngettext for the reset dialog (bgo#575409)
    + Replace deprecated gtk_status_icon_set_tooltip (bgo#578480)
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Apr 14 2009
  - Update to version 2.26.1:
    + Fix crash when closing the lid on some laptops (bgo#576875)
    + Fix crash when closing a11y notification bubble (bgo#576535)
    + Fix problems with saving/restoring screen setup
    + Make the screen resolution confirmation dialog always appear in
      front of the settings window (bgo#576006)
    + Increase confirmation timeout to 30 seconds to give slower
      devices (like projectors) time to adjust
    + Avoid some GConf roundtrips (bgo#578539, bgo#578542)
    + Build fixes
    + Updated translations.
* Mon Mar 16 2009
  - Update to version 2.26.0:
    + Make build work with -Wl,-z,defs (bgo#574452)
    + Updated translations.
  - Remove -fno-strict-aliasing from CFLAGS.
  - Remove AutoReqProv: it's default now.
  - Remove BuildRequires on gnome-control-center and own directories
    instead, to avoid a build loop.
* Tue Mar 10 2009
  - Drop gnome-settings-daemon-bnc369263-broken-xkb-layout.patch: we
    now have a recent enough X server. Fix bnc#483651.
* Fri Mar 06 2009
  - Update to version 2.25.92:
    + don't print warnings for disabled custom shortcuts
    + revert screen resolution change if the user closes the
      confirmation window using the close icon or by pressing escape
    + add missing keys for a11y shortcut keys to GConf schemas
    + install gnome-settings-daemon-plugin.h for custom plugin
      developement (bgo#573610)
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop gnome-settings-daemon-bnc473980-unknown-media-key.patch:
    fixed upstream.



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