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firehol-3.1.5-lp150.1.3 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.0 for noarch

Name: firehol Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.0
Version: 3.1.5 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp150.1.3 Build date: Sun Sep 17 14:00:00 2017
Group: Productivity/Networking/Security Build host: lamb20
Size: 950244 Source RPM: firehol-3.1.5-lp150.1.3.src.rpm
Summary: Tools to build stateful firewalls and traffic shaping
FireHOL is a language (and a program to run it) which builds stateful firewalls
from human-readable configuration files.

FireQOS is a program which sets up traffic shaping from human-readable
configuration files.

Both programs abstract away the differences between IPv4 and IPv6, and rules
for each protocol can be applied as needed.






* Sun Sep 17 2017
  firehol (3.1.5) - 2017-09-17
    * FireHOL
    - Fix some links in documentation
    * FireQOS
    - Insert a rawmark mask if none specified
    * Update-Ipsets
    - Support serving ipset files from local web server
    - Lower pressure on github
* Sun Aug 20 2017
  firehol (3.1.4) - 2017-08-20
    * FireHOL
    - Google hangouts port range fix #235
    - Fix hashlimit option names #223
    - Documentation improvements, marks #184 and cthelper #94
    - Allow negating interface in blacklist #143
    * FireQOS
    - DSCP match fixes #248
    - TCP match fix #249
    - Improve docs on using act_connmark to match ingress marked traffic #231
    * Update-Ipsets
    - Added various lists, removed discontinued ones
    - Include URL in user agent string in #217
    - Relax umask to allow stats collection by netdata #221
* Sun Jul 09 2017
  - Avoid duplicate expansion of %service_*
  - firehol-doc subpackage ought to be noarch
* Wed Mar 29 2017
  firehol (3.1.3) - 2017-02-17
    * FireHOL
    - Be more strict when detecting address ranges
      Fixes #199 where hostnames such as are incorrectly
      identified as ranges.
    * Common
    - Create relative links to binaries, which prevents errors when
      installing with DESTDIR other than /
      Fix for #178 and #201 proposed by @kneeke
    firehol (3.1.2) - 2017-02-05
    * FireHOL
    - Include user policies in chains before handling orphans. Fixes NFS
      client where FIREHOL_DROP_ORPHAN_TCP_* options are in force.
    - Do not allow server/client statements without any effect on the
      firewall; #193
    - Saved firewall contents made reproducible by always zeroing counters
      and removing the dates from comments
    * FireQOS
    - Example had an ambiguous shebang which has been removed
    * Common
    - Running "make check" now exits non-zero if a test failed or none ran
    - Various copyright updates
    - Fixed pull requests from external repositories; these would previously
      fail to build on Travis
* Thu Feb 02 2017
  - 3.1.1



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