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Packages beginning with letter O

o3read-0.0.4-6 Converter for OpenOffice and OpenDocument files linux/x86_64
obexfs-0.12-3 FUSE based filesystem using ObexFTP linux/x86_64
ocaml-autoconf-1.1-2 Autoconf macros for OCaml linux/noarch
ocaml-benchmark-0.9-3 OCaml module for benchmarking code linux/x86_64
ocaml-benchmark-devel-0.9-3 Development files for ocaml-benchmark linux/x86_64
ocaml-camlbz2-0.6.0-9 OCaml library for reading and writing zip, jar and gzip files linux/x86_64
ocaml-camlbz2-devel-0.6.0-9 Development files for ocaml-camlbz2 linux/x86_64
ocaml-camlidl-1.05-7 Stub code generator and COM binding for Objective Caml linux/x86_64
ocaml-camlidl-devel-1.05-7 Development files for ocaml-camlidl linux/x86_64
ocaml-camlp4-4.14.1-1 Pre-Processor-Pretty-Printer for OCaml linux/x86_64
ocaml-camlp4-devel-4.14.1-1 Pre-Processor-Pretty-Printer for OCaml linux/x86_64
ocaml-expat-0.9.1-12 Ocaml wrapper for the Expat XML parsing library linux/x86_64
ocaml-expat-devel-0.9.1-12 Development files for ocaml-expat linux/x86_64
ocaml-labltk-8.06.5-1 Tk interface for OCaml linux/x86_64
ocaml-labltk-devel-8.06.5-1 Tcl/Tk interface for OCaml linux/x86_64
ocaml-lzma-0.01-4 OCaml bindings for the LZMA compression library linux/x86_64
ocaml-lzma-devel-0.01-4 Development files for ocaml-lzma linux/x86_64
ocaml-magic-0.7.3-3 OCaml bindings for the File type determination library linux/x86_64
ocaml-magic-devel-0.7.3-3 Development files for ocaml-magic linux/x86_64
ocaml-newt-0.9-3 OCaml library for using newt text mode window system linux/x86_64
ocaml-newt-devel-0.9-3 Development files for ocaml-newt linux/x86_64
ocaml-ode-0.5r4-3 OCaml bindings to the Open Dynamics Engine (ODE) linux/x86_64
ocaml-ode-devel-0.5r4-3 Development files for ocaml-ode linux/x86_64
ocaml-orm-sqlite-0.2-4 An "Object-Relational Mapper" interface between a Sqlite3 database and OCaml linux/x86_64
ocaml-orm-sqlite-devel-0.2-4 Development files for ocaml-orm-sqlite linux/x86_64
ocaml-pgocaml-introduction-0.92-2 A Brief Introduction to PG'OCaml linux/noarch
ocaml-pure-fun-doc-1.0.8-5 Development files for ocaml-pure-fun linux/noarch
ocaml-shout-0.2.7-3 OCaml bindings for the shout library linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
ocaml-shout-0.2.7-3 OCaml bindings for the shout library linux/x86_64
ocaml-shout-devel-0.2.7-3 Development files for ocaml-shout linux/x86_64linux/x86_64
ocaml-shout-devel-0.2.7-3 Development files for ocaml-shout linux/x86_64
ocaml-simple_gettext-0.1-17 OCaml wrapper for the gettext library linux/x86_64
ocaml-simple_gettext-devel-0.1-17 OCaml wrapper for the gettext library linux/x86_64
ocaml-xml-light-2.2-20 Minimal XML parser & printer for OCaml linux/x86_64
ocaml-xml-light-devel-2.2-20 Development files for ocaml-xml-light linux/x86_64
ocamldot-1.0-7 OCaml program dependency graph generator linux/x86_64
ocamlmakefile-6.37.0-2 Automated compilation of complex OCaml-projects linux/noarch
ocamlmakefile-doc-6.37.0-2 Documentation and examples files for ocamlmakefile linux/noarch
ocrad-0.23-2 Optical Character Recognition linux/x86_64
ocrad-devel-0.23-2 Header files needed for ocard development linux/x86_64
ocrmypdf-14.0.2-1 An optical character recognition (OCR) text layer to scanned PDF files linux/noarch
ocsinventory-reports-2.0.3-5 Administration console linux/noarch
ocsinventory-server-2.0.3-5 Communication server linux/noarch
octave-7.3.0-1 High-level language for numerical computations linux/x86_64
octave-audio-2.0.5-1 Audio recording, processing and playing tools linux/x86_64
octave-automatic-differentiation-1.0.0-1 Automatic-Differentiation for Octave linux/noarch
octave-bioinfo-0.2.2-1 Bioinformatics manipulation in Octave linux/noarch
octave-bsltl-1.3.1-1 Functions for working with the biospeckle laser technique in Octave linux/noarch
octave-cgi-0.1.2-2 Common Gateway Interface for Octave. linux/noarch
octave-communications-1.2.4-1 Digital communication tools for Octave linux/x86_64
octave-control-3.4.0-1 Additional Octave control tools linux/x86_64
octave-data-smoothing-1.3.0-1 Algorithms for smoothing noisy data with Octave linux/noarch
octave-database-2.4.4-1 Interface to SQL databases, currently only postgresql using libpq linux/x86_64
octave-dataframe-1.2.0-1 Data manipulation toolbox for Octave linux/noarch
octave-devel-7.3.0-1 Development headers and files for Octave linux/x86_64
octave-dicom-0.5.1-1 Digital communications in medicine (DICOM) file io linux/x86_64
octave-divand-1.1.2-1 Functions for n-dimensional variational analysis with Octave linux/noarch
octave-doctest-0.7.0-1 Documentation tests for Octave linux/noarch
octave-econometrics-1.1.2-1 Econometrics functions for Octave linux/x86_64
octave-financial-0.5.3-1 Financial functions for Octave linux/noarch
octave-fits-1.0.7-1 functions for reading, and writing FITS file with Octave linux/x86_64
octave-fpl-1.3.5-1 Octave support for various graphical formats linux/noarch
octave-fuzzy-logic-toolkit-0.4.6-1 A mostly MATLAB-compatible fuzzy logic toolkit for Octave linux/noarch
octave-ga-0.10.3-1 Genetic optimization tools for Octave linux/noarch
octave-general-2.1.2-1 General tools for Octave linux/x86_64
octave-generate_html-0.3.3-1 Generating HTML help pages for Octave packages linux/noarch
octave-geometry-4.0.0-1 Library for geometric computing extending MatGeom functions linux/x86_64
octave-gsl-2.1.1-1 Octave bindings for the GNU Scientific Library linux/x86_64
octave-image-2.14.0-1 Image processing toolkit for Octave linux/x86_64
octave-image-acquisition-0.2.2-1 Capture images from connected devices with Octave linux/x86_64
octave-instrument-control-0.8.0-1 Low level I/O functions for several interfaces with Octave linux/x86_64
octave-io-2.6.4-1 Input/Output in external formats linux/x86_64
octave-level-set-0.3.1-1 Calculating the time-evolution of the level-set equation with Octave linux/x86_64
octave-libsvm-3.25-1 Octave interface to libsvm linux/x86_64New
octave-linear-algebra-2.2.3-1 Additional linear algebra code, including general SVD and matrix functions linux/noarch
octave-lssa-0.1.4-1 Spectral decompositions of irregularly-spaced time serie with Octave linux/x86_64
octave-ltfat-2.3.1-2 The Large Time-Frequency Analysis Toolbox linux/x86_64
octave-mapping-1.4.2-1 Add a simple mapping and GIS .shp and raster support in Octave linux/x86_64
octave-matgeom-1.2.3-1 Library for geometric computing extending MatGeom functions linux/noarch
octave-miscellaneous-1.3.0-1 Miscellaneous tools that don't fit somewhere else linux/x86_64
octave-missing-functions-1.0.2-1 Find functions that are in Matlab but not in Octave linux/noarch
octave-mvn-1.1.0-1 Multivariate normal distribution clustering and utility functions linux/noarch
octave-nan-3.7.0-1 NaN toolbox for Octave linux/x86_64
octave-ncarray-1.0.4-1 Access NetCDF files as a multi-dimensional array with Octave linux/noarch
octave-netcdf-1.0.16-1 A MATLAB compatible NetCDF interface for Octave linux/x86_64
octave-nurbs-1.4.3-1 Routines for the creation, and manipulation of NURBS with Octave linux/x86_64
octave-ocl-1.2.0-1 OpenCL support for GNU Octave linux/x86_64
octave-octclip-2.0.1-1 Functions for boolean operations with polygons in Octave linux/x86_64
octave-octproj-2.0.1-1 Use PROJ.4 library for cartographic projections transformations in Octave linux/x86_64
octave-optics-0.1.4-1 Functions covering various aspects of optics with Octave linux/noarch
octave-optim-1.6.2-1 Non-linear optimization toolkit linux/x86_64
octave-optiminterp-0.3.7-1 An optimal interpolation toolbox for Octave linux/x86_64
octave-parallel-4.0.1-1 Parallel execution package for Octave linux/x86_64
octave-quaternion-2.4.0-1 Octave package for manipulation of quaternions linux/x86_64
octave-queueing-1.2.7-1 Functions for queueing networks and Markov chains analysis with Octave linux/noarch
octave-secs2d-0.0.8-1 A Drift-Diffusion simulator for 2d semiconductor devices with Octave linux/x86_64
octave-signal-1.4.3-1 Signal processing tools for Octave linux/x86_64
octave-sockets-1.4.0-1 Socket functions for networking from within Octave linux/x86_64
octave-specfun-1.1.0-1 Special functions for Octave linux/noarch
octave-special-matrix-1.0.7-1 Additional Special Matrices for Octave linux/noarch
octave-splines-1.3.4-1 Additional spline functions linux/noarch
octave-statistics-1.4.3-2 Additional statistics functions for Octave linux/noarch
octave-stk-2.7.0-1 Octave Small Toolbox for Kriging linux/x86_64
octave-strings-1.3.0-1 Additional functions for manipulation and analysis of strings with Octave linux/x86_64
octave-struct-1.0.18-1 Additional structure manipulation functions linux/x86_64
octave-symbolic-3.0.1-1 Symbolic toolbox for Octave linux/noarch
octave-tisean-0.2.3-1 Port of TISEAN 3.0.1 for Octave linux/x86_64
octave-tsa-4.6.3-1 Time series analysis methods for Octave linux/noarch
octave-vrml-1.0.13-1 3D graphics using VRML linux/noarch
octave-zeromq-1.5.5-1 ZeroMQ bindings for GNU Octave linux/x86_64
ogdi-3.2.0-0.beta2.3 Open Geographic Datastore Interface linux/x86_64
ogdi-odbc-3.2.0-0.beta2.3 ODBC driver for OGDI linux/x86_64
oggfwd-0.2-4 Simple icecast 2 client to stream a ogg stream from stdin linux/x86_64
ogre-1.12.6-1 Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine linux/x86_64
ogre-docs-1.12.6-1 Samples for OGRE linux/x86_64
ogre-samples-1.12.6-1 Samples for OGRE linux/x86_64
oinkmaster-2.1-2.20080218.3 A script that will help you update and manage your Snort rules linux/noarch
oinkmaster-gui-2.1-2.20080218.3 A graphical front-end to Oinkmaster linux/noarch
om-plymouth-theme-elegant-2.0-1 "Openmandriva Elegant" Plymouth theme linux/x86_64
oolite-1.88-1 A user-modifiable three-dimensional space trading and combat game linux/x86_64
openarena-0.8.8-4 An open-source content package for Quake III Arena linux/x86_64
openarena-data-0.8.8-4 An open-source content package for Quake III Arena linux/noarch
openav-sorcer-lv2-0-0.20130702.1 A wavetable LV2 plugin synth, targeted at the electronic / dubstep genre linux/x86_64
opencascade-7.6.3-1 3D modeling & numerical simulation linux/x86_64
openclass-0.4-3 Simple open-source solution for class control linux/noarch
opencpn-5.6.0-1 A concise ChartPlotter/Navigator linux/x86_64
openfpc-0.9-1 OpenFPC is designed to allow a network traffic capture tool linux/x86_64
opengl-games-utils-0.2-1 Utilities to check proper 3d support before launching 3d games linux/noarch
openmandriva-mate-config-1.26-1 Package containing distro specific configuration and gschema overrides linux/noarch
openmsx-18.0-1 Open source MSX emulator linux/x86_64
openmsx-catapult-18.0-1 Graphical front-end for openMSX linux/x86_64
openmw-0.47.0-4 A reimplementation of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind linux/x86_64
openscenegraph34-3.4.1-3 A C++ scene graph API on OpenGL for real time graphics linux/x86_64
openscenegraph34-devel-3.4.1-3 Development package for openscenegraph34 linux/x86_64
openscenegraph34-plugins-3.4.1-3 OpenSceneGraph plugins linux/x86_64
openshot-2.6.1-1 Simple and Powerful video editor linux/noarch
openslide-3.4.1-1 C library and command line tools for reading virtual slides linux/x86_64
opensm-3.3.20-1 OpenIB InfiniBand Subnet Manager and management utilities linux/x86_64
opensm-devel-3.3.20-1 Development files for the opensm-libs libraries linux/x86_64
opensm-libs-3.3.20-1 Libraries used by opensm and included utilities linux/x86_64
openteacher-2.2.1-3 An application that helps you learn a foreign language linux/noarch
openxcom-1.0.20220927-1 Open-source reimplementation of the original X-Com linux/x86_64
oping-1.6.2-5 The oping utility demonstrates the liboping library's abilities linux/x86_64
optipng-0.7.7-1 A PNG optimizer and converter linux/x86_64
orage-4.16.0-2 Time-managing application for Xfce desktop environment linux/x86_64
osc-0.174.0-1 OpenSUSE Build Service Commander linux/noarch
osh-20080629-4 V6 Thompson Shell Port linux/x86_64
osie-1.0.0-3 OpenTTD screenshot information extractor linux/x86_64
ots-0.5.0-11 A text summarizer linux/x86_64
ozymandns-0.1-4 DNS Tunnel linux/x86_64

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