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RPM of Group Shells

bash-5.1.8-1 The GNU Bourne Again shell (bash) linux/x86_64
bash-5.1.4-1 The GNU Bourne Again shell (bash) linux/x86_64
bash-completion-2.11-2 Programmable completion for bash linux/noarch
bashbug-5.1.8-1 Report a bug in bash linux/x86_64
bashbug-5.1.4-1 Report a bug in bash linux/x86_64
busybox-1.32.1-1 Multi-call binary combining many common Unix tools into one executable linux/x86_64
busybox-static-1.32.1-1 Static linked busybox linux/x86_64
dash- The Debian Almquist Shell (formerly NetBSD's ash) linux/x86_64
dash-static- The Debian Almquist Shell (statically compiled) linux/x86_64
git-prompt-2.34.1-1 Shows the current git branch in your bash prompt linux/x86_64New
mksh-R59c-2 A free Korn Shell implementation and successor to pdksh linux/x86_64
neofetch-7.1.0-1 Neofetch is a CLI system information tool written in BASH linux/noarch
pdksh-5.2.14-42 A public domain clone of the Korn shell (ksh) linux/x86_64
sash-3.8-11 A statically linked shell, including some built-in basic commands linux/x86_64
shtool-2.0.8-10 Portable shell tool linux/noarch
slang-slsh-2.3.2-8 S-Lang script interpreter linux/x86_64
systemd-bash-completion-249.20211118-8 bash completions linux/x86_64New
systemd-bash-completion-248.20210517-2 bash completions linux/x86_64
systemd-zsh-completion-248.20210517-2 zsh completions linux/x86_64
systemd-zsh-completion-249.20211118-8 zsh completions linux/x86_64New
tcsh-6.20.00-1 An enhanced version of csh, the C shell linux/x86_64
tcsh-6.20.00-2 An enhanced version of csh, the C shell linux/x86_64
zsh-5.8-2 A shell with lots of features linux/x86_64

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